Friday, March 25, 2011

This week’s three extra quick announcements.

1) Some of Glen Beck’s programs this week have been outstanding as he
has exposed the efforts of many of those in organized labor who
purposely intend to DESTROY America’s economy. He has also announced
that his program tonight, March 25th, will deal with the Federal
Reserve. More specifically G. Edward Griffin, author of CREATURE FROM
JECKLE ISLAND, which is the definitive book on the Federal Reserve
will be a guest on the program. On a press release I saw from Griffin,
he indicated hi amazement at how well Beck and his staff had
researched the information in the book. This will be a very important
program and I urge everyone to make every effort to watch it live at
4:00 p.m. Central time on FOX NEWS or record it and watch it later.
Hopefully that will be with some friends over to expose Beck’s program
and this information to others. One more thing, if someone can make a
DVD of this program, please do so, we may want to show it at an OCPAC
meeting sometime this Summer.

2) I attended the meeting at Fairview Baptist in Edmond last night to
see the Oklahoma premier of the new DVD, SACRAFICED SURVIVORS, THE
UNTOLD STORY OF THE GROUND ZERO MOSQUE. It was a good production with
valuable information, however the main reason for this special
announcement was the brief information brought forth from one of
tonight’s speakers. It was just a brief glimpse regarding the depth of
infiltration into our government and military by the “brothers” within
the Muslim Brotherhood.

The speakers for tonight and tomorrow will be Mr. John Guandolo, Major
Steve Coughlin and Michael Hoehn.

John Guandolo is a 1989 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, a former
active duty Infantry/Reconnaissance Officer in the Unites States
Marine Corps, and a former Special Agent of the FBI in Washington,
D.C. for over 12 years. Shortly after 9-11, Mr. Guandolo began an
assignment to the Counterterrorism Division of the Washington Field
Office working there for over five years and developing an expertise
in the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic Doctrine, the global Islamic
Movement, and a myriad of terrorist organizations to include Hamas, Al
Qaeda, and others. In 2006, after being designated a “Subject Matter
Expert (SME)” in the FBI, Mr. Guandolo created and implemented the
FBI’s first Counterterrorism Training and Education Program focusing
on the Muslim Brotherhood and their subversive movement in the United
States, Islamic Doctrine, and the global Islamic Movement.

Major Steve Coughlin is a Visiting Fellow of IASC’s National Security
Law Project. Often cited as the Pentagon’s leading expert on Islamic
law, Coughlin is in demand as a lecturer at leading Defense training
institutions, including the Naval War College, Maring Corps HQ-
Quantico, and at Staff, Command and Division levels, as well as for
the FBI and other agencies and private sector groups. A Major in the
U.S. Army (res.), assigned to USCENTCOM, with a military intelligence
specialty, Coughlin has served in a strategic communications role in
CENTCOM-Doha. U.S. assignments have included attachment to the
Pentagon’s National Military Joint Intelligence Center, the National
Security Council’s Interagency Perception Management Threat Panel, and
culminating in his assignment to the intelligence staff of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff. Coughlin’s work has included Counter-propaganda, open
source intelligence cell and support of the State Department and other
agencies in Strategic Information Fusion, as well as target
development in the immediate post 9-11 period.

Michael Hoehn, Esquire is the Executive Director of “Alliance for
Vigilance”. That organization was formed in 2006 to provide a
strategic and tactical response to the threat to freedom posed by
militant Islam through outreach and public education.

Mr. Guandolo and Major Coughlin are top experts trying to inform
policy makers, the intelligence community and the military with good
and vital information. There are times that the power of the
“brotherhood”, which has been infiltrating these institutions for
years, are able to squelch their efforts. As an example, weeks before
the riots in the Middle East broke out, officials at the Pentagon were
warned that things were about to break out, those warnings were
summarily ignored. The Muslim Brotherhood is behind every one of these
coup attempts in the middle east and unfortunately, the U.S.
Government is on the wrong side of most of them. In the name of
“democracy” we are making an effort to bring down these dictators,
whether they have been friendly to the U.S. or in the case of Libya,
not friendly. Many of these dictators are bad guys, but they won’t be
as bad for the people as an Islamic state controlled by the
Brotherhood and they aren’t nearly as bad toward the United States as
it will be when their successors gain control.

As dangerous as all of this presents itself to be, our real enemy in
America is none other than ourselves. In the words of Neil Bortze,
when the “jock sniffing” juveniles between the ages of 20 and 55 begin
to spend just half the time on things that matter in life than they do
worshiping sports, that will be the day we can once again have hope
for America. Folks, I am not against sports, but in the end, not one
outcome of a sports event will not matter one bit in the scheme of
life, compared to the events that are rapidly occurring to change this
nation as we have known it. I urge folks to attend this meeting
tonight, 7:00 p.m. at Fairview Baptist (Sooner Rd and Danforth) in
Edmond as well as Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m..

3) It is disappointing this meeting conflicts with the Darwin vs.
Design Conference which will be going on at Crossings Community Church
(14600 North Portland) tonight and tomorrow during the same times, but
speaker availability couldn’t be helped. This is another very
important issue. If this is more your cup of tea than the threat of
Islam, then by all means make every effort to attend these meetings.
These are world class top notch speakers on this vital issue. The cost
to attend is just $5.00 per person.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Charlie Meadows

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