Monday, April 27, 2009




Our speaker for this week’s meeting will be newly elected State
Senator Steve Russell (R-OKC & Mustang). Several weeks ago we had the
trial lawyer Mr. Ed Able speaking as to why we don’t need tort reform.
Senator Russell attended that meeting and I found out after the
meeting this was a major issue for his agenda. I then asked him to
give the other side of the issue sometime in the future and that will
be this Wednesday. However, he voted against the tort measure this
past week so we will find out his objections to the measure and what
needs to be done in regard to tort reform. I believe he surprised a
lot of people last week and he may surprise us this Wednesday with a
well thought out perspective on the subject.


OKC AREA On Tuesday evening MAY 12th from 6:30 - 9:00 p.m. John
McManus, President of the John Birch Society and publisher of the New
American Magazine, will be the speaker at a dinner banquet in OKC. The
title of his talk will be AMERICA’S ECONOMIC MELTDOWN. During his
presentation he will clearly explain money, inflation, free market
economics and sound currency. The location is the Character First
Training Center, 520 West Main in downtown OKC. The cost to attend is
$20, however if you purchase your ticket by this Friday May 1st, it is
only $15. Make your check payable to Oklahoma Projects and mail to:
Oklahoma Projects, 415 West 15th street suite 2, Edmond, OK 73013. I
will also have tickets available at our OCPAC meeting this Wednesday.
For more information call (405) 348-9991.

Dave Ramsey recently held a nation wide simulcast about the economy.
During his talk it was reported he said, government bailouts and
stimulus packages are not the answer nor should Americans place their
hope in those efforts. He quipped that the Bush administration tried
to bail out “stupidity” and now the Obama administration is trying to
stimulate “stupidity.” On Tuesday evening May 12th Mr. McManus will
expose the root causes of our problems as well as lay out a course of
action needed to lead us out of this “stupidity” so we can re-
establish this nation’s economy on a sound footing. I urge folks to
attend this banquet if at all possible.

OKC AREA This Tuesday evening, April 28th the Oklahoma County
Republican Party will have a fundraiser in which they will feature
House Speaker Chris Benge (R-Tulsa). The time is from 5:45 to 7:30
p.m. and the location will be the Sportsman’s Country Club, 4100
Northwest 39th street. Hors d’oeuvres will be served and the cost to
attend will be $25 per person. For reservations or more details call
(405) 946-1494 or e-mail:

I was told there will be an opportunity to ask questions of Speaker
Benge. I would love to attend but have a hospital board meeting that
evening, so maybe someone else could ask the following question for
me: Mr. Speaker, the citizens of Tulsa voted against taxing themselves
to build low water dams on the Arkansas River. Why do you now support
legislation to borrow $25 million for such a purpose and then have the
taxpayers from Oklahoma County and other parts of the state pay that
money back with interest when the citizens of Tulsa weren‘t willing to
pay for it in the first place?


In the e-mail I couldn’t figure out how to send out last week, I had
as 2 action items to call Governor Henry’s office and urge him to sign
the legislation banning EMBYRONIC stem cell research as well as sign
the legislation making a statement in support of the 10th Amendment to
the U.S. Constitution, often referred to as the “States Rights”

He ended up vetoing both of those bills. I believe both the House and
Senate will try to override the Governor’s veto on HJR 1003, the 10
Amendment issue, sometime this week. I expect there will be enough
votes in the House for the override, but maybe not in the Senate.
Please call your State Senator and ask that he or she vote to override
the Governor’s veto. The Senate switchboard is 1 800 865-6490 or (405)

On the issue of the embryonic stem cell research it is important to
understand what a bogus position I believe the Governor has taken as
well as the chambers of commerce. In recent years the state has pumped
tens of millions of taxpayer dollars into bio-medical research in an
effort to broaden our economy beyond that of the agriculture and oil
and gas industries. They are afraid a ban on this type of research
might tarnish an image they are trying to portray to the rest of the
nation. However, the image of this “emperor” has no clothes.

The Oklahoman also recently editorialized in favor of the Governor
vetoing the measure. The gist of the measure was that if HB 1326 were
signed into law it would send a message to the rest of the nation that
Oklahoma is backward and anti-science. The Oklahoman went on to
suggest that the legislature should stay out of these moral issues and
stick to (business).

Please consider this issue from two perspectives. First the moral
aspect. Every time we experiment with embryonic stem cells, an unborn
child has had to die. Pro life ethicists indicate a desire already by
some scientists for fresh embryonic stem cells rather than those that
have been frozen. If that were to be allowed it would lead to an
industry which would first, fertilize, then kill and then experiment.

Is it the duty of the legislature to determine the standards of
morality? I believe it is and suggest the explanation of that position
from a recent letter to the President of Notre Dame University by
Tulsa’s Tony Lauinger, who also happens to be the Vice President of
the National Right to Life organization. The letter is in opposition
to President Obama receiving an honorary degree from Notre Dame as
well as being invited to be the graduation speaker this year. The
excerpt from Tony’s letter is as follows:

“While claiming to separate politics from science, he (Obama and now
Governor Henry) has in fact separated science from ethics and has
brought the American government, for the first time in history, into
supporting direct destruction of innocent human life.”

“The President’s vacuous, self-serving claim about ‘science’ is absurd
on its face. Does the name Josef Mengele ring a bell? Tuskegee? Steve
Chapman of the Chicago Tribune observes,” ‘science can tell us how to
build a nuclear weapon. But science can’t tell us whether we should
use it.” In the same way, there will always be some scientists in the
bio-medical research area who would stop at no limits if allowed to
experiment on humans.

The legislature regularly passes laws which define when we should do
something or not, what is acceptable and what is not. They set
penalties and rewards and in fact most of what they do is determine
the standards of Morality. The question is NOT whether or not the
legislature determines morality, the question is who’s morality will
they set? Will it be the morality of a Christian world view or that of
a humanist, pragmatic, socialist, communist, fascist, new age thinker
or some other world view? We can certainly debate as to whether or not
the legislature does a good or poor job in setting standards, but the
debate about determining the standards of morality should be a settled

The second reason to support legislation to prohibit embryonic stem
cell research is practical. While adult stem cell research, which
doesn’t require the destruction of life, has produced over 70
beneficial discoveries, embryonic has not produced any, though the
research has been going on for years. In fact, efforts so far have
been disastrous. Embryonic stem cell research has tied up many
scientists who could be using their skills toward more promising
discovery. It has consumed vast sums of taxpayer dollars (the private
sector no longer puts much into this research) which basically
provides jobs for researchers with little hope for positive discovery.
Just remember some researchers simply follow the money.

Two or three years ago the citizens of California voted to float 5
billion dollars in bonds for embryonic stem cell research. In light of
their current budget problems and heavy state indebtedness, I wonder
if today they wish they would have reversed that vote so they could
have avoided wasting all that money? If Biblical morality would have
been pre-eminent in their decision making, they would have never gone
down that road in the first place.

While the veto override passed in the House, it failed in the Senate.
Again, please call your State Senators at the above mentioned numbers
and ask them to support such a veto override when it comes up again.

Governor Henry has every right to veto these measures, though I
believe he is wrong in so doing. However, on a separate subject he has
indicated he will issue an executive order on Tuesday to declare a
song by The Flaming Lips as Oklahoma’s “official” rock song, even
though the legislature rejected such a measure. Do you realize, this
is the first time I ever remember an Oklahoma governor taking such

According to the Oklahoman, band leader Wayne Coyne said “State House
members who rejected his band’s tune as official state rock song
represented a minority of ‘small-minded religious wacko’s’ unmindful
of the rights of the rational, reasonable Oklahomans.”

Hey, Mr. Coyne, do you realize, I along with perhaps a majority of
Oklahomans have a very different opinion than you about those brave
and principled legislators who may not be impressed with your group
and the crude language you throw around in public? That reportedly
happened during the dedication ceremony when OKC, in my opinion,
foolishly named an alley in Bricktown after your group? Do you realize
it was an ALLEY named after you and not a street? Do you realize some
folks may see you as having the morals of an ally cat by using that
kind of language in public?

Do you realize you and your group’s music may be a real turn-off to
the majority of Oklahomans, though we have no way of knowing as the
question has never presented itself on an official state ballot for a
vote of the people? Do you realize your on-line poll among rock and
roll groupies is not official, yet you want your song to receive an
official state designation? Do you realize that unless it appears on a
ballot at our precinct voting locations, the way we govern in Oklahoma
is through our elected representatives?

Do you not realize that Communists murdered over 100 million innocent
people during the 20th century and when your band member wore a shirt
with that symbol on it to the State Capitol it reflected on your band?
Do you realize symbols have meaning? Do you realize you might not
receive a warm loving reception if you entered a night club in
Northeast OKC or a church with black members and wore a shirt with KKK
and a picture of some men in white sheets with pointed hats on? Do you
realize you might not receive a warm reception if you entered a Jewish
Synagogue with a shirt that displayed a Nazi swastika and pictures of
piles of dead Jewish people who had been murdered by Hitler?

Do you realize that the rejection of your band’s song because of your
public use of the f word and your buddy wearing a shirt with the
Communist symbol on it may seem silly to you, but to decent,
principled and patriotic Oklahomans, whether they be Christian or
otherwise, it was the right thing to do.

Do you realize, the majority of Oklahoman’s might not have ever heard
the song in question or recognize it if they were to hear it today? Do
you realize, I am ashamed of Governor Henry and if I were in the
legislature, I would probably suggest a significant reduction in his
budget for next year as an important lesson regarding the usurping of
the legislative process.

I have an interesting idea. During the Republican state convention a
week ago, I met 2 CONSERVATIVE couples from New Hampshire who drove
down to attend our state convention and check out Oklahoma. Our
conservatism interests them and they are considering a move to
Oklahoma to be with more like minded people. I also met another couple
who moved to Tulsa a couple of years ago, primarily for the home-
schooling freedom.

How about a trade? Do you realize I wouldn’t lose a moment of sleep if
the Flaming Lips decided to move to New Hampshire, or New York or LA
and took all their name, fame, reputation and money with them. On the
other hand I am thrilled every time I meet people with high moral
standards who have decided to move to Oklahoma because of our
conservative or Christian values.


With just a few days left in the first one third of the year, we are
just 4 memberships short of tying our record of 153 for a non election
year. Again, I am so appreciative of folks willing to step forward and
make this a successful organization with your financial support.
During the past 5 election cycles (8 years) we have raised over
$100,000, contributed to 72 different candidates, with 35 of those
being elected to office. On average they are the most conservative in
the legislature. That also does not take into consideration our new
conservative incumbent protection fund which we implemented last year.
There were 8 incumbents who benefited from that fund. None of this
would have been possible without our members. Instructions for joining
follow my sing off. Thanks again for your support.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Thursday, April 16, 2009




The first item is why I will be supporting Cheryl Williams for
Republican State Chairman this Saturday and not Gary Jones. I know
there will be a lot of people who receive this e-mail that will
support Jones, and that is fine. In fact, should Gary win I believe it
is very important, in light of the liberal problems facing our state
and nation, that we all support the winner and work to make the
Republican party a more conservative and constitutional organization.

Before I express my problems with Jones, let me say I believe he has
done some things well as chairman. Since his election two years ago he
has done an adequate job of raising money for the party and I also
believe he has been wise in the strategic use of that money. He has
not been wasteful, but frugal with party revenues. Most of the time he
does a good job in communicating with the press or speaking on behalf
of the party in radio debates with Democrats. While Cheryl Williams
would have to prove herself as a fund raiser just like Gary had to do,
I believe she would be excellent at the other points I just mentioned.

With all that said I have some problems with Gary. Over the years when
various factions within the party vie for position or get into
squabbles with one another, I believe Gary has gotten involved, not as
a referee, but as one trying to affect the outcome of the conflict. I
believe this happened a few years back in the race for the
chairmanship of the Young Republicans (YRs). I would say the same
happened during the state convention last year when he tried to censor
a campaign piece for an alternative slate of candidates for delegates
to the national convention. Last week at OCPAC, when asked why he
tried to censor the information from the Liberty Values Coalition, he
admitted he was wrong in doing so. Politics is about numbers, power
and how power is used. I believe Cheryl will be inclusive of all
factions and let the numbers work as they should.

Cheryl Williams is in favor of the change to the caucus plan which
will be voted on this Saturday, Gary is not (more on the caucus item
in the next agenda item). Two years ago in the lead up to his
election, Gary was coming to almost every OCPAC meeting where he
sometimes talked positive about several versions of a caucus system,
but in the past two years has provided no leadership in an effort to
make the change.

I believe Cheryl is more conservative than Gary. Perhaps my biggest
problem with Gary is the pride he takes in recruiting many of the
candidates, especially from rural areas who are now in the
legislature. The problem is, they tend to be some of the most liberal
Republican lawmakers in the legislature. Some have asked, can a
conservative Republican candidate get elected in rural districts with
heavy Democrat majorities? My answer is just look at Representative
Dennis Johnson (R-Duncan, lifetime conservative score 78) and Senator
Anthony Sykes (R-Moore down to Duncan, lifetime score 90).

Last week Gary mentioned candidates he had recruited who are now
lawmakers. I checked their records and they have the following
lifetime scores, 53, 58, and a 59. Another one he recruited 4 years
ago for a special senate seat appeared to be so liberal during our
interview process, that none of us could figure why he was a
registered Republican. He barley lost, but had he won he might have
made Harry Coates (R-Seminole) to look like a conservative. If
candidates don’t come forth on their own in legislative races, I
believe Cheryl will only try to recruit conservative candidates.


While there are several reasons why I favor the caucus system over the
presidential primary, the overriding issue for me is to lessen the
influence of the casual, uninformed, minimally involved and easily
seduced Republican voter. While those types of voters would not be
excluded from participating in the caucus system either in person or
by absentee ballots, they would be less likely to put out the effort
to participate.

On the other hand, Republican voters who have studied history, the
principles undergirding our form of government, developed a
conservative ideology as well as tend to pay far more attention to
issues and the performance of elected officials, those will be the
more likely people to participate in a caucus system. I believe the
caucus system will in future elections facilitate Oklahoma Republicans
to chose the more conservative candidates for our presidential
nominees. It is simply a change in election method which gives
conservative activists more influence and reduces the influence of
people like my college student friend (true story) who registered as a
Republican simply because she thought elephants were more cute than

Fourth district Chairman Steve Fair from Duncan, a friend and
supporter of Gary Jones recently wrote an opinion column titled, WE’RE
DOING FINE, OKLAHOMA! CAUCUS NO!. In his article he took the various
pro caucus points found on the web-site and gave a
counter point to them. He pointed to the growth in Republican numbers
in the state legislature since we abandoned the caucus system (1984
was the last election cycle before we switched to the presidential
primary system).

Truth is, we actually lost Senate numbers in 1990 following the 1988
presidential primary. There is no doubt Republican numbers have grown
in the legislature in recent years, but I believe it is a stretch to
tie that to a change in how we chose our presidential candidates. In
recent years we have actually lost ground on state wide races such as
Governor, Lt. Governor and Labor Commissioner. Is that what Steve
means when he says we are doing fine Oklahoma?

If we stay on track, lets review just how well Oklahoma has done in
our selections for presidents nominees. Under the caucus system, in
1976 we choose Ronald Reagan, though he lost at the national
convention to the liberal Gerald Ford. In 1980 and 1984 we choose
Ronald Reagan who won the presidential race both times. The we
switched to the presidential primary and in 1988 we choose the liberal
George H. Bush who became president and in 4 years unraveled most of
the conservatism accomplished under Reagan. In 1992 we choose Bush
again and he lost to Clinton. In 96 we choose the liberal Bob Dole who
lost to Clinton. In 2000 and 2004 we chose the liberal George W. Bush
who, along with a bunch of liberal Republicans in Congress, delivered
unto America great socialist leaders like Harry Ried, Nancy Pelosi and
chief among them President Obama. By the way, under the primary
system, we also choose the liberal John McCain.

I really like Steve Fair, but if that is his definition of “we’re dong
fine, Oklahoma!” then I would hate to see the definition of what
“Oklahoma bad” would be. If Oklahoma would have had a caucus system
last year we would very likely have chosen Mike Huckabee as our
nominee who was certainly more conservative than McCain. Coming in
second would have likely been Ron Paul, far more conservative than

Therefore, the delegates this Saturday will either chose for the
caucus system and move us toward conservatism or we will stay with the
primary system and the main stream liberal press and the big money
establishment will continue to influence who we chose for our
presidential nominees. They won’t be the conservatives.


SB 483 is in the House as a live round, waiting to be brought up at
any time. This legislation is known among concerned conservatives as
the “direct electronic access” bill. If passed it would make the
Department of Public Safety at gateway agency for the distribution of
personal biometric information of unsuspecting citizens and is linked
to the controversial fusion center being developed in Oklahoma. This
bill must be defeated as it moves us further toward a global
surveillance society.

After revelations this week on talk radio as well as on the front page
of Wednesday’s issue of the Oklahoman, any movement towards a
surveillance society should send chills up and down your spine. The
news regarded homeland security pressuring local law enforcement to be
wary of people who are opposed to abortion, support the second
amendment, support state’s rights, the constitution and any other
number of conservative positions. Contact your state representative
and urge them to oppose SB 483. The house switchboard is (405)

HJR 1042, the legislation to allow Oklahomans to vote in November of
2010 to declare English as the official language (not the only
language) of Oklahoma is stuck in the Senate. Sources tell me some
Republicans are angry over efforts by the proponents of this effort.
Therefore, they may be turning this into a personality issue rather
than voting to allow the citizens to vote on this issue. Speaking of
tactics, I believe the opposition to this legislation is pulling out
all stops to defeat it. A source notified me the RIED report has
decided to assign a minus 20 score to any senator (not house members)
who votes for the measure and a plus 20 for any senator who votes
against the measure.

As I have said many times in the past, I believe RIED is little more
than a schill for the state chamber of commerce and their scorecard is
arbitrary, capricious and not worth the time it takes to look at it.
Please call you personal Senator and ask them to vote for this measure
so WE THE PEOPLE can debate the issue and then vote on it in 2010. The
senate switch board is (405) 524-0126 or 1 800 865-6490.


This Sunday evening 6:00 p.m. April 19,th The First Baptist Church in
Moore, I believe it is I-35 and 15th street, will feature the World
Premiere made-for-television event - DARWIN’S LIFE & LEGACY. This is
presented by the Creation Truth Foundation and will put the theory of
evolution under the microscope to determine if it can stand up under
scrutiny? Everyone is welcome and there is no charge to attend.


As of April 15th we had 142 dues paying members, just 12 short of
exceeding our all time high of 153 in a non election year. While I
appreciate every member at every level, I am very appreciative at the
largest number of people ever having us draft their checking accounts
for higher level memberships or simply writing checks for those
memberships. If you have not joined as yet, please do so, at any
level. Your support really makes a difference. Instructions for
membership follow my sign off.

I look forward to seeing folks at the convention this Saturday.

Charlie Meadows

Monday, April 13, 2009


– AGENDA FOR THIS WEEK’S MEETINGThere is nothing like April 15th, tax return deadline for federal andstate income taxes, to heighten our awareness as to just how muchthose two jurisdictions of government take from the productivecitizens (taxpayers) in society. So in keeping with that heightenedawareness, the main feature of our program will be a DVD titled: TAKEYOUR MONEY BACK. The DVD is produced by Aaron Zelman, founder anddirector of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms. It is just 10minutes long, so we won’t show it until 12:45 p.m.. That way anyonewanting to leave the rally a few minutes early and come see this DVDwill be able to do so. Italiano’s is exactly 2 miles North of theCapitol. Earlier in the program we will show a 27 minute video called:TRIMming BIG Government - Why we must dismantle the federal welfarestate in America - and HOW we can do it. While the TRIM program (an adhoc committee of the John Birch Society) is currently suspended, theprinciples and methods are still viable.


Monday evening April 13th, U.S. Representative Mary Fallinwill hold a town hall meeting in Edmond from 4 until 6:00 p.m. Thelocation will be the Downtown Community Center at 28 East Main St. Iurge conservatives to attend town hall meetings to ask questions aboutlimited government, the Constitution and reducing taxes. CongresswomanFallin is the only announced Republican candidate for the 2010governor’s race. I would suggest Republicans wait to determine thosein the race before committing to a particular candidate. However, forthose who have already decided to support her, I suggest contributingand working toward that effort.

Monday evening from 7 until 8:00 p.m. the NorthsideBible Church will begin showing The Truth Project. The location is100th and North McKinley in OKC. If you have not had an opportunity toview this excellent 13 hour DVD series, I urge people to make aneffort to attend.

Besides Representative Fallin having announced forgovernor, State Senator Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso) has formed anexploratory committee for governor. Again, I am neutral in this raceas well as OCPAC until all Republican candidates have an opportunityto appear before our members early next year to compete for ourendorsement. However, some of his supporters have informed me theyhave organized a fund raising “money bomb” day for Senator Brogdon forWednesday, April the 15th. Part of what candidates often do todetermine whether or not to run is based on the amount of financialsupport people are willing to contribute. To contribute on line, logon to Senator Brogdon has indicated hewill announce his intentions to run or not at the state conventionthis coming Saturday.

There are at least 20 tea parties to be held all overthe state. I am very supportive of the concept of citizens gatheringtogether to express outrage at the growth of government, the level ofdeficit spending, exploding national debt and the soon to follow taxincreases and possible run-away inflation. While these tea parties aregreat starting points, without intelligent organized efforts in thefuture, they may accomplish very little. Following is a list of thelocations, times or contact numbers for organizers. If you have anopportunity to attend one or more of these events, by all means pleasedo so.

TAXPAYER TEA PARTIES taking place in Oklahoma on April 15th:Ada 12 to 1:00 p.m. County Courthouse LawnBartlesville 12:00 noon, in front of City HallCarney contact Sheena Wilson (405) 865-2225Claremore 11 to 1:00 p.m. then 5 to 7:30 p.m.,
County CourthouseClinton 12 to 1:00 p.m.
Clinton City HallDuncan contact Jan Gaddis (580) 252-7000
Edmond contact Jenni Massengill (405) 715-0209
Elgin contact Cordon DeKock (281) 650-6235
Gage contact John Froage (580) 923-7987
Idabel contact Jamie Ensley (580) 286-7656

Jenks/S.Tulsa 12 noon, LaFortune Park, South end of 51st and YaleLawton 11 a.m., Shepler Park, S side of Gore, between 4th and 5th,just N of City HallMcAlester contact Lonnie Lu Anderson (918) 470-7895
Miami 12 noon, Fairgrounds South of townMuskogee 12 noon, Muskogee Civic Center (4th & Okmulgee, downtown)Mustang contact Jason Timm (405) 613-4547

Norman contact Melinda Harvey (405) 360-1716OKC
12 noon, South steps of CapitolOwasso contact Roger Brown (191) 860-9597
Piedmont contact Tom Treat (405) 373-4945
Ponca City contact Charlotte Smith (580) 765-8934
Sasakwa contact Catherine White (405) 941-3381
Stigler contact Judi Stubblefield (918) 967-8286

Tulsa 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. County Courthouse Plaza (5th & Denverand from 5 to 7:00 p.m. at Veterans Park, 1875 South BoulderYukon contact Dave Cline (405) 306-7782.

All of the above information is based on what I have received fromAmericans For Prosperity and is accurate as far as I know. You areencouraged to make a sign which best represents your thoughts. May Isuggest one: taxation WITHOUT representation was bad.

However,representation WITHOUT taxation is worse - it leads to fascism andsocialism!!!NATIONWIDE

I received information from Concerned Women of America(CWA) that on April 15,th Starbucks Coffee nation wide will encourageparticipation in the “Same Sex Kiss Day.” Christian parents might wantto discipline themselves to “suffer” on that day by skipping their“lattes” or other types of designer coffee. That way they will nothave to run the risk of having their children’s little minds pollutedby a public display of homosexual perversion. As the state director ofCWA recently told me, Starbucks is another corporate chain outlet sheis scratching off her list from which to do business.There are many important events happening, but I need to shut thisdown and get it out as there are several on Monday. I will put out asecond e-mail this week regarding many of the other issues.I hope everyone had a meaningful “resurrection day” yesterday. Justremember, no Easter bunny or chick hatched from an egg ever lived aperfect life, was nailed to a cross to pay for our sins, or wasresurrected to overcome the “sting of death”. Just remember, Jesus isthe meaning of this season also.

I look forward to seeing everyonethis Wednesday.
Charlie Meadows