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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, October 13th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. I had planned on
inviting independent candidates for this week’s meeting, but have been
so busy I only had time to contact 1 candidate and he couldn’t come. I
decided to change directions and as such we will have 2 different
speakers for this Wednesday’s meeting. First will be Mr. Ben Sisney
formerly of the Center For Law and Justice, headed up by Jay Seckulow.
Mr. Sisney will also talk about Regent Law School. Our main speaker
will be Mr. Carson Banks. Carson is the Oklahoma State Coordinator for
the Generation Joshua Project. This is a group of highly motivated and
effective home school students who work on campaigns to get their
candidates elected to office. These speakers will be a great break
from the long process of interviewing candidates which we have just

Just for your information, following the vote by our members this past
Wednesday, we contributed to 8 Republican House candidates and
disbursed a final $1,000 to 3 different state wide candidates which
brought this year’s total to $11,000 for state wide candidates. We
have $16 dollars left in our bank account, but with continued support
such as we have received in the past, it will begin to recover rather
quickly. Any dues we receive beyond this point will go toward a
person’s 2011 membership as we are finished contributing for this
election cycle. I need to count to double check, but I believe the
final membership number for 2010 will be 287 dues paying members, a
significant increase over last year’s record breaking number of 217.
The House candidates receiving our support were: Aaron Stiles of
Norman, Sean Roberts of Hominy, Steve Vaughn of Ponca City, Kyle
Coulter of Del City, Roger Mattox of Poteau, John Bennett of Sallisaw,
Josh Cockroft of McCloud and Tom Newell of Seminole. They now join the
3 Senate candidates we contributed to about 6 weeks ago, being Joshua
Jantz in OKC, Ralph Shortey of OKC and Josh Brecheen of the Durant

Over the past 5 election cycles, OCPAC has a little over a 50% success
rate. That will be ever more difficult to maintain as most of the low
hanging fruit in Oklahoma has already been picked. Some of these
districts are very tough, but these were good candidates and when they
step up to run in these difficult districts, they deserve the support
of conservatives across the state of Oklahoma. We have to win some of
these more difficult seats to keep this state moving to the
conservative side. I think I surprised some of the House candidates
when I told them we don’t need more Republicans in the House (other
than to override a Democrat Governor’s veto), what we need are better
quality (conservative) members of the House. That has always been the
goal of OCPAC, and that is to elect more conservatives to office in
Oklahoma. Again, a sincere thanks to everyone who supported our
efforts with your finances for this election cycle.


** TUESDAY EVENING - PURCELL AREA - Tuesday evening State Senator
Randy Brogdon will be speaking at 7:00 p.m. in the Conference Center
of the First American Bank in Purcell. The location is 120 South 4th
street (South side of the Bank). Senator Brogdon will be discussing
the 11 state questions, four of which made the ballot as a result of
legislation he passed. Many people may not know, but the wording on
the ballot has no effect of law. The ballot wording is simply the
opinion of the gist of the legal document which put the issue on the
ballot. In at least one case, it appears Attorney General Edmondson
purposely added language to confuse this issue, an issue of which he

The event is being sponsored by Senator Brogdon’s new organization
called Freedom’s Role and the Purcell chapter of the John Birch
Society. In addition to Senator Brogdon’s talk and Q&A time, we will
show the 23 minute DVD called Obamacare 101. It is a powerful DVD
which shows the legislation is not about health care, but about
increasing the size and monopoly of
government, especially regarding health care.

** TUESDAY EVENING - EDMOND AREA - Jim & Joy Harlin along with
Richard & Denise Engle are hosting a fundraising reception for John
Doak in his effort to win the State Insurance Commissioner’s seat. If
you have not been able to meet John or ask him questions, this will be
a great opportunity. It will be a come and go, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m.
The location of the Harlin Residence is 1501 Deason Drive in Edmond.
RSVP is appreciated but not required. The number is (405) 348-1147 or

** TUESDAY EVENING - EDMOND AREA - David Barton will be speaking
in the Hardeman Auditorium inside of the Garvey Center on the campus
of Oklahoma Christian University, 2501 East Memorial Road in Edmond.
The doors open at 6:30 with the event beginning at 7:00 p.m., KTOK
morning talk show host Reid Mullins will emcee the meeting. Ticket
prices will be $50 per person, $75 for a couple or $100 for a family.
This is a fund raising event for the Oklahoma Republican Senate PAC.
To purchase tickets log on to www.oksenategop.com, call (405) 427-1066
or e-mail okrsvp@gmail.com .

** WEDNESDAY AT NOON - TULSA AREA - The Tulsa County Republican
men’s club will meet at noon for lunch this Wednesday at the Hong Kong
Restaurant, 7315 South Memorial Drive. The speaker will be Nadine
Nollan, Republican candidate for the vacated seat formerly held by
Democrat Lucky Lamons.

** THURSDAY EVENING - LAWTON AREA - This Thursday evening, our
friends in the Lawton area will be hosting a candidate forum from 6
to 9:00 p.m. at the Great Plains Technology Center, 4500 West Lee Blvd
in Lawton. The last I heard over 20 candidates for local and state
wide office had agreed to attend. This will be the last opportunity to
have this many candidates gathered before the election in Oklahoma’s 4
largest city.


It was reported in the news today that Oklahoma Supreme Court Justice
and former Chief Justice Marian Opala passed away this morning
following a massive stroke over the weekend. Justice Opala was 89.
Over the years, we have had him speak at least once and I believe
twice at an OCPAC meeting. When my father was in law school at OCU,
Opala was one of his law professors and there were several months my
mother worked for him as a clerk when he was working on a special
project as a court administrator. Up until about the past 4 years, I
believe he was far and away the best Justice on our Supreme Court, but
I have been more concerned with some of his decisions over the past
few years.

One of my fond memories regarding Justice Opala was an opportunity to
obtain and give Opala a copy of Balint Vazsonyi’s book, AMERICA’S 30
YEAR WAR - WHO IS WINNING? Though from a neighboring country, Vazsonyi
and Opala’s early years were similar as they both escaped the tyranny
of the Nazi’s and the Soviet Communists. Opala had the mind of a
jurist, Vazsonyi was a rare immigrant who did the historical research
to discover the principles of our founding fathers and was thus more
conservative than Opala. Vazsonyi passed away a few years ago and now
Opala. We have lost a couple of treasures and I will miss them both.

Also, over the weekend, former Oklahoma County Republican party
Chairman Tom Dudley
passed away. Dr. Tom was a dentist who was known to provide indegint
care to patients out of Christian charity. His wife Kay served one
term as a Republican Senator. They were a good team and I know Kay
will miss him dearly. Please keep Kay and their family in your


A few weeks before each general election, a legislative score card
known as the Reid Report comes out supposedly showing pro-business
candidates from those who are not pro-business. In my opinion, the
Reid Report is nothing more than a shill for the State Chamber of
Commerce which happens to be infected with central planners who
believe in fascist capitalism.

May I suggest the reason you should not pay any attention to the
scores for lawmakers and laugh at any lawmaker who wants to brag about
a high score on the Reid Report is as follows: I have talked with
lawmakers who contacted the folks who run this arbitrary and
capricious index to find out why they didn’t receive a satisfactory
score. They have reported to me they were told certain questions were
weighted. In one case a lawmaker they evidently didn’t like received a
negative score on a vote while another lawmaker received a positive
score on the same vote while they both voted the same way.

I noticed this year’s scores did not have any negative scores as they
did last year. There is no such thing as a negative score on an
objective scoring index. You could have a zero, but not a negative
score. They must have figured out how foolish they looked with those
negative scores.

There are issues in which I would agree with the Chamber, but as a
person who believes in free market capitalism and not a controlled
economy with all kinds of “special” privileges and subsidies that
fascist and socialist capitalists believe in, there will be other
times in which I will disagree with them.

My suggestion, if the REID Report wants to be taken seriously by
intellectually honest people, then they should come out of the smoke
filled back rooms. Come out of the shadows and publish the votes they
use on their worthless index. Also, score the index objectively, in
the public’s eye, come out of the shadows. The final score they give
is a sham.


Brittany Novotny’s California friends have produced a hit piece full
of distortions about Sally Kern. From a production standpoint, it is
very high quality and probably cost far more to make than the $5,000
maximum allowed by Oklahoma’s Ethics laws. It was due to start running
this week on the local Fox affiliate and CNN. Since the ad ends with
the following: “Paid for by Three Things Media. 15400 Sherman Way
Suite 380, Van Nuys, CA 91406. This advertisement not authorized by
any candidate or candidate’s committee.” it would appear to me to be
an independent expenditure and could not be coordinated with any
candidate. Since it tells voters to “Vote Sally Out” it can’t be
considered a 527 or an educational piece and it should be subject to
our election laws which prohibit more than a $5,000 expenditure from
any one person or entity.

I also don’t believe Brittany could use her campaign money to run the
ad, so where will the money come from to run these ads? Now for the
distortions. The ad is trying to fool people into thinking Sally Kern
is against seniors, sound like a typical Democrat trick? It suggests
that senior centers were threatened and Sally did nothing. How does
this confused bunch of “things” know what Sally did or did not do? In
a tough financial climate everything was being looked at to try and
make our budget balance. The senior programs referred to in the ad
were not about feeding the elderly, but rather more about providing a
social gathering place for seniors. There never was even a vote on
this issue.

It goes on to talk about bus services being cut. Again, these confused
“things” don’t seem to have a clue about American federalism or to say
it another way, different government jurisdictions. Bus service is up
to OKC, Bethany or Warr Acres, not the state, Sally is a “state“
representative and doesn‘t serve as a city official. Does anyone
expect much of anything intellectually honest to come out of Brittany
or his friends in California? I hope you are not that foolish.

Lets, just hope the citizens of HD 84 will have the wisdom to sift
through all the disinformation being put out by Brittany and his
friends. I am curious, had I suggested that Brittany was a man, had a
sex change operation to try and become a woman, but turned out to
become a confused “THING” rather than a confused IT, would it have
stirred up as much controversy? Just wondering, since it is “The Three
Things” media group that produced the ad?


About 3 years ago there was a big announcement in Poteau about the
Tiger Truck Company, an American subsidiary of a company from
Communist China, moving to Poteau from Dallas with plans to hire 300
people. Of course there were big subsidies given to Tiger Truck from
various government entities, and big promises to improve the economy
and EVENTUALLY fill state and local coiffures with new tax dollars.

Now first off, I am not happy for the 90 employees who are losing
their jobs, they are real people with needs and probably aren’t very
involved in the ethical or sovereignty issues at stake. However, we
are rapidly moving toward a bankrupt 3rd world economic status, with
China rising up like a phoenix on the horizon.

The Republicans in Congress recently put forth their latest plan
similar to the “Contract with America” which was introduced in 1994. I
didn’t see anything in the plan I would call bad, it just simply does
not go far enough. Most everyone is concerned about our economy and
how to fix it. However, until we get our trade balance in better
shape, nothing being done will fix the problems or have any long term
benefit on the economy of our nation. We must recapture our lost
manufacturing base to once again produce wealth in our nation and make
real improvement to our economy.

It is hard to find the simple trinkets of life that are still produced
in the USofA rather than China. The last thing we need is to produce
trucks owned by a Communist Chinese company in the US. That is why I
was glad to see the MG plant in Ardmore didn’t come about and now this
truck company in Poteau is going out of business.

Though I am willing to engage in “fair” trade with goods produced in
non-Communist countries, I don’t like to engage in trade with
Communist countries at all. Why build them up and make them powerful
at our expense. I cringe when I hear someone refer to Communist China
as our trading partner. They are our trading competitors, and they
consider us to be their number one enemy, not a partner.

I would really like to buy autos from one of the American big 3 auto
makers, but I just can’t make myself do so. The last few cars we have
purchased have been Toyotas or Nissans, made in the US by non-union
workers. In my opinion, the Marxist political agenda of organized
labor in American has done more harm to this country than the Japanese
or Germans ever came close to accomplishing.

This is now made even more easy since GM (government motors) and
Chrysler are both mostly owned by the government and the labor unions.
Only Ford is not government owned, but it is still in the clutches of
the labor unions. If you think you are being patriotic by purchasing a
Chevy or Chrysler, think again. Government ownership of businesses is
not free enterprise and not the way our Founding Father would have
ever considered doing business. Good-by Tiger Trucks and my the City
of Poteau have a business locate in that facility on their own


Beware of the Tulsa World. I was contacted by the Fallin campaign
regarding some possible confusion which may arise because of an
article in the Tulsa World. The World printed a story saying that
Askins was against SQ 755, which will ban Sharia Law from Oklahoma
courts. It said Mary was “undecided.” Mary is not undecided, she is
very much against Sharia Law being used in courts in Oklahoma or
anywhere else in the U.S. Mary is committed to vote for SQ 755 and
encourages other people to do so as well.

The confusion came in an exchange at a forum where Askins said she
thought the law would have unintended consequences. Mary basically
said “I am a reasonable person and I will reexamine it so I can
address your concerns.” Mary has done that, and still firmly supports
passage of S.Q. 755.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows


Ben Patrick Johnson said...
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Ben Patrick Johnson said...

Mr. Meadow,

Why did you delete my response to your post?

Ben Patrick Johnson
Los Angeles, CA

Mark said...

Yes, that is a very good question. If you are a political website, aren't you about the free exchange of ideas? Or are you just about seeing your ideas become the law of the land? What could he have said that frightened you so?

Charlie Meadows said...

I do apologize. I manage this blog for Charlie. All I do is post his mass-email to the blog. I may have deleted you post, but not on purpose. If you would like to communicate with Charlie, email him at Charliemeadows7@gmail.com

I did forward your 10.25.10 post to him.