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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, September 29th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. This will be our
final week to interview Republican candidates for office. Invited to
speak this week will be Josh Cockroft, running for Shane’s Jett’s old
seat, Tom Newell, candidate for the ultra liberal Ryan Kiesel’s seat
which is an open seat. Also invited are Tommy Hardin from HD 49,
Jadine Nollan of HD 66 and Molly McKay from the Tulsa area House
District 78 seat.


retired citizen’s watchdog has filed another lawsuit, this time
claiming various boards and commissions are violating the State
Constitution. He claims that by collecting various taxes or fees and
then sending a part of these collected revenues to the general fund is
illegal. In his petition, Fent points out that the Constitution
requires revenues collected for a certain purpose, must be spent for
that purpose and not some other use.

This part of our Constitution has been violated for the past 80 years.
In the media, Jerry has criticized past Attorney Generals and the many
lawyers in the legislature who have allowed such a clearly
understandable part of our Constitution to be violated for such a long
time. Every time Jerry wins one of these cases it brings a little more
accountability to lawmakers and bureaucrats. The hearing with oral
arguments starts at 9:00 a.m. in the State Supreme Court chambers and
is open to the public. Hats off to Jerry Fent, truly a great

October 3rd , Brigitte Gabriel will give a talk titled: WHY WE MUST
First Baptist Church of Moore, just East of I-35 at the 27th street
exit in Moore. The meeting will begin at 6:00 p.m., there is no charge
to attend.

Brigitte is a leading expert on global Islamic terrorism, a New York
Times Best Selling Author, frequent consultant for Fox News, CNN, ABC
News, CBS News and MSNBC. She has also been named one of America’s 50
most prominent speakers.

Brigitte grew up in Lebanon as a Christian and saw first hand what
happens when the balance of power is tipped towards Islam. Lebanon was
once called the “Paris of the Mediterranean” and a major tourist
destination. Now, Lebanon is a dangerous place heavily influenced by

* TUESDAY EVENING (October 5th) - TULSA AREA - Brigitte Gabriel
will give the same talk in the Tulsa area at Immanuel Baptist Church
of Skiatook. The location is 625 South Broadway, Skiatook. This
meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m.

It is so very important to educate yourselves as well as your friends
and neighbors on the growing threat of Islam in America. Islam already
has a significant foot hold in America, with its most dedicated
followers working with an unquenchable zeal to gain control over our
nation. I can’t tell you just how many sleepy, lazy and naïve American
citizens, thoroughly infected with excessive tolerance,
multiculturalism and political correctness, that I have encountered
over the past 2 months that are apologists for Muslims and Islam. Not
only are these people very foolish in their naiveté, they have no real
historical knowledge of the evils of the religion of Islam, a religion
of compulsion and violence. Please make every effort to attend and
bring a friend.

* SATURDAY, (October 9th) - CENTRAL OKLAHOMA - I mentioned this
in last week’s e-mail that for only the second time in the 53 year
history of the John Birch Society, they will be having a Council
Dinner in the OKC area. It will actually be held at the new Embassy
Suites Hotel and Convention Center in Norman. Tickets are $65 per
person. A reception begins at 6:00 p.m. and the Council Dinner begins
at 7:00 p.m.

The three speakers will be author James Perloff, Idaho State Senator
Monty Pearce and the Birch Society CEO, Mr. Art Thompson. You may
purchase tickets from Mitchell Shaw by phone at (972) 859-9435 or log
on to www.shopJBS.org. In addition, I have tickets available at the
OCPAC meeting. There is also a daytime seminar which begins at 11:00
a.m. Speakers will be State Senator Randy Brogdon, Birch Society
President John McManus, Pastors Paul Blair and Dan Fisher. Also
speaking will be State Representative Mike Ritze. The cost to attend
this seminar which also includes lunch is $40 per person.


About 10 days ago, an article in the Oklahoman revealed the most
recent statistics regarding voter registration in Oklahoma. The
article stated that since January 15th of this year, 24,993 people
have registered to vote. Of those, Republicans gained the most with
18,548, independents saw 8,161 new registrants and the Democrats LOST
1,716 registered voters.

I would suggest the drop in the numbers for the Democrats are two
fold. First, perhaps as many as 3 out of every 4 people who pass away
in Oklahoma are registered as Democrats. Second, many of the living
Democrats are switching to the Republican party.

I was recently kidding with one of my customers and employees and
found out one of the employees emphatically stated she had voted for
John McCain though she was a registered Democrat. I asked this young
college age lady why she was a Democrat and her response amused me,
though it was exceedingly accurate. She said, “because I am young and
stupid.” There is a secular proverb which goes something like this: If
at the age of 18 you are not a liberal, you have no heart, but if by
the age of 30 you are not a conservative, you have no brain! She told
me to bring her a registration form and she would make the switch.
Some people gain knowledge and wisdom quickly.

Of course, just having an “R” by ones name is not enough. We as a
people must gain an understanding of the principles of our founding
fathers and summon the courage to stand by those great principles. We
really need to press into learning ever more about our history and
sound economic principles. I continually meet people who are attending
meetings and are reading about our heritage. These efforts must
continue and must increase.


A lengthy article in a recent edition of the Journal Record paper by
M. Scott Carter suggested that in any other state, Brittany Novotny
would be considered a moderate Republican. I really wonder what Mr.
Carter bases that perspective on, as he gave little information as to
what would cause him to have that belief?

A reporter with CNN was in town a few weeks back, interviewing
Representative Sally Kern, Brittany Novotny, and pastor Paul Blair. In
addition they interviewed the Hollywood actor voice over artist who
sponsored a recent fundraiser for Novotny at his West Hollywood home.
CNN recently ran the story which can be viewed at:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?=ZCIYeeudaSc . In the piece, the actor
suggested it was foolish to believe there was an organized effort by
the homosexual community to take out conservative lawmakers such as
Kern, but if there were such an effort, he would probably join it.

Whether or not he knows of such an effort, he is already involved. If
he has any intellectual honesty, he can read the book: AFTER THE BALL,
by authors Marshall Kirk and Erastus Pill. Then if he will check out
articles about Colorado millionaire Tim Gill and his other millionaire
buddies (I presume they are all homosexuals) he will then see there is
a well organized and well funded homosexual agenda, with several
objectives and strategies.

One of the themes in the Journal Record article and the CNN interview
with Brittany is his desire to discuss issues, other than his sex
change operation. Therefore, I began to wonder if Brittany was nearly
as conservative as Mr. Carter suggests? If not, is Carter confused as
to what a conservative happens to be? If on the other hand, Brittany
is a conservative, is he confused? After all, if he is a conservative,
why is he a member of the liberal Democrat Party?

Because of all of this confusion, I decided to invite Brittany to
speak and take questions at a future OCPAC meeting. Since we already
know about the moral and character issue, I indicated we would set off
limits his operation and keep the time to talking about other issues.
Our interview process is always about the discovery of a candidate’s
level of ideological development, worldview, communication skills,
passion and speaking ability.

Through the many years of OCPAC‘s existance, we have had many speakers
appear in which we may not agree or would not support, but we have
always been interested in their perspectives as we truly believe in
free speech. In fact our reputation is that we are tough but not mean
and our motto is: Conservatives and Constitutionalists we love and
liberals we enjoy. Hopefully Brittany will decide to attend. If he
wants to talk about issues, we will do that and the press can cover
the meeting if they choose. In the end, I suspect we will find out if
Brittany is a conservative or a liberal and as such who suffers the
most from confusion, Brittany or Mr. Carter with the Journal Record.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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