Monday, November 10, 2008


Our speaker this week will be Mr. Paul Jacob, President of Citizens in Charge, an organization headquartered in Lake Ridge, Virginia. Mr. Jacob will be speaking about what I believe are trumped-up charges by Oklahoma’s Attorney General Drew Edmondson, against the "Oklahoma Three." Mr. Jacob, along with 2 other folks, have been charged with criminal violations regarding one of our past petition efforts. Mr. Jacob believes Edmondson is seeking to frighten and intimidate citizens away from the initiative process that was designed to give us a check on our government. Mr. Jacob has indicated his intentions to meet Edmondson’s threat head-on by defeating his attack in court and restoring voice to the very process Edmondson seeks to silence. This case has received national attention and we are privileged to have Paul Jacob come and speak to us for a second time. For more information on this case before Wednesday’s meeting, log on to In addition Mr. Jacob will be hosting a seminar this coming Saturday, titled: Reforming the Reform Process - How to Restore Oklahoma’s Voter Initiative. See the announcement section in this e-mail for time, location and the list of speakers. We will also recognize our veterans during our meeting this Wednesday in honor of Veterans Day which is Tuesday the 11th.

Oklahoma aside, it is clear a majority of the rest of the nation has lost its ability to elect good people, candidates who are capable of producing quality government. Our government schools have been remarkably successful in producing kids who are "dumbed down" to just the right amount while being indoctrinated into an un-American socialist/fascist agenda all at the same time. While most Oklahoman’s didn’t want to have anything to do with Obama, I don’t want to let Oklahoma Republicans completely off the hook as we voted for McCain in the primaries (ugh). Did anyone notice the recent article in the Oklahoman where Toby Keith announced he would be switching from the Democrat party to an independent? He became fed up with the vitriolic and intellectually dishonest attacks by Democrats throughout the campaign. In particular was his disgust in how Sarah Palin was treated. Of course since the election is over, some of the slime from within the McCain campaign are leaking (rumors, lies or truth ?) to the press in an attempt to blame Palin for the loss.

Personally, I really like Palin for her social conservatism, her communication skills, her courage, and her plain-spokenness and some of her ideological positions. While I sure don’t agree with some of her fiscal and foreign policy statements, I am not so sure we really know where she stands on some of those issues. After all, it was her duty as the VP candidate to support McCain’s positions and not stray too far out on her own.

I have an idea. We Okies ought to send a message to those snarky, arrogant Northeastern Republicans and the mainstream media types who so dislike Sarah Palin and have tried to destroy her. The message I am going to suggest would thank her for her hard work and extreme sacrifices during the campaign.

Here is my idea. Many people may have thought they were voting for John McCain and Sarah Palin, but they were not. In Oklahoma, those who voted for the Republican ticket were actually voting for 7 individuals known as "electors." They will attend the electoral college some time in the near future to cast their votes for the McCain/Palin choice. While they are pledged to vote For McCain, they actually can vote otherwise if they choose. It has happened before.
Therefore, I now give my permission as a citizen of Oklahoma for those electors to switch their vote from John McCain to Sarah Palin for President. Since McCain lost, it won’t matter other than to lower his vote count. But it would send a message that Oklahomans want someone more conservative than John McCain. It would say we want a person with strong Christian values and someone the establishment happens not to care for.

Congratulations to Dana Murphy for her victory over the sitting Oklahoma Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth, who was appointed to the position a little over a year and a half ago by Governor Henry. Even though the Oklahoman, the Tulsa World, the Edmond Sun, the Oklahoma Gazette and probably many more publications endorsed Roth and even though he raised about twice as much money as Dana Murphy (Dana spent nearly half of her money in the primary so she was outspent in the general election 4 to 1), Dana still managed a huge upset.

To that end a special thanks to the group, Mothers Organized for Moral Standards (M.O.M.S.) for their efforts to educate Oklahomans about Mr. Roth’s homosexual values and pose this question: Does Jim Roth represent your Oklahoma values? Oklahoma values always seem to be a part of election rhetoric. Of course anytime someone does that kind of an education effort and are willing to ask a question such as that, some people will answer yes and some will answer no.
In addition, a representative of M.O.M.S. asked if OCPAC members and friends could help to distribute any left over postcards for which they didn’t have the money to mail. To that end, many people helped to put several thousand postcards on vehicles in church parking lots on the two Sundays before the election. Some of the communities selected were Jones, Choctaw, Meeker, Seminole, Konawa, Shawnee, Tecumseh, Chandler, Stroud, Luther, Wellston, Seward, El Reno, Weatherford, Clinton, Chickasha, Anadarko, Lawton, Duncan, Wynewood, Pauls Valley, Purcell, Lexington, Ada, Broken Bow, Sallisaw, Manford, Terlton and a few other I probably missed or didn’t know about. A big thanks to everyone for your help.

OCPAC supported 22 candidates during this election cycle. Thirteen were elected to office for a 59% average. Over the past 5 election cycles we have now supported 72 different candidates with 35 of them having been elected to office. The members of OCPAC are not interested in just supporting someone who has a sure chance of winning. We are looking for people who are conservative with a reasonable chance of winning. Over the years we have taken some chances on candidates who were a long shot. Some of them have won and some have not. Of those that have won, they tend to be at the tope on the conservative index.

The members of OCPAC can be pleased with our efforts as I believe we are helping to move Oklahoma toward a more conservative state.


Tuesday, November 11th U.S. Senator Tom Coburn will speak to the Republican Women’s Club of Tulsa at an 11:30 a.m. luncheon. The location will be the Holiday Inn Select at I-44 and Yale Ave. The meeting is open to the public and the cost is $12. For reservations call (918) 742-8822 or online,

– Wednesday, November 12th The Tulsa County Republican Mens Club will meet at 12 noon for the program with lunch earlier. The location will be the China King Restaurant, 1330 East 71st Street. The program will feature candidates from the recent election as well as lawmakers who will discuss the up-coming legislative session. For more information contact Bob McDowell at (918) 481-1051.

Wednesday morning, November 12th will be the regular monthly meeting for the Business and Professional chapter of the John Birch Society. The location will be the Character First Training Center, 520 West Main in downtown OKC. Breakfast is served at 7:00 a.m. with the meeting beginning at 7:30. I have been asked to present a perspective on the recent elections and where we go from here.

– This Saturday morning, November the 15th, will be the conference I mentioned in the Agenda paragraph titled: Reforming the Reform Process

- How to Restore Oklahoma’s Voter Initiative. It will begin at 8:30 a.m. and last until noon. The location will be the Renaissance Oklahoma City Convention Center Hotel, 10 North Broadway in downtown OKC. There is no cost to attend.

Speakers will include State Senator Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso), City Sentinel Managing Editor Patrick McGuigan, former Republican candidate for governor, Bob Sullivan from Tulsa, Brandon Dutcher with the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA), OCU law professor Andrew Spiropolous and former U.S. Senator and Democratic Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel. I urge folks to attend this seminar if at all possible as the ability to succeed in a petition drive so that citizens may be allowed to vote on an issue is at risk. That is unless the petition is about a subject the establishment is in approval.

I first want to thank Speaker Chris Benge and soon to be Senate President Pro-Tem Glen Coffee for taking the time on such an important day (first day after the election) to be our speakers at our OCPAC meeting. Senator Coffee has attended several OCPAC meetings over the years, but this was a first for Speaker Benge. We had some interesting discussion on "corporate welfare" an area that many members of OCPAC oppose and these two leaders have supported on some occasions.

Speaker Benge related information about a national meeting of state legislators he had attended where the discussion was why don’t we all quit corporate welfare, yet no one wanted to be the first to start.

Senator Coffee related the difficulties with various ideological differences from within the Republican ranks and his efforts to find that common ground to be able to move the best legislation forward as possible.

In my estimation, one of the great challenges for conservatives is to convince the people and business community in the state of Oklahoma about the superiority of free enterprise which would then not be burdened with heavy taxation or excessive regulations. To remove all business taxes and minimize regulations is economic incentive within itself.

Another challenge is to help people see that corporate welfare is actually redistribution of wealth, or in other words a certain level of socialism and is thus immoral. I would suggest that all re- distribution of wealth is immoral and is not the same thing as funding the proper functions of government. If the citizens of Oklahoma understand that issue as well as a majority of lawmakers, then Oklahoma will lead the way to restoring an economic system based on free markets and the entrepreneurial spirit. Just remember, when we remove business taxes and eliminate excessive regulations, we reduce the cost of producing goods and services. Thus we make anything produced in Oklahoma more competitive in the national and global economies.
There were actually 3 articles in last Thursday’s Oklahoman related to our meeting. The first two, on page 2, were reports on the comments by Speaker Benge and Senator Coffee. Then on page 5 there was a good article by Michael McNutt about our meeting. I want to comment on two points.

The article started off by implying I didn’t want to ruin the atmosphere by talking about the presidential election. The reason is fairly simple. While I sometimes comment about national politics and we sometimes have programs related to such, the main thrust of OCPAC is state government. In addition, Oklahoma’s performance for the Presidential election was easily predictable and the same held true for all the Congressional seats. It was a good observation by McNutt and while there was plenty of discussion about the national elections among our members and friends before the meeting started, I didn’t want to burn precious time with such discussion at our meeting.

The other thing I want to correct was the mention in the early part of the article about our "monthly" meeting. Just so no one is confused, our meetings are weekly, not monthly. Toward the end of the article when describing OCPAC, Mr. McNutt did mention we have met every Wednesday except once for the past 17 years. I will try to remember to bring the article and tape it on the wall for anyone wanting to read if you didn’t see it in the Oklahoman.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Sunday, November 2, 2008


We will have two speakers this Wednesday. Speaker of the House Chris Benge (R-Tulsa) and Senate Co-President Pro-Tem, Glen Coffee (R- Bethany, Warr Acres and West OKC). By Wednesday morning Senator Coffee may have dropped the "co" part of his title and he may be on the way to becoming the President Pro-Tem. I have asked these Republican leaders to give us a run-down on the elections and perhaps more importantly a glimpse into a legislative agenda for next year. If you have not met these men as yet this will be an excellent opportunity.
If you have questions or ideas for legislation, then come prepared for the Q&A session following their talks. You won’t want to miss this meeting.

Regardless of who wins this Tuesday, perhaps one of the best things to come out of this whole process is the discussion on "re- distribution"of tax dollars and its definition as "socialism." America has been trending toward an economic and political mixture of socialism, fascism and liberty for some time now. During this transition, socialism and fascism have been growing, with liberty and the ability to own and control your own private property on the wane.

Americans have been acting like the proverbial frog in a pan of water on top of a stove. Being a cold blooded animal, its body temperature adjusts to gradual temperature changes without regard to danger. Given enough time, the frog’s blood will eventually boil and kill the unwary creature. In the same way, socialism has been increasing thanks to our education industry which indoctrinates rather than educates and then of course Hollywood and the mainstream media which promotes such bilge, then ignores or attempts to destroy any contrarian information or opinion.

Whether you want to call it liberalism, socialism, fascism or communism, they are all closely related cousins which all lead toward tyranny. I have been saying for a long time now that Obama is a Marxist. I believe he made a determination as a young man and was helped along the way by various communists, socialists, environmentalists, feminists and others to eventually rise to a very prominent position.

The following description of Obama by the British journalist Melanie Philips of the Spectator (UK) perhaps best describes Obama: "You have to pinch yourself - a Marxist radical who all his life has been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshiped with, befriended, endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded, politically promoted and supported by a nexus comprising black power anti-white racists, Jew-haters, revolutionary Marsixts, unrepentant former terrorists and Chicago mobsters, is on the verge of becoming the President of the United States. Apparently it’s considered impolite to say so."

In the future, regardless of who wins, conservatives are going to have to attack the ugly twins of socialism and fasicm on an ideological and moral basis, or we will complete the loss of this nation as it was envisioned by our Founding Fathers. I can’t stand John McCain, but when it comes to the lesser of two evils, it is not even close. Obama, an out and out Marxist, is the most dangerous person to ever ascend to the candidacy of the President.

Based on the congressional results from 2 years ago, the expected further gains by Democrats in this election cycle as well as the fact that Obama is a possible winner, it just goes to show how much we Americans have lost the ability to choose good leaders. I know we Republicans governed too much like liberal Democrats rather than conservative Republicans for the 6 years we had control of the White House as well as congress. I also agree we Republicans should have been punished.

However, rather than strategic punishment by eliminating just a few of the most liberal Republicans, Americans turned control over to the Democrats. That is like saying, we are mad at those amateur, minor league mess-ups, so now we are going to give control to the professional, major league mess-ups to run things for a while. God help our stupidity and immorality.
To wrap up this segment, please go vote on the important races other than President like Jim Inhofe for Senate and Dana Murphy for Corporation Commission. I have heard some people say they may not even take the time to vote since they are confident the John McCain will win in Oklahoma.

It appears there has been a huge sum of out of state money coming into Oklahoma at the last moment to pay for TV commercials to defeat Republicans. In central Oklahoma the main target appears to be Senator Jim Reynolds (R-Del City). I didn’t think this race would be close but perhaps internal polling shows Jim as being vulnerable. The only way this could be close is the NAME of the person the Democrats found to run against Senator Reynolds. His name is David Boren and yes, there will be voters so ill informed as to think it is the same David Boren who serves as the President of Oklahoma University of which he is not.

For this election cycle OCPAC has raised around $33,000 for our efforts. Thirty thousand of that went to support conservative candidates, $2,000 of that went for a voter education effort and the final $1,000 went for an incumbent accountability project.

This past Wednesday, Michael McNutt of the Oklahoman broke a story about our accountability project as we mailed postcards into the district of Dr. Doug Cox (R-Grove). Representative Cox was selected by our members as the RINO (Republican In Name Only) of the year. We wanted to inform the Republican voters in his district as to just how liberal this pro-abortion Republican happens to be. The final paragraph on the post card states the following: "With a 57 to 44 majority, Republicans can well afford to give up this seat. If the good citizens of District 5 send Rep, Cox back home, it will send a signal to other Republicans to govern like conservatives and not liberal Democrats."

This is what could be called strategic punishment for Republicans straying too far from conservative principles and the tenants of the Republican Party platform. Twenty five (25) Democrats in the House and Senate scored higher than Representative Cox on this year’s Conservative Index published by the Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper.

The Republican Party will never become an effective force for conservative change until we learn to clean our own house.

The other situation regarding OCPAC being in the news revolves around our relationship with M.O.M.S. (Mothers Organized for a Moral Society). There is a good article by Scott Cooper of the Oklahoma Gazette about the short term corporation commission race between Dana Murphy and Jim Roth. The article reports that we accepted a small fee from M.O.M.S. to share our P.O. Box so they could use as much of their money as possible to mail out the educational post cards about Jim Roth. The article also reveals that OCPAC contributed to M.O.M.S. The article is in the current issue of the Gazette which will be in your favorite restaurants until sometime on Wednesday or Thursday of this week. Pick up a copy as it worth the read.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Friday, October 31, 2008


Because many of my friends knew of my involvement in politics, they would call to ask my opinion about candidates and issues. It simply got to where there wasn’t the physical time to respond and the requests are much greater now than before. Therefore, over the past several years I have created a "political tip sheet." Differing from those at the race tracks which only attempt to pick the winners, I also suggest the ones I believe SHOULD win. These are simply my own opinions based on my research, interviews with candidates or my having heard them speak at forums. You may have information I don’t have and thus have a different opinion which is just fine. I simply hope these picks are helpful to those who are looking for help in making their choices. Often times people ask if they can forward this to their friends? By all means please do so. Also, anyone wanting to receive the weekly OCPAC e-mail on a regular basis, please send me a request at

MY STANDARD: Generally speaking, when it comes to elected officials who do not necessarily make decisions affecting our lives, setting policy, or determining the level of taxes, I look for the most competent candidate regardless of their party affiliation. Positions such as county clerks, court clerks or county treasurers. However, when a candidate is running for an office that exercises the power to affect our lives, I tend to strongly lean toward Republicans because of the MORE conservative ideological difference between the parties.

In some cases though, some Republicans at both the state and federal level tend to govern more like a liberal Democrat rather than a conservative Republican, in those cases I may not support the Republican. This year I will support all Republican Senate candidates as they are on the verge of obtaining a majority for the first time in 102 years of our state’s history. When is comes to the House, we already have a strong majority of Republicans (57 to 44). We don’t necessarily need a larger majority, we need a more conservative majority. House minority leader Danny Morgan (D-Prague) has said the Democrats will gain 2 to 7 seats on election night. I believe the Republicans will actually have a net gain of 2 to 5 more Republicans in the House. Time will tell who is more accurate.

President: John McCain if I lived in a battle ground state. If I lived in a solid blue state I would vote for Chuck Baldwin. However, we live in Oklahoma, one of the most solid red states in the nation, a state where McCain will win by several hundred thousand votes, therefore those folks who strongly dislike McCain may leave it blank and not affect the outcome. Remember, we don’t elect the President with the popular vote. All McCain has to do is win Oklahoma by 1 vote and he gets all 7 of our electoral votes. Obama is a Gramcian Marxist and the most dangerous person I have ever seen become a nominee for president!

U.S. Senate: Jim Inhofe Senator Inhofe is not perfect, but is in the top 5 best in the United States Senate. His opponent is just another wana-be socialist who would like to be in Washington to re-distribute wealth and work with Obama to usher in a socialist utopia.

U.S. House Dist 1: John Sullivan Representative Sullivan does some very good things for conservatives and then he will also do some things to make them mad, like changing his vote on the bailout. To replace Sullivan and give the Democrats a larger majority would be like jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

U.S. House Dist 2: Raymond Wickson Though I think Wickson may be a charlatan, Dan Boren is no conservative, in fact he is becoming more liberal the longer he is in the House. Wickson would help the Republicans numbers which would really help the nation.

U.S. House Dist 3: Your Choice Frank Lucas is not a bad Republican, but he does have a little problem with being too much of a big spender. The independent candidate, Forrest Michael, had been a life long Republican until he became fed up with the corrupting influence of lobbyists on the Republicans in Congress. He makes the point that Congressman Lucas has received large sums of money from Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Wachovia, Lehman Brothers and etc. Congressman Lucas sits on the over-site committee that was responsible for regulating the financial industry in America. To his credit, Lucas co-sponsored legislation a few years ago to reign in Freddie and Fannie. However, at an event in Stillwater a few years ago, he also praised their ability to put people into homes who could afford to get into them without their help. Mr. Michael is a conservative community banker who understands the financial world far better than Congressman Lucas. He is also tight fisted and would never vote to spend billions in Africa to fight AIDS. Even though I personally like Frank Lucas, I will vote for Mr. Michael because he is more conservative and would make a better congressman.

U.S. House Dist 4: Tom Cole This is going to shock people that have read my e-mails over time as they know I am no fan of Congressman Cole. Tom Cole is not a conservative, he is the model of an establishment Republican and a good deal of the problem with the Republican party, not a part of the solution. I would like to support the independent, but I believe he would not be a step forward but rather a regression.

U.S. House Dist 5: Mary Fallin Congressman Fallin governed much like the other Republicans in the Oklahoma delegation. I really appreciate her becoming a co-sponsor of HCR-40, but I was also disappointed in her vote for the stimulus package as well as switching her vote for the bail-out. Again, the Democrat would be much worse for this country as he would be much more liberal.

Short Term Corporation Commission: Dana Murphy Dana is supremely prepared to serve in this capacity, she is honest, regardless of what Jim Roth’s TV commercials say. Perhaps the most important item, is that I don’t believe she can be bought by the powerful central planners who like to run the state of Oklahoma for their personal benefit. Jim Roth is not only a flaming homosexual who aggressively promotes their agenda, he is also a flaming liberal. I believe he is not more than a lap dog for the central planners. I do not believe his primary interest is for the people of Oklahoma, though he does an excellent of pandering to them.

Full Term Corporation Commission: Jeff Cloud I personally like Jeff, but I am still very disappointed with his vote against the best interests of the people of Oklahoma when he voted against the Red Rock utility plant up by Ponca City. However, I believe it is better to re- elect Jeff Cloud than turn this seat over to Mr. Gray.

STATE SENATE - I am only going to high-light the close or interesting races.

S.D. # 7: Kenny Sherrill, This Republican may be the surprise of the night on Tuesday. This is Gene Stipe’s old seat currently held by Stipe’s successor, Senator Lerblance. Sherrill runs the sale barn in McAlister and is well known in the district. Lerblance ranks number 48 on the Conservative Index or in other words he is the most liberal Senator for 51st legislative session. We will see if he is just too liberal for the people of that district?

S.D. # 21: James Halligan, the former President of OSU is running for Mike Morgan’s term limited seat. While I don’t expect Halligan to be very conservative, this is a seat the Republicans believe they can win to take control of the senate. The district runs from Stillwater down through Langston and into about half of Guthrie.

S.D. # 27: Bryce Marlatt This is an open seat covering from Woodward throughout the panhandle. Republican Owen Laughlin held this seat for many years and is now term limited out. The Democrats have a strong candidate in the son of the State Secretary of Agriculture. He is also a well known bull rider. However, the Republican registration in the district is too strong as Republicans aren’t as likely to vote for a Democrat as the other way around. I don’t know how conservative Marlatt is as he didn’t come for our interview.

S.D. 31: Don Barrington While Don is a social conservative, he is the next to the most liberal Republican in the Senate. This Lawton seat is one the Democrats hope to pick up. The Democrat candidate is the same person Don beat 4 years ago. It was very close then and is expected to be close again. This district has a very strong Democrat majority in registration and Senator Barrington (former Lawton fire chief) may be the only Republican who could win this seat?

S.D. 33: Gary Casey This Tulsa race between the Democrat Senator Tom Adelson and Mr. Casey is truly a David and Goliath race. At one point in time Adelson had raised more money than any other candidate for a senate race. Casey on the other hand, has raised only a minimal amount in comparison. Casey is a true conservative and Adelson is a true liberal. Casey is an outstanding individual and has had a good grass roots campaign. While I believe Adelson will win, it will be most interesting to watch as the district barely has a Democrat majority in registration.

S.D. # 37: Dan Newberry Former Republican Senator Nancy Riley got her panties in a wad when she didn’t win the Lt. Governor race two years ago and switched to the Democrat party. That kept the Republicans from controlling the Senate these past two years. That switch will be her un-doing as the Republicans found an excellent candidate in Dan Newberry. As their highest priority race, the Republicans worked to make sure he has the resources to win. While Newberry didn’t come for the OCPAC interview, Tulsa conservatives indicate he is a real conservative. For Riley to win, she must get every Democrat vote, every independent vote and 1 out of every 5 Republican votes. I predict that just isn’t going to happen. This will be a great win for the Republicans in a seat with a strong Republican registration majority.

STATE HOUSE Again, I am only going to highlight the close or interesting races. However, almost every election cycle there are one or more surprises.

H.D. #5: Hopefully Democrat Kelly Kerr will defeat the Republican incumbent Dr. Doug Cox of Grove Oklahoma. Representative Cox is the most liberal Republican in the House out of 57 lawmakers. In fact, for the 51st legislative session, 25 House and Senate Democrats have scored higher than Cox on the Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper’s Conservative Index. He was this year’s winner of OCPAC’s RINO (Republican In Name Only) award. With a 57 to 44 majority we can easily give up this seat which would improve the Republican majority and still keep control of the House.

H.D. #14 George Faught This Muskogee seat was unexpectedly picked up by Republican George Faught 2 years ago in a district with a heavy Democrat registration majority. Representative Faught is an outstanding conservative and is in a re-match with his same foe from 2 years ago when it was an open seat.

H.D. #25 Todd Thomsen Two years ago in an open race, the Republican Thomsen lost this Ada area district on election night by about 3 votes. He filed for a re-count and ended up winning by 1 or 2 votes.
This is another re-match of the same candidates. The district has a heavy Democrat registration so this will be a hotly contested race.

H.D. #28 Ron Sheppard This Seminole county seat has a heavy Democrat majority in registration. However, Mr. Sheppard is a former Democrat State Representative who could no longer stomach the liberalism of the Democrat party so he switched to the Republican party. He has worked very hard to defeat Ryan Kiesel who ranks as the 97th most liberal lawmaker in the House.

H.D. #34 Aaron Carlson This Stillwater seat was held by 2 time RINO award winner Terry Ingmire. I don’t know if Carlson is conservative but it would be hard to be more liberal than Ingmire, who is term limited (may I hear some applause). Ingmire goes out with the distinction of having the lowest lifetime score on the conservative index (a paltry 41). This is expected to be a close race.

H.D. # 36 Eddie Fields Mr. Fields barely lost in this Pawhuska area race 2 years ago to the Democrat Scott BigHorse. The only House member more liberal than BigHorse is the openly homosexual McAffrey. With an ultra-liberal voting record for BigHorse and in a Presidential election where Republicans normally do better in Oklahoma, this may be one seat the Republicans will pick up.

H.D. # 37 Brent Colle The Republicans had held this Ponca City seat for many years. As an open seat 2 years ago it was lost to the Democrats when the Republican candidate had some serious problems.
This is a district with a Republican majority and while the Republican Party has helped some, the Republican House PACs have been absent. Mr.
Colle is a true conservative and would easily make a top 10 lawmaker.
With more help this could have been a pick up seat for the Republicans. Mr. Colle may still win this race.

H.D. # 45 Aaron Stiles With the exception of one election cycle out of the past 8 or 10 this Norman area race is usually decided by 150 votes or less. This may be the most contested seat in the state on a consistent basis. The Republicans lost this seat 2 years ago by about 80 votes. I would say we would likely pick it up in a Presidential election cycle, except this year, the college kids have no sense about them as they have become cult followers of Obama. There are a lot of OU students in this district and probably no one knows what they will do down ballot. Mr. Stiles is a good candidate and I believe he has the possibility to be in the top 10 best if elected.

H.D. # 47 Leslie Osborn This Chickasha to Mustang seat was held by Susan Winchester. Everyone was surprised when she announced a few days before filing that she wouldn’t run again. The Democrats hope to pick this one up, but I believe Leslie will win it. I don’t know how conservative she happens to be.

H.D. # 48 Pat Owenby This Ardmore area seat became vacant when Greg Piatt announced at the last minute he would not seek re-election. This is a difficult district and Owneby is running against the current mayor of Ardmore. This one may be close and another one the Democrats hope to pick up.

H.D. # 50 Dennis Johnson Former Democrat Senator Daisy Lawler needs 2 more years in office to get her retirement so she has filed against the freshman House member Dennis Johnson. Johnson is one of the best, but represents a district with a strong Democrat majority in registration. We can’t afford to lose Johnson as he has a great deal of wisdom. This should be a very close race and another one the Democrats hope to pick up.

H.D. #51 Your Choice Ray McCarter was term limited out of this Marlow area seat and it is expected to be a close race. The Republicans hope to pick this seat up but I don’t see much difference between the 2 candidates. They both seem to be breaking their necks in an attempt to promise to throw the greatest amount of taxpayer dollars down the black hole of the government schools as possible.

H.D. # 52 Charles Ortega The Altus area has been trending toward the Republicans over the past few years. This is one the Republicans hope to pick up. This could be another close race. I have no idea how conservative Mr. Ortega happens to be.

H.D. # 57 Harold Wright This Weatherford, Clinton area seat has been close in every Presidential election for several years. With James Covey term limited out, this is a seat the Republicans hope to pick up. I believe Mr. Wright is fairly conservative.

H.D. # 84 Sally Kern This Bethany - Warr Acres area race won’t be close but it is interesting as the homosexual community got behind a fellow who proclaims to be a conservative and a Christian. Of course he can’t determine what is proper behavior from perversion and his support for OBAMA gives him away as "confused" at best. There are a majority of good voters in this district, able to spot a chamaeleon. Mr. Marlett should be embarrassed by what will be his poor showing. It is so hard to try to be all things to all people. Sometimes you just have to take a stand for what is right.

H,D. # 87 Jason Nelson This Northwest OKC seat was formerly held by Trebor Worthen who chose not to run again. This seat has been trending toward the Democrats though it has been in Republican hands for at least the past 20 years. Nelson won a tough primary and given the fact he has been a lobbyist for the past few years may make it hard for him to keep this seat from going to the Democrats who hope to pick it up. His Democrat opponent almost upset Worthen 2 years ago. The fact that it is a Presidential election might make the difference for Nelson. If he doesn’t win, conservative Republicans will be after this seat in 2 years.

H.D. # 93 Mike Christian Two years ago Mike came within 80 votes of defeating the long time incumbent. This year the seat is open and if the independent in the race doesn’t adversely affect the outcome, Mike will pick up this Democrat seat for the Republicans. Mike is an outstanding conservative candidate.

H.D. # 94 Kyle Coulter Kyle is an outstanding young man who will easily be in the 10 ten conservatives if he can win. We lost this Del City area seat 2 years ago when Kevin Calvey ran for Congress. Kyle’s biggest problem is that he hasn’t lived in this district all his life like the incumbent Democrat. Also, his funding has lagged behind the Democrat. However, he has worked hard and this could be a pick up for the Republicans.

H.D. # 96 Lewis Moore This Eastern Edmond through Luther area seat was formerly held by Lance Cargill who surprised some when he did not file for re-election. The Democrat is the wife of the former Democrat State Chairman and her husband was also the opponent of Mary Fallin 2 years ago. She has put an enormous amount of her own wealth into the campaign and Mr. Moore has been underfunded. However, he is still expected to win, we just don’t how close it might be. Mr. Moore has all the conservative instincts. If he fully develops a conservative ideology he will likely be in the top 10 conservatives.

THE OKLAHOMA STATE SUPREME COURT We have a huge problem with our Supreme Court. I believe this is the worst court since we began the process to either retain or reject Justices, a practice dating back to the 1950s. We have never rejected any judge on any of the 3 appellate courts over the past 50 years. They have no fear of losing their jobs and I believe the retention process is badly broken. These judges need to stand for election, though that in itself will not solve all the problems with bad judges.
The Justices recently ruled without dissent against a suit filed by an Jerry Fent claiming the Oklahoma Constitution forbids the legislature from declaring an amnesty on obligations owed to the state. Rather than adjudicating by the Constitution, the court pointed to a flawed decision on the issue from the 1930s. This is an example of case law "judicial activism" rather than ruling on the law itself. In another decision regarding the state legislature’s unconstitutional practice of "log rolling." The court could have stopped the practice but refused until the funds were spent. Then they ruled it was wrong and warned the legislature not to do it again. The court said this is your 3rd warning and we will not be so nice if you do it again. They sure ignored their oath to up-hold the constitution on that one. Another ridiculous decision was throwing out the petition to demand 65% of the funds spent on education must be spent in the classroom. Their decision was based on a subjective opinion about a technicality. Their rulings on petitions have become so ridiculous that it has almost become impossible to get one to a vote of the people, that is unless in my opinion it is an ISSUE the Justices agree on.
Justice John F. Reif Vote NO
Justice Tom Colbert Vote NO
Justice Joseph Watt Vote NO

Justice Watt may be the worst person on the Court THE COURT OF CRIMINAL APPEALS One of the worst travesties of justice ever to occur was in the Ricky Ray Malone SENTENCING trial in 2007. Because slain Highway Patrol trooper Nikky Joe Green’s widow showed emotion and used the word "God" during her testimony, 4 of the Justices ordered a re-trial with 2 dissenting.
Justice Charles Johnson ruled for a retrial, vote NO and throw this bum off the court.

Justice Gary Lumpkin dissented, vote YES. Sources tell me he is the best Justice on this court.
OKLAHOMA COURT OF CIVIL APPEALS I was simply not able to find out any information on the 4 judges on the ballot on this court. This is your choice.


SQ 735 Vote YES This is the only one I have any concern over and the part I am concerned about is the exemption for a surviving spouse. I do not believe this will have much impact as most counties have already opted out of paying PERSONAL property taxes.
SQ 741 Vote YES I believe this is just about bringing order for certain processes.
SQ 742 Absolutely vote YES The RIGHT to hunt and fish needs to be
embedded into our constitution as a protection from possible future federal government interference into Oklahoma laws. We don’t know how much the "animal rights" wack jobs across the nation will gain control over federal government policies.
SQ 743 Vote YES This is not about drinking or not drinking, but rather about breaking up a monopoly and allowing legal Oklahoma wineries to have a more free market with which to sell their wines. They won’t have to go through a middle man.

I hope some of these ideas have been helpful, or if you print this out you can keep score as to how I picked them on election night. If you are not currently receiving the weekly e-mail from OCPAC but would like to, just send me an e-mail with your request and I will add you to our list. The weekly e-mail will have the agenda of our weekly meeting, other announcements and conservative commentary and insider information about Oklahoma politics, government and the culture war.

The information is designed to inform as well as cause you think about issues.
My e-mail address is

Charlie Meadows

Charlie's Views

I wanted to send out this special e-mail about the short term corporation commission race between Jim Roth and Dana Murphy. I am often asked if these e-mails can be forwarded? By all means please do, as I think most Oklahoman’s don’t know much about this race. Also, if this has been forwarded to you, and you would like to receive our e- mail on a weekly basis, just send me your name and e-mail address and I will add you to our list. Send to:

I believe McCain and Inhofe will win in November with sizeable margins. Therefore the most contested statewide race this year will be the Corporation Commission race between Republican Dana Murphy and the Democrat incumbent Jim Roth. This is a special election as Roth was appointed to the position about a year and a half ago by Governor Henry.

There may be a small number of people who have been reading the Oklahoman closely and on a regular basis over the past 3 or 4 years who may know that Jim Roth is an out of the closet homosexual.

However, most Oklahomans are unaware of his un-natural sexual perversion. I don’t believe he makes any mention of his homosexuality on his web-site nor has the liberal Tulsa World informed their readers about that information, though they have endorsed him.

In brief, the largest PAC in the nation supporting homosexual candidates considers this one the most important races in the nation (see In addition, Jim Roth’s Corporation Commission Campaign was a sponsor of the 2008 Gay Pride Parade held earlier this year in Oklahoma City (see Then of course, when Roth was a County Commissioner in Oklahoma County, he supported having pro-homosexual books accessible to small children in the Oklahoma County libraries. Have you ever wondered why the homosexual community from all over America would contribute tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars to Jim Roth’s corporation commission race in OKLAHOMA?

The hyper-tolerant, anything goes liberal crowd will say, all of that character stuff, integrity and sexual preference does not matter. To talk about it is only a diversion from the business at hand. The only thing they will suggest as important, is how well a person does their job. Therefore I want to examine the job performance of Roth as a corporation commissioner.

In one of his TV adds he portrays himself as a tough advocate of the people who stood up to those BIG UTILITIES and said NO to a two billion dollar rate increase. In his silliest commercial, he portrays himself as a penny pinching paperclip counter, a conservationist wanting to save money for the ratepayers. While it is true he voted against the rate increase request, it was actually1.8 billion not 2 billion dollars, he is most likely going to cause the ratepayers to pay far more for electricity in the future. An estimated $5 billion more for electricity over the 40 year life of the generation plant he voted against.

You see, he voted against building a high-tech clean burning coal fired generation plant, next to an existing clean burning coal fired plant. As the administrating judge at the corporation said, this expansion will save the ratepayers significant money over the many years to come.
Roth, will say it was too risky and the utilities shouldn’t be allowed to collect money for the plant before it is built. Again, this is not watching out for the ratepayers as the sooner the utilities could start collecting rates to pay for the plant, the less they would have to borrow and thus this would be less interest that rate payers would eventually have to pay. By the way, what is risky about a coal fired power plant? They have been used for a long time, and the new ones are much improved and much cleaner.

Three of the state’s utilities were going into an unusual partnership in building this expansion which would have saved the ratepayers $100 million dollars in construction costs alone rather than each of them having to build or buy separate facilities. It was estimated the utilities spent up to 50 million dollars in engineering and planning costs to get the project to a vote before the commission said no in a 2 to 1 vote. However, later on, Roth voted for a rate increase to allow the utilities to recover that cost.

Without the badly needed generation capacity, American Electric Power- PSO of Oklahoma was forced to ask for a rate increase to purchase 2 smaller natural gas generation plants. Roth voted for that rate increase. OG&E was forced to purchase a gas fired plant along with the GRDA, and Roth voted for that rate increase. Commissioner Bob Anthony, always the rate payer’s friend, refused to vote on that rate increase as a protest about the higher rates consumers were going to have pay for electricity in the future.

Then of course the popular thing to do today is to be in favor of wind generation as well as other renewable energy. So OG&E requested a huge rate increase to build wind farms in far Northwest Oklahoma and the transmission lines to get that electricity to the metropolitan areas or to be able to transmit that electricity to sell out of state.

Here is the dirty little secret about electricity generated from wind.
When the turbines are moving they are producing cheaper electricity.
Yet, all of the significant cost to those giant windmills and perhaps much of the cost for the transmission lines is a duplication or a doubling of the cost for infrastructure.
The reason is that wind is not a reliable source of electricity. On those brutally hot days of Summer, when there isn’t a whisper of a breeze and the demand for electricity is at peak load, we have to have enough TRADITIONAL generation capacity to provide the necessary electricity. These are high demand times when the wind produces little to nothing and we must pay twice for the generation capacity.

So the question must be asked, where has Jim Roth saved the consumers any money? I would suggest he has cost the ratepayers more and in the long run, much more. If that is the case, why would Mr. Slickster shaft the ratepayers as a commissioner then tell them he was watching out for them?

You might not have to go any further for that answer than to understand who it is, besides the homosexuals, that are supporting and funding his campaign. Raising huge sums of money for him are none other than multi-millionaires and billionaires such as Aubry McClendon, CEO of Chesapeake Energy, George Kaiser of Kaiser Oil and the Bank of Oklahoma, as well as Clay Bennett, married into the Gaylord family and managing partner of the new OKC Thunder NBA basketball team.

McClendon has spent millions in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas fighting the construction of generation plants which would use coal and therefore not buy gas to make electricity. I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to suspect his reason to oppose the coal fueled plants would be to force the utilities to build or buy gas fired plants of which he will be most happy to sell them all the gas they need. I actually want them to sell a lot of gas, but to power autos with, and not to make electricity. That would actually help to make us become less dependent on foreign oil.
One of Mike McCarville’s blogs recently revealed that according to e- mails which were made public in the Seattle trial to move the NBA Sonics to OKC, Jim Roth hinted at the close alliance he shares with McClendon. In a 2007 letter which he subsequently wrote to the sports editor of the Seattle times he said, "From the beginning, Clay and Aubrey initiated a genuine kindness and friendship toward my partner and me. They have publicly and consistently supported me, even pushing back when right-wing attacks have occurred."

It appears there is a close relationship between these powerful men and Roth, who certainly went to bat for them when the homosexual community in Seattle was attacking them while they were in the process of moving the team to Oklahoma.

Bottom line, I believe Roth is a puppet on a string for people that I believe want to control and use the regulatory power of government for their personal purposes. I also believe, if Roth wins, he will use this election as a launching pad to a future U.S. Senate race or perhaps Governor some day.

On the other hand, I believe Dana Murphy is honest, independent (can’t be bought), is supremely prepared as she has a degree in geology, law and was a hearing judge at the commission for several years. I also believe she wants to serve in this capacity with no intention to run for another office sometime in the future. I believe Dana will seek that delicate balance which is the best for the oil and gas industry and the consumers at the same time. That is the real job of a corporation commissioner. I urge folks to vote for Dana Murphy and support efficient and effective government for the benefit of all Oklahomans.

Charlie Meadows

Tuesday, October 14, 2008



Our speaker for this week’s meeting will be Amanda Teegarten from
Tulsa. Mrs. Teegarten is the chief researcher for Oklahoman’s For
Sovereignty and Free Enterprise (OK-SAFE). Besides attending, Amanda
was one of the speakers at the Freedom 21 Conference in Dallas a
couple of months ago. Amanda will give us a run-down on that important
conference. She has also researched the bail-out and if time permits
will reveal some of the "hidden Easter eggs" to someday be found in
the bail-out plan. A big thanks to Senator Jim Inhofe and
Representative Frank Lucas for voting against such a power grabbing

In addition, I will have proposals to make 2 changes to our by-laws as
well as consider another candidate for a contribution. We are
continuing to have more people join OCPAC which allows us some extra
money for distribution. By the way, our membership now stands at an
all time annual high of 199 dues paying members. If some of you
reading this would like to join to help put us over the 200 number,
please see the instructions at the end of the e-mail. Again, I want to
express my sincere appreciation for those supporting OCPAC.
Appreciation to so many people all over the state of Oklahoma. I am
told all the time by lawmakers as well as candidates that we are
making a conservative difference in Oklahoma.

Two weeks ago Sunday, 33 pastors spread out across THESE United States
of America, stood in their pulpits and did something pastors used to
do an a regular basis at this time of the year. They preached what
used to be called "election sermons", that is before an activist U.S.
Supreme Court found a mythical clause in the Constitution or Bill of
Rights called "separation of church and state."

I don’t know who they all were but locally Pastor Paul Blair of
Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond stood tall in his pulpit and
informed his congregation. The Oklahoman reported on the sermon as
well as the CBS affiliate in OKC, which is Channel 9. All of these
pastors sent copies of their sermons to the ACLU, the IRS, The People
for The "UN"-American (emphases mine) Way and Americans United for a
Separation of Church and State. With the Alliance Defense Fund, a high
powered Christian Civil Liberties group of attorneys standing next to
them, they are ready to stand up for free speech as well Christian

Of course not all agree with their tactics. I saw on the News 9 early
morning show this past week a brief interview with the pastor of
Northwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City take issue with Pastor
Blair’s tactics. In the interest of full disclosure Northwest Baptist
was the church I attended the most as a child growing up in OKC. While
I don’t know the young pastor of today, I suspect he is exceedingly
ignorant of our nation’s heritage as well as poorly qualified to take
scriptural truths or Biblical principles and translate them into
public policy.

I am suggesting that I too was a pastor in that same mind set about 25
years ago, before I was awakened to the fact that the political
process is just another arena of spiritual warfare in which to be
engaged. The pastor had such a "sweet sweet" smile as he suggested
that such activities wouldn’t good as someone might make a mistake in
endorsing someone who later turned out not to be as good as first

Hopefully someone will get him a copy of David Barton’s DVD called,
If the Clergy, prior to our war of Independence, was anything like this young pastor,
we would all still be sending our taxes to England and we would be un-
armed while speaking a funny version of English.

I want to commend Pastor Blair and others like him for standing tall,
not being afraid to be relevant in the public square. During this
election season, they are the ones being salt and light in a society
that seriously needs Christians to display some leadership and

This past week U.S. Representative Dan Boren, representing much of the
Southeastern and Eastern part of Oklahoma, called for another stimulus
plan which included money for roads and bridges. Did you ever wonder
why Boren and others of his ilk, just want to keep printing ever more
paper currency to turn loose into the economy? (To buy votes of

I agree that we need to spend more on roads and bridges, but here is
my question. Congressman Boren, wouldn’t it be better to stop
diverting about 30% of the funds collected at the gas pumps to
expenditures other than improving our roads and bridges? Currently the
diverted funds pay for highway enhancement projects, hiking trails and
bike lanes. And of course don’t forget the financial losers known as
mass transit and Amtrack.

Congressman Boren, if you just can’t keep from wasting our badly
needed funds on the previously mentioned expenditures, then why don’t
you sponsor legislation to increase the fuel fee on diesel and
gasoline. Wouldn’t it be better to collect real money for those
projects rather than print ever more paper dollars and put them into
circulation? Folks, if you want to know why prices keep climbing, it
is because of the kinds of actions Boren is proposing. Inflation is
caused by expanding our money supply.

Many Americans have perked up about what is going on in the economy.
Last week the leader of France called for a new world order. Others
have called for a global central bank and a global currency. The
leaders and central bankers from 7 of the G8 nations met to discuss
moving in unity to solve the financial risks. Others have been
forthcoming by saying this "crisis" has been brought upon us by man
made policies. England has moved to nationalize most of its banks, and
that is what is starting to happen here in this country.

The John Birch Society has been warning for 50 years now that there
are individuals as well as organizations within our own nation who are
dedicated to destroying our national sovereignty and merging us into a
one world global socialist society. Over the past 3 weeks or so we
have seen enormous steps toward that end take place in this country as
well as around the world. In the midst of throwing around hundreds of
billions of dollars, the establishment is also busy using this crisis
toward defining and implementing the framework for the heaviest amount
of "central planning" that this nation has ever experienced.

One of the really bright spots we learned while attending the recent
Birch Society’s 50th Anniversary is that the Society has had 3,000
new members join in the past 4 months. I predict, should Obama win the
election, that number will continue to increase as educated people
will be able to discern how much of a Marxist, Socialist and Liberal
Obama actually happens to be.

For the poll question, do you think the man made financial crisis came
about under the accidental view of history or the conspiratorial view
of history? Please log on to to register your
opinions. Do you think knowing the truth of that question is

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows

Monday, October 6, 2008



Our first speaker will be Jim Heightmeyer, Republican candidate for the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s position. I have believed for a long time that Sheriff Wetsel, a Democrat, is a significant part of the problem with county government. It will be good to meet Mr.
Heightmeyer to see where he stands on issues.

We will also have Mr. Eric Brauer speak to us about the culture war and what we need to do as activists in this great conflict to re-claim our nation and Western culture. Eric has published a small book regarding these affairs and will have copies available for distribution.


I must keep this e-mail short as I returned late last night from a 5 day trip to Appleton Wisconsin where Linda and I attended an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the John Birch Society.

In that regard, the Oklahoma City Business and Professional chapter of the Birch Society will have their regular monthly meeting this Wednesday morning at the Character First Training Center, 520 West Main in downtown OKC. Breakfast is served at 7:00 a.m. with the program beginning at 7:30. Several of the 20 or so folks from Oklahoma who attended the 50th event will be speaking in a round table setting about the content of the 3 day conference. I urge folks to attend if possible as the information learned was important as well as exciting.

With over 30 speakers it was impossible to hear everyone but I really enjoyed hearing Samuel L. Blumenfield, an infrequent contributor to Perspectives, published by the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA). Mr. Blumenfeld was the author of NEA TROJAN HORSE IN AMERICAN EDUCATION, published in 1985. If you could only read one book to understand what has gone wrong in with the government schools it should be Mr. Blumenfield’s book.

I also got to renew my acquaintance with the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, a fearless black pastor who appears frequently on Hannity and Combs as well as many other high profile TV programs. The Reverend Peterson, dubbed as the other "Jesse" by our good friend Dr. Izzy Lyman, is the other side of the coin from those I believe to be race baiting hate mongers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others.

One of the break out sessions I was most impressed with was titled INNOCENTS BETRAYED by Aaron Zelman, founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms. I purchased a copy of the DVD he produced and will be showing it sometime in the future at an OCPAC meeting. I also really enjoyed meeting and hearing Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America (GOA). Years ago I dropped my membership in the NRA as I believe they have compromised far too many times on second amendment issues. In my opinion the GOA is the far better guardian of the second amendment. That is not to say the NRA has not done some good, I just don’t prefer compromised mixtures.

I heard many other exceptional speakers, but I really enjoyed getting to hear Chuck Baldwin, presidential candidate for the Constitution Party who was the key-note speaker on Friday night. Then of course U.S. Representative Ron Paul was our key note speaker on Saturday evening.
When it comes to the economy, the federal reserve and our banking system, Ron Paul has been the one person in elected office who has had it correct more than anyone else. Too bad Republican syncopates turned against Congress Paul without giving him a fair hearing. As I said in the past, though I struggled with some of Dr. Paul’s foreign policy (much less now than I did then) I believed he was far and away the best candidate to contend with the forces WITHIN our nation who would destroy us with unsound economic policies, and a globalist agenda.

One other note, while there, we had time to tour the air museum in Oshkosh Wisconsin which is home to the world’s largest and most prestigious "fly in." They have one of the few remaining world war 2 war birds, the P-38 in their museum. My dad was a P-38 pilot and flew
49 missions toward the end of the war in the Pacific theater. He accompanied us on the trip and it was an exciting opportunity to take some pictures of him standing next to such a famous war plane.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday for lunch and hopefully breakfast as well.

Charlie Meadows

Monday, September 29, 2008



We will change pace a little this week with State Representative Jason Murphey (R-Guthrie) as our speaker. Following the massacre of over 30 people on the Virginia Tech campus, a group of students and perhaps faculty formed an organization to work toward allowing students and faculty to have concealed weapons while on campus and in the classrooms.

As a result of Representative Murphey’s efforts to pass such legislation in Oklahoma during this year’s session, they invited him to speak at the National Press Club in Washington D.C. about 2 months ago. Representative Murphey will show the DVD of his speech and then answer any questions about these kinds of efforts as well as reveal possible legislation for the 2009 session. This should be a most interesting meeting.

Representative Murphey won the freshman lawmaker of the year award from OCPAC over the past 2 years. He currently is the only lawmaker in the entire legislature with a perfect score of 100 on the Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper’s Conservative Index. This year, he was also recognized as the lawmaker of the year by the Oklahoma Rifle Association, an affiliate of the NRA.

Another interesting point about Representative Murphey is his CONVICTION not to receive any contributions from a special interest PAC which employs a lobbyist. He won’t even let a lobbyist buy him lunch. He also believes lawmaker pay should be tied to the average pay of all Oklahomans. To that end, he continues to honor his pledge to donate the difference from his pay and that of the average Oklahoman’s (about $8,000) to the Crossroads pro-life and health ministry in Guthrie. With his considerable energies, Representative Murphey runs a web business and works a part time job on the side to support his wife and 2 children.

The Democrats recruited a radical feminist lawyer to run against him this year and now is when we will see if the friends and constituents of Representative Murphey will step up to the plate and provide the necessary funds for him to have a successful campaign?

To that end, a group of supporters are hosting a banquet at the Club House of the Cimarron National Golf and Country Club, about 1 mile West of Guthrie on highway 33. The cost is only $15 per person which will feature a large Hors d’oeuvres Buffet starting at 7:00 p.m. on Friday evening, October 10th. Introducing Representative Murphey will be newly elected National Committeeman James Dunn, from Luther, Oklahoma. To RSVP, please contact Mary Scarberry, Home: (405) 324-2018, Cell (405) 464-5847 or Tracy Flury (405) 315-1720. The supporters are covering the overhead, so the entire $15 dollars will go to Jason’s campaign. There will be a donation table for those wishing to contribute more.

Long time OCPAC member Bob Anderson passed away about 3 weeks ago. Bob was a retired Colonel in the U.S. Air Force who served our nation with dignity and honor. After his time in Viet Nam, he returned to the states and flew about a year and a half with the famed Thunderbirds.
Bob, along with George Harper was the co-founder of citizens against pornography, which later became Oklahomans for Children and Families, before that organization was rolled into the Oklahoma Family Policy Council. Bob had a lot to do with moving the folks that met every Wednesday for lunch and debate to the organization known today as OCPAC. Prior to his attending our debating society, we had resisted people who wanted to activate us for political purposes. He was also a tireless champion for school choice. We will miss Bob, as we all had a great deal of respect for him.

A few months ago, Miriam Donnell passed away after a long struggle with breathing difficulties. For several years Miriam and her husband Bill attended almost every OCPAC meeting, even after the level of difficulty increased as they each had to start carrying oxygen bottles with them everywhere they went. Miriam was concerned about the issues facing us today and was a long time supporter of OCPAC. I was always encouraged by her personal support for my efforts. When I think about how Miriam cared about the future of this nation and her commitment to learning and taking a stand, it makes me want to be less tolerant of people who say it doesn’t matter, nothing will change or they just don’t care. If everyone put out the effort under difficult circumstances like Miriam did, things would be much better in Oklahoma as well as America. We miss you Miriam, you were a great American.

Unless you are an absolute cave dweller, you know by now that the current media and political buzz is about the "severe" financial crisis facing us and the supposed need to "bail out" the financial sector in our nation. I have read and heard many commentaries from the "so called experts" on the subject and thought, why not give it a shot of my own?

We are bing told by the administration and others that if we don’t act fast and decisively to infuse hundreds of billions of dollars into our troubled financial and real-estate markets we could be looking at a serious recession, or perhaps even a depression. We are told this would inflict a great deal of damage, pain and suffering upon American businesses as well as the citizens of this nation.

I don’t want to downplay that notion, as it could happen. However, the degree of suffering is purely speculation at this point. There is a counter movement of people through out the nation that disagree with the "sky is falling" crowd and want to keep government out of the bail out business and let the market place sort it all out.

I would suggest it is imperative we understand what brought us to this point before we go head long into fixing the problem. If not, the fix could become worse than the problem. The federal government has been fixing situations in a big way over the past few years and what are the results? On September 30 (end of the fiscal year) of 1982 we were ONE trillion dollars in debt which covered the first 206 years of this nations existence (1776 to 1982). We will know by October 8th, but my prediction is that we will now be around TEN trillion dollars in debt, just 26 years later. I lay the blame for our problems squarely on the CITIZENS of America and at the feet of what I will call the "GREEDY money manipulators." The citizens, because in our system of government which is a representative Republic, we the people are ultimately responsible for every thing that goes on in government.

Let me say, I have no problem with people creating wealth and a lot of it. I believe God has gifted some people with such an ability, though I also believe it is His intentions for those to be generous with the wealth they create. As usual, my issue is whether or not such wealth is obtained in a moral and honest fashion. We will all answer to God for how we have stewarded the talents and wealth with which he has intrusted us.

Let me define greedy, something Neal Bortz challenges people who use the word to do. According to Noah Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, greedy is defined as: Having a keen desire of any thing; eager to obtain; as greedy of gain.

To the humanist culture which influences much in America today, that definition won’t seem so bad. However, there are numerous references in God’s Word to greed and they are all bad. You might want to look them up for yourself.

I would suggest greed is an ATTITUDE and a MOTIVATIONAL force that fails to be satisfied with honest growth and gain or that which would be the provisions of God’s blessings. The greedy will put a much higher priority upon their lust to obtain rather than build a relationship with God. Therefore, the greedy are willing to push the limits of morality, sound principles and perhaps the law to obtain ever more. The greedy are capable of using falsehoods, flattery and manipulation to obtain their gain while lacking kindness, love or respect for others.

With the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913 we set the stage for a system which could eventually manipulate the economy for the purposes of the greedy (the definitive book is Creature from Jeckel Island by Edward Griffin). We had not had a central bank in America since Andrew Jackson was President in the 1830s as he refused to renew the charter for a national bank which was his pledge during his campaign. The creation of a new bank was a high priority for the money manipulators so it came up again in 1913.

Leading up to 1913 the naive were told a central bank would bring stability to the economy and protect depositors from panics and runs on the banks. How has the Fed performed since 1913? Not so good, as we have seen about a dozen recessions, one great depression and intermittent cycles of inflation which have increased the costs of all items and wages many multiples of times. And now, the people who brought us to the crisis of today are also the same people who are telling us what we need to do to get out of this mess. Do you feel confident now?

We now use fiat currency which we call dollars but are actually Federal Reserve notes. I like to call them Federal Reserve green stamps. We no longer use gold or silver for money as is called for in the Constitution. There is nothing of any value backing our currency, other than the full faith and credit of the United States Government.

A government which is now only 10 Trillion dollars in debt. We practice fractional reserve banking. In the equity markets, we have allowed the money manipulators to set up schemes for ever greater gains called derivatives, hedge funds and we even allow people to sell property (stock) they don’t even own. It is call "short selling." Many people have become rich by manipulating money rather than creating wealth (taking raw products and turning them into usable consumer goods or providing important or vital services).

We have allowed the politicians to regulate the financial market place by demanding financial institutions make loans (community redevelopment act) on a racial or poverty quota system rather than on sound credit ratings. We would call that an excess of regulation, not a lack of regulation. In other cases we have removed the protections which kept bond rating entities from becoming entangled with conflicts of interest for the entities they were supposed to be rating. In past years we have seen some of the largest and oldest accounting firms become compromised. We have seen government regulators or accounting examiners have their hands tied by politicians who desire to be seen as caring for the people, while they may have actually been covering for the actions of the greedy or simply seeking political gain.

However, the biggest problem we face today is an attitude most Americans have. That attitude believes that it is the responsibility of the government to provide for a robust economy as well as provide for the needs of the people. Please pay close attention. If you want to live in a socialist or fascist society then it IS the responsibility of government to control the economy and it WILL BE the responsibility of government to solve our problems and bail us out of financial calamities as well as provide for our needs.

However, if you believe in a free market economy as envisioned by our Founding Fathers, then we must look for every opportunity to return us to a market driven economy. A society where people are responsible for their own well being. In such a society, when people need help as they will from time to time, that help must come from family, friends, civic organizations and religious institutions, NOT government.

America is not bullet proof. Only a fool, ignorant of history, would believe in our invincibility as many great nations and empires of the past have fallen into the dust bin of oblivion. The attitude that it is the government’s responsibility to meet our needs is a sure path to fiscal collapse, simply given enough time.

All economies are ultimately driven by consumer demand. In a free market economy, if too many citizens take on too much in obligations, they pull back for a while and a slow down occurs. When the pressure if off, they begin to purchase again, either by cash or with debt, and the economy expands again. This is as natural as people breathing in and out. The slow downs are corrections of the excesses. If the excesses were too severe, the slow downs could become recessions.

Politicians don’t want to lose their jobs or their wealth, so when slowdowns occur, they begin to try and manipulate the economy. The longer and more aggressive they manipulate the economy, the more severe the correction will become, once the correction finally overpowers the manipulations. God’s economical principles cannot be violated forever. They will eventually overpower any manipulations we try to enact.

This may be very close to the situation we face today. The bail out as proposed or a compromise that will soon come about are nothing more than more manipulations. Will they work? Maybe and maybe not. If they do work and we don’t have a long range plan to gradually work our way back to sound economic principles, then the next crisis will only be more threatening. I would actually support some kind of a bail out if we could begin on a long term path to return us to limited government and a free market economy. However, I see no evidence of that in any of the plans at this time.

Congressman Lucas said we must do something as he didn’t want to see the nation suffer the way people in Oklahoma did with the bust of the 80s. He indicated it took up to 15 years in some areas of Oklahoma to regain the property values lost in the bust. However, I am not so sure we didn’t learn some important lessons in Oklahoma that the rest of the nation might need to learn at this time.

After all, we have had a robust economy in Oklahoma for several years now, but our lending institutions haven’t made massive numbers of bad loans. We have also avoided the hyper-price increases affecting the costs of properties. Could that all be because we learned our lessons from the correction of the 80s? We haven’t closed a bank in Oklahoma in quite a long time, after closing around 50 banks and S&Ls in the 80s. Did people feel pain during the 80s? Yes, but we may be the better for it now.

Bottom line. Contact your U.S. Senators and Representatives once we know the particulars of the plan and then tell then what you want them to do. As for me, if there isn’t significant reforms and a move away from an ever growing federal government, I will be opposed to the plan. Please log on to the OCPAC blog and register your opinion as to whether or not the feds should go farther into the manipulations of the economy.

Don’t miss this Wednesday’s meeting or you will be sorry you did.

Charlie Meadows

Tuesday, September 23, 2008



I want to encourage as many of our dues paying members as possible to attend the meeting this week as we will have a time of discussion on the house candidates that appeared before us, then vote to determine which ones we will support. We have seen at least one bad candidate, some good candidates in tough races and some very good candidates who have an excellent chance of winning if they have the resources to mount a quality campaign. Therefore, don’t miss this week’s meeting if at all possible.


Last week I mentioned 50 organizations in the U.S. and Canada were asking their members to contact their personal U.S. Representative or member of Parliament with a request to oppose any effort to create a North American Union, to protect each nation’s sovereignty and to serve the Constitutions of which they swore an oath to up-hold. In Congress that would mean to become a co-sponsor of HCR 40, by Virgil Goode (R-Virginia).

I called Representatives Fallin and Cole’s offices on Wednesday morning (Constitution Day) with my requests. I was told by Cole’s office that they would call me back, but haven’t heard from them as yet. By the time I got home Wednesday evening and got on line, I had an e-mail from Representative Fallin’s office that she would become a co-sponsor of HCR 40 along with Representatives John Sullivan of Tulsa and Frank Lucas of Northwestern Oklahoma.
Sources tell me both Representative Fallin and Cole are considering a run for Governor in 2010. I will suggest, if that happens, conservatives will remember it was Mary Fallin that was willing to stand up for our nation, and once again, Tom Cole must be hiding somewhere under a rock rather than provide just a little leadership.

The same as he has done on the FAIR TAX, as he is the only Congressman in Oklahoma not to sign on as a co-sponsor of the Fair Tax. Thanks Mary Fallin, and thanks OCPAC members and friends for making your calls.


A group of Republican volunteers have secured a headquarters in Edmond, located at 426 East Second St. across the street from the University of Central Oklahoma. This is a great place to pick up signs and other materials for various campaigns. They need more volunteers to help work 2 hour shifts from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on weekdays and from 10 until 2 on Saturdays. This is a real service and a great opportunity to meet some of your fellow Republicans. If you can help, please contact Janet Black at (405)
341-4086 or by e-mail,

This Saturday, September 27th there will be a live nation wide simulcast featuring Dr. Dale Tackett, presenter of THE TRUTH PROJECT. This will held from 8:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. at 2 locations in central Oklahoma. Mid-America Christian University, 3500 Southwest 119th Street in far Southwest OKC and Faith Bible Church, 600 North Coltrane in Edmond. It will also be presented in Tulsa, Altus, Alva, Hopetown, Seminole and Tahlequah. For those locations, log on to For ticket information log on to
I believe the cost is $119 for one person to attend and another $35 for a spouse to attend. The price does include the 13 hour DVD series.

Again, I can’t say enough about this world class presentation, not only as far as its production quality, but also its content. If you can attend I am sure it will be well worth it.

Sunday, September 28th there will be a REAL I.D. EDUCATION FORUM featuring State Representative Charles Key, OCPAC Vice Chairman Richard Engle and Mark Lerner from Missouri. Mr. Lerner is arguably the nations foremost authority on the issue. The time will be from 4 until 8:00 p.m with a catered meal being served at 6:00 p.m.

The location will be the Character First Training Institute, 520 West Main in downtown OKC. If you want to eat (the meal and beverage is $12), you must R.S.V.P. by September 25th. Please contact Kaye Beach at (405) 818-3224 or by e-mail,
There are far too many American who are "deaf, dumb and ignorant"
regarding this important issue, especially Christians. This is not about safety, but rather an international I.D. for EVERYONE.

For more information log on to

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows

Thursday, September 18, 2008


This will be our last week of interviewing candidates. Invited to appear are Mike Sanders of Dover, winner of the district 59 primary run-off race. Another winner of a primary run-off was Harold Wright from Weatherford. Mr. Wright won his primary run-off race by 8 votes. There was a recount with only a 1 vote change. Also invited is Dan Gambil of Elk City. Not invited was Jay Matlock of Tulsa. When he filed for office he didn’t include his zip code with his address and when I tried to call him, there was no phone listing for him at his address. There always seems to be a least one candidate like this in every election cycle. Kind of makes one wonder why they even go to the trouble of filing.

About 3 weeks ago former State Representative Thad Balkman (defeated 2 years ago by Wallace Collins) had a letter published in the Oklahoman titled "Resorting to smutty politics." Balkman attacked World Net Daily reporter and author Jerome Corsi by suggesting his latest book, OBAMA NATION, was ANOTHER work of fiction.

As a point of interest, while in a motel on the way back from our recent trip to Colorado, I was flipping through the channels and saw Jerome Corsi on the TV talk show, Larry King - barely aLive. Dr. Corsi was in a debate with the head of the ultra liberal disinformation organization, called Media Matters which I believe is associated with the move group. They were in a heated debate about Corsi’s new book. It appeared the most controversial thing in the book was Corsi’s claim that OBAMA had been registered by his step-father as a Muslim while attending school in Indonesia. Therefore Obama’s claim that he has never been a Muslim was incorrect, though Corsi acknowledged Obama is a Christian now.

The fellow from media matters never could dispute any of Corsi’s claims but only attacked Corsi by name calling and making innuendos, much like Balkman has done. I haven’t read Corsi’s book and I rather doubt Balkman has either. However, I understand Corsi’s book has 30 pages of foot notes to document his claims. Part of Balkman’s letter states: "Corsi is a smear artist who’s unfairly maligned people’s reputations on the political right and left alike. He’s advocated various deceptive and frankly delirious ‘North American Union’ and 9/11 conspiracy theories and has associated with white supremacists." I would sure like to see Balkman come up with ANY evidence of the "white supremacists" claim.

Me thinks Balkman may have paid too much attention to the Media Matters fellow. Balkman went on to suggest: "voters in Oklahoma should know better than to buy Corsi’s piffle; just last year Corsi attempted to undermine the 100 Ideas Initiative by claiming that a meeting the initiative sponsored together with TRUST was really a ruse to promote the North American Union and a superhighway..."

I would suggest that since Balkman was the point man for former Speaker Lance Cargill’s 100 Ideas Initiative, we may have discovered the real rub with Corsi. Balkman is correct in saying that Corsi went after Cargill’s 100 Ideas program and Balkman would be technically correct to say the 100 Ideas program didn’t endorse the agenda of using Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) as the means of building multi-modal transportation corridors. Cargill and Balkman’s initiative did however help sponsor a presentation by Robert W. Poole Jr, Director of Transportation Studies with the Reason Foundation.

I attended the presentation and Poole was a huge proponent of the PPPs as a means of financing and building roads such as is going on with the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) which is commonly referred to at the NAFTA Superhighway. That road is under construction today and is headed toward Oklahoma, with likely intentions to run parallel on the East side of I-35 through Oklahoma, on its way to Kansas and eventually on to Canada.

As I have stated in the past, the I-35 corridor, or NAFTA Super Highway, is the main corridor of an intended 80 independent but interconnected corridors to run throughout Mexico, the United States and Canada. These corridors are like the cardiovascular system needed to create a North American Union. Due to the fine efforts of Jerome Corsi, The John Birch Society, Eagle Forum, the Freedom 21 Coalition, the Selous Foundation, World Net Daily and many others, the opposition to the creation of a North American Union is enormous and continues to grow.
Too bad Balkman doesn’t have a better knowledge of history and how the 50 year process to create the European Union came about. The Birch Society has done a superb job of chronicling the step by step process which created the EU. It all came about through trade agreements, incrementally increasing the scope of control and eventual loss of sovereignty the various member states of the EU are now experiencing. The NAFTA trade agreement along with the Central American Trade Agreement (CAFTA) are all steps on the way to the desired plum known as the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA).

Too bad Balkman is so worried about "delirious" conspiracy theories that he lacks the discernment to recognize the peril of the actions taken by President Bush along with former President Fox of Mexico and former Prime Minister Martin of Canada in March of 2005 at Crawford Texas. As a result of their meeting they agreed to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). The thoughts of being secure and prosperous through a partnership sure sound good, but the words are superficial and for consumption by the great un-washed.

There are approximately 25 non governmental organizations (NGOs) such as the North American Super Corridor Organization (NASCO) working like busy little bees in the 3 countries to implement the working parts of a merged union. If Balkman would do a little research, with an open mind, and read the quotes of the proponents of the "open borders crowd" and the globalists, he just might be able to put the rather obvious pieces of the puzzle together. I think he could as he really is a smart fellow, assuming his nose isn’t bent too far out of shape by Corsi’s thump of the 100 ideas program he was running.

About 10 days ago, Senator Brogdon (R-Owasso) answered Balkman’s letter with one titled "Threat to Sovereignty." Senator Brogdon wrote in part: "Balkman described Corsi and other opponents of the NAU as someone believing in ‘delirious’ conspiracy theories and associating with white supremacists. Balkman should know that U.S. Reps. John Sullivan and Frank Lucas, along with 50 other members of Congress, have co-authored HCR 40 denouncing any U.S. involvement in the NAU. I’m quite sure that all 50 co-authors must believe there is a big enough threat to our sovereignty to try and stop any involvement in the NAU. I’m also confident that the members of Congress don’t believe in delirious conspiracy theories, nor do they associate with white supremacists."

Brogdon finished by saying: "The facts are there for anyone who’s interested: The North American Union is another piece of the puzzle designed to help support a global agenda. Although the "100 Ideas" may be a fine effort, the best idea for Oklahoma is to support Americanism."

With the thought in mind of supporting Americanism rather than the globalist agenda known as the North American Union, may I suggest everyone reading this e-mail make a phone call today, Tuesday the 16th to your personal U.S. Representative. The reason for today? The American Policy Center ( has organized 50 different organizations to have their members call their personal Congress in the U.S. and their members of Parliament in Canada. The calls should urge these elected officials to: 1) Stop the Efforts to create a North American Union, 2) Protect our nation’s independence and sovereignty, and 3) to serve the Constitution they were elected to protect.

You should specifically ask them to co-sponsor HCR 40. This is a bill offered in Congress by Virginia Representative Virgil Good calling for Congress to oppose the NAU and the NAFTA Super Highway. If calling Representative John Sullivan, covering the Tulsa area, or Frank Lucas, covering North central and North West Oklahoma, please thank them for their support. The ones who need to be contacted to co-sponsor HCR 40 are Mary Fallin, Tom Cole and Dan Boren. I will list their local office phone numbers. Representative Fallin: (405) 234-9900. Representative Tom Cole: Norman (405) 329-6500, Lawton (580) 357-2131, Ada (580) 436-5375. Representative Dan Boren only has his Washington office listed in the Oklahoma Almanac. His number is (202) 225-2701.

As I have said before, I will never ask folks to make calls if it is not important. This is important, so I urge folks to take a couple of minutes to make your call. It is a great way to stand up for the sovereignty of our nation and only 1 day before the anniversary of the signing of our Constitution which occurred on September 17th, 219 years ago.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Tuesday, September 9, 2008




The Republican candidates invited to appear this week are Pat Ownbey of Ardmore, Corey Holland of Marlow, Jay K Ramey of Tulsa and Mike Christian of South Central OKC. In addition, Jason Nelson has re-scheduled for this Wednesday from last week. This is our next to the last week for interviewing candidates. We will vote to determine which ones we support on September 24th. The poll question for the week is: do you think the U.S. Constitution is outdated? Please log on to the OCPAC blog site to register your opinion, –


OKC AREA The business and professional chapter of the John Birch Society will resume their monthly meetings (second Wednesday of each month) after a summer break. We start with breakfast at 7:00 and the meeting starts at 7:30 a.m. with the location being the Character First Training Center, 520 West Main in downtown OKC. District Judge William (Bill) Graves will be speaking on the U.S. Constitution in celebration of Constitution Day which is September 17th. Judge Graves served over 20 years in the legislature before being elected two years ago to the bench in the OKC area. He is considered one of the foremost authorities in Oklahoma with regard to the Constitution. Set your alarm early and come hear Judge Graves. This will be a great way to celebrate and honor the signing of that great document, which happened on September 17th 1789. It was then sent to the states for ratification.

– NORTH OKC, EDMOND & LOGAN COUNTY Bruce Delay, pastor and popular radio talk show host in the Tulsa area will be speaking at the Bethel Congregational Church, 2131 NW 234th st. (same as Sorghum Mill in Edmond). This is 1 mile South of Waterloo Road on North Penn. Pastor Delay has been going to the U.S.- Mexican border once a year for the past 15 years and has seen the situation change dramatically. Mr. Delay just returned from a trip to Cochise County Arizona last month and will have a power point presentation with information on the Federal Government’s fence, first-hand input from border residents, amazing local stories and a Biblical perspective on this issue. There will also be time for Q&A. If you do not understand the seriousness of what is actually happening, an invasion of illegal aliens along with the drugs, gangs and crimes associated with such, then you will want to make every effort to attend this meeting. There is no cost and it is open to the public. For more information, call Darryl Hay at (405) 348-6843.


Most astute Republicans had observed the passionate and loyal following of supporters that OBAMA has attracted over the past year of the election process. Nine out of 10 of those supporters can’t point to a single policy accomplishment Obama has produced but it doesn’t matter because they BELIEVE in him. That support is defined as a “personality CULT following.”

I believe something similar is happening with the selection of Sarah Palin as McCain’s running mate. Though Palin certainly has more experience, especially from an executive perspective, than Obama and she does have some policy record, I don’t think much of that matters with many in the Republican party. Don’t get me wrong, of all those McCain was considering, I believe he chose the most conservative candidate and made the best choice possible for the purpose of winning. I also believe she has a social conservative ideology. As I expressed last week I am not sure about her fiscal policy conservatism.

However, I can say this, based on a proclamation in February of this year, she is very naive about the United Nations and thus foreign policy. Let me explain by providing the proclamation:

WHEREAS, the Alaska Model United Nations has provided important educational and international opportunities to Alaska students for 23 years.

WHEREAS, the Alaska Model United Nations serves as a simulation of the United Nations and has, as its purposes, the same high goals:

“To maintain international peace and security...” “To develop friendly relations among nations...” “To achieve international cooperation...” “To be a center for harmonizing the actions of nations in the attainment of these common ends.”

WHEREAS, the University of Alaska Anchorage, UNA/USA Alaska chapter, the Alaska World Affairs Council, and the Anchorage Consular Corps are cooperating to make this an important international experience available to Alaska’s youths.

NOW, THEREFORE, I Sarah Palin, Governor of the state of Alaska, do hereby proclaim February 21-23, 2008 as:

Alaska Model United Nations Days

in Alaska, and urge all citizens to acknowledge the outstanding work done by the various student organizations in order to have peace and harmony in the world.

Dated: February 6, 2008

If Governor Palin really believes this pablum about the United Nations and its purposes we are really in trouble. One can only hope someone can get some information into her hands about the UN and its real purposes as designed by its founders. Those purposes are still the UN goals of today. Basically, that is to become the seat of a one world, globalist, socialist, and central planned government. Over the years, there have been many books and articles written about the UN and its agenda. I suggest one of the best being the book written in 2001, THE UNITED NATIONS EXPOSED by William F. Jasper. Unfortunately, you probably won’t find this in a government run library or a main stream corporate book store.

This election will be more about the turn-out of voters who might best be described as personality cult followers or personality groupies than about issues. The Democrats have their rock star in Obama and we Republicans have our new rock star in Palin. She gave a fine speech, with right jabs to Obama’s jaw with a few right crosses and uppercuts, all the while smiling right along. Her right jab to the media and the ensuring chant “CBS” has set some in the media rocking on their heals.

I know that expressing concerns about Palin will cause me a lot of grief among Republicans as anything but almost worship of the McCain - Palin ticket will be seen by some as heresy. However, please pay close attention. If they win, Sarah will be the heir apparent to run for President when McCain is finished. By the time that occurs, one can only hope her maverick label will have pointed her toward being a solid social, fiscal and foreign policy conservative. Yet, Washington will try to pull her the other direction. Unfortunately, too many voting Republicans will never know the difference or even care.


This past week I was disturbed to find out the Oklahoma Republican party had done little if anything to help the Republican candidate from Ponca City, Brent Colle. Mr. Colle wasn’t complaining but I pressed him to find out what the party had done for him. Mr. Colle, 52 years of age has politically attractive credentials, 2 college degrees and recently retired as an engineer and trainer from Conoco-Phillips. He is a member of the chamber of commerce and narrowly lost a city council race in a run-off. He is conservative and is working hard knocking doors, but why no help from the party?

This was a seat held by Republicans until 2 years ago and still no help from the party? It really made me mad to receive a fund raising request from the party this past week as I am wondering what are they doing with all the funds they are raising? Mr. Colle isn’t the only good candidate we have seen this election cycle who had not received any help from the party, at least as of the time they appeared at OCPAC. While I can’t guarantee that our members will vote to support Mr. Colle, I will be surprised if we do not. While the final leg of our process will take a couple of weeks to finish, we have already sent thousands of dollars to other candidates, so they could use or know what to count on for their campaigns.

I have said this before and I will say it again. If you are a conservative and more concerned with electing conservative Republicans, rather than just a candidate with an “R” by his or her name, then may I suggest joining with us at OCPAC. Almost every penny of your dues will go to conservative candidates or a small portion may be used for our accountability efforts. Everyone at OCPAC is a volunteer and therefore none of your membership dues are siphoned off to pay salaries.

If you have thought about joining and just have not done so as yet, please consider doing so now. We want to have in hand most of our money for this election cycle by September 24th so we can support several of these fine candidates we have seen running for house seats. We have now surpassed our all time high of 190 dues paying members in a year and I would really like to exceed the 200 member mark. We just need 7 more members to do so. Instructions for joining will follow my sign off. Thanks again to everyone for your support and confidence in our efforts.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows