Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Leadership may be attempting to squelch legislation.

I received word today about some very important legislation that is at
a critical place in the process. Sources tell me leadership may be
attempting to squelch 3 very important pieces of legislation, all by
Representative Mike Ritze (R-Broken Arrow). The bills are:

HB 2145 Dealing with SSN and drivers licenses

HB 2146 Dealing with biometrics on our drivers licenses

HB 1386 Dealing with your biometrics and SSN passed on to other state
& local govt agencies.

If the citizens of Oklahoma care about their privacy, rather than
having a massive amount of your personal information spread to
thousands of bureaucrats throughout the nation and eventually on a
global scale, then these bills must become law. If you care about
being protected from one more source of identity theft as well as
preventing Oklahoma from becoming a surveillance society, if you care
about protection of religious rights, privacy and state’s rights, you
must take action TODAY - WEDNESDAY.

Please call Speaker Chris Benge’s office immediately and politely
encourage him to allow these bills to be heard. He has the influence
to move these bills forward.

His direct office number at the Capital is (405) 557-7340

P.S. It does not matter where in the state you live, you need to call.
Bottom line, either Republicans are going to stand up for liberty and
privacy, or they are going to serve us up to BIG BROTHER.

Charlie Meadows

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