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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, July 25th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. We are very
privileged to have as our speaker this week, Mr. Trevor Loudon from
Christchurch, New Zealand. Mr. Loudon may be the foremost researcher
and authority in the world on the Progressive Movement which may be
described as a broad group of anti-free market Capitalists, that
includes Democrats, Republican moderates, Socialists, Communists,
Peace Activists, the Religious left, most organized labor and
Environmentalists. In addition to his blog, www.trevorloudon.com,
Trevor is also the founder and editor of www.KeyWiki.org, a rapidly-
growing website with the goal of unlocking the covert side of U.S. and
global politics.

Mr. Loudon has broken several significant stories, including:  the
connection of a young Barack Obama to the Hawaiian-based communist,
Frank Marshall Davis,  exposing the communist roots of Osama’s “Green
Jobs Czar”, Van Jones, and Obama’s early membership in the New Party,
a communist spin-off group.

After speaking at OCPAC, Mr. Loudon will attend at least the first
night of Reclaiming America for Christ and then travel to Dallas where
he will be participating in Glen Beck’s Restoring Love Conference. Mr.
Loudon will speak for close to an hour, so we will begin our meeting
without delay. I advise arriving as early as possible to get a good
seat and not miss any of his talk. He has written a rather large book
which will be available after his talk.


Following is the schedule for this year’s Reclaiming America for
Christ Conference, one of the most important and substantive
conferences to be held in Oklahoma during 2012. All meetings will be
held at First Baptist Church in Moore, 301 NE 27th Street (about 2
blocks East of I-35 on 27th street).

Wednesday evening, July 25th, 7:00 until 9:30 p.m., Dr. Scott Lively
will be exposing the dangers of the homosexual agenda, how it is
expanding in America and the threat it poses toward unraveling the
foundation of our culture. I have heard Dr. Lively speak on several
occasions and find him to be one of the most compelling and powerful
speakers I have heard in recent times. At the foundation of the whole
culture war is the sexual freedom movement propelled by the homosexual
agenda, he is a must to hear and learn from. He is also the co-author
of the PINK SWASTIKA which chronicles the power and influence of the
homosexual movement upon Adolph Hitler and the Nazi party.

Thursday evening, July 26th, 6:30 until 10:00 p.m., the first speaker
will be Jerry Tuma. Mr. Tuma is a Milton Friedman disciple, author,
financial planner and nationally acclaimed speaker on the economy and
investment markets. He will be speaking on the coming economic crisis.
This is an important warning, Mr. Tuma will reveal what individuals
and families must do to be prepared for difficult times ahead.

The second speaker will be Michael J. Chapman, founder of American
Heritage research. Some years ago Mr. Chapman produced the 2 hour DVD,
America’s Censored Heritage, which details how our text books used in
the government schools work to destroy American Exceptionalism and
turn our children away from respecting our founding fathers. He shows
how our children are led to believe people like Mao, Che, Lenin, Fidel
and others are moral equals or even superior to our founders like
Washington, Madison, Adams and others.

Thursday evening he will expose how our government schools are turning
our children away for the faith of the Bible and turning them into
earth worshiping little pantheists and greenie-weenie
environmentalists. He will demonstrate how the UN’s Agenda 21
interfaces with our U.S. Department of Education to bring this about.

Friday afternoon there will be a session from 3:30 until 5:30 p.m.
where I believe Dr. John Morris of the Creation Research Institute in
Dallas will be speaking on Creation Science. There will be a one hour
break from 5:30 until 6:30 when the conference resumes and we hear
from Mr. Paul Diamond from England. Mr. Diamond is an attorney
specializing in Religious Liberties. He says America is about 10 years
behind England when it comes to the criminalization of Christianity
and the advancements of Sharia Law. All of these subjects are very
important and I strongly recommend folks make every effort to hear as
many of these speakers as possible.


Prior to the session this year, Governor Fallin began releasing the
details of her proposed tax cut plan to send a signal to the rest of
America that Oklahoma is becoming an ever more business friendly
state. She was lauded in the Wall Street Journal as a visionary and a
leader, that is, until the session was over and her plan had come to a
complete flop, a dud, nothing was done, even though the Republicans,
led by Governor Fallin, had complete control of both houses of the
legislature and the Executive branch of Oklahoma government.

As a brief review, her plan called for about $800 million in state
income tax cuts. That lost revenue was to be offset by new growth
monies, savings from government modernization and spending reductions,
mostly by eliminating several personal income tax deductions and some
of the tax credits, grants and subsidies to corporate businesses. I
believe the latter became a real problem for the plan.

When you realize that large Oklahoma corporations don’t pay any of the
personal state income taxes on their employees (they do pay half of
the social security and Medicare taxes to the federal government) then
you ask how did Governor Fallin’s plan help big business in Oklahoma?
When you realize her plan was going to take away some business
benefits without giving anything in return, then it is no wonder
Oklahoma’s corporations had their hordes of lobbyists descend upon
lawmakers this past session to keep them from making cuts to their

For Oklahoma’s large corporations to be more considerate of any kind
of tax reform, their needs must be considered by having an offset so
they are not harmed by a tax reform plan. May I suggest the following.
Next year’s plan needs to first totally eliminate Oklahoma’s corporate
income tax. The personal state income tax generates about $1.6 billion
in revenues each year whereas the corporate income tax generates
something over $400 million in revenues. By eliminating the corporate
income tax, they will have a weaker case for the need of the many
redistribution subsidy schemes an thus less of a case to make to
lawmakers about cutting those programs.

Then, following the elimination of the corporate income tax, we can
start cutting the personal income tax. The combination of eliminating
the corporate income tax and a reduction of the personal income tax
will send a much stronger signal to the rest of America that Oklahoma
is becoming a more business friendly state.

While most new jobs come from small businesses, many people don’t
realize that many of those small business jobs exist to provide
support services to the large corporations. Eliminating the corporate
income tax would go a long ways toward stopping the corporate
headquarters drain out of Oklahoma.

At the end of the session, Governor Fallin indicated she was not
giving up on cutting taxes and would travel the state talking with
Oklahoman’s about her efforts. I will try to schedule her to appear at
a future OCPAC meeting so we may dialogue on this issue. After all,
OCPAC members and friends are also Oklahomans.


In years past the Oklahoman was the largest and the only statewide
newspaper in the state, meaning it was sold in every county in the
state. With E.K. Gaylord at the helm the editorial page was considered
one of the most conservative in the nation. In more recent years,
under the leadership of one of his daughters, many believe it became
more moderate in its tone and positions. Of course the paper was sold
this past September and I believe it is now beginning to move back to
a more conservative position on the editorial page.

As evidence of the transition, the Oklahoman has twice in recent weeks
suggested just paying for the new Medical Examiners office rather than
trying to finance it with a bond issue. My goodness, what a novel
idea, paying for something with cash on hand rather than continuing to
borrow money.

They have also suggested that opposition to creating a health care
insurance exchange is increasing and not likely to change anytime soon
though they have been a supporter of creating the exchanges in the
past. Yet in their editorial they reported many of reasons for not
creating an exchange at any time.

Then this past Sunday they shocked me with their lead editorial on the
Indian Cultural Center when they suggested:  “At some point soon, the
state may indeed have to say ‘Enough!’ and look for a way to make the
best of a well-intended plan that didn’t work, instead of continuing
to spend and hope for the best.”  Earlier in the body of the
editorial, they called into question the cost to operate the facility
once it opens? That is a breath of fresh air from the pie in the sky
blabber of millions in revenues created by the facility by some of the
advocates of the project.

Of course with any transition, there may be a time of mixture as was
evidenced by their slam at U.S. Representative Michelle Bauchman in
the past Saturday’s edition of the paper. Bauchman is being criticized
for calling into question the chief aid to Hillary Clinton.

As a member of the House intelligence committee, Bauchman along with
some other Republican lawmakers, quietly sent a letter to the State
Department asking for an explanation and assurances as to how
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top aid should have high level
security clearances since she is a Muslim with close family members
having close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Someone released that information about her request to the press and
Senator John McCain, an establishment Republican, jumped all over
Bauchman in an obvious effort to marginalize her and harm her
political future. Some of the leftist groups in America are calling
for the Speaker of the House to remove her from the intelligence
committee and many others, including the Oklahoman are piling on.

Too bad, members of the Oklahoman’s editorial board didn’t attend at
least one of the two seminars held at Fairview Baptist Church over the
past couple of years where a former FBI agent and a former
intelligence community agent conducted several hours of seminar
information detailing how American Muslim’s work to gain positions of
influence as advisors to prominent authorities to carefully shape
their thoughts about Islam and its agenda. Hillary Clinton’s aide
certainly fit’s the profile and her close family member’s ties to the
Muslim Brotherhood are valid reasons for the inquiry.

The communists have a couple of words to describe authorities, opinion
makers and especially members of the various forms of the media when
they make statements that advance the goals of the communists. The
refer to them as “useful idiots”.  I believe reality would have
Senator McCain and in this case the editorial page of the Oklahoman
far closer to fitting the category of being useful idiots rather than
Representative Bauchman having done anything other than her job and
doing it skillfully!

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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