Tuesday, May 29, 2012




Our 12 noon meeting for Wednesday, May 30th will be held at Italiano’s
restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. This will be the last week for
interviewing Republican PRIMARY legislative candidates before the May
26th primary elections. Once we get past the primary races we will
begin interviewing Republican candidates who will be going up against
Democrat candidates in the general election in November. Invited to
attend for this Wednesday are David Davis, Shane Saunders and Ken
Walker, all of which are running for the HD 70 seat in Tulsa. Also
invited are 2 other candidates that are running against Republican
incumbents, they will remain unnamed at this time.

Congratulations to Brian Graham of Moore for winning our endorsement
last week in the HD 53 seat. It was another run-off vote, this time
between Mr. Graham and no-endorsement. Mark McBride came in a close
3rd place to no-endorsement. Usually when a candidate comes in behind
no-endorsement in a 3 way race it is because there is little
difference between the two actual candidates and our members therefore
don’t believe there is enough difference between the top two to make
an endorsement. I believe that was the case in this primary race as
both Mr. Graham and Mr. McBride did well on their surveys and did well
during our inquisition time. None the less, Mr. Graham did win on the
run-off vote and he deserves our endorsement.

Our members voted not to endorse the candidate opposing Gary Banz for
the HD 101 seat. This now makes 2 races where we didn’t endorse a
candidate that has decided to challenge one of the more liberal
Republican incumbents. As always we are trying to find and support
solid conservatives who have amassed enough resources and are working
hard enough to be able viable to be able to unseat these more liberal
Republican lawmakers. If a candidate does not measure up to those
standards, our members appear unwilling to give our endorsement and
financial support.


Like any legislative session, there were good things that happened and
bad things as well. At the start of last week, it was looking like we
would increase government spending of appropriated funds by $200,
million and then float enough bonded indebtedness to put our state
into an additional $300 million dollars of debt. It also was looking
like a poorly conceived tax cut (not family friendly) might pass, but
far short of anything hoped for at the start of the legislative

In addition, government programs which should have been easy decisions
to eliminate, such as transferable tax credits and OETA escaped
unscathed during this year’s session. It was not a good year for pro-
life issues, especially since the supposedly pro-life Republican
majority would not send to the people a measure to amend our State
Constitution to establish that life begins at conception. For those
Republicans who didn’t support that measure, I wonder when they
believe that life begins? It is true, that if life is established as
beginning at conception, other legal problems may arise, but those are
other issues and deserve a different debate.

Nothing additional was done to deal with the continuing problems
associated with the invasion of illegal aliens. Also, the Senate
really dropped the ball on protecting the citizens of Oklahoma from
having foreign laws considered for the outcomes of cases in Oklahoma
courts. One of the more despicable performances staged by the senate
was a last minute measure by Senator Dan Newberry to pass an
unacceptable version of legislation passed in the House last year to
deal with that problem.

I believe Newberry’s phony effort was done in deceit to cover the
hinnies of the 4 Republican Senators (Cliff Brannan, Patrick Anderson,
Dan Newberry & Eddie Fields) who voted against the quality bill in the
rules committee a few weeks ago. In addition, 2 Republican Senators
(Clark Jolley and Mike Mazzei) didn’t bother to vote on the measure.
Newberry, Jolley and Mazzei needed to be able to vote on some kind of
a bill on this issue as they all 3 are facing Republican primary
challenges and they need to be able to tell voters they voted to
protect them from foreign laws being used in our courts. However, the
“phony” bill they passed was never intended to be heard in the House.
Now they can tell the voters: I voted against those evil foreign laws,
including Sharia Law, from taking over our court systems”. I’m a good
little Senator, vote to re-elect me.

On the positive side, it was the best year in a long time for 2nd
Amendment issues and we continued to improve government efficiency
through government modernization. The conservatives were able to kill
all the new bonded indebtedness, except Senator Clark Jolley’s pet
project of $42 million for a new Medical Examiners office. Senator
Patrick Anderson has been excellent on this issue and went the extra
mile by asking for an Attorneys General opinion on using the
University Masters Lease program for such a project. Please remember,
I am not opposed to building a new ME’s office, I am against borrowing
the money rather than just paying for the project with funds on hand.
As it turned out, with the elimination of the EDGE program, the state
is actually flush with money that could be used for important
infrastructure projects.

There are 3 primary people who deserve credit for killing the measure
to BORROW another $40 million dollars to finish the boondoggle known
as the Indian Cultural Center. First U.S. Senator Tom Coburn, I was
told by 3 different lawmakers that Senator Coburn called his former
aids who are now State Senators, Greg Treat and Josh Brecheen, where
he told them to spread the word among their colleagues that not only
would he not support anyone voting for this measure, he would support
a Republican running against them in a primary race.

Also, in a phone conversation the evening before, he had agreed with
Paul Blair on the issue and basically said that to spend all the
appropriated funds and then to borrow money for additional projects
and call it a balanced budget was a sham. He told Paul that under
those circumstances,  we might as well not even have a provision in
our constitution to have a balanced budget.

I haven’t seen the complete list of who voted against this project,
but I would guess that Senator Jolley voted against the measure as he
certainly wouldn‘t want Senator Coburn endorsing Paul Blair in their
heated Senate race (my mention of Senator Coburn agreeing with Paul
Blair, should NOT be misconstrued as an endorsement of Blair, I do not
want to imply that. Senator Coburn simply has a long history of
opposing deficit financing.).

The next person deserving credit is Senator Treat, who has led the way
to bring some accountability to this project and its run-away costs.
In an article in the Edmond Sun, he pointed out that to finish the
project would bring it to over $1,300 per square foot, several times
the cost which Devon spent to build their new corporate headquarters,
though high rise buildings usually cost more per square foot than
regular construction.

The third person deserving credit is Senator David Holt. Though
Senator Holt served Mayor Cornet as his chief of staff and is as big
an advocate of anyone in the legislature for OKC. Senator Holt stood
on principle and took Constitutional Privilege as he had a conflict of
interest through the law firm in which he is employed. His refusal to
vote on the project took tremendous character as he had to be under
extreme pressure from powerful forces in OKC. The measure only needed
one more vote to pass. Senator Holt would not cave and the measure

At the beginning of last week I was ready to give the session a grade
of somewhere between a D- to a D+, the lowest grade I have passed out
since the Republicans gained control of at least one chamber of the
legislature (2004). However, conservatives had a surprising amount of
success the final week of the session and as such I give the session a
grade of somewhere between a D+ to a C. With the Republicans in full
control, we could do so much more. However, it is quite apparent we
don’t have a majority of strong, principled conservative Republicans
in control.

I hand delivered to every Republican lawmaker this past Wednesday
their annual invitation to participate in creating this year’s
Conservative Index which will be published in the Summer issue of the
Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper. Every Republican lawmaker has been
invited to our meeting on Wednesday, June 13th to debate on the bills
they submitted as to whether or not they really are a good choice for
the Index. One such measure sure to draw debate was the elimination of
the EDGE fund and transferring the principle to the University endowed
chair program and then the interest went to Governor Fallin’s Quick
Closing Fund. I say voting for this measure was the conservative vote,
but many conservative lawmakers will say that it was a liberal vote. I
also say that voting for the budget was a liberal vote, but many
conservatives will say it wasn’t, so as you can see, the meeting on
the 13th shall make for a lively debate.


Without question the most heated and important Republican primary race
in the state between an incumbent and a Republican challenger is the
race between Senator Clark Jolley (R-Edmond) and Pastor Paul Blair,
his Republican challenger. While the legislature is in session, it is
against the law for a lobbyist or someone who employees a lobbyist to
contribute to a legislative candidate. Therefore, why might I think
that the lobbyists representing powerful special interests in Oklahoma
would be waiting in line to contribute to Senator Jolley just as soon
as the session is over?

Based on the campaign finance reports which had to be filed in April,
the Blair campaign had an expert examine Senator Jolley’s finance
report. Jolley reported raising $336,000 for his Republican primary
race. However, the expert reported that 90% of the money raised by
Jolley came from contributors outside of the district and 75% of it
came from lobbyists. I now believe that Senator Jolley will raise and
spend over a half million dollars to win his re-election bid. Half a
million dollars to win an Oklahoma primary race? Seriously? Can anyone
believe that? Really?

Here are a couple of questions the voters of SD 41 must ask
themselves. If a candidate spends 5 to 7 times the normal cost of a
heated primary race to try and convince the voters that he is a
conservative, does that person have any resemblance of conservatism in
spending practices? When this election is over, win or lose, Senator
Jolley will likely have spent $40 to $50 dollars per vote to try to
buy this election.

The second question is who will Senator Jolley represent, conservatism
and the people of District 41 or, those powerful people and special
interest groups that have funded his campaign? If you are having a
hard time answering that question let me help you out.

I believe it was January of 2010 when I attended a town hall meeting
where Senator Jolley was a speaker. During the Q&A time, I expressed
my disappointment with my Senator’s low Conservative Index score of a
40 for the 2009 session but asked him this question. Why did he vote
to force the people of Edmond to “borrow” $25 million dollars to build
low water dams on the Arkansas River in Tulsa to create an
entertainment district similar to the Oklahoma river in OKC? This was
especially important since the citizens of Tulsa had recently voted
down a measure to tax themselves for the project so why would he force
the citizens of his district to borrow the money and pay a the project
in Tulsa? At the same time Clark also voted to BORROW another $25
million for the Indian Cultural Center.

Senator Jolley tried to dodge the answer by attacking the Index,
something all lawmakers do when they score low on the Index, but I
kept re-asking the question and finally on the third try he answered
and to his credit, he answered honestly. He said he voted for the
measure because it was a priority of leadership and since he was a
part of leadership he voted for it. Based on past history, Clark
Jolley will vote for whatever the powerful special interests want, not
what is good for the citizens of District 41.

There were several very interesting people listed as contributors to
Senator Jolley’s campaign, two of which are  radical liberals. Former
Democrat Attorney General, candidate for Governor, and the liberal
star of the local political TV program flashpoint, Mike Turpin.
However, the more questionable contributor to Senator Jolley is the
close friend of President Obama, a campaign contribution bundler for
Obama and the beneficiary of an opportunity to invest in the green
energy firm (Solyndra) which had the backing of a half billion
taxpayer dollars. That person is the primary owner of Bank of Oklahoma
and Kaiser Francis Oil Company, Oklahoma’s wealthiest person, George

Why would Kaiser, a big time Democrat, contribute to Jolley? Huuum,
could it be that Kaiser benefits off of corporate welfare, something
Senator Jolley loves to support? Did Kaiser support the Tulsa River
project? Did Bank of Oklahoma support the Tulsa vote on the project?
Are there other ways that Kaiser benefits from taxpayer largesse?
Don’t throw away your Sunday Oklahoman. Read the very important
article on page 5 section A titled: “Bank of Oklahoma subsidiary focus
of Tax Commission audit”.

The gist of the article is about a Bank of Oklahoma subsidiary
claiming it is owed $160 million dollars in tax credits, money that
has to be paid by the taxpayers. Featured in the article is State
Representative Mike Reynolds who really irritates many of his
colleagues, but without question has the best nose of any lawmaker in
the state when it comes to sniffing out possible corruption. One quote
by Reynolds in the article is as follows: “The abuse of taxpayers by
legislators who pass those kinds of programs is just beyond
comprehension.” Even more powerful is as follows: “Reynolds said he
believes the lawmakers who pushed the tax credit programs were fully
aware of their ramifications and ’refused to clean it up.’”

Do you thinks it could be that Kaiser and the State Chamber of
Commerce (the Chamber has mailed at least 2 independent post cards on
behalf of Senator Jolley so far) support Senator Jolley because he
believes in a command and control economy? Could it be that they love
for government to pad their pockets and those of their buddies with
corporate welfare? Is that why they support Senator Jolley?

I believe you have to go no farther for that answer than the yard
signs plastered all over Senate District 41 which lies in Edmond and
points East. Paul Blair’s signs have an American flag and a cross on
his signs which represent his Constitutional conservatism, belief in
limited government, and free enterprise based on Judeo Christian
values. When you look at Clark Jolley’s signs, they have a large
Capitol dome next to his name, representing Clark’s belief in big
government. The kind of government which picks the winners and losers
through the redistribution of taxpayer dollars.

Bottom line, if you want a free market capitalist with high moral
principles, someone who can’t be controlled by the powerful special
interest groups in Oklahoma then support PAUL BLAIR! On the other
hand, if you want someone who believes in the re-distribution of
taxpayer dollars in the form of corporate welfare, then by all means
vote for Clark Jolley. As it turns out, I believe he is the best
little puppet Senator, Oklahoma’s powerful special interest groups can

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Monday, May 21, 2012




Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, May 23rd will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. We will continue
interviewing candidates at this week’s meeting. Invited candidates are
Brian Graham and Mark McBride of Moore as well as Paula Sullivan of
Norman, all candidates for the HD-53 seat which covers the Moore and
Norman area. In addition, one other candidate is invited, but I will
not reveal that name at this time.

Congratulations to Jeff Renner, the candidate challenging
Representative Elise Hall for district 100, and Mike Turner, the
candidate opposing Representative Guy Liebmann for district 82 as they
received OCPAC’s endorsement at our meeting last week. In addition, HD
26 candidate Michael Shaw out of the Shawnee area received our
endorsement as he is vying to replace Representative Kris Steele who
is also the current Speaker of the House. This election by our members
went into a run-off vote and Mr. Shaw won by 2 votes over Mr. Justin
Wood. Both of these candidates appear to be solid conservatives and
regardless of who wins should be a marked improvement over Speaker
Steele for next year’s legislative session.


On Wednesday, May 9th Senator Bill Brown (R-Broken Arrow) left a
message on my voice mail indicating his concern about the direction
taken by our Senate Republicans. He asked me to call him on Thursday,
so I complied that afternoon and was I really pleased with the good
Senator’s valid concerns and honesty as he confirmed what so many of
the close observers have come to realize about the performance of the
majority of Republicans in the legislature.

He told me strait out that the Republicans are simply LYING to the
voters in Oklahoma. He said, when we run for office, we tell the
voters we want to reduce the size of government and cut taxes, but in
reality we spend like the Democrats and change is way too slow as we
govern much in the same way as the Democrats did for the past 100

Senator Brown indicated that he recently sent a letter to every
Republican Senator expressing his disappointment for the reality of
the situation and his frustration with his colleagues. At that point,
I asked Senator Brown if he was willing to take the heat and allow me
to re-publish his letter in this week’s e-mail? He said absolutely and
that he would bring the letter to our meeting, which occurred this
past Wednesday. When he arrived I asked him if he were willing to
allow that portion of our meeting to be video recorded to be seen on
you tube and he agreed. To see that portion of our meeting log on to:

I believe the only way to make change is for the citizens to become
informed and more aware of what is going on in Oklahoma. If Republican
lawmakers are going to insist on paying more attention to the big
government lobbyists and ignoring our platform and the issues
important to grass root citizens, then they must be replaced by better
lawmakers. Following is the letter sent by Senator Brown to his

“April 24, 2012

Senator …
Room …

Dear Caucus Members:

The issue of state budgeting has been bothering me for some time and I
feel the need to let everyone know my concerns.

Many of us ran for office on a platform of reforming government and
protecting the interests of taxpayers. After becoming the majority
party, I believe we are continuing to pass the same type of state
budgets as have been done for the past 100 years without reform of
state agencies.

I have proposed for several years that the legislature go to a state
budgeting process in which we would spend one session crafting a two
year budget. We could break the House and Senate into small committees
each formed to examine the budget of a particular agency or program.
All state agencies should be required to follow a zero based budget,
examining each item of their appropriation request. The following
session would be devoted to non-budget matters.

The legislature has forgotten one of the core tenets we proposed as
candidates-the appropriations required for our state to function, not
the use of taxpayer money to fund projects enacted decades ago without
examining each one and justifying its existence and funding
requirements. Located below are just some of the appropriated agencies
I believe need such examination and review:

Arts Council         $4,101,087.00

OETA 3,822,328.00

Physician Manpower Training Commission 4,379,254.00

Teacher Preparation Commission 1,526,179.00

Horse Racing Commission 2,072,167.00

Insurance Department (self funded) 1,871,937.00

J.M. Davis Memorial Commission   306,009.00

Will Rogers Memorial Commission   740,486.00

Consumer Credit Commission   331,730.00

Space Industry Development Authority   394,589.00

Rural Economic Action Plan         11,500,000.00

Telecommunication Audit & Hiring Reform  8,400,000.00

I believe that unless we look at the way we spend taxpayer money, we
will continue to be challenged by opponents more fiscally conservative
than we have proven to be.



Sen. Bill Brown”

Senator Brown should be applauded for his courage and honesty. I am
sure many of his colleagues will not be happy that an ever larger
number of citizens are becoming informed as to the games the moderate
Republicans play with the serious issues of the day. The members and
friends of OCPAC are always looking for fiscally conservative
candidates to run against these game playing, big government loving,
moderate Republicans!


Especially since he has become budget chairman, Senator Clark Jolley
(R-Edmond) has become one of the more adept game players in the
Republican controlled Senate. At the behest of the Edmond Chamber, the
Edmond “Economic Development” office and of course UCO which consumes
revenues like “Jabba The Hut” consumed food, Senator Jolley has
determined to fund the building of a new medical examiners office on
the campus of UCO. A law was passed a couple of years ago to relocate
the ME’s office from its current location near the OU Health Sciences
facilities to a location on the campus of UCO. There it can be close
to the new OSBI headquarters and the Forensic Science Institute.

While I believe we could expand the current ME’s office and regain
accreditation for much less than building a new office on a college
campus, which will require it to be an over priced edifice to man, it
does have a synergy that makes sense to locate it near these other
facilities. However, the main rub is how it is going to be funded.

Senator Jolley has come up with a precedent setting “scheme” to fund
the building of the new office by borrowing the money without his
lawmaker buddies having to vote for this increased bonded
indebtedness. I believe the original estimate for a new ME’s office
was $30 million dollars, Senator Jolley is now proposing a $42 million
dollar facility to be financed under what is called, THE OKLAHOMA
to remember, this program was created in 1999 when the Democrats were
in full control of the legislature.

The original intent of the program was to give Universities the
flexibility to enter into lease agreements and or improve real
property up to a total of ten million dollars. In other words, lease
computers or other equipment, repair leaky roofs or build small
buildings using bonded indebtedness.

However, Senator Jolley figured his little pet project could be funded
under this program without the legislature having to vote for $42
million in additional bonded indebtedness. Under his scheme, UCO would
borrow the money and then all the legislature would have to do would
be to increase the budget for the ME’s office by 2 or 3 million each
year for the next 20 to 30 years to pay the University back for the
money they borrowed. Of course my problem with borrowing the money is
that by the time it is paid back with interest it will end up costing
the taxpayers 60 to 70 million dollars depending on the interest paid
and the length of the loan.

Last week the freezer which stores bodies awaiting examination broke
down which played right into the hands of Senator Jolley. One thing
for sure, when that happened, you didn’t want to get between Senator
Jolley and a TV camera or he might run you over on his way to be
interviewed. He couldn’t wait to try and play on people’s emotions by
telling folks how shameful it was to have to put loved ones in freezer
trucks what we wait a week or so for parts to fix the old out of date
freezer. Of course his solution was, build the new building now.

I can’t tell you how many folks have joked about the possibility of
Senator Jolley sabotaging that freezer to advance his pet project.
However, I have done my best to squash that “unfounded” conspiracy
theory. Now folks, it is a serious problem, the office has lost its
accreditation, it is too small and the equipment is out of date. Here
is my problem with Senator Jolley and other big government borrow and
spend Republicans like him. Truth is, we already have the money on
hand to build the new facility without the need to borrow any money!

Following the session last year, following the formula, over $240
million dollars were deposited into the State’s Rainy Day Fund. Over
60 million dollars of that money is non-obligated and could be used
immediately to fund this project. If losing our accreditation is
really a serious problem, an emergency, then use this money, don’t
violate the intentions of the Master Lease program. They could pull
the money for the over priced $42 million project out of the Rainy Day
fund and get to work building the facility much quicker than having to
scheme and slither through the University to get it done.

To take this a step further, the legislature should also be able to
take additional money from the fund to repair the State Capitol. As
one lawmaker told me, if it is truly raining down limestone off the
Capitol building then why not use the “raining down” fund to fix that

Back to the ME’s office, ask yourself this, if you had a large savings
for emergencies as a part of your personal home budget and had a
serious problem arise, maybe even an emergency, would you borrow the
money to fix the problem or would you dip into your emergency fund to
take out 20% of that fund to fix the problem? Intelligent people would
not borrow the money, but rather use what they have on hand to fix the

A couple of other thoughts, revenues being collected in this fiscal
year thus far are running over $300 million dollars more than what the
budget predicted. It looks like another large amount of money will be
deposited in the Rainy Day Fund following this year’s session. While I
don’t recommend pulling money from this fund every year, I know of no
other “emergency” needs arising in the state other than the ME’s
office and the need to repair the Capitol that would require these
large withdraws in the future.

This is what each of us needs to do, call our own personal State
Senator and State Representative and tell them, DO NOT BORROW MONEY
FOR ANY PROJECTS THIS YEAR! We need to prioritize and pay as we go! In
the past, I have of course urged people to have at your finger tips
the contact information for your personal representatives. I don’t
care if you put it in your phone device, on your refrigerator or
tattoo it on the back of your hand, to be an effective citizen you
must have that information and be ready to contact your lawmakers when
the time is appropriate.

If you don’t have that information simply call the House or Senate
switchboards and ask the operator to connect you with your respective
lawmaker’s office. The House number is (405) 521-2711 and the Senate
number is (405) 524-0126. This call needs to be done preferably today
or at least by tomorrow. If you don’t have the name of your personal
lawmakers, call your local county election board, give them your
address and they will give you the names.


*  THIS PAST WEDNESDAY  -  During our meeting this past Wednesday,
OCPAC Vice President Richard Engle announced his continued pursuit of
verifying the outcome of the election for Republican National
Committeeman. Since OCPAC gets involved in certain Republican primary
races, even to the point endorsing and financially supporting one
Republican over another, out of principle, Richard believed it
necessary for him to resign his long held position of Vice Chairman.

Richard has served in that capacity since our founding as a PAC nearly
15 years ago. Richard is exceedingly talented, competent and has
always been a loyal assistant to me, someone I have always had
complete confidence in to conduct our meetings. Richard deserves a
huge thanks from everyone, it sometimes takes a good deal of time to
run an organization, especially one that meets on a weekly basis and
Richard was always willing to help when I needed help. He did all that
on the pay of volunteer which is zero. Thanks Richard from all of

*  TONIGHT, MONDAY  -  TULSA AREA  -  Sorry for being so late with
this announcement. Mike and Kathy Mears are hosting a fundraiser for
Insurance Commissioner John Doak in their home with the featured
speaker being former Arizona Congressman, Barry Goldwater Jr.  The
location is 2134 E. 27th Street, Tulsa with the event beginning at
6:00 and ending at 7:30 p.m. The cost to attend is $125 per person. To
RSVP, please contact Lauren Rahill at (405) 521-0900, fax 866
224-6686or e-mail lauren@sagaconline.com

*  TUESDAY NOON  -  OKC AREA  -  The OKC Host Committee will also
sponsor a fund raiser for Commissioner Doak in the Main Dining Room at
the Faculty House, 601 Northeast 14th street in OKC. The time is
between 12:30 and 1:30 p.m. and will again feature former Congressman
Barry Goldwater Jr. as the speaker. You must RSVP for this luncheon-
fund raiser by contacting Lauren Rahill at the same numbers given in
the previous paragraph. Again, the price to attend is $125.

*  TUESDAY EVENING  -  SHAWNEE AREA  -  The Shawnee chapter of OK2A
(Oklahoma 2nd Amendment) will host their monthly meeting, Tuesday
evening, 6:30 p.m. at Billy Boy’s Bar-b-q, (123 West MacArthur) in

*  RADIO PROGRAM ARCHIVES  -  The past 2 Sunday’s I have guest hosted
for Glen Howard on his Senior World Radio Program which airs each
Sunday from 10 until 11:00 a.m. (during church services for most of
us). By sometime this evening, both of those programs should be posted
and available to hear by logging on to www.SeniorWorldRadio.com. The
program aired on May 13th featured State Representative Jason Murphey
and State Senator Anthony Sykes. We discussed a number is issues, but
especially important was the discussion about the influence of
lobbyists. The program aired yesterday, May 20th featured My dad as a
senior citizen still serving his country and making a difference at
age 87 and the Dan Kissick, founder and executive director of Right
Hand Ministries. Part of what we discussed was the treatment of
seniors in India and my opinion that similar treatment of seniors may
happen in our nation if we don’t get our fiscal house in order. As a
point of interest, Saturday evening, 4 of us went to see the new movie
release, The Exotic Marigold Hotel, based on financially challenged
British Citizens moving to India to retire and the struggles they went
through. What timing for the radio program and the movie to come out
at the same time. By the way, I don’t recommend the movie. The movie
industry can’t seem to make a movie today without filling it with
homosexual propaganda.

In addition, I was a guest on Gwin Falkner Lipperts show last night
which airs live starting at 7:00 p.m. every Sunday on KTOK 1000 AM. We
discussed the Republican State Convention, the Conservative Index as
published in the Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper and how OCPAC uses
the index to determine in which Republican primary races we get
involved. That program will be posted sometime after 2 this afternoon
and can be accessed by logging on to www.KTOK.com.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Monday, May 14, 2012

Why I No Longer Invest in Chesapeake and Reflections on GOP Convention



Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, May 16th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. This week the 2
Republican candidates for House District #26 have been invited for our
interview process. They are Michael Shaw and Justin Wood of Shawnee.
In addition, candidates from 2 other races have been invited, however
I will not reveal their names at this time.

Week before last our members voted to endorse and support Nathan Dahm
in his efforts to win the newly created Senate District 32 seat which
is primarily in Broken Arrow. Also endorsed at the same time was Bob
Dani, running against Marian Cooksey the Republican incumbent who
scored a 63 on the Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper’s Conservative
Index last year. Congratulations to both Mr. Dahm and Mr. Dani.

This past Wednesday, our members voted to support Ed Moore in the
Senate district 17 seat which is primarily Shawnee, but it also
extends to the Eastern parts of Oklahoma County. I personally know all
4 of the candidates and regardless of who wins, we will have a good to
very good Republican senator representing that district.

As a point of interest, I never thought we would be involved in this
race, since it was held by a Democrat. However, under the
“fabulooooooouse” leadership of Wallace Collins, Oklahoma Democrat
party chair, they failed to even put up a “dog catcher” level
candidate. Way to go Wallace and company, I am sure the Republican
party is thrilled with the gift of an additional Senate senate without
even having to do battle at the ballot box in November.

Our members chose not to support Mr. Donald Gallup in his effort to
unseat the liberal incumbent, Todd Thomsen (R-Ada). Representative
Thomsen scored a 49 last year and has a lifetime score of a 61 on the
Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper’s Conservative Index. Though we would
love to see Representative Thomsen replaced with a more conservative
Republican, there were a couple of problems with Mr. Gallup’s answers
on our survey. Perhaps more important, his fund raising was low and
therefore a viability problem for us to invest in his campaign. Please
remember, no matter how good a message happens to be, if a candidate
does not have the finances to get his or her message to the voters,
that candidate is not a viable candidate.


In less you live in a cave, without any source of local information,
you are well aware that Chesapeake Energy, along with its CEO and soon
to be former Chairman of the Board Aubrey McClendon, have been under a
good deal of criticism in recent weeks. I don’t want this to seem like
piling on, because I have considered writing about this for a year or
so now, but the recent events make these thought more relevant at this

First, I am not any kind of a registered investment counselor. While I
spent nearly 20 years doing financial counseling, that was always
about budgeting and debt resolution. I always did that as a volunteer
and as such have never taken any compensation for those efforts. I do
self direct our family investments and worked to help my mom and
grandmother when they were still living.

With that said, I purchased around 2,000 shares of Chesapeake Energy
stock at a time it was selling between $1 and $1.50 a share. At that
time I believed it had a fair amount of risk, but I also believed the
extremely low prices for natural gas were on the verge of a
significant rise, which I believed would result in a needed shot in
the arm for the company. I was correct in that analysis and as such
the stock began a steady climb out of those lows to heights around $60
a share if my memory serves me correctly. I eventually sold it all and
made a very nice profit,  my only regret is that I didn’t sell at the
very top, of course that is a regret almost everyone has who invests
in the market. In the ensuing years I have been in and out of
Chesapeake two or three other times, but 4 or 5 years ago, I decided
no more. I wasn’t even tempted when it got down to around $10 a share
about 3 years ago when Mr. McClendon got caught in a margin call and
had to sell the majority of his stock.

Please let me explain. I have decided not to invest any longer in
Chesapeake out of 3 primary opinions.

First, I believe Mr. McClendon is  grossly over compensated. In my
opinion that is due to too much influence upon the other members of
the Board of Directors which has resulted in poor climate of corporate
governance. It has just been announced that McClendon will soon step
down as the Chairman of the Board, which is good, though one report
has stated he will remain on as a board member which I do not believe
to be good. He will continue on as the CEO of the corporation and I
believe his total compensation package is being reduced, which is also
a good turn of events.

Second, I believe Chesapeake has developed a culture of excessive
debt. A company with strong assets and a large cash flow can wheel,
deal and manipulate for a long time, but there may come a day when
they have to “pay the piper” and things will just no longer work out.
About a year ago they announced a plan to greatly reduce their debt
and that is good. However, their debt actually rose in the first
quarter of this year. I hope what I am about to say will never happen
because it would be devastating to a lot of families, and to Oklahoma.
However, I believe if there is a corporation in Oklahoma that might
someday end up being another Enron, I believe it could be Chesapeake.
If I were an employee at Chesapeake, I would make sure my 401-K would
be highly diversified. If you think that isn’t important, just ask the
former employees of Lucent or Enron how well it worked out for them
to have all, or most all, of their eggs in one basket (the now
bankrupt company they once worked for).

Third, I believe Chesapeake is particularly egregious at what I will
label as “corporate theft.” Stay with me as I explain. Just as I
believe anytime people use the government to take money from one group
of citizens to give to other citizens for social wants or needs, I
believe those redistribution schemes are a form of theft.

If I as an individual were to use FORCE to take money from one person
to give to another for either a need or a desire, anyone would easily
recognize that as theft. However, when people use the FORCE of law to
take one person’s money to give to another, we come up with many high
sounding platitudes for a justification of such actions. We call it
feeding the children, paying the bills for the elderly, arts for all,
disaster relief, economic development and on and on. However, morally,
it is still a violation of the 8th commandment and thus theft. In the
same way, I believe that SOME publicly traded corporations can also
practice redistribution theft.

Ask yourself this, who do McDonald's, Walmart, Target, Burger King,
Conoco, Shell and many other corporate retailers sell their products
to? By and large it is the public and as such each of these publicly
traded corporations will set aside a certain amount of corporate
dollars for advertising. That advertising might take the form of TV,
radio, direct mail or newspaper ads. It might also take the form of
signage support at sporting events, support for the arts, and high
profile recognition efforts regarding support for various non-profits.
However, don’t be fooled, in later the later cases the underlying
motive it to build a positive image in the minds of the public of the
company and product and thus to sell more of their products or
services and grow their business.

Now let’s take publicly traded corporations such as Chesapeake, Devon,
Sand Ridge, Continental and etc., do they “directly” sell their
products to the public? I would say for the most part NO. I would
suggest they sell their products to futures traders and refiners, in
other words, middle men who eventually sell those products to
retailers. So ask yourself, does advertising improve the profits of
these kinds of corporations when they are primarily dealing with
professional buyers and not the public which often need coaxing to buy
a product? I would suggest no way.

My understanding is that all the funds produced by a publicly traded
corporation belong to the corporation for its expenses, improvement
and expansion or as dividends to the stockholders. However, when a
corporation that does not directly sell to the public begins to give
away corporate earnings, not matter how worthy the need or desire, I
believe that corporation has moved into the realm of corporate theft.
I believe the way it should work is for the corporation to pass out
excess revenues in the form of dividends to the stockholders and they
in turn can then contribute to non-profits from those dividends if
they so decide.

Of course it is much easier for one or perhaps a handful of corporate
bosses to make a decision to support a favorite cause out of the
corporate checkbook than for the favorite causes to have to appeal to
the many stockholders for support. However, corporate bosses
frequently make those decisions to support causes and for the most
part the stockholders let them get away with such. Much like the
average citizen allows their elected officials to spend money like a
drunken sailor and run up the national debt, now in excess of $16
trillion dollars.

I could care less with how Mr. McClendon spends his own personal
money, but how he and the board spend the corporation’s money was a
concern to me. If I were a stockholder in one of the publicly traded
retailers I mentioned above, or others like them, I would be concerned
that the amount spent on advertising was not excessive and that it was
effective. There are privately held corporations who can spend their
revenues anyway they want with the permission of their limited
stockholders. Also, corporations such as Hobby Lobby, Kimray and
others are family owned and they can of course spend their money
anyway they want.

This past Friday a group of people representing many local non-profits
gathered for a press conference to support Aubrey and Chesapeake. They
expressed how much good has been done for people and the community as
a result of their generosity. It is true, OKC and many folks are
better off as a result of what I have labeled as corporate theft.

But I would say those folks are the “end justifies the means crowd.”
Many of them are the recipients of the corporate largess so it is easy
to understand their support. Certainly OKC is far more upbeat and
glitzy as a result of the millions spent by Chesapeake and other
similar companies. With Chesapeake, I would suggest the cost has been
high, the Oklahoman just reported they had given away over 30 million
this past year in the various states in which they do business. The
new Chesapeake Energy sign on the old Ford Center is beautiful, but
remember Ford sells their products to the public and again, for the
most part Chesapeake sells its products to commodity traders or
refiners. Does anyone really believe the 30 or so million dollars
spent by Chesapeake over the next several years to put their name on
the downtown sports arena building will improve their

I would suggest the vast majority of stockholders, especially those
who live outside of Oklahoma, could care less about all the good that
has been done by their corporation. What they should care about is a
reasonable return on their investment and a sound company.

Many times these “non retail” corporations are pressured into
contributions by the suggestion that they should be “good corporate
citizens” or that they should “give back to the community.” Assuming
these corporations didn’t receive grants and subsidies, I would
suggest those ideas are little more than balderdash. If a corporation
rises up based on their own ingenuity and their ability to raise
private sector capital, then the jobs directly created as well as the
ancillary jobs created by their presence are good for a community. If
corporations create pollution or other problems, their willingness to
work with city leaders to find solutions is being a good corporate
citizen, but having to continually fork over corporate earnings to
gain the title of being a good corporate citizen is baloney.
Supporting non-profits such as United Way is fine as long as the
contributions are voluntary and from the employees (that would be from
the CEO on down to the janitor)  but not from the revenues of the

I absolutely wish no harm to Aubrey or Chesapeake and especially to
the thousands of people they employ. I actually hope for outstanding
success for them. I have many friends and family members who now work
for them. But in light of the 3 reasons I have given, I chose to no
longer own even a small part of Chesapeake Energy.


Fairly well into the convention I walked by Michael McNutt, reporter
for the Oklahoman, and jokingly offered a quote, “just another dull
boring convention”. Actually that was not the case. While I spent most
of the time working our table, those times I was in the convention
hall for voting purposes, it was not dull or boring.

While our founders gave us a Republic (government according to the
rule of law) we use the democratic process to service many parts of
our Republic as well as the operations of the political parties, which
are simply organizations of free will associations. Point is, the
democratic process gets, noisy, messy and difficult at times.

Such was the case last Saturday, but believe me, that is a far better
alternative than moving from the process of civilized warfare (the
political process) to one of revolution, assassinations or armed

There were basically 3 groups at the convention. First group is the
establishment, led by longtime party members and activists who are
tied to powerful special interest groups as as being made up by many
folks from all over the state who attend conventions and see their
friends of many years on these occasions.

They are for the most part, loyalists to the party brand name,
“Republican”. They quite often have never developed a conservative
ideology, but are driven more by a distaste toward Democrats and a
loyalty to their friends with an “R” beside their name. They are quite
often unaware of how their elected officials govern and are thus
offended when their friends (in some cases idols) are called on the
carpet by conservative ideologues for being RINOs (Republicans In Name

The next group I would suggest are the Ron Paul supporters. Many of
these folks have awakened to the risks to our country, especially
regarding the financial solvency of our nation. They have little
patience for middle of the road “goober” type Republicans. They are
also shocked at the liberties that have been taken from the American
people, partly through the destruction of American Federalism and also
by the growth of the federal government into what has and is becoming
a dangerous tyrant.

Many of the Paulies are also non-interventionists, believing that
American troops should not be stationed in nations all over the world.
At least one reason for that concern is that America can’t afford such
as well as the belief that such activities generate ill will for
America and they question if they are really being used to protect us
here at home.

As I said the Ron Paul supporters have little patience with the
establishment and as such want to make major changes in the party,
federal government and also in the state legislature. They are
aggressive in their efforts to make change and as such the
establishment sees them as a threat to their long held power.

What I have just described is the brew for a raucous and passionate
convention. So much so that an extra curricular altercation broke out
in the Oklahoma county delegation area at one time during the

The third group would be the non-Ron Paul newcomers who want to become
involved, but are trying to figure out what is going on and how to
best make a difference. The many delays caused by the procedural
efforts by the Paul supporters were confusing to these newcomers, the
Paulies were aggressive and  to many of the new folks the efforts made
the convention look as though it was breaking down, though I believe
the rules were on the Paulies side in many cases. Add to that problems
with the credentialing. As an example, I got credentialed on Friday
afternoon. However, when the numbers were being confirmed, the members
of my county had not seen me as yet because I was working the OCPAC
table. When it was time to vote I suddenly appeared, but had no
ballot. We had 2 others from our county working as a volunteer and
didn’t have ballots. Correcting that was difficult and it made the
organizers look incompetent. In all reality, conducting a large
convention is difficult and we don’t do this everyday.

I don’t want to imply that the maneuvers by the Ron Paul folks were
out of order, but with time, they began to lose much chance to win the
newcomers over to their side and as such they were on the losing end
of most votes.

While the vast majority of Ron Paul supporters are quality folks and
upstanding individuals, some of them are over the top in their
behavior and some of them have an appearance more like the most rabid
“UI’s” (useful idiots) that make up the occupy movement. I get it that
some of these folks want the kind of liberties so that they can do
virtually anything their little fleshly carnal natures can conjure up.
However, the reality is, they will either win others over to their
issues or they will turn people off. The smart and mature Ron Paul
supporters persuade people and help their cause, the immature and
foolish repulse people and hurt their cause.

Now on to the race for National Committeeman. Not sure, but I believe
Richard Engle actually received a larger number of delegate votes, but
after the “delegate weighting” was computed, Steve Fair won with over
51% of the vote to less than 49% for Richard.

Both of these men are conservatives, both of them are competent to
serve as Oklahoma’s National Committeeman at the RNC. I like them both
and congratulate Steve Fair on his close victory.

Now for what made me mad about the race. Someone briefly showed me an
unsigned “hit piece” intended to destroy Richard’s chances of winning.
First, let me say that 25 years ago I wanted to write a hard hitting
editorial and send it to a paper unsigned or signed with a pen name
other than my real name. I decided at that time that anything not
signed or miss signed, would not be worth reading and should not have

Since then, my name has been attached to a lot of controversial
statements, but I am always willing to stand by what I say, and if
proven wrong or inaccurate, which does occur on occasion, I will admit
my mistake and correct it. I believe Steve Fair had nothing to do with
the hit piece, but whoever was behind it is a coward!

I had time to read only 2 of the accusations and realized they were
the usual representations of half truths or inaccurate portrayals of

The first thing I noticed was the allegation that while a councilman
in Bethany, “they” couldn’t wait to get rid of him. That statement was
probably true, but was it a good thing to get rid of Richard? He chose
not to run for reelection as a councilman, but was considering a run
for Mayor at a future date. I can assure you, the establishment in
Bethany didn’t like Richard because he was a watchdog and advocate for
limited government and the taxpayers.

The liberal mayor at that time wanted the city to pay for the health
care premiums for himself and all the members of the council. To
succeed at that effort, it would take unanimous consent from the
council and Richard, believing it was not proper to burden the
taxpayers for those costs, would not consent. That really made the
Mayor mad.

The other thing that made the establishment mad at Richard was his
successful opposition to a property tax increase. The city needed a
new police headquarters, animal shelter and roof on city hall. If my
memory serves me correctly, it was around a 3 million dollar project.
The city had around 8 million “in the bank” of which the central
planners in the city wanted to save to use for “economic development”
so they wanted to pay for the project with new tax dollars.

Richard formed an organization called “Citizens for a Better Bethany”,
went door to door with informational materials and defeated the
measure. So was wanting to get rid of Richard a good thing or a bad
thing? It was a good thing to the corrupt central planners, but bad
for the taxpayers. The naive taxpayers defeated every reform minded
candidate up for election and it simply was not worth Richard running
for Mayor the next year. How have things gone for Bethany since then?
Well, today the taxpayers pay for the health care and untold hundreds
of thousands of dollars have wasted away on failed economic
development efforts. In a system of self government, we really get
what we deserve most of the time.

The other allegation I read had something to do with Richard’s
associations with members of the John Birch Society as if that was
somehow a bad thing. What is interesting is that Richard had never
been a member of the John Birch Society, but Steve Fair has.

One of the most respected political activists in Stevens County was a
man by the name of Doc Beasley. Prior to his passing away, he used to
drive around with the humorous bumper sticker that said “I’m a member
of the secret John Birch Society.” Of course the Society is not a
secret organization and never has been. The good doctor Beasley was
and still is so respected in Stevens county, that to this day, the
highest award given out at their annual county convention, or perhaps
county fundraiser, is the annual Doc Beasley award for activism, or
what ever it is called.

Doc Beasley was one of the most effective and active Birchers to ever
live in Oklahoma. He recruited Steve Fair into the Society and
mentored Steve along to his solid conservative values. Steve should be
respected for his involvement and Richard should be respected for his
associations with the Birch Society. The cowards who put the hit piece
together are guilty of playing to the ignorance of people who have a
bad impression of the Birch Society, but don’t have a clue as to their
negative feelings about the Society which were ginned up decades ago
by a dishonest smear job.

Enough said about this, it will be interesting to see what happens
during next year’s convention. Will the Ron Paul folks fade away into
history or will they grow in numbers and commitment? Only time will
tell. As much as I struggle with some of what Ron Paul says, there are
parts of his message that must be heard if this nation is to


*  TUESDAY  EVENING MAY 15th  -  OKC AREA  -  The monthly chapter
meeting for the OKC area OK2A (Oklahoma 2nd Amendment) chapter will be
a bit different this month. They will meet at 6:30 p.m.in the parking
lot of the CVS pharmacy on the Northeast corner of NW 39th street and
MacArthur. They will proceed from there to knock doors for State
Representative Sally Kern. Also, regarding Representative Kern, she
will be having a fundraiser event this coming Friday evening, May 18th
at H&H range. They will have live Branson Style music featuring
“Froglegs from Looneyville, USA. This presentation is being billed as
funny, patriotic and inspirational. H&H is located on the North side
of I-40, about 2 blocks East of Meridian, in OKC. The event begins at
7:00 p.m.

*  THURSDAY EVENING MAY 17 -  TULSA  AREA  -  The Tulsa area chapter
of OK2A will host their monthly meeting, 6:30 p.m. at the 2A Shooting
Center (4616 E Admiral Pl) in Tulsa.

*  OCPAC MEMBERSHIP UP-DATE  -  Last week I mentioned we needed 7 more
folks to step up and join to take full advantage of our $1,000
matching challenge. Six of you responded, so we will only have to send
$50 back to our helpful donor. A huge thanks from me to the 19 who
joined over the past 2 and a half weeks. We are spotting some
candidates who have developed a really strong conservative ideology
and thus will make excellent conservative lawmakers. The more dues
paying members we have, the more help we can give them. If you have
not joined as yet or if you want to contribute additional funds,
please do so now. Instructions on how to join or contribute are after
my sign off.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Friday, May 11, 2012

Three Time Sensitive Announcements

Members and friends of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action
Committee (OCPAC)

Sorry for the problems with the e-mail earlier this week. I need to
make a three time sensitive announcements.

1)  For all the Ron Paul fans, there will be a LIBERTY PEP RALLY
tonight (Friday May 11th), 7:00 pm, at Remington Park in OKC. It is
free and open to the public. The featured speaker will be Dr. Tom
Woods, who was or perhaps still is affiliated with the Von Misses
Institute. Dr. Woods is a tremendous speaker, author and economist in
the free market vein. There will also be live music. For more
information log on to www.RONPAULOK.COM .

2)  The Republican State Convention will be held this Saturday at the
Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center in Norman. The 3 main
orders of business are the election for Our Republican National
Committeeman and Committeewoman. We will also be voting for the
remaining delegates to represent Oklahoma Republicans at this year’s
national convention to be held in Florida. One final thing, we will
vote to approve, amend or reject this year’s Republican platform for
the state of Oklahoma. I strongly endorse Richard Engle for National

3)  OCPAC member and good friend Glen Howard is out of the country on
a mission trip to Budapest Hungry. He has asked me to serve as his
guest host for his Senior World Radio Show which airs every Sunday
morning from 10 until 11:00 a.m. on KTOK, 1000 AM. We recorded the
shows on Thursday of this week.

The first program will air this Sunday morning, May 13th, at the
mentioned time and will feature State Senator Anthony Sykes (R-Moore)
as well as State Representative Jason Murphy (R-Guthrie). Topics
covered were an overview of this year’s session up until now, the
outlook for next year, the INFLUENCE of lobbyists at the Capitol,
transparency, modernization and Sharia Law. If you would like to hear
the program but can’t listen live, it can be heard by way of a pod
cast. That address is:  www.SeniorWorldRadio.com It is easy to find
all past programs.

The second program will air next Sunday morning, May 20th, same time,
and will feature my dad, at 87 he qualifies as a senior, and a long
time friend of mine, Mr. Dan Kissick. Dan is the founder and executive
director of an organization called Right Hand Ministries. Most of
their work is in India. Among other things, Dan will share what life
is like for many seniors in India, especially if they are in the lower
cast. What is sad, if we don’t get our financial house in order here
in America, we are going to see an ever increasing number of American
seniors ending up in a similar situation to those in India, not too
many years from now.

Thanks for your time and attention, I will try to have next week’s
regular e-mail out by Sunday evening.

Charlie Meadows

Tuesday, May 1, 2012




Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, May 2nd will be held at Italiano’s
restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Candidates invited for this
Wednesday are, Nathan Dahm, Cliff Johns, Don P. Little and Tim Wright,
all of Broken Arrow. This is a newly created Senate seat as a result
of re-districting. In addition, one more candidate has been invited,
but will remain un-named at this time.

Our members voted to contribute to the following incumbents from what
we call our Conservative Incumbent Protection Fund. David Brumbaugh (R-
Broken Arrow 90/90), Josh Cockroft (R-Tecumseh 83/83), Sally Kern (R-
Bethany 90/93), Tom Newell (R-Seminole 80/80) and Steve Vaughn (R-
Ponca City 80/80). The first number is their conservative index score
for last year and the second number is their lifetime average. To be
eligible to receive our support, the incumbent had to have an 80 or
higher in the first number and they must have drawn and opponent.

Last Wednesday was the first week to interview candidates. Receiving
our endorsement and financial support was House district 60 candidate
Dan Fisher (R-El Reno) and  Senate district 39 candidate Kevin McDugle
(R-Tulsa). Mr. Fisher is running in a newly created and open seat,
while Mr. McDugle is running against the incumbent Brian Crain.
Senator Crain won our RINO (Republican In Name Only) award last year
with a conservative index score of 40/60. The Republicans in Senate
district 39 should be embarrassed by Crain. This is their opportunity
to correct their embarrassment by electing Kevin McDugle.


I am going to take the liberty to extend the deadline for our matching
membership challenge until this Wednesday. We need 7 more people to
step up and join OCPAC to take advantage of the full $1,000 put up for
our challenge. At the end of April, we now have 210 dues paying
members, which is 7 shy of our number of members last year. Folks can
join at the meeting this Wednesday, or if joining by mail, be sure
that the postmark is by this Wednesday. A huge thanks to everyone who
has joined so far this year. Our schedule is moved up, so folks
joining as early in the year as possible is most helpful. Instructions
on how to join by mail will follow my sign off.


*  TUESDAY EVENING  -  GUTHRIE AREA  -  The Guthrie area OK2A
(Oklahoma 2nd Amendment) organization will hold their monthly meeting,
7:00 p.m., at Patriot Industries which is located at 211 East Oklahoma
in downtown Guthrie.

*  TUESDAY, MAY 8TH  -  OKC AREA  -  Edmond attorney Don M. Powers
will present his “Liberty & Freedom Series,” covering the Declaration
of Independence and U.S. Constitution, beginning May 8th which is one
week from today. These presentations are at no cost to those who
attend. The presentations are designed for those with a sovereign
allegiance to America and who want to understand the principles used
by the Founders in establishing our government. Don will start his
lecture series on Tuesday the 8th at H&H Gun Range’s Safari Room, and
then running the weekly series through June 19th. Sessions will start
at 7 PM and conclude at 8:30 PM.

New to this series, on Monday, June 11th and repeated again on Monday,
June 25th, will be an advanced session on the Declaration and
Constitution. The advanced lecture session will go through the
documents, talking about the operation of specific language used by
the Founders.

Those interested in attending any of the free presentations should
first sign up for the series through H&H Gun Range. H&H can be
contacted at 947-3888, or at www.hhgunrange.com. The course schedule
also appears on Mr. Powers’ Law Firm website at www.powersatlaw.com.


As I mentioned in the special e-mail I sent out last Thursday morning,
the efforts to get a vote on the personhood legislation failed.
Representative Hickman was in the Chair and strong armed the
procedures, in at least one key moment ruling without consulting the
parliamentarian. He basically prevented a legitimate procedure and
created a circular situation where it would be impossible for ANYONE
to protest his RULLING.

On Thursday, with time running out for Senate bills to be heard,
Representative Hickman tried to manipulate the process and prevent the
“REAL” Pro-Life Republicans from being able to obtain a vote on the

Representative Reynolds made a motion, I believe, to appeal the ruling
of the Chair. To be able to do so he had to have 15 lawmakers stand as
a second to the motion. Following are the Republicans who stood, Gus
Blackwell, Paul Wesselhoft, Mike Christian, Aaron Stiles, Lewis Moore,
John Bennett, Sean Roberts, Charles Key, Jason Murphey, George Faught,
Sally Kern, John Trebilcock, Mike Ritz, and Randy Terrill. In
addition, 3 Democrats also stood, Rebecca Hamilton, a former pro-
choice Democrat who is now sincerely pro-life, R.C. Pruitt and Richard
Morrissette. I don’t know about the convictions of Representative
Pruitt, but I suspect Morrissette was standing to try and stir
controversy among Republicans?

Representative Hickman, acting like a little dictator’s right hand
man, said he didn’t see 15 standing. Moments later he moved to
adjourn, but Reynolds objected and was strangely recognized. His
efforts not to adjourn so the personhood measure could be taken up,
ended up with a recorded vote, regarding adjournment.

I would suggest that every lawmaker in the building knew this vote was
going to be about not having a “direct” vote on the personhood
amendment. However, this will probably be the closest to a vote
obtained this year on the issue. Voting not to adjourn (how many time
have you seen members in a meeting vote not to adjourn?) were
Republicans John Bennett, Gus Blackwell, David Brumbaugh, Mike
Christian, David Derby, George Faught, Sally Kern, Charles Key, Scott
Martin, Lewis Moore, Glen Mulready, Jason Murphey, Mike Reynolds,
Dustin Roberts, Sean Roberts, Mike Sanders, Aaron Stiles, John
Trebilcock, and Paul Wesselhoft. Also voting not to adjourn were
Democrats Rebecca Hamilton, James Lockhart, and Richard Morrissette.

Voting for adjournment were: Republicans, Don Armes, Gary Banz, Lisa
Billy, Dennis Casey, Ann Coody, Marian Cooksey, David Dank, Lee
Denney, Dale DeWitt, John Enns, Randy Grau, Elise Hall, Jeff Hickman,
Corey Holland, Fred Jordan, Charlie Joyner, Guy Liebmann, Steve
Martin, Mark McCullough, Randy McDaniel, Skye McNiel, Jason Nelson,
Jadine Nolin, Leslie Osborn, Pat Owenbey, Ron Peters, Pam Peterson,
Marty Quinn, Phil Richardson, Todd Russ, Colby Schwartz, Earl Sears,
Todd Thomsen, Steve Vaughn, Weldon Watson, Harold Wright and Kris

Democrats voting for adjournment were:  Mike Brown, Ed Cannady, Donnie
Condit, Joe Dorman, Larry Glen, Chuck Hoskin, Scott Inman, Steve
Kouplen, C. McDaniel, Jeannie McDaniel, Jerry McPeak, Brian Renegar,
Paul Roan, Wade Rousselot, Seneca Scott, Mike Shelton, Jerry Shoemake,
Jabar Shumate, Emily Virgin, and Cory Williams.

There were others who weren’t in the chamber, some probably had a
valid reason to be out of the chamber, but it was described to me as
several nearly broke their necks trying to get out of the chamber so
they wouldn’t have to participate in this recorded vote.

Many of the Republicans I mentioned voting for adjournment will
vigorously protest that such a vote had anything to do with a pro-life
vote. I beg to differ. They may claim the bill was too loaded down
with amendments, which was true, but that problem could have been
cleaned up in conference. They may claim that it was an invitation for
a law suit. That is true, but I believe that is what the backers of
the personhood movement want to see happen. I believe they want this
issue to work its way up to the U. S. Supreme Court in an effort to
overturn Roe vs. Wade. Certainly, some of those who voted for
adjournment consider themselves as being pro-life. I would suggest
with them it is a preference, maybe a strong preference, but I don’t
consider it a deeply held conviction with them. After all, they
preferred the will of the caucus (leadership) over pushing forward
with this legislation to save the lives of the unborn.

On Monday of this week, the 9 Oklahoma SUPREMES ruled the petition
which was in process to allow the citizens to vote on the personhood
issue was “unconstitutional”. Now, remember folks, these 9 Supremes
are as close to being “little gods” as any 9 people in the state of
Oklahoma. After all, ever since we created the retention system, we
have never removed a single Supreme Court Justice. That probably
covers a 40 to 50 year period of time.

My question is, if you are amending your state constitution, how can
an amendment be unconstitutional? If they are referring to the U.S.
Constitution how could protecting the innocent life of the unborn be
unconstitutional? After all, the Declaration of Independence states
that one of the 3 mentioned reasons we created this government was to
protect the “lives” of the innocent.

I would suggest God will NOT be mocked on this issue. The number one
reason America is in decline is because of the ever increasing
compromises by those who call themselves by His name. If Oklahoma
Christians foolishly fail to be substantive, we will see even more of
the blessing of God removed from us and replaced by his judgment.


A few days ago Oklahoma Democrat Party Chairman Wallace Collins
likened tea party members to Timothy McVeigh, who was executed for his
part in the  Murrah building bombing. I want to urge the decent folks
of Oklahoma not to get their panties in a wad over much of anything
Wallace Collins ever has to say. After all, Wallace is Oklahoma’s
version of good old “uncle Joe Biden” the daily laughing stock of
America as he sits as the Vice President and is just a heartbeat away
from stepping into the highest office in the land.

Republicans should be thankful that the Democrats elected Wallace to
be their standard bearer and we should hope they re-elect him again
next year. You see, I believe Wallace operates on half a brain and the
half he does operate on is incapable of intellectual honesty. I
believe it was probably 15 years ago or so that he was convicted in a
civil matter of slandering Steve Byas, his opponent who lost to
Wallace by a dozen votes or so. If my memory serves me correctly,
Wallace was ordered to pay Mr. Byas $80,000 and then had to have his
legislative pay garnished to make payments to Steve.

If Wallace just had a full brain and one capable of intellectual
honesty, he would realize that tea party members aren’t anti-
government, but rather limited government constitutionalists. We are
not anti-government, we simply want the various jurisdictions of
government to function in their proper realms, only according to the
rule of law, and for them to be efficient. We want government
officials to be servants of the public, not masters of the public.


Just before pushing the send button for this e-mail, I received a call
from Bob Godwin’s son to inform me that Bob had passed away last night
of heart failure. Bob had been in bad health for a number of years,
but kept on going. He served in the U.S. Navy and was also a history
teacher. Bob and Etta home schooled their children.

During candidate interviews of years past, Bob would ask about 10th
amendment issues before most folks even knew anything about the 10th
Amendment. He also was constantly pointing out the futility of the
government schools which aren’t really about education so much as they
are about indoctrination. There were areas I disagreed with Bob and he
caused me plenty of trouble, something I think he enjoyed. But I stood
by Bob as a matter of free speech and the fact that deep down in his
heart, he was a true patriot. He was also a true activist, contacting
elected officials and others in an effort to educate them or hold
their feet to the fire. We will miss Bob, Please pray for his family
during this time of grief.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows