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This past Friday we had to turn in the number for those attending the
dinner and speech for this Tuesday evening May 12th. John McManus,
President of the John Birch Society will do a masterful job of
exposing the root problems with our economy and solutions for a stable
future. If you have not called for reservations, there is still time
as I believe we turned in an extra 15 or 20 reservations as there are
always some last minute people who want to attend. If you did not
purchase a ticket or call in, please call (405) 348-9991 to reserve a
seat. From here on out, it is first come first serve.


We are really privileged to be able to have John McManus, President of
the John Birch Society, once again as a speaker at OCPAC. He is on a
50 city tour, delivering the “America’s Economic Meltdown”
presentation. He will be in Fort Smith tonight, Oklahoma City on
Tuesday evening then noon at OCPAC and then off to Amarillo for his
presentation Wednesday evening. His talk at OCPAC will be about the

Mr. McManus lives in Boston. Besides being the President of the Birch
Society, he is the publisher of the New American Magazine, has
authored numerous books and has been one of the Society’s chief
spokesmen for the past 35 years. He is a tremendous communicator, so
make every effort to attend this Wednesday.

Speaking of the John Birch Society, I was recently giving a talk in
Shawnee, when a couple came up to me and indicated they had an older
family member who warned them against the Society because they were
communists. Such a thought would be hilarious were it not for the
reality that quite a few older people hold to such misinformation.

In truth the Birch Society is arguably the number one most powerful
organization in America who has consistently OPPOSED communism,
socialism, fascism and any other kind of statism (definition:
centralized political control: the theory, or its practice, that
economic and political power should be controlled by a central
government leaving regional government and the individual with
relatively little say in political matters). Not only has the Society
been opposing these evil or excessive forms of government, they have a
50 year track record of doing so.

Besides opposing these various forms of statism, they have also
educated untold numbers of Americans about the ideals of our Founding
Fathers and the superiority of liberty and free market economics. The
Birch Society believes in limited government, but they do not believe
in the FAR right position, which would be the absence of government.
Absence of government would be the definition of anarchy, which is
highly unstable and just as bad as the various forms of statism. A
modern day example of anarchy would be Somolia.

While the Birch Society is not a political organization nor do they
endorse candidates or political parties, the Society’s members are
quite often active in political parties and organizations on their
own. During the late 50s and early 60s the Society grew rapidly and
its members were becoming an influential force in the nation. During
the 1964 Republican Convention, it was estimated over 50% of the
delegates were members of the Birch Society and that convention
elected the conservative Barry Goldwater as the Republican nominee.
While Goldwater was soundly defeated, his candidacy also set the stage
for an eventual win by the conservative Ronald Reagan, who burst onto
the political stage with his famous speech during the 64 convention.

The strategy for the communists and leftist insiders in America was at
first to ignore the Society and hope it would die as so many
organizations have happen to them. When that didn’t work, on direct
orders from Moscow, one of the two communist newspapers in America
published a hit piece on the Society, full of scurrilous lies and
misrepresentations of truth. They basically accused the Society of
being racist, anti-Semitic and of all things, communists.

The communists fellow travelers in the liberal main stream media
picked that up and spread it to a broad audience, much in the same way
as they tried to destroy Sara Palin during the last election cycle.
They even tried to blame the assassination of President Kennedy on the
Birch Society, claiming the information they distributed would
stimulate someone to take such action. That is a strategy very similar
to what is being used today by homeland security, suggesting anyone
with right wing bumper stickers and such might be suspected

I have said all of that to say this. The Birch Society is once again
in a very rapid growth mode, with national membership more than
doubling over the past 12 months. Therefore, it looks like the
communists in America are moving quickly to try and thwart that growth
and the influence for good that will soon follow. The official web-
site of the Board of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) has just released
an article which is, what I believe to be an early effort to began a
new smear campaign.

In the article they lamented that they had lost some of their previous
coalition partners, but through the bold efforts of comrade Erica
Smiley, whom they claim attended the 50th anniversary of the founding
in Appleton Wisconsin this past October, that they had achieved a real
coup. The article suggests that Smiley was able to bring the Birch
Society in as a new coalition partner with the CPUSA. This is an
obvious attempt to once again brand the Society as communist.

As an organization the CPUSA is inconsequential, but their fellow
travelers in the mainstream press could pick these lies up and spread
them on a wide scale in an attempt to do real harm. Thank God for the
internet where intellectually honest people can log onto
to find out the truth about the Society and its consistent efforts to
promote real patriotic Americanism and the Judeo-Christian values
which form our foundation.

The article went on to suggest, that their efforts had already paid
off as they had convinced the Society to tone down “their anti-Semitic
and racist rhetoric.” Now folks, these kind of lies really offend our
Jewish, black and other minority members, to suggest that we hold to
either of these positions. Just remember, communists as well as the
leftists never care about truth when they try to advance their agenda.
Just look at the lies and misrepresentations that regularly come out
of the mouths of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed as well as President
Obama and his surrounding support staff.

The article went on to suggest that the people all over America who
attended the tea parties decided to leave their white sheets at home.
Everyone that attended one of the tea parties ought to be furious that
the communists suggested they were members of the KKK.

The article finished by suggesting that the CPUSA celebrate their 90th
anniversary at a Starbucks in Appleton with either Ron Paul or his son
Rand Paul as speakers. They also said that in the future, The Young
Americans and the Young Communists League would work together to ban
books from the library and put the 10 Commandments in every classroom
in America.

I would suggest that the little broad brushed fairy tale is an attempt
to destroy by association the Birch Society and others they fear will
grow and threaten their agenda. Are you aware that during the last
Presidential cycle, the CPUSA indicated they would not put up a
candidate last year as they were really pleased with the candidacy of
Obama? Well, that is at least one time they have expressed reality in
a situation.


Mike McCarvile has one of the more popular blog sites for Oklahoma
politics. He currently has an un-scientific poll on his site for
governor. He lists 4 names. Mary Fallin, Randy Brogdon, Jari Askins
and Drew Edmondson. If you think you know who you support in this
race, log on to and cast your vote.
After you do so, the totals will be shown.


Without actually knowing, I would suggest that Governor Henry will
veto more legislation this session than he has over the previous 6
years combined. I believe there are two reasons for his frequent
vetoes. First, it is the down side of term limits. He won’t have to
face the voters again and as such doesn’t have to portray the persona
of a conservative Democrat to appeal to conservative Oklahomans. The
second is the more important reason. During the first 4 years the
Democrats controlled the State Senate and made sure most of the
conservative legislation never reached his desk. During his 5th and
6th years, with the Senate tied between Republican and Democrats a
little more reached his desk. But this year a flood of conservative
legislation has reached his desk and thus his true colors have come
out with the many vetoes.

Fortunately several of the conservative measures, once vetoed, were
simply diverted to become state questions for which the people will
have a chance to vote on sometime on or before the November elections
of 2010. The citizens will have to be very alert as there will be many
state questions needing to be passed. However, one really bad question
will also be on the ballot. That one, pushed by the teacher’s union,
would require the state of Oklahoma to spend an amount on education
equal to the regional average. That would cause an estimated $800
million increase in taxes each year to fund. This is the same bilge
the education industry has been selling us for decades now. We need to
spend more on education. Just remember folks, doing the same thing
over and over again and expecting a different outcome, IS the
definition of insanity. Spending more money on education will not
improve it one bit, because a lack of money is not the problem.

One of the bills Governor Henry vetoed was SB 834, the School District
Empowerment Program, authored by Senator John Ford (R-Bartlesville).
The measure does 2 primary things that have many members of the
education industry’s panties in a bunch. First, it makes it easier to
fire bad teachers, they do exist, not matter what the Oklahoma
Education Association (OEA) union bosses say. The second issue alludes
back to some of the costly items from HB 1017, passed in 1990. SB 834,
if it were to become law, would allow individual school districts to
opt out of some of the many mandates put on them by state government.
Chief among them is classroom size.

Please pay close attention. While it doesn’t seem logical, there are
studies that suggest classroom size is not a factor in the quality of
education. Therefore, as an example, if a school district has 3 fifth
grade classes with 20students in each of them. They could under SB 834
move 30 students into 2 classes with the best 2 teachers and let the
least effective teacher go. They could then give the 2 best teachers a
significant raise and also save a huge amount of money for the
district. In all of my years of primary and secondary school, we had
between 32 and 36 kids in class and I would compare the education I
received then to anything that is produced today.

A study a few years back showed the Japanese with the finest primary
and secondary education system in the world. The average classroom
size at that time was 55 to 1. Just remember, the number one objective
of any union is to force an employer to hire as many workers as
possible. That always makes the union more wealthy and more
politically powerful. Of course it always makes the employer less
efficient and less productive.


With the liberal loons fully in control in Washington, literally
everything good, including the family is at risk. For years the Birch
Society, Eagle Forum and others have opposed the UN’s Convention
(treaty) On The Rights of the Child. If passed it would destroy the
rights of parents to train their children with the values they believe
are important.

Therefore, State Representative Sally Kern (R-OKC) will introduce a
House Concurrent Resolution during session today, which if passed will
instruct our Secretary of State to notify the President, Vice
President, Congressional leaders and Oklahoma’s Congressional
delegation that Oklahoma is opposed to this foolish treaty.

I can already hear the shrill voices’ from the one track minds of
those “business only” pragmatists, crying, isn’t there enough
important business to do without wasting time on these social issues?
The answer to that question is, this is as or more important than the
business issues, but in truth, there is time to take care of both. For
more information on the treaty log on to

Regarding our Washington delegation, our 2 Senators have been aware of
this treaty for a long time and are solidly against it. All of
Oklahoma’s Republicans in the U.S. House are against it. However,
after repeated contacts by Terri Feland, District Director for
Parental Rights, Representative Dan Boren still doesn’t seem to know
how to react to this legislation. I believe it really important for
Oklahoman’s everywhere, but especially those in his district to let
him know of your opposition to the measure. His Washington number is
(202) 225-2701.


I received an e-mail last week from our friend Stuart Jolly, the
Oklahoma State Director for Americans for Prosperity. It was a story
about House Agriculture Chairman Collin Peterson rejecting the climate

“Wednesday May 6th 2009: It just hit the wire services that the
Democrat Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, a very powerful
committee stacked with 23 members of the Blue Dog caucus, slammed the
Obama-Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill because it would give too much
power to EPA bureaucrats. The quote from Ag Chairman Colin Peterson (D-

‘I will not support any kind of climate change bill… I don’t care.
Even if you fix this. I don’t trust anybody anymore.’

So at least one key Democrat seems to understand that cap-and-trade
represents a huge transfer of power from the elected branches to EPA
bureaucrats that will cause huge mischief. This is on top of the
recent admission from Energy and Commerce Chairman Emeritus John
Dingell’s recent statement that cap-and-trade is a ‘great big tax’.”

Cap and trade would be the most harmful piece of legislation for the
economy among the many being proposed by the leftists in control of
government at this time. However, Democrats in districts that can
swing either way know, that if they get blamed for an expected $2,000
per year average increase in electric utility bills for every American
family, they will be replaced in 2010 with Republicans. Our system of
government really works well when reasonable citizens are well
informed and watching.


We gained 10 new members this past week and are already just $220
short of reaching our $1,000 matching challenge for the month of May.
We have also broken another membership record. When comparing off
election year to off year and election year to election year, we have
broken our record for membership every year over our 10 year
existence. To join and help us reach the full potential for our
matching challenge, please follow the instructions at the end of this
e-mail. Thanks to everyone for your tremendous support.

I have had some t-shirts printed that will be available at our
meetings and every time we have a table at an event such as the
“Reclaiming Oklahoma for Christ” conference coming up on July 24th and
25th. The shirts are red to symbolize Oklahoma being a “red state.”
On the front of the shirt is simply OCPAC. On the back is the
following message:


One must have a little fun in life while dealing with such serious
matters. I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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