Monday, February 23, 2009

Gun Fight at the OK Corral or Love In at Italiano’s ???

– MEETING AGENDA - Gun Fight at the OK Corral or Love In at
Italiano’s ???

– MEETING AGENDA - Gun Fight at the OK Corral or Love In at
Italiano’s ???

This past week I saw a press release from State Representative Randy
Terrill (R-More) which shocked me as to how strident it was in going
after State Senator Patrick Anderson (R-Enid). Both of them are
authoring legislation regarding English as Oklahoma’s official
language. It is unusual for one Republican to mount such a vigorous
attack upon another Republican.

Therefore I felt it important to give Senator Anderson an opportunity
to defend his legislation. So I contacted both of them and they have
agreed to debate the issue at our meeting this Wednesday. We may find
out there is a deep divide between these two pieces of legislation or
perhaps there may be a workable compromise. Both of these men are
attorneys and both of them finished as highly ranked conservatives in
their respective chambers of the legislature this past year. Senator
Anderson ranked 5th most conservative in the Senate last year and
11th most conservative on the Senate lifetime average. Terrill ranked
7th most conservative in the House this last year and 7th most
conservative on the lifetime average.

During last year’s session I attended a hearing where Chad Smith,
Principle Chief of the Cherokee Tribe, acted, in my opinion, like an
obnoxious bully and was told to get in line or he would be removed
from the hearing. It was such an unfortunate display that I thought he
should change his name to Chief Horse’s Rear. If the Chief shows up
for our meeting, he will be allowed to ask a question or make a short
statement. Just remember all you cowboys, cowgirls and Indians, all
guns, tomahawks, bows and arrows must be checked at the door. We
insist on law order at Italiano’s OK Corral !!!

Following is the content of Representative Terrill’s press release:
(in a couple of places I must guess as some words printed off page?)
“Unfortunately, Senator Anderson’s bill is a meaningless, symbolic
gesture rather than substance because it lacks any real enforcement
“Unlike the House version, Senator Anderson’s bill does not allow for
a private right of action, citizens to challenge wasteful government
spending on rarely utilized non-English services.
“Worst of all, Senator Anderson’s bill preserves vast exemptions that
effectively gut the measure. Anderson’s bill incorporates by reference
into the definition of federal law, a non-binding presidential edict
13166) that requires any state agency receiving federal dollars to
provide services in any of the more than ? Languages spoken globally
if requested.
“By deferring to currently existing state law exceptions, Senator
Anderson’s bill also preserves printing Spanish-language drivers’s
manuals at taxpayer expense in Oklahoma even though the state has
shorted English-language manuals and stockpiles of unused Spanish
“Surprisingly, Senator Anderson’s bill fails to provide exemptions
for Native American languages, unlike the more inclusive version of
the bill in the state House.
“Unlike the House version, Senator Anderson’s bill only changes state
statute instead of allowing a vote to change the Oklahoma
Constitution. Therefore, Senator Anderson’s bill does not provide the
same level of recommended protection to the English Language.
“It would be better to do absolutely nothing than to enact the bogus
and unenforceable bill Senator Anderson is trying to pass off as
Official English. For those who support a real, meaningful version of
Official English, Resolution 1042 remains their only option...

This should be a most interesting meeting. As we learned last year in
a similar situation, often times members of the House and Senate have
little communication with each other, even if they are of the same
political party. DON’T MISS THIS MEETING.


In last week’s e-mail I discussed the controversy over recording the
prayer by a homosexual who claims to be a Christian minister. What I
wrote was the result of information I had received from a couple of e-
mails and a newspaper article. I had not had time to contact any
lawmakers before sending out the e-mail. I have since discussed the
situation with several lawmakers and I want to clarify what happened.

Representative Al McAffrey (D-OKC) an open homosexual had the
privilege to invite a pastor for the day. It was pastor Jones, who
before the prayer, introduced his parents, some of his congregants and
his fiancee “Michael.” Following Jones’ prayer, the House members went
about their business. Toward the end of the session, Representative
McAffrey made a unanimous consent motion to have pastor Jones’ remarks
recorded (not the prayer). The official record indicates the prayer,
but an audio of the proceedings indicates McAffrey requested the

Representative John Wright (R-Broken Arrow) objected, knowing it not
to be a normal request and perhaps not wanting to legitimize the
concept of homosexual engagement into the record. Things moved fast,
there was a vote without debate.

Another thing to consider, especially regarding those not voting.
After the main business of a session is over and no more voting is
expected, there is usually a time for announcements before
adjournment. Many lawmakers leave as they can hear the announcements
in their offices. Many of them have other business to conduct, so it
would not be unusual for there to be several absent from a surprise
vote. Also, often times during the announcements, lawmakers are in
discussion with one another and not particularly paying attention.
That was the setting when the vote occurred.

However, not knowing what was going down is no excuse for those
present to have voted yes to have the remarks recorded. Quite often
lawmakers don’t understand issues, so they follow the lead of some
other lawmaker they have confidence in when they cast their votes. If
lawmakers consider themselves to be conservative, they will be safe in
following the lead of lawmakers like John Wright, Rex Duncan, Randy
Terrill, Jason Murphey, Dennis Johnson, Charles Key, Sally Kern, Mike
Reynolds and a few others. If a lawmaker is not a conservative they
are more likely to follow the lead of some of the ones who
consistently score low on the conservative index.

On Friday of the same week a small group, of what I believe to be
liberal religious leaders, demanded an apology from the lawmakers who
had voted no. I do believe there needs to be an apology, but not from
those voting no.

The apology needs to come from any Republican who claims to be a
Christian who voted yes. They need to apologize to their constituents,
especially their brothers and sisters in the Lord. One can only hope
that one of these days they will wake up and realize we are in a
culture war for the heritage and moral fabric of our society. When
they care more about standing up for what is right rather than
worrying about being considered rude or politically correct, when they
care more about pleasing God rather than having the approval of man,
then we may begin to become a little less tolerant toward perversion
and more effective in promoting a moral and healthy society.


OKC AREA I want to have a debate on a very important issue on either
March 11th or It is a very important rule change headed toward
the Republican state convention. The proposed rule change is to
abandon the Republican presidential preference primary and return to a
caucus system for selecting who Oklahoma’s delegates to the national
convention will support for President. I would like 2 competent
debaters FOR the rule change and 2 AGAINST it. Please contact me if
you are willing to participate.

OWASSO AREA Thursday evening 7:00 p.m. there will be a candidate
forum for the 9 candidates running of 2 city council seats. Each
candidate will have 2 minutes to answer 4 questions delivered a week
ahead of time. Then citizens will be allowed to ask questions from the
audience. This is government in action and an important place to
start. If you live in Owasso, the forum will be held at the Rejoice
High School located at 12200 East 86th Street North.

NORMAN AREA I believe it is Friday evening there will be a huge
debate between Michael Ruse, the philosopher from Florida State who
appeared in the docu-movie Expelled and the Christian apologetic,
William Dembski. In the docu-movie Expelled, Mr. Ruse was proposing
crystals as the origin of life. For time and location log on to or call Trinity Baptist Church in Norman at (405)

EDMOND AREA Starting this coming Sunday March 1,st the New Hope
Church of Christ will begin showing the 13 hour DVD series called THE
TRUTH PROJECT. The DVDs will be shown on Sunday mornings from 9:25 to
10:20 a.m. There will be follow up discussions on Wednesday evenings
from 6:45 to 7:30 p.m. The church is located on the West side of the
Broadway Square shopping complex which is just South of 33rd on the
Broadway Extension in Edmond. Anyone is welcome to attend. For more
information contact Rick Williamson at


We really appreciate State Representative Mark McCullough (R-Sapulpa)
speaking to us about reforming our workers comp system. It was
apparent Representative McCullough has spent countless hours
researching the subject, which also included an in-depth interim
study. While he spoke no ill of House leadership, it was easy to see
the disappointment when he was told he would have to put his work back
into the closet. Leadership has decided tort reform will be the agenda
for this year’s session, not workers comp reform.

Personally, this is really disturbing if you realize there may need to
be some tweaking of our tort laws, but when it comes to creating an
environment for economic growth, workers comp reform is 10 times more
important. I wonder if there is an ulterior motive with leadership,
could it be a strategic decision or is this just more evidence as to
how MODERATE the Republican leadership in the House happens to be?


IDENTITY PROTECTION I want to thank everyone who called the Speaker
Chris Benge’s office last week to ask him to use his influence to get
the 3 bills by Representative Mike Ritze (R-Broken Arrow) moving along
in the process. Unfortunately they are still stalled.

SB 320 KILLED ON 7 TO 6 VOTE This past Monday State Senator Randy
Brogdon’s (R-Owasso) bill dubbed the SCIENTIFIC EDUCATION & ACADEMIC
FREEDOM ACT was defeated in the Senate Education Committee. The
legislation would have protected students as well as teachers who
taught or discussed any range of theories outside of the “narrow line
demanded by the politically correct crowd” from any kind of punishment
or retaliation.

The lone Republican to vote against the measure was freshman Senator
Jim Halligan (R-Stillwater). I am not at all surprised as Senator
Halligan is the former President of Oklahoma State University.
Unfortunately Senate President Pro-Tem Glen Coffee selected Halligan
to be the CHAIRMAN of the Education Committee. Perhaps Senator Coffee
had to promise the former Independent that position to get him to
become a Republican and run for that seat?

Senator Halligan also allowed the measure out of committee to raise
teacher salaries by $9,000 over the next 3 years. If that bad piece of
legislation makes it through the full Senate, hopefully it will die a
sudden death in the House. My prediction about Senator Halligan is
that he will give Senator Harry Coates (R-Seminole) a run for his
money to win this year’s RINO (Republican In Name Only) award.

GUN PURCHASE LAW ADVANCES HB 1865 by State Representative Jeff
Hickman (R-Woodward) has advanced and is now headed for the Senate.
Current Oklahoma law does not allow an Oklahoma citizen to purchase a
shotgun or rifle in another state that does not border Oklahoma, even
if the gun dealer is properly licensed.

The state legislature of Montana is currently considering legislation
to allow for gun or ammo manufacturers in the state to produce guns
and ammo for sale in the Montana only. The reason for such an idea,
those guns and ammo would be free form any federal rules and
requirements, as it is the miss interpretation of the interstate
commerce clause that allows for federal intrusion into gun laws.

Maybe such an idea could become an amendment to Representative
Hickman’s legislation in Oklahoma. If passed, all we would need would
be for some enterprising individual or company to begin to produce
fire arms and ammunition in Oklahoma. That would be good for the
economy and be one more step toward exerting the reality of the 10th
amendment as Oklahoman’s could buy firearms and ammo made at home
without the feds sticking their noses into our business.

DAN BOREN’S TRUE COLORS This past week Dan Boren, Oklahoma’s lone
Democrat in Congress, voted for the $800 billion stimulus bill. If for
no other reason, he should have voted against the legislation as he
certainly didn’t have time to read it. Boren enjoys being portrayed as
one of the blue dog Democrats, but in reality, he is just another
liberal Democrat when push comes to shove.

I do believe Republicans need to be careful in declaring the stimulus
bill won’t work, that is, if it is designed to create jobs and put
people back to work it may well work in the short run. In reality,
what President Obama and the Congressional Democrats are trying to do
is no different in principle to what Republicans have done in the past
to stimulate the economy during slow downs or recessions.

The Democrats are the major leaguers, the tax and borrow big spenders
while the Republicans are the minor leaguers, the cut taxes and borrow
big spenders. In reality, when you cut taxes without a corresponding
cut in spending, that is just a clever way to infuse more cash into
the system. That new paper infusion, depending on the amount, will put
people to work, cause inflation and thus more revenues will flow into
big momma (the federal government). Of course those additional
revenues are never enough to balance the budget or reduce our national
debt before the start of our next round of slow down or recession.

The message that Republicans need to be proclaiming is that it is NOT
the responsibility of government to create jobs, that is unless you
believe in a socialistic form of government. Republicans should
promote and work to create an ENVIRONMENT where people with
entrepreneurial genius and a hard work ethic can produce REAL wealth.
The honest creation of wealth creates real jobs (not new deal type
make work jobs). That is the fundamental message and I am not so sure
many Republicans know how to espouse it? I am not so sure there are
many Americans who want to hear it?

Just remember the old saying: “to continually bail a fool out of his
problems is to populate the world with fools.” Over the past 80 years
we have bailed many a fool out of his problems and thus we have way
too many fools today that populate our once great nation. What kind of
a label do you want to be know by, a wise and honest man of good
character and integrity or weak, sniveling and dependent fool?


We are now approaching 120 dues paying members. Our record for a non-
election year is 153 members and we are way ahead of pace to break
that number. I am a little surprised but very grateful as I wasn’t
sure how the economic scare would affect our fund raising which we do
through our memberships. We are also having a lot of people join at
higher levels rather than our basic membership which is $50 per year.
That is very helpful to boost the money available for candidates,
conservative incumbents, and an occasional accountability project.

Our by-laws call for the election of officers on the final Wednesday
of March in an off election year. To be able to vote in that election
you must have your dues paid 2 weeks prior to that date, which will be
on March 11th.

In addition to the election of officers, we will have on our ballot a
measure to change our by-laws to allow our dues paying members not
present at our meeting to be able to vote to determine the LEGISLATOR

I will also propose a change to our by-laws to dedicate 25% of
everything we raise to go toward state wide races for the election
cycles in which our Governor is elected. Currently we dedicate 10% of
what we raise toward state wide races. This is important as in a
Presidential election cycle, the only state wide race is normally one
Corporation Commission race. However, in the general election cycle
when the Governor is on the ballot, we have the following state wide
races: Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, State Auditor, Labor
Commissioner, 1 Corporation Commissioner, State Insurance
Commissioner, and the State Treasurer. Our by-laws do not allow us to
use money for state wide races in primaries, only the general

If you have not joined as yet, please consider doing so. We want to
have the largest campaign war chest in our history for the 2010
elections. If you are a true conservative, I believe there is no
better organization in the state to join than OCPAC to really make a
difference in future elections.
To join, see instructions below.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Leadership may be attempting to squelch legislation.

I received word today about some very important legislation that is at
a critical place in the process. Sources tell me leadership may be
attempting to squelch 3 very important pieces of legislation, all by
Representative Mike Ritze (R-Broken Arrow). The bills are:

HB 2145 Dealing with SSN and drivers licenses

HB 2146 Dealing with biometrics on our drivers licenses

HB 1386 Dealing with your biometrics and SSN passed on to other state
& local govt agencies.

If the citizens of Oklahoma care about their privacy, rather than
having a massive amount of your personal information spread to
thousands of bureaucrats throughout the nation and eventually on a
global scale, then these bills must become law. If you care about
being protected from one more source of identity theft as well as
preventing Oklahoma from becoming a surveillance society, if you care
about protection of religious rights, privacy and state’s rights, you
must take action TODAY - WEDNESDAY.

Please call Speaker Chris Benge’s office immediately and politely
encourage him to allow these bills to be heard. He has the influence
to move these bills forward.

His direct office number at the Capital is (405) 557-7340

P.S. It does not matter where in the state you live, you need to call.
Bottom line, either Republicans are going to stand up for liberty and
privacy, or they are going to serve us up to BIG BROTHER.

Charlie Meadows

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


PLEASE NOTE: I have a new e-mail address, which is My old peoplepc address will forward any
messages to the new address, but eventually I will let peoplepc go. I
rarely mention this, but if you try to reply to an OCPAC e-mail it
will not get to me as Googlegroups does not forward messages to me, or
if they do, I don’t know how to receive them. Therefore, anyone
wanting to respond to something in an e-mail, must do so to the new

Our noon luncheon for Wednesday, February 18th will be held at
Italiano’s Restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC.



Our speaker this week will be State Representative Mark McCullough (R-
Sapulpa). Representative McCullough is the House sponsor for workers-
compensation reform legislation. Many believe when our workers-comp
system was first instituted, it strongly favored a system with more
litigation than necessary, thus creating more work for attorneys than
necessary. Representative McCullough is an attorney himself, so it
will be interesting to hear his perspective on the problem and what
might be a positive solution. Oklahoma has some of the highest worker-
comp rates in the nation which is a hindrance toward creating an
environment for free market success.


This past Tuesday the former Mayor of OKC, who has a reputation of
being a mover and shaker, lost in his bid to be elected at the
President of the OKC School Board. To my knowledge, Humphreys started
his political career being elected to the Putnam City School Board.
Then he ran for and won the position of Mayor of OKC. As Mayor he
successfully extended the sales tax for the MAPS program then
proceeded to promote and pass the MAPS for Kids program, which was a
massive project to re-build or re-model every school building in the
OKC school district.

Riding high on his successes, in 2004 he became the first Republican
candidate to announce his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat formerly
held by Don Nickles. However, Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony
jumped into the race along with former U.S. Representative Dr. Tom
Coburn, the eventual winner. I believe most conservative activists
believed Humphreys was a moderate or even worse, a RINO (Republican In
Name Only). While conservatives would have supported Anthony, once
Coburn jumped into the race they backed Dr. Tom. One of the greatest
election lines of all time came from Mr. Humphreys following the
election when he said: “I was caught in the middle between Jack the
Ripper (Anthony) on one side and the Apostle Paul (Coburn) on the
other side and I had no place to go.”

Following the controversy over the previous Superintendent of the OKC
schools which caused the resignation of the previous school board
President, Cliff Hudson CEO of the Sonic Drive In restaurants, Kirk
Humphreys was appointed to the position and had to stand for election
this past Tuesday. He was defeated by former State Senator Angela
Monson, a very liberal lawmaker, who was term limited out of office a
couple of years ago.

The question is why or how did Kirk Humphreys lose, especially with
his warm and fuzzy TV adds and no apparent campaign, at least in the
media by Monson? Here are some thoughts. On the day of the election,
those parts of OKC that Humphreys should have done well in were under
tornado threats from 2:30 in the afternoon until the polls closed.
However, those parts of OKC that were formerly in Monson’s senate
district were not under such threats. Was his loss due to the

Was it a result of the OKC school district having a very large
minority population, as do most large cities, and that minority voters
supported Monson, who is black, rather than the powerful rich white
guy? Have minorities become the racists in society and just how alive
is class or wealth envy among today’s population?

Was it the behind the scenes support of the Democrat party in a non-
partisan race and the teacher’s union, who were working quietly to
defeat the Republican and former leader of Maps for Kids? Was it
related to controversy over the amount or perhaps mishandling of a
recent school bond that was passed?

Was it related to the recent creation of a TIF (Tax Increment
Financing) district which will cost the Oklahoma City School District
tens of millions of dollars in property taxes over the years. This was
accomplished seemingly without even a whimper from Mr. Humphreys, the
acting school board President. Or was it a combination of all of the

I can only speculate as I was both surprised on one hand and not
surprised on the other. I do believe this election will end his
political career for perhaps a future run for the U.S. Senate or
perhaps Governor. And for that I am very thankful.


This past Tuesday State Representative Al McAffrey (D-inner city OKC)
had the opportunity to invite a pastor to be the Chaplin for the day
and open the session with prayer. McAffrey is the only openly
homosexual member of the legislature. The “pastor” he asked to give
the prayer was the “Reverend” Scott Jones, also an openly homosexual
who introduced his “fiancee” Michael, who was sitting in the gallery.
McAffrey asked that Jones’ prayer be recorded in the official minutes
of the day, (this is normally only done on Thursdays) Representative
John Wright (R-Broken Arrow) objected and called for a vote on the

In my opinion, this was just another cleverly planned skirmish by the
homosexuals in the culture war. Radical homosexuals are trying to
force society to accept their perverted lifestyle as normal, equal or
perhaps superior. Then of course, when normal folks disagree with
them, or express that their perversion is “sin” in the eye’s of God as
well as all Bible believing Christians (the only real Christians),
then the homosexuals play the victim role and accuse those in
opposition to their agenda as being haters, bigots, intolerant, narrow
minded, red necks and on and on and on. Actually, you don’t have to
read many of their notes to people who disagree with them to see that
they are the ones that have their hearts full of hate for people who
refuse to accept their behavior.

I believe that unless the content of Jones’ prayer was that of
confession for his sinful behavior regarding homosexuality and an
expression of repentance toward God for his rebellion and perversion,
then his being there to give the prayer for the day was an
abomination. Based on my reading of God’s Word (The Bible) Jones’
belief that he is a man of God and anyone else who try to justify
homosexuality as acceptable, they serve a “god of their own making or
their imagination.” They are not serving the God of the Bible and they
do not have a relationship with the one and only true God.

Some of the Republican House members walked out, perhaps that was
their way to protest the charade, 20 of them voted against allowing
the prayer to be recorded and 24 Republicans voted to allow the
exception to the norm and have the prayer recorded. May I suggest
several possible reasons for the 24 who decided to go along with the
desires of McAffrey and the homosexual community.

While most, if not all, Republican House members claim a Christian
church affiliation, certainly with some it is more of a social
relationship rather than Biblical Christianity. Some may think this is
not an important issue and wish it would go away so they could deal
with “important” business like determining how they will re-distribute
other people’s money. Others may have family members or friends who
are homosexuals and have decided to compromise God’s Word and the
truth on the subject for their emotional attachments. Perhaps they
aren’t mature enough in their Christianity to be able to take a stand
against sin, yet at the same time be able to express Christian love
toward homosexuals, hoping to see them set free from the bondage of
homosexuality. Others might not want to be on the receiving end of the
intimidation, hatred, and perhaps death threats from the homosexual
community by standing up against their agenda. Just 24 hours in the
shoes of State Representative Sally Kern would make the cowardly never
want to be in that position. I have already seen some of the e-mails
sent to the lawmakers who voted no, and believe me the hateful
responses are typical.

Following are the names of those who voted to go along with the
homosexual agenda. I will break them into two groups, Those I am not
surprised about and those that I am. I am not surprised about Don
Armes-Lawton, Eddie Fields-Pawhuska, Steve Martin-Bartlesville, Colby
Schwartz-Yukon, Earl Sears-Tulsa, Lee Denney-Cushing, Fred Jordan-
Tulsa, Charlie Joyner-Midwest City, Ron Peters-Tulsa, Doug Cox-Grove,
David Derby-Owasso, Dale DeWitt-Braman, or Phil Richardson-Minco. With
the exception of Eddie Fields, a freshman, every one of these
lawmakers have been on the RINO nominee list at one time or another,
or in the case of Lee Denney and Doug Cox, they have been the winners
of the RINO award.

Following are the names of the lawmakers who did surprise me, Gary
Banz-Midwest City, Lisa Billy-Purcell, Cory Holland-Marlow, T.W.
Shannon-Lawton, Ken Miller-Edmond (this guy is a professor at Oklahoma
Christian. This is certainly not the perspective of the members of the
Churches of Christ that I know), Marian Cooksey-Edmond, Pam Peterson-
Tulsa (the biggest surprise of all to me), Chris Steele-Shawnee, David
Derby-Owasso, Mike Thompson-OKC, Scott Martin-Norman and Speaker Chris
Benge-Tulsa, a person who is supposed to be a social conservative. Of
these 24, OCPAC has supported only 4 of them in the past.

Following are the names of the 20 brave lawmakers who voted against
the homosexual agenda: Gus Blackwell-Goodwell, George Faught-Muskogee,
Lewis Moore-Arcadia, Mike Ritze-Broken Arrow, Mike Christian-OKC,
Dennis Johnson-Duncan, Jason Murphey-Guthrie, Mike Sanders-Kinfisher,
Ann Coody-Lawton, Sally Kern-OKC, Leslie Osborne-Blanchard, Randy
Terrill-Moore, Rex Duncan-Sand Springs, Charles Key-OKC, Pat Ownbey-
Ardmore, Todd Thomsen-Ada, John Enns-Enid, Guy Liebmann-OKC, Mike
Reynolds-OKC and John Wright-Broken Arrow. Of these 20, OCPAC has
supported 13 of them in the past. Only 1 of the 7 who voted the right
way on this issue, but did not receive our support, appeared before
OCPAC. Had the other 6 appeared for their interview process, I believe
we would have supported 5 of them. I believe there is 1 of the 6 who
would not have received our support.

Following are the names of the ones who walked out or were absent.
Paul Wesselhoft-Moore, David Dank-OKC, Mark McCullough-Sapulpa, Dan
Sullivan-Tulsa, Harold Wright-Weatherford, Jeff Hickman-Woodward,
Randy McDaniel-OKC, Sue Tibbs-Tulsa, Mike Jackson-Enid, John
Trebilcock-Tulsa, Shane Jett-Tecumseh, and Charles Ortega-Altus. Of
those in this list, OCPAC has only supported one.

If one of these lawmakers happens to be your state representative and
voted the right way, contact them and thank them for opposing the
homosexual agenda. If they took a hike or voted the wrong way,
remember that on the next election day, along with their scores on the
conservative index..

One final thought. It is very easy to see that the OCPAC interview
process, while not perfect, has done a very good job of determining
candidates who are CONSISTENTLY conservative vs. those who claim to be
conservative when they want our votes and our money, then turn out to
govern more like a liberal Democrat, rather than a conservative
Republican. Therefore, I invite folks to become a dues paying member
of OCPAC so we can continue to elect true conservatives to the
legislature. To join, please follow the instructions following my sine


All 3 of the previous nominees for this award have been Democrat
Senators. The newest nominee is State Representative John Trebilcock
(R-Tulsa). For the 3rd year in a row Trebilcock, a former teacher, has
introduced legislation (HB 1036 this year) to give a $500 tax credit
to teachers to reimburse them for out of pocket expenses that they
spend on school supplies. Trebilcock admits every teacher will spend
the maximum amount which will cost the state $21 million dollars. He
indicates this is a neat way to give a $500 tax free pay raise to

Here is my problem with this foolish legislation. It gives each
individual teacher the ability to determine how much taxpayers will
spend on education. Hey Trebilcock, now an attorney who has probably
never read or is unable to understand the Declaration of Independence,
isn’t that taxation without representation? We vote for guys like you
to represent us, we don’t vote for teachers. Do your job and don’t
give it away your responsibility to unelected teachers. Secondly,
there is plenty of money for supplies in the classrooms, but you
lawmakers have set the standards for teacher salaries which consumes
the monies that should be used for supplies. Thirdly, teachers make on
average of $5,000 a year more than you lawmakers and $12,000 dollars a
year more than we dumb blokes in the private sector who pay the
salaries for the both of you. Hum, let me see, you both claim to be
public servants, but when you make more than the people who pay your
salaries, are you really public servants or have you actually become
the “MASTERS” of the public?

The worst waste of money in state government today would be an across
the board raise in teacher pay. There are teachers who deserve more
than the make and many others who deserve much less. I just don’t
believe Trebilcock has what it takes to know the difference and thus
would rather offer his services to the teachers union, the state’s
most powerful special interest group. Thus his nomination for the
whore of the year award as he seeks to expand the size of government.

I still don’t know why conservatives in Tulsa backed this guy in the
elections when he had a conservative Republican running against him
last year. His background is checkered and his score on the
conservative index is consistently low.


1) What is behind the news story about Aubry McClendon, CEO of
Chesapeake Energy which is the nations largest producer of natural
gas, deciding to sell 9,000 bottles of his wine collection? Has he had
a religious experience and decided that 9,000 bottles of wine on the
wall is excessive, or does he need the money? A news report estimated
the collection might fetch up to $5 million at auction. Chesapeake and
McClendon made the news late last year as the company stock fell from
a high in the $70 dollar range to about $11 per share as Mr. McClendon
got caught in a margin call and had to sell most of his stock.

2) Last week a Tulsa County Judge upheld the constitutionality of HB
1804, the 2007 legislation sponsored by Representative Randy Terrill
(R-Moore), which is a state effort to deal with the adverse affects
which are a result of the invasion of illegal aliens. The judge did
remove the part of HB 1804 which prohibits illegal aliens graduating
from an Oklahoma high school or who have completed their GED, from
being able to pay the same tuition rate as Oklahoma citizen students.
The judge ruled that part of HB 1804 was not germane to the
legislation. I believe the judge was wrong in that decision, but it
will probably end up before the State Supreme Court for a final word.

3) This past Wednesday a Senate Subcommittee passed SB 289 by
Senator Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso) which is known as “The Religious
Freedom and Privacy Protection Act.” The bill, which now goes to the
Senate Appropriations Committee, will if enacted into law prohibit the
state from collecting, obtaining or retaining any biometric data for
our drivers licenses. The legislation would also prohibit the state
from sharing such information with other states or nations. This bill,
if passed, will make it much more difficult for the control freaks in
government who are moving us toward a surveillance society. Many times
law enforcement or government bureaucrats want ever more tools and
information to be used on the citizenry. However, that often comes at
the expense of liberty. Just remember, there has always been a certain
amount of tension between those who want government to provide peace
and safety versus those who are passionate about liberty.
Historically , those willing to exchange liberty for the hope of peace
and safety, end up with neither.

4) Tuesday, at 2:00 p.m. the Judiciary Committee will hear SJR 10 by
Senator Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso). This is the Senate version of
legislation to notify the Federal Government to stop the
unconstitutional mandates and get back to within its proper functions
of government as described in the constitution. Also being heard in
the same committee will be another resolution by Senator Brogdon, SJR
11. This is the Senate’s legislation to remove all previous state
calls for a constitutional convention, regarding the federal
government. If a constitutional convention was called for by the
states, we would be in grave danger as no convention can be limited to
a particular purpose. Therefore, we could come out of such a scenario
where our constitution and bill of rights would be tossed out and
replaced by something far different. Given the outcome of the last
general election, I am not so sure there wouldn’t be enough states for
ratification. The hearing will be in room 419-C. If you want to lend
support for these measures, please attend if possible.

5) There’s a new movie in town, THE INTERNATIONAL. A friend
suggested I see it, so Linda and I took the time over the weekend. It
is violent and has some curse words, the later of which I think
detracts from the movie rather than adding to it. However, the story
line is the reason I went. The movie is about the power, corruption
and control that is in the hands of the international bankers and
multi-national corporations. I didn’t wait long enough to see if it
was based on a particular book. However, it could be partly based on
the book I recommended in last week’s e-mail, THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL
ISLAND by G. Edward Griffin or perhaps the autobiography, CONFESSIONS

It was an entertaining movie with a lot of story lines that represent
some degree of reality. However, I can’t decide why Hollywood would
make a movie like this at this time when there is a lot of economic
turmoil and a lot of the ugliness behind the investment banking world
exposed for all to see? Is Hollywood actually trying to expose a
scandalous cabal, or are they making a movie that can be used to
discredit the growing number of people waking up to the control and
power of these global institutions? Anyone suggesting the reality of
such power, could be marginalized as a conspiracy nut watching too
many movies.

In 1999 Hollywood produced the movie THE SKULLS, an obvious fiction
about the very real Skull and Bones Fraternity on the campus of Yale
University. George W. Bush is an alumni of that fraternity and again I
wonder if the movie was intended to harm Bush’s political career or
cover for him? In 1979 Hollywood produced the movie (I believe it was
THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL) the year before George H. Bush was
running for President. Again the movie was about the Skull and Bones
Fraternity at Yale. I find the timing of these movies most interesting
as well as wondering about the motives behind their production.

Sometime in 2003 or 04 Sixty minutes did an expose on the Skull and
Bones at Yale as both President Bush and John Kerry were both alumni
of this elitist organization. If you are not familiar with it, may I
suggest the following information. It dates back to the 1830s. Each
year 15 seniors at Yale are invited to join. I would describe the
fraternity as being a “king maker” organization. Its members go on to
be Presidents as well as the captains of banking and business. Check
out the International if you can put up with the violence and some

6) President Obama, is certainly a slick deceiver for the blind eyed
liberals and the simpletons in society. He recently said the free
markets didn’t have the resources to get us out of this recession,
only government had those kind of resources. I ask, what resources
does our government have as it is bankrupt and deeply in debt??? It
actually has 2 pieces of capital equipment that become valuable
resources to get us out of a recession. One is called a printing press
to print more worthless paper currency and the other is called a copy
machine to make photo copies of more federal reserve IOUs.

7) Representative Mike Ritze has legislation pending to allow law
abiding citizens to carry firearms openly (not concealed). It seems
like State Representative Sue Tibbs (R-Tulsa) may not allow the
measure to be heard in the committee she chairs. This is what you get
when you elect liberal Republicans rather than consistent

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows

Monday, February 9, 2009



Prior to the general election of this past November, I had some communications with Scott Cooper, editor of the Oklahoma Gazette. The Gazette is a widely read weekly tabloid which, for the most part, is distributed free on news stands at many restaurants in central Oklahoma. While I consider the paper to be liberal on social issues, thus my pet name for the publication being the OKLAHOMA "GAY ZETTE", they do publish a wide ranging perspective on issues and sometimes print stories not covered in the Oklahoman, or perhaps more in-depth than the Oklahoman would go. Scott is an excellent communicator as I used to listen to him on the radio show hosted by Kyle Loveless and Keith Gaddie. I have also invited Ben Fenwick, one of their reporters, or is he a columnist?

As an interesting aside, the current issues of the Gazette on the stands right now has, as the cover story, an article by Mr. Fenwick about the Clouds Over America Conference held just a couple of weeks ago here in OKC. The article titled, "It’s A CONSPIRACY"does a good job of getting many of the quotes correct and points made from some of the speakers. However, the tone of the article has a heavy dose of sarcasm and obviously aims an inordinate amount of focus on State Representative Sally Kern, who only had 15 minutes of the 2 day program. The most amazing part of the article for me was the ending.
Pick up a copy and let me know what you think of it. Next week, I will suggest an alternative ending, which I believe would have made it much better.

Don’t miss this meeting as it should be very interesting. Some might ask why I would invite these speakers? That is a simple answer. When you meet 52 times a year, for 18 years now, it is necessary to have a wide range of speakers and topics to keep our meetings fresh and interesting. Just remember, our reputation is "tough but not mean" and our motto is, "conservatives and constitutionalists we love and liberals we enjoy." That motto ought to just about cover most everyone. Besides that, it is smart to listen to people with different ideas.

OKC AREA Wednesday, February 11th, the Business and Professional
Chapter of the John Birch Society will have our monthly meeting.
Breakfast and fellowship begins at 7:15 a.m. with the program part of the meeting beginning at 7:45. The location is the Character First Center, 520 West Main in downtown OKC. This month’s speaker will be George Wallace, President of Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise (OK-SAFE). Though Mr. Wallace lives in OKC, there are probably more members of OK-SAFE that live in the Tulsa area. It is truly a statewide organization and George will talk about the goals and purposes, as well as successes of this outstanding organization.
Set your alarms and come on down. The food and fellowship are great and the information is very important.
STATE CAPITOL There will be very important legislation presented
before the Rules Committee on Wednesday afternoon, February 11th at 3:00 p.m. The legislation is HJR 1003 by State Representative Charles Key (R-OKC) which is a resolution about the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. I don’t know the room number at this time but it will probably be heard in one of the 4th floor conference rooms, probably room 412-C. If you can attend the meeting you will see your government in action and learn a lot about the issue as well as the process.

While this is just a resolution, it is very important as the people in the red states are going to have to wake up and demand their state governments begin to push back against the rapidly rising intrusiveness and tyranny of the federal government.
In a related matter, this past Wednesday I went with our good friend and long time OCPAC member Russ Reinhardt, visiting from Salida Colorado, to the Capitol after the OCPAC meeting. I wanted to go support and watch the proceedings in the Rules Committee regarding HJR
1004 by John Wright (R-Broken Arrow). This legislation, if it passes through the full legislative process, will notify the federal government that Oklahoma has rescinded all of its previous calls to convene a Constitutional Convention. This is very important. If a convention was convened, our whole constitution and bill of rights could be discarded and a completely new form of government could be instituted.

Other than having to listen to the incessant blabbering of State Representative Richard Morrissette (D-OKC and man who’s word means nothing as he broke a hand-shake promise to me last year in front of 2 witnesses), the hearing was a beautiful thing to see. Committee Chairman Gus Blackwell (R-Goodwell) did an outstanding job of conducting the meeting. He kept order, was fair to all sides, allowed plenty of discussion among lawmakers, made time for citizens, then used the new electronic voting systems in the hearing rooms to expedite the process which covered a number of bills.
In my opinion, Representative Morrissette makes what could be important debates with State Representative Randy Terrill (R-Moore) held weekly on Channel 9 TV as well as radio on 1520 AM little more than dog an pony shows. I think Morrissette, a union patsy and former lawmaker from New Hampshire, has allowed all of this air time to go to his head as he obviously thinks much more highly of himself than he should.

Week before last I was minding my own business like I almost always do, listening to the Laura Ingraham Show (heard weekdays 8:00 to 11:00 a.m. on 1520 AM in central Oklahoma) when I heard an interesting commercial. The commercial was offering the listeners a special deal if they will order a copy of the book THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND by G. Edward Griffin. This 600 page book is on my top 10 most important books to read. At 600 pages it is the definitive work on money and the Federal Reserve system.

Here is the deal. Normal paperback price at a book store is $25 then add on sales tax. If you order this book by phone at 1 800 686-2237 your credit card will be charged $26.45 which will also cover shipping and handling. However, on top of that you will also receive an early 1900's U.S. silver dollar. No matter what the spot price of silver, these silver dollars are almost always worth $18 to $20. However, as the price of silver is rising and it is, the value of these silver dollars could rise much more. I got my book in the mail last week with a 1922 silver dollar and noticed the postage was almost $5. You are getting the book for almost nothing. This is now the 3rd copy of this book I have owned. The first was loaned and gone, my second is loaned to a man in Lawton and now I have another copy to refer to or loan out again. And yes I also have a silver dollar.

Following are a few of the reviews on the back of the book:
"This is a murder mystery about the financial ‘murder’ of the middle class." by
Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad
"A superb analysis. Be prepared for one heck of a journey through time and mind." by
Congressman and former Presidential candidate Ron Paul.
"Scary. It’s the story of the world banking system. Enough said." Willie
Nelson, Musician/Author
"A gripping adventure into the secret world of the international banking cartel." Mark Thornton, Asst. Professor of Economics, Auburn University; Ludwig von Mises Institute

All I can say is, don’t pass up this opportunity, you can’t lose. Order the book, read it then loan it to a friend. This is all about waking up a sleeping nation and informing them with factual and important knowledge citizens must know so they can understand the root problems with our economy and the coming financial ruin of this nation if we don’t change course from what we have been doing for such a long time.

1) While I have just been made the recipient of the 3 annual award for Patriotism from Dr. David Yeagley’s Bad Eagle Foundation, the award is really deserved by all the hard working and committed members of OCPAC. Log on to and see the February 5th post. Dr. Yeagley posts 2 columns per week. Scroll down toward the bottom of the current column and click on the Ob-Ed section on the right or you can go back to the previous article.

2) State Senator Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso) is featured in an article by Dr. Jerome Corsi, posted on February 6th on World Net Daily. The article is titled: Lawmakers in 20 states move to reclaim sovereignty.
You might be able to find it at

3) Senator Brogdon has recently posted a far better piece than I wrote last week about Governor Henry’s proposal to find permanent funding for his EDGE program. To find out the philosophical problems with the idea, check it out on Senator Brogdon’s web site,

4) State Representative Rex Duncan (R-Sand Springs) was successful in advancing HB 1025, his legislation to prohibit public or private employers from asking prospective employees intrusive questions about their ownership of fire arms. Representative Duncan’s legislation is in response to President Obama asking prospective cabinet members if they owned or possessed a firearm, and if so for its registration information on their background application. Duncan correctly identifies this kind of enquiry as an infringement on Second Amendment rights and wants to make sure Oklahoma employers don’t ask the same kind of questions on job applications.

5) Wilbur Mason passed away this past week. Wilbur and Flo, his wife of many years, have been in this culture war for longer than the 25 years I have been active. While Flo is the more outgoing of the two, Wilbur was as solid as they come. Flo’s health has been problematic for some time and Wilbur was faithful in assisting her with daily needs. Please pray for Flo and the rest of the family. They will greatly miss him. Also pray that the family will be able to care for Flo as she wants and needs.

6) Our tax dollars being used for dis-information? This past week an e-mail went out to all students, faculty and staff at the University of Oklahoma announcing: The University of Oklahoma will join hundreds of institutions from across the country for the "National Teach-In for Global Warming Solutions" to show the President and Congress that people are ready to pass a bold climate and energy policy that prioritizes renewable energy, green job creation, and an aggressive cap on carbon-emissions. Here is the problem with all of this BS (Blue Smoke). Over the past 10 years the climate change has switched from warming to cooling, there is little to nothing man could do to affect climate change in the first place and above all, carbon emissions are GOOD for the atmosphere, not bad.

7) One of our friendly set of eyes received an e-mail from the Obama campaign machine trumpeting his new plan to spread his liberal propaganda by gathering people in the homes of his supporters to see a video production about his stimulus plan. This will occur all over America and those watching will surely be encouraged to contact their congressional delegations to make it look like a wave of Americans support this plan.

Are you now beginning to understand how "community organizing" works?
An underlying theme in my e-mails this year will be organizing.

Patriotic Americans are going to have to give a little more of their time than they have in the past to organizing with other like minded people to stop the denigration of this nation. We must turn back to God and back to the principles of our founding. While there are many good organizations fighting different aspects of our problems, I certainly think 2 of the best are OCPAC for state issues and the John Birch Society for national and international issues. Both organizations are broad based and address almost every problem we face at one time or another.

There was an article by Michael McNutt about our meeting in last Thursday’s edition of the Oklahoman. Michael has always been fair in his reporting about what goes on in our meetings, so I am in no way criticizing him for reporting on what I thought was and unfortunate part of our meeting.
When we got into the question and answer session, one of the folks in attendance made what I believe was a silly and unkind statement to Mr. Rhode, that is unless the statement can be backed up by some kind of credible research. It wasn’t a question but a statement that the Rhodes should rub some kind of cream on the temples of their child, forget about it and get over it.
Anytime you really allow for free speech in an open forum something like this can happen. Often times when people say something that is off the wall, most people will see through it. The person making foolish statements will usually suffer the consequences of people losing respect for their opinions. Passions were high this past Wednesday, as I expected because this situation is at the heart of the conflict in our society.
While I have the up-most respect for Mr. Rohde as he is so focused on accomplishing what he believes is the best for his son and the autistic children of others, I do have a criticism toward him. In his focus, I just don’t believe he is interested in really considering any free market solutions to this problem. As I saw it, Mr. Rhode used the reasoning that he was against the socialism aspect where government would take care of these children. Therefore he was supportive of government forcing insurance companies to cover this malady (with pre- existing conditions) which is the definition of fascism. To me, that kind of thinking is kind of like exchanging one kind of cancer for another.

I believe there are at least two market answers in this situation. I have already expressed an idea for a basic minimum health care insurance, with the ability to add on additional coverages such as autism care for additional charges. By the way, I just visited with the father of an autistic child who is now 24. His son went from the severe range of autism as a child to a high level of societal functioning today. He thought my cafeteria plan for insurance was very reasonable.
The more I think about the second solution, the better I like it. The second idea really cuts to the core of so many of our problems in America today. In the idea of our Founding Fathers each state was sovereign, yet they were a part of a confederation of states that made up the nation. Their idea was for the federal government to be very small and to allow states to compete with one another for the best and most efficient forms of self government within each state. That way, if a state was doing a particularly good job of governance it would attract like minded people and the state would advance in its prosperity. If a state did a worse job of governance, their lacking might create the incentive to do better. Over time, the best would rise to the top and be recognized for such.

Here is the conflict. In America, some people think it is the responsibility for government to own and control the means of production of goods and services and be responsible for the well being of its population. That mind-set is the pure and classical definition of SOCIALISM. Again, there are citizens of this land who are all for that.

There are also folks who believe individuals should own the means of production of goods and services, but government should control those activities, determine who will benefit from privately owned businesses and at what prices, set wages, determine who gets the favored opportunities and who will have to perform the less favorable grunt work. That is the classical definition of fascism. There are huge numbers of people who believe in at least some degree of this kind of government philosophy.

There are also other people who have the mind set of our Founding Fathers. They believe the only purpose of government is protect the people’s God given right to life (as long as you are not convicted with due process of a capitol crime), liberty, (as long as you are not convicted through due process of harming your neighbor) and the pursuit of happiness (through your ability to own and control your own private property). For government to do any thing else would be tyranny. I believe government can be involved with other services, but only through user fees, not from tax revenues. Those services could be such things as providing roads for which the public has open access, or say water, sewer and utility services. There are large numbers of people spread out over this nation who believe in these principles.

THEREFORE, my suggestion is for people wanting socialism, why not move to Boston, or perhaps to Vermont or California (government is really working well today for the people in the liberal bastion of California, as citizens have just been notified, if they are due a refund from their state tax returns, those refund checks will have to be delayed as the highly taxed state is broke. Also hundreds of thousands of state employees are being furloughed, again the highly taxed state doesn’t have the money to pay their wages).

If people prefer fascism, why not move to a state that wants to practice that form of government to the upmost efficiency. If on the other hand, you love liberty and want to be able to have and control to the maximum amount, your private property, then why not move to a state that wants to practice a very limited form of government to its up-most? May I insist, that people with that kind of philosophy move to Oklahoma !!! Maybe now you can see why the federal government wants to mandate sameness in the states, they don’t want to lose control and allow liberty and private property advocates to shine.

People are continuing to join as dues paying members. With all volunteer leaders at OCPAC, none of the dues you pay for membership is burned up in the paying of salaries. Other than an ethics fee and occasionally a banking fee, all of your dues monies are used to support conservative candidates, reward conservative incumbents, or used for our accountability efforts toward those pesky RINOs (Republicans In Name Only). To join OCPAC, please follow the instructions following my sign off.

Charlie Meadows