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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, July 28th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. I am often asked if
non members may attend and the answer is, absolutely! We are a very
open organization and actually practice free speech. We will have some
time for discussion regarding the elections and also allow winning or
losing candidates to speak for a couple of minutes.

Then we will shift gears and have Dr. Isabelle Lyman (Izzy) speak to
our group regarding her current efforts in the culture war. Wid and
Izzy, along with their 2 sons have lived in Oklahoma on 2 different
occasions. The Lymans currently live in Michigan where Izzy is a
writer-coordinator for a umbrella organization called US.
Organizations such as FAIR (Federation for American Immigration
Reform) and Numbers USA are just some of the organizations related to
the umbrella organization. Izzy has recently worked on a project to
expose the Southern Poverty Law Center as an ultra leftist
organization which gives trouble to some very good conservative

Over the past 12 years or so, she has spoken to us on 2 or 3 occasions
so we really look forward to hearing from her again. Besides having op-
eds and articles published in the Wall Street Journal, Dallas Morning
News, Investor’s Business Daily, Boston Heard, National Review, The
New American and many others, she is also the author of the book, The
Home Schooling Revolution. Don’t miss this meeting, it will be very


I am continually asked how is Brogdon doing. One poll has Mary Fallin
winning outright with 56% of the vote. However, another poll, using
the blind polling method of likely voters shows a little different
result. This poll has a much larger sampling (12,000 likely voters)
and this is what it shows. Fallin has picked up an additional 1% of
the undecided voters and Senator Brogdon has picked up an additional
15% from the results of a similar poll done 6 weeks ago. Right now,
Mary has 37% support and Randy Brogdon has now reached 26% with 37%
still undecided. The undecideds are down from 53% just 6 week’s ago.

In the next couple of days, the undecided voters will have to make
their choices. I would suggest, God is the only one who will
understand what causes them to make a final decision. However, if they
keep breaking toward Senator Brogdon, he has a chance to get into a
run-off with Mary if he doesn’t win outright. I have said all along
that the other 2 Republican candidates, Robert Hubbard and Roger
Jackson will probably receive about 3 to 5 percent of the vote between
the 2 of them. I actually believe Mr. Hubbard would be a good
governor, he just got into the race too late to have much of a chance,
as most all of the grassroots conservatives state wide were already
solidly in the Brogdon campaign. Neither Hubbard or Jackson were able
to raise any significant money for a statewide race.

The Brogdon campaign will have a watch party at the Character Training
Center, 520 West Main in downtown OKC. I believe folks will begin to
gather a little after 6 and the Borgdons will be at this party until
around 7:30 p.m. when they will fly to a similar party in Tulsa.
Sorry, I just don’t have the location. Brogdon supporters in central
Oklahoma are welcome to attend.


That period of time between Thursday and the next Monday before an
election is the time that most candidates hold their breath, not
knowing what form of an attack might come from their opponents. The
reason it is such a dangerous time is that a candidate is limited by
time and sometimes resources as to how they might answer a last minute
attack. Sometimes these attacks are dead on accurate and sometimes
they are outright lies, fudges of reality or simply not relevant.
Following are just a few examples.

HD 31, challenger A.J. Jones mails a piece declaring State
Representative Jason Murphey “Supports closing the Logan County
Hospital.” I actually serve on the board at the Hospital and have had
a few conversations with Murphey about the hospital. I can assure
Logan County citizens, Jones’ statement is BS (a lie fabricated out of
Blue Smoke). The mail piece was similar to the attack ads ordered up
by Bret Farley in 2004 which caused Murphey’s defeat when it was an
open seat. This piece was is so poorly done it will not have that
affect this time. I expect more may come in the mail today.

SD 28, Harry Coates campaign sent out a card with a Pinocchio nose on
a cartoon character proclaiming Tim Clem to be a liar, liar liar.
Coates proclaimed he was misrepresented as someone who voted against
making English our official language. In 2008 I was actually attending
the House committee meeting where he showed up to oppose the
legislation. He later voted against that good and solid law regarding
the subject. In 2009, he did vote for a watered down resolution
regarding the subject. The voters will get to vote for or against the
issue this November on one of the state questions.

Harry Coates should be worried about losing his race as well as the
outcome of his alleged affair. A semi-reliable blog out of central
Oklahoma was picked up by the Muskogee Politico and suggested the
Tulsa World was sitting on a story about Coates’ alleged affair with a
lobbyist 30 years younger than himself. The blog suggested the woman’s
husband, a staffer for Governor Henry filed for divorce on July 13th.
The blogger called into question why the World would sit on a story
until after the election. I alluded to this alleged affair about 3
weeks ago, but chose not to go into detail and thus invade the privacy
of the people involved other than Coates. I actually know a good deal
about this allegation and believe it to be true.

State Insurance Commission candidate John Doak was hit by a misleading
e-mail blast directed squarely towards Doak’s base of support, the
grassroots conservatives and the tea party crowd. The e-mail blast
came from my old buddy Kirk Shelley, a political consultant that I
suspect is employed by Insurance Commission candidate John Crawford.
Shelley was the paid coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign and is
currently Oklahoma’s interim coordinator for Campaign For Liberty and
as such has an enormous e-mail list. Once that is out into cyberspace
it can really run as I have had many people send it to me. Shelley is
very clever and knows how to push the hot buttons for conservatives.
Following are the 2 paragraphs in the e-mail that shook conservatives
regarding Doak.

“But John Doak (Crawford’s opponent in the GOP primary) said in Time
Magazine on July 6, 2010 that, while he opposes Obama’s health care
bill, ’If this stays in place and is the law of the land, [my]
insurance department will act accordingly,’” Shelley goes on to say:

“Please contact John Doak and ask him ’how can he say opposes Obama
Care and believes it is unconstitutional but is still willing to
implement it?’ Isn’t this how we got into this mess in the first
place? Too many spineless politicians saying one thing, but going
along with it anyway?”

Having had a lot of contact with John Doak, I knew this didn’t
represent John’s position, so I took Shelley’s advice and contacted
the Doak campaign for a response. Basically, IF the law stays in
place, His insurance department will follow those parts of the law
that might be constitutional. However, John Doak is a huge advocate of
repealing Obamacare as it is at its core unconstitutional. Doak has
campaigned vigorously against Kim Holland for being a supporter of
President Obama and her lack of opposition to the passage of the
health care take over legislation. John Doak is the only insurance
candidate to join the lawsuit filed by Kevin Calvey to take the
measure to court.

What is humorous about Shelley’s attack is a statement made by his
candidate Crawford on July 20th to the Comanche County Republican
Party. Crawford said: “The Insurance Commissioner can’t do anything
about the Obama Health Care law and any candidate who thinks he can is
sadly mistaken. I will have to obey the law.” Obviously Crawford knows
nothing of the 10th Amendment, states rights or the nullification
movement catching fire in Oklahoma and around the nation.

Folks, I have a problem with supposedly conservative consultants
running campaigns for people who are not. Whether it be Lance Cargill,
who I believe is consulting for liberal Republicans like Harry Coates
and Shane Jett this election cycle and Doug Cox in the 2008 elections
or Kirk Shelley. Between those 3 liberal Republicans, Coates, Jett and
Cox, they have 7 RINO (Republican In Name Only) awards. I believe some
conservative consultants are quite willing to throw principle out the
window for a big paycheck, I have seen it happen too many times.

As an example, while Kirk Shelley was the paid coordinator for Ron
Paul for President campaign, Les White out of Norman, was one of
Paul’s most dedicated volunteers. Following the presidential primary
of 2008, Les decided to run for a house seat in Norman. It was a
crowded field on the Republican side with one of the candidates being
the former mayor of Norman. Was Shelley helping Les White? No, he was
helping the man who had been the mayor of Norman in 2001 while I was
doing a talk radio show out of Norman. Does anyone think you can be a
conservative and be elected mayor of one of the most liberal towns in

Bottom line, don’t be fooled by disinformation put out by skilled
political consultants. OCPAC endorsed John Doak after a vigorous
interview process and John is a true conservative, fed up with the
tyranny of the federal government. He would have never have been
interviewed by Time (not worth a dime) magazine if he weren’t opposing
Obamacare in the first place.


There is a thought circulating widely that Barry Switzer, a liberal
Democrat and the highly successful former coach of the OU football
team, will be a game changer in the Democrat primary for Governor. He
recently endorsed Jari Askins over Drew Edmondson.

While some mistakenly give credit to Switzer for Brad Henry’s election
victory in 2002 over the poorly conducted campaign of Steve Largent,
that reasoning doesn’t come close to reality. Barry Switzer is only
slightly more successful at supporting political candidates than he
has been at running restaurants. I don’t know of any of his several
efforts at owning restaurants that have succeeded.

In 2004, Switzer and Toby Keith, both endorsed and raised funds to
support the Democrat candidate running against Republican Thad Balkman
who represented the district in which both of the stars live. Balkman
won with the largest margin of victory ever in that race, though he
lost the seat in 2006. This year, Switzer has had fundraisers or
endorsed Democrat Jari Askins and Republicans Shane Jett and Ken
Miller. While Askins is likely to lose to Edmondson and Jett will
probably come in 4th in the 5th district congressional race, the jury
is still out on Miller. While I am not hard and fast on this, I am
very likely to vote against anyone Switzer supports.

Don’t forget to vote Tomorrow if you haven’t already. Unlike Chicago’s
liberal Democrat machine, I will never urge you to vote often in the
same election.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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