Monday, May 18, 2009


+ Dr Steve Kern’s View of the Coming Social Order After Obama’s First
100 Days


+ According to an amendment to our State Constitution, the legislature
must adjourn by 5:00 p.m. on the final Friday in the month of May.
That date would be May 29th. However, leadership is trying to finish
the people’s business by the end of this week. Therefore, I have asked
numerous first year lawmakers to come and take about 5 minutes each to
relate their experience as a first year lawmaker. I didn’t invite all
the freshmen as I simply ran out of time.

The following Senators have agreed to come, Gary Stanisloski (R-
Tulsa), Bryce Marlatt (R-Woodward) and Dan Newberry (R-Tulsa). In the
House, the following have been invited and most have committed to
come: Mike Christian (R-OKC), Lewis Moore (R-Arcadia), Jason Nelson (R-
OKC), Charles Ortega (R-Altus), Leslie Osborn, (R-Tuttle) and Mike
Ritze (R-Broken Arrow). I have asked each of them to take about 5
minutes to relate their experience as a first year legislator. Of
particular interest, might be their most important piece of
legislation and how it fared through the legislative process. There is
a condition to all of this. They may have to work through lunch, if so
we will show a DVD for our program.


A House Joint Resolution (HJR) reminding the federal government of the
10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and its establishment of the
rights of the states was passed by the legislature and then vetoed by
the Governor. So Representative Charles Key came back with a House
Concurrent Resolution (HCR) which doesn’t require the Governors
signature and it passed in both chambers of the legislature.

Senator Brogdon was the author of a Senate Joint Resolution (SJR) to
rescind all of Oklahoma’s previous calls for a constitutional
convention. It finally made its way through the legislature and the
Governor signed it into law this past week. Great job by Charles Key
and Randy Brogdon as well as the many lawmakers who supported these


A few weeks back we had Terri Feland speak to us at an OCPAC meeting
about the evils of the UN’s Conference on the Rights of the Child
treaty. Until a few weeks ago, Terri was a very uncommon grandmother
living a very common life in Norman Oklahoma. When she found out about
the evils of this treaty, she went into action. She made sure all our
Republican Congressmen were educated and on board in opposition to
this treaty. She is continuing to “communicate” with Congressman Dan
Boren’s office, who is acting like a leaderless little boy wandering
in the woods, not knowing what to do with such an evil, family
destroying concept. I left a message this week with one of his
staffers to have him call me, so we could discuss what might be his
problem in not taking a position on this important issue. No call as
yet from Congressman Boren.

Besides her efforts with our Congressional delegation, she asked
Michael Farris and his legal staff at the Home School Legal Defense
Fund (HSLDF) to craft a model resolution which could be used by any
state to express a state’s opposition to this treaty. This past week,
Representative Sally Kern (R-OKC) and Senator Dan Newberry (R-Tulsa)
successfully moved that resolution through the legislature. Once
again, Oklahoma is taking the lead in passing pro-family protection
issues through the legislature. There are several other states working
on similar measures, but Oklahoma was the first to pass such. That is
what I call leadership. Kudos to Representative Sally Kern, Senator
Dan Newberry and Terri Feland for stepping up to the plate and making
a difference.

My final point on this issue, political woe to the 27 Democrats and 1
Republican, Doug Cox (R-Grove) for voting against such a measure. Just
remember, Representative Cox was last year’s RINO (Republican In Name
Only) award winner and looks like he wants the award again this year.
A principled conservative, pro-family and pro-life Republican in his
district really needs to step up to the plate and run against him next
year. I personally believe he is none of the above.


Through out history there has always been a degree of tension between
people who want liberty and their government who seems to always grasp
for more control over its citizens. One of the great challenges for
our framers was to craft a government with enough power to protect us
from foreign invasion as well as from wrongful actions among
ourselves. On the one hand, we needed a government that was under the
control of the people to the degree that it doesn’t become

Today we live in a high tech society so the desire of government and
its various branches of ENFORCERS will be the ability to know as much
about the citizens as possible as well as an ability to know where
those citizens are at all times and to be able to track them. Can
anyone say control?

Oklahoma already collects DNA samples from convicted felons of which I
don’t have a problem. However, Senator Jonathan Nichols, a former
prosecutor, was determined to expand legislation to allow people
convicted of certain misdemeanors to also be forced to give up a DNA

When privacy advocates and liberty lovers opposed such legislation,
they were told this would only be for people CONVICTED, not just
charged, violent offences. If that is all Senator Nichols legislation
would do, it would be cautiously ok with it but concerned that an
incremental advancement of government control was on the move. What
more will they want next year and the year after that? Will they want
all convicted of misdemeanors forced to surrender their DNA? Will
lawmakers decide some day, it will just simply be easier to collect
samples from everyone, especially at the time of birth?

I can see the justification now, just see how much safer people will
be once we have these new tools. But why stop there, a little radio
frequency identification device (RFID), a chip actually, inserted
under our skin would really make it easier to find lost children or
locate suspected government protestors or even real criminal suspects.
I hope you can understand what a slippery slope this kind of
legislation may become.

Back to SB 1102, as I said I could live with it if it only applied to
violent crime and also illegal aliens of which it does. I don’t
believe illegal aliens should have rights other than humane treatment
before we send them home, or if in the case of a violent crime, they
deserve a fair trial and punishment rather than being sent home.

But then I saw a list of misdemeanors and the anger began to rise up
within me. One that was listed was “possession of a controlled
substance - schedule IV.” Excuse me, where is the violence in this
allegation? Another one was “outraging public decency.” Can anyone
define that for me? Would a person traveling along a highway and
getting sick or simply having to be relieved fall into such a charge?
I didn’t see any violence in that situation. Of course the ones that
really burn me are “unlawfully carrying a firearm”, “illegal
transportation of a firearm” or “discharging a firearm.” You could do
any of the 3 of these without a hint of violence involved.

Nichols is an attorney so what part of the Second Amendment wording
“the RIGHT of the people to keep and BARE arms, shall not be
infringed.” does he not understand? Regarding this perspective,
Senator Nichols and the others who voted for this measure are going
the wrong direction. They should be working to expand gun rights, not
to restrict them more than already exist. Why should it be a crime for
a law abiding citizen to carry a concealed firearm without a permit?
If that is not a right, but a privilege demanding a permit from
government then what good is the Second Amendment? When you are forced
to get the permit, then the surveillance state has just increased and
a little more liberty has been lost.

I am not anti-law enforcement, but there is no limit to the tools law
enforcement would like to have. If the Governor signs this
legislation, I am sure it will help to solve some unsolved crimes but
the cost will be a little more privacy lost and liberty reduced. I
believe Senator Nichols has prostituted himself to law enforcement and
as such he will be the latest nominee for the legislator whore of the
year award. I also hope this becomes a conservative index vote. I
would urge folks to call the Governor and ask him to veto SB 1102 if
you understand the importance of this issue. His number is (405)
521-2342 or 800 865-6490.

+ Dr. Steve Kern’s View of the Coming Social Order After Obama’s First
100 Days

The main stream liberal press fawned over President Obama and many in
the conservative movement had their particular criticisms of the
President. However, I found Pastor Steve Kern’s missive more important
as it is a reflection upon a society that elected Obama. It reads as

“Our society has become so enamored by celebrity status and personal
charisma that style has overtaken substance and utopian dreams squelch
principled realism. Truth is whatever the powers that be weave on
their philosophical fantasy loom and those who disagree forfeit their
right to be tolerated. The work ethic disintegrates into an ever
widening throat of entitlement rights like clear water swirls down the
drain only to be absorbed into a cesspool of septic poison. Ownership
and personal independence has been redefined as selfish greed forced
over those who have been victimized by their industrious prosperity.
The theme of this growing social order will certainly be, ‘For you
have the poor always with you…’ while good becomes evil and evil
becomes good. As government becomes the answer to everything, the
individual will dissolve into nothing. All that will matter is who has
the power as despots come and go, keeping beggars on their leash with
minds numbed by indoctrination drugs designed to make men godless
fools. The kool-aid has already been drunk. In time its poison will do
its work. When the foundations are weakened, how will righteousness


Besides flushing newly printed currency into our economy with the hope
that people will spend it, create demand for more goods and thus
create more jobs, there is another insidious goal of giving dollars
away. It is to condition people to turning to government for help in
time of need, make them dependent and especially dull them to any
concept of re-distributing wealth as being immoral. Without a moral
compass, intelligent people will find a way to work the largess system
to their benefit, even though they were never needy, but quite capable
of improving their lot on their own.

As a case in point, I was recently visiting with a young lady, a
Christian who had also been home schooled. Though young, she has
already purchased a home, with a mortgage of course, and is soon to be
married. Under Obama and the Democrats in Congress there is this huge
$8,000 pot of largesse in the form of a tax credit for first time home
buyers who can qualify to get their hands on it.

Now, the young lady has already bought a home so she doesn’t qualify.
However, her fiance has never purchased a home so he plans to purchase
the home from her before they are married so he will qualify for the
$8,000 then when they are married they will live in the home they were
going to live in anyway. After being married they will get their
$8,000 tax credit from the government to be able to spend any way they
want. Nothing illegal, just a way to take $8,000 from their neighbors
without having to ask those neighbors for it.

I asked the young lady if she thought is was “ok” to steal this money
from the rest of us and her reply was absolutely. I asked if she even
had a twinge of guilt for taking our money and she said, not a bit. I
am not so sure she had really given thought to the reality of the
situation, which of course is that she and her future husband will be
participating in “legalized plunder” as described by Fredrick Bastiat
in his classic work, THE LAW. To me, it is sad to see home schooled
Christians being part of the problem, rather than having the
convictions to stand up for what is right. Giving away other people’s
money is truly a corrupting influence. Even more sad, their children
will have a staggering debt to wrestle with, as caused by their


On Saturday evening my wife and I along with our family from Lawton
attended the 5th annual Stevens County fish fry in Duncan. This was a
fund raiser for the Stevens County Republican party. Some would
suggest they have one of the most energized and effective county
parties in the state and judging from a turn out of over 400 with both
a silent and live auction, they just might be correct.

While Stevens County has a high Democrat registration advantage, they
have elected a very conservative State Representative in Dennis
Johnson to the House and a very conservative State Senator in Anthony
Sykes. All of this has been done in the back yard of the Democrat Lt.
Governor Jari Askins also the only announced Democrat candidate for
Governor. It is expected that current Democrat Attorney General Drew
Edmondson will also be a candidate for Governor.

The campaigns for state wide office are beginning to gear up as a
statewide race is a huge effort.
They conducted a straw poll that night which of course is not
scientific, but an indicator as to where more active Republicans are
siding on the candidates. It is looking like Former Congressman J.C.
Watts may jump into the race. He won the straw poll as would be
expected as he represented Stevens County during the 8 years he was in
Congress. Watts had 74 votes, Congresswoman Fallin garnered 68 votes
and the surprise of the evening would have to be the 44 votes received
by State Senator Randy Brogdon from the opposite side of the state.
There were 40 undecided votes. I was told by a person from Comanche
County (Lawton) that Congresswoman Fallin had recently only beaten
Senator Brogdon by 1 vote in a similar straw poll and I am not sure
J.C. Watts was on the ballot. If anyone can verify this and fill me in
on the details, please do so.

For Lt. Governor, State Senator Todd Lamb (R-OKC) was on the ballot
along with State Representatives Colby Schwartz (R-Yukon) and John
Wright (R-Broken Arrow) I didn’t catch the numbers for those 3 names
but the overwhelming victor for that race was “undecided.” I would
suggest all of these numbers are very fluid at this time.

Also attending was attorney Ryan Leonard, from OKC, and a candidate
for Attorney General as well as Jason Reese, also from OKC and an
announced candidate for State Labor Commissioner. So far I am not
aware of candidates for Insurance Commissioner, State Treasurer or
State Auditor. It is expected Corporation Commissioner Dana Murphy,
who was recently elected in a special election, will be the odds on
favorite for re-election to that spot. I believe there is a candidate
for State Superintendent of schools but she was not present to my

Relationships are very important in life, but when it comes to the
political process and the selection as to who will serve in positions
of government, I believe we make a huge mistake when we base our
decisions on relationships first. I believe we would be far better off
if we made our decisions based on a candidate’s ideology, personal
character, past performance (most of us have little knowledge of their
performance) their consistency and then our relationship with them.
The purpose of political campaigns are to discover that information.
Political campaigns should be about substantive differences between
candidates first and our personal friendships further down the

I thought it was a great event with only one exception. At an official
Republican event, I believe it unfair to allow the Congressman for the
district, Tom Cole, to speak and not give equal time to an announced
Republican challenger. Certainly a district’s Congressman has every
right to speak, but once there is an announced challenger, they should
be given equal opportunity at official Republican meetings. Just one
more reason I support Congressional term limits, because of the huge
advantage afforded incumbents when it comes to the election process.


We are just one member short of reaching our full amount for our
matching membership challenge. Beside the record breaking number of
people becoming dues paying members of OCPAC our e-mail list is
constantly enlarging. About 7 to 10 new names are being added each
week. If you know someone who would like to receive the weekly e-mail,
ask them then send me their name and e-mail address. Also, many people
have it forwarded to themselves from someone else. Sometimes there is
a time sensitive issue involved, so may I suggest sending me an e-mail
requesting to be put on our list to receive it directly. I never sell,
loan or give your name or e-mail to another from our list. My e-mail
address is below and instructions on joining OCPAC follow my address.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows

Monday, May 11, 2009




This past Friday we had to turn in the number for those attending the
dinner and speech for this Tuesday evening May 12th. John McManus,
President of the John Birch Society will do a masterful job of
exposing the root problems with our economy and solutions for a stable
future. If you have not called for reservations, there is still time
as I believe we turned in an extra 15 or 20 reservations as there are
always some last minute people who want to attend. If you did not
purchase a ticket or call in, please call (405) 348-9991 to reserve a
seat. From here on out, it is first come first serve.


We are really privileged to be able to have John McManus, President of
the John Birch Society, once again as a speaker at OCPAC. He is on a
50 city tour, delivering the “America’s Economic Meltdown”
presentation. He will be in Fort Smith tonight, Oklahoma City on
Tuesday evening then noon at OCPAC and then off to Amarillo for his
presentation Wednesday evening. His talk at OCPAC will be about the

Mr. McManus lives in Boston. Besides being the President of the Birch
Society, he is the publisher of the New American Magazine, has
authored numerous books and has been one of the Society’s chief
spokesmen for the past 35 years. He is a tremendous communicator, so
make every effort to attend this Wednesday.

Speaking of the John Birch Society, I was recently giving a talk in
Shawnee, when a couple came up to me and indicated they had an older
family member who warned them against the Society because they were
communists. Such a thought would be hilarious were it not for the
reality that quite a few older people hold to such misinformation.

In truth the Birch Society is arguably the number one most powerful
organization in America who has consistently OPPOSED communism,
socialism, fascism and any other kind of statism (definition:
centralized political control: the theory, or its practice, that
economic and political power should be controlled by a central
government leaving regional government and the individual with
relatively little say in political matters). Not only has the Society
been opposing these evil or excessive forms of government, they have a
50 year track record of doing so.

Besides opposing these various forms of statism, they have also
educated untold numbers of Americans about the ideals of our Founding
Fathers and the superiority of liberty and free market economics. The
Birch Society believes in limited government, but they do not believe
in the FAR right position, which would be the absence of government.
Absence of government would be the definition of anarchy, which is
highly unstable and just as bad as the various forms of statism. A
modern day example of anarchy would be Somolia.

While the Birch Society is not a political organization nor do they
endorse candidates or political parties, the Society’s members are
quite often active in political parties and organizations on their
own. During the late 50s and early 60s the Society grew rapidly and
its members were becoming an influential force in the nation. During
the 1964 Republican Convention, it was estimated over 50% of the
delegates were members of the Birch Society and that convention
elected the conservative Barry Goldwater as the Republican nominee.
While Goldwater was soundly defeated, his candidacy also set the stage
for an eventual win by the conservative Ronald Reagan, who burst onto
the political stage with his famous speech during the 64 convention.

The strategy for the communists and leftist insiders in America was at
first to ignore the Society and hope it would die as so many
organizations have happen to them. When that didn’t work, on direct
orders from Moscow, one of the two communist newspapers in America
published a hit piece on the Society, full of scurrilous lies and
misrepresentations of truth. They basically accused the Society of
being racist, anti-Semitic and of all things, communists.

The communists fellow travelers in the liberal main stream media
picked that up and spread it to a broad audience, much in the same way
as they tried to destroy Sara Palin during the last election cycle.
They even tried to blame the assassination of President Kennedy on the
Birch Society, claiming the information they distributed would
stimulate someone to take such action. That is a strategy very similar
to what is being used today by homeland security, suggesting anyone
with right wing bumper stickers and such might be suspected

I have said all of that to say this. The Birch Society is once again
in a very rapid growth mode, with national membership more than
doubling over the past 12 months. Therefore, it looks like the
communists in America are moving quickly to try and thwart that growth
and the influence for good that will soon follow. The official web-
site of the Board of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) has just released
an article which is, what I believe to be an early effort to began a
new smear campaign.

In the article they lamented that they had lost some of their previous
coalition partners, but through the bold efforts of comrade Erica
Smiley, whom they claim attended the 50th anniversary of the founding
in Appleton Wisconsin this past October, that they had achieved a real
coup. The article suggests that Smiley was able to bring the Birch
Society in as a new coalition partner with the CPUSA. This is an
obvious attempt to once again brand the Society as communist.

As an organization the CPUSA is inconsequential, but their fellow
travelers in the mainstream press could pick these lies up and spread
them on a wide scale in an attempt to do real harm. Thank God for the
internet where intellectually honest people can log onto
to find out the truth about the Society and its consistent efforts to
promote real patriotic Americanism and the Judeo-Christian values
which form our foundation.

The article went on to suggest, that their efforts had already paid
off as they had convinced the Society to tone down “their anti-Semitic
and racist rhetoric.” Now folks, these kind of lies really offend our
Jewish, black and other minority members, to suggest that we hold to
either of these positions. Just remember, communists as well as the
leftists never care about truth when they try to advance their agenda.
Just look at the lies and misrepresentations that regularly come out
of the mouths of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed as well as President
Obama and his surrounding support staff.

The article went on to suggest that the people all over America who
attended the tea parties decided to leave their white sheets at home.
Everyone that attended one of the tea parties ought to be furious that
the communists suggested they were members of the KKK.

The article finished by suggesting that the CPUSA celebrate their 90th
anniversary at a Starbucks in Appleton with either Ron Paul or his son
Rand Paul as speakers. They also said that in the future, The Young
Americans and the Young Communists League would work together to ban
books from the library and put the 10 Commandments in every classroom
in America.

I would suggest that the little broad brushed fairy tale is an attempt
to destroy by association the Birch Society and others they fear will
grow and threaten their agenda. Are you aware that during the last
Presidential cycle, the CPUSA indicated they would not put up a
candidate last year as they were really pleased with the candidacy of
Obama? Well, that is at least one time they have expressed reality in
a situation.


Mike McCarvile has one of the more popular blog sites for Oklahoma
politics. He currently has an un-scientific poll on his site for
governor. He lists 4 names. Mary Fallin, Randy Brogdon, Jari Askins
and Drew Edmondson. If you think you know who you support in this
race, log on to and cast your vote.
After you do so, the totals will be shown.


Without actually knowing, I would suggest that Governor Henry will
veto more legislation this session than he has over the previous 6
years combined. I believe there are two reasons for his frequent
vetoes. First, it is the down side of term limits. He won’t have to
face the voters again and as such doesn’t have to portray the persona
of a conservative Democrat to appeal to conservative Oklahomans. The
second is the more important reason. During the first 4 years the
Democrats controlled the State Senate and made sure most of the
conservative legislation never reached his desk. During his 5th and
6th years, with the Senate tied between Republican and Democrats a
little more reached his desk. But this year a flood of conservative
legislation has reached his desk and thus his true colors have come
out with the many vetoes.

Fortunately several of the conservative measures, once vetoed, were
simply diverted to become state questions for which the people will
have a chance to vote on sometime on or before the November elections
of 2010. The citizens will have to be very alert as there will be many
state questions needing to be passed. However, one really bad question
will also be on the ballot. That one, pushed by the teacher’s union,
would require the state of Oklahoma to spend an amount on education
equal to the regional average. That would cause an estimated $800
million increase in taxes each year to fund. This is the same bilge
the education industry has been selling us for decades now. We need to
spend more on education. Just remember folks, doing the same thing
over and over again and expecting a different outcome, IS the
definition of insanity. Spending more money on education will not
improve it one bit, because a lack of money is not the problem.

One of the bills Governor Henry vetoed was SB 834, the School District
Empowerment Program, authored by Senator John Ford (R-Bartlesville).
The measure does 2 primary things that have many members of the
education industry’s panties in a bunch. First, it makes it easier to
fire bad teachers, they do exist, not matter what the Oklahoma
Education Association (OEA) union bosses say. The second issue alludes
back to some of the costly items from HB 1017, passed in 1990. SB 834,
if it were to become law, would allow individual school districts to
opt out of some of the many mandates put on them by state government.
Chief among them is classroom size.

Please pay close attention. While it doesn’t seem logical, there are
studies that suggest classroom size is not a factor in the quality of
education. Therefore, as an example, if a school district has 3 fifth
grade classes with 20students in each of them. They could under SB 834
move 30 students into 2 classes with the best 2 teachers and let the
least effective teacher go. They could then give the 2 best teachers a
significant raise and also save a huge amount of money for the
district. In all of my years of primary and secondary school, we had
between 32 and 36 kids in class and I would compare the education I
received then to anything that is produced today.

A study a few years back showed the Japanese with the finest primary
and secondary education system in the world. The average classroom
size at that time was 55 to 1. Just remember, the number one objective
of any union is to force an employer to hire as many workers as
possible. That always makes the union more wealthy and more
politically powerful. Of course it always makes the employer less
efficient and less productive.


With the liberal loons fully in control in Washington, literally
everything good, including the family is at risk. For years the Birch
Society, Eagle Forum and others have opposed the UN’s Convention
(treaty) On The Rights of the Child. If passed it would destroy the
rights of parents to train their children with the values they believe
are important.

Therefore, State Representative Sally Kern (R-OKC) will introduce a
House Concurrent Resolution during session today, which if passed will
instruct our Secretary of State to notify the President, Vice
President, Congressional leaders and Oklahoma’s Congressional
delegation that Oklahoma is opposed to this foolish treaty.

I can already hear the shrill voices’ from the one track minds of
those “business only” pragmatists, crying, isn’t there enough
important business to do without wasting time on these social issues?
The answer to that question is, this is as or more important than the
business issues, but in truth, there is time to take care of both. For
more information on the treaty log on to

Regarding our Washington delegation, our 2 Senators have been aware of
this treaty for a long time and are solidly against it. All of
Oklahoma’s Republicans in the U.S. House are against it. However,
after repeated contacts by Terri Feland, District Director for
Parental Rights, Representative Dan Boren still doesn’t seem to know
how to react to this legislation. I believe it really important for
Oklahoman’s everywhere, but especially those in his district to let
him know of your opposition to the measure. His Washington number is
(202) 225-2701.


I received an e-mail last week from our friend Stuart Jolly, the
Oklahoma State Director for Americans for Prosperity. It was a story
about House Agriculture Chairman Collin Peterson rejecting the climate

“Wednesday May 6th 2009: It just hit the wire services that the
Democrat Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, a very powerful
committee stacked with 23 members of the Blue Dog caucus, slammed the
Obama-Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill because it would give too much
power to EPA bureaucrats. The quote from Ag Chairman Colin Peterson (D-

‘I will not support any kind of climate change bill… I don’t care.
Even if you fix this. I don’t trust anybody anymore.’

So at least one key Democrat seems to understand that cap-and-trade
represents a huge transfer of power from the elected branches to EPA
bureaucrats that will cause huge mischief. This is on top of the
recent admission from Energy and Commerce Chairman Emeritus John
Dingell’s recent statement that cap-and-trade is a ‘great big tax’.”

Cap and trade would be the most harmful piece of legislation for the
economy among the many being proposed by the leftists in control of
government at this time. However, Democrats in districts that can
swing either way know, that if they get blamed for an expected $2,000
per year average increase in electric utility bills for every American
family, they will be replaced in 2010 with Republicans. Our system of
government really works well when reasonable citizens are well
informed and watching.


We gained 10 new members this past week and are already just $220
short of reaching our $1,000 matching challenge for the month of May.
We have also broken another membership record. When comparing off
election year to off year and election year to election year, we have
broken our record for membership every year over our 10 year
existence. To join and help us reach the full potential for our
matching challenge, please follow the instructions at the end of this
e-mail. Thanks to everyone for your tremendous support.

I have had some t-shirts printed that will be available at our
meetings and every time we have a table at an event such as the
“Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ” conference coming up on July 24th and
25th. The shirts are red to symbolize Oklahoma being a “red state.”
On the front of the shirt is simply OCPAC. On the back is the
following message:


One must have a little fun in life while dealing with such serious
matters. I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


When I was in Wisconsin last fall I saw part of a documentary DVDcalled “INNOCENTS BETRAYED.” It is produced by Aaron Zelman, Directorof Jews For the Preservation of Firearms and Ordinances. I purchasedit and have seen it in full but because of the graphic nature of someparts I wrestled with showing it at OCPAC. However, the subject ofwhat has lead up to the 8 major genocides during the 20th century isjust too important for us to ignore because of difficult images. Thisis particularly true with the Democrats in control of Congress andeven in our own state with the Republicans in control, they arefailing to pass important laws to prevent innocents from beingbetrayed right here at home. This is particularly true with so manycitizens getting concealed carry permits or buying firearms fromregistered gun dealers who must create a paper trail to those whopurchase from them. I urge folks to attend. We will have 2 peopleexplain important legislation at the capitol with each having 3minutes, the DVD is just under 1 hour long, so we will try to get themeeting started by 12:00 noon sharp.


It is still not to late to make your reservations to hearMr. John McManus, President of the John Birch Society, on Tuesdayevening MAY 12TH. Mr. McManus lives in Boston, but will be in OKC fora dinner and presentation about the root problems which have broughtus such an unstable economy and the need to print trillions of paperdollars to give to irresponsible investment banks and others to keepthem afloat. The program which will be from 6:30 until 9:00 p.m. willbe at the Character Fist Center, 520 West Main in downtown OKC. Thecost to attend is $20 per person which also includes the dinner. Forreservations, please call (405) 348-9991.TULSA AREA Week before last we had Owasso Pastor Jason Murphy (notto be confused with Representative Jason Murphey) speak briefly to ourgroup. What a well balanced fire brand he turned out to be. Heinformed us he has just began conducting a year long teaching titledOUR FATHERS INTENT at his church for his Sunday evening service. It isa study for our Father’s intent for this nation, his people and ourConstitution. He indicated Catholics, Mormons, Baptists and others areattending to learn. If you live in the Tulsa area, check it out. Ibelieve the information may be of great value. For more informationlog on to or call (918) 371-5111.


We have had two people put up $500 each for a $1000 matchingmembership challenge for the month of June. Therefore, anyone joiningOCPAC during the month of June will have their membership dues matcheddollar for dollar. If you have not joined as yet, please considerdoing so now. Instructions for membership are at the end of this e-mail. Also, I had to send a corporate check back as they are notallowed by law, but assuming that will be replaced with a personalcheck, we finished April with 151 dues paying members, just 3 shy ofbreaking our record for an off election year. All I can say is thanks,your contributions are helping to make Oklahoma a more conservativestate.


Early last month I was working in Purcell and found out RepresentativeTom Cole was going to be there having a town hall meeting thatevening, so I decided to attend. As I entered the meeting room thefirst thing to strike me as unusual was that his pleasant youngstaffers were passing out pocket copies of the U.S. Constitution. Adocument I never thought Cole paid much attention to during the timehe has been in the U.S. Congress, at least when it comes to spending.The main theme of his talk was about the excessive spending by theDemocrats in Congress with the full approval and prodding of the Obamaadministration. I had an opportunity to ask the first question and Iwant to say, I just failed to word my question in such a way toprevent the Congressman from slicking out an answer.My questions went something like this: Congressman Cole, I along withothers are a little angry over what many political experts believe wasthe big spending ways of the Republicans during the first 6 years ofthe Bush administration which has led us to the place where PresidentObama and the Democrats in Congress are now in control.If I were to ask the people in this room if they wanted to have theirtaxes raised by $50 billion dollars or have the federal governmentborrow $50 billion to send to Africa to fight AIDS, few if any wouldfavor that effort. So my question is, why did you vote to send $50billion dollars to Africa to fight AIDS and do you believe youviolated your oath to uphold the Constitution when you voted for such?Without the blink of an eye, without a deep breath, without even anexpression on his face other than his standard smile, He responded,“no I didn’t violate my oath to the Constitution” and he went on tosay he voted for the bill out of humanitarian reasons and the value weget in terms of security from Africa being a more stable place.I should never have asked if he thought he had violated his oath tothe Constitution, of course he wouldn’t admit to that. I should haveheld up one of the pocket Constitutions his staff was passing out andasked him to point out the article and section in the Constitutionwhere he had the authority to vote to send $50 billion to Africa,especially for humanitarian reasons.Here is an idea, I will give $50 to the first person who can find theauthority in the Constitution to send $50 billion to Africa to fightAIDS? I will make it $100 if it is Congressman Cole or one of hisstaffers!Kenneth Rice asked him where he found the Constitutional authority tofund $700 billion for the TARP bailout? After beating around the bushfor a while about what a tough decision it was for him, he pointedback to the difficult times Oklahoma went through following the oilbust of the 1980s. Congressman Cole talked about the large number ofbanks in Oklahoma that closed and that we led the nation inbankruptcies and foreclosures. He said the tough times lasted severalyears and he just didn’t want to see the nation have to go throughsomething like that.Now folks that all sounds good and reasonable. What he said it true,it was tough times in Oklahoma. However, we made it through thosetough times and I believe we are better off for it. One of the reasonsour banks in Oklahoma aren’t in trouble today and one of the reasonswe didn’t see the run away rise in property increases in Oklahoma isbecause of some of the lessons we learned through those tough times.I say they are lessons that our nation as a whole needs to learn.Before the economic decline our federal government and many businessesas well as people had become intoxicated on a runaway borrow and spendcraze. In natural economic law, excesses always call for corrections.Rather than allow for those corrections to take place, CongressmanCole and other central planners and economy manipulators are simpledoing more of the same which got us into this problem in the firstplace.Congressman Cole was a big spender under President Bush and to takehim as seriously concerned about the big spending ways of theDemocrats is rather foolish in my mind. Cole may have severalRepublican challengers in 2010. R.J. Harris of Norman has alreadyannounced and Kenneth Rice from Lawton may do so in the future. Republicans should really evaluate these other candidates and supportthem if they are more conservative and be willing to uphold ratherthan ignore the Constitution . Of course there will always be theRepublican Kool-aide drinkers who will blindly support Cole becausethey think he is wonderful. Sadly, he is actually so slick as toconvince many he is a conservative when he is not.


In the e-mail from last week, I suggested someone attending theOklahoma County fund raising event ask Speaker Benge why he supportedlegislation to force people in Oklahoma County as well as the rest ofthe state to go further into debt to fund low water dams on theArkansas River in Tulsa. Especially since the people of Tulsa countyhad voted against taxing themselves for such a project. It wasreported to me his answer went something like this:It wasn’t the people of Tulsa that defeated the measure, it was thepeople in towns surrounding Tulsa but still in the county thatdefeated the measure. However, the project is good for economicdevelopment and what is good for Tulsa will be good for Oklahoma.Wow, with that kind of ability to justify re-distribution of wealthschemes, I believe Speaker Benge could become an economic developmentexpert in the Obama administration once he is out of office next year.Help me to understand such logic. Since the people surrounding Tulsaweren’t willing to tax themselves for the project, Speaker Bengedecided to use his power to force the taxpayers throughout the rest ofthe state pay for the project?Since this isn’t a revenue bond and the people of Oklahoma will nothave an opportunity to vote on the issue, is this measure un-constitutional? I believe so. However, since the citizens of Oklahomaalways seem to vote to retain our State Supreme Court Justices, Ithink those Justices feel pretty much free to turn a blind eye as tothe constitutionality of these kind of bond issues as they have beendoing for many years now. I wouldn’t look to the court forconstitutional help.Please understand, Speaker Benge is a likeable fellow and he has votedand supported many good measures this year. However, Oklahoma will notmove up to the next level of good government conservatism until ourelected officials become more consistent in their understanding of thedifference between the proper role of state government verses what isimproper. They must also have the convictions to say no to that whichis improper.

An understanding of the content of the little book, THE LAW - THECLASSIC BLUEPRINT FOR A FREE SOCIETY by Frederic Bastiat along withthe historical account of Congressman Davy Crocket titled, NOT YOURSTO GIVE would go a long way in helping elected officials determinewhat government should fund verses what should be left up to theprivate sector. I gave both of those little books to Speaker Bengelast year. Hopefully he will get around to reading or at leastunderstanding them before he leaves office next year.


By now most people following the news believe Miss California, CarriePrejean, angered a homosexual judge in the Miss USA Pageant andfinished second rather first in the contest. She had the conviction tostand up for her values when she answered the question as to whethermarriage should be between a man and a woman rather than have marriageredefined to allow for homosexuals to marry.Since that time that judge has called her the B…. word, the C… wordand others in the media and elsewhere have derided, mocked, andvilified her with some of the most cruel and condescending commentsthey could muster. Anyone with any intellectual honesty or discernmentwill easily see that it is the homosexual community and their leftistallies who are full of hate toward anyone who happens to disagree withthem, no matter how kind a person may be with their differentopinion.Sources close to the Miss Oklahoma Pageant tell me it will be verydifficult for any young woman to win our contest if they are put onthe spot with a question or perhaps support a purity issue that wouldrun counter to the thinking of what some believe are liberal orhomosexual influences in the Oklahoma contest. I am not saying theyoung women who have won in the past support perversion or impurity,they simply may have escaped being put directly on the spot on theissue such as happened to Miss California.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows