Monday, February 23, 2009

Gun Fight at the OK Corral or Love In at Italiano’s ???

– MEETING AGENDA - Gun Fight at the OK Corral or Love In at
Italiano’s ???

– MEETING AGENDA - Gun Fight at the OK Corral or Love In at
Italiano’s ???

This past week I saw a press release from State Representative Randy
Terrill (R-More) which shocked me as to how strident it was in going
after State Senator Patrick Anderson (R-Enid). Both of them are
authoring legislation regarding English as Oklahoma’s official
language. It is unusual for one Republican to mount such a vigorous
attack upon another Republican.

Therefore I felt it important to give Senator Anderson an opportunity
to defend his legislation. So I contacted both of them and they have
agreed to debate the issue at our meeting this Wednesday. We may find
out there is a deep divide between these two pieces of legislation or
perhaps there may be a workable compromise. Both of these men are
attorneys and both of them finished as highly ranked conservatives in
their respective chambers of the legislature this past year. Senator
Anderson ranked 5th most conservative in the Senate last year and
11th most conservative on the Senate lifetime average. Terrill ranked
7th most conservative in the House this last year and 7th most
conservative on the lifetime average.

During last year’s session I attended a hearing where Chad Smith,
Principle Chief of the Cherokee Tribe, acted, in my opinion, like an
obnoxious bully and was told to get in line or he would be removed
from the hearing. It was such an unfortunate display that I thought he
should change his name to Chief Horse’s Rear. If the Chief shows up
for our meeting, he will be allowed to ask a question or make a short
statement. Just remember all you cowboys, cowgirls and Indians, all
guns, tomahawks, bows and arrows must be checked at the door. We
insist on law order at Italiano’s OK Corral !!!

Following is the content of Representative Terrill’s press release:
(in a couple of places I must guess as some words printed off page?)
“Unfortunately, Senator Anderson’s bill is a meaningless, symbolic
gesture rather than substance because it lacks any real enforcement
“Unlike the House version, Senator Anderson’s bill does not allow for
a private right of action, citizens to challenge wasteful government
spending on rarely utilized non-English services.
“Worst of all, Senator Anderson’s bill preserves vast exemptions that
effectively gut the measure. Anderson’s bill incorporates by reference
into the definition of federal law, a non-binding presidential edict
13166) that requires any state agency receiving federal dollars to
provide services in any of the more than ? Languages spoken globally
if requested.
“By deferring to currently existing state law exceptions, Senator
Anderson’s bill also preserves printing Spanish-language drivers’s
manuals at taxpayer expense in Oklahoma even though the state has
shorted English-language manuals and stockpiles of unused Spanish
“Surprisingly, Senator Anderson’s bill fails to provide exemptions
for Native American languages, unlike the more inclusive version of
the bill in the state House.
“Unlike the House version, Senator Anderson’s bill only changes state
statute instead of allowing a vote to change the Oklahoma
Constitution. Therefore, Senator Anderson’s bill does not provide the
same level of recommended protection to the English Language.
“It would be better to do absolutely nothing than to enact the bogus
and unenforceable bill Senator Anderson is trying to pass off as
Official English. For those who support a real, meaningful version of
Official English, Resolution 1042 remains their only option...

This should be a most interesting meeting. As we learned last year in
a similar situation, often times members of the House and Senate have
little communication with each other, even if they are of the same
political party. DON’T MISS THIS MEETING.


In last week’s e-mail I discussed the controversy over recording the
prayer by a homosexual who claims to be a Christian minister. What I
wrote was the result of information I had received from a couple of e-
mails and a newspaper article. I had not had time to contact any
lawmakers before sending out the e-mail. I have since discussed the
situation with several lawmakers and I want to clarify what happened.

Representative Al McAffrey (D-OKC) an open homosexual had the
privilege to invite a pastor for the day. It was pastor Jones, who
before the prayer, introduced his parents, some of his congregants and
his fiancee “Michael.” Following Jones’ prayer, the House members went
about their business. Toward the end of the session, Representative
McAffrey made a unanimous consent motion to have pastor Jones’ remarks
recorded (not the prayer). The official record indicates the prayer,
but an audio of the proceedings indicates McAffrey requested the

Representative John Wright (R-Broken Arrow) objected, knowing it not
to be a normal request and perhaps not wanting to legitimize the
concept of homosexual engagement into the record. Things moved fast,
there was a vote without debate.

Another thing to consider, especially regarding those not voting.
After the main business of a session is over and no more voting is
expected, there is usually a time for announcements before
adjournment. Many lawmakers leave as they can hear the announcements
in their offices. Many of them have other business to conduct, so it
would not be unusual for there to be several absent from a surprise
vote. Also, often times during the announcements, lawmakers are in
discussion with one another and not particularly paying attention.
That was the setting when the vote occurred.

However, not knowing what was going down is no excuse for those
present to have voted yes to have the remarks recorded. Quite often
lawmakers don’t understand issues, so they follow the lead of some
other lawmaker they have confidence in when they cast their votes. If
lawmakers consider themselves to be conservative, they will be safe in
following the lead of lawmakers like John Wright, Rex Duncan, Randy
Terrill, Jason Murphey, Dennis Johnson, Charles Key, Sally Kern, Mike
Reynolds and a few others. If a lawmaker is not a conservative they
are more likely to follow the lead of some of the ones who
consistently score low on the conservative index.

On Friday of the same week a small group, of what I believe to be
liberal religious leaders, demanded an apology from the lawmakers who
had voted no. I do believe there needs to be an apology, but not from
those voting no.

The apology needs to come from any Republican who claims to be a
Christian who voted yes. They need to apologize to their constituents,
especially their brothers and sisters in the Lord. One can only hope
that one of these days they will wake up and realize we are in a
culture war for the heritage and moral fabric of our society. When
they care more about standing up for what is right rather than
worrying about being considered rude or politically correct, when they
care more about pleasing God rather than having the approval of man,
then we may begin to become a little less tolerant toward perversion
and more effective in promoting a moral and healthy society.


OKC AREA I want to have a debate on a very important issue on either
March 11th or It is a very important rule change headed toward
the Republican state convention. The proposed rule change is to
abandon the Republican presidential preference primary and return to a
caucus system for selecting who Oklahoma’s delegates to the national
convention will support for President. I would like 2 competent
debaters FOR the rule change and 2 AGAINST it. Please contact me if
you are willing to participate.

OWASSO AREA Thursday evening 7:00 p.m. there will be a candidate
forum for the 9 candidates running of 2 city council seats. Each
candidate will have 2 minutes to answer 4 questions delivered a week
ahead of time. Then citizens will be allowed to ask questions from the
audience. This is government in action and an important place to
start. If you live in Owasso, the forum will be held at the Rejoice
High School located at 12200 East 86th Street North.

NORMAN AREA I believe it is Friday evening there will be a huge
debate between Michael Ruse, the philosopher from Florida State who
appeared in the docu-movie Expelled and the Christian apologetic,
William Dembski. In the docu-movie Expelled, Mr. Ruse was proposing
crystals as the origin of life. For time and location log on to or call Trinity Baptist Church in Norman at (405)

EDMOND AREA Starting this coming Sunday March 1,st the New Hope
Church of Christ will begin showing the 13 hour DVD series called THE
TRUTH PROJECT. The DVDs will be shown on Sunday mornings from 9:25 to
10:20 a.m. There will be follow up discussions on Wednesday evenings
from 6:45 to 7:30 p.m. The church is located on the West side of the
Broadway Square shopping complex which is just South of 33rd on the
Broadway Extension in Edmond. Anyone is welcome to attend. For more
information contact Rick Williamson at


We really appreciate State Representative Mark McCullough (R-Sapulpa)
speaking to us about reforming our workers comp system. It was
apparent Representative McCullough has spent countless hours
researching the subject, which also included an in-depth interim
study. While he spoke no ill of House leadership, it was easy to see
the disappointment when he was told he would have to put his work back
into the closet. Leadership has decided tort reform will be the agenda
for this year’s session, not workers comp reform.

Personally, this is really disturbing if you realize there may need to
be some tweaking of our tort laws, but when it comes to creating an
environment for economic growth, workers comp reform is 10 times more
important. I wonder if there is an ulterior motive with leadership,
could it be a strategic decision or is this just more evidence as to
how MODERATE the Republican leadership in the House happens to be?


IDENTITY PROTECTION I want to thank everyone who called the Speaker
Chris Benge’s office last week to ask him to use his influence to get
the 3 bills by Representative Mike Ritze (R-Broken Arrow) moving along
in the process. Unfortunately they are still stalled.

SB 320 KILLED ON 7 TO 6 VOTE This past Monday State Senator Randy
Brogdon’s (R-Owasso) bill dubbed the SCIENTIFIC EDUCATION & ACADEMIC
FREEDOM ACT was defeated in the Senate Education Committee. The
legislation would have protected students as well as teachers who
taught or discussed any range of theories outside of the “narrow line
demanded by the politically correct crowd” from any kind of punishment
or retaliation.

The lone Republican to vote against the measure was freshman Senator
Jim Halligan (R-Stillwater). I am not at all surprised as Senator
Halligan is the former President of Oklahoma State University.
Unfortunately Senate President Pro-Tem Glen Coffee selected Halligan
to be the CHAIRMAN of the Education Committee. Perhaps Senator Coffee
had to promise the former Independent that position to get him to
become a Republican and run for that seat?

Senator Halligan also allowed the measure out of committee to raise
teacher salaries by $9,000 over the next 3 years. If that bad piece of
legislation makes it through the full Senate, hopefully it will die a
sudden death in the House. My prediction about Senator Halligan is
that he will give Senator Harry Coates (R-Seminole) a run for his
money to win this year’s RINO (Republican In Name Only) award.

GUN PURCHASE LAW ADVANCES HB 1865 by State Representative Jeff
Hickman (R-Woodward) has advanced and is now headed for the Senate.
Current Oklahoma law does not allow an Oklahoma citizen to purchase a
shotgun or rifle in another state that does not border Oklahoma, even
if the gun dealer is properly licensed.

The state legislature of Montana is currently considering legislation
to allow for gun or ammo manufacturers in the state to produce guns
and ammo for sale in the Montana only. The reason for such an idea,
those guns and ammo would be free form any federal rules and
requirements, as it is the miss interpretation of the interstate
commerce clause that allows for federal intrusion into gun laws.

Maybe such an idea could become an amendment to Representative
Hickman’s legislation in Oklahoma. If passed, all we would need would
be for some enterprising individual or company to begin to produce
fire arms and ammunition in Oklahoma. That would be good for the
economy and be one more step toward exerting the reality of the 10th
amendment as Oklahoman’s could buy firearms and ammo made at home
without the feds sticking their noses into our business.

DAN BOREN’S TRUE COLORS This past week Dan Boren, Oklahoma’s lone
Democrat in Congress, voted for the $800 billion stimulus bill. If for
no other reason, he should have voted against the legislation as he
certainly didn’t have time to read it. Boren enjoys being portrayed as
one of the blue dog Democrats, but in reality, he is just another
liberal Democrat when push comes to shove.

I do believe Republicans need to be careful in declaring the stimulus
bill won’t work, that is, if it is designed to create jobs and put
people back to work it may well work in the short run. In reality,
what President Obama and the Congressional Democrats are trying to do
is no different in principle to what Republicans have done in the past
to stimulate the economy during slow downs or recessions.

The Democrats are the major leaguers, the tax and borrow big spenders
while the Republicans are the minor leaguers, the cut taxes and borrow
big spenders. In reality, when you cut taxes without a corresponding
cut in spending, that is just a clever way to infuse more cash into
the system. That new paper infusion, depending on the amount, will put
people to work, cause inflation and thus more revenues will flow into
big momma (the federal government). Of course those additional
revenues are never enough to balance the budget or reduce our national
debt before the start of our next round of slow down or recession.

The message that Republicans need to be proclaiming is that it is NOT
the responsibility of government to create jobs, that is unless you
believe in a socialistic form of government. Republicans should
promote and work to create an ENVIRONMENT where people with
entrepreneurial genius and a hard work ethic can produce REAL wealth.
The honest creation of wealth creates real jobs (not new deal type
make work jobs). That is the fundamental message and I am not so sure
many Republicans know how to espouse it? I am not so sure there are
many Americans who want to hear it?

Just remember the old saying: “to continually bail a fool out of his
problems is to populate the world with fools.” Over the past 80 years
we have bailed many a fool out of his problems and thus we have way
too many fools today that populate our once great nation. What kind of
a label do you want to be know by, a wise and honest man of good
character and integrity or weak, sniveling and dependent fool?


We are now approaching 120 dues paying members. Our record for a non-
election year is 153 members and we are way ahead of pace to break
that number. I am a little surprised but very grateful as I wasn’t
sure how the economic scare would affect our fund raising which we do
through our memberships. We are also having a lot of people join at
higher levels rather than our basic membership which is $50 per year.
That is very helpful to boost the money available for candidates,
conservative incumbents, and an occasional accountability project.

Our by-laws call for the election of officers on the final Wednesday
of March in an off election year. To be able to vote in that election
you must have your dues paid 2 weeks prior to that date, which will be
on March 11th.

In addition to the election of officers, we will have on our ballot a
measure to change our by-laws to allow our dues paying members not
present at our meeting to be able to vote to determine the LEGISLATOR

I will also propose a change to our by-laws to dedicate 25% of
everything we raise to go toward state wide races for the election
cycles in which our Governor is elected. Currently we dedicate 10% of
what we raise toward state wide races. This is important as in a
Presidential election cycle, the only state wide race is normally one
Corporation Commission race. However, in the general election cycle
when the Governor is on the ballot, we have the following state wide
races: Governor, Lt. Governor, Attorney General, State Auditor, Labor
Commissioner, 1 Corporation Commissioner, State Insurance
Commissioner, and the State Treasurer. Our by-laws do not allow us to
use money for state wide races in primaries, only the general

If you have not joined as yet, please consider doing so. We want to
have the largest campaign war chest in our history for the 2010
elections. If you are a true conservative, I believe there is no
better organization in the state to join than OCPAC to really make a
difference in future elections.
To join, see instructions below.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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