Tuesday, March 29, 2011




Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, March 30th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our first order of
business will be the election of officers to serve through the last
Wednesday in March of 2013. About a month ago I asked if anyone other
than those currently holding office would be interested in running for
one of the positions. So far no one has contacted me with an interest
in running. I am going to run for another term as President. Our other
officers have also agreed to run for re-election. They are Richard
Engle, Vice President, Susan Goodman, Treasurer, Bob Donohoo,
Secretary and Richard Harris as General Council. Please let me know if
anyone else is interested in running for any of these positions. If
not, we will move quickly to get this done and proceed with more
interesting subject matter. Our main speaker this Wednesday will be
State Representative Scott Martin (R-Norman). Representative Martin
has authored several pieces of legislation affecting public employee
unions. He will give us a history lesson and the reasons for his


SUNDAY - MOORE AREA - I have been informed that the Darwin vs.
Design Conference last Friday and Saturday in Northwest OKC was very
well attended. If you missed that conference but are interested in
this very important issue, you will have another chance to improve you
understanding. On Sunday, April 3rd, Dr. Mike Riddle from the Answers
in Genesis Institute will be speaking all day and evening at St.
John’s Lutheran Church, 1032 N.W. 12th Street in Moore. Dr. Riddle
holds a degree in Mathematics and a graduate degree in education.

Having just visited the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky, I can
assure you, nothing they present will be anything other than first
class, informative and authoritative. The presentations will go as
follows: 9:15 a.m. - WHY IS GENESIS RELEVANT? 10:30 a.m. -
Apologetics 101: Answering the Challenges. 4:00 p.m. - Thinking
Biblically About Dinosaurs. 5:00 p.m. - Dinner in the gym (freewill
offering) and a Q&A time with Dr. Riddle. 6:00 p.m. - 4 Power
Questions to Ask an Evolutionist. 7:30 p.m. - Taking Back American
Education. If you have additional questions, contact Beth Groh at
(405) 794-5462 or bethgroh@cox.net.


We had a packed house Friday night and a good crowd on Saturday as
John Guandolo and Major Steve Coughlin presented 7 hours of
information about Islam and the strategy of Muslims in America in
their effort to replace our Constitution and Western laws with Shari
Law. It is rather sad to realize these men had to leave the FBI, the
military and intelligence communities because of political correctness
to be able to share this dynamite information with the public.

Several years ago, information was found in a sub-basement in the
basement of the home of a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood. In
addition, the FBI had also taped the contents of a secret meeting of
leading Brotherhood members in America. As a result of that
information, these men were able to present factual information about
an agenda for the overthrow of America by Brotherhood and Hamas
members who have successfully infiltrated many key positions in
America. Evidence presented in the Holy Land Foundation trial was also
very helpful. Most of the information presented were from the words or
writings of leading members of the Brotherhood or Hamas who are living
right here in America. Fortunately, a good number of them are now in
prison, but many more are taking their places.

Two key points driven home were the importance of understanding how
Muslims use deceit and misrepresentation to build relationships with
key people in every level of government. Once those relationships are
established, Muslims become purveyors of misinformation to keep
authorities confused and from knowing their true intentions.

On Sunday evening during the 10:00 p.m. news on the local CBS
affiliate (News 9), there was a story about how the FBI had sent
orders to agents across America that they were severing their
relations with the organization known as CAIR (Center for American
Islamic Relations). According to the men, CAIR is a front group for
the terrorist organization HAMAS. On the news, a special agent in the
local FBI office expressed his disappointment because of good
relations with the local members of CAIR.

After the seminar, it is very easy for me to understand how this
special agent has been co-opted by members of the group and how much
of a “useful idiot” he has become for their agenda. They are trained
to be friendly, caring, helpful and informative about “a certain
perspective on” Islamic issues. I believe the DVDs of the conference
will eventually be available. On Sunday morning Pastor Paul did a
summary in an hour and 10 minutes that was just excellent. The message
had a little more of a spiritual component to the issue, but it was
chronologicaly factual and to the point. If anyone would like copies
of these DVDs, please contact the church during daytime hours at
(405) 348-1745.

Bottom line, in my opinion any Muslim wanting to institute Shari Law
or refusing to proclaim that Shari law should not be used in America‘s
legal system should be defined as “the enemy within.” I am not at all
suggesting violence be used against them, but they should be seen in
the same light as a Communist, Socialist, or Fascist as far as being
un-patriotic and an enemy of Americanism. If they are not an American
citizen, I am in favor of deporting them.


HB 2130 passed out of the House a couple of weeks ago with a little
over 50 yes votes and a large host of lawmakers slithering toward the
doors during the controversial vote on this vital issue. Conservatives
have dubbed it, The Obama Care Enabling Act. A major portion of Obama
Care involves the creation of health insurance exchanges.

HB 2130 creates a state version of these insurance exchanges, but one
of the problems is that Governor Fallin has accepted a $54 million
dollar federal grant for their creation. There are two issues here,
first whether government at any level should be involved in creating
these exchanges (insurance companies could do so if they wanted to).
The second issue is Oklahoma taking $54 million borrowed (70% of which
is newly printed) dollars from the bankrupt federal government.

Yesterday, Governor Fallin held a press conference to answer her
critics. Though she appeared nervous and stumbled over her words, she
basically said Oklahoma didn’t have the money to create the exchanges
without these federal dollars. She went on to say, if we didn’t do
this we would be forced to accept what the feds put on us sometime in
the future.

Let me ask, Governor Fallin, are you saying Oklahoma doesn’t have the
money, but the federal printing presses do? Are you kidding me,
Governor Fallin, do you care nothing about the solvency of our nation
and the future of your children and grandchildren, much less the same
for the rest of us? Are you going to be no different the other
governors who are addicted to the crack cocaine of federal dollars?

Senator Brogdon will have to speak for himself, but it was apparent
that Mary is afraid of the “big bad wolf” known as the federal
government. While I don’t believe had Senator Brogdon been elected to
the governors office that he would have gone around looking for a
fight with the feds. However, this is a perfect example of a 9th and
10th Amendment issue that Brogdon would have likely pushed back
against the fed’s edicts, especially with the citizens of Oklahoma
voting last November to opt out of Obama Care.

This bill will soon be assigned to a Senate Committee. At that time
the citizens will need to tell those Senators to kill this horrible
piece of legislation. When that occurs, Mary will need to grow a spine
and the citizens will need to gather around her and the other elected
officials to push back against the unconstitutional edicts of the
federal government. To really understand this issue log on to www.ok-safe.com.


The presentation and our conversations with Brian Alford at the OCPAC
meeting last Wednesday were quite lively. It is very clear that many
people are not too enthused about the new smart meters being installed
system wide by OG&E. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) will
funneled $100 million dollars in subsidies to OG&E to get these meters
installed. I believe most of the concern is over the possibility that
the EPA might someday order a company like OG&E to ration electricity.
While OG&E has no interest in doing that, the technology does make
that possible and so far OG&E has not proven a willingness to tell the
feds to go to hell.

Prior to our luncheon, there was a meeting held at the Corporation
Commission offices with newly elected Attorney General Scott Pruitt
taking the lead by explaining his intentions to take legal action
against the EPA. The problem is their un-reasonable edict about
forcing all of PSO and OG&E’s Oklahoma coal fired generating
facilities to either install expensive scrubbers on their equipment or
switch to natural gas for fuel which turns the generators to make

The problem seems to stem from the EPA’s mandate to improve air
quality over our national parks and wildlife refuges. One of the
things we learned last Wednesday is that the EPA has no scientific
evidence that the intermittent haze over the Wichita Wildlife Refuge,
West of Lawton, is caused by the 3 coal fired generating plants that
are close to 200 miles to the East Northeast of the refuge. Rather,
the EPA has determined the problem to be caused by using a model and a
model that does not represent the facts of the situation. In reality,
OG&E’s coal fired plants already produce electricity at a pollution
level below the standards the EPA would want to obtain with the

Therefore, all the expense to Oklahoma consumers and businesses to
obtain a certain level of pollution emissions with the installation of
scrubbers would be feel good efforts for the radical environmentalists
and just another case where the bureaucrats under the Obama
administration can prove that they can yank the chains of the people
and the states.

When asked if common sense fails to prevail and OG&E might be forced
to install the scrubbers or convert the coal fired plants to natural
gas, which might be the choice for OG&E? While the answer was
speculation, Mr. Alford suggested their preference would probably be
scrubbers. The reason is the cost to the rate payers to install
scrubbers would probably require a rate increase of 15% or a little
more, whereas the cost to convert to natural gas would require a rate
increase of more than 30%.

Now, back to the meeting last Wednesday morning at the Corporation
Commission. In Thursday’s Oklahoman, it was reported that “A
Chesapeake Energy Corp. executive (Tom Price, Chesapeake’s senior vice
president of corporate development) said it doesn’t make sense to
fight the federal plan because Oklahoma stands to benefit from
increased use of natural gas.”

Let me interpret that for everyone: what he should have said is that
Oklahoma’s natural gas producers (especially Chesapeake) and state
GOVERNMENT stand to benefit on the backs of consumers who will have to
shoulder an enormous increase in electric rates. In addition, all
Oklahoma businesses other than those in the natural gas industry will
also see their overhead increase which will be harmful to their
businesses and our attempt to see our economy grow.

In addition, if PSO and OG&E were to convert to natural gas, there
would be an additional rate increase in addition to the cost of
conversion. This would be a permanent rate increase as the cost of
producing electricity from gas is higher than with the use of coal.
And of course, when the inevitable occurs again sometime in the
future, when supply (we currently have an excess supply of natural gas
which is why prices are depressed) will again struggle to keep up with
demand, we will see the price of natural gas spike up and our electric
rates will skyrocket for some period of time. Of course companies like
Chesapeake love that scenario, because their GREED is then temporarily

Now, let me make it crystal clear, I am not an opponent of Chesapeake
energy or any other Oklahoma gas or oil producer. I want them to be
successful. I want them to sell vast amounts of the valuable oil and
gas they produce and given enough time they will sell it all. What I
do object to is their efforts to use government (in this case the EPA)
to obtain an advantage over their competitors (in this case coal) so
they can sell their products sooner than what the free market
determines is best for the consumers.

AG Scott Pruitt handled it perfectly when he said: “the debate over
whether to fuel the state’s power plants with coal or natural gas is
worthwhile, but such decisions should be made in Oklahoma, not in
Washington D.C. Right on General Pruitt, proceed in the courts with
all vigor against the nameless faceless bureaucrats in


* Speaking of President Obama, guess who said “I love him to death
and I fully support him and I just wish him well…”? None other than
one of Oklahoma’s favorite sons, Garth Brooks. Not only does this give
new meaning to the words in Garth’s hit song, “I’ve got friends in low
places” but it also just goes to show you can become a gazillionaire
without having the least bit of knowledge about the difference between
good and evil.

* Put me down in the “against the U.S. involvement in the war in
Libya” column. There are several short and sweet reasons. 1) We are
doing this under UN resolutions. 2) There is no threat to the U.S.
from Libya and thus we have no “direct” interests. 3) While it is
imperative for a President to be able to respond to a nuclear attack
or act quickly to rescue Americans’ being treated badly in foreign
countries, we should never engage in a war like this without going to
Congress for a formal declaration of war as is required by the U.S.
Constitution. 4) As bad as the dictator happens to be, he won’t be as
bad as the Muslim Brotherhood which will wind up in power should the
little dictator be deposed. 5) If this war is about “oil” for European
countries, then they should be the ones to deal with the little
dictator. 6) If we decide to go to war because other governments are
treating their own people badly, then we will be in perpetual war and
our demise will come much more quickly.

* On Monday the Catholic Arch Bishop in OKC and the one in Tulsa
urged the state legislature not to violate the human rights of
ILLEGAL ALIENS (my words not theirs) and to find a way to determine
them to be a necessary part of our society and as such find a path
toward citizenship (AMNESTY). With all due respect, these men need to
better understand to components of good government and the
preservation of our culture.

According to our Declaration of Independence we recognized that the
CITIZENS of the newly created nation have certain God given rights,
paramount among those rights are the right to LIFE, LIBERTY and the
PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. These rights extend to all American citizens and
others that we have allowed to LEGALLY enter our nation and live among
us. Those rights DO NOT, let me repeat DO NOT extend to people who
illegally enter our nation. The rights that extend to those illegal
aliens are the right not to be abused or suffer cruel and unusual
punishment before they are deported!

A nation that cannot control its borders and also determine who it
will accept and who it will not accept will be a nation that cannot
continue to exist under its original principles.

If the Republican party ever allows the illegal aliens living in this
nation today to become citizens, they will eat the bitter folly of
their foolishness, because we will never see another Republican
elected to the Presidency and Congress will almost always be ruled by
the Democrats. Plain and simple, what a horrible idea. The die is
cast, there is no turning back on this issue. This is an issue,
Republicans must be willing to fall upon the sword over.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Friday, March 25, 2011

This week’s three extra quick announcements.

1) Some of Glen Beck’s programs this week have been outstanding as he
has exposed the efforts of many of those in organized labor who
purposely intend to DESTROY America’s economy. He has also announced
that his program tonight, March 25th, will deal with the Federal
Reserve. More specifically G. Edward Griffin, author of CREATURE FROM
JECKLE ISLAND, which is the definitive book on the Federal Reserve
will be a guest on the program. On a press release I saw from Griffin,
he indicated hi amazement at how well Beck and his staff had
researched the information in the book. This will be a very important
program and I urge everyone to make every effort to watch it live at
4:00 p.m. Central time on FOX NEWS or record it and watch it later.
Hopefully that will be with some friends over to expose Beck’s program
and this information to others. One more thing, if someone can make a
DVD of this program, please do so, we may want to show it at an OCPAC
meeting sometime this Summer.

2) I attended the meeting at Fairview Baptist in Edmond last night to
see the Oklahoma premier of the new DVD, SACRAFICED SURVIVORS, THE
UNTOLD STORY OF THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUE. It was a good production with
valuable information, however the main reason for this special
announcement was the brief information brought forth from one of
tonight’s speakers. It was just a brief glimpse regarding the depth of
infiltration into our government and military by the “brothers” within
the Muslim Brotherhood.

The speakers for tonight and tomorrow will be Mr. John Guandolo, Major
Steve Coughlin and Michael Hoehn.

John Guandolo is a 1989 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, a former
active duty Infantry/Reconnaissance Officer in the Unites States
Marine Corps, and a former Special Agent of the FBI in Washington,
D.C. for over 12 years. Shortly after 9-11, Mr. Guandolo began an
assignment to the Counterterrorism Division of the Washington Field
Office working there for over five years and developing an expertise
in the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Doctrine, the global Islamic
Movement, and a myriad of terrorist organizations to include Hamas, Al
Qaeda, and others. In 2006, after being designated a “Subject Matter
Expert (SME)” in the FBI, Mr. Guandolo created and implemented the
FBI’s first Counterterrorism Training and Education Program focusing
on the Muslim Brotherhood and their subversive movement in the United
States, Islamic Doctrine, and the global Islamic Movement.

Major Steve Coughlin is a Visiting Fellow of IASC’s National Security
Law Project. Often cited as the Pentagon’s leading expert on Islamic
law, Coughlin is in demand as a lecturer at leading Defense training
institutions, including the Naval War College, Maring Corps HQ-
Quantico, and at Staff, Command and Division levels, as well as for
the FBI and other agencies and private sector groups. A Major in the
U.S. Army (res.), assigned to USCENTCOM, with a military intelligence
specialty, Coughlin has served in a strategic communications role in
CENTCOM-Doha. U.S. assignments have included attachment to the
Pentagon’s National Military Joint Intelligence Center, the National
Security Council’s Interagency Perception Management Threat Panel, and
culminating in his assignment to the intelligence staff of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff. Coughlin’s work has included Counter-propaganda, open
source intelligence cell and support of the State Department and other
agencies in Strategic Information Fusion, as well as target
development in the immediate post 9-11 period.

Michael Hoehn, Esquire is the Executive Director of “Alliance for
Vigilance”. That organization was formed in 2006 to provide a
strategic and tactical response to the threat to freedom posed by
militant Islam through outreach and public education.

Mr. Guandolo and Major Coughlin are top experts trying to inform
policy makers, the intelligence community and the military with good
and vital information. There are times that the power of the
“brotherhood”, which has been infiltrating these institutions for
years, are able to squelch their efforts. As an example, weeks before
the riots in the Middle East broke out, officials at the Pentagon were
warned that things were about to break out, those warnings were
summarily ignored. The Muslim Brotherhood is behind every one of these
coup attempts in the middle east and unfortunately, the U.S.
Government is on the wrong side of most of them. In the name of
“democracy” we are making an effort to bring down these dictators,
whether they have been friendly to the U.S. or in the case of Libya,
not friendly. Many of these dictators are bad guys, but they won’t be
as bad for the people as an Islamic state controlled by the
Brotherhood and they aren’t nearly as bad toward the United States as
it will be when their successors gain control.

As dangerous as all of this presents itself to be, our real enemy in
America is none other than ourselves. In the words of Neil Bortze,
when the “jock sniffing” juveniles between the ages of 20 and 55 begin
to spend just half the time on things that matter in life than they do
worshiping sports, that will be the day we can once again have hope
for America. Folks, I am not against sports, but in the end, not one
outcome of a sports event will not matter one bit in the scheme of
life, compared to the events that are rapidly occurring to change this
nation as we have known it. I urge folks to attend this meeting
tonight, 7:00 p.m. at Fairview Baptist (Sooner Rd and Danforth) in
Edmond as well as Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m..

3) It is disappointing this meeting conflicts with the Darwin vs.
Design Conference which will be going on at Crossings Community Church
(14600 North Portland) tonight and tomorrow during the same times, but
speaker availability couldn’t be helped. This is another very
important issue. If this is more your cup of tea than the threat of
Islam, then by all means make every effort to attend these meetings.
These are world class top notch speakers on this vital issue. The cost
to attend is just $5.00 per person.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Charlie Meadows

Tuesday, March 22, 2011




Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, March 23rd will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our first speaker
this Wednesday will be Jake Parsons, an advocate for abandoning the
Electoral College and switching to a one man one vote popular
election. While I believe the legislation by Senator Rob Johnson (R-
Kingfisher) and Representative Don Armes (R-Lawton) is dead for this
session, Jake still wants to make his case for this change. Our main
speaker is to be Brian Alford, media spokesman for OG&E. I have asked
him to speak to the issue of the EPA rejecting Oklahoma’s plan to
slowly move away from electricity generated by coal. We will find out
what the options might be and how might a lawsuit by Attorney General
Scott Pruitt come into play. I have also asked him to discuss what
OG&E’s position on HB 1240 might be. That is legislation to establish
Oklahoma’s regulatory agencies such as the Department of Environmental
Quality (DEQ) and the Corporation Commission as the ultimate authority
when it comes to environmental issues. Committee Chairman Fred Jordan
(R-Tulsa) did not bring this legislation up for a vote this year. This
is a very serious issue, if not overturned, the federal EPA’s
regulations will cause a minimum and I do mean a minimum of a 15%
increase in electric utility rates for virtually every household and
business in Oklahoma. Don’t miss this meeting.


not informing the thousands who read the OCPAC e-mail about the visit
last Saturday night by Bill Maher, the second rate comic host of HBO’s
“Real Time with Bill Maher” show. The current issue of the Oklahoma
Gazette (I pronounce it Gay-Zette) has a cartoon likeness of Maher on
the front cover riding on the top of a tank looking like Michael
Dukakis when that goof-ball blew any chance he might have had in his
failed run for President, more years back than I want to remember.

The title on the cover of the Gazette is: Bill Maher invades a red
state. I am sure his visit thrilled and invigorated the tens of
thousands of liberal progressive Democrats in Oklahoma who are
surrounded by a million or so conservatives, but let us be real. The
only bombs Maher was likely to have thrown would be multiple rounds of
“F” bombs. I would suggest the lasting results of his invasion upon
red state Oklahoma will have about as much effect as the bursting of
an over-ripe puss pimple on a toads rear end. Not sorry I missed you
Bill as I decided to do something constructive like dipping muck out
of the bottom of my pond with a thimble rather than attend your
liberal love feast!

* EDMOND AREA - THURSDAY EVENING - Reclaiming America for Christ
invites everyone to a special 3 day seminar on the ISLAMIZATION in
AMERICA. The location will be Fairview Baptist Church at the
intersection of North Sooner Road and Danforth in Edmond (one mile
North of 2nd street and one block West of I-35). The Thursday night
March 24th meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. and will feature the
Oklahoma Premiere of the documentary SACRAFICED SURVIVORS: THE UNTOLD
STORY OF THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUE. This has been produced by the
Christian Action Network. The documentary will reveal those behind the
project, who is financing the mosques, and what is the significance of
the location.

On Friday evening March 25th at 7:00 p.m., a Counter Terrorism Summit
will begin with a couple of the Nation’s Leading Experts who will
explain how the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates have infiltrated
our government, military and society. You will have an opportunity to
learn what we must do to stop this problem.

The summit will end with Saturday’s program starting at 9:00 a.m. I
thought we were going to be able to have these 2 presenters at OCPAC
about 2 months ago, but that meeting had to be canceled due to
scheduling difficulties. I don’t know that their names will be
revealed as they are in a very sensitive position. There is no cost to
attend any of these meetings, but an offering will be taken up to help
defray costs. For more information call (405) 796-pray or log on to

and 26th will see a Darwin vs. Design Conference in OKC. At this
special conference, leading national experts will explore the real-
world impact of Darwin’s ideas on our culture and highlight growing
scientific evidence that life and the universe are the products of
intelligent design. The location will be Crossings Community Church
14600 North Portland in OKC.

Friday’s meeting will be from 7 till 9:00 p.m. with the first
presentation being, Darwin Day in America: Why the Debate over Darwin
Matters, by John G. West, PhD. The second presentation will be a
preview of Saturday by John G. West, Jay Richards, Michael Behe and
Casey Luskin. I believe these later two were in Ben Steins’ recent
movie on the subject. Saturday’s program will begin at 8:30 a.m. and
run until 12:30 p.m. Richards, Behe and Luskin will all be presenting
on Saturday. Registration is $5 per person. For tickets and more
information log on to www.crossingsokc.org?darwindesign. I would
suggest you challenge your skeptic friends to hear these brainiacks
discuss this issue.

* MONDAY EVENING - MOORE - Elza Jones, spokesman for Oklahoma
district 4 of Americans For Fair Taxation will present an informative
meeting next Monday evening, March 28th at the Moore public library
(Northeast corner of I-35 and the 4th street exit). The meeting will
start at 7:00 p.m. and be held in meeting room B. While this federal
legislation is not crafted to deal with our overspending problem, it
is vitally important to help bring back manufacturing jobs to our
nation and reduce the power and control over the citizen behavior held
by politicians, through the tax code.

* I have just returned from our week long trip to the Creation
Museum, Gettysburg and Shiloh. One of the more interesting events was
finding a DVD with rare footage of the “Civil War” veterans attending
the 50th anniversary of the war (1913) and the 75th anniversary
(1938). By the 75th anniversary we had sound with the black and white
movies and it was fascinating to hear them talk. Their average age at
the 75th was 92. This year is the 150th anniversary of the beginning
of the civil war and as such on April 30th and May 1st the Oklahoma
Historical Society will be co-sponsoring the largest re-enactment ever
in the state of Oklahoma. It will be on the location of the battle of
Honey Springs. There will be an estimated 5,000 re-enactors
participate. More on this in the future. As a point of interest, what
year did the last civil war veteran die, how old was he and was he a
confederate or union soldier?


With the new rules in place, it would take 68 signatures on a
discharge petition to go around a House committee chairman and bring a
piece of legislation to a direct vote on the floor. That is no small
task, but several dedicated conservative activists worked over a 3
week period of time to do just that this past week. Freshman
Representative John Bennett from Sallisaw was the author of a bill to
allow citizens to openly carry a firearm. Though leadership worked
hard to keep this from coming to a vote on the floor, it finally
happened late last Thursday evening.

However, Emily Virgin (D-Norman) offered an amendment which basically
limit’s that ability to the degree that the legislation is almost
worthless. Floor leader Dan Sullivan quickly took advantage of the
inexperience of Representative Bennett when he moved for Bennett to
accept the amendment, of which he did, not realizing the full effect
upon the legislation. I am not jumping on Bennett, but it is a lesson
we all need to understand. Being a conservative is a vital part of
good government. However, there is a “process” in which legislation
must proceed with many rules by which good or bad legislation can be
killed or passed. About the only time a freshman lawmaker during their
first year in office is really ready for the big time are those who
have worked as lobbyists or staffers at the Capitol before becoming a
lawmaker. This issue may not be finished this year, but you can be
sure it will be back next year if it isn’t properly resolved this


The Oklahoman never seems to run out of ink and paper when it comes to
their mantra against conservative social legislation. If they are not
jabbing conservatives like Sally Kern for her efforts to quickly fix
last year’s state question limiting our courts from being besieged by
Sharia or foreign laws, they are taking a swipe at the Edmond citizens
who opposed the United Nation’s Agenda 21 programs, loosely referred
to as sustainability issues.

Sally Kern’s legislation was passed overwhelmingly late last Thursday
evening, much to the chagrin of many in the Muslim community. Unlike
the state question that Oklahomans overwhelmingly voted for last
November, only to see a liberal federal judge put it on hold before
the vote could be certified, this legislation doesn’t directly refer
to Sharia Law and thus takes the religious freedom issue out of the
equation. If however the “political” part of Sharia Law tries to
impose its rules and regulations in our courts, this law would prevent

Muslims who say there is not a need for such a law because they would
never want to see Constitutional law replaced with Sharia Law, are in
my opinion, a bunch of lying and deceiving rats. If they have no such
intentions, they should not oppose such a fine law. I hope citizens
are aware that Islam’s holy book, the Koran, teaches Muslims to
deceive their neighbors when they are in a minority. However, once
they gain power, they are to rule according to Islam.

Our activist friend Ferlin has formed an Edmond tea party and produced
a commercial to run on the local Fox TV station regarding Edmond‘s
city council and their closeness with the sustainability movement.
There are two city council seats which will be decided on April 5th,
so citizens need to find out where these 4 candidates stand on this
issue. I believe Edmond citizens beyond the ward boundaries will be
allowed to vote in that election. That means any Edmond citizen, no
matter where you live, can vote on the candidates of your choice. To
view the commercial log on to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAZK7q6D69Q.
In the mean time it appears to me that the Oklahoman is becoming ever
more out of step with its conservative base of readership. If recent
lay-offs at the Oklahoman are a result of declining readership and
thus a loss of revenues, then they have no one to blame but


A little over a year ago somewhere around 30 groups came together to
form the Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance to try and work together
toward better government. I knew this would be a monumental task to
make it effective as you have groups with different causes and of
course there are those pesky personalities of leaders who have to get
along together.

It didn’t take long before American’s For Prosperity withdrew, then OK-
SAFE. Over the past years additional groups have pulled out. I was
told that Al Gerhart recently kicked OCPAC out of the group, but he
didn’t return my phone call yesterday to verify such. If so, that is
fine and the reason isn’t important as OCPAC hasn’t provided any
support for some time now. I did see that the large Tulsa Tea Party,
OKforTea, pulled out within the past week. I am assuming the Sooner
Tea Party run by Al Gerhart is about all that is left of the OCA.

I will say that Mr. Gerhart works very hard at pushing his agenda,
though sources at the Capitol have told me he has ruined his
reputation among the vast majority of lawmakers and has thus
marginalized himself.

In a recent e-mail he put out he opposed the idea of T.W. Shannon
becoming the next Speaker of the House since his lifetime conservative
index score is a 72 rather than someone with a higher score. Hey Al,
why don’t you name a person you think should be the next Speaker? The
moment you do, that person will move to the back of the list, just
because of your endorsement.

I do want to address one mess he has created. It appears anytime a
lawmaker votes against a bill he supports he labels them a RINO
(Republican In Name Only). Trust me folks, there is not a lawmaker at
the Capitol who won’t eventually vote for or against a bill that any
of us will differ on. To eventually call everyone a RINO cheapens the
meaning of the label.

While the term RINO is a national label, on a local level, the members
of OCPAC have tried to establish as objective a standard as possible
to accurately define those Republicans who are basically conservative
from those who are basically liberal. We have not insisted on
ideological purity, but rather set a bar for a point of reference.
Based on a lawmakers score’s in the Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper’s
Conservative Index, any lawmaker in the first session of a legislative
term must score a 60 or above to be exempted from the RINO “nominee”
list. In the second session of a legislative term, or in other words
during an election year, they will need to have a two year average of
a 61 or above to avoid the RINO “nominee” list. Of course anyone with
a lifetime average of a 61 or below will fall into that consistently
liberal level known as a RINO.

Many of those former members of the OCA are working together in a much
more loosely organized group without a spokesman for the group as a
whole. This is probably a better arrangement. Conservatives with
different interests need to work together as much as possible and we
have done a better job of doing so than in most states. However, it is
a free process and anyone can step forward and participate, even if
they don’t get along well with others.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows





* TUESDAY EVENING - TULSA AREA - The Tulsa Area Republican
Assembly will have their monthly meeting Tuesday evening, March 15th.
Members and friends will gather at 6:00 for dinner and 7:00 p.m. for
the meeting to start. The location is the Golden Corral, 71st street
and Mingo. The speaker this week will be Tulsa City Councilor John
Eagleston, speaking on the topic as to why Tulsan’s need to oust Mayor
Dewey Bartlett and how to get involved in the effort. This is an
opportunity for Tulsa residents to attend to find out if this is a
wise effort or does it miss the mark. The best way to find out is to

* TUESDAY EVENING - OKC AREA - Mr. Clyde Cleveland will be
speaking, 7:00 p.m. at the Character Inn, 520 West Main in downtown
OKC. I won’t repeat what I said about Mr. Cleveland who will be our
speaker the next day at OCPAC. However, there are a couple of other
items of interest. First, Mr. Cleveland is a former Libertarian
candidate for the Governor’s seat in Iowa and following his talk, he
will conduct a discussion as to how we can participate in rebuilding
our State and National Republics.


Since before last December, many members of the John Birch Society,
members of a newly formed Edmond organization known as Govern Edmond
Locally (GEL) and other concerned citizens have educated themselves
about the U.N.’s Agenda 21 which was the fruit of the 1992 Earth
Summit in Rio.

They came to understand the UN intends to control virtually every
aspect of human lifestyle and activity through efforts labeled as
“sustainability” which are to be urged on by UN affiliated Non
Governmental Organizations (NGOs) such as ICLEI (don’t remember what
that stands for).

Edmond had become a dues paying member of ICLEI in 2009 and was well
on the way toward implementing sustainability efforts. In December
well over 100 informed citizens attended a city meeting that had been
advertised as a public forum. However, these citizens found it was
actually a meeting to build consensus and implement the sustainability
agenda. These informed citizens would have none of that effort and the
meeting ground to a halt.

As a result, the city held a true public forum this past Monday
evening. Several sources told me, the presentations by these concerned
citizens were excellent. They were factual and not based on emotions.
As a result of last Monday’s meeting, the City of Edmond announced
that they were going to immediately end their participation with

This just goes to show that when citizens inform themselves, have the
facts on their side and get involved, they can make a difference. Now
the battle is not over as the excessive ideas of the greenies have
quickly become ingrained in the thinking of a lot of people. However,
as the folks found out through their research, people all over America
are rising up and opposing these radical control advocates. Edmond is
not the first city to step back from such efforts. Edmond citizens
will have to stay alert and make sure their policies are developed
with reason and using the talent available locally.


Folks who attend the OCPAC meetings on a regular basis, well know a
lot more happens at our meetings than what is advertised as the main
feature on our agenda. This past Wednesday, Nate Webb brought a young
lady to our meeting by the name of Jennifer Gratz. Ms. Gratz is with
the American Civil Rights Institute which is working to amend state
constitutions to eliminate preferential hiring practices, contracting
advantages and education admissions based upon a person’s minority
status, color, sex and etc.

Ms. Gratz was the Michigan student who was denied admission to law
school in favor of minority students who were less qualified based on
performance measures. Her case went all the way to the U.S. Supreme
Court where she had a less than desirable outcome.

Jennifer is in OKC to inform lawmakers about this issue and support
legislation to bring about a vote of the people to amend our
constitution to end this unfair and unjust practice. The legislation
is SJR 15 by Rob Johnson and Ralph Shortey in the Senate and Mike
Jackson in the House if you want to check it out.

The problem with so called “anti-discrimination” laws is that they
always boil down to quotas to prove discrimination, which may or may
not represent reality. I really do look forward to the day when we
actually honor rather than just mouth Dr. Martin Luther King’s famous
speech lines when he said: “I look forward to a day when we will judge
a man on the content of his character (I might add and the performance
of a man) rather than the color of his skin.” I believe this
legislation will have a very good chance of becoming a Conservative
Index Vote.


A week ago Thursday, Glen Beck had a special program on his TV show,
where he specifically addressed police and firemen who are members of
unions. He did an excellent job of showing the many communist and
progressive influences that have infiltrated many of America’s labor

While Beck well recognizes the proclivity of mankind to want to be
paid as much in benefits and salary as possible, he appealed to police
and firemen to determine if they really wanted to be in bed with such
an evil group of un-American influences?

This of course has been brought to light by the mob-like angry
protests going on in Wisconsin. Just yesterday, and estimated 100,000
people marched on Madison, flexing their muscle and yes they are
resorting to dangerous threats and violence. In past years public
employee union members have empowered their union bosses with a great
deal of leverage, which in some cases, has allowed for unreasonable
salary and benefits for their members. That has brought about undue
pressure on state and local government budgets.

The main expense problem in Wisconsin, as in most states, is with the
teachers. The teacher unions are almost always a problem as they are
the largest group and as such have the most power. In addition,
Americans have been conditioned to value education as the means to
economic prosperity and teachers are supposed to be an integral part
of that process.

Therefore, citizens who have very little idea of the actual process of
education, are all too willing and gullible to listen to the voices of
the education industry as we are continually told we must spend more
and more on education or the sky will fall.

In much of the Wisconsin footage I have seen, firefighter union
members have been shoulder to shoulder with the teachers in the
protests. In the past week over 800 firefighters have demonstrated in
Oklahoma demanding that their retirement plans not be touched or
adjusted. In reality, the numbers of firemen are actually rather
small, but their union is probably the second most powerful public
employee union. The are much more powerful than the police union,
thought smaller in membership. Have you ever wondered why?

Americans have a romanticized relationship with firemen, which usually
starts when we are little children. We all love to visit a fire
station and see the big rigs and hear the firemen tell about their
jobs. In addition, when we have a threatening fire, a medical
emergency or a cat in a tree that won’t come down, who comes to the
rescue, firemen of course. So we see them as good, helpers, saviors,
and really nice people.

Police have some of these same attributes, but they also arrest us,
give us tickets when we are speeding and are the functionaries
carrying out the will of city councils, as well as state and federal
government officials who act like fascist tyrants and abuse people’s
liberties by passing seat belt and helmet laws. Thus, police are only
popular when we need them, but not so much the rest of the time.

Therefore, firefighters though small in number, have become rather
spoiled when it comes to getting their way and as such, they tend to
be very active when their union bosses call them out.

However, the day of reckoning is coming for public sector union
members. In those cases where they have gained excessive powers to
extort and demand excessive amounts of salary and benefits, people are
beginning to say, no more and in some cases, less than what they
already have.

Just remember, to have good government there always needs to be a
balance between the salaries of government employees and those in the
private sector who pay their wages. In addition, there must be
efficiencies by requiring government employees to be cost effective in
their performance. As an example, if a teacher can effectively teach
35 students just as well as 15 students, then the public should demand
such efficiency.

Otherwise, public employees become public masters rather than public
servants. They end up making the citizens subservient to their whims
and desires. When it comes to firemen, I believe we should pay these
men and women a reasonable compensation. However, if we evaluate their
jobs on a supply and demand basis, we will find for every job opening
at a fire station, at least a hundred people wanting that job and many
willing to work for less than is currently being paid.

In fact, the majority of firefighters in America are volunteers and
not paid anything. While this doesn’t work well in larger communities,
it is common in smaller towns as they simply can’t afford to pay
firefighters. That is when the men and women of the community step up
to take care of their problems, through their own efforts.

Don’t miss this week’s meeting

Charlie Meadows

Monday, March 7, 2011




Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, March 9th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our speaker this
Wednesday will be Avi Lipkin. Already several people have heard him
one or two times since last Friday as they realize what a wealth of
information he happens to be as well as being a top notch speaker. I
heard Avi last night and was again amazed at his grasp of world
history covering the past hundreds of years and how those historical
events effect the geo-political events of today. If you are wise, you
won’t want to miss a single opportunity to hear Avi. He is also well
stocked with his books, audio and DVD recordings. Folks that access
them will really begin to put the pieces of the puzzle of world events
together and thus have a since of what is really going on in the


* MONDAY EVENING - EDMOND AREA - In December of last year, one of
the Edmond boards or commissions held a public meeting to begin
implementing Edmond’s sustainability plan. Of the 200 who attended,
perhaps 140 were people who understood that the sustainability plans
were influenced by a non-governmental-organization (NGO) which goes by
the moniker ICLEI which is also affiliated with the United Nations.
Edmond is a dues paying member of ICLEI (OKC, Tulsa and Norman are the
other Oklahoma communities) which is dedicated to implementing the
UN’s Agenda 21, a plan to CONTROL virtually all lifestyle activities
throughout the world. That December meeting ground to a halt and the
City promised to have another meeting in which they would hear from
the public. Therefore, it is very important to have as many people as
possible attend this meeting TONIGHT. Anyone will be allowed to speak
for 3 to 5 minutes, though Edmond residents will have greater weight
with city officials. While passions are high on this issue, please
remember to be respectful while at the same time being firm and
resolute. The time will be from 6 to 8:00 p.m. and the location is the
Edmond Downtown Community Center (North of the Police Station).
Citizens all over the country are waking up to the UN’s Agenda 21
influence on their local communities and as such are rising up in
opposition. Some communities are abandoning this evil movement, it is
time for Edmond to do the same.

* TUESDAY EVENING - ADA AREA - The Ada Tea Party will have their
monthly meeting Tuesday evening starting at 6:30 p.m. with the
location being the industrial arts classroom as the Pontotoc Career
Tech Center. Speakers will be Pastor Paul Blair, State Insurance
Commissioner John Doak, Freshman State Representative Tom Newell and
Dr. Ed White. Representative Newell is a pastor in Seminole and also
teaches micro as well as macro economics at the college in Seminole.
It may turn out that Representative Newell will be the most
conservative lawmaker in a district with a heave Democrat majority. He
is very articulate, conservative and can sell folks on the ideas of
liberty and free enterprise. If you live within 40 or so miles of Ada,
you ought to make a special effort to attend these great meetings. I
am going to catch a ride with Paul and attend the this month’s meeting

* WEDNESDAY EVENING - OKC AREA - Windsor Hills Baptist Church
will host Avi Lipkin during their Wednesday evening service. I believe
the intended smear job on this church on the front page of the
Oklahoman’s February 27th edition, has probably hurt the church’s
image in the eye’s of the gullible little sycophants who worship at
the alter of the state’s largest newspaper.

However, Pastor Tom and I have both heard from readers with critical
thinking skills who recognized the article for what it was and those
folks have dismissed the intended tainting. Some have asked how they
might send their children to a valuable youth camp where they will
learn about the Bible as well as learn valuable skills with a firearm
and the safe handling of such. I am thankful I learned those skills in
Boy Scouts and Explorers as I was a member of the Troop 7
Sharpshooters Rifle Club in my younger years. I can only imagine how
much more valuable those lessons would be with quality Bible teaching
at the same time.

I was a little surprised at how many people told me they were suckered
into shelling out $2.00 for the Sunday paper when they saw my picture
on the front page. I didn’t realize there were so many people who are
opposed to subscribing to the Oklahoman. I think it is important to be
informed, but I can also understand why many folks can no longer
tolerate what was once a conservative paper and has now become an ever
more self serving, liberal paper with all kinds of conflicts of
interest, though they still have a ways to go to equal the liberalism
of the Tulsa World.

* THURSDAY MORNING - OKC AREA - The Business and Professional
Chapter of the John Birch Society will host their monthly meeting at
the Character Inn, 520 West Main in downtown OKC. The buffet breakfast
($6.00) is served at 7:15 and the meeting begins about 7:40 a.m. Our
guest speaker this month will be Avi Lipkin, but he will not be in his
regular speaking format. We have asked him to simply do a question and
answer session. If there is anything you want to ask about radical
Islam and its influences on the middle East and what Israel must do to
survive, this is your opportunity. The fellowship before these
meetings begin is always great, so arrive early and bring your best
questions. We are usually finished by 8:20 or so, but you may leave
anytime your schedule demands.


It was announced last week that former Lt. Governor Jari Askins has
been appointed by University of Oklahoma President David Boren to the
position of “ASSOCIATE” provost for external relations at the
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center. Please understand,
there is nothing illegal with this appointment and nothing unusual as
Oklahoma’s universities and colleges have for decades now become a
magnet for former Democrat lawmakers.

Along the same vein, former Governor Henry will probably become the
next President at UCO. He will be perfect in that position since the
main job of Oklahoma’s university presidents are to make sure the
professors are liberal and raise huge sums of money for their schools
from the state legislature and private sources as well.

My concern with the Askins appointment is whether the position was
created for her and isn’t really needed since she is just an
associate. The job is described as traveling to various groups to let
them know that we have a cancer treatment and a diabetes center at the
Health Sciences Center. If an associate is actually needed for that
purpose, I am sure a competent public relations person could be hired
for forty to fifty thousand dollars a year. However, President Boren
has hired Askins to serve in this capacity for the measly sum of
$115,000 per year, once again indicating the university’s wasteful
spending practices and the need to cut the Universities’ budget at an
even greater amount.

During the election, people got a glimpse of Askin’s wealth as she put
in well over a million dollars of her own personal finances in her
losing effort to win the governor’s race. I don’t believe she needs to
earn the money and forty or fifty thousand a year in salary would
probably be an insult to her dignity. However, this job may be very
valuable to her, especially if she has future political aspirations.
She will be able to travel the state and continue to build
relationships and contacts that will help her if she decides to run
for the U.S. Senate four years from now during Jim Inhof’s next
election cycle or six years from now when Senator Coburn’s seat will
be open as he has already said he will not seek re-election.

One of the things that made a huge difference for Mary Fallin in the
recent governor’s race is that she had 12 years as Lt. Governor to
travel the state building relationships and another 4 years as a U.S.
Representative which covered one fifth of the state’s population.
Whereas, Askins only had 4 years as Lt. Governor and the previous 12
years representing a house district, which covers only one hundredth
of the states population. I believe King David Boren has simply
appointed her to a politically attractive job with an excessive


In the past I have written a couple of times about the process of
selecting the Speaker of the House. That process historically occurs
during the session in a non-election year, nearly 2 years before the
official selection will take place. I believe the time is right to
write about an effort I have been part of for several months now.

Two years ago Republican legislators elected Kris Steele (lifetime
conservative index score of 62) as the House Speaker-designate.
Because of their similar index scores, conservative legislators were
unable to clearly distinguish between Steele and Ken Miller (also with
a lifetime conservative index score of 62) and they split their votes
between the two candidates.

Steele appealed to several conservative legislators with a platform of
fairness and accessibility despite his moderate to liberal voting

However, just days after taking office, Steele made his now infamous
comments about social issues in the Oklahoman and then personally
opposed Judeo-Christian values language being included in the caucus
platform. I believe that shocked many of the serious Christian members
of the House caucus.

It became suspect as to whether or not conservative legislation would
continue to have a difficult time in being heard or at worst, if
leadership’s opposition to really good legislation would be
intensified. The recently passed committee hearing deadline confirmed
our fears. Even items which were advanced under previous
administrations such a the important prohibition against Radio
Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) to be implanted in our drivers
licenses and bill to allow for open carry have been killed in

Following the article in the Oklahoman and the caucus meeting in
Bartlesville, several conservative legislators decided that they were
not going to make the same mistake again. An effort was launched to
seek out and support the most conservative candidate for speaker that
could garner enough support to win the race for Speaker-designate.
That candidate would need to earn the votes of the conservative
legislators by demonstrating a conservative voting record.

At the time, conventional wisdom dictated that two of current Speaker
Steele’s lieutenants, Jeff Hickman (lifetime conservative index score
of 56) and Dan Sullivan (lifetime conservative index score of 61) were
the odds-on-favorite to succeed Steele.

Because of their low conservative index ratings, neither of these
candidates appealed to many of the conservative members. Making
matters worse, a possible conservative contender such as former
Representative Rex Duncan (lifetime conservative score of 87) left the
legislature last year to become a district attorney.

Therefore, with the encouragement of several House conservatives,
Lawton Representative T.W. Shannon (lifetime conservative score of 72)
was approached and has agreed to step up and challenge Representative
Jeff Hickman (it looks like Representative Sullivan has now dropped
off the radar screen). It is believed that T.W. Shannon is the most
conservative candidate in the House who can beat Representative Jeff
Hickman, a perennial RINO nominee. One of my biggest concerning
Hickman becoming the next speaker is that he was an aid to OU
President David Boren before he ran for the legislature. Most
conservatives believe President Boren is the single most influential
person in the state. If Hickman were to be elected as Speaker, I
believe we might need to drop the word President in front of Boren’s
name and start calling him KING David as his influence would surly

Since Representative Shannon has agreed to run for the speakers
position, he has been successful at securing support from a host of
House members and is expected to reach the needed number of votes
necessary to secure the position any day now, if he hasn’t already
done so as I write this.

No doubt Representative Shannon will receive almost immediate nation-
wide attention due to the fact that he may be the first Black-American
Indian Republican in the nation to serve as Speaker of the House.
However, that is a side issue and Representative Shannon will need to
brush off any distractions which might come along as a result of who
he is, for his real challenge will be to find that harmony which will
produce good government with the balance of social and economic

I recently had dinner with T.W. and as a conservative he has made it
clear that he supports key 2nd amendment issues. He has actually co-
sponsored proposals such as campus carry and open carry.
Representative Shannon also signed the recent discharge petition to
allow legislation for open carry to be heard on the floor and by-pass
the hostile committee Chairman Sue Tibbs, who seems to fight any
significant advancement of 2nd Amendment legislation. Representative
Shannon has personally ensured me that he will allow the voice of
conservatives to be heard and will loosen the grip with which
leadership has quashed conservative proposals.

Representative Shannon is not the most conservative lawmaker in the
House that has a chance to win. There will be times we may disagree,
but I sincerely believe he is the most conservative lawmaker that can
be elected as the next Speaker and I am convinced he will be more fair
toward conservatives when it comes to having conservative legislation
have fair consideration.

I do not believe conservatives will need to resort to discharge
petitions under the leadership of Speaker Shannon. The conservative
index has proven itself to be an accurate tool for determining the
true values of legislators and T.W.’s conservative index score speaks
for itself. I want to urge the grassroots conservatives in Oklahoma to
be supportive of Representative Shannon and lets try to advance
Oklahoma with a more conservative agenda.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Following are several important items that are time sensitive.

lawmakers are foolishly pushing a bill that would be very detrimental
to Oklahoma if passed in regards to the presidential elections. Right
now the bill, SB 841, has passed out of the Rules Committee and is
waiting to be voted on by the full Senate. If this bill were to pass
and be signed by the Governor, it would have Oklahoma join with other
states and establish the Agreement Among the States to Elect the
President and Vice President by a National Popular Vote.

The original author of this legislation was the liberal Senator John
Sparks (D-Norman). However, not wanting to miss out on such earth
shattering hope and change, Newly elected Senator Rob Johnson (R-
Kingfisher) has taken the bill over and now has become its principle
author. His House sponsor is the perennial RINO nominee, State
Representative Don Armes (R-Lawton).

If this were to pass, it would do away with the Electoral College and
change our elections for the President and Vice President into a
national popular vote. Our Founding Fathers were brilliant when they
designed the Electoral College system for a variety of reasons. One of
the most important reasons, is because each state has the same number
of electors (2) from the U. S. Senate, and as such, that helps to keep
the larger population states from running rough shod over the lower
population states.

If this change were to occur, then the large cities would have an
inordinate amount of influence on Presidential elections. Our big
cities have become rats nests for liberalism. We must not allow this
to happen.

ACTION: Please call your personal Senator’s office Today or no later
than next Monday. Ask your Senator to oppose SB 841. If you don’t know
the direct line for your Senator, then call the Senate switch board at
(405) 524-0126 and tell the operator your Senator’s name and you will
be connected to that office. If you don’t know your Senator’s name
(naughty, naughty) then call your county election board, give them
your address and they will give you that information. Save that
information even if you have to tattoo the number on your knee.

NEXT: Call Senator Rob Johnson’s office (405 524-0126 ask the
operator for Senator Rob Johnson) and ask him to pull the legislation
and throw it in the trash.

NEXT: Call Representative Don Armes’ office (405 557-7307 this is
the direct line to his office) and ask that he would withdraw his
House sponsorship to this bill.

These action items are very important, please DO THIS today or next
Monday at the latest.

++ CORRECTION - In Tuesday morning’s e-mail I announced that Avi
Lipkin would be speaking during the Sunday morning and evening
services at Fairview Baptist in Edmond. He will be speaking in the
Sunday evening (6:00 p.m.) service ONLY, not in the morning service.
Sorry for the mistaken information.

Republican party Convention will be held at Southern Nazarene
University on 39th street in downtown Bethany. If you were not able to
attend a precinct meeting, I am told you may arrive at 8:00 a.m. if
you live in Oklahoma County and are registered as a Republican to get
credentialed to attend. If you have the time, it is important to
attend this county convention and learn the process, to become a more
effective citizen, bring your voter registration card.

++ MONDAY EVENING - MOORE AREA - Avi Lipkin will be speaking
March 7th at 7:00 p.m. in the Crown Center, 13300 South Western. John
Youll is the Pastor.

++ TUESDAY EVENING - DEL CITY AREA - Avi Lipkin will be speaking
March 8th at Destiny Christian Church, 3801 S.E. 29th in Del City.
Lawrence Neisent is the Pastor.

++ TUESDAY EVENING - ADA AREA - The Ada Tea Party will hold their
monthly meeting in the Industrial Arts Classroom on the Pontotoc
County Career Tech Center. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. and
feature Edmond pastor Paul Blair, State Insurance Commissioner John
Doak, State Representative Tom Newell and Dr. Ed White. This is a
great group of patriots. When I spoke at their meeting last month,
they had about 70 people present. I was impressed with their base of
knowledge and desire to make a positive difference in Oklahoma and our

Thanks for your time and attention.

Charlie Meadows

Wednesday, March 2, 2011




Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, March 2nd will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. We have re-scheduled
Hopper Smith for our speaker this Wednesday, as he had to cancel
during the first Wednesday in February when we were snowed out of our
regular location. He will be talking about the water issue facing the
state. It may be dealt with this year. Involved are the State of
Oklahoma, North Texas water districts, Indian Tribes and cities in
central Oklahoma. We will present the other sides of this story asap.
In addition, we will have Carson Banks speak to us for about 10
minutes. Carson has been a director for the Generation Joshua project
and is also involved with Teen Pact.

The central Oklahoma Auto Dealers Show will be held at the state
fairgrounds starting this Wednesday and running through next Sunday.
The cost of admission is $8.00, but I have a large quantity of tickets
to be given away to folks interested in attending. If you are looking
for a new vehicle or just want to go and see what is new, come to our
meeting and get some tickets. They are free for the asking. I won’t
have time to go, but would love a report from someone about what is
available now, or planned in the future, for auto’s or trucks that
might operate on the duel fuels of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and


* WEDNESDAY - EDMOND AREA - For all the Mike Huckabee supporters,
he will be signing his new book at The Best of Books, bookstore,
starting at 3:00 p.m. on March 2nd. The title of his new book is: A
Simple Government - Twelve Things We Really Need from Washington (and
a Trillion That We Don’t). The bookstore is located at 1313 East
Danforth Rd. (located in Kickingbird Square) in Edmond. For more
information, call (405) 340-9202.

* FRIDAY - OKC AREA - The high noon club meets every Friday, 12
noon, at the H&H Gun Range which is located just East of Meridian on
the North side of I-40. This Friday’s meeting, March 4th will be the
first location in Central Oklahoma in which Avi Lipkin will be
speaking. Avi, has authored several books about radical Islam. He is
Jewish and worked for and still has connections to the Israeli Prime
Minister. His wife was raised as a Coptic (Egyptian) Jew. Growing up
in a Muslim-Arab culture, she is an expert on that culture. She works
for Israeli Intelligence and is the primary Arab interpreter for the
Nation of Israel. I had him on my radio program several years ago and
have attended a 12 hour seminar he presented about 4 years ago. If he
is allowed to speak freely, we will find out the most factual
information available regarding the situation in Egypt and the other
Middle East countries. He will be speaking at several different places
in the OKC area from March 4th through the 10th. I strongly urge folks
to make every effort to attend 1 or more of these meetings.

* SUNDAY - EDMOND AREA - Avi Lipkin will be speaking during the
morning service which starts at 10:45 on Sunday morning as well as the
evening service which begins at 6:00 p.m. The church is located at the
corner of Danforth and Sooner Road in Edmond. Sooner is 1 block West
of I-35 and Danforth is 1 mile North of Second street, which is the
main East West street through the heart of Edmond. I will have his
locations for the following week in next week’s e-mail.


The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) just sent out the most
recent issue of their publication, Perspectives. The feature article
is about the need to reform Oklahoma’s Worker’s Compensation (WC)
system. They show a graph of businesses surveyed in Oklahoma which
state that the need for WC reform is the number 2 most important issue
following the need for a well educated and trained workforce.

While we won’t be able to do much about the latter need anytime in the
near future, we can fix our WC system and do so without delay. A
couple of years ago we had State Representative McCullough speak at
OCPAC about his efforts to pass legislation to reform our WC system
and found out the dictator like Speaker Benge had decided we would not
reform the system that year as he wanted to concentrate on tort

There was some level of tort reform accomplished that year, but it
looks like the train is speeding down the tracks to do even more.
While the joint and several liability issue of tort reform still needs
some adjusting, I am concerned we are close to going too far in the
hard cap limits we are about to put on the system. We are also about
to make a huge mistake if we consider the monetary value of a person’s
personal insurance as part of a punitive award. Governor Fallin is
pushing for additional tort reform, though tort reform has never been
as important an issue as the need for WC reform.

The WC system was created, probably in the 1930s. The system basically
says that employers must provide accidental death and injury insurance
for their employees and in exchange those employees give up the right
to sue their employers. The insurance rates an employer must pay on
its employees is determined by how dangerous a particular job happens
to be. For example, a fellow in the high rise window cleaning business
might have to pay $4.00 for WC insurance for every $100 of salary for
his office person, but have to pay $65 per person for his window
cleaners who work on the side of tall buildings. If he also has
workers who only worked on the ground in strip shopping centers, he
might only have to pay $6.00 per hundred for them (these examples
aren’t too far from reality).

When our system was first created, it was set up to be an adversarial
system, meaning it would be eternal job security for WC lawyers as
injured workers would almost always sue the insurance companies for
benefits. Over time, similar injuries show to have similar costs and
times of healing and disabilities.

I believe most states have moved away from an adversarial system to an
administrative system, where injured workers are taken care of quickly
based on the injuries with the costs based on past costs associated
with similar injuries. By taking the lawyers out of the mix, it gets
benefits to an injured worker quickly and costs go down dramatically
for employers.

State Labor Commissioner Mark Costello has researched the systems in
all 50 states and has determined there are 3 states with the best
system, best determined on a win-win philosophy. It is important to
understand, a reformed system should have two layers, with the first
being the administrative which will usually move quickly and be fairly
accurate. However, the right for an injured worker to an appeal the
decision of the administrative level is vital. That appeal level could
include the ability for a lawsuit.

Unfortunately, Governor Fallin has indicated she only wants to make
some adjustments to the current system and doesn’t want to switch to
an administrative system. I was shocked and most folks I have talked
to about this are also dismayed. I haven’t had time to talk with Fred
Morgan with the State Chamber, but I suspect they too will be
disappointed and if so, this is an issue I would agree with them on.

Folks, this is one of the most important issues on the table to
improve our economy as Oklahoma’s WC rates are some of the highest in
the nation. We do not need to just nibble around the edges on this
issue, we need a game changer in our WC system. I have tried and tried
to speculate as to why Governor Fallin would not want to make a
significant difference on this very important issue? My best
speculation is that it may involve her new husband, as according to
some attorneys I have talked with, he worked with one of the largest
WC law firms in the state. He has recently left that firm, and I
believe has formed his own firm.

Hopefully, the legislature will work with hard in crafting reform
legislation to produce the best WC system possible. That effort must
require a move to an administrative system. If they can get that done,
they need to put that legislation on Mary’s desk and see if she will
sign it or kill it with a veto. If it is the later, I hope those in
the Republican party who supported Mary in the primary, will then
realize what a mistake they made in their choice.

If the Republican legislature isn’t willing to craft that legislation
and put it on the Governor’s desk, it will simply show how much more
change we need in the Republican caucus.


As of February 28th, we now have 164 dues paying members for the 2011
calendar year. To break our record for a non-election year, we need to
exceed 217 dues paying members. We normally always have more people
join in an election year, and as such we set a new all time record
last year of 287 dues paying members.

One of the most interesting aspects of the 164 dues paying members is
that 5 are from out of state. We have one member from Mississippi, one
from Texas, one from Colorado, one from Wyoming and one from Michigan.
Three of these out of state members have attended at least one or more
OCPAC meeting in their lives, but I don’t believe the other 2 have
ever even been to a meeting. Therefore, one must ask why are they
joining? Based on a few brief conversations or e-mails, I think it is
because they believe in what we are trying to accomplish in Oklahoma.
In addition, they see Oklahoma as taking an ever increasing role of
leadership toward conservatism and as such they are willing to support
what we are doing.

Therefore, I want to challenge even more of our fellow Oklahoma
citizens to step up to the plate and become a dues paying member of
OCPAC. Regardless of where one lives in the state, we support the best
candidates possible no matter what district they represent. Also,
please remember, all the officers at OCPAC are volunteers and
therefore none of the dues our members pay go into anyone’s pockets as
a salary or commission. Virtually all the money our members pay in
dues goes to elect conservative Republicans or for an effort to hold
those already elected accountable to conservatism. Our PAC expenses
are very minimal.

Please see below for instructions on how to join. The two basic
methods are simply a check or money order for one of our 3 levels of
membership. Over 20 members have us draft their checking accounts once
a month to be a member at one of our two higher levels. I personally
use the check drafting method at $30 per month and it works quite well
for me. Please understand, if a person is using that method and they
need to discontinue, just contact me and we will stop the draft, it is
very simple.

One more thing. Our elections for officers to serve for the next 2
years will be held at our weekly meeting on March 30th. To be eligible
to vote in that election, you will need to have your dues paid no
later than March 16th and you will need to be present to vote. I
intend to run again for the President’s position, but have not had
time to contact our other officers to see if they intend to seek re-
election. The other positions are Vice-President (Richard Engle),
Treasurer (Susan Goodman), Secretary (Bob Donohoo) and our General
Legal Council (Richard Harris). Anyone interested in running for any
of these positions, please contact me for further information. If
necessary, we will devote the entire meeting of the 30th for candidate
speeches and the election.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows