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Our noon luncheon for Wednesday, February 18th will be held at
Italiano’s Restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC.



Our speaker this week will be State Representative Mark McCullough (R-
Sapulpa). Representative McCullough is the House sponsor for workers-
compensation reform legislation. Many believe when our workers-comp
system was first instituted, it strongly favored a system with more
litigation than necessary, thus creating more work for attorneys than
necessary. Representative McCullough is an attorney himself, so it
will be interesting to hear his perspective on the problem and what
might be a positive solution. Oklahoma has some of the highest worker-
comp rates in the nation which is a hindrance toward creating an
environment for free market success.


This past Tuesday the former Mayor of OKC, who has a reputation of
being a mover and shaker, lost in his bid to be elected at the
President of the OKC School Board. To my knowledge, Humphreys started
his political career being elected to the Putnam City School Board.
Then he ran for and won the position of Mayor of OKC. As Mayor he
successfully extended the sales tax for the MAPS program then
proceeded to promote and pass the MAPS for Kids program, which was a
massive project to re-build or re-model every school building in the
OKC school district.

Riding high on his successes, in 2004 he became the first Republican
candidate to announce his candidacy for the U.S. Senate seat formerly
held by Don Nickles. However, Corporation Commissioner Bob Anthony
jumped into the race along with former U.S. Representative Dr. Tom
Coburn, the eventual winner. I believe most conservative activists
believed Humphreys was a moderate or even worse, a RINO (Republican In
Name Only). While conservatives would have supported Anthony, once
Coburn jumped into the race they backed Dr. Tom. One of the greatest
election lines of all time came from Mr. Humphreys following the
election when he said: “I was caught in the middle between Jack the
Ripper (Anthony) on one side and the Apostle Paul (Coburn) on the
other side and I had no place to go.”

Following the controversy over the previous Superintendent of the OKC
schools which caused the resignation of the previous school board
President, Cliff Hudson CEO of the Sonic Drive In restaurants, Kirk
Humphreys was appointed to the position and had to stand for election
this past Tuesday. He was defeated by former State Senator Angela
Monson, a very liberal lawmaker, who was term limited out of office a
couple of years ago.

The question is why or how did Kirk Humphreys lose, especially with
his warm and fuzzy TV adds and no apparent campaign, at least in the
media by Monson? Here are some thoughts. On the day of the election,
those parts of OKC that Humphreys should have done well in were under
tornado threats from 2:30 in the afternoon until the polls closed.
However, those parts of OKC that were formerly in Monson’s senate
district were not under such threats. Was his loss due to the

Was it a result of the OKC school district having a very large
minority population, as do most large cities, and that minority voters
supported Monson, who is black, rather than the powerful rich white
guy? Have minorities become the racists in society and just how alive
is class or wealth envy among today’s population?

Was it the behind the scenes support of the Democrat party in a non-
partisan race and the teacher’s union, who were working quietly to
defeat the Republican and former leader of Maps for Kids? Was it
related to controversy over the amount or perhaps mishandling of a
recent school bond that was passed?

Was it related to the recent creation of a TIF (Tax Increment
Financing) district which will cost the Oklahoma City School District
tens of millions of dollars in property taxes over the years. This was
accomplished seemingly without even a whimper from Mr. Humphreys, the
acting school board President. Or was it a combination of all of the

I can only speculate as I was both surprised on one hand and not
surprised on the other. I do believe this election will end his
political career for perhaps a future run for the U.S. Senate or
perhaps Governor. And for that I am very thankful.


This past Tuesday State Representative Al McAffrey (D-inner city OKC)
had the opportunity to invite a pastor to be the Chaplin for the day
and open the session with prayer. McAffrey is the only openly
homosexual member of the legislature. The “pastor” he asked to give
the prayer was the “Reverend” Scott Jones, also an openly homosexual
who introduced his “fiancee” Michael, who was sitting in the gallery.
McAffrey asked that Jones’ prayer be recorded in the official minutes
of the day, (this is normally only done on Thursdays) Representative
John Wright (R-Broken Arrow) objected and called for a vote on the

In my opinion, this was just another cleverly planned skirmish by the
homosexuals in the culture war. Radical homosexuals are trying to
force society to accept their perverted lifestyle as normal, equal or
perhaps superior. Then of course, when normal folks disagree with
them, or express that their perversion is “sin” in the eye’s of God as
well as all Bible believing Christians (the only real Christians),
then the homosexuals play the victim role and accuse those in
opposition to their agenda as being haters, bigots, intolerant, narrow
minded, red necks and on and on and on. Actually, you don’t have to
read many of their notes to people who disagree with them to see that
they are the ones that have their hearts full of hate for people who
refuse to accept their behavior.

I believe that unless the content of Jones’ prayer was that of
confession for his sinful behavior regarding homosexuality and an
expression of repentance toward God for his rebellion and perversion,
then his being there to give the prayer for the day was an
abomination. Based on my reading of God’s Word (The Bible) Jones’
belief that he is a man of God and anyone else who try to justify
homosexuality as acceptable, they serve a “god of their own making or
their imagination.” They are not serving the God of the Bible and they
do not have a relationship with the one and only true God.

Some of the Republican House members walked out, perhaps that was
their way to protest the charade, 20 of them voted against allowing
the prayer to be recorded and 24 Republicans voted to allow the
exception to the norm and have the prayer recorded. May I suggest
several possible reasons for the 24 who decided to go along with the
desires of McAffrey and the homosexual community.

While most, if not all, Republican House members claim a Christian
church affiliation, certainly with some it is more of a social
relationship rather than Biblical Christianity. Some may think this is
not an important issue and wish it would go away so they could deal
with “important” business like determining how they will re-distribute
other people’s money. Others may have family members or friends who
are homosexuals and have decided to compromise God’s Word and the
truth on the subject for their emotional attachments. Perhaps they
aren’t mature enough in their Christianity to be able to take a stand
against sin, yet at the same time be able to express Christian love
toward homosexuals, hoping to see them set free from the bondage of
homosexuality. Others might not want to be on the receiving end of the
intimidation, hatred, and perhaps death threats from the homosexual
community by standing up against their agenda. Just 24 hours in the
shoes of State Representative Sally Kern would make the cowardly never
want to be in that position. I have already seen some of the e-mails
sent to the lawmakers who voted no, and believe me the hateful
responses are typical.

Following are the names of those who voted to go along with the
homosexual agenda. I will break them into two groups, Those I am not
surprised about and those that I am. I am not surprised about Don
Armes-Lawton, Eddie Fields-Pawhuska, Steve Martin-Bartlesville, Colby
Schwartz-Yukon, Earl Sears-Tulsa, Lee Denney-Cushing, Fred Jordan-
Tulsa, Charlie Joyner-Midwest City, Ron Peters-Tulsa, Doug Cox-Grove,
David Derby-Owasso, Dale DeWitt-Braman, or Phil Richardson-Minco. With
the exception of Eddie Fields, a freshman, every one of these
lawmakers have been on the RINO nominee list at one time or another,
or in the case of Lee Denney and Doug Cox, they have been the winners
of the RINO award.

Following are the names of the lawmakers who did surprise me, Gary
Banz-Midwest City, Lisa Billy-Purcell, Cory Holland-Marlow, T.W.
Shannon-Lawton, Ken Miller-Edmond (this guy is a professor at Oklahoma
Christian. This is certainly not the perspective of the members of the
Churches of Christ that I know), Marian Cooksey-Edmond, Pam Peterson-
Tulsa (the biggest surprise of all to me), Chris Steele-Shawnee, David
Derby-Owasso, Mike Thompson-OKC, Scott Martin-Norman and Speaker Chris
Benge-Tulsa, a person who is supposed to be a social conservative. Of
these 24, OCPAC has supported only 4 of them in the past.

Following are the names of the 20 brave lawmakers who voted against
the homosexual agenda: Gus Blackwell-Goodwell, George Faught-Muskogee,
Lewis Moore-Arcadia, Mike Ritze-Broken Arrow, Mike Christian-OKC,
Dennis Johnson-Duncan, Jason Murphey-Guthrie, Mike Sanders-Kinfisher,
Ann Coody-Lawton, Sally Kern-OKC, Leslie Osborne-Blanchard, Randy
Terrill-Moore, Rex Duncan-Sand Springs, Charles Key-OKC, Pat Ownbey-
Ardmore, Todd Thomsen-Ada, John Enns-Enid, Guy Liebmann-OKC, Mike
Reynolds-OKC and John Wright-Broken Arrow. Of these 20, OCPAC has
supported 13 of them in the past. Only 1 of the 7 who voted the right
way on this issue, but did not receive our support, appeared before
OCPAC. Had the other 6 appeared for their interview process, I believe
we would have supported 5 of them. I believe there is 1 of the 6 who
would not have received our support.

Following are the names of the ones who walked out or were absent.
Paul Wesselhoft-Moore, David Dank-OKC, Mark McCullough-Sapulpa, Dan
Sullivan-Tulsa, Harold Wright-Weatherford, Jeff Hickman-Woodward,
Randy McDaniel-OKC, Sue Tibbs-Tulsa, Mike Jackson-Enid, John
Trebilcock-Tulsa, Shane Jett-Tecumseh, and Charles Ortega-Altus. Of
those in this list, OCPAC has only supported one.

If one of these lawmakers happens to be your state representative and
voted the right way, contact them and thank them for opposing the
homosexual agenda. If they took a hike or voted the wrong way,
remember that on the next election day, along with their scores on the
conservative index..

One final thought. It is very easy to see that the OCPAC interview
process, while not perfect, has done a very good job of determining
candidates who are CONSISTENTLY conservative vs. those who claim to be
conservative when they want our votes and our money, then turn out to
govern more like a liberal Democrat, rather than a conservative
Republican. Therefore, I invite folks to become a dues paying member
of OCPAC so we can continue to elect true conservatives to the
legislature. To join, please follow the instructions following my sine


All 3 of the previous nominees for this award have been Democrat
Senators. The newest nominee is State Representative John Trebilcock
(R-Tulsa). For the 3rd year in a row Trebilcock, a former teacher, has
introduced legislation (HB 1036 this year) to give a $500 tax credit
to teachers to reimburse them for out of pocket expenses that they
spend on school supplies. Trebilcock admits every teacher will spend
the maximum amount which will cost the state $21 million dollars. He
indicates this is a neat way to give a $500 tax free pay raise to

Here is my problem with this foolish legislation. It gives each
individual teacher the ability to determine how much taxpayers will
spend on education. Hey Trebilcock, now an attorney who has probably
never read or is unable to understand the Declaration of Independence,
isn’t that taxation without representation? We vote for guys like you
to represent us, we don’t vote for teachers. Do your job and don’t
give it away your responsibility to unelected teachers. Secondly,
there is plenty of money for supplies in the classrooms, but you
lawmakers have set the standards for teacher salaries which consumes
the monies that should be used for supplies. Thirdly, teachers make on
average of $5,000 a year more than you lawmakers and $12,000 dollars a
year more than we dumb blokes in the private sector who pay the
salaries for the both of you. Hum, let me see, you both claim to be
public servants, but when you make more than the people who pay your
salaries, are you really public servants or have you actually become
the “MASTERS” of the public?

The worst waste of money in state government today would be an across
the board raise in teacher pay. There are teachers who deserve more
than the make and many others who deserve much less. I just don’t
believe Trebilcock has what it takes to know the difference and thus
would rather offer his services to the teachers union, the state’s
most powerful special interest group. Thus his nomination for the
whore of the year award as he seeks to expand the size of government.

I still don’t know why conservatives in Tulsa backed this guy in the
elections when he had a conservative Republican running against him
last year. His background is checkered and his score on the
conservative index is consistently low.


1) What is behind the news story about Aubry McClendon, CEO of
Chesapeake Energy which is the nations largest producer of natural
gas, deciding to sell 9,000 bottles of his wine collection? Has he had
a religious experience and decided that 9,000 bottles of wine on the
wall is excessive, or does he need the money? A news report estimated
the collection might fetch up to $5 million at auction. Chesapeake and
McClendon made the news late last year as the company stock fell from
a high in the $70 dollar range to about $11 per share as Mr. McClendon
got caught in a margin call and had to sell most of his stock.

2) Last week a Tulsa County Judge upheld the constitutionality of HB
1804, the 2007 legislation sponsored by Representative Randy Terrill
(R-Moore), which is a state effort to deal with the adverse affects
which are a result of the invasion of illegal aliens. The judge did
remove the part of HB 1804 which prohibits illegal aliens graduating
from an Oklahoma high school or who have completed their GED, from
being able to pay the same tuition rate as Oklahoma citizen students.
The judge ruled that part of HB 1804 was not germane to the
legislation. I believe the judge was wrong in that decision, but it
will probably end up before the State Supreme Court for a final word.

3) This past Wednesday a Senate Subcommittee passed SB 289 by
Senator Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso) which is known as “The Religious
Freedom and Privacy Protection Act.” The bill, which now goes to the
Senate Appropriations Committee, will if enacted into law prohibit the
state from collecting, obtaining or retaining any biometric data for
our drivers licenses. The legislation would also prohibit the state
from sharing such information with other states or nations. This bill,
if passed, will make it much more difficult for the control freaks in
government who are moving us toward a surveillance society. Many times
law enforcement or government bureaucrats want ever more tools and
information to be used on the citizenry. However, that often comes at
the expense of liberty. Just remember, there has always been a certain
amount of tension between those who want government to provide peace
and safety versus those who are passionate about liberty.
Historically , those willing to exchange liberty for the hope of peace
and safety, end up with neither.

4) Tuesday, at 2:00 p.m. the Judiciary Committee will hear SJR 10 by
Senator Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso). This is the Senate version of
legislation to notify the Federal Government to stop the
unconstitutional mandates and get back to within its proper functions
of government as described in the constitution. Also being heard in
the same committee will be another resolution by Senator Brogdon, SJR
11. This is the Senate’s legislation to remove all previous state
calls for a constitutional convention, regarding the federal
government. If a constitutional convention was called for by the
states, we would be in grave danger as no convention can be limited to
a particular purpose. Therefore, we could come out of such a scenario
where our constitution and bill of rights would be tossed out and
replaced by something far different. Given the outcome of the last
general election, I am not so sure there wouldn’t be enough states for
ratification. The hearing will be in room 419-C. If you want to lend
support for these measures, please attend if possible.

5) There’s a new movie in town, THE INTERNATIONAL. A friend
suggested I see it, so Linda and I took the time over the weekend. It
is violent and has some curse words, the later of which I think
detracts from the movie rather than adding to it. However, the story
line is the reason I went. The movie is about the power, corruption
and control that is in the hands of the international bankers and
multi-national corporations. I didn’t wait long enough to see if it
was based on a particular book. However, it could be partly based on
the book I recommended in last week’s e-mail, THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL
ISLAND by G. Edward Griffin or perhaps the autobiography, CONFESSIONS

It was an entertaining movie with a lot of story lines that represent
some degree of reality. However, I can’t decide why Hollywood would
make a movie like this at this time when there is a lot of economic
turmoil and a lot of the ugliness behind the investment banking world
exposed for all to see? Is Hollywood actually trying to expose a
scandalous cabal, or are they making a movie that can be used to
discredit the growing number of people waking up to the control and
power of these global institutions? Anyone suggesting the reality of
such power, could be marginalized as a conspiracy nut watching too
many movies.

In 1999 Hollywood produced the movie THE SKULLS, an obvious fiction
about the very real Skull and Bones Fraternity on the campus of Yale
University. George W. Bush is an alumni of that fraternity and again I
wonder if the movie was intended to harm Bush’s political career or
cover for him? In 1979 Hollywood produced the movie (I believe it was
THE BROTHERHOOD OF THE BELL) the year before George H. Bush was
running for President. Again the movie was about the Skull and Bones
Fraternity at Yale. I find the timing of these movies most interesting
as well as wondering about the motives behind their production.

Sometime in 2003 or 04 Sixty minutes did an expose on the Skull and
Bones at Yale as both President Bush and John Kerry were both alumni
of this elitist organization. If you are not familiar with it, may I
suggest the following information. It dates back to the 1830s. Each
year 15 seniors at Yale are invited to join. I would describe the
fraternity as being a “king maker” organization. Its members go on to
be Presidents as well as the captains of banking and business. Check
out the International if you can put up with the violence and some

6) President Obama, is certainly a slick deceiver for the blind eyed
liberals and the simpletons in society. He recently said the free
markets didn’t have the resources to get us out of this recession,
only government had those kind of resources. I ask, what resources
does our government have as it is bankrupt and deeply in debt??? It
actually has 2 pieces of capital equipment that become valuable
resources to get us out of a recession. One is called a printing press
to print more worthless paper currency and the other is called a copy
machine to make photo copies of more federal reserve IOUs.

7) Representative Mike Ritze has legislation pending to allow law
abiding citizens to carry firearms openly (not concealed). It seems
like State Representative Sue Tibbs (R-Tulsa) may not allow the
measure to be heard in the committee she chairs. This is what you get
when you elect liberal Republicans rather than consistent

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows

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