Monday, August 25, 2008

Senate District 45 & 35, Dist 2 County Commission, Cleveland County Sheriff & Moore


We will continue this week interviewing Republican candidates for the Oklahoma State House of Representatives. Invited to appear this week will be Rusty Farley from Haworth Oklahoma, Lawrence Mann of Muldrow, Debbie Lienhart of Haskell and Joe Lott from Spencer. So far two of these candidates have confirmed they will appear. If you have an opportunity, please log on to the OCPAC Blog ( and participate in our weekly opinion poll.

The primary run-off elections will be held this Tuesday with the polls open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. There is no state wide ballot race or issue so the run-offs will be for specific areas and turn out will probably be VERY low. Therefore your vote is really important.The Senate District 45 race between Kyle Loveless and Steve Russell includes much of Southwest Oklahoma City on out West to Mustang. Following the primary race I raised some questions about Mr. Russells ability to govern independently when so much money (7, $5000 contributions) came into his campaign just weeks before the primary, from people and PACs of which I opined to be corporate welfare junkies. I also raised the question as to whether or not Mr. Russell had developed a conservative ideology to the degree that would allow him to discern the subtleties of the armies of lobbyists employed by some of his donors as they often want taxpayer monies to serve their personal causes. Steve responded to my e-mail quickly and I followed up with what I believe to have been a productive phone conversation. He assured me his moral character and discipline would cause him to make quality decisions. I will accept his statements in the same vein of Ronald Reagan, which was to “trust but verify”, should Mr. Russell win in the run-off. In the mean time he has received an endorsement from Kirk Humphreys, who I believe to be a tax and spend Republican who loves to be a big time central planner. Thank the Lord the citizens of Oklahoma had the wisdom to elect Tom Coburn 4 years ago rather than Kirk Humphreys. In addition he was endorsed by U.S. Representative Tom Cole, definitely the biggest pork spending Republican in the Oklahoma delegation. Congressman Cole is a man that I sometimes wonder if he cares more about protecting the special privileges of tribal governments rather than representing all of the citizens of Oklahoma and the United States in a fair and just manner. Cole is consistently the most liberal Republican in Washington from the Oklahoma delegation.Supporters of Mr. Russell have informed me of Kyle Loveless’s shortcomings, most of which I was already aware. However, OCPAC endorsed Kyle as a bonafide conservative with a well developed ideology. Should Kyle Loveless win I believe the more liberal wing of the Republican party will find it hard to sway Mr. Loveless toward their whims, especially since they have tried to defeat him. Though Mr. Russell is an impressive man and may make a good Senator if elected, if I lived in the district I would vote for Kyle Loveless. No Democrat filed for the office, so Tuesday decides the race.The Senate District 35 race in Tulsa to replace the term limited Jim Williamson will also be decided Tuesday as again no Democrat filed for the office. Gary Stanislawski appeared before OCPAC but was out performed by another candidate. The OCPAC endorsed candidate lost in the primary and the race is now between Mr. Stanislawski and Cason Carter. I believe and hope that Stanislawski has the conservative core values, that if he will educate himself toward a conservative ideology, he may become a very good Senator. I have communicated with several trusted conservatives in the Tulsa area, and though they aren’t in perfect unity, most assure me Gary is the better pick. It seems Mr. Carter has some powerful Democrats in his camp along with most of the “blue blood” Republicans from the downtown area of Tulsa. One of the things which bothers me most about Mr. Carter is his membership in the very liberal American Bar Association. Many, if not most conservative attorneys, refuse to join such a liberal organization, preferring instead to just be a member of the state bar association. If I lived in the district I would vote for Gary Stanislawski.

As I explained with examples a couple of weeks ago, based on his performance as the mayor of Bethany, the liberal J.D. Johnston should never hold office again. Sometime following that e-mail J.D. must have fallen off the deep end. He fired off 2 press releases claiming an “extremist” Republican sounding group had endorsed his opponent, yada, yada, yada. Bottom line, I would vote for Brian Maughn in a heartbeat over J.D. Johnston for the Oklahoma County position.The Canadian County primary race was just separated by a few votes between David Anderson and OCPAC Vice Chairman Richard Engle. From all I know about Mr. Anderson he is a nice fellow but for the most part has refused to take positions on many of the serious issues facing the district. On the other hand Richard has presented a plan in some detail to address every issue before the district. Richard is energetic, competent as well as a PROVEN guardian of taxpayer dollars and private property rights. I could go on and on describing Richards accomplishments, but the question to ask is this. Why SETTLE and take a chance on voting for a nice fellow, when you could elect Richard Engle, a person with a servants heart and capable of providing conservative leadership for the citizens of Canadian County, the fastest growing county in Oklahoma?

Both Joe Lester and Mark Hamm received around 40% of the vote in the primary, so the run-off could go either way depending on who turns out their supporters. If I lived in Cleveland County I would vote for Joe Lester and here is why. Joe retired from the Tulsa police force several years ago and eventually become the head of the campus police force at the University of Oklahoma. After leaving that post he returned to the Tulsa area where he ran for the state senate 2 years ago. Joe received the OCPAC endorsement when he did very well in the interview process as did Bill Brown who eventually won the race. Following our endorsement, Joe had a reception planned at the Norman home of Steve Owens. He invited me to attend and was very unselfish to also invite another OCPAC endorsed candidate, Ron Davis from Purcell, as Ron was also running for the Senate. Steve was impressed with Ron and later on hosted a reception for Ron along with his younger brother Tinker Owens.I could see the respect that Mr. Owens displayed for Mr. Lester when he introduced Joe to the folks in attendance. I gathered it was Joe that had informed Steve of the tragic death of his son and in subsequent days was like a father to a son, trying to help Steve deal through the difficult times.Over the past couple of years Joe has infrequently communicated with me via e-mail. He is truly a people person. Of course folks that know me well understand that a caring and compassionate person is way down the list as far as reasons for me to vote for someone. I want to know about a candidate’s stand on issues and how they would perform as an elected official. Following is some of the rhetoric going on in the race: Joe found out that his opponent, a former deputy sheriff, got a ticket a few years ago and had an outstanding bench warrant for his arrest. Mr. Hamm admitted he forgot to pay the ticket and took care of it. Joe believes law enforcement should be held to a higher standard and perhaps so, but I also understand how a person could forget to pay a ticket. Some of Mr. Hamm’s backers have suggested that Joe would be in the hip pocket of “king” David (Boren) or Bobby Cleveland, one of his supporters who happens to be a lightening rod personality in the Cleveland County Republican party. Others have suggested that he would be beholden and give preference to the big time Democrat Barry Switser, as Barry has contributed to Joe’s campaign.Therefore I had a lengthy phone conversation with Joe and grilled him on several issues. Without stuttering he informed me he was in nobody’s hip pocket and that he has been a personal friend of Barry Switser for over 17 years which is why he had contributed to him. That is understandable just like Mr. Hamm has probably received support from Toby Keith, another high profile Democrat who just endorsed Barack Obama. Mr. Hamm works as a security guard for Mr. Keith.With all that said here are the real reasons to vote for Joe Lester. I asked Joe what he intended to do about using HB 1804 which allows him to cross train his deputies to work with Immigration Control Enforcement (ICE) agents to work on the illegal alien issue. He indicated he had already contacted Tulsa County Sheriff Stanley Glanz to obtain information as to how he had implemented that training. I asked him about housing federal or DOC inmates in the county jail? He is in favor of doing so because it is profitable for a department budget, as long as you don’t overcrowd your jail and cause the need to build a larger jail at taxpayer expense. I asked about how he would handle overcrowding and his response was he favored a barbed wire impound and tents like Sheriff Joe Arpio in Arizona. In fact he has already talked with Sheriff Joe to understand the legalities and some ideas for such an action.I then asked him why he didn’t speak up about a question asked at a public forum in one of the smaller Cleveland County towns. He said the question was directed toward one of the Democrat Sheriff candidates. The question was about Cal Hobson, the former powerful Senate President Pro-Tem, who now has a high paying position as one of the 17,000 employees at the University of Oklahoma. It has been known for some time now that Cal has had a drinking problem. Allegedly he has been stopped at least twice in the not too distant past by sheriff’s deputies. Rather than be arrested, he was driven home by the deputies. The question was would this policy continue? So I asked Joe if certain people would receive preferential treatment? His answer was no as he said nobody should be above the law. In fact he informed me, as a Tulsa police officer he arrested the Mayor’s son on some fairly serious charges. Joe Lester and Mr. Hamm are both Christians and perhaps Mr. Hamm would be a good sheriff. However, I am confident Joe Lester, with management experience and strong people skills will do an excellent job. I would be glad to vote for him if I lived in the district. Cleveland county has the 3rd largest population in the state. Some of these questions I have asked should be asked of every sheriff candidate in the state.

At a recent Democrat fund raiser in Cleveland County, State Representative Bill Nations (D-Norman) said that State Representative Sally Kern (R-Bethany & Warr Acres) was a disgrace to Oklahoma and the Nation for her opposition to homosexuality. He went on the say that she was arrested for trying to carry a concealed weapon into the Capitol. Both the Norman Transcript and the Moore American reported that she was arrested. It is true that Representative Kern was recently stopped by Capitol security when she FORGOT to remove her concealed weapon before entering the Capitol. This “non story” made a below the fold front page story in the Oklahoman, another newspaper who doesn’t seem to have much affection for Representative Kern. However, the Oklahoman got it right. She was NOT arrested. Security personel simply asked her to return to her vehicle and store the weapon. I am not surprised with the Democrat Bill Nations getting the story wrong. However, the Norman and Moore papers have paid reporters who have the time to verify the facts of a story before they are succored and used by the likes of Bill Nations. Representative Kern is tied for the 5th most conservative lawmaker in the House out of 101. I believe this Godly woman is one of the finest lawmakers in the House and brings great honor to the State of Oklahoma as well as our Nation. I look forward to her vanquishing her homosexual backed opponent come this November. An opponent who by the way doesn’t seem to make any distinction as to right from wrong in human behavior. I would suggest he may be incapable of performing one of the highest responsibilities for government officials. Determining what society should celebrate and what it should condemn.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This Week's Agenda, Run off's and the NBA in OKC


We start this week interviewing candidates for state house seats that will be decided in November. Invited to appear this week are Ronald G. Sheppard of Seminole, Aaron Stiles of Norman, Sean Oliver of Madill and Willard Lindsey of OKC. So far, at least 3 have confirmed they will be in attendance.

Last week’s e-mail focused on the run-off election for the Senate District 45 seat between Kyle Loveless and Steve Russell. This week I want to focus on the run-off between Brian Maughn and former Bethany Mayor J.D. Johnson for the Oklahoma County Commission race. Then in another related race we have David Anderson and former Bethany City Councilman Richard Engle, both of whom are candidates for the District 2 Commission race which encompasses about the Southern one third of Canadian County.
I was recently questioned as to why I suggested in my Charlie’s Picks that J.D. Johnston should never hold office again based on his performance as Bethany Mayor. Following are some of the reasons. Bethany is a small city which struggles to accomplish providing it’s vital city functions, even with a high 4% city sales tax tacked on to the 4.5% taken by the state. Johnston’s TV commercials promote him as a conservative. However, his past performance strongly suggests otherwise.
A few years ago while serving as Mayor, J.D. Johnston was behind a plan to have the taxpayers provide health insurance for the Mayor and council. That measure required unanimous approval from the Mayor and Council members to take effect. Even though then Councilman Richard Engle was self employed and would have benefitted greatly from that action, he was opposed to putting that burden on the taxpayers. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand Engle was the conservative and Johnston the big spending liberal in that situation. Recently Johnston proclaimed on Mark Shannon’s program that Oklahoma County needed to quit spending the money on themselves and spend it on the people? Do you think he has had a change of heart now that he is running for office? I seriously doubt it.
Sometime after that the Mayor proposed the city float a bond issue and repay it with a property tax increase. The needs were valid, new roof on city hall, new police station and a new animal shelter. However, Bethany had available in a special fund, twice the money necessary for the improvements which resulted from the sale of their hospital. Again it was Richard Engle forming an organization "Citizens For a Better Bethany," who with the help of others, printed and distributed literature to inform the citizens of J.D.’s unnecessary tax increase proposal. Properly informed, the citizens strongly defeated the property tax proposal and then the city did what it should have done in the first place. That was to make the improvements with the monies on hand. Again it was Richard Engle watching out for the taxpayers and Johnston was again the big spending liberal.
I am told the reason they didn’t want to use the money on hand was so they could use it for economic development (corporate welfare) programs. Bethany has lost or tied up hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxpayer monies on several failed programs. Another problem I have with Mr. Johnston is that he built a new home in OKC, but continued as Mayor of Bethany, though the city charter required he live in Bethany. He claimed he was still living in his old home. If you believe that, you will believe he must have just wanted to build that new home to look at and admire rather than to live in.
A little over two and a half years ago he announced at a council meeting that he was going to resign as mayor to devote more time to his business. One councilman told me, "I couldn’t believe he said that as I knew along with many others that he was planning on running for a state house seat." Sure enough, shortly after he resigned, rather than devoting more time to his business he ran for a legislative seat. Thank goodness Charles Key defeated him in the primary run-off by the whopping majority of about 40 votes.
All I can say is, J.D. Johnston is not a conservative and if you want someone to speak straight with you, don’t elect J.D. Johnston for County Commissioner. Personally, I like Brian Maughn, but I am not sure he will be able to stand up to the "court house gang." If he doesn’t, I fear they will destroy him or he will learn to go along to get along. I would vote for Brian Maughn in a heartbeat over the liberal Republican RINO, J.D. Johnston.
On the other hand, when it comes to the Canadian County race I would vote for Richard Engle in a heartbeat as he is honest, a proven and true conservative and one who always watches out for the interests of the taxpayers, even if means a personal sacrifice to himself. Canadian County is the fastest growing county in the state and needs leadership such as Richard Engle can provide. He is brilliant and will figure out a way to provide the vital services for the taxpayers without tax increases. He will also work to protect their private property rights from irrational zoning ordinances or eminent domain takings.

After seeking and receiving the endorsement from the National Education Association (NEA), Obama said in a speech, that he was opposed to the tired old rhetoric of vouchers and school choice. I guess you could say this would be another positive CHANGE Obama is against..
However, a couple of weeks ago Representative Earl Sears (R-Bartlesville, RINO nominee this year with a lifetime Conservative Index score of 55) held a press conference. Standing behind him for support was Representative Ann Coody (R-Lawton, previous RINO nominee and lifetime Conservative Index score of 58). They were announcing their efforts to do more studies on the government schools. Representative Sears indicated they had not given up on public (government) education.
Both of these Republicans voted against the "New Hope Scholarship Act" during the session earlier this year. In so doing they align themselves with Obama’s ideas of being against school choice for parents and their children. In reality, these two former educators are actually part of the problem when it comes to education, they are not part of the solution. In my opinion, they are the ones who "enable" the government schools to continue fostering educational malpractice upon our children.
Even worse, the legislation I mentioned was so watered down and limited in scope, that for those 2 lawmakers not to support it means they will probably oppose any form of school choice in the future, especially a good quality piece of legislation. I don’t necessarily mean to suggest they intend to harm, they are simply so much a part of the system they are like that proverbial person who was standing so close to a tree that they couldn’t see the forest.
There is some good news regarding the most dangerous petition drive in recent times to be presented to the citizens of Oklahoma. That of course is the OEA’s (teacher union) petition drive to force the state of Oklahoma (the taxpayers) to spend more money on the government schools. Roy Bishop, former teacher from Stillwater and now the CHIEF UNION BOSS claims the recent tax cuts have prevented the schools from having enough money.
It was exciting to see the reaction to Bishop on the editorial page of the Oklahoman. In their lead editorial on August 4th titled "Intro to sarcasm", the Oklahoman hit the nail on the head when they said: "Tax cuts enacted in recent years aren’t the problem. The problem is that no amount of money has ever been enough for the OEA, and won’t ever be because the union’s chief objective is to retain the status quo." Rather than me re-write that quote, just go back and read it again. I have been saying for years that the last entity in the world that wants to improve education is the education industry, because the continually unsolved problems in education are actually their means to what they really want. That of course is more power and more wealth. Hopefully that editorial is a hint of the Oklahoman’s future position on this dangerous petition drive. Please log on to the OCPAC blog,, to vote your opinion on this issue.

Recently an OKC councilman expressed his disgust that the new OKC NBA team purchased a practice facility in Edmond. It also appeared his anger was that they purchased the facility rather than leasing space from one or more of our local universities. While the facility has an Edmond address I am not so sure it isn’t actually in the city limits of OKC. If not, it is only a couple of blocks North of the city limits.
This past Saturday the Oklahoman reported the owners of the NBA team bought a temporary practice facility for more than twice what the county estimated its value. The assessor had the 30,240 square foot fitness and sports facility listed at a value of $1.75 million dollars which would equate to a value of $58 dollars per square foot. Reportedly, the owners paid $3.65 million for the nearly ready to use facility which equates to a value of $121 per square foot for that purchase price.
What the councilman should be mad about is how the city has been taken to cleaners as they have contracted to build a permanent facility for $20 million dollars. A facility they plan to lease out for a measly pittance of $100,000 dollars per year. I wonder if the city plans to have a gold dome on the facility and marble for its walls?
If one remembers back to before the citizens of OKC voted to extend the penny sales tax for an additional 15 months to have the funds to build the facility as well as enlarge and re-model the Ford Center, I suggested the amount was too high. I also suggested, if the city were to sell the Ford Center to the owners, they would probably not spend $20 million on a practice facility. Kind of makes me wonder if Mayor Mick and the Council members are lap-puppies for the owners of the new NBA team rather than watch-dogs for the taxpayers.

Another metro area church is showing THE TRUTH PROJECT. The showing will be on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. The church is Calvary Chapel, located at 7510 NW 39th Expressway in Bethany. Again, the quality of content and production is tremendous. If you want to understand a good foundation of the Christian Faith and how Biblical principles should apply to public policy and the issues we wrestle with, then by all means try to attend these DVD presentations.
We exceeded our $2,000 matching challenge and are now just 2 members short of exceeding our all time high of 190 dues paying members set in 2006. I have secured another $500 matching challenge which means for everyone joining between now and the end of August, your dues will be matched dollar for dollar up to $500. I would really like to see us go beyond 200 members this year. Therefore, if you have not joined OCPAC as yet, now is a great time to do so. Instructions on how to join will follow my sign off.
We really need to get most of our money in by around the middle of September so we will know how much we have to distribute to the various candidates yet to receive our support. It is hard for me to express how much I appreciate the confidence and support for the goals of OCPAC and how you folks have been willing to participate by giving. A big thanks to everyone.
I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Thursday, August 7, 2008

iDebate --- which is a five-day leadership development camp...

Sorry for the late timing on this notice but I have been working out
of town Monday and Tuesday and had problems with my server Tuesday
night. A really interesting event will happen Thursday evening, August
7th in the Hardeman Auditorium on the campus of Oklahoma Christian
University, 2501 East Memorial Road in Edmond.

iDebate, which is a five-day leadership development camp for 48 of the
finest high school students from across the nation, will have their
final round of debate. Students will gather to voice their views,
positions and concerns about some of the most important public policy
issues of the day.

iDebate’s goal is to develop young leaders of CHARACTER who are well-
informed about our communities’ issues, who are able to communicate a
vision for a better future, and who can work with people from all
walks of life to change the world.

Admission to this event is free but appropriate dress is required.
Please pay close attention, the doors will OPEN at 5:30 p.m. and CLOSE
at 5:45 p.m. If you want to be a part of the studio audience, which
will be covered by Fox News, you will need to be there and enter
during that 15 minute time period. Celebrity judges will be New Mexico
Governor Bill Richardson and former Congressman Jack Kemp, both of
whom are former presidential candidates. Also serving as a judge will
be radio and TV personality, Judge Andrew Napolitano.

The event is being sponsored by the National Center for Policy
Analysis, General Tommy Franks Leadership Institute and Museum and The
Academy of Leadership and Liberty, which is based on the campus of
Oklahoma Christian.

I hope to see as many OCPAC members and friends attend this event as

Charlie Meadows

Monday, August 4, 2008


– ELECTION OUTCOMES FOR CANDIDATES SUPPORTED BY OCPAC – Are those behind Randy Terrill & Mike Reynolds opponents, supporting Steve Russell?

The primary business of this week’s meeting will be some discussion and then we will vote to determine which senate candidates we will support for the general elections in November. In addition, we will have Preston Williams speak to us briefly about a recent project with which he has been involved. Mr. Williams is the Oklahoma State Director of that branch of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps affiliated with Chris Simcox.

– ELECTION OUTCOMES FOR CANDIDATES SUPPORTED BY OCPAC The members of OCPAC had contributed to or endorsed 8 candidates going into the primary elections. Four of those candidates won their elections and three lost with one going to a primary run-off which will be held on August 26th. The run-off race will be between Kyle Loveless, endorsed by OCPAC, and Steve Russell who had the largest number of votes in the primary. I will address this run-off race under the next subject. As a couple of points of interest, OCPAC Vice Chairman Richard Engle is headed for a run-off in the Canadian County Commissioner race. In a race with 5 candidates, Richard was just a couple points behind the candidate in the lead. One other race of interest, was the county commissioner race in Tulsa County between Commissioner Randi Miller and challenger Sally Bell. Bell, campaigning on an absolute promise to oppose any new taxes received 82% of the vote to Miller’s paltry 18%. In the weeks to come I will focus on other run-off races but in this e-mail it will be the Senate District 45 seat between Kyle Loveless and Steve Russell.

– Are those behind Randy Terrill & Mike Reynold’s opponents, supporting Steve Russell?
I want to challenge the readers and especially the supporters of Steve Russell to hear me out and avoid a typical knee jerk reaction to what I am about to say. This is not an attack on Steve Russell. What I am about to say are serious questions for which I don’t have an answer.

For your information, I had Lt. Col Russell come to OCPAC about a year and a half ago and speak about his service to our country, especially relating to his efforts to capture Saddam Hussein. I believe Russell is a patriotic war hero who served our country with honor and distinction. He received a standing ovation from our members after his presentation, though some of our members have had serious problems with the war in Iraq from the beginning. As much as he deserves honor for his service to our county, he is making a major career shift. He has left the military and is now seeking political office as a civilian. In that effort he brings with him leadership qualities. But after that, there are big questions that need to be answered.

Steve Russell informed me he couldn’t appear before the members of OCPAC the day before his scheduled appearance on June25th. He did not fill out our survey and send to us or appear to answer questions from our members and friends. Therefore he wasn’t eligible to receive our endorsement, which went to Kyle Loveless. Shortly after we endorsed Kyle and gave him a $2,000 contribution, Steve Russell had a flood of contributions come in.

He received a $5,000 contribution (the maximum allowed by law) from Aubry McClendon, CEO of Chesapeake Energy and one of the owners of the Sonics. He received another $5,000 from the Chesapeake PAC. Larry Nichols of Devon Energy gave him $5,000 and so did the Devon PAC. He also received $5,000 from Greg Love’s PAC of the Love’s Travel stations. In addition he received another $5,000 contribution from a PAC associated with Clay Bennent, a son in law of the recently deceased Mr. Gaylord, of the Oklahoman. In addition, Mr. Bennent is the point man among the 5 millionaires and billionaires who own the Sonics. In cases such as Greg Love’s PAC, you will find some of these other people I have mentioned contributing to his PAC and probably the others also.

I think you will find that some of these people were the same ones trying to defeat Randy Terrill and Mike Reynolds. Some of these people are dead set against at least parts of HB1804, legislation passed in 07 to deal with the abuses associated with the invasion of illegal aliens. If you look hard enough, you will also find that some of these same people are also those who were against the Taxpayers Bill of Rights (TABOR) petition as well as being opposed to the petition to eliminate eminent domain loopholes which was intended to stop government from abusing private property owners for the benefit of other “politically well connected” private citizens or corporations. In addition, Mr. McClendon is an honorary chairman of the election effort of Democrat Jim Roth, the homosexual appointed by Governor Brad Henry to the Corporation Commission.

Not to paint them with too broad of a brush as they are sometimes on the right side of issues; however, by and large, I believe they are corporate welfare junkies. I believe they view lawmakers as people they can influence with their big money so that government can be used as a means to greater wealth or to accomplish their pet projects largely on the backs of the taxpayers.

So my question is why did they pick Steve Russell? Why did they decide to fill his campaign coffers with their wads of money? I can understand them not picking Jerry Foshee, a trial lawyer, but why Russell rather than Loveless, who was polling in the lead before their money made a difference. Do they think Russell will be more likely to support their lust for corporate welfare? Did they decide they would have more success controlling Russell than Kyle Loveless?

Let me say I am not trying to paint a picture of Steve Russell as someone who would become a lackey or a puppet on a string of the rich and powerful, checking with them before every vote he would cast as a Senator. However, I will say if Russell hasn’t developed a conservative ideology by which to measure issues and votes, then when faced with the desires of the rich and powerful, as expressed through armies of lobbyists, he may never know when he is being manipulated to do their bidding. I had a lawmaker call me on his own during this past session to profusely apologize for caving on a key vote regarding corporate welfare. He said he just buckled under the pressure on the issue.

Truth is Russell has never been grilled on the principles of good government. That is what our interview process is designed to do. He is pro-life as we are but that important issue is only 10% of the tough issues he will face. Does he believe in corporate welfare which is immoral and a violation of God’s 8th commandment? I don’t know and his supporters probably don’t either. Therefore, why take a chance? Kyle Loveless has developed a conservative ideology and understands the principles of a republican form of government. Does Russell?

If Russell wins he may become a fine lawmaker, but I believe there will be enormous pressure on him to “go along to get along” with the power brokers who control parts of the government of Oklahoma. Check out the OCPAC Blog at and link on to Mike McCarvile’s blog to read an article from the Tulsa World about Oklahoma’s corporate giants losing in the primaries (regarding Terrill’s and Reynold’s races). Then realize, they may win in the Senate district 45 race if Russell wins.

Let me say on final thing regarding these rich and powerful people. I never want to be guilty of promoting class envy. I don’t care how rich people become if they inherit or earn their wealth through fair competition and through moral enterprises. I can’t remember the exact quote sometimes attributed to Abraham Lincoln. To paraphrase it, the gist goes something like this: Some people through superior talents or energies and ambitions will naturally produce more wealth than others. However, with that said it would be immoral to also give them advantages through the powers of government! I don’t think I would be opposed to a thing these men are accomplishing if they accomplish it through fair market capitalism and without the socialistic re-distribution of wealth.

– INFORMATION AND POLL QUESTION ON THE OCPAC BLOG The OEA announced a petition drive to constitutionally force the state of Oklahoma (taxpayers) to pump even more hard earned tax dollars down the dark hole of government education. If successful, their efforts will require massive tax increases or cuts in spending in other government services to provide the new revenues the OEA wants. Please log on to the OCPAC blog and click on the link to the Americans For Prosperities’ (AFP) website to read their excellent response to the proposal by the OEA. Also, the poll question of the week will seek your opinion as to whether or not Steve Russell will do the bidding of the powerful elites if he wins the election on August 26th? Please vote your opinion. There is also an opinion section if you want to express yourself further.


TULSA AREA: Tuesday evening August 5th at 6:45 p.m., the members of Oklahomans For Sovereignty and Free Enterprise (OK-SAFE) will hold their monthly meeting. The speaker this month will Amanda Teegarden. Amanda was one of 31 speakers at the Freedom 21 conference which just wrapped up in the Dallas area about a week and a half ago. Amanda will give an overview on the wealth of information she gleaned from the conference. You won’t want to miss this meeting.

OKC AREA: Senator Tom Coburn will hold a town hall meeting Tuesday morning beginning at 10:00 a.m. in the Council Chamber of the city of Bethany, 6700 Northwest 36th street. I hope someone will attend to thank him for outmaneuvering Senator “Dirty” Harry Reid (D-Nev) as Senator Coburn is credited with saving the American taxpayers $40 billion in earmarks. Then after you thank him for that, please ask him why he voted to spend $50 billion in the equivalent of earmarks to wage a global war on AIDS? Ask him where he finds the Constitutional authority for such spending? Ask him if he is “really” concerned about the growing debt, we, as well as our kids and grand kids are having to shoulder? I would love to go but must be working out of town on Tuesday.


This past Wednesday we were just $20 short of raising $2,000 to take advantage of our full $2,000 matching membership challenge. We had 2 join which put us over the top. We have also had some new folks sign up to have us draft their checking accounts for either $15 or $30 each month which makes them members of either the Elephant Provider level of membership or the Elephant Provider and RINO Hunter level of membership. We are now at 187 dues paying members, just 3 memberships short of our all time record of 190 reached in 2006.

I want to break that record to continue growing in memberships as well as the number of people on our e-mail list. If you have not joined as yet, please consider doing so. None of the officers or volunteers at OCPAC receive any money for their efforts. Contributing to OCPAC is the most effective way you can give to advance conservatism in the state of Oklahoma. Instructions on how to join will follow my sign off. Thanks a bunch to everyone who has supported this organization.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows