Friday, October 29, 2010


Part 1, which I sent out a couple of weeks ago, dealt with the state
questions which totally fill the back side of the ballot. Everyone
gets to vote on the state wide candidates, however, OCPAC is a
statewide organization with members and readers all over the state.
Therefore, when it comes to local candidates, I will try to identify
the district and it will be up to the readers to know if they are in
that district. I will only comment on candidates in which I have some
level of information. Again, these are just my opinions, some folks
may have information that I don’t and thus they may disagree, which is
fine. Please feel free to forward these to your friends. Regardless of
who wins, people we elect must be held accountable for how they
govern. I would urge folks who don’t directly get the weekly e-mail
from OCPAC to send me ( ) your name and e-
mail address so I can put you on our list. Just put the word add in
the subject bar. I will do my best to keep you up to date with what is
going on in Oklahoma politics, government and the culture.


GOVERNOR - MARY FALLIN As a Brogdon supporter, I was deeply
disappointed with the primary outcome, however, this in not a
difficult decision. If people will use reason rather than react
emotionally, they should know that Mary Fallin, as the next Governor,
will sign many pieces of legislation that Askins would likely veto. On
top of that, Mary will make about 2,000 appointments to boards, trusts
and places of authority. Mary’s appointments are far more likely to be
conservatives than those of Askins.

LT. GOVERNOR - TODD LAMB My preference was John Wright during the
primaries, however Senator Lamb did well in the interview process and
our members voted after the primary to support Todd. Todd will be much
better than “Kenny” (the nickname given by some of his constituents)
Corn, the term limited Democrat Senator from Poteau. Corn sold his
soul to the education industry and welfare state when he first took
office 12 years ago at the age of 22. If Todd will work for the
elimination of corporate, personal income, franchise and capital gains
taxes rather than promote corporate welfare, he will be a great Lt.
Governor and probably go on to run for Governor in 4 or 8 years. If
not, he will just be another puppet for the powerful central planners
who have way too much influence upon the state.

AUDITOR & INSPECTOR - GARY JONES As the 3 time former Chairman of
the Republican party, Gary injected himself into so many of the inner
party squabbles between the various factions in the party that he has
those who love him and those who can’t stand him. Gary has made me
plenty mad at times, but I have learned to tolerate him. However, we
are now talking about the Republican candidate for the 3rd most
important statewide race in the state. In the 103 years of statehood,
the Republicans have held this office only once and never at the same
time with a Republican Attorney General. It is the Auditor’s job to
find corruption and then the AG prosecutes it. Gary is skilled at
sniffing out corruption and is threatening to investigate every
corporate welfare scheme in the state from top to bottom. That is why
many of the Democrat and Republican “good ole boys” are supporting
Brad Henry’s appointee with his Gene Stipe Southeastern Oklahoma ties.
The campaign ads airing against Gary anger me as I know the story
behind every one of the allegations and they all are either deceitful
in their claims or technically correct but with very good answers for
them. I will hold my nose and vote for Gary.

ATTORNEY GENERAL - SCOTT PRUITT Scott is the ideal person for this
job and I am very pleased that OCPAC endorsed and supported Scott
financially. He is a serious Christian, articulate communicator, has a
well developed intellect and is ideologically conservative. As a law
student he interned with the Ruthford Institute, one of America’s
first Christian Civil Liberties legal ministries formed to do battle
against the ACLU. He is a huge states rights advocate and is committed
to forming a department within the AG’s office to challenge
unconstitutional mandates by the federal government as they try to
bully the people and states into their ideas of socialist, fascist
stateism. His opponent is actually high quality for a Democrat, he
just isn’t in the same league as Scott.

STATE TREASURE - YOUR CHOICE I know the Republican candidate and
like him personally but am very disappointed in his performance as a
lawmaker. His TV ads about “no more spending” must mean a new attitude
about spending since he has left the legislature as he certainly
didn’t mind spending when he was there. I told him one time, his
problem was that he loved government and wanted to see it succeed. I
actually want it to be successful and efficient in its proper role,
but want it to fail and abandon its improper involvements. He also
stood in the way of many of the 10th amendment issues during the
session earlier this year, hiding under the guise of the “Supremacy
Clause.” The federal government is supposed to have supremacy in its
proper role, not in unconstitutional issues. I haven’t decided as yet
if I will leave it blank or vote for the Democrat?

the best candidate the Republican Party has had for this position
since Linda Murphy. Janet cares about children and a good education
for them rather than continually supporting underperforming
educational systems. Earlier in the year, when speaking to members of
the OEA at one point and the overpaid school administrators at
another, she stood her ground and told them truth they didn’t want to
hear rather than tickle their ears. She was strongly opposed in
starting 2 charter schools in days gone by. However, she is
courageous, has high energy and may really shake things up if elected.
She is dedicated to competition in our school system. I am very
pleased that OCPAC endorsed and supported Janet financially.

wouldn’t allow us to donate any of our PAC monies to his campaign.
Mark has committed to take no money from PACs, lobbyists, or take
another person’s guitar. Mark’s goals are an efficiently run office,
and advocating for reforms in our workman compensation system. He has
already researched the 3 best state systems. I believe he will work to
lower worker comp costs to businesses and see that injured employees
are better cared for with less hassle. That can be done with less
costs to employers. Mark is an exceptional candidate.

financially supported candidate, John has a broad range of insurance
experience and an excellent reputation. He had no political
aspirations, but President Obama’s extremism awakened him. The fact
that Kim Holland was an actual floor delegate for Obama at the
Democrat national convention in Denver of 2008 cemented his resolve to
replace such a liberal with a true conservative. I am convinced John
will oppose the Obama administration’s every attempt to destroy the
insurance industry and move us into full blown socialism. This is a
very important race.


U.S. SENATE - TOM COBURN Senator Coburn isn’t perfect, but he is
currently tied with one other senator for second place as the most
conservative member of the Senate with a two year accumulated score on
the New American’s Freedom Index of a 97. Senator DeMint of South
Carolina has a 98 and for perspective Senator Inhofe has a 95. To be
nice, I won’t say that political races always draws some crazies, but
at least 2 of his 3 opponents may come close to that category. This is
the easiest choice on the ballot.

SEAT AND DISTRICT 5, JAMES LANKFORD I believe Sullivan and Lucas
will win with big margins. Lankford, in the 5th district may be a
little more difficult as it is an open seat. I believe James has the
potential to become an exceptional congressman. If he allows the
Constitution to guide him and if he articulates his positions with
honesty, passion and clarity, he will build a strong base of support
for future elections. He has a persuasive personality and may be a
conservative influence on his colleges in congress. The most difficult
race for the Republicans will be in the 2nd district where Dr. Charles
Thompson DVM is taking on the incumbent Democrat Dan Boren. Charles is
an outstanding candidate when it comes to ideology and issues, but he
has struggled to raise sufficient funds to get his message out. Boren,
with maybe a million and a half dollars as well as being the son of
Former Governor and Senator David Boren has a huge advantage over
Charles, who my end up raising only $100,000 or so. This is also the
strongest Democrat district in the state, so Charles must hope for a
deep rebellion toward the Democrat name brand.


Since we changed our system in the 60s to an appointment process for
Oklahoma’s 3 Appeals Courts with a portion of those appointed judges
appearing on the ballot each election cycle to either be retained or
rejected, we have created a horrible problem. In nearly 50 years now
we have NEVER rejected a single justice. It is just an automatic that
they will all be retained with 58 to 68 percent majority of the vote.
What we have ended up with is a system of eternal security for the
judges. They have no fear of the voters and can make decisions any way
they want because almost no one is watching. Almost no one has an
incentive or the resources to expose bad judges. We really need to
change our system to one of elections for these positions as some
other states do and as we do with our district judges. While that
won’t solve every problem, at least some attorney watching the process
and seeing bad decisions will step up to the plate to tell voters why
they should vote for him or her and why they should not vote for the
incumbent. It will then be up to the voters to make an informed vote.
I don’t know if this reform can be achieved through legislation or if
we must amend our constitution, but it is a badly needed

OKLAHOMA SUPREME COURT - In 1998, the very liberal Supreme Court
Justice Kauger wrote an “judicial activist” opinion that created a
state bond category called a “moral obligation debt.” That then
allowed for the creation of bonded indebtedness without a vote of the
people. Since that controversial 5 to 4 decision, all justices have
followed that decision and the result is that almost every well
connected entity is given bond money by the legislature and the state
is now billions in debt, something our founders never intended.

Just a few examples, in 2004 the Court approved a $36 million bond
issue for Goodyear in Lawton and Michelin in Ardmore. The money is to
be paid back by the income taxes from the employees hired. Therefore,
those tax dollars from those employees must now be used to pay the
debt off and can’t be used for the vital services of state government.
Just a couple of months ago, another $20 million in bond money was
released to be given to the Goodyear plant in Lawton to expand and
hire 50 additional employees. Supposedly the income taxes from those
50 employees will pay that debt off. Justice Winchester, a Keating
appointee, concurred with that decision, with Justice Taylor, a Henry
appointee, not on the court as yet.

In 2005 the state approved a $50 billion bond issue for roads to be
paid back with interest from future federal highway dollars. The
interest and bond fees may double the cost of building or repairing
roads. Both Winchester and Taylor voted in favor of this new debt.

In 2007 in the case Fent vs. Contingency Review Board, the Court ruled
against two lawmakers having the power to distribute $20 million in
Ardmore, but then allowed the Governor to have this power, though it
was a direct violation of the State Constitution. Taylor voted to
allow this, Winchester disqualified himself.

In 2008, SB 2034 allowed interest, fines and penalties to be waived
though the State Constitution states otherwise. Both Winchester and
Taylor allowed for this violation of the Constitution.

I could bring up other bad decisions, but due to time and space, I
suggest voting NO on both Taylor and Winchester.

COURT OF CIVIL APPEALS - I have searched diligently for information
on the Civil Court of Appeals Judges and could not find out any
information as to who was good and who was not. One thing to
understand, there is a judicial nominating commission who makes 3
recommendations for the Governor to pick from. Unfortunately, the
Governor also appoints the members of the nominating council. Of the 4
judges on the ballot, Deborah Barnes was appointed by Governor Henry
in 2008, Doug Gabbard ll was a 2005 Henry appointee, Judge John
Fischer was appointed in 2007 By Henry and in 1994 Judge Larry E.
Joplin was appointed by Governor Walters. I will be voting NO on
all 4 of these to give Mary a chance and also to try to expedite the
day we change our system to elected judges.


Since OCPAC is truly a statewide organization with members and friends
everywhere, I will only comment on legislative races in which I have
some knowledge and try to briefly describe the district’s location.
First though, I will bring up just a few local races as I just don’t
have much time to research the 200 or more county offices on the
various ballots across the state.

point of interest, the daughter of Dixon’s opponent ran a full page
add in the Purcell newspaper and created a web site with the purpose
of telling people not to vote for her father. Her dad, John Mantooth
has lived in Purcell all his life and is very well known as is Greg
Dixon, a resident for the past 12 years. In the 2 Purcell precincts,
during the primary, Mantooth received 18 percent of the vote and Greg
Dixon received 68 percent of the vote. The people who really know them
both, chose well.

** OKLAHOMA COUNTY DR. SAM CROSBY (DVM) for District 1 County
Commissioner. Dr. Crosby has a lot of experience in construction and
other businesses. It is a tough district, but if elected he will be a
huge improvement over Willa Johnson.

DISTRICT JUDGE Cindy Troung or Pat Crawley??? During the primary
race I endorsed Pat Crawley and gave my reasons. I have never met Mr.
Crawley, but have had several conversations with Cindy. She has also
attended many OCPAC meetings and attended many conservative events.
Cindy, asked me to continue to inquire about the two of them and I
have. I am getting mixed messages on both of them from people of whom
I respect. There is no doubt in my mind that Cindy is going to win
this race, but just something inside of me keeps me from switching my
endorsement to her. Once elected, I hope her performance as a judge
will remove all my concerns.

** LOGAN COUNTY MARK SHARPTON for District 1 County Commissioner.
Mark is one of the finest County Commissioners in the state. He has
educated himself on the duties of the job and truly has a servants
heart. He has made good decisions regarding the business of the county
and done an excellent job with roads without having resources to do

TISHA HAMPTON for Logan County Assessor. As a realtor, Tisha is
appalled at the job currently being done by the Democrat assessor.
Tisha is dedicated to fairness, accuracy and lobbying the legislature
to reducing the 5% annual cap down to 3% or a change in the law for
citizens to vote to increase property taxes if needed.

SENATE DIST # 4, POTEAU AREA - MARK ALLEN Mark won his primary race
and is now running against State Representative Neil Brannon (D-Arkoma
lifetime conservative score 35). This is an open seat as Brannon
decided to run for Senate rather than another term in the House.

candidate, Josh is an exceptional candidate in a very difficult
district against an entrenched Democrat. Josh is a serious Christian,
former state president of FFA, a horse breeder, motivational speaker
and field representative for Senator Coburn. Republicans may pull an
upset in this race, as Josh has worked very hard and had sufficient

State Representative running for this open seat. While he is way too
liberal for OCPAC to support, his score for this session was a 70
which brought his lifetime score up to a 57. Maybe he will trend up in
his score. This is a likely pick up seat for the Republicans.

Republican candidate canceled at the last moment from coming to OCPAC.
Many sources have told me she is pro-abortion. While I care about
almost every issue, Republican candidates have to get this one right
for me to support. She will not win this race.

Aldridge is one of the most conservative members of the Senate,
ranking 4th out of 26. This is his last term and I sure hope he is re-

passionate conservative who shocked everyone with his primary run-off
victory. OCPAC endorsed, he is working very hard. His opponent exposed
some or Ralph’s past financial difficulties, which would concern me,
except they happened in Ralph’s late teens to early 20s with no recent
evidence of problems. He will be a conservative warrior regarding the
problems associated with the invasion of illegal aliens. When elected,
I will make sure Ralph has all the access necessary to Dave Ramsey
materials if need be.

the Character Inn where we have so many meetings. He is one of the
most conservative candidates to come before us this year, but has
really struggled to raise necessary funds to be a viable candidate in
what is a very difficult district for Republicans. However, he is
working very hard and would be one of the best Senators in Oklahoma if

endorsed candidate who is working very hard in a difficult district.
This recent military veteran has all the right instincts, and will
make a very good lawmaker if he will more fully develop a conservative

endorsed candidate and has been in the ministry for many years in a
conservative denomination. While the district is difficult, he is
working very hard and has raised enough funding to be a viable
candidate. I first met Roger about 3 years ago and the more contact I
have had with him, the better I like him. He has attended several
OCPAC meetings over the past couple of years.

Burgin didn’t receive OCPAC’s endorsement, I still believe he would
make a far better lawmaker than the incumbent, Wes Hilliard. During
the session this year, Hilliard, who had done nothing in the past 4
years, had an opportunity to distinguish himself by allowing a bill to
go forward to protect pastors in Oklahoma from hate crime legislation.
He promised Rex Duncan to advance the bill, but then handed it off to
a Democrat lawmaker opposed to the legislation for the purpose of
killing it.

OCPAC endorsed candidate who has the potential to become an
exceptional lawmaker. He is a very smart and a hard campaigner. At 21
he will only grow in stature with just a little more time and
experience, I am confident he will earn respect from is collogues. He
will be a huge improvement over Shane Jett who used to hold this seat.

conservative economics professor at the college in Seminole and the
minister of a conservative church in Seminole. Tom is OCPAC endorsed
and was easily one of the 5 best candidates we saw all year. He has
raised sufficient funding and has worked really hard. He has a good
chance to win, which will be a pick-up for the GOP. If he wins, he
will be the first Republican elected to this seat and will replace an
ACLU attorney who was one of the worst lawmakers in the state.

didn’t win OCPAC’s endorsement, he was one of the strongest candidates
we saw all year on second amendment issues. John needed more
development on other areas and without sufficient funding it will be
very difficult to beat the former minority leader who is an oil man.

STATE HOUSE # 36, HOMINY AREA - SEAN ROBERTS Sean is endorsed by
OCPAC and will likely become only the second Republican to hold this
seat. The jury is still out as to just how conservative Sean will be.
If he becomes friends with some of the conservative lawmakers, he will
do well, on the other hand if the lobbyists and special interests get
hold of him, he may go the other way. I have real hope for Sean.

endorsed and was one of the most likeable candidates we saw this year.
He has worked very hard and has a good chance to pick this seat up for
the GOP. While he owns a hunting preserve, the NRA in their stupidity
endorsed the Democrat incumbent. I believe Steve, with the support of
a group of strong conservatives in the district, will become a very
good lawmaker.

Republican candidate, again he was just too soft on the abortion issue
for OCPAC to endorse him. Though it is an open seat, he will have a
difficult winning this seat for the GOP.

candidate, Aaron barely lost this race 2 years ago. For the past 8 or
10 election cycles this seat is usually decided by 200 votes or less
with Thad Balkman being the only Republican to hold this seat. Aaron
is a very hard campaigner and without a divisive primary, he should
pick this seat up again for the GOP against one of the sorriest
lawmakers in the state. Not only is the Democrat Wallace Collins one
of the most liberal lawmaker’s in the state, he was convicted a few
years ago for lying and destroying the character of a candidate. He
received a huge fine for his dishonesty.

receive an OCPAC endorsement, he had some really strong points and
some we were not sure of. His opponent is horrible, but part of being
a viable candidate is an ability to raise money. OCPAC just didn’t see
him as viable.

McKay is a very accomplished person and a very hard worker. She may
well pick this seat up for the GOP, but she was just too soft on the
abortion issue for an OCPAC endorsement.

lot about this race. Bottom line, Sally is one of the best lawmakers
in the state and her opponent is a very liberal person, so angry at
God for making him a man, that he went to the mentally disturbed
extreme of having his genitals removed. He now masquerades around
trying to appear as a woman and act like he cares about important
issues. I would suggest his campaign rhetoric is simply a cover up for
his real agenda, which was to move into the district to try and take
out a high profile social conservative and send a message to anyone
else who might want to stand up to the homosexual community. This is
Oklahoma and I predict the fine people of this district will strongly
reject Brittany’s values and elect Sally for another term. During the
most recent filing period, he raised almost twice as much as Sally.
Unfortunately, it shows how dedicated the homosexual community and
their supporters are and how passive the Christian community happens
to be.

scored very high on the conservative index this past year, but just
below what was required for an OCPAC endorsement. This is another
district with a recent record of very close races. This is the one
seat the Democrats have a fair chance to pick up. Hopefully Jason can
stave off the attack this year and then the redistricting panel will
need to improve this district for future races.

really like this young black man, but unfortunately he is in a very
difficult district and just hadn’t been able to raise much money
before he came to us.

an OCPAC endorsed candidate who the press and others tried to destroy
with silly allegations. A former Democrat lawmaker and a very popular
one at that decided to take this seat back. Illegal aliens are the
issue in this seat and Mike, a retired Highway Patrol Trooper, is the
first Republican to win this seat and hopefully he will prevail.

STATE HOUSE # 94 DEL CITY AREA - KYLE COULTER Kyle is a very solid
conservative, however he is in a tough district with the next House
minority leader being a hard working and youthful person who grew up
in the area. Kyle is working very hard and now needs to keep pressing
to build a majority. If elected, he will make a great lawmaker.

I didn’t comment on several races, now held by Republicans of which I
fully expect them to win. Again, these are just my opinions and people
are most welcome to differ with me. Below, I am going to send out Part
1 again on the state questions.


Because of the very long ballot I will send out Charlie’s Picks in 2
parts, the first of which will deal with the state questions. I am
frequently asked if these can be forwarded or shared with others and
the answer is yes, please do so. These are just my opinions based on
my research and others may have different opinions, which is fine.
Please keep in mind, the wording on the ballot is simply the opinion
of someone expressing the “gist” of the actual legal document which
created the state question. The actual wording of the legal document
which brings this state question to the voters takes precedent over
the ballot wording. Once, sometimes twice a week, I send out the OCPAC
e-mail which contains important announcements as well as conservative
commentary and insider information about Oklahoma politics, government
and the culture war. If you would like to receive my weekly e-mail,
respond to: with the word “add” on the subject line and
I will put you on our list. Your name and address will never be
loaned, sold or given to anyone. Charlie Meadows

SQ # 744 - VOTE NO This would require Oklahoma to spend an amount
of money on education equal to the amount of a regional average. The
proponents must have sat down together to dream up talking points to
try and fool the people into voting for this measure. Suggestions that
lawmakers cancel all travel expenses would only save about $2 million
per year, far shy of the $900 plus million in new tax revenues
required to comply with this State Question . Suggestions like cutting
special subsidies to businesses such as Great Plains Airlines have
already been eliminated, they are not re-occurring and thus can’t be
eliminated again. Most everything the opposition is saying is correct,
but they are not making the most important case against the measure.
Over the past 30 years we have increased the spending for education
dramatically and have seen virtually no improvement in academic
excellence. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over
and over again and expecting a different outcome. There are deep
reforms that need to be made in education and this measure does
nothing to accomplish such. The NEA (national teachers union) has been
ratcheting up teacher salaries and the cost of education in each state
for years by comparing one state to another. What the taxpayers in
Oklahoma should strive for is the highest academic achievement for the
least amount of tax dollars. That scenario would scream “efficiency”
and “accomplishment” to all the other states and draw businesses to

SQ # 746 - VOTE YES This measure would require voters to submit
an official government issued photo ID (such as a driver’s license) to
be able to vote. This is not solving a big problem but would go a long
way toward assuring the future honesty of our voting system. It is
very unlikely that this measure would intimidate anyone from voting,
but if it did then maybe those folks should not be voting.

SQ # 747 - VOTE YES Oklahoma currently has term limits on all
state legislators and the Governor. This measure would extend term
limits to all other state wide offices such as Lt. Governor, Attorney
General, Corporation Commissioner and etc. An incumbent has a huge
advantage over a challenger, this measure will assure a reasonable
change of faces and fresh ideas. Term limits for the legislators have
been a real blessing for the citizens as we were finally able to move
some of the soggy old lifers from office. Very often we, replaced bad
to average with much better lawmakers.

SQ # 748 - VOTE YES This measure expands the size and revises the
method for choosing the members of the commission who re-draw
legislative district boundaries every 10 years following the Census
assuming the legislature fails to do their job. This will make it more
bi-partisan more fair.

SQ # 750 - VOTE YES This makes some needed reforms to the
initiative and referendum petition processes. The only thing this
Question does is change the number of signatures required for either
an initiative or referendum petition to a percentage of votes cast in
the most recent gubernatorial election. It no longer considers a
percentage of the number of votes cast in the most recent presidential

SQ # 751 - VOTE YES This measure determines ENGLISH to be the
official language of the State of Oklahoma. While it carves out an
exception for tribal languages, it will require all official business
of the state to be conducted in English. Without this amendment, we
may have to print items such as driver’s license exam books and legal
notices printed in newspapers in untold different languages. That
would be a huge increase in expense to taxpayers.

SQ # 752 - VOTE YES This measure is designed to reduce the power
of the “good ole boy” system in the Oklahoma Bar association as far as
selection of candidates for the Governor to place on the various
courts of Appeal. Those courts being the State Supreme Court, Criminal
Court of Appeals and Civil Court of Appeals.

SQ # 754 - VOTE NO While this measure was well intentioned and
designed to negate SQ 744 if it passes with a lesser number of votes,
this effort has serious unintended consequences. If passed, it will
declare all 31 constitutionally mandated funding formulas
unconstitutional. For example, funding formulas for items such as
roads and bridges will be thrown out the window. In down revenue
years, no telling where the politicians might spend our money. There
are funding formulas that need to be altered or canceled, but that
should be done with a pruning shear and not a chain saw. In addition,
the measure says the constitution can never be amended in this regard
again which is both unconstitutional and nuts.

SQ # 755 - VOTE YES This is a preventive measure. Unfortunately,
in today’s world we have liberal U.S. Supreme Court Justices
referencing international law over our Constitution. In some states
where the Muslim population has grown out of hand, some local courts
reference Sharia law in their decisions. This is a very important
question designed to keep our judicial processes based on our
constitution and the laws of Western culture.

SQ # 756 - VOTE YES This measure amends our constitution to allow
Oklahomans to opt-out of any federally mandated health care laws. It
also prevents citizens or businesses from being punished if they
choose to opt-out of the federal mandates. Oklahoma’s Attorney General
for just a few more weeks has been opposed to this measure from day
one and as such added confusing language to the ballot wording. If we
elect Scott Pruitt as our next AG, he can’t wait to add Oklahoma to
the 21 other states which have filed suit against the federal
government regarding Obamacare. Opponents say this won’t work because
of the “supremacy clause” in the Constitution. However, our Founding
Fathers only intended for the supremacy clause to apply to the 18
powers or areas given to the federal government by the Constitution.
You will not find health care among those powers.

SQ # 757 - VOTE NO This measure would increase the amount of
taxpayer dollars (our money) they hold in reserve for future spending.
While I think it wise for individuals to hold sufficient funds in
reserve for difficult times or emergencies, I don’t want government to
keep excessive reserves. It is only during times of down revenues that
spineless lawmakers will agree to prioritizing spending and thus
eliminate waste or improper programs. Passing this would tend to keep
government large and bloated.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Extra news and views...

With the lengthy group of announcements in yesterday’s e-mail, I
failed the mention the Ada Tea Party which will meet tonight, October
26th at the Pontotoc Technology Center, 601 West 33rd in the
Industrial Arts Classroom. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.
Speaking about the 11 State Questions will be Al Gerhart with the
Sooner Tea Party. He will also talk about the agenda of the Oklahoma
Constitutional Alliance for the upcoming session. Also speaking will
be State Representative Lewis Moore about the state question to
prohibit using Sharia or international laws in any court decisions in
Oklahoma. In addition, Attorney General candidate Scott Pruitt will
speak. These meetings are always well attended and very educational.
If you live anywhere in the Ada area, I urge you to attend. I have
driven down a couple of times and have always benefited from such.

Speaking of Scott Pruitt, I had an opportunity to interview him along
with Mary Fallin, Janet Barresi, James Lankford and several of the
Patriot Pastors who were meeting for lunch the day before the John
Birch Society’s Council Dinner which was held in Norman a couple of
weeks ago. I thought all the interviews went well, but of particular
note was the one with Scott Pruitt. Take a few minutes to log on to and then link on to the Liberty News Network. In addition
to those interviews, I believe the interviews I did in Fort Worth with
several speakers at the Nullification Conference over the Labor Day
weekend are still available. The interviews with Senator Brogdon,
congressional candidate Stephen Broden and Debra Medina were all

Thanks for your time and attention.

Charlie Meadows

Monday, October 25, 2010




I am being bombarded with questions about when the infamous “Charlie’s
Picks” will be out. Hopefully it will be sometime Wednesday evening,
but probably Thursday. Following the Republican primary in July, my
wife and I scheduled an educational/vacation trip to Washington D.C.
and the Gettysburg Battlefield. We were gone from Sunday the 17th and
just returned this past Saturday evening. In hindsight the timing has
really put me in a bind, however the trip was excellent and I look
forward to sharing some perspectives about the trip in future e-mails.


Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, October 27th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Speaking for about 5
minutes will be Oklahoma County Commissioner candidate for District 1,
Mr. Sam Crosby. He is running against Democrat Willa Johnson. In my
estimation, Willa Johnson is simply taking up space and building her
retirement. I look forward to hearing Mr. Crosby lay out his agenda.
Our main speaker this Wednesday will be State Representative Leslie
Osburn (R-Tuttle). Representative Osburn will have a power point
presentation regarding the state questions. Also speaking will be
State Senator Randy Brogdon who may have a different take on a couple
of the state questions. Several of the state questions are a result of
Senator Brogdon’s legislation and at least one of the questions is a
result of Representative Osburn’s hard work. It should be very
interesting to hear their perspectives on these questions and of
course we will have time for questions after their presentations.


The Mark Costello campaign for Labor Commissioner has crafted what I
believe is the best political ad for this year’s campaign season. Mark
is an accomplished business man and his opponent’s character and
performance as the incumbent is riddled with flaws. This ad is
truthful, funny, not mean spirited and about important issues. Log on
to the following link and consider forwarding it to your friends.


* TUESDAY EVENING - DOWNTOWN OKC - The John Birch Society has
embarked on a nation wide effort to repeal Obama’s healthcare plan
passed in Congress earlier this year. Speaking will be State
Representative Mike Ritze (R-Broken Arrow). Representative Ritze is
also a medical doctor and will be revealing a multi-point plan to
repeal one of the worst and most dangerous pieces of legislation ever
passed by Congress. Many health care professionals are strongly
opposed to this legislation, but they don’t know how to effectively
work for its repeal. All Doctors, Physician Assistants and Nurse
Practitioners will be admitted without charge as they are our target
audience to understand how this repeal can be accomplished with their
help. The general public is also invited as this meeting will be very
educational for all involved. Tickets at the door will only be $10 for
adults and $5 for students which will help us pay for the room and
speaker expenses. The location will be the Character Training Center,
520 West Main in downtown OKC. The meeting starts at 7:00 p.m.

* TUESDAY EVENING - OKC AREA - Americans For Prosperity is
hosting a banquet on Tuesday evening with Radio Talk Show Host, Mr.
Herman Cain as the speaker. Mr. Cain is a passionate black man who has
served as the former CEO of Godfathers Pizza and Chairman of the
Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City. He is also close friends with
Newt Gindrich. The event will start at 6:00 for photos and the dinner
will be at 6:30 p.m., with the location being the Oklahoma Sports Hall
of Fame, 4040 North Lincoln in OKC. An individual dinner ticket is $50
and I believe they have a few seats left. You must RSVP, for more
information and reservations, please call (405) 334-2202 or e-mail Besides his other accomplishments, Mr. Cain is
considering a possible bid for President in 2012.

* FRIDAY EVENING - OKC AREA - For folks who think the destruction
of the World Trade Center towers in 2001 along with building 7 may
have been brought down by something other than the planes flown into
the 2 towers, this will be an opportunity to listen to an architect
representing over 1,300 Architects & Engineers who cite evidence of a
controlled demolition. I personally don’t hold to this theory, but am
most willing to announce the meeting. The meeting will be this Friday
evening at 7:00 p.m. The location will be the Character Training
Center, 520 West Main, presenting will be Mr. Richard Gage, AIA.

* SUNDAY AFTERNOON - NORMAN - Long time OCPAC member John
Michener is currently serving as the Regional Manager for the
organization, Justice For All. This is one of the most effective
organizations in America when it comes to changing the hearts and
minds of college students regarding the abortion issue. They have a
proven method in their efforts as they train volunteers to turn heated
debate into a productive dialogue with college students. They set up
very large picture signs of brutally aborted children at a key
location on campus which always draws a large number of students. The
volunteers are always engaged by the students and with God’s help, a
significant number of students have a heart and mind change toward

With all that in mind, if you want to make a difference on this issue,
then attend the training session this coming Sunday Afternoon
(10.31.10) at Trinity Baptist Church in NORMAN, 801 North Peters Ave.
Sign in will begin at 12:15 p.m. (pizza served for lunch) and the
training session will begin promptly at 12:45 p.m. To attend the
seminar, there is a suggested donation of $20 for adults and $10 for
students. Once the training is completed there will be 3 different
dates on the OU campus that the ministry will actually occur. Those
dates are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: November 1st, 3rd and 4th
from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. If you are willing to be trained and
can help during any of these times, please contact John Michener to
register for the training seminar at (405) 326-1678. A lot of
volunteers are needed to help man the display during the 3 days it
will be on campus.

I need to shut it off here rather than go into the normal commentary
as I must get to work after being gone for a week. I look forward to
seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

To join OCPAC, copy and paste the form below to a document, print off, fill out the following and send your check to:

P.O. Box 2021
Edmond, OK 73083

Yes Charlie, I want to join OCPAC at one of the following levels:
___Basic membership at $50 per year.
Safari Club Membership:
___Elephant Provider at ___$180 annual or ___$15 monthly
___Elephant Provider & RINO Hunter, ___$360 annual or ___$30 monthly
For monthly payments please send a voided check so we may draft your
Checking account on a monthly basis. If you decide to discontinue
monthly support, simply contact me and we will stop the withdrawal.


Print Name____________________________________________
Date___________________Amount $_______________
I have freely given from my own resources & have not been compensated
for this contribution. (Corporate contributions not allowed by law!)


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Important Announcement About Tea Party Rally

I needed to send out this special e-mail for an important announcement
about a get out the vote tea party rally to be held this Sunday
afternoon, October 24th on the North steps of the State Capitol at
3:00 p.m. Speaking will be Senator Randy Brogdon, Pastor Dan Fisher
and a special appearance by Victoria Jackson, a former Saturday Night
Live star who happens to be a fiscal conservative.

Music will be provided by Kyle Dillingham, the very popular local
fiddle/violin player and Marla Morgan, the wife of News 4 weatherman
Mike Morgan. Marla will be playing the guitar as well as singing. For
the first time we will have a giant Jumbotron for easier viewing.

This get out the vote effort is being sponsored by the Oklahoma City
Party. The difference in Oklahoma elections this year may be
determined by conservative voter turn out. It is vital to inspire
conservatives to vote and this rally will be an important event to
urge people to finish the course for this year’s election cycle.

Bring your lawn chairs, signs and as always the OKC Tea Party honors
our military members. If possible please bring nonperishable items to
fill care packages. Most desired by our troops in the field at this
time are hand cream/moisturizers, band aids and mole skin. Anything
that would fit in a care package will be most appreciated.

Charlie Meadows

Sunday, October 17, 2010




Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, October 20th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our first speaker
will be Bill Shappard, founder and President of Sooner Polling,
located in OKC. Bill will discuss the polls for statewide races and
perhaps give us a peek into understanding how a good pollster goes
about their business. Our main speaker this week will be Mark Lerner.
Mark has recently written a book and produced a DVD about the whole
issue of the bio-metric facial identification movement. They are both
titled: YOUR BODY IS YOUR ID. Many may not know that following 9-11
Mark was an advocate for this system, but eventually saw its dangers
and now is one of the leading experts in opposition to the creation of
this international identification system. If you are concerned about
the “Big Brother” surveillance society we are sliding into, then you
need to arm yourself with important understanding on this issue.


Just for everyone’s information, my goal is to have part 2 of
Charlie’s Picks out by Wednesday evening, October 27th. I don’t
believe I can get them out any sooner and already many people are
asking me about many different races. I can’t take the time to respond
to anyone personally with such information as I need the time to work
on putting the final list out through the OCPAC e-mail. Thanks for
your understanding.


* TUESDAY EVENING - EDMOND AREA - I made a mistake in last week’s
e-mail about the John Doak meet and greet fundraiser. It was not last
Tuesday evening, but this Tuesday, October 19th as a come and go from
6:30 until 8:00 p.m. in the Home of Jim and Joy Harlin, 1501 Deason
Drive, in Edmond. RSVP is appreciated but not required: call (405)
562-1193 or e-mail

and greet event on behalf of Dr. Charles Thompson, candidate for the
2nd Congressional district. The event is a come and go and will be
held from 4:30 until 6:30 at the First United Bank in Holdenville. If
you live anywhere near Holdenville, please take a few minutes to meet
Charles and find out what a fine conservative he happens to be. It is
getting close to election day and this will be a great opportunity for
folks in the area.

* THURSDAY MORNING - OKC AREA - The professional and business
chapter of the John Birch Society will meet this Thursday morning at
the Character Training Center, 520 West Main in downtown OKC. Besides
a brief update of recent advancements achieved by the Society, State
Representative Jason Murphy (R-Guthrie) will discuss the 11 state
questions and perhaps give us a peek at some of his ideas for
legislation for the 2011 session. Breakfast buffet is served at 7:15
and the meeting will begin at 7:40. The fellowship and discussion
before the meeting begins is always good, so arrive at 7:15 and
participate. Everyone is welcome.


With the passing of the very popular Mark Shannon it was certainly
wise to wait some time before settling on a permanent talk show host
for the afternoon show. The management settled on one of Mark’s old
sidekicks known as the Eggman. When they were co-hosts on a music
program many years gone by, Mark and the Eggman would yuk it up with
shallow humor between songs. While it took some time, Shannon made the
successful transition to conservative talk radio and I would say the
last year he was on air, became a forceful purveyor of important
information with his clever and bombastic humor.

However, I don’t hold out much hope for the Eggman ever making the
transition to conservative talk programming or perhaps KTOK doesn’t
want him to? Remember, the first objective of anyone on radio is to
attract as many listeners and hold them for as long as possible. When
a program does that, the advertisers will follow and the station will
stay on air with a profit.

To be honest I probably listened more to Mark Shannon in 3 days than
the total amount of time I have listened to the Eggman over the past 3
months or so. The Eggman is not very conservative, he is not very deep
and he isn’t even very funny. Even though he used to live here, he
seems to have very little historical knowledge of what goes on in
Oklahoma. I have tried to listen to his program but when he has shows
about your favorite restaurant, favorite canceled TV shows, how much
are your old records worth, your favorite fair food and on and on, I
look for other programming.

When the Eggman took calls on SQ 744 a few days back, it held my
attention and some value went forth on the air. However, we are in an
election cycle, there are 10 other questions and many candidates who
could be interviewed. I listen to national conservative programming
all day long and while I understand local people want an opportunity
to express their thoughts on national issues, we desperately need
local issues blended in to know what is going on in Oklahoma.

I have talked with a lot of people who tell me they no longer listen
as the programming is just too boring. May I suggest a couple of other
options. At 4:00 p.m., the same time the Eggman goes on air, 1520 AM
provides the Neil Bortze program. Bortze is not a social conservative,
but there is no one on air better at making complicated economic and
fiscal issues understandable. He is also the author of The Fair Tax
books. From time to time he promotes the book, THE LAW - THE CLASSIC
BLUEPRINT FOR A FREE SOCIETY, by Frederic Bastiat. In my opinion,
other than the Bible, this is the most important book you will ever
read and Bortze does an excellent job of explaining the principles in
the book.

A couple of other options are Paul Blair’s Bible preaching and
teaching program heard weekdays on KQCV 800 AM from 4:30 till 5:00
p.m. Also from 5:00 until 6:00 p.m. there is a very informative
financial investment show out of the Enid station at 960 AM. Gary
Cauldbaum is the host and over the years I have learned a lot from his

Of course, if you are one of those who enjoy an eclectic bowl of
porridge, kind of a cross between Antiques Road Show, corny and
irrelevant humor, on air garage sale along with a dash of goober
feeding mush, keep listening to the Eggman. He will need all the
listeners he can keep to prevent his program from falling near the
bottom in the ratings. In the mean time, somebody let me know if
things change with the afternoon show on KTOK as I may not know when
that will occur since I no longer listen.


This past week OKC’s News 9 ran a special Impact Report on our
turnpike system. Part of the program reminded everyone that the
turnpike commissioners had raised rates last year claiming a need to
do so to replace lost revenues since traffic was down. A survey has
suggested that the Will Rogers Turnpike was thought to be the worst
interstate road in America.
Turnpike authorities admitted it needed improvement, but then News 9
revealed the authority was spending many millions of dollars
rebuilding or remodeling the restaurants on the turnpikes. The
restaurants and gas stations weren’t paying for the work on their
facilities, but the turnpike authority was doing so. News 9 also
revealed several million was spent for new cruisers for the Highway

Then there was a news story late this past week about a 300 car
funeral procession from Texas that was going to use the H.E. Bailey
Turnpike to go to Lawton to bury a fallen soldier in the national
cemetery in Lawton. The thought of these cars having to stop and pay
tolls was so embarrassing that the head of the turnpike authority and
the head of the transportation department paid the tolls out of their
own pockets.

Here is a thought, lets say the authority raises $100 million annually
in turnpike fees. Those fees go to pay off the bonded indebtedness,
maintain and repair the turnpike road miles, pay for all the costs of
the state troopers who patrol the turnpikes, pay the employees in the
toll booths, pay the salaries of the people who have to keep up with
the turnpike devices and man the phones to handle all the mistakes
that occur as well as keep up the expensive equipment working at the
many entrances and exits.

I believe we have something over 800 miles of turnpike roads. No one
in their right mind would expect for the Oklahoma Department of
Transportation (ODOT) to be able to maintain and repair that many
additional miles of roads if we took the toll gates down and turned
them into free roads. ODOT struggles to keep their current road
responsibilities up to par. However, if we increased the fuel fees
enough to raise the same amount as the turnpikes generate, would we be
better off to take the toll booths down and use the additional
revenues raised from higher fuel fees to pay off the bonded
indebtedness and have the necessary monies to take care of the
additional road miles?

Would an additional 5 cents per gallon on gas and 10 cents a gallon on
diesel be enough to match the revenues from the turnpikes (currently
there is a 17 cents per gallon fee on gas and 14 cents per gallon on
diesel). Truckers should be happy as it might save them more that the
expensive turnpike fees they have to pay now. It would improve
efficiency as we wouldn’t have to waste money on expensive equipment
and wages for people who man the booths. I would like to hear some
feedback on such an idea. Is it time to eliminate the unneeded


About 6 or 7 years ago, OCPAC sponsored a banquet to honor Ron
McWhirter and Steve Byas for their 25 years of successfully publishing
the Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper. Our keynote speaker was then
Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo. Tancredo was the most effective
warrior in Congress against the invasion of illegal aliens. He was
also a presidential candidate in 2008 but failed to get enough
traction to win the nomination.

About 3 to 4 months ago he jumped into the Colorado Governor’s race as
an independent when the Republicans nominated a mealy mouthed,
spineless RINO (Republican In Name Only) to represent the party.
Tancredo’s clear message of fiscal responsibility, and getting tough
on the invasion of illegal aliens is resonating with the voters. A
Rassmussen poll just released a couple of days ago showed the Democrat
Hickenlooper has dropped to 42%, Tancredo has risen to 38% and the
limp Republican has fallen to a paltry 10% in the polls. Keep an eye
on this race as it may be one of the biggest upsets of the season. By
the way, Bay Buchanan, sister of Pat Buchanan is Tancredo’s campaign
manager. We have also had Bay Buchanan as a speaker at OCPAC during
years gone by.

Don’t miss this week’s meeting, it will be most interesting.

Charlie Meadows

Tuesday, October 12, 2010




Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, October 13th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. I had planned on
inviting independent candidates for this week’s meeting, but have been
so busy I only had time to contact 1 candidate and he couldn’t come. I
decided to change directions and as such we will have 2 different
speakers for this Wednesday’s meeting. First will be Mr. Ben Sisney
formerly of the Center For Law and Justice, headed up by Jay Seckulow.
Mr. Sisney will also talk about Regent Law School. Our main speaker
will be Mr. Carson Banks. Carson is the Oklahoma State Coordinator for
the Generation Joshua Project. This is a group of highly motivated and
effective home school students who work on campaigns to get their
candidates elected to office. These speakers will be a great break
from the long process of interviewing candidates which we have just

Just for your information, following the vote by our members this past
Wednesday, we contributed to 8 Republican House candidates and
disbursed a final $1,000 to 3 different state wide candidates which
brought this year’s total to $11,000 for state wide candidates. We
have $16 dollars left in our bank account, but with continued support
such as we have received in the past, it will begin to recover rather
quickly. Any dues we receive beyond this point will go toward a
person’s 2011 membership as we are finished contributing for this
election cycle. I need to count to double check, but I believe the
final membership number for 2010 will be 287 dues paying members, a
significant increase over last year’s record breaking number of 217.
The House candidates receiving our support were: Aaron Stiles of
Norman, Sean Roberts of Hominy, Steve Vaughn of Ponca City, Kyle
Coulter of Del City, Roger Mattox of Poteau, John Bennett of Sallisaw,
Josh Cockroft of McCloud and Tom Newell of Seminole. They now join the
3 Senate candidates we contributed to about 6 weeks ago, being Joshua
Jantz in OKC, Ralph Shortey of OKC and Josh Brecheen of the Durant

Over the past 5 election cycles, OCPAC has a little over a 50% success
rate. That will be ever more difficult to maintain as most of the low
hanging fruit in Oklahoma has already been picked. Some of these
districts are very tough, but these were good candidates and when they
step up to run in these difficult districts, they deserve the support
of conservatives across the state of Oklahoma. We have to win some of
these more difficult seats to keep this state moving to the
conservative side. I think I surprised some of the House candidates
when I told them we don’t need more Republicans in the House (other
than to override a Democrat Governor’s veto), what we need are better
quality (conservative) members of the House. That has always been the
goal of OCPAC, and that is to elect more conservatives to office in
Oklahoma. Again, a sincere thanks to everyone who supported our
efforts with your finances for this election cycle.


** TUESDAY EVENING - PURCELL AREA - Tuesday evening State Senator
Randy Brogdon will be speaking at 7:00 p.m. in the Conference Center
of the First American Bank in Purcell. The location is 120 South 4th
street (South side of the Bank). Senator Brogdon will be discussing
the 11 state questions, four of which made the ballot as a result of
legislation he passed. Many people may not know, but the wording on
the ballot has no effect of law. The ballot wording is simply the
opinion of the gist of the legal document which put the issue on the
ballot. In at least one case, it appears Attorney General Edmondson
purposely added language to confuse this issue, an issue of which he

The event is being sponsored by Senator Brogdon’s new organization
called Freedom’s Role and the Purcell chapter of the John Birch
Society. In addition to Senator Brogdon’s talk and Q&A time, we will
show the 23 minute DVD called Obamacare 101. It is a powerful DVD
which shows the legislation is not about health care, but about
increasing the size and monopoly of
government, especially regarding health care.

** TUESDAY EVENING - EDMOND AREA - Jim & Joy Harlin along with
Richard & Denise Engle are hosting a fundraising reception for John
Doak in his effort to win the State Insurance Commissioner’s seat. If
you have not been able to meet John or ask him questions, this will be
a great opportunity. It will be a come and go, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
The location of the Harlin Residence is 1501 Deason Drive in Edmond.
RSVP is appreciated but not required. The number is (405) 348-1147 or

** TUESDAY EVENING - EDMOND AREA - David Barton will be speaking
in the Hardeman Auditorium inside of the Garvey Center on the campus
of Oklahoma Christian University, 2501 East Memorial Road in Edmond.
The doors open at 6:30 with the event beginning at 7:00 p.m., KTOK
morning talk show host Reid Mullins will emcee the meeting. Ticket
prices will be $50 per person, $75 for a couple or $100 for a family.
This is a fund raising event for the Oklahoma Republican Senate PAC.
To purchase tickets log on to, call (405) 427-1066
or e-mail .

** WEDNESDAY AT NOON - TULSA AREA - The Tulsa County Republican
men’s club will meet at noon for lunch this Wednesday at the Hong Kong
Restaurant, 7315 South Memorial Drive. The speaker will be Nadine
Nollan, Republican candidate for the vacated seat formerly held by
Democrat Lucky Lamons.

** THURSDAY EVENING - LAWTON AREA - This Thursday evening, our
friends in the Lawton area will be hosting a candidate forum from 6
to 9:00 p.m. at the Great Plains Technology Center, 4500 West Lee Blvd
in Lawton. The last I heard over 20 candidates for local and state
wide office had agreed to attend. This will be the last opportunity to
have this many candidates gathered before the election in Oklahoma’s 4
largest city.


It was reported in the news today that Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice
and former Chief Justice Marian Opala passed away this morning
following a massive stroke over the weekend. Justice Opala was 89.
Over the years, we have had him speak at least once and I believe
twice at an OCPAC meeting. When my father was in law school at OCU,
Opala was one of his law professors and there were several months my
mother worked for him as a clerk when he was working on a special
project as a court administrator. Up until about the past 4 years, I
believe he was far and away the best Justice on our Supreme Court, but
I have been more concerned with some of his decisions over the past
few years.

One of my fond memories regarding Justice Opala was an opportunity to
obtain and give Opala a copy of Balint Vazsonyi’s book, AMERICA’S 30
YEAR WAR - WHO IS WINNING? Though from a neighboring country, Vazsonyi
and Opala’s early years were similar as they both escaped the tyranny
of the Nazi’s and the Soviet Communists. Opala had the mind of a
jurist, Vazsonyi was a rare immigrant who did the historical research
to discover the principles of our founding fathers and was thus more
conservative than Opala. Vazsonyi passed away a few years ago and now
Opala. We have lost a couple of treasures and I will miss them both.

Also, over the weekend, former Oklahoma County Republican party
Chairman Tom Dudley
passed away. Dr. Tom was a dentist who was known to provide indegint
care to patients out of Christian charity. His wife Kay served one
term as a Republican Senator. They were a good team and I know Kay
will miss him dearly. Please keep Kay and their family in your


A few weeks before each general election, a legislative score card
known as the Reid Report comes out supposedly showing pro-business
candidates from those who are not pro-business. In my opinion, the
Reid Report is nothing more than a shill for the State Chamber of
Commerce which happens to be infected with central planners who
believe in fascist capitalism.

May I suggest the reason you should not pay any attention to the
scores for lawmakers and laugh at any lawmaker who wants to brag about
a high score on the Reid Report is as follows: I have talked with
lawmakers who contacted the folks who run this arbitrary and
capricious index to find out why they didn’t receive a satisfactory
score. They have reported to me they were told certain questions were
weighted. In one case a lawmaker they evidently didn’t like received a
negative score on a vote while another lawmaker received a positive
score on the same vote while they both voted the same way.

I noticed this year’s scores did not have any negative scores as they
did last year. There is no such thing as a negative score on an
objective scoring index. You could have a zero, but not a negative
score. They must have figured out how foolish they looked with those
negative scores.

There are issues in which I would agree with the Chamber, but as a
person who believes in free market capitalism and not a controlled
economy with all kinds of “special” privileges and subsidies that
fascist and socialist capitalists believe in, there will be other
times in which I will disagree with them.

My suggestion, if the REID Report wants to be taken seriously by
intellectually honest people, then they should come out of the smoke
filled back rooms. Come out of the shadows and publish the votes they
use on their worthless index. Also, score the index objectively, in
the public’s eye, come out of the shadows. The final score they give
is a sham.


Brittany Novotny’s California friends have produced a hit piece full
of distortions about Sally Kern. From a production standpoint, it is
very high quality and probably cost far more to make than the $5,000
maximum allowed by Oklahoma’s Ethics laws. It was due to start running
this week on the local Fox affiliate and CNN. Since the ad ends with
the following: “Paid for by Three Things Media. 15400 Sherman Way
Suite 380, Van Nuys, CA 91406. This advertisement not authorized by
any candidate or candidate’s committee.” it would appear to me to be
an independent expenditure and could not be coordinated with any
candidate. Since it tells voters to “Vote Sally Out” it can’t be
considered a 527 or an educational piece and it should be subject to
our election laws which prohibit more than a $5,000 expenditure from
any one person or entity.

I also don’t believe Brittany could use her campaign money to run the
ad, so where will the money come from to run these ads? Now for the
distortions. The ad is trying to fool people into thinking Sally Kern
is against seniors, sound like a typical Democrat trick? It suggests
that senior centers were threatened and Sally did nothing. How does
this confused bunch of “things” know what Sally did or did not do? In
a tough financial climate everything was being looked at to try and
make our budget balance. The senior programs referred to in the ad
were not about feeding the elderly, but rather more about providing a
social gathering place for seniors. There never was even a vote on
this issue.

It goes on to talk about bus services being cut. Again, these confused
“things” don’t seem to have a clue about American federalism or to say
it another way, different government jurisdictions. Bus service is up
to OKC, Bethany or Warr Acres, not the state, Sally is a “state“
representative and doesn‘t serve as a city official. Does anyone
expect much of anything intellectually honest to come out of Brittany
or his friends in California? I hope you are not that foolish.

Lets, just hope the citizens of HD 84 will have the wisdom to sift
through all the disinformation being put out by Brittany and his
friends. I am curious, had I suggested that Brittany was a man, had a
sex change operation to try and become a woman, but turned out to
become a confused “THING” rather than a confused IT, would it have
stirred up as much controversy? Just wondering, since it is “The Three
Things” media group that produced the ad?


About 3 years ago there was a big announcement in Poteau about the
Tiger Truck Company, an American subsidiary of a company from
Communist China, moving to Poteau from Dallas with plans to hire 300
people. Of course there were big subsidies given to Tiger Truck from
various government entities, and big promises to improve the economy
and EVENTUALLY fill state and local coiffures with new tax dollars.

Now first off, I am not happy for the 90 employees who are losing
their jobs, they are real people with needs and probably aren’t very
involved in the ethical or sovereignty issues at stake. However, we
are rapidly moving toward a bankrupt 3rd world economic status, with
China rising up like a phoenix on the horizon.

The Republicans in Congress recently put forth their latest plan
similar to the “Contract with America” which was introduced in 1994. I
didn’t see anything in the plan I would call bad, it just simply does
not go far enough. Most everyone is concerned about our economy and
how to fix it. However, until we get our trade balance in better
shape, nothing being done will fix the problems or have any long term
benefit on the economy of our nation. We must recapture our lost
manufacturing base to once again produce wealth in our nation and make
real improvement to our economy.

It is hard to find the simple trinkets of life that are still produced
in the USofA rather than China. The last thing we need is to produce
trucks owned by a Communist Chinese company in the US. That is why I
was glad to see the MG plant in Ardmore didn’t come about and now this
truck company in Poteau is going out of business.

Though I am willing to engage in “fair” trade with goods produced in
non-Communist countries, I don’t like to engage in trade with
Communist countries at all. Why build them up and make them powerful
at our expense. I cringe when I hear someone refer to Communist China
as our trading partner. They are our trading competitors, and they
consider us to be their number one enemy, not a partner.

I would really like to buy autos from one of the American big 3 auto
makers, but I just can’t make myself do so. The last few cars we have
purchased have been Toyotas or Nissans, made in the US by non-union
workers. In my opinion, the Marxist political agenda of organized
labor in American has done more harm to this country than the Japanese
or Germans ever came close to accomplishing.

This is now made even more easy since GM (government motors) and
Chrysler are both mostly owned by the government and the labor unions.
Only Ford is not government owned, but it is still in the clutches of
the labor unions. If you think you are being patriotic by purchasing a
Chevy or Chrysler, think again. Government ownership of businesses is
not free enterprise and not the way our Founding Father would have
ever considered doing business. Good-by Tiger Trucks and my the City
of Poteau have a business locate in that facility on their own


Beware of the Tulsa World. I was contacted by the Fallin campaign
regarding some possible confusion which may arise because of an
article in the Tulsa World. The World printed a story saying that
Askins was against SQ 755, which will ban Sharia Law from Oklahoma
courts. It said Mary was “undecided.” Mary is not undecided, she is
very much against Sharia Law being used in courts in Oklahoma or
anywhere else in the U.S. Mary is committed to vote for SQ 755 and
encourages other people to do so as well.

The confusion came in an exchange at a forum where Askins said she
thought the law would have unintended consequences. Mary basically
said “I am a reasonable person and I will reexamine it so I can
address your concerns.” Mary has done that, and still firmly supports
passage of S.Q. 755.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Monday, October 4, 2010




Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, October 6th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. All members present
at our meeting with their dues paid as of September 22nd will be given
a ballot to determine which of the State House candidates which have
appeared before us will receive our endorsement and financial support.
If you have not kept your own grading sheet on the candidates, I will
have one available for review. We will also take some time for
discussion and try to answer questions about the candidates.

In addition, we will be privileged to have Mr. Bill Hahn speak to us
for a few minutes. Bill is the public relations officer with the John
Birch Society and will be with us from the national headquarters in
Appleton Wisconsin. Bill is in town for the National Council Dinner
which will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Norman this coming
Saturday evening. Not only is Bill responsible for information
regarding the many positive efforts of the Birch Society, he must also
respond to the attacks from our detractors. Over the past couple of
years, many have had their eyes opened to the tactics of the radical
leftists as well as establishment RINOs (Republicans In Name Only)
toward real conservatives, constitutionalists or others who simply
march to a tune other than what they approve.

Whether you are Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Fox News, a talk radio host
The John Birch Society or someone who has participated in the many tea
parties across the land, you have been the brunt of the attacks by the
establishment Republicans or worse, the many facets of the liberal
left in this nation. The attacks today are no different from the
attacks of years gone by upon the Birch Society. Seldom do the
establishment Republicans or the liberal left want to discuss issues
and situations, they would rather destroy their opposition through
half truths, exaggerations and wild speculations. The Birch Society
survived the on slot of attacks in years past and is again thriving.
What is the main reason? The message and information put out by the
Birch Society has stood the test of time and is more relevant today
than ever before. In addition, thanks to the internet, people can
research for themselves, they don’t have to get their information
through the filters of the liberal main stream press or establishment
publications. If you haven’t checked out the Birch Society’s web site,
please do


I am receiving a lot of requests for information on the State
Questions and the Judges. I plan to put out Charlie’s Picks in 2
parts, especially since the ballot will be so long. First will be the
11 State Questions and then part 2 will be legislative seats and some
of the Judges. My time schedule for October is brutal, so I don’t have
time to personally respond to anyone with these requests. I will get
them out ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

I also want to thank everyone who has stepped up to the plate to
become a dues paying member of OCPAC. We now have 285 dues paying
members for this year which exceeds last year‘s record setting
membership at 217. I will soon report on the amount of money raised
for the 2010 election cycle. I suspect it will be over $43,000 which
will be $10,000 more than we raised for the 2008 election cycle. From
the bottom of my heart and on behalf of all the officers at OCPAC, I
just want to say thanks for your confidence and support.


* MONDAY EVENING - EDMOND - Friends of James Lankford are
sponsoring a Town Hall meeting with James Lankford, the Republican
nominee for the 5th Congressional District. The location will be the
Edmond Public Library, 10 South Boulevard in Edmond. This will be an
opportunity to meet James, and ask questions. The time will be from
6:00 until 7:30 p.m.

* TUESDAY EVENING - OKC AREA - Mark Costello, the Republican
nominee for State Labor Commissioner is hosting an endorsement party
at Sean Cummings Irish Restaurant and Pub, 7523 North May in OKC from
7:00 to 9:00 p.m. The guest of honor endorsing Mr. Costello will be
Colby Yates, a professional bull rider and musician. About a year and
a half ago, it was reported that current Labor Commissioner Lloyd
Fields tried to steal Mr. Yates’ guitar while they were down at the
Cox Convention Center. Fields was tackled by a couple of bull riders
and held until the police could take him away to the detox center in
Bricktown. Rather than spending the usual 10 hours in the detox
center, a union lobbyist bailed him out after only 4 hours.

Mr. Yates will be playing a few songs and then endorse Mark Costello.
The whole event has prompted Costello to make 3 pledges. 1) Mark
Costello will take no special interest money. 2) Mark Costello will
take no lobbyist money. 3) Mark Costello will take no one else’s

It will be an evening of Irish appetizers, music and wholesome fun.
There is on cost to attend, if you planning to attend, please RSVP to
1 (877) 711.0955 or e-mail

* TUESDAY EVENING - TULSA AREA - Brigitte Gabriel will be
speaking Tuesday evening at Immanuel Baptist Church, 625 South
Broadway in Skiatook. The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. Brigitte is
an expert on Islam and will tell why we must not allow it to gain an
even greater foot hold in America than it already has. I was not able
to attend her meeting Sunday evening in Moore. However, I have already
had 2 phone calls reporting that it was a tremendous meeting and they
had a huge crowd. If you live in the Tulsa area, don’t miss this

* THURSDAY EVENING - OKC AREA - The Oklahoma City chapter of OK-
SAFE (Oklahomans for Sovereignty And Free Enterprise) will hold their
monthly meeting at the Village Library, 10307 North Penn in OKC. The
meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. and the topics covered will be: What
are Hub Zones, what are enterprise zones and what is Oklahoma’s
Quality Jobs Act? In addition, there will be some discussion about the
11 state questions. The public is invited.

* THURSDAY EVENING - OKC AREA - Oklahoma’s aggressive, no-
compromise 2nd Amendment organization (OK2A) will begin holding
monthly meetings on the first Thursday of each month at H&H gun range,
which is on the North side of I-40 and just about 3 blocks East of
Meridian. The meetings will begin at 7:00 p.m.


September 30th is the end for the fiscal year for the federal
government. Each year at this time I log on to an official government
web-site to determine the exact debt as of the end of the fiscal year
and how much deficit spending we incurred this year to add to our
national debt.

Here are the numbers, the debt as of 9-30-2010 is: 13(trillion),
561(billion),623(million),030(thousand)891(dollars),&79(cents). On
September 30 of last year the debt was: 11(trillion),909(billion),
829(million),003(thousand),511(dollars)&75(cents). Therefore, when I
subtract the later number from the former, the deficit spending for
the year just completed on 9-30-10 was: 1(trillion),651(billion),
794(million),027(thousand),380(dollars)&04(cents). If we take that
number and divide it by the 365 calendar days in a fiscal year, we
find out the federal government SPENT 4(billion),525(million),
189(thousand),&116(dollars) more each and every day of the year than
it took in in taxes or other earnings.

Bottom line, any politician or citizen wanting stimulus dollars,
earmarks or unconstitutional spending of any kind, let me suggest
this. The next time you look at your son, daughter, grandchild,
nephew, niece or the children of your neighbors, my I suggest you turn
your head from them, don‘t look them in the face. You see, today you
try to use your political power to demand that government pander to
your greed and selfishness. You are obviously willing to sacrifice
their future with an unbearable debt burden. Truth is, in 20 to 30
years, the burden may be so great, that today’s young will not be
willing to bare up under the pressure of the debt and the expenses
tomorrow for the caring of the elderly. They may then turn their backs
on you then, just as you are loading them down today with an
impossible burden for tomorrow.


I was contacted again this past week by Michael McNutt of the
Oklahoman for another article about the Sally Kern versus Brittany
Novotny race. Since Brittany turned down an opportunity to appear at
an OCPAC meeting and only discuss the issues other than his operation,
I must assume that Brittany really doesn’t want to publicly discuss
issues where it would be determined if he is a conservative or a

While it can’t be determined for sure, I can only speculate that he is
a liberal, using a few high sounding platitudes about issues, hoping
people will believe he would make a better and more responsible
lawmaker, and able to do a better job than Representative Sally Kern.
Let me share a few thoughts as to why I believe that is not reality.

First, Brittany is not just a registered Democrat wanting to run for
office. Brittany is a member of Oklahoma’s Young Democrats and is
Chairman of the, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender Caucus. I
believe their real agenda is to advance a radical social agenda and
the rest of the liberal agenda which goes along with it. When Brittany
responded to my invitation, he suggested OCPAC join along with the
group Change Now to co-sponsor a meeting in the district where people
(this occurred 2 years ago when about 30 homosexuals, most of whom
probably didn’t live in the district, showed out and made a circus of
the meeting) could ask questions.

Brittany also suggested that it didn’t make sense to have to share
time with a person from the John Birch Society. Truth is, I indicated
we would take about 20 minutes with our voting, give the Birch
Representative 8 minutes, then allow Brittany to speak 8 to 10 minutes
and then take questions. Every speaker who comes to an OCPAC meeting
is informed that they will have to answer questions.

Reality is that Sally Kern is one of the best lawmakers in the State
House. In Her 6 years in the House she has only introduced 4 or 5
bills out of 48 dealing with the kind of social issues which have
brought her so much attention. As an example of the majority of
legislation introduced by Kern, Sally introduced the Oklahoma
Environmental Authority Act. That was intended to put to a vote of the
people an ability to amend our State Constitution to establish that
Oklahoma’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the
Corporation Commission have all final authority over the federal
government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding
environmental issues. If passed by the voters, it would be a 10th
Amendment push back against the unconstitutional overreach of the
federal government.

The reason of course was that the EPA was threatening to enforce CAP &
TRADE upon the states without congressional approval, under the
provisions of the Clean Air passed several years ago. If implemented,
that would increase, perhaps up to double the electric utility rates
for every business and resident in the state. While leadership
wouldn’t allow the bill to be heard, Sally was watching out for the
businesses and people of the state.

Brittany is critical of Sally’s efforts on this measure suggesting it
would only end up in the courts and cost the taxpayers of the state
money to fight the feds in the courts. I say, standing up to the
tyranny of the federal government is one of the most important duties
of any person to be elected to office in Oklahoma. That is why the
citizens of Oklahoma are going to elect Scott Pruitt as our next
Attorney General as he intends to form an office of lawyers who
specialize in Constitutional matters as to the proper relationship
with the state and federal government. That is a proper use of
taxpayer monies and I for one am quite willing to see our tax dollars
spent for such purposes. Sally is looking out for consumers and
businesses while Brittany is not. Brittany wants to appear as a
responsible policy wonk but is not.

During her time in the legislature, Sally has passed legislation to
exempt Doctors and medical workers volunteering their time to care for
the poor and elderly without charge from being subject to lawsuits.
While Brittany was busy filing a lawsuit against the OKC school board
to force them to hire back an alleged bad teacher who also happened to
be homosexual, sally was passing legislation to help the poor and

Sally also passed legislation to allow up to 5 members of a family,
either by birth or marriage, to opt out of workers comp insurance in a
family owned business. Not only does that help small businesses to
stay afloat, it also helps to earn a profit, especially if they
compete in a service industry where some of the competition may use
illegal aliens, paying the cash under the table and at a lower rate of
wages to boot. By not forcing family members of family owned
businesses to have to pay workers comp fees, it also allows them to
keep prices down and thus benefit consumers. If I could not opt out of
workers comp, the last figure I was quoted for my trade would be
$63.40 for every $100 I would pay myself in wages. That would mean I
would have to raise my rates by 63.4% just to earn the same money as I
do now.

Sally has passed other legislation effecting education and public
safety. Bottom line, Sally is the real deal and I suspect Brittany
Novotny is as phony as a 3 dollar bill. With that all said, an
invitation is still on the table for Brittany to appear and speak at
an OCPAC meeting and try to prove me wrong. I gave two different dates
for him to appear.


This past week, U.S. Senator Tom Coburn endorsed Dr. Charles Thompson
(DVM) in Dr. Thompson’s effort to unseat U.S. Representative Dan Boren
from the District 2 Congressional seat. This is the seat Dr. Coburn
held when he was first elected to office in 1994. Coburn held the seat
for 3 terms and did not run again as he had promised when first
running for office.

Charles Thompson spoke a week ago Friday to the High Noon Club which
meets every Friday at H&H gun range in OKC. I attended for my first
time and noticed, as well as other OCPAC members present, just how
much more passion and energy Charles spoke with than the time he
appeared at OCPAC. I just want to report, his speech was exciting if
you love limited government and the Constitution. During his speech,
he mentioned he had raised just over $50,000 and I know people
contributed additional to him on that day.

This past week, Dick Morris was speaking on one of the nationally
syndicated radio shows and talked about the 60 House candidates with
the best chance of winning in November. He indicated that most of them
were awash in campaign contributions. He then said there were another
20 seats which would have a fair chance of winning if they could only
raise sufficient funding. He then went on to say an additional 20
might have some chance of winning if they could raise enough money for
their campaigns.

I have to believe Charles falls into one of these latter two
categories, given the fact that Dan Boren votes with Nancy Pelosi and
President Obama 75% of the time, a fact in which I believe the
citizens of the 2nd District are not aware. Given that the people of
the 2nd District gave John McCain the 5th largest majority of any
congressional district in the nation, they will elect Charles if he
can only raise sufficient contributions to inform them of Boren‘s

If you have already contributed, thanks so much, win or lose you have
done the right thing. I just gave another $50 and urge people to give
again or give for the first time if you have not thus far. Again,
almost 4,000 people receive this e-mail directly. If everyone
receiving this gives just $10, that would add up to $40,000. I know
some just can’t help, but it is not unusual to pay $10 for a lunch.
Would it be worth missing a lunch to help change out Dan Boren with a
Constitutionalist in Congress? If so, please send your best
contribution to Charles by logging on to his web-site at
Any and all help would be appreciated.


This past Tuesday, Jerry Fent appeared before the Supreme Court for
oral arguments in his efforts to force the state of Oklahoma to obey
the Constitution. One of the Supremes was absent, but the other 8
decided not to hear the case. The attorney representing the AG’s
office and opposing Mr. Fent suggested to Jerry that he basically go
on a time consuming wild goose hunt about irrelevant matters in a
lower court as the Supremes should not decide minutia, but rather
Constitutional matters.

Excuse me, did the attorney open his eyes long enough to see that Mr.
Fent brought the case as a matter of violating the Constitution? Based
on their recent ruling on the unconstitutionality of the 1% charge on
health care claims this should have been a slam dunk, but the Supremes
decided to act like a bunch of spastics and ignore this case.

Let me share an e-mail I received from a person receiving my e-mail
last week where I announced that Mr. Fent would go before the court.
This person is a former government employee:

“Charlie - Fent is RIGHT ON! It always disturbed me to collect fines
and fees from the various industry groups I once regulated only to see
these specifically purposed funds be swept away by various greedy
bast*^#+ of the Legislature (and their staffers). I honestly thought
it was unconstitutional and often wondered if anyone like Fent would
take it on. I am excited to see how it comes out.

You see, if ever there were not enough funds in these accounts to
remedy whatever their purposes, then those injured could come back
against the entire state treasury, in my mind. It is a very dangerous
game that they play and we are lucky that no crisis has ever risen.

…just had to vent a little bit.” XXXXXX

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows