Friday, July 30, 2010

Just a couple of quick announcements

Just a couple of quick announcements. First, if you were not able to
attend our meeting this past Wednesday to hear Dr. Isabelle Lyman
(Izzy), she will be on Glen Howard’s Senior World radio show this
coming Sunday morning. The program will air from 10 until 11:00 a.m.
on KTOK, 1000 AM. Over the past few months Glen has had me as a guest
a couple of times to promote conservatism, the John Birch Society and
OCPAC. Glen always does a great job with an interview. Izzy is a very
good speaker and her message about illegal aliens and the destructive
Southern Poverty Law Center will be excellent for a radio audience.
KTOK can be heard over much of central and other parts of Oklahoma,
especially during daytime broadcasting.

The second item is an important conference coming up one week from
now. The Southwest Radio Ministries will be hosting the “Wake Up
America Conference” on Friday August 6th and Saturday August 7th at
the Clarion Convention Center at I-40 and Meridian in OKC. I will list
the speakers and time in Monday’s e-mail, but suffice it to say there
will be several great speakers and this two day conference is only $25
to attend. If at all possible try to keep next Friday and or Saturday
open on your schedule.

Charlie Meadows

Wednesday, July 28, 2010




Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, July 28th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. I am often asked if
non members may attend and the answer is, absolutely! We are a very
open organization and actually practice free speech. We will have some
time for discussion regarding the elections and also allow winning or
losing candidates to speak for a couple of minutes.

Then we will shift gears and have Dr. Isabelle Lyman (Izzy) speak to
our group regarding her current efforts in the culture war. Wid and
Izzy, along with their 2 sons have lived in Oklahoma on 2 different
occasions. The Lymans currently live in Michigan where Izzy is a
writer-coordinator for a umbrella organization called US.
Organizations such as FAIR (Federation for American Immigration
Reform) and Numbers USA are just some of the organizations related to
the umbrella organization. Izzy has recently worked on a project to
expose the Southern Poverty Law Center as an ultra leftist
organization which gives trouble to some very good conservative

Over the past 12 years or so, she has spoken to us on 2 or 3 occasions
so we really look forward to hearing from her again. Besides having op-
eds and articles published in the Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning
News, Investor’s Business Daily, Boston Heard, National Review, The
New American and many others, she is also the author of the book, The
Home Schooling Revolution. Don’t miss this meeting, it will be very


I am continually asked how is Brogdon doing. One poll has Mary Fallin
winning outright with 56% of the vote. However, another poll, using
the blind polling method of likely voters shows a little different
result. This poll has a much larger sampling (12,000 likely voters)
and this is what it shows. Fallin has picked up an additional 1% of
the undecided voters and Senator Brogdon has picked up an additional
15% from the results of a similar poll done 6 weeks ago. Right now,
Mary has 37% support and Randy Brogdon has now reached 26% with 37%
still undecided. The undecideds are down from 53% just 6 week’s ago.

In the next couple of days, the undecided voters will have to make
their choices. I would suggest, God is the only one who will
understand what causes them to make a final decision. However, if they
keep breaking toward Senator Brogdon, he has a chance to get into a
run-off with Mary if he doesn’t win outright. I have said all along
that the other 2 Republican candidates, Robert Hubbard and Roger
Jackson will probably receive about 3 to 5 percent of the vote between
the 2 of them. I actually believe Mr. Hubbard would be a good
governor, he just got into the race too late to have much of a chance,
as most all of the grassroots conservatives state wide were already
solidly in the Brogdon campaign. Neither Hubbard or Jackson were able
to raise any significant money for a statewide race.

The Brogdon campaign will have a watch party at the Character Training
Center, 520 West Main in downtown OKC. I believe folks will begin to
gather a little after 6 and the Borgdons will be at this party until
around 7:30 p.m. when they will fly to a similar party in Tulsa.
Sorry, I just don’t have the location. Brogdon supporters in central
Oklahoma are welcome to attend.


That period of time between Thursday and the next Monday before an
election is the time that most candidates hold their breath, not
knowing what form of an attack might come from their opponents. The
reason it is such a dangerous time is that a candidate is limited by
time and sometimes resources as to how they might answer a last minute
attack. Sometimes these attacks are dead on accurate and sometimes
they are outright lies, fudges of reality or simply not relevant.
Following are just a few examples.

HD 31, challenger A.J. Jones mails a piece declaring State
Representative Jason Murphey “Supports closing the Logan County
Hospital.” I actually serve on the board at the Hospital and have had
a few conversations with Murphey about the hospital. I can assure
Logan County citizens, Jones’ statement is BS (a lie fabricated out of
Blue Smoke). The mail piece was similar to the attack ads ordered up
by Bret Farley in 2004 which caused Murphey’s defeat when it was an
open seat. This piece was is so poorly done it will not have that
affect this time. I expect more may come in the mail today.

SD 28, Harry Coates campaign sent out a card with a Pinocchio nose on
a cartoon character proclaiming Tim Clem to be a liar, liar liar.
Coates proclaimed he was misrepresented as someone who voted against
making English our official language. In 2008 I was actually attending
the House committee meeting where he showed up to oppose the
legislation. He later voted against that good and solid law regarding
the subject. In 2009, he did vote for a watered down resolution
regarding the subject. The voters will get to vote for or against the
issue this November on one of the state questions.

Harry Coates should be worried about losing his race as well as the
outcome of his alleged affair. A semi-reliable blog out of central
Oklahoma was picked up by the Muskogee Politico and suggested the
Tulsa World was sitting on a story about Coates’ alleged affair with a
lobbyist 30 years younger than himself. The blog suggested the woman’s
husband, a staffer for Governor Henry filed for divorce on July 13th.
The blogger called into question why the World would sit on a story
until after the election. I alluded to this alleged affair about 3
weeks ago, but chose not to go into detail and thus invade the privacy
of the people involved other than Coates. I actually know a good deal
about this allegation and believe it to be true.

State Insurance Commission candidate John Doak was hit by a misleading
e-mail blast directed squarely towards Doak’s base of support, the
grassroots conservatives and the tea party crowd. The e-mail blast
came from my old buddy Kirk Shelley, a political consultant that I
suspect is employed by Insurance Commission candidate John Crawford.
Shelley was the paid coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign and is
currently Oklahoma’s interim coordinator for Campaign For Liberty and
as such has an enormous e-mail list. Once that is out into cyberspace
it can really run as I have had many people send it to me. Shelley is
very clever and knows how to push the hot buttons for conservatives.
Following are the 2 paragraphs in the e-mail that shook conservatives
regarding Doak.

“But John Doak (Crawford’s opponent in the GOP primary) said in Time
Magazine on July 6, 2010 that, while he opposes Obama’s health care
bill, ’If this stays in place and is the law of the land, [my]
insurance department will act accordingly,’” Shelley goes on to say:

“Please contact John Doak and ask him ’how can he say opposes Obama
Care and believes it is unconstitutional but is still willing to
implement it?’ Isn’t this how we got into this mess in the first
place? Too many spineless politicians saying one thing, but going
along with it anyway?”

Having had a lot of contact with John Doak, I knew this didn’t
represent John’s position, so I took Shelley’s advice and contacted
the Doak campaign for a response. Basically, IF the law stays in
place, His insurance department will follow those parts of the law
that might be constitutional. However, John Doak is a huge advocate of
repealing Obamacare as it is at its core unconstitutional. Doak has
campaigned vigorously against Kim Holland for being a supporter of
President Obama and her lack of opposition to the passage of the
health care take over legislation. John Doak is the only insurance
candidate to join the lawsuit filed by Kevin Calvey to take the
measure to court.

What is humorous about Shelley’s attack is a statement made by his
candidate Crawford on July 20th to the Comanche County Republican
Party. Crawford said: “The Insurance Commissioner can’t do anything
about the Obama Health Care law and any candidate who thinks he can is
sadly mistaken. I will have to obey the law.” Obviously Crawford knows
nothing of the 10th Amendment, states rights or the nullification
movement catching fire in Oklahoma and around the nation.

Folks, I have a problem with supposedly conservative consultants
running campaigns for people who are not. Whether it be Lance Cargill,
who I believe is consulting for liberal Republicans like Harry Coates
and Shane Jett this election cycle and Doug Cox in the 2008 elections
or Kirk Shelley. Between those 3 liberal Republicans, Coates, Jett and
Cox, they have 7 RINO (Republican In Name Only) awards. I believe some
conservative consultants are quite willing to throw principle out the
window for a big paycheck, I have seen it happen too many times.

As an example, while Kirk Shelley was the paid coordinator for Ron
Paul for President campaign, Les White out of Norman, was one of
Paul’s most dedicated volunteers. Following the presidential primary
of 2008, Les decided to run for a house seat in Norman. It was a
crowded field on the Republican side with one of the candidates being
the former mayor of Norman. Was Shelley helping Les White? No, he was
helping the man who had been the mayor of Norman in 2001 while I was
doing a talk radio show out of Norman. Does anyone think you can be a
conservative and be elected mayor of one of the most liberal towns in

Bottom line, don’t be fooled by disinformation put out by skilled
political consultants. OCPAC endorsed John Doak after a vigorous
interview process and John is a true conservative, fed up with the
tyranny of the federal government. He would have never have been
interviewed by Time (not worth a dime) magazine if he weren’t opposing
Obamacare in the first place.


There is a thought circulating widely that Barry Switzer, a liberal
Democrat and the highly successful former coach of the OU football
team, will be a game changer in the Democrat primary for Governor. He
recently endorsed Jari Askins over Drew Edmondson.

While some mistakenly give credit to Switzer for Brad Henry’s election
victory in 2002 over the poorly conducted campaign of Steve Largent,
that reasoning doesn’t come close to reality. Barry Switzer is only
slightly more successful at supporting political candidates than he
has been at running restaurants. I don’t know of any of his several
efforts at owning restaurants that have succeeded.

In 2004, Switzer and Toby Keith, both endorsed and raised funds to
support the Democrat candidate running against Republican Thad Balkman
who represented the district in which both of the stars live. Balkman
won with the largest margin of victory ever in that race, though he
lost the seat in 2006. This year, Switzer has had fundraisers or
endorsed Democrat Jari Askins and Republicans Shane Jett and Ken
Miller. While Askins is likely to lose to Edmondson and Jett will
probably come in 4th in the 5th district congressional race, the jury
is still out on Miller. While I am not hard and fast on this, I am
very likely to vote against anyone Switzer supports.

Don’t forget to vote Tomorrow if you haven’t already. Unlike Chicago’s
liberal Democrat machine, I will never urge you to vote often in the
same election.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Friday, July 23, 2010



Many years ago, friends began to ask me questions about elections,
knowing I was more involved than they. At first we would talk in
person or on the phone, but the numbers simply became too many. So I
put together my infamous “Charlie’s Picks” of which I would hand out,
then came the internet. Let me say, I have personally heard as many of
these candidates as possible and in some cases had a lot of time with
them. I am looking for constitutional conservatives with Judeo/
Christian values. This information is simply my opinion and is
designed to be helpful if you have not done your own research. You may
also know information which I do not have and thus have a different
opinion which is fine. I am often asked if this information can be
forwarded to others, the answer is, by all means. One more item, if
your would like to receive the weekly OCPAC e-mail, simply request it
at: I try to limit them to once a week and your
name will never be given, loaned or sold to anyone.

FOR GOVERNOR - RANDY BROGDON - Intimately involved with State
Government over the past 8 years, that allows for a greater depth on
state issues. He has more passion, conviction and courage to make
significant changes in state government. The powerful central planners
who have held significant sway over the Democrats and Republicans
these past several decades are afraid of Randy should he become
Governor. They have funded Mary and thus will expect her to “tow the
line” on their important corporate welfare issues. With the federal
government continuing to encroach on the states and the people on an
almost daily basis it is Randy Brogdon, not Mary Fallin, who already
has had and will have the courage to stand up to the feds. This is not
a race between good and bad, it is a race between “OK” and “BETTER”
perhaps much better. I have had several Mary Fallin supporters tell me
Randy would be the better governor, but they believe Mary will have an
easier time winning in November. Polling has shown Fallin or Brogdon
can and are likely to win in November. Now is the opportunity for
Republicans to cast their vote for the person who will be the best
governor, not the establishment pick. It is time to take a reasonable
risk, not play it safe. If Randy doesn’t win on July 27th, I will
support Mary in November. However, next Tuesday, I will gladly cast my
vote for the person who should be the next Governor of Oklahoma, Randy

FOR LT. GOVERNOR - JOHN WRIGHT - Representative Wright is
reliable, methodical, thorough and more conservative that Todd Lamb.
Unlike Todd Lamb, John is not charismatic and does not have the
establishment behind him. Many of the grass roots activists have had a
hard time seeing John being able to defeat Lamb so John has had a very
difficult time raising funds or obtaining volunteer workers. Lamb got
a lot of votes from OCPAC members as it was very close. However, John
won our endorsement and I will vote for John Wright.

candidates for this race as neither candidate was on the radar screen
until the last minute of filing. Gary Jones will win the primary
easily, though I would like to know more about the retired CPA running
against him. This is the second or third most important statewide race
and Jones certainly has the best chance of winning this for the
Republicans as he has run for this office the past 2 election cycles
against the winner who he helped to put into prison. Jones has big
name ID.

endorsement vote would be closer, but Scott did an outstanding job
during our interview process. He is very articulate. His plan to
establish a division in the AG’s office of lawyers specializing in
Constitutional law for the purpose of contending with the federal
government when it tries to force unconstitutional mandates upon the
State of Oklahoma and its people was exciting. In addition, his 8
years in the legislature gives Scott an advantage over Ryan in knowing
how to provide important information to lawmakers regarding proposed
legislation. There has been some concern about Scott and the illegal
alien issue. He has on several occasions indicated publicly that he
would support an Arizona type law.

FOR STATE TREASURER - OWEN LAUGHLIN - Owen has won most of the
straw polls where people have an opportunity to hear him and his
plans. However, Ken Miller has raised much more money because the
wealthy and powerful are behind him and thus Ken will have much more
TV and mail presence than Owen. It seems Ken’s campaign theme is no
more taxes and no more spending. However, over the past 3 years he has
authored and voted for numerous new spending bills such at borrowing
$25 million to force Oklahoma citizens to build a river entertainment
district in Tulsa after the voters of Tulsa voted no to tax themselves
for the project. He also voted for the corporate welfare legislation
which will put approximately $80 million taxpayer dollars into the
pockets of the 5 multi-millionaires who own the OKC Thunder. In
addition, Miller also authored the legislation to exempt Aubry
McClendon from having to pay sales taxes on the building materials at
his development on lake Texoma. Ken was the author of a tax increase
this year which raised the cost of requesting a driving record from
$10 per request to $25, a 150% increase in cost. Ken has also made the
R.I.N.O. (Republican In Name Only) list for the past 2 years. I
personally like Ken, I just don’t believe his campaign rhetoric
matches reality. Owen would make a good Treasurer and he wouldn’t be
beholden to the powerful central planners.

Probably the best candidate the Republicans have ever fielded for this
position. The founder of 2 charter schools, Janet had the courage to
tell the teacher’s union and the education industry special interest
associations that she would not support more funds going into
education without accountability and improved performance. She is a
strong supporter of all the competition we can muster when it comes to

Costello over Jason Reese by a huge margin. Not only is Reese still
against HB 1804, legislation to deal with the invasion of illegal
aliens, he is a liberal Republican as evidenced by his support of John
McCain, not in the general election, but in the primaries. As further
proof, he is so acceptable to organized labor that the state employees
union contributed $5,000 to his campaign. He is quite harsh in his
campaign rhetoric, if he insists on such, maybe a day will come where
he turns his fire breathing verbiage toward liberals rather than
conservative Republicans.

little late but has come on like a man with a mission. A real
professional in the insurance industry, John simply could no longer
sit on the side lines with people like President Obama in power and
Oklahoma’s current insurance commissioner, Kim Holland, having been an
Obama delegate at the Democrat National Convention 2 years ago. During
the OCPAC interview, John presented himself as a true conservative. He
is the best insurance commission candidate I have seen in my 26 plus
years of activism.

opponent filed because he likes to see his name in a newspaper or on a
ballot. Dana will win this race with great ease.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

FOR U.S. SENATOR - TOM COBURN - While Senator Coburn isn’t
perfect, his opposition has shown no evidence that they would be
better, especially the perennial candidate Evelyn Rogers. This will be
a cake walk for the Senator.


DIST. # 1 - NATHAN DAHM - OCPAC members endorsed John Sullivan for
his special election victory over Cathy Keating in 2001. Since then
many conservative Republicans in the Tulsa area have abandoned
Sullivan and are looking for a consistent conservative. Sullivan’s
vote for the “bail out” and perhaps his trouble with alcohol has
earned him several opponents. Nathan Dahm is a dedicated

DIST. # 2 - HOWARD HOUCHEN - During the OCPAC interview process,
Howard showed a real “fire in the belly” desire to go to Washington
and take on liberals. Howard’s core values are conservative and
regardless of how good your message happens to be, if you can’t raise
enough campaign contributions to get your message out, it is hard to
consider a candidate as viable. Howard had raised about 3 and a half
times the money as the other Republicans in the race. All four
candidates did well at the interview, but Dr. Charles Thompson was the
other candidate that stood out besides Howard. Once the eventual
candidate is chosen, conservative Oklahoman’s all over the state need
to send some money to our nominee. Dan Boren can be defeated, but only
if our candidate has the resources.

DIST. # 4 - R.J. HARRIS - Mr. Harris is not the most skilled
politician, but he is a passionate American patriot and
Constitutionalist. He is as honest as the day is long and he really
wants to see the liberal Tom Cole retired. Cole was in leadership in
Washington when the Republicans lost their way. He was always the big
spending “lap dog” for President Bush’s failed domestic policies.
Besides his vote for the Wall Street investment banker bail-out, here
is another example of Cole’s liberalism: while the federal government
was running large deficits, Cole voted to send $50 BILLION dollars to
Africa to fight AIDS. While the purpose may be honorable, there is no
provision in the Constitution for such expenditures. Those efforts
should be left to the private sector. R.J. Harris has been deployed to
Iraq twice and he is scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan sometime
in the future. No Democrat or Independent filed in this race, so the
good voters of the 4th district have an opportunity to send the
liberal Cole home and build a conservative base of Republicans in the
House. Conservatives who have a passion for the Constitution. R.J.
will work to bust up the “good old boy” system in Washington, not
become a part of it.

DIST. # 5 - KEVIN CALVEY - OCPAC members gave the endorsement to
Calvey with a strong majority. Kevin frequently showed leadership
skills while in the legislature, not afraid to step out front and lead
on issues. He is a step ahead of the others in political skills,
intellectual development and aggressiveness. In Washington he will be
ready to hit the ground running. Kevin will get the largest number of
votes, but not likely a majority. If you just can’t get on board with
Kevin, I recommend supporting James Lankford. While he is a little
behind Kevin in most areas, he is conservative and capable of getting
up to speed. I do NOT recommend voting for Mike Thompson. I personally
like Mike and he leaves the legislature with a fairly conservative
score on the Conservative Index (78 lifetime average). However, most
of his career has been to carry legislation for agencies or special
interests, which is why he has raised so much money for this race. In
a past e-mail, I suggested the Senate bill to opt out of Obamacare
that Mike serves as the House author, was rigged by leadership so he
could get credit and use it for his congressional effort. The real
credit for the Obamacare opt out should go to Representatives Mike
Ritze (R-Broken Arrow) and Mike Reynolds (R-OKC). However, these two
lawmakers were often times a thorn in the flesh to the more liberal
Speaker Benge, so Thompson was the chosen vessel for the important
legislation. Many of the powerful central planners are behind
Thompson, if elected he will most likely do their bidding rather than
uphold the Constitution.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

STATE SENATE SEATS - I will only address those races of which I have
some knowledge.

DIST. # 4 - (Poteau area) - YOUR CHOICE - Tom Lannigan is a
bonafied conservative, but he has run on 2 other occasions and not
done well. I just don’t know anything about his opponent. The
political climate is slowly changing in that area of the state.
Perhaps the stronger of these 2 candidates may have a chance of
winning in the general election this year.

DIST. # 10 - (Pawhuska, Cleveland, Tulsa) - DAVID McLAIN - An
exceptionally strong Conservative with excellent communication skills.
David is an ordained minister with a passion for Constitutional
principles. He easily won OCPAC’s endorsement in his effort to send
RINO (Republican In Name Only) nominee Eddie Fields home after only 1
term in the House. In 2006 Fields appeared before the members of OCPAC
and didn’t receive our endorsement. He just wasn’t conservative. He
ran again in 2008 and won. His 2 year average on the Conservative
Index was a paltry 57. He decided to jump to the Senate, where we
already have too many liberal Republicans. We really need more people
like David Mclain in the Senate.

DIST. # 22 - (Kingfisher, Piedmont, Yukon) - BOB BARNETT - An
educator who is also a bonafied conservative. His opponents are the
Mayor of Yukon, a moderate Republican and Rob Johnson, son of the term
limited Senator Mike Johnson. Rob left the legislature 2 years ago to
run against Dana Murphey. During his 4 years in the legislature his
lifetime average on the Conservative Index was a 59.

DIST. # 24 - (Moore to Duncan) - ANTHONY SYKES - Senator Sykes
and Senator Brogdon are the 2 most conservative and thus the best
Senators in Oklahoma. After listening to his opponent, Linda Molsbee
speak, she is not anywhere near as conservative as Senator Sykes. She
is so full of compassion for needy people that she should consider a
career as a director of a private charity, but definitely not a

DIST. # 28 - (Seminole, Wewoka, Stroud, Chandler, Jones etc.) -
TIM CLEM - An outstanding conservative and Christian. Tim has a lot
of dept on issues, high moral character and he is full of wisdom. His
opponent, Senator Harry (the turncoat) Coates has WON the RINO award 3
different times and has been runner-up on 2 other occasions. Of the 26
Republican Senators, Harry Coates is the most liberal with a lifetime
average of an embarrassing 46. There have been some years that 20 or
more Democrats in the House and Senate have had more conservative
scores than Harry. Coates needs to go back to Seminole and Tim Clem is
the right man to send him home.

DIST. # 30 - (Bethany, Warr Acres, NW OKC) - MATT JACKSON - I
have heard Matt Speak a couple of times and believe he has the
potential to be a very good Senator. I have appreciated his honesty
and hard work ethic. His opponent, David Holt, I believe to be a nice
fellow, but he is the textbook example of a political groupie that has
been groomed to someday run for office. All he has done since high
school is work for politicians. No private sector experience and he is
loaded with campaign money from the central planners. He is very
likely to be the delivery man for most any pet project the local
central planners want from state government.

DIST. # 34 - (Owasso) - Tim Coager - With time, Tim will fully
develop his conservative ideology. He appears to be very willing to
consider conservative positions he had not fully thought through. This
is Senator Brogdon’s seat and it would be very sad to see it go to Mr.
Brinkley, a moderate Republican. While working in the Television
industry, Mr. Brinkley produced a program which featured a marriage
between a lesbian and a transvestite. Something one of our members in
the Tulsa area indicated he has told her that he was very proud of.

DIST. # 42 - (Midwest City) - CLIFF ALDRIDGE - Senator Aldridge
is the 4th most conservative Republican in the Senate. He will have a
concerted attack from the Democrats and I don’t believe James Lane
could hold on to the seat. I know James and believe he might make a
good lawmaker in the future, but not at the defeat of Senator

DIST. # 44 - (South Central OKC) - JAMES DAVENPORT - This was a
difficult decision. I narrowed it down to Davenport and Ralph Shortey.
There has been a lot of concern regarding James and his position on
the illegal alien invasion, especially important for that Senate
District. I have talked with James on two occasions as well as his
campaign manager. Here is the difference. Dealing with illegal aliens
is AN important issue to James Davenport, but to Ralph Shortey it is
THE most important issue. If you are a single issue voter, you may
want to support Ralph. But, I believe James has more experience and is
better equipped on a broader range of conservative issues.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

STATE HOUSE SEATS - I will only address those races of which I have
some knowledge.

DIST. # 27 - (Tecumseh, McCloud) - YOUR CHOICE - This was very
difficult as I know 3 of these candidates fairly well. Norm Seaborg is
a successful businessman, founder of 4 of the 9-12 groups in Pott
County and is an officer in the Oklahoma Constitutional Alliance
(OCA). Josh Cockcroft is a very bright young man who attended his
first Teen Pact week the year I was the Guest Director. He has been in
the employment of Teen Pact and has traveled all over the nation
teaching young people how to pray for our nation and to get involved
in government. Donald Rominger came before us 2 years ago in his
effort to win Brad Henry’s seat. He has been a history professor and
an university administrator. He is a real conservative. I would not
consider the 4th candidate, though retired, still a member of the

DIST. # 28 - (Seminole County) - TOM NEWELL - A church of God
minister and college professor, I met Tom some time back at a patriot
pastor luncheon. He is a strong conservative, but needs to win the
primary before he takes on the difficult task in the general

DIST. # 31 - (Logan County, far North Edmond) - JASON MURPHEY -
Murphey is the only lawmaker in the state with a perfect 100 lifetime
average on the Conservative Index. He has won the freshman of the year
award his first 2 years and lawmaker of the year award for 09 and 10.
His opponent, A.J. Jones a divorce attorney, has indicated on door
steps a certain hostility towards home schooling. She has also been
critical of Representative Murphey’s efforts to restore some of our
lost 2nd Amendment rights. She is no where near the conservative Jason
Murphey happens to be.

DIST. # 61 - (Northwest Oklahoma & panhandle) - YOUR CHOICE -
Representative Gus Blackwell had a average score of 56 over the past
two years so he made the RINO nominee list. However, his opponent Seth
Adams didn’t come to our interview process. Therefore I know nothing
about this young man.

DIST. # 74 - (Owasso) - DAVID DERBY - Two years ago I supported
Derby’s opponent, not because Derby wasn’t conservative enough, but
because his opponent made the issue of corporate welfare for the multi-
millionaire owners of the Thunder his main issue. I am very glad to
see OKC with an NBA team, I just don’t agree that state wide taxpayers
should have to pony up $100 million to the owners over the next 15
years, especially when OKC is the main beneficiary. Derby served his
constituents poorly with his vote at that time. However, he is ranked
#14 out of 62 on the Conservative Index and deserves to be returned to

DIST. # 76 - (Broken Arrow) - YOUR CHOICE - Tony Curtis Griffith
came for the OCPAC interview and received our endorsement. While he
has all the right core values, he needs to grow and develop in his
communication skills. I believe he will accomplish that with time. His
opponent, David Brumbaugh was not able to attend as he had business
out of state on that day. However, I have had contact with Mr.
Brumbaugh on several occasions both before and since our interview
process and I am not sure he is not as conservative but with very good
communication skills. He also has enormous resources and Mr. Griffith
was greatly lacking in financial support. Mr. Brumbaugh will likely
win in that race.

DIST. # 94 - (Del City) - KYLE COULTER - Kyle ran for this seat
2 years ago. His conservative positions showed very strong during our
interview process. I first met his opponent, Zana Williams, several
years ago when I spoke to the political club at Christian Heritage
Academy in Del City. I believe Zana has a lot going for her and may
someday achieve great things, but at this time Kyle is ahead of her in
experience (he has worked as a legislative assistant) finances and
political instincts. Whichever of these 2 young Republicans who ends
up winning this race will be eligible to appear before OCPAC for
support in the general election.

DIST. # 100 - (Northwest OKC) - DAVID LOOBY - There are 3
Republicans in this race but only Looby and Elise Hall came for our
interview process. The endorsement vote was almost split 3 ways
between Looby, Hall and No Endorsement with the latter receiving the
smaller number. That sent us into a run-off vote, which resulted in a
tie between David and Elise. That had never occurred before, so we
decided to co-endorse both candidates and should there be a run-off
between one of these candidates and the third candidate, we will come
in with significant support for either David or Elise. Rarely do I
disagree with the members of OCPAC, but I really disagreed with the
vote. Looby clearly had the better survey and he clearly did better in
the interview process. I don’t want to imply that Elise might not make
a good lawmaker, but at 21 she is at some disadvantage in experience
to the 31 year old Looby. I first met Elise several years ago when I
was the Guest Director at Teen Pact. She is very bright, aggressive
and has run a good campaign. She may win, but I have to believe Looby
is significantly more developed in his conservative ideology at this
time and he did very well in the interview process.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


There are probably a couple hundred judicial and DA races in the
state. I don’t even start to have the time to research these races,
though I will work on the appellate court races for November’s ballot.
However, I have been reluctantly dragged into the Oklahoma County
District Judge office number 7 race. Kent Eldridge is very liberal and
he is the last one we want on the bench. I was not able to do any
research on Tim Rhodes, but I have taken some time to look into the
others. I have had several conversations with Cindy Truong, the young
lady who has been attending our OCPAC meetings for several weeks now
as well as other events. Sources tell me she works hard and is very
persistent. I have found her to be somewhat shallow on ideology, but
she seems to be very teachable and hungry to learn. The biggest
question about her is whether or not she has the maturity to fill an
important judicial position. More specifically, has she developed what
is called a good judicial temperament? If not now, I am confident she
will develop more over the next 5 to 10 years and be ready to step
into such a position. I am going to endorse PAT CRAWLEY. He and Cindy
are both currently serving as a prosecuting attorneys in the DA’s
office of David Prater. Crawley has a reputation of being a deeply
experienced prosecutor with lots of courtroom experience. One source
told me he understands what judicial activism is and disagrees with
it. I was told, he knows the law and will judge according to the law.
It is also believed he will posses an excellent judicial temperament.

These are just my opinions, for you help if you have not already done
your own research and made your decisions based on information you may
have gathered of which I may not be aware.

Charlie Meadows

Tuesday, July 20, 2010




Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, July 21st will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Those who have read
these e-mails for any length of time know of my disappointment with
the National Rifle Association (NRA). On a national level, I believe
they make deals with Congress and compromise on legislation which
eventually gets passed. A couple of weeks ago, KTOK news reported the
NRA had just endorsed U.S. Senator Harry Reid (D-Nevada). At about the
same time, OCPAC Vice Chairman Richard Engle received a fund raising
call from someone representing the NRA. Richard asked why he had
endorsed “dirty” Harry Reid, the leader of the liberal Democrats in
Washington? The solicitor told him, “I didn’t, it was the NRA that
endorsed Reid.”

On a local level, my problem is with their apparent lack of
aggressiveness on second amendment issues. As an example, during this
past legislative session, the NRA reportedly said the proposed open
carry law and the measure to allow for the manufacturing of guns or
ammunition in Oklahoma for sale in Oklahoma only, were simply not a
priority for them. With passage of such a 10th Amendment issue, those
guns and ammunitions would be free of federal control since they
weren’t being used for interstate commerce. That is why I have been so
happy to see the formation of a new organization in Oklahoma, called
OK2A. They are aggressively working on behalf of the citizens of
Oklahoma. Nationally, Gun Owners of America (GOA) is the “NO
COMPROMISE” organization not only trying to protect the 2nd Amendment
rights we still have, but also working to fully return all of our 2nd
Amendment rights to the citizens of America.

Therefore, our program this week will feature information from Tim
Gillespie about the efforts of OK2A during this past session and parts
of their agenda for next year. However, the big deal about this
Wednesday is that we are going to have a drawing for a brand new
Shotgun. It is a New England Firearms 12 guage pump 3-in turkey gun.
It is the gun I won back in March, but gave it back to Tim to be used
in a future membership drive.

Here is how it will work: at about 12:40 we will have a drawing for
the shotgun. Here is how you get tickets for the drawing. If you join
OK2A at the basic level (annual membership is $17.76) you will receive
1 ticket. I believe there is a little higher level and if you join at
that level you will receive 2 tickets. If you join at the highest
level, you will receive 3 tickets. If you join GOA you will receive 3
tickets and if you cut up your NRA membership card (we will have
scissors available) in front of everyone, you will receive 2
additional tickets. It should be a lot of fun, and your odds may be
very good at winning that beautiful shotgun.


Senator Brogdon sent out a mailer with a picture of him standing next
to Glen Beck. Senator Brogdon recently had an opportunity to meet with
Beck before his “Taking Back America” event at the Ford Center about 3
weeks ago. Following their meeting, Beck told the audience that
Senator Brogdon was a real serious candidate that people should check
out. That of course is exciting for the Brogdon campaign.

On Monday, the Fallin campaign sent out an e-mail announcing David
Barton’s endorsement. What most people don’t know is that Fallin and
Barton have known each other for some time. One of the problems with
our form of government is the weakness of human nature. We as people
have a tendency to support a candidate based on our knowing them,
liking them or having heard of their name somewhere. We cast our votes
based on relationships rather than diligently examining a candidate’s
ideology, positions on issues or their past performance as an elected
official. The latter takes time and effort and most of us, if honest,
would rather spend time at a ball game, social event or with our
families at the lake.

May I suggest that these out of state star power endorsements may
provide some political help for candidates but often times the star
really knows very little about the candidate or their stands on
issues. While the members of OCPAC are certainly not infallible, I
would suggest an endorsement from our organization should have much
more weight than any out of state star. We at OCPAC do the best we can
to ferret out the shallow and liberal Republicans from those who are
conservative and substantive.

I have followed David Barton’s career for probably the past 25 years
or so. About 13 years ago, we even had David at an OCPAC meeting where
he spoke for about 30 minutes and then we just had a Q&A session with
him for the next hour or more. About 5 or so years ago, OCPAC
sponsored a luncheon for about 30 lawmakers and or their spouses where
both David Barton and Bill Federer did an excellent job of educating
the audience. David is the most valuable Christian historian alive
today, based on his knowledge and ability to get an important message
out to a small or large audience. Therefore, people should make every
effort to access as much historical knowledge from David as possible.

However, I believe David has a significant political shortcoming. He
served for many years as the Vice Chairman of the Republican party in
the State of Texas. I believe he has a propensity to believe
conservatives may have a better chance to influence moderate
Republicans who are more likely to win, than get behind the more
conservative candidates to help them to get into office.

As an example, in 2000 he told a friend of mine that Governor George
W. Bush was a person we could really work with as President. As it
turned out, President Bush turned out to be a liberal Republican and
largely a disaster, especially regarding domestic policies. Based on
his performance as Governor, being a member of the elitist Skull and
Bones fraternity at Yale, as well as the fact that he was the son of
George H. Bush, a member of the CFR, the Trilateral Commission and
Skull and Bones, I warned people about the liberal Bush before he was
elected to the Presidency.

I have said all that to say this, I was right and Barton was wrong
then, just like now, OCPAC is correct about Randy Brogdon being the
best candidate for Governor and Barton is wrong about believing Mary
would be the better governor.

About 5 weeks ago, the Brogdon campaign did a poll of 2,000 likely
voters which showed Fallin still ahead of Brogdon, but 53% indicated
they were still undecided. If those undecided voters break toward
Senator Brogdon when they finally make up their minds, then Randy will
win this race. Much of Mary’s support is “soft” based merely on name
ID. When voters get the chance to hear Randy or become educated about
his leadership in the Senate, they are easily switched to supporting
the good Senator.

I just talked with a friend that is very knowledgeable about
government and politics and boy did he make my day. In the past he has
agreed with me that Randy would far and away be a better governor than
Mary, but he had been solidly in Mary’s camp as he thought she had a
better chance of beating Drew or Jari in November.

However, when I informed him last week that Mary indicated at a forum
in Enid that she opposed anymore tax cuts until the economy improves,
that was the issue that caused him to change positions. He is well
aware, that when you cut taxes on businesses, you stimulate the
economy and an improved economy will create more jobs and increase
revenues which flow into state government. He told me he had just cast
a vote for Senator Brogdon with an absentee ballot.

Randy is aggressively going after votes with his substantive message
of liberty, free enterprise and a prosperous future. Mary is
desperately trying to hold on to her lead, with a positive sounding
message made up of little more than pink, puff and pifile fluff. One
week from today, the Republican voters in Oklahoma can vote for a game
changer like Senator Brogdon or select yet another establishment
candidate who as governor will do little more than nibble around the
edges of the liberal damage done to our state over the past 100 years
by the Democrats.

I hope to have Charlie’s Picks out by Thursday, until then I hope to
see everyone at OCPAC this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Tuesday, July 6, 2010






Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, July 7th will be held at

Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. We will continue to

interview candidates for legislative primary races during this week’s

meeting. Invited to attend this Wednesday are David Brumbaugh and Tony

Curtis Griffith, both of Broken Arrow, running for the term limited

seat of Representative John Wright. Since Mike Thompson has vacated

his seat to run for congress, the 3 Republicans vying for his seat

have also been invited to this week‘s meeting. They are Elise Hall,

David Looby and Tim McCoy. In addition, though the survey for

candidate Bob Barnett was mailed in plenty of time for our meeting

last week, it didn’t arrive until after our meeting thanks to the U.S.

Post Office. Mr Barnett stood for questions and this week we will pass

out his survey and allow our members to vote whether or not to support

Mr. Barnett. Rob Johnson and Bob Bradway did not show for our

interview, they must already have plenty of campaign funds or perhaps

they aren‘t conservatives and believe they might not do well before

our members. Rob Johnson was in the House of Representatives from 2004

through 2008 and had a lifetime average on the Conservative Index of

only a 59 before he ran for Corporation Commission 2 years ago and

lost to Dana Murphy.


Absentee ballots are now available and I am already getting e-mails

and phone calls regarding candidates. I hope to have my infamous

“Charlie’s Picks” out shortly after July 14th. Until that time please,

just let me list the names of the candidates that the members of OCPAC

have endorsed. In some of these races there is not a lot of

differences, but our members worked hard to find that important edge

to distinguish one candidate from another. Sorry, I just can’t help

with judicial races, not enough time to investigate the many judges

and county court house races in such a busy election year. I will deal

with the appellate judges for the November general elections at a

later time. OCPAC endorsements are as follows:

Governor - Randy Brogdon, Lt. Governor - John Wright, Attorney General

- Scott Pruitt, State Superintendent of Schools - Janet Barresi, State

Labor Commissioner - Mark Costello, State Treasurer - Owen Laughlin,

State Insurance Commissioner - John Doak, and State Corporation

Commissioner - Dana Murphy.

For Congressional candidates, for the 1st Congressional District

Nathan Dahm, For the 2nd Congressional District, Howard Houchen, For

the 4rd Congressional District, R.J. Harris, and for the 5th

Congressional District, Kevin Calvey.

On Wednesday, June 23rd our members voted to endorse and support David

McClain over RINO (Republican In Name Only) nominee Eddie Fields.

David seeks to win the Republican primary to then go on and defeat the

Democrat for the term limited seat of Joe Sweeden. On the same date,

we also voted to endorse and support Tim Clem as he has taken on

Oklahoma’s most liberal Republican Senator, Harry Coates from

Seminole. Coates was the winner of this year’s RINO award, which makes

it his 3rd time for the dubious award. He has also been runner-up on

two other occasions. There is not Democrat in the race, so July 27th

will determine if the Republican voters in District 28 have the wisdom

to retire the liberal Coates and replace him with the true

conservative, Tim Clem. The district includes all of Seminole county,

the Northern part of Pottawatomi county, most of Lincoln and the

Northeastern part of Oklahoma county.

Last week, our members endorsed Matt Jackson in his effort to replace

the term limited Glen Coffee in the Senate. Matt’s opponent, David

Holt, is the model for what I call a “political groupie” turned

politician. Let me explain. David Holt graduated from one of the

Putnam City high schools and moved to Washington for college. While

there, he interned for J.C. Watts as well as Ernest Istook. He then

worked as a staffer for President George W. Bush, then on to Denney

Hastert and eventually Mary Fallin. Upon return to Oklahoma, he has

more recently worked as chief of staff for Oklahoma City Mayor Mick

Cornett. What I find with most candidates like David, is that they

have learned to be really good little Republicans, but often times

they fail to developed a limited government, conservative ideology.

The true definition of a neo-con is one who has no problem with re-

distribution of wealth, they just want to be in charge of it and maybe

tone it down from the levels the Democrats would prefer.

That process which I just described is how we turn a young man,

interested in government, into a big government politician. It is

exactly how we end up with so many “statist” Republicans. We

Republicans are critical of a Democrat like that, someone who has

never worked in the private sector. We will criticize a Kenneth Corn

of Poteau, term limited from the legislature where he has been since

age 21, and now is a candidate for Lt. Governor, but we wink an eye at

someone like David Holt. Almost overnight, after David announced, he

had over a $100,000 in his campaign fund. Why would the central

planners in OKC rush to fill Mr. Holt’s campaign chest for a State

Senate seat? Could it be, they are confident, the next time OKC needs

some kind of a subsidy from STATE Government, they can depend on David

to bring the bacon home for the next pet project?

I have met David, heard him speak, and he is a nice young man.

However, since he didn’t attend our interview process, I can’t assure

anyone he is a strong conservative, though he claims to be. In fact,

after hearing him defend his vote for MAPS III, the evidence suggests

something other than a “consistent” conservative. Because of his huge

campaign war chest and the fact that he is working so hard knocking

doors, I would have to consider him as the favorite. However, after

also hearing Matt Jackson, I would chose him over Mr. Holt if I lived

in the district.

If Mr. Holt is elected, I don’t believe he will turn out to be another

Harry Coates, a Patrick Anderson or the new liberal Republican in the

senate, Jim Halligan. On the other hand, he is not likely to become

the next Randy Brogdon, Anthony Sykes or Bill Brown. Matt Jackson is

more likely to be like the latter. If David is elected, he may

surprise me, but he is the perfect model and has lived the perfect

career path as to how we elect so many “go along to get along”

moderate Republicans. If it turns out that I am wrong, then I want to

be the first in line to apologize to David for my misgivings. In the

mean time, I hope the voters chose Matt Jackson as their next Senator.

That will be decided on July 27th.


** TUESDAY (tonight) - ADA AREA - The Ada Tea Party #8 will be

held Tuesday night, July 6th at the Pontotoc Technology center

Industrial Arts Classroom in Ada. The time will be from 6:30 to 9:00

p.m. The two guest speakers will be Jenni White, President of ROPE

(Restore Oklahoma Public Education) and Miki Booth. Jenni, is working

hard to get ROPE to a place where it will be able to educate parents

to many of the problems in our government schools as well as work the

halls of the State Capitol, educating our lawmakers regarding the

fundamental problems in Education. Miki Booth recently returned from

the Dr. David Manning Trial regarding Obama’s eligibility issues. Miki

is from Hawaii where her husband and son were both born in the same

hospital in which President Obama claims to have been born. Obama was

born about half way between her husband and son and she has copies of

her husband and son’s birth certificates and then the very different

document Obama puts forth as a supposedly legal document to prove that

he was also born in Hawaii. In addition, there will be 3 candidates

for office speaking. Bryan Cain, Republican candidate for House

District 28, Richard Cooper, candidate for State School Superintendent

and Mark Costello, candidate for State Labor Commissioner. Mark has

been endorsed by the members of OCPAC. The folks in Ada do a really

good job at these meetings and I urge people in the area to attend.

** THURSDAY - OKC AREA - Thursday evening, July 8th there will be

a come and go Homecoming Celebration for Emoly West, the newly crowned

Mill Oklahoma. The location will be 4612 North MacArthur in Warr Acres

and the time will be from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.. Refreshments will be

served, with music and video presented by professional DJ Mark Burney.

There will be an inflatable for the kids, courtesy of

and of course you may have your picture taken with Miss Oklahoma.

While there is no cost to attend, a $10 donation is requested if you

have your picture taken with Emoly, with all proceeds going to the

Children’s Miracle Network. Please RSVP with the number planning to

attend by calling (405) 789-9350 or email This

will be a great time to congratulate Emoly on her accomplishment. I

hope to see a lot of our folks at this fun event.

** FRIDAY & SATURDAY - YUKON - Reclaiming America For Christ, has

replaced Reclaiming Oklahoma For Christ. July 9th and 10th will be the

5th consecutive year for the event, which has been moved from the

campus of Oklahoma Christian University in Edmond to Trinity Baptist

Church in Yukon. This will allow us to seat a couple hundred more

people in the very nice and new facilities at Trinity. The address is

600 North Cemetery Road (exit I-40 at Garth Brooks Blvd and go South 1

mile). Friday evening will begin at 6:30 and end at 10:00 p.m.

Saturday morning will begin at 8:30 a.m. and end at 12:30 p.m.

The featured speakers are David Barton of the Wallbuilders ministry,

considered by many as the foremost Christian historian alive today.

Last Friday, Glen Beck called him the most important person in

America. David has authored 15 or so books and produced several

excellent DVDs. He probably speaks in excess of 400 times per year not

counting radio and TV appearances. He is one of the most sought after

speakers in America. Many of his books and materials will be available

at the conference.

Another featured speaker will be Ken Ham of the Answers in Genesis

Ministry. Ken is a scientist, originally from Australia, who now lives

just South of Cincinnati Ohio, where he built, what is perhaps the

worlds premier Creation Museum and scientific discovery center. He

works tirelessly to teach Christians as to why they can have utter

confidence as to the veracity of the Holy Scriptures. Both David and

Ken will speak 3 times during these 2 days. Also speaking will be the

powerful cultural warrior Rick Scarborough of Vision America and

Bailey Smith of the Bailey Smith Ministries.

Anita Bryant, a former Miss Oklahoma and first runner-up to Miss

America, will sing some patriotic songs. There will be a 30 minute

break on both Friday evening and Saturday morning. During that break

there will be 3 break-out sessions of about 15 minutes each. Mark

Lerner will be conducting one of those meetings regarding the bio-

metric identification and the data base linking which is such a

serious threat to your privacy, not to mention the serious prophetic

ramifications for Christians. I will be conducting one of the sessions

regarding the performance of our legislature and there will be one

more with an out of state speaker, I just don’t remember the subject

matter. There is no cost to attend this conference, though a love

offering will be taken to help cover expenses. This is one of the

really important conferences in the state this year and I hope folks

will take advantage of such a great opportunity.

** SATURDAY - LAWTON AREA - Probably the largest candidate forum

and perhaps the final forum before the primary elections will occur

this Saturday, July 10th from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.. The location

will be the Great Plains Technology Center (building 100), 4500

Southwest Lee blvd. in Lawton. Confirmed candidates are Senator Randy

Brogdon, Scott Pruitt, R.J. Harris, Janet Barresi, Owen Laughlin, Mark

Costello, John Doak, Ryan Leonard, Todd Lamb, along with

Representatives Dennis Johnson and Ann Coody, as well as several

candidates for courthouse offices. This will be the time for people in

Southwestern Oklahoma to hear these candidates, ask them questions and

get answers. Gary Jones and T.W. Shannon have been invited, but not

confirmed as yet.


Following will be the rankings for all Republican Senators from most

conservative to least, based on their scores in the Oklahoma

Constitution Newspaper’s Conservative Index. The paper has been

grading Oklahoma’s state legislators on a conservative vs. liberal

basis for the past 31 years. The next issue of the paper will be out

in about 10 days and it will have a summary of each bill used in this

years index and how each lawmaker voted on each bill. If you are not

currently a subscriber to the paper, it is a must for all

conservatives. Mail your $12 for a 1 year subscription right away to:

THE OKLAHOMA CONSTITUTION, P.O. Box 53482, Oklahoma City, Ok 73152. If

you act quickly, you should receive the Summer issue with the Index,

the most important issue of this quarterly publication.

I have the scores in advance and all I am doing is taking their scores

and ranking them from most conservative to least. Following each name

will be the number which represents the score for the just adjourned

2010 session. The next number will represent each lawmakers average

score for 2009 and 2010. This is the most important number as it

represents where we draw the line for the acceptable Republican

lawmakers and those NOMINATED for this year’s RINO (Republican In Name

Only) awards. The 3rd number beside their name will represent their

lifetime average, which could range from a 2 year average up to 12

years based on how long they have been in the legislature. Following

this year’s rankings, I have a separate list which will rank them

based on their lifetime scores only. Following the Republicans will be

the Democrats and then next week, I hope to reveal the rankings for

the House members.

1) Randy Brogdon Owasso 100-95-93

1) Anthony Sykes Moore 100-95-93

3) Bill Brown Broken Arrow 86-83-82

4) Jim Reynolds OKC 83-78-72

5) Gary Stanislawski Tulsa 90-75-75

6) Cliff Aldridge Midwest City 80-72-76

7) Dan Newberry Tulsa 90-70-70

8) Steve Russell OKC 86-70-70

9) Cliff Branan OKC 90-67-66

10) Mike Schulz Altus 80-65-69

11) Bryce Marlett Woodward 80-65-65

12) David Myers Ponca City 80-65-63

13) Ron Justice Chickasha 80-65-62

14) Mike Johnson Kingfisher 70-62-59

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

We suggest lawmakers should have a two year

average score of 61 or higher to avoid being

nominated for the RINO award. All the following

senators were nominated for the RINO award

with Harry Coates from Seminole being this year’s

winner. It is his 3rd time for the dubious distinction

and he has been runner up on two other occasions.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

15) Clark Jolley Edmond 80-60-66

16) Brian Bingman Sapulpa 80-60-59

17) Jonathan Nichols Norman 76-58-64

18) Glen Coffee OKC 70-58-62

19) Todd Lamb OKC 73-57-66

20) John Ford Bartlesville 70-55-62

21) Don Barrington Lawton 70-55-58

22) Mike Mazzei Tulsa 69-51-66

23) Brian Crain Tulsa 60-50-63

24) Jim Halligan Stillwater 60-50-50

25) Harry Coates Seminole 56-48-46

26) Patrick Anderson Enid 46-38-57

Below are their rankings based on

their lifetime average scores only:

1) Randy Brogdon 93

1) Anthony Sykes 93

3) Bill Brown 82

4) Cliff Aldridge 76

5) Gary Stanislawski 75

6) Jim Reynolds 72

7) Dan Newberry 70

7) Steve Russell 70

9) Mike Schulz 69

10) Cliff Branan 66

10) Clark Jolley 66

10) Todd Lamb 66

10) Mike Mazzei 66

14) Bryce Marlett 65

15) Jonathan Nichols 64

16) Brian Crain 63

16) David Myers 63

18) Glen Coffee 62

18) John Ford 62

18) Ron Justice 62

- - - Lifetime RINO - - -

21) Brian Bingman 59

21) Mike Johnson 59

23) Don Barrington 58

24) Patrick Anderson 57

25) James Halligan 50

26) Harry Coates 46

Following are the scores for the Democrats:

1) Tom Ivester Elk City 70-50-45

2) Susan Paddack Ada 60-45-40

3) Kenneth Corn Poteau 66-45-26

4) Jerry Ellis Valliant 60-40-32

5) Sean Burrage Claremore 60-35-32

6) Charlie Laster Shawnee 33-33-30

7) Earl Garrison Muskogee 50-32-33

8) Randy Bass Lawton 43-32-29

9) Jay Paul Gumm Durant 36-25-27

10) Connie Johnson OKC 16-25-14

11) Mary Easley Tulsa 30-22-25

12) Charles Wyrick Fairland 20-22-22

13) John Sparks Norman 30-20-25

14) Roger Ballenger Okmulgee 20-20-20

15) Judy McIntyre Tulsa 20-20-17

16) Debbie Leftwhich OKC 13-17-22

17) Tom Adelson Tulsa 20-15-24

18) Richard Leblance Hartshorne 0-15-17

19) Jim Wilson Tahlequah 0-15-14

20) Joe Sweeden Pawhuska 20-13-19

21) Andrew Rice OKC 10-12-17

22) J. Crutchfield Ardmore 10-5-15

Following are their rankings based on their

lifetime average score only:

1) Tom Ivester 45

2) Susan Paddack 40

3) Earl Garrison 33

4) Sean Burrage 32

4) Jerry Ellis 32

6) Charlie Laster 30

7) Randy Bass 29

8) Jay Paul Gumm 27

9) Kenneth Corn 26

10) Mary Easley 25

10) John Sparks 25

12) Tom Adelson 24

13) Charles Wyrick 22

13) Debbe Leftwhich 22

15) Roger Ballenger 20

16) Joe Sweeden 19

17) Richard Lerblance 17

17) Judy McIntyre 17

17) Andrew Rice 17

20) J. Crutchfield 15

21) Connie Johnson 14

21) Jim Wilson 14

I hope you find this informative and look forward to seeing everyone

this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows