Tuesday, June 23, 2009




Several weeks back we tried to show the DVD, INNOCENTS BETRAYED, but
we had some technical difficulties and so we are going to try again
this Wednesday. This is a documentary which chronicles the 2 key
provisions, gun registration and then gun confiscation, which paved
the way for 8 major genocides which occurred during the past century.
It is produced by Aaron Zelman, founder of Jews for the Preservation
of Firearms. The documentary is very well done but there are some
difficult scenes of violence, so be advised. I believe this is such an
important issue, especially since so many people have obtained
concealed carry permits, which is a form of gun registration. I urge
folks to attend if at all possible.


A lot of folks wondered what kind of legislation would be passed in
2009 since it was the first time in state history for the Republicans
to be in control of both the State Senate as well as the State House.
This past Wednesday OCPAC members finished our part in formulating
this year’s Conservative Index, produced and published by the Oklahoma
Constitution Newspaper. While I know the 10 pieces of legislation
which were chosen to make up this year’s Index scores, I won’t know
the totals for any of the lawmakers for probably another week or so.

Based on what I have seen so far, I believe it is imperative to
understand there were several good pieces of legislation heard or
passed because the Republicans were in control rather than the
Democrats. Legislation such as the Tenth Amendment Resolution, next
year’s vote on English as Oklahoma’s official language, the 10
Commandments Monument, regaining more local control of our government
schools, next year’s vote for term limits for state wide offices,
rescinding all of Oklahoma’s previous calls for a new Constitutional
Convention, expanding pro life legislation and etc.

However, when it comes to expanding the size of government, acting
like a bunch of central planning fascists, failing to reduce taxes
(especially the right kind of taxes which would stimulate our
economy), redistribution of wealth schemes, corporate welfare,
borrowing money and putting the state further into debt, as well as
panting like a little puppy after newly printed federal dollars from
Washington, I am afraid there won’t be much difference in the
performance of the legislature with the Republicans in charge than
when the Democrats were in charge. As soon as the index is available I
will endeavor to list the conservatives and expose the RINOs
(Republicans In Name Only).


Always keep in mind, all a President can do is propose up front then
either sign or veto what Congress puts on his desk for a signature at
the end of the legislative process. As I have said previously,
President Obama is little more than a liar and a deceiver, and the
Democrat leaders in Congress are much the same. Also remember every
time you hear the President blame President Bush for the economic
situation handed to him, for the last 2 years of President Bush’s term
in office it was a Democrat controlled House and Senate that directed
the budget and spending, though Bush never really contended with them.

Now that Obama and the Congressional Demonrats are fully in control,
we are experiencing the most significant REVOLUTION affecting our
nation since 1776. Whether one considers health care, defense issues,
industries such as banking, insurance, mortgage lending, social,
cultural or moral issues, everything is on the table or will be for
radical transformation from the ideas of our Founding Fathers to a new
kind of America. An America based on humanistic values and a blend of
fascism, socialism and maybe just enough free enterprise remaining to
keep from killing the goose which has in the past laid the golden

June is the month Obama and the Demonrats have decided to push toward
full blown socialist health care. Of course the steps toward that goal
may have to be incremental as there is some stiff opposition to such a
concept. Therefore, Obama will say one thing then do another as part
of his strategy to obtain the ultimate goal.

While I serve on the Board of Trustees for the Logan Medical Center, I
want to make two things clear in my following statements. First, while
I am highly interested in this issue, I don’t want to portray myself
as an “expert” on health care issues. Secondly, everything I am about
to say are my own opinions and in now way necessarily reflect the
ideas of the Logan Medical Center, any of its employees or other

When the Stimulus plan passed there was money in that plan for rural
hospitals. From what I know now, the money must be used to provide for
electronic medical records capabilities. This is a very expensive
program for rural hospitals, so many hospitals were probably
interested when they found out the funding would be available.
However, the feds want the hospitals to pay for the systems up front
and then some time later the feds will reimburse those hospitals for
their expenses.

I believe patient safety and patient health care will improve by
having those capabilities. If we chose not to install the system we
will see our Medicare reimbursement rate reduced. Right now our
reimbursement rate is cost plus 1 percent, so any reduction would
create a budget hardship for any rural hospital treating a lot of
Medicare patients. Therefore, many hospitals will be forced into that
system. Right after the stimulus program was passed Senator Coburn
sent out an e-mail warning that electronic medical records systems
should be viewed with caution as the system would be used to transform
America’s health care system into one resembling that of Russia or
perhaps he said the old Soviet Union.

Now hear is the deal. The electronic medical records will provide
information to the Quality Care Board. This will be a new Washington
based agency with 15 high paid government agents with a massive staff
who will in turn RATION out health care for Americans. They won’t look
at individual needs, but evaluate types of health care, those costs
and then rule on what is allowed and what is not.

Bottom line, Obama and the Demonrats want to eliminate private health
insurance and force everyone to a single payer system where they can
control everything in the health care realm. At some point in time
health care rationing will be determined on cost as well as the
utilitarian value of certain groups of people.

So here is a question, would you rather see rationing done by the
market place or by overpaid Washington health care agents who will
pick and chose who gets treatments and surgeries and who does not?
Would you rather see people be responsible for their own health care
and the prices significantly reduced yet quality remaining high, or
would you rather see a collectivist system which will be very costly
for tax payers with falling quality? Those are actually the choices
before us.

In any discussion about health care the premise must start with the
debate over whether or not health care is a right? If you believe
people have an inherent right to health care, you are a SOCIALIST,
plain and simple, don‘t try to talk your way out of the label as it
won‘t work with me. As such you are a thief as you promote using
government to FORCE some people to work to pay for the health care of
others. You would be a proponent of a new form of Americanism and an
enemy of true American patriotism.

That is not to say that some people will not be able to afford health
care and will need help. Some will truly need help, some will receive
help and some will not. That occurs today, it would also occur if we
returned to a free market system and if we become socialistic. There
will always be those who have less care and less of everything than

What would a workable free market system look like? I would suggest
first starting with legislation which would exempt doctors from
liability for miss-diagnosis. They would still stand liable for gross
negligence such as operating on a wrong body extremity or perhaps
sowing up a patient and leaving behind a sponge or some other medical
instrument. Certainly a patient should be allowed to have those kinds
of lawsuits to go forward, but eliminating liability for miss-
diagnosis would allow Doctors to stop ordering so many unneeded tests,
simply to practice defensive medicine.

Another necessary change would be to allow hospitals and doctors to
determine if a patient is able to pay for services before treatment,
whether through their own finances or private insurance. If not,
hospitals and Doctors should be allowed to turn those patients away
except in life threatening circumstances. Think this idea is cruel?
Just remember you will have natural rationing at this level or
government rationing under socialized medicine.

If we changes to a market system the market will step up and provide
answers for many of the poor if government will get out of the way. In
the near future I will have a speaker at OCPAC that has developed a
model where 1 person can join a health club to provide clinic level
care and prescription benefits for only $30 per month, $45 with a
spouse and $5 per child after that. Almost any poor person could
afford that if they made it a priority rather than spending their
money eating out, on smokes, booze, drugs, the Indian casinos or
Oklahoma’s government run lottery.

For the truly poor, charity clinics would come about, already a couple
of large churches in the OKC area have established such. I can attest
to the fact that many doctors and health care professionals are
compassionate people who provide their services on a limited basis as
charity now and would do more if free market conditions existed. We
would also see more charity hospitals such as St. Jude and the Shriner
Hospitals or we would see more charity organizations come about which
would raise funds to pay for hospital care for more serious illnesses
for the poor.

Another really important point to remember, if we made the changes I
propose, Hospital bad debt would dramatically decrease as well as the
need for excessive regulatory costs. Therefore hospital costs would
drop and so would the cost of insurance. There will be nay sayers to
these ideas because they are either too deeply tied to the current
system or are so conditioned to government taking care of them and
their neighbors that they have no belief or trust in the free

If we returned to a free market system would people fall through the
cracks? Yes, but people fall through the cracks now and if we have
full blown socialized health care, people will fall through the cracks
then as they are hit with rationing, long waits for specialized
treatments, long lines at clinics and diminishing quality of care.

I believe it is Wednesday that ABC has decided to prostrate themselves
and allow President Obama to go before the American people to sell the
health care CHANGES he HOPES the American people will fall for. Just
remember, any claims at savings he will propose through his ideas of
preventive medicine are bogus. When he makes government responsible to
provide health care for tens of millions of Americans the costs will
skyrocket, deficits go off the chart and the national debt will be
hopelessly out of sight.

If you bother to watch him, just remember, this Emperor truly has no
clothes. It might help to make a banner to tape below your TV screen
SOCIALIST. That constant reminder might keep you from being sucked in
by his “charm.”

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows

Monday, June 15, 2009




This past week we debated bills submitted to be used for this year’s
Conservative Index, published by the Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper.
A hand full of the over 30 different bills submitted were debatable as
to if a vote for or against was actually a conservative or liberal
position. I believe some of those measures will be thrown out of
consideration. This week our members who are present and have had
their dues paid as of June 3rd will be allowed to vote to determine
the 10 most important issues from this year’s legislative session
which should be used for the Index.

Also, one of our speakers a few weeks back was Randy Bright, an
architect from Tulsa who spoke on sustainability, new urbanism and
light rail. One of those attending our meeting challenged him on his
light rail positions, pointing to the success of the Dallas light rail
system. As a result, Mr. Bright has written his two most recent
articles in the Tulsa Beacon exposing the failures of the Dallas
system. I will try to have copies of his articles available for those
attending this week’s meeting. They are excellent.


In last week’s e-mail I announced the up-coming Freedom 21 Conference
to be held in Midwest City on August 13th through the 15th. This
Monday, June 15th is the deadline for discounted attendance admission.
Since last week I have been informed another speaker has been added to
list. It is Mr. G. Edward Griffin, author of the most important book
ever written on the Federal Reserve System exposing its massive
influence upon our economic system. The book is titled: CREATURE FROM
JECKEL ISLAND. The 3 day conference costs $295 with the early bird
discount being $245 which includes meals. However, there is lesser
cost to attend if you are local and only want to attend the talks.
That price is $95 and the student rate is $45. For reservations log on
to www.freedom21.org.

One more point, this past week I was listening to the Neal Boortz
radio talk show when a very astute caller asked Boortz what he
believed to be the significance of the Federal Reserve. In typical
Boortz fashion when he doesn’t want to discuss an issue he went full
boar into attempting to marginalize people he considers too far out in
la-la land.
Bortz said he didn’t care about the Fed, but then the caller asked if
he would care if the issue was true and important? Bortz answered it
wasn’t his job to save America or get Obama out of office. He said his
primary job was to keep as many people listening to his program as
possible until the next commercial. He went on to say more people
would listen if he talked about the homosexual who recently lost the
American Idolatry contest than if he tried to talk about a complicated
subject such as the Federal Reserve.

Let me suggest, having an audience listen to commercials IS the
primary job of any talk show host on commercial radio. However, I
believe Bortz cares more about America than he indicated and he
regularly breaks down complex subjects in an attempt to make them easy
to understand. Bottom line, Bortz has never really studied the
subject, doesn’t believe it is the root problem and doesn’t want to
deal with the foundational problems if it might paint him out to be
too radical. Bortz is like many talk show hosts who deal with the
surface problems (though real) and refuse to get to the heart of the

Meanwhile a precious metals dealer has advertised on many of the radio
talk show programs for a person to purchase a copy of Mr. Griffins
book for $26. If so he will send a copy of the book along with an
early 20th Century Silver Dollar, shipping and handling included. If
you are interested, you may want to order this extremely important
work if the offer still stands. The number to call is 1 (800)

For several years now Congressman Ron Paul (R-Tx) has authored
legislation to audit the Federal Reserves System as it has never been
audited since its inception in 1913. He has had little support until
now as more and more members of Congress are beginning to listen to
what he has to say about the economy. His current piece of legislation
to audit the Fed is HR 1207.

Last week Congressman Paul’s office released a press statement that
they have now obtained 222 co-sponsors. Representatives Tom Cole, Mary
Fallin and Frank Lucas are all co-sponsors from Oklahoma with
Congressman Boren, typically not being able to make his mind up on a
conservative issue other than the Second Amendment or the Oil Patch.
Over the recent Memorial day recess, Sullivan’s office indicated he
was studying the issue, however he never returned to Washington after
the recess as he checked himself into a substance abuse center and is
expected to be absent for at least 30 days. If you live in Congressman
Boren’s district it is time to call him at (202) 225-2701 and insist
he get on board with this effort.

I have a recent article by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann about the
Federal Reserve that I will try to have copies of for our meeting this
Wednesday. Until a person understands the power and influence over our
economy by the Federal Reserve, your UNDERSTANDING of the reasons why
America is now bankrupt, spending wildly and in economic turmoil will
be about as valuable as a person trying to rid the world of flies with
a fly swatter. Don’t be like a close minded Neal Boortz on the issue
of the Fed, become a student of history and economics. Our future
depends on it.


STATEWIDE No matter where you live in the State of Oklahoma you
need to contact our 2 U.S Senators on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday,
preferably on Monday. The U.S. House has already passed Hate Crimes
legislation and now the Senate is going to consider it. If it passes,
Christians will face charges and punishment if they disagree with
homosexuals and or their agenda. Not only is this an attempt to hinder
free speech it will become a crime against a person’s heart or
perceived motives.

The federal legislation has been moving along as S.B. 909, however, I
just received word the Democrats are going to attach the contents of
the bill as an amendment to H.R. 2647 which is the Defense
Reauthorization Act. Our Senators must be urged to vote no on this
authorization until the hate crimes legislation is removed.

Contact information for Senator Inhofe is: Phone (202) 224-4721, Fax
(202) 228-0380 and e-mail is:

Contact information for Senator Coburn is: Phone (202) 224-5754, Fax
(202) 224-6008 and e-mail is:

It is very important that we contact our Senators as those opposing
this evil legislation hope to overload the Washington communications
capability today, Monday. Please contact our Senators using all 3
methods if at all possible.

MOORE AREA A new group calling themselves Educators of Liberty
will be holding a meeting on Monday evening, 7:00 p.m. at the Moore
public library, 225 South Howard. The program is titled Global Warming
Myth and Marxism and the speaker will be Dr. Edward Blick. We have had
Dr. Blick speak at an OCPAC meeting and found him to be an excellent
speaker with an excellent presentation. If you didn’t get to hear him,
this is a great opportunity.

OKC AREA Our friend Jerry Fent, a semi-retired attorney and
watchdog for the citizens and taxpayers has again filed a lawsuit
against the State of Oklahoma for violating our own Constitution. With
passage of SQ 640 in 1991 we amended our constitution to only allow a
tax increase with a 75% super majority in the legislature or by a vote
of the people. However, we allowed the legislature to increase user
fees with a simple majority vote in the legislature and without a vote
of the people.

Since that time the legislature has been regularly raising taxes and
calling them fees when they are not. Mr. Fent will present his oral
arguments before a Supreme Court Referee at the State Capitol this
Wednesday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. If you have time to attend to watch
the process and give moral support to Mr. Fent it would be most
appreciated. Some of those attending our Wednesday luncheon may want
to get down to the Court Room following our meeting on Wednesday.

TULSA AREA This coming Friday evening, 7:00 p.m. Pastor Paul
Blair of Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond will be speaking at the New
Life Church in Owasso. The location is 12215 North Garnett,
Collinsville (Owasso). Paul is the Director of Reclaiming Oklahoma for
Christ and is a fearless pastor willing to preach an uncompromised
gospel as well as be relevant in today’s culture war. He is being
sponsored by Pastor Jason Murphy of New Life Church and Pastor Bruce
Delay of Heartland H.Q. Church. The 3 pastors along with Pastor Steve
Kern of Olivet Baptist all identify themselves as members of the Black
Robed Regiment, started by former Presidential candidate Chuck
Baldwin. I intend to drive up to Owasso for the meeting Friday evening
and hope to meet as many members and friends of OCPAC in the area as

OKC AREA This coming Saturday the organization American Majority
will host a very important candidate training seminar for anyone
interested in running for office. The location will be in the
auditorium of the Lawyer’s Title Building, 1141 N. Robinson in Mid-
Town OKC. Registration begins at 9:00 a.m. and the seminar will
conclude at 5:15 p.m. The cost to attend is $40 per candidate and $20
for each additional staff or family member. A continental breakfast
and lunch will be provided.

Topics covered include 1) How to Communicate Effectively, 2) A
Campaign Plan to Win: Planning for the Time, People and Money to Win,
3) Dollars and Sense: Fundraising for What You Need, Not What You Can
Get, 4) New Media Engagement: The New Ways to Talk to Voters and
Engage Supporters, and 5) Grassroots Action: how Ordinary People can
get Extraordinary Results When They Work Together.

To register for the event visit www.americanmajority.org or for more
information contact Seth Brown at (405) 605-6338 or


This past week Oklahoma’s Attorney General Drew Edmondson officially
joined the race for Governor. He joins Lt. Governor Jari Askins on the
Democrat side and the 2 Republicans running are State Senator Randy
Brogdon and U.S. Congresswoman Mary Fallin.

This past Friday the Oklahoman had their lead editorial talking about
the “stout” group of candidates running for governor. However, they
failed to mention Senator Brogdon, just assuming he is not a
contender. While it is true he has never held a statewide office as
have the other 3 I wouldn’t dismiss him at this point in time. Time
will tell if he is able to raise a sufficient amount of funds to
compete, but his web site recently announced they have surpassed 1,000
grassroots activists who have signed up to volunteer in his campaign.
That is a very significant number and will overcome a lot of free
press or money.

They had a training seminar in the Tulsa area this past week and this
Thursday evening they will have a training session for volunteers in
central Oklahoma from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.. The meeting will be at
Italiano’s Restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln. If you want to volunteer in
his campaign attend this meeting.

You can hear Mary Fallin every Friday morning on the Ried Mullins show
at 7:05 a.m. on KTOK 1000 AM. She will also appear at the Rogers
County Bar-B-Q this Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Sorry, I
couldn’t find the location on her web-site.

If you have made up your mind as to who your are going to support then
give your finances and time to their efforts. On the other hand, I
would urge Republicans not to make a decision based upon name ID but
rather on the substance of the candidates. Get to know them, listen to
what they have to say, and ask them questions at public events. I look
forward to them appearing at OCPAC for an interview process which will
occur early next year. OCPAC will make an endorsement in this race
after the interview process. In the meantime there may be some more
jump into the race but they better hurry as a statewide race is a
monster of a task.

Regardless of which Republican wins in the primary that person will
have an excellent chance to win the Governor’s race. I will support
the Republican candidate who wins as either Senator Brogdon or
Representative Fallin will be much better to have in office than
Edmondson or Askins.


Our previous record of dues paying members for a non election year was
in 2007 with 153 members. We are now at 180 members which is an almost
20% increase in membership with more time to join. If you have not
joined as yet please do so, the future of limited government
conservatism for state government depends upon your support.
Instructions to join are below.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows

June 9th Issue



Once each year, following the end of the legislative session, OCPAC
members participate in formulating the Oklahoma Constitution
Newspaper’s Conservative Index. Every Republican lawmaker received
instructions on how to participate by submitting legislation which
should be used in the Index. They were also invited to attend this
week’s meeting to debate whether or not bills submitted clearly
reflect a conservative or liberal position. In the past we have had as
many as 15 lawmakers attend the meeting which is always informative
and usually a lot of fun.


OKC AREA This Wednesday morning June 10th the local Business and
Professional chapter of the John Birch Society will hold their final
meeting before a 2 month Summer break. The Speaker will be Larry
Waters from Dallas. Mr. Waters is the Vice President of the Birch
Society and has served in many positions since joining the staff in
1967. He will discuss the movement toward a police state as a result
of the recent elections. He will also discuss the explosive growth of
the Society, which has come about because of the current environment
as well as the ever more trusted information and positions the Birch
Society has taken and taught over the past 50 years. The documented
evidence taught by the Society about the direction with which America
has been moving has been remarkably accurate. The location is the
Character First Training Center, 520 West Main in downtown OKC.
Breakfast is served at 7:15 and the meeting will start at 7:45 a.m.
Breakfast is served buffet style and is $6.00. Reservations not
needed, just come on down as the fellowship is great and the meetings
are informative.

TULSA AREA Also on Wednesday, at 12 noon the Tulsa County
Republican Men’s Club will have State Representative John Wright as
their speaker. The location is the Hong Kong Restaurant, 7315 South
Memorial Drive. Representative Wright will give a run down of the
legislative session just completed and then talk about his decision to
become a candidate for Lt. Governor. I would suspect the club will
also invite the other Lt. Governor candidates sometime in the


FIRST The 4th annual Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ Seminar will
occur on Friday evening July 24th and Saturday morning on the 25th. I
hope you will put this on your calendars and try to keep these dates
open. We had a great turn out last year and we expect the attendance
this year to be near capacity. The location will again be on the
campus of Oklahoma Christian University on Memorial Road. I will give
more details on speakers and times when it gets closer to the event.

SECOND The 10th Annual Freedom 21 National Conference will be
held August 13 through the 15th in Midwest City at the Reed Conference
Center. This will be the first time the State of Oklahoma has hosted
the conference. The conference is sponsored by the American Policy
Center and Freedom Inc. They are joined by 16 other co-sponsoring
groups, including Eagle Forum, Freedom Advocates, Ed Watch, Committee
for a Constructive Tomorrow, Sovereignty International, American Land
Foundation, Stewards of the Range, OK-SAFE, American Heritage
Research, Gun Owners of America, Camp American, National Center for
Constitutional Studies, Institute for Principled Policy, Liberty
Coalition, Constitutional Alliance and The August Review. These 18
organizations form a loose coalition dedicated to advancing the
principles of freedom in the 21st Century.

According to their press release, most of the issues we face today can
be traced back to international policy, specifically Agenda 21 and its
policy of Sustainable Development - a top down government control
operating through non-elected regional governments and planning
boards. The entire agenda is based on enforcing climate change policy.

Freedom 21 connects the dots from Agenda 21 to federal policies, like
energy, air and water. Then from federal policies the dots connect
further to state legislatures and policies like the Trans Texas
Corridor (NAFTA SUPERHIGHWAY) and immigration. Then they go further to
local policies affecting city counsels and county commissions as they
deal with Smart Growth and development. There’s more to the agenda,
including the radical changes in our public education system and the
growing threat of a big brother surveillance society. The theme for
this year’s conference is “THE GROWING AMERICAN TYRANNY AND HOW TO

Some of the speakers will be former presidential candidate Chuck
Baldwin, Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdon, Larry Pratt (President
of Gun Owners of America), Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key
(a leading force behind the states’ rights and sovereignty movement),
Marc Morano (expert on the fraudulent global warming movement),
Missouri State Representative Sam Rohrer (an expert on Real ID and the
creation of an international ID card), Dr. Jeff Marrongelle (an expert
about the governments attempt to take over personal choices on health
care), Tom DeWeese (outspoken advocate on property rights) Michael
Shaw (on Sustainable development), Dr. Michael Coffman (expert on the
concept of global governance) Michael Chapman and Dr. Allen Quist (two
of the nation’s leading experts on the educational crisis), Judith
McGeary (sounding the alarm on the National Animal Identification
System-NAIS), Mark Learner (an expert on an International ID
system),Craig Rucker (trains students to fight back on college
campuses), Dan Byfield (an expert on the Trans Texas Corridor), Pat
Wood (editor of The August Review, revealing underground efforts to
attack and damage freedom groups beyond the Missouri MAIC report and
the Department of Homeland Security report) and Amanda Teegarden (on
state and local activism).

As you can see, with such a large line up of quality speakers from all
over the United States there is quite an expense for the 3 day
conference just described. However there is a $50 early bird discount
for those who register by June 15th. In addition, for Oklahomans, if
you eat all of your meals on your own you may attend all the speeches
for only $90. I also believe there is a student discount for the
speeches of only $45. For the discounts you must act by June 15th. To
see the full conference schedule and to register log on to:
www.freedom21.org/conf/2009/con-09.html. Or call the American Policy
Center at (540) 341-8911.


In last week’s e-mail when I addressed both the killing of the
pharmacy robber and the killing of Dr. Tiller the baby killer, I
thought I might be stepping into a crossfire. My instincts served me
well as I had a huge response to the e-mail, mostly siding with my
thoughts on the issues, though I had several who disagreed.

I believe one of the biggest problems with the people in America today
is that we respond to situations and people on an emotional level. We
have allowed Oprah Winfrey, Disney animal programs and etc. to shape
us into emotional softies, making knee jerk decisions based on how we
feel about particular situations.

One of those disagreeing with me asked this great question: Charlie do
you feel emotions when you see an aborted fetus? I absolutely do. I
feel sorrow, sadness and anger. The question is not about whether or
not we have emotions, as God made us to be emotional beings. The
question is whether or not we will allow our emotions to rule over us,
or will we keep them in check when we need to make decisions. Will we
develop our thought processes and submit them to the mind of Christ so
we use facts, truth, and reason to make decisions or will we be moveed
based on our feelings. I would suggest, the more we do the latter, the
more trouble we will create for ourselves, our state and nation.

One person wrote to me about the pharmacy killing and indicated he was
forced to agree with my perspective. He said with his heart he was
with the pharmacist but with his mind he believed there needed to be a
fair trial according to the rule of law. I believe that well describes
where I stand in this situation.

One more thing, I stated that the killing of Tiller would probably
hurt the movement to change the hearts and minds of people on the
abortion issue. I received an e-mail from the director of the
Crossroads Ministry in Guthrie who agreed that the killing would
probably do harm to our movement. One of the things she informed me of
was that the killings of unborn or nearly born babies would continue
at the clinic in Wichita. In fact one of their young staff members
called the clinic last year in an attempt to find out how they
operated. Once they determined she was interested in a late term
abortion, she was advised that they would send her a calendar of the
schedule of the various Doctors who would be working on which days, in
case she had a preference as to whom she wanted to perform her

On a positive note, through their ministry efforts they just had a
mother give birth after she had originally come to the clinic for
abortion help. Once they got the expectant mom to look at the ultra
sound and see her unborn baby, she changed her mind. They also had
their first set of twins born, again an expectant mom and boyfriend
who came to the clinic looking for abortion services. Through
counseling, the young man made a commitment to the mom and the babies.
In the pro-life movement, these are called SAVES.


Just a few short years ago President Obama was an obscure Senator and
today he has perhaps the highest name identity of anyone alive
anywhere in the world. His meteoric rise to power and fame is largely
due to his personal charisma, ability to connect with people on an
emotional level, as well as a willingness and ability to lie, deceive,
speak out of both sides of him mouth and especially take advantage of
an ignorant and dummied-down society. Citizens who will never be
properly informed by Obama‘s liberal minions in the main stream press.
Wow, I sure feel better after getting that off my chest.

On the President’s first “apologize for America tour,” a couple of
months ago he said something interesting while in Turkey. He said: “We
do not consider ourselves a Christian nation or a Jewish nation or a
Muslim nation. We consider ourselves a nation of citizens who are
bound by ideals and a set of values.”

I would suggest that 75 to 80 percent of Americans who profess to be
Christian might disagree with the President on his characterization of
our nation. Though I will say, much of what calls itself Christian
does not have enough evidence in their lives for such and if put on
trial for being a Christian they would probably not be convicted.

However, what I really want to focus on is the last part of his
statement that we are a nation of citizens bound by “ideals and a set
of values” My question of the President would be, from whence did
those values and ideals originate? From the deep recesses of your
mind? From some of your liberal and Communist influences? From your
flighty mom or your Muslim dads that didn’t work out? Or was it from
your more recent father, your spiritual mentor, the Rev Jeremiah

Truth is, the values and mores of any society will ALWAYS be a result
of the dominate religion of the society. The laws of any society will
also be influenced in varying degrees by the dominate religion of a

During the election process I would cringe when people would say Obama
was a Muslim. According to research by Dr. Jerome Corsi, Obama was
probably enrolled as a Muslim while in school in Indonesia. However,
in recent years he has been a “professing” Christian. However, anyone
reading the Bible and allowing it to define what is real versus what
is false would probably agree that Obama is anything but a Christian.

On his most recent “apologize for America” trip he suggested America
was one of the largest Muslim nations in the world. Rather than the 7
million Muslims he suggest were in America, the figure is probably
closer to 3.5 million, just a little over 1% of our population. He
also talked about the many historical accomplishments that have come
from Muslims and how much they contribute today.

I wonder to which historical Muslim accomplishments was Obama
referring? Was it to Mohammed’s wars, death and pillage which gave
rise to the religion? Was it the Muslim raids on the caravans over the
trade routes, which must have been the example for the Muslim pirates
which raid ships off the coast of Somalia today? Or perhaps it was the
trip the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem who met with Adolph Hitler during
World War II? Was a contribution of thousands of Muslim men in NAZI
uniforms fighting along side Hitler’s German soldiers in their attempt
to eliminate the Jews and bring Europe under German control?

Me thinks the President is historically ignorant or perhaps he is just
deceiving again. As I have observed the President, I would suggest he
is hostile toward the principles of Christianity (supports abortion,
homosexuality, lying, abusing private property rights and etc.). He is
also hostile toward the values of the Torah and I would suggest is
doing all he can to pressure Israel into putting its very survival at
risk. I don’t believe Obama is a Muslim, but I believe he is very
friendly toward Islam. I would suggest President Obama is much like a
Marxist, a humanist capable of appealing to any religion if it will
further his goals of changing America to his set of ideals and values.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows

Tuesday, June 2, 2009




The subject for this week’s meeting will be WATER and who has a right
to the water which is in Oklahoma at a particular time. Our speaker
will be Hopper Smith. When Hopper left the legislature 5 or 6 years
ago, he had the second highest lifetime average on the Oklahoma
Constitution Newspaper’s Conservative Index of anyone in the
legislature. After returning from a tour of duty in Afganistan, Hopper
became President of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs. He left
OCPA several months ago to form a lobbying and consulting firm.

One of his clients is the Tyrant County Water District. In case you
haven’t heard, they want to buy water from Oklahoma. I have not dealt
with this issue before as there has been a study in process which
might determine the long term needs and opportunities for Oklahoma
water. My position, based on the outcome of the study, might surprise
some. Based on what I known now, I favor selling water from some
parts of the state and am opposed to selling water from others. I
would also relish the day our governor would respectfully tell some
federal judge to go to …? If an order was issued that we had to sell
our water. You see, I really believe in the 10th Amendment to the
Constitution. This should be a most interesting meeting. I will have a
lot of questions if no one else does.


TULSA AREA Oklahomans For Sovereignty and Free Enterprise (OK-
SAFE) has just conducted an election of officers and have made some
changes for their monthly meetings. Starting Tuesday evening, June 2nd
the meeting location will change to the HQ Building, 1008-B North
Hickory Ave in Broken Arrow. The time is from 6:45 until 8:15 p.m. and
the meetings will go under the title of OK-SAFE Action Forum. This
month’s meeting will feature a review of this year’s legislative
session. They will cover legislation that should and should not have
passed. They will also look at how particular legislators voted.
Perhaps more important is the political reality and harsh truth about
who and what is influencing Oklahoma’s legislators. The meeting will
rap up with some action ideas about what needs to be done to improve


By now everyone who lives in central Oklahoma except, for those who
live in the deepest and darkest recesses of a cave, have heard at
least some information about the South Oklahoma City pharmacist who
shot and killed a stupid young black kid who was in process of
attempting to rob the pharmacy. The other killing I want to discuss is
that of Dr. George Tiller, the infamous Wichita Kansas late term
abortion butcher, known to many pro-life people as Tiller the baby
killer. Tiller was shot and killed in the foyer of Reformation
Lutheran Church in Wichita where he was serving as an usher. I will
discuss the local killing first, but when I get to the Wichita
killing, don’t expect me to speak in terms of political correctness.

When I read the account of the local killing in the Oklahoman, on May
22nd, I thought, based on the account of the pharmacist, that the
situation was totally justified. Following is part of his account: “He
also recalls the angry voices of people who gathered outside the
pharmacy Tuesday night, shouting that he was a racist.” Reading that
account in the paper instantly sent a flush of anger across my mind,
please let me explain.

For the most part, the vast majority of white people in Oklahoma have
little tolerance toward other white people who dislike black people or
make crude jokes which intend to harm blacks or other minorities. I
believe most white people want to see people of all color do well,
succeed and prosper based on each individual’s own hard work and

However, I, along with a lot of other people are tired of people
suggesting race or hatred as motives in situations when there is
little or no evidence to support such an allegation. I am tired of
Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others like them who in my opinion are
nothing more than race hustling, pimps trying to always stir the pot
so they will be needed as the saviors of minorities from the evil
whitey, who they claim is always wanting to suppress minority

Therefore, I almost addressed this situation in last week’s e-mail,
wanting to go after the race baiters, whomever they might have been
and defending the pharmacist all at the same time. However, I decided
to wait until after law enforcement released a report either verifying
or contradicting the story of the pharmacist. Our friend Mark Shannon,
afternoon talk show host on KTOK 1000 AM didn’t wait. He aggressively
began a defense of the pharmacist who shot and killed the stupid

Then low and behold more information began to come forth and Oklahoma
County District Attorney David Prater filed first degree murder
charges against the pharmacist. Since that time all kinds of
irrational, emotional verbiage has broken forth and I believe it will
be a huge test for conservatives, who say we believe in the rule of
law. Conservatives who say we evaluate people and situations on the
merits and are only interested in the TRUTH. Conservatives who say we
believe in absolute truth and not in situational ethics, moral
relativism or that a good end justifies any means to get there.

At first I appreciated Mark Shannon being so aggressive in the
situation as he seemed to be sending a message to any of the race
hustlers that people would not be silent nor intimidated. But the more
I listened to Shannon, the more disgusted I became. I think people who
allow themselves to be “whipped up” into a frenzy generally make very
poor decisions and policies. I think Shannon went way too far and it
really came to a head this past Friday when he said something like, he
didn’t care about a technicality of the law, what he cared about was
that this pharmacist did nothing to ask for this trouble and now his
life is being ruined because some stupid kids (and now we suspect 2
adults) started the whole problem.

Here are the determining factors based on what is known at this time.
When the alleged robbers barged in, the pharmacist had every reason to
believe his life as well as others were in danger and he had every
right to use LETHAL force to eliminate the threat. Now the DA claims,
that the robber shot in the head was still alive but unconscious,
unarmed and no longer a threat to the pharmacist. However, store
videos show the pharmacist, after leaving the store, came back in,
retrieved another gun and walked over to the robber and shot and
killed him.

According to the account of the pharmacist, he went over and shot the
robber again because he saw him trying to get up. All the video shows
is the pharmacist shooting the robber again, it doesn’t show whether
or not he was trying to get up. It is my understanding that forensics
show the robber was unconscious and no longer a threat. I believe the
LAW is clear, if you are threatened, you have the right to use lethal
force to defend yourself. However, if the threat is gone you no longer
have the right to use lethal force. There is going to be a trial and a
jury will have to decide the TRUTH of the matter according to the

I believe the trial will boil down to the word of the pharmacist
verses the forensic evidence. There was certainly one bad decision
made on that day when some people decided to try and rob the pharmacy.
The real question is, was there another bad decision made on that day?
Did the pharmacist decide to cross the line of self defense and then
become a judge, jury and executioner? Shannon talks about the
pharmacist’s life being messed up because of the robbers, yet the
truth is, had he not shot the robber again (weather the robber lived
or died) the pharmacist would be an huge hero and facing no legal
problems today. I believe the law is well thought out and carefully in
place. We all are subject to having a difficult hand being dealt to us
from time to time. Life is about how we respond to the hand that is
dealt to us. Did the pharmacist make the second bad decision on that
day which is now the real reason his life is in a mess?

Based on two things I see, DA Prater was certainly justified in filing
the charges. In the account given to the Oklahoman by the pharmacist,
the sequence of events is very different than what is shown on the
video cameras. More importantly, the pharmacist claimed he was being
shot at by the would be robbers, yet the police have said no shots
were fired in the store other than what came from the pharmacist. I
question the trustworthiness of the pharmacist’s word.

In this past Tuesday’s Oklahoman there was a picture of a fellow from
Yukon who attended the hearing the day before. He said he went to
support the pharmacist because he “FELT” he was being railroaded. The
pharmacist deserves a fair trial before a FAIR and IMPARTIAL jury. I
don’t care how people FEEL, I care about the facts and what is just.
With all the emotions and feelings that are flying around, my fear
that the thing most likely to be railroaded will be JUSTICE.

On Saturday I received a call from a lawmaker wanting to know if I
would help get a crowd together for a rally at the pharmacy on behalf
of the pharmacist. I said no. I am very concerned that there may be
some lawmakers who try to take advantage of the emotions in this
situation and grandstand for their political careers rather than let
justice take its course. We don’t need anymore emotions in this case,
and God help us if people like Mark Shannon, who has said he doesn’t
care about the law, wind up on the jury. When we no longer care about
the law and set ourselves up as a judge operating on a situational
ethics value system, we become no different the President Obama and
the kind of people he seems destined to place on the Supreme Court.


Now, for George Tiller the baby killer, the news of his being killed
produces no emotions in me at all. I have no joy nor do I have any
sadness about his death. I do feel sorry for his wife, children and
grandchildren as I am sure they may have loved each other a great

Over many years now, Tiller has killed untold thousands of unborn
babies. He has specialized in late term abortions which are some of
the most brutal and gruesome to be performed. I have been told by Mark
Gietzen, Director of Kansan Coalition for Life, that most of his
clients were from out of state because there are only 2 other abortion
clinics in the U.S. specializing in late term abortions. By the way,
Mr. Gietzen as well as all pro-life organizations either have or will
condemn such a killing.

I have also been told that the type of abortions performed by Tiller
were very expensive and he took large sums of his profits to invest
into political races to protect his business. One of the main ones to
receive large financial contributions from Tiller was former Governor
Kathleen Sebelius who just recently resigned to become President
Obama’s Secretary of the U.S. Health and Human Services. Sebelius is a
Catholic who happens to be an ardent supporter of abortion on demand.

With all that said, Tiller will never kill another baby. However, in
the court of public opinion, I believe eliminating him by killing him
will be detrimental to the movement to win the hearts and minds of
Americans on this issue. I believe we are slowly winning this battle
to oppose abortions, but this could be a temporary setback. Already
pro-abortion advocates are trying to blame the voices of talk radio
and suggest it is the pro-life community that has stirred HATE in the
hearts and minds of some people to go out and kill those in the
abortion industry.

Certainly when a person takes the steps to kill an abortion provider,
I would think that person believed the justice system or law is
broken. That person has lost faith in government to perform its
function as described in the Declaration of Independence which is to
protect man’s unalienable (God given) “right to life” (innocent life
such as that of the unborn).

Over the years I have listened to the rhetoric of many in the pro-life
movement, especially those from Operation Rescue and I believe there
was another group called “lambs to the slaughter.” The later were
usually young single people who were willing to take more extreme
measures to hinder abortionists and they were quite willing to be
arrested and spend time in jail. Also besides people in organizations,
just simply people who described themselves as pro-life.

I am not advocating what I am about write, but simply trying to
explain what might be in the head of a pro-life person who would
resort to killing an abortionist, how a person that respects life
might justify killing another person.

There are two very powerful motivating forces. One is hate and another
is love. It is not uncommon to see news stories about people hating
other people enough that they are motivated to kill them. On the other
hand, according to John 3:16, it was love that motivated God to send
his only begotten Son to the earth to die a violent death on a cross
(to be the final blood sacrifice for the sins of man) so that mankind
would have an opportunity to be restored to a righteous (right
standing) relationship with Father God.

With that in mind, was it HATE toward the abortionist which motivated
this guy to kill Tiller or was it LOVE for the ever increasing number
of the unborn which motivated this fellow to stop the killings by
killing the killer?

The law is clear that whoever killed Tiller murdered him and will most
likely be tried, convicted and executed, or spend the rest of his life
in prison. At the same time others may wrestle with a moral quandary.
Purely from a moral standpoint, not legal, over the years we have sent
millions of Americans off to war to kill an enemy. In doing so, we
have had hundreds of thousands of Americans give up their lives in
those wars.

So the question must be asked, if it was a just war, why have we sent
our men and women off to kill and die? Is it not to protect their
wives and children from an evil threat to those lives as well as the
ability to live in liberty and to be able to be blessed with a family?
Do we not honor and respect both those living and dead soldiers who
killed others to protect our liberties, wives and children?

If today we had a hostage situation where the criminal had already
killed a person and was threatening to kill children and others,
wouldn’t we applaud and honor a bystander who successfully killed the
hostage taker? If so then why is it that our society condemns a person
who might be willing to give up their own life to save unborn babies,
the most innocent of all?

Have we fallen into the condition where government is protecting a
killer and condemning a rescuer? In Isaiah 5:20 God’s Word pronounces:
“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute
darkness for light and light for darkness;” (NAS).

The scriptures teach us that we are to obey the laws of man unless
they cause us to violate the commands of God. I believe Operation
Rescue took their name from Psalms 82:4 which says: “Rescue the weak
and needy; Deliver them out of the hand of the wicked.” Some might
interpret that scripture to demand they do whatever is necessary to
save the lives of the unborn, no matter what the cost.

I have tried to relate some of the reasoning or justifications I have
heard over the years that could suggest, if a person really believed
an unborn baby is an innocent human being, to be protected from
someone planning on killing that innocent little one, it might be
insight to understand how someone might justify in their own mind the
morality of killing a killer. I am frankly surprised we don’t see a
lot more of these kinds of killings.

Again I want to be crystal clear. I am not at all advocating such
actions, I have simply wanted to relate what might be in the minds of
a person who would take one person’s life and have no remorse for
doing so. I believe that was the case with James Rudolph, convicted
several years ago for killing an abortionist somewhere back

One thought of my own, while I know many Lutherans who are strongly
pro-life and serious Christians, I would not want to be the pastor of
the Lutheran Church where Tiller was allowed to be an usher and a
respected member of the church. To preach a gospel so vacant of truth
and conviction that Tiller could believe he was in a righteous
relationship with the God of love as well as justice, must be the
scriptural definition of an ear tickling false prophet. Unless he
repents and becomes a real man of God rather than the false, then God
will deal with him as well as Tiller on judgment day. From what I know
about the scriptures, I wouldn’t want to be either one of them!

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows
This post is a week late. Sorry.



This week’s meeting will be about the agenda of the sustainabilitymovement, “new urbanism,” light rail and the LEED program. Few peoplerealize that the whole “sustainability” movement is a direct result ofthe United Nation’s Agenda 21 conference. Our first speaker will beAmanda Teegarden, Executive Director and research analyst with OK-SAFE. Amanda will take about 10 minutes to give an overview of the bigpicture for sustainability. Our second speaker will be Randy Bright,an architect from Tulsa who sees the push for sustainability down toits minutia. Randy is also a columnist for the Tulsa Beacon Newspaperand does some of the most reasoned and informative articles on theshort comings and economic futility of light rail that I have readanywhere. I have been wanting to have this meeting for a long time.Don’t miss this meeting if at all possible.


This coming Saturday, May 30th the Owasso TaxpayerAlliance will host a tea party to highlight Tax Freedom Day. That isthe day each year that the average American finishes working to paytheir taxes and then they can start on earning money to pay rent ormortgages, transportation, food, clothing and so on. The date changeseach year depending on new taxes and average income. This year’s dateis May 29, so after Friday you can work for yourself rather than thevarious jurisdictions of government. Speakers will include SenatorRandy Brogdon, Representative David Derby, Tulsa County Assessor KenYazel, Pastor Jason Murphy, J.B. Alexander and others. The event willbegin at 11:00 a.m. and the location is the Friendship Park, at 8400Mingo Valley Expressway, just North of the YMCA. Bring your friends,family, lawn chairs, flags, signs and tea bags. The group will becollecting tea bags to deliver to the Owasso City Hall in protest ofthe city’s proposed debt increase of 61% since November of 2008, just7 short months ago. For more information call James Parsons at (918)284-7032 or james@owassotaxpayer.com.


Circulating a petition to increase taxes like the teachers union hasrecently completed seems to glide through the process without so muchas a whimper of trouble. However, let some group or organizationcirculate a petition to reduce the size of government, slow its growthor protect property rights for citizens and the process has so manyhurdles to overcome that it has almost become impossible to get it toa vote of the people.Therefore, two reform measures were authored by Senator Randy Brogdon(R-Owasso) to improve the opportunities for citizens to use thisvaluable process for the good of Oklahoma. SB 800 changes the processto require all protests regarding the ballot title or gist statementto be determined before the signatures are collected. Another reformmeasure is HB 2246 which extends the number of days allowed to collectsignatures from 90 days to one year. This is important since Oklahomarequires the highest number of signatures of any state and at the sametime has the shortest time period to collect those signatures.Both of these measures passed the Senate and House with huge bi-partisan support, veto proof support. However, because it is the endof the session, if the Governor vetoes these measures or fails to signthem (that automatically vetoes them) then there will be noopportunity for the legislature to override his veto. Therefore, it isVERY IMPORTANT for folks to call Governor Henry’s office and leave amessage that you want him to sign SB 800 and HB 2246. Please do so assoon as possible. His office number is: (405) 521-2342. Again, this isvery important, please act on it right away.


In last week’s e-mail I nominated Senator Nichols for the legislatorwhore of the year award for his authoring legislation to collect DNAsamples from people convicted of violent misdemeanors. However, afterreading the list of offences, several clearly had no connection toviolence. By 10:00 a.m. I had received a second call from SenatorNichols, not complaining about the dubious nomination, but my wordingwhich implied he was against the second amendment. He assured me hehas always voted to expand the rights of gun owners and always votedagainst more restrictive gun regulations.I re-read the paragraph in question and believe it was poorly written.The following more clearly reflects what I was trying to say. SenatorNichol’s legislation adds another level of intrusion upon a personsprivacy and future threat to their liberty if that person is convictedof illegally transporting a fire arm, illegally in possession of afirearm or illegally discharging a firearm.With the possible exception of the last one, none of these 3situations have anything to do with violence. Also, with the possibleexception of the last one, all of them are un-constitutional. Ibelieve lawmakers should be finding ways to restore our secondamendment rights, not adding more penalties for unconstitutional lawswhich shouldn’t even exist.My apologies to Senator Nichols for implying he was anti-secondamendment. During our conversation he did inform me it was lawenforcement and the district attorneys group that came up with theparticular misdemeanors to be included into the legislation. Of coursethat is the reason for the “whore of the year” nomination, which isintended for a lawmaker carrying legislation to expand governmentbecause a powerful group within government wants either more money ormore control.He agreed that my concerns about law enforcement coming back yearafter year for more tools and it being a slippery slope was a validpoint. He also informed me he ran this bill to head off legislationthat some lawmakers wanted in which everyone simply arrested for amisdemeanor of any type (arrested only, but not convicted) would haveto give up their DNA.Of course my thought process would say his bill is already theslippery slope. The best way to head off the type of legislation he isconcerned about is to DEFEAT IT, not come up with a middle of the roadcompromise. His house author to this legislation is Lee Denney (R-Cushing) and OCPAC’s 2006 House RINO winner. Based on statements byRepresentative Denney, she isn’t carrying legislation for lawenforcement, she has stated she wants to find as many ways as possibleto expand DNA collections. Big Brother is who Representative happensto be.One final thought on this issue. Just remember, there is always acertain amount of tension between government and its enforcement armon one hand and responsible people on the other hand who simply want areasonable amount of privacy and as much liberty as possible. Whenreading our Declaration of Independence, it is clear that we formedour government to PROTECT our God given, let me say it again, Godgiven rights to life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness (throughone‘s ability to own and control their own private property).Yet, when we get to the Constitution we see that people can lose anyor all three of their God given rights if we act irresponsibly andviolate certain societal standards. Of course we can only lose thoserights through due process by a “fair and impartial” jury (you won’tfind the politically correct “jury of our peers” in the Constitution).Breaking un-constitutional laws doesn’t fit the bill to lose God givenrights or our rights that are enumerated in the Second Amendment.


My two favorite newspapers in Oklahoma are the Oklahoma Constitutionand the Tulsa Beacon. The Constitution is quarterly and thus isn’t somuch about “daily” news, but geared more toward conservativecommentary and perspectives. The Tulsa Beacon is a weekly and reportsnews less timely than a daily, but has the ability to delve moredeeply into news events than a daily that has to meet tighterdeadlines. The Beacon has a stellar line-up of syndicated columnistsas well as great editorials by staff and columns by locals.As an example of greater depth on reporting, a few weeks back therewas the controversy over the legislature rejecting a song of theFlaming Lips from being the official state rock song. Daily newspapersreported the controversy stemmed from a band member wearing thecommunist symbol on a T-shirt at the State Capitol the day the Senategave their approval for the song. Another objection came fromlawmakers who remembered how embarrassed city officials were duringthe ceremony which named a city alley after the Lips. During anacceptance speech, the band’s leader used crude and vulgar languagewhich probably shocked many in the audience.What I had not seen in any of the daily papers was any insight intowhat appears to be some of the band members view of Jesus. The Beaconhad a front page story which exposed some of the groups lyrics such asin their song “Jesus shootin’ Heroin”, their view on death to babiesin a music video titled “Christmas on Mars where a guy was eating asausage which turned into a dead baby. Another song titled “CharlieManson Blues” glorifies murder and then their song “Drug Machine InHeaven” glamorizes suicide. Reading the lyrics of these songs minus afew words that had to be deleted gave me the opinion that these bandmembers and the people who listen to these songs, assuming theyunderstand the words, are all a bunch of sick puppies.After exposing the verbiage in some of their songs, the Beacon printeda quote from Governor Henry who issued an executive order proclaimingone of their songs as our official state rock song. Governor Henrysaid: “Not only are the Flaming Lips among the most original bands inrock music, they are great ambassadors for Oklahoma. They are fiercelyloyal and proud Oklahomans, and their fellow Oklahomans are evidentlyjust as loyal and proud about this Oklahoma born-and-bread group.”Excuse me Governor Henry, have you been spending too much vacationtime on planet MONGO or are you smoking some hallucinogenic tobaccolate into the night which makes you sleep too late and exhibit badjudgment. I am not loyal to this group nor do I have any pride forthem and I think they are shameful ambassadors for Oklahoma. I thinkmost Oklahoman’s with decent values would only have contempt andsadness that anyone would value them, at least for the work mentionedin the Beacon’s article.Governor Henry, you claim to be a Christian and you attend a Baptistchurch in Shawnee. Do you think your fellow church members would agreewith your heaping such honor on this group, given their apparentdisrespect for Jesus and things that are decent? How would you respondif your Pastor preached about God’s perspective on honoring what issick, perverted and evil?The Tulsa Beacon did a great job covering this story as they do somany other stories and issues. The values and perspectives on theeditorial page of the paper are very conservative. There is also awholesome and decent Christian influence to the paper. I havesubscribed for the past 3 or 4 years and wouldn’t be without thepaper. I urge others to do the same. As of June 1st the annualsubscription rate for residents of Tulsa county will be $35 and allothers will be $40. To subscribe, send a check to: Tulsa Beacon, P.O.Box 35099, Tulsa, Ok 74153 or call (918) 523-4425. If you do so beforeJune 1st you will save $5 for a one year subscription. To subscribe tothe Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper it is $12 per year. Please sendyour check to: The Oklahoma Constitution, P.O. Box 53482, OklahomaCity, Ok 73152.


This past week State Senator Jim Reynolds (R-Del City) releasedinformation that his legislation SJR 5 was being held up in aconference committee by House Speaker Chris Benge (R-Tulsa). Eventhough different versions of the bill passed in both the House andSenate, if the final version were allowed out of the conferencecommittee and then passed by both chambers of the legislature, thenthe measure would be on the ballot for the 2010 elections. The measurewould reduce to annual cap or maximum amount by which our propertytaxes could be raised from the current 5% to only a 3% increase.This is what happens when a Speaker of the House is a liberal ormoderate Republican. They often kill good bills or pressure theircaucus members to support bad legislation. Speaker Benge is a reallynice fellow; however, we need people in places of authority who havethe right ideology, good character, integrity, consistency and again Isay the right ideology. Relationships or friendships are important,however they should count on the list somewhere after the previouslymentioned attributes.If this makes you mad, don’t just get mad at Speaker Benge. Justremember, it was the Republican House members that voted to haveSpeaker Benge as their leader. They could have elected a trueconservative such as John Wright as the speaker. If that hadoccurred , we would probably be able to vote on such a measure nextyear.


I mentioned last week we were just 1 membership away from utilizingour full $1,000 matching membership challenge. Several stepped up andjoined this past week, easily passing our target of $1,000. We alsocontinue to have people sign up to have their checking accountsdrafted at either $15 or $30 per month. We are now approaching $500per month in drafts, which is a huge amount as it almost raises$12,000 in a 2 year election cycle.I appreciate every basic membership at $50 per year, but those joiningat the Elephant Provider level ($180 annual or $15 per month) or theElephant Provider and RINO Hunter level ($360 annual or $30 per month)really supercharge our fund raising efforts. As people have grown totrust our efforts, we are able to raise ever more funds without havingto pay people to raise money nor do I have to spend much time doingso. For that I am so thankful, as I am always covered up with thingsto do.

To join, please follow the instructions following my sign off.I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows Charliemeadows7@gmail.com

To join OCPAC fill out the following and sendyour check to:OCPACP.O. Box 2021Edmond, OK 73083