Tuesday, July 31, 2012




Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, August 1st will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. During the 10th
Amendment rally at the Capitol a few Saturday’s ago, I talked with
State Representative George Faught and he agreed to come for a
candidate forum before the Primary run-off vote for the 2nd
Congressional race to be held on August 28th. Knowing candidate
Markwyane Mullin’s handlers at AH Strategies frequently urge their
clients not attend an OCPAC interview, I simply contacted them and was
told they would urge Mr. Mullin not to attend. Therefore, unless
something changes we will only have Representative Faught as our
candidate. We do not have a survey for a Congressional race, so
besides an expanded time for him to make a case as to why he should be
elected, the rest of the time will be questions and answers from our
members and visitors. So bring your best questions, but be sure to
keep them directed toward the issues related toward the federal

I also want to welcome the many new readers who signed up at this
year’s Reclaiming Christ for America Conference this past Wednesday
through Friday evening. DVDs of all the speakers and the event will be
available in the near future, I will try to have some of them at a
future OCPAC meeting. I could only watch bits and pieces of the event
because of working the OCPAC table. One part which really stood out
was Scott Lively doing a re-creation of, arguably the most famous
sermon ever delivered in America, Sinners In the Hands of an Angry
God. The sermon was originally delivered by Jonathan Edwards, the 3rd
pastor of the church in North Hampton Massachusetts. What I could see
and hear of his presentation, it was really strong. The sermon is
available on the inter-net.


Mr. Loudon turned out to be one of those exceptional speakers that
comes through Oklahoma from time to time. His book, BARACK OBAMA AND
THE ENEMIES WITHIN was published in October of 2011 and it is quite a
large work, 711 pages. During his presentation, he did a great job of
naming the many communists, socialists, Marxists and Progressives that
have worked for decades to bring us to where we are today, and that is
with them in many places of power and authority. He really connected
the dots and showed how they are inter-connected with each other.

A you tube of his talk is supposed to be on our new web-site at
http://www.ocpac.tk/, however, I can’t seem to access it, you might
give it a try. Also, he was interviewed on Glen Howard’s Senior World
Radio program which airs each Sunday morning from 10 until 11:00 a.m.
on KTOK, 1000 AM. You can log on to Glen’s web-site at www.seniorworldradio.com
and easily find the interview with Trevor Loudon. I got to hear a good
deal of the program on the way to Church this past Sunday and it was
excellent, Glen did a great job of drawing out the important
information from Mr. Loudon


As of the end of July we now have 229 dues paying members, which is 12
more than we had for the entire year of 2011. A very generous donor
has agreed to offer a $1,500 membership challenge through the end of
August. This will be a dollar for dollar match. Our basic membership
is $50 per year and we can receive that through cash, money order or
check. We have the Elephant provider level which is $180 per year and
that can be paid by money order, check, or we can draft your checking
account for $15 per month. Our highest level of membership is the
Elephant provider and RINO Hunter level at $360 per year. That can be
paid by money order, check, or we can draft your checking account for
$30 per month which is how I pay my dues.

State law does not allow cash contributions of more than $50 per year
and corporate checks are not allowed for a PAC. If you chose to
contribute by having your checking account drafted and at some time
need to discontinue, just send me an e-mail and we will take you off
our drafting list, it is very simple.

I can not tell you how much we appreciate everyone’s support. Our
expenses in the PAC are very low, probably less than 2% because all
our officers and members are volunteers. Therefore, virtually all of
our dues go directly into the campaigns of the best candidates we can
determine to support as well as the 10% we set aside for our
accountability efforts (that would be robo calls or direct mail into
the districts of errant Republican lawmakers.

Again, thanks so much for the support, if you have not joined as yet
or simply want to increase what you have given, please do so now so we
can take advantage of the dollar for dollar match. It is important to
know how much we are going to have to finish the campaign season as we
want to get all our contributions into the hands of our candidates by
the end of September or first week in October. To contribute, see the
instructions following my sign off.


*  GREETINGS FROM ARIZONIA  -  An Edmond home school mom and her son
attended OCPAC from time to time until they moved to Yuma Arizona
several months ago. I recently received this encouraging e-mail from
her and wanted to pass it on to the activists in Oklahoma:

“Good morning Charlie

I attended the Colorado River Tea Party event last week - they provide
a similar function as OCPAC for conservatives here in Yuma. When I
told them I came from Oklahoma I drew immediate attention - they
wanted me to pass along their well-wishes for the valiant fight for
conservative causes underway in OK.  Keep up the good fight Charlie,
folks as far away as Arizona are inspired by the warriors in OK.”

*  EATING AT CHICK-FIL-A ON WEDNESDAY  -  This past Thursday evening
State Representative Sally Kern was on one of the local news stations
along with a spokesman for the Cimarron Alliance, a political and
social action group for the homosexual community here in Oklahoma.

Sally was standing up for Chick-Fil-A’s CEO Dan Cathy’s constitutional
right to express his opinion that marriage is between a man and a
woman only. As a result of his statement, the homosexual community
across America along with their liberal enablers have displayed their
hate and venom toward Mr. Cathy, a dedicated Christian. They have
called for a boycott and in some cases such as Chicago, are
prohibiting Chick-Fil-A from building new stores.

As a result, some Christian leaders across America have suggest a
great way for Christians to express their thanks to Mr. Cathy for
standing up for decency and family friendly values is for Christians
to eat a meal at Chick-Fil-A on Wednesday, August 1st. I have even
heard that some churches that have a meal on Wednesday nights before
church services are planning on ordering meals from Chick-Fil-A. I
know where Linda and I will be having dinner on Wednesday, that place
the cows say: “eat more chicken“.


This past Saturday, 3 to 4 hundred folks gathered at Fairview Baptist
Church in Edmond for a memorial service for our long time friend and
patriot, V.Z. Lawton who died last week at 81 years of age. V.Z. had a
grandfather, 3 uncles and 2 brothers who were preachers, but didn’t
give his heart and soul to the Lordship of Jesus until a couple of
years ago.

He was a graduate of Classen High School, served as an officer in the
U.S. Army, then returned to Oklahoma to become a home builder, real
estate broker and stock broker. V.Z. was a skilled golfer, as an
armature he frequently shot below par golf and won many tournaments.
He had a hole in one 3 times in his life. His real passion was
handball and racquetball. Not only was he a state champion, he was at
one time rated the 22nd best racquetball player in the nation and
served as a Commissioner of the International racquetball Association
and as State Chairman of the Oklahoma Racquetball Association from
1973-76.  V.Z. was still playing racquetball until he broke his hip
about a year ago.

Beginning in 1987 he began to work for the Department of Housing and
Urban Development (HUD). He was working in the Murah building when it
was blown up in 1995. A few minutes after the building was blown up, a
person across the street took a picture of the building. V.Z. had that
picture blown up which clearly revealed him peering over the edge of
about the 6th floor to see what had happened, that is if my memory
serves me correctly. A lady was badly injured and bleeding so V.Z.
carried her down a stairwell and at the same time led another co-
worker who had been at least temporarily blinded to safety.

V.Z. always believed there were two explosions as he says he was hit
in the head by a falling ceiling tile just before the major blast
occurred. He joined the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigative Committee
and as such co-authored the book: THE FINAL REPORT which is full of
depositions and evidence of a broader conspiracy than just McVeigh and

V.Z. never met a stranger and attend OCPAC meetings as often as
possible. He loved this nation, understood the principles upon which
is was built and was ready and willing to defend them. He was overly
kind toward me. I would urge Christians to keep Betty and the rest of
the family in your prayers. We will all miss him.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Tuesday, July 24, 2012




Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, July 25th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. We are very
privileged to have as our speaker this week, Mr. Trevor Loudon from
Christchurch, New Zealand. Mr. Loudon may be the foremost researcher
and authority in the world on the Progressive Movement which may be
described as a broad group of anti-free market Capitalists, that
includes Democrats, Republican moderates, Socialists, Communists,
Peace Activists, the Religious left, most organized labor and
Environmentalists. In addition to his blog, www.trevorloudon.com,
Trevor is also the founder and editor of www.KeyWiki.org, a rapidly-
growing website with the goal of unlocking the covert side of U.S. and
global politics.

Mr. Loudon has broken several significant stories, including:  the
connection of a young Barack Obama to the Hawaiian-based communist,
Frank Marshall Davis,  exposing the communist roots of Osama’s “Green
Jobs Czar”, Van Jones, and Obama’s early membership in the New Party,
a communist spin-off group.

After speaking at OCPAC, Mr. Loudon will attend at least the first
night of Reclaiming America for Christ and then travel to Dallas where
he will be participating in Glen Beck’s Restoring Love Conference. Mr.
Loudon will speak for close to an hour, so we will begin our meeting
without delay. I advise arriving as early as possible to get a good
seat and not miss any of his talk. He has written a rather large book
which will be available after his talk.


Following is the schedule for this year’s Reclaiming America for
Christ Conference, one of the most important and substantive
conferences to be held in Oklahoma during 2012. All meetings will be
held at First Baptist Church in Moore, 301 NE 27th Street (about 2
blocks East of I-35 on 27th street).

Wednesday evening, July 25th, 7:00 until 9:30 p.m., Dr. Scott Lively
will be exposing the dangers of the homosexual agenda, how it is
expanding in America and the threat it poses toward unraveling the
foundation of our culture. I have heard Dr. Lively speak on several
occasions and find him to be one of the most compelling and powerful
speakers I have heard in recent times. At the foundation of the whole
culture war is the sexual freedom movement propelled by the homosexual
agenda, he is a must to hear and learn from. He is also the co-author
of the PINK SWASTIKA which chronicles the power and influence of the
homosexual movement upon Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party.

Thursday evening, July 26th, 6:30 until 10:00 p.m., the first speaker
will be Jerry Tuma. Mr. Tuma is a Milton Friedman disciple, author,
financial planner and nationally acclaimed speaker on the economy and
investment markets. He will be speaking on the coming economic crisis.
This is an important warning, Mr. Tuma will reveal what individuals
and families must do to be prepared for difficult times ahead.

The second speaker will be Michael J. Chapman, founder of American
Heritage research. Some years ago Mr. Chapman produced the 2 hour DVD,
America’s Censored Heritage, which details how our text books used in
the government schools work to destroy American Exceptionalism and
turn our children away from respecting our founding fathers. He shows
how our children are led to believe people like Mao, Che, Lenin, Fidel
and others are moral equals or even superior to our founders like
Washington, Madison, Adams and others.

Thursday evening he will expose how our government schools are turning
our children away for the faith of the Bible and turning them into
earth worshiping little pantheists and greenie-weenie
environmentalists. He will demonstrate how the UN’s Agenda 21
interfaces with our U.S. Department of Education to bring this about.

Friday afternoon there will be a session from 3:30 until 5:30 p.m.
where I believe Dr. John Morris of the Creation Research Institute in
Dallas will be speaking on Creation Science. There will be a one hour
break from 5:30 until 6:30 when the conference resumes and we hear
from Mr. Paul Diamond from England. Mr. Diamond is an attorney
specializing in Religious Liberties. He says America is about 10 years
behind England when it comes to the criminalization of Christianity
and the advancements of Sharia Law. All of these subjects are very
important and I strongly recommend folks make every effort to hear as
many of these speakers as possible.


Prior to the session this year, Governor Fallin began releasing the
details of her proposed tax cut plan to send a signal to the rest of
America that Oklahoma is becoming an ever more business friendly
state. She was lauded in the Wall Street Journal as a visionary and a
leader, that is, until the session was over and her plan had come to a
complete flop, a dud, nothing was done, even though the Republicans,
led by Governor Fallin, had complete control of both houses of the
legislature and the Executive branch of Oklahoma government.

As a brief review, her plan called for about $800 million in state
income tax cuts. That lost revenue was to be offset by new growth
monies, savings from government modernization and spending reductions,
mostly by eliminating several personal income tax deductions and some
of the tax credits, grants and subsidies to corporate businesses. I
believe the latter became a real problem for the plan.

When you realize that large Oklahoma corporations don’t pay any of the
personal state income taxes on their employees (they do pay half of
the social security and Medicare taxes to the federal government) then
you ask how did Governor Fallin’s plan help big business in Oklahoma?
When you realize her plan was going to take away some business
benefits without giving anything in return, then it is no wonder
Oklahoma’s corporations had their hordes of lobbyists descend upon
lawmakers this past session to keep them from making cuts to their

For Oklahoma’s large corporations to be more considerate of any kind
of tax reform, their needs must be considered by having an offset so
they are not harmed by a tax reform plan. May I suggest the following.
Next year’s plan needs to first totally eliminate Oklahoma’s corporate
income tax. The personal state income tax generates about $1.6 billion
in revenues each year whereas the corporate income tax generates
something over $400 million in revenues. By eliminating the corporate
income tax, they will have a weaker case for the need of the many
redistribution subsidy schemes an thus less of a case to make to
lawmakers about cutting those programs.

Then, following the elimination of the corporate income tax, we can
start cutting the personal income tax. The combination of eliminating
the corporate income tax and a reduction of the personal income tax
will send a much stronger signal to the rest of America that Oklahoma
is becoming a more business friendly state.

While most new jobs come from small businesses, many people don’t
realize that many of those small business jobs exist to provide
support services to the large corporations. Eliminating the corporate
income tax would go a long ways toward stopping the corporate
headquarters drain out of Oklahoma.

At the end of the session, Governor Fallin indicated she was not
giving up on cutting taxes and would travel the state talking with
Oklahoman’s about her efforts. I will try to schedule her to appear at
a future OCPAC meeting so we may dialogue on this issue. After all,
OCPAC members and friends are also Oklahomans.


In years past the Oklahoman was the largest and the only statewide
newspaper in the state, meaning it was sold in every county in the
state. With E.K. Gaylord at the helm the editorial page was considered
one of the most conservative in the nation. In more recent years,
under the leadership of one of his daughters, many believe it became
more moderate in its tone and positions. Of course the paper was sold
this past September and I believe it is now beginning to move back to
a more conservative position on the editorial page.

As evidence of the transition, the Oklahoman has twice in recent weeks
suggested just paying for the new Medical Examiners office rather than
trying to finance it with a bond issue. My goodness, what a novel
idea, paying for something with cash on hand rather than continuing to
borrow money.

They have also suggested that opposition to creating a health care
insurance exchange is increasing and not likely to change anytime soon
though they have been a supporter of creating the exchanges in the
past. Yet in their editorial they reported many of reasons for not
creating an exchange at any time.

Then this past Sunday they shocked me with their lead editorial on the
Indian Cultural Center when they suggested:  “At some point soon, the
state may indeed have to say ‘Enough!’ and look for a way to make the
best of a well-intended plan that didn’t work, instead of continuing
to spend and hope for the best.”  Earlier in the body of the
editorial, they called into question the cost to operate the facility
once it opens? That is a breath of fresh air from the pie in the sky
blabber of millions in revenues created by the facility by some of the
advocates of the project.

Of course with any transition, there may be a time of mixture as was
evidenced by their slam at U.S. Representative Michelle Bauchman in
the past Saturday’s edition of the paper. Bauchman is being criticized
for calling into question the chief aid to Hillary Clinton.

As a member of the House intelligence committee, Bauchman along with
some other Republican lawmakers, quietly sent a letter to the State
Department asking for an explanation and assurances as to how
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top aid should have high level
security clearances since she is a Muslim with close family members
having close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Someone released that information about her request to the press and
Senator John McCain, an establishment Republican, jumped all over
Bauchman in an obvious effort to marginalize her and harm her
political future. Some of the leftist groups in America are calling
for the Speaker of the House to remove her from the intelligence
committee and many others, including the Oklahoman are piling on.

Too bad, members of the Oklahoman’s editorial board didn’t attend at
least one of the two seminars held at Fairview Baptist Church over the
past couple of years where a former FBI agent and a former
intelligence community agent conducted several hours of seminar
information detailing how American Muslim’s work to gain positions of
influence as advisors to prominent authorities to carefully shape
their thoughts about Islam and its agenda. Hillary Clinton’s aide
certainly fit’s the profile and her close family member’s ties to the
Muslim Brotherhood are valid reasons for the inquiry.

The communists have a couple of words to describe authorities, opinion
makers and especially members of the various forms of the media when
they make statements that advance the goals of the communists. The
refer to them as “useful idiots”.  I believe reality would have
Senator McCain and in this case the editorial page of the Oklahoman
far closer to fitting the category of being useful idiots rather than
Representative Bauchman having done anything other than her job and
doing it skillfully!

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Tuesday, July 17, 2012




Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, July 18th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC.  We will be back to
interviewing candidates this week. From here on out the candidates
that come before our members will be in the general election in
November to take on a Democrat. This is the main purpose of OCPAC to
find and help elect truly conservative candidates with a Judeo/
Christian world view as they run for the state legislature.

For our meeting one week from Wednesday we will have a world renown
expert on the progressive movement speak at OCPAC. His name Trevor
Loudon from Christ Church in New Zealand. He is the gentleman who has
done so much work in exposing people like Van Jones and others that
President Obama brought into his machine to do his damaging work in
his efforts to change America.

Mr. Loudon will also be speaking at the High Noon Club THIS Friday. In
addition, he will be speaking to the Grady County TEA Party this
Saturday evening July 21st, 7:00 p.m. at Trinity Baptist Church, 428
East Almar in Chickasha. Following his presentation he will be
available to sign his book, BARACK OBAMA AND THE ENEMIES WITHIN.


I believe this will be the 7th annual Reclaiming America For Christ
Conference (the first 4 conferences were Reclaiming Oklahoma for
Christ). All meetings will be held at First Baptist Church in Moore,
301 NE 27th street (about 2 blocks East of I-35 on 27th).  Following
are the times and speakers, though I don‘t know the schedules for each
speaker at this time:

Wednesday evening, July 25th from 7 until 9:30 p.m.
Thursday evening, July 26th from 6:30 until 10:00 p.m.
Friday afternoon, July 27th from 3:30 until 5:30 p.m.
Friday evening, July 27th from 6:30 until 10:00 p.m.

Speakers will be:

Dr. John Morris, President of Creation Research Institute in Dallas.
Dr. Morris will be speaking on Creation Science.

Dr. Scott Lively, President of Abiding Truth Ministries. Dr. Lively is
an attorney, author and lecturer. He is widely recognized as the
foremost authority in America on the subject of the Homosexual Agenda.
He is also the co-author of the Book, THE PINK  SWASTIKA which
documents the power of the homosexual movement in the Nazi party. Did
you know that one group of homosexuals in Germany killed off a rival
group of homosexuals. I am very impressed with Dr. Lively, as I have
heard him speak several times.

Michael Chapman, founder of American Heritage Research. The U.N. has
declared 2005-2015, “The Decade of Education for Sustainable
Development.” Chapman will speak on Agenda 21 in American education.

Paul diamond, an attorney who lives and practices in the United
Kingdom. His specialty is religious liberty. Diamond will be speaking
on the Criminalization of Christianity in the UK, the implications of
Islam and Sharia Law in the UK and what is happening in America.

Jerry Tuma, is the host of the nationally syndicated financial show,
Smart Money. A Milton Friedman disciple, Tuma is an author, financial
planner, and nationally acclaimed speaker on the economy and
investment markets. He will be speaking on the coming economic crisis
and what you can do to prepare.

The admission is free, though a love offering will be taken to help
defray the costs. For more information log on to www.ra4c.org or call
(405) 348-1745, or (405) 521-08000. I will try to have the times each
speaker will be presenting for next week’s e-mail.


Last week our members voted to determine the outstanding lawmakers as
well as those who won the dubious RINO award. Senate Lawmaker of the
year goes to Greg Treat (R-OKC) Senator Treat had a session score of a
90 and a lifetime score of an 85. The Senate runner-up for lawmaker of
the year goes to Anthony Sykes (R-Moore). Senator Sykes had a session
score of 100 and a lifetime score of a 93. Senate Freshman of the year
goes to Ralph Shortey (R-OKC). Senator Shortey’s session score was an
80 and his lifetime score is a 77. The winner of this year’s RINO
award in the Senate goes to Greg Childers (R-Del City) with the paltry
score of a 50 for the session and a 50 lifetime score. Runner up for
this year’s RINO award goes to David Holt (R-OKC) with a session score
of a 56 and a lifetime score of a 58.

In the House, Lawmaker of the year goes to Charles Key (R-OKC) with a
session score of 100 and a lifetime score of an 83. Runner-up for
lawmaker of the year goes to Jason Murphy (R-Guthrie) with a session
score of 100 and a lifetime score of 100. House freshman of the year
goes to Tom Newell (R-Seminole) with a session score of 100 and a
lifetime score of a 90. The winner of this year’s RINO award in the
House goes to Lisa Billy (R-Lindsey) with a session score of a 56 and
a lifetime score of a 57. While we appreciate Representative Billy’s
strong stand on life issues and while that is a very important issue,
there is much more to being a conservative than just being pro-life.
After 8 years in the legislature, a 57 lifetime score is pitiful.
Runner-up for the RINO award goes to Kris Steele with a session score
of a 60 and a lifetime score of a 63. Steele is term limited out of
office. While he is a wonderfully nice fellow, he might best be
described as a Christian socialist. So typical of lawmakers who fail
to distinguish between the proper roll of government versus what
family, friends, civic organizations churches should be doing in the
lives of people.


On Monday, Governor Fallin was to stop in Detroit to speak with
representatives of the big 3 auto makers (Ford, Chrysler and
Government Motors) to urge them to manufacture cars and trucks which
will use Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). The governors of several states
are urging these vehicles be built at a reasonable cost with the
promise that state fleets will switch to these new vehicles and then
the private market is expected to follow with greater demand.

What I don’t know is what kind of CNG vehicles Governor Fallin is
wanting produced? If it is a CNG vehicle only, then that is a serious

Because of the high pressure of CNG, the fuel tanks have to be strong,
which makes them have a limited size in a trade off of significant
weight. Because of the limited tank capacity, many CNG vehicles tend
to have a rather short range, perhaps a 150 miles or less. I believe
it was the city of Edmond that halted plans to convert 2 of their
public transportation buses as they can’t run their route on one day’s
tank of CNG.

While the number of stations with CNG pumps is rapidly increasing,
perhaps up to 80 in Oklahoma by the end of the year, they don’t fill
as fast at the pump as gasoline powered vehicles, which means we could
find it difficult and time consuming to fill up as more and more CNG
vehicles are on the road. Another problem is with cross country trips.
While Oklahoma is busy building an infrastructure to have stations
placed through out the state, many states lag far behind and as such
it could be risky to strike out across this vast land with a CNG only

Of course the real solution to the short range is to have duel fuel
system vehicles which burn both CNG and unleaded gasoline. Most of the
vehicles having conversion kits installed in them today run on CNG or
gasoline. While the conversion kits are rather expensive (8 to 14
thousand dollars) for most passenger vehicles or light trucks, it only
takes a flip of a switch to change over from CNG to gasoline.

If these are the type of vehicles Governor Fallin is urging to be
built for just a little more than a gasoline only vehicle, then I
believe we have a winner of an idea. But if she is insisting on CNG
only, that is a problem. I just wonder if the captains of Oklahoma’s
natural gas industry who have contributed so heavily to her election
efforts will allow her to petition for duel fuel vehicles or if they
will be so greedy as to insist on CNG only?

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows