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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, March 30th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our first order of
business will be the election of officers to serve through the last
Wednesday in March of 2013. About a month ago I asked if anyone other
than those currently holding office would be interested in running for
one of the positions. So far no one has contacted me with an interest
in running. I am going to run for another term as President. Our other
officers have also agreed to run for re-election. They are Richard
Engle, Vice President, Susan Goodman, Treasurer, Bob Donohoo,
Secretary and Richard Harris as General Council. Please let me know if
anyone else is interested in running for any of these positions. If
not, we will move quickly to get this done and proceed with more
interesting subject matter. Our main speaker this Wednesday will be
State Representative Scott Martin (R-Norman). Representative Martin
has authored several pieces of legislation affecting public employee
unions. He will give us a history lesson and the reasons for his


SUNDAY - MOORE AREA - I have been informed that the Darwin vs.
Design Conference last Friday and Saturday in Northwest OKC was very
well attended. If you missed that conference but are interested in
this very important issue, you will have another chance to improve you
understanding. On Sunday, April 3rd, Dr. Mike Riddle from the Answers
in Genesis Institute will be speaking all day and evening at St.
John’s Lutheran Church, 1032 N.W. 12th Street in Moore. Dr. Riddle
holds a degree in Mathematics and a graduate degree in education.

Having just visited the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky, I can
assure you, nothing they present will be anything other than first
class, informative and authoritative. The presentations will go as
follows: 9:15 a.m. - WHY IS GENESIS RELEVANT? 10:30 a.m. -
Apologetics 101: Answering the Challenges. 4:00 p.m. - Thinking
Biblically About Dinosaurs. 5:00 p.m. - Dinner in the gym (freewill
offering) and a Q&A time with Dr. Riddle. 6:00 p.m. - 4 Power
Questions to Ask an Evolutionist. 7:30 p.m. - Taking Back American
Education. If you have additional questions, contact Beth Groh at
(405) 794-5462 or bethgroh@cox.net.


We had a packed house Friday night and a good crowd on Saturday as
John Guandolo and Major Steve Coughlin presented 7 hours of
information about Islam and the strategy of Muslims in America in
their effort to replace our Constitution and Western laws with Shari
Law. It is rather sad to realize these men had to leave the FBI, the
military and intelligence communities because of political correctness
to be able to share this dynamite information with the public.

Several years ago, information was found in a sub-basement in the
basement of the home of a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood. In
addition, the FBI had also taped the contents of a secret meeting of
leading Brotherhood members in America. As a result of that
information, these men were able to present factual information about
an agenda for the overthrow of America by Brotherhood and Hamas
members who have successfully infiltrated many key positions in
America. Evidence presented in the Holy Land Foundation trial was also
very helpful. Most of the information presented were from the words or
writings of leading members of the Brotherhood or Hamas who are living
right here in America. Fortunately, a good number of them are now in
prison, but many more are taking their places.

Two key points driven home were the importance of understanding how
Muslims use deceit and misrepresentation to build relationships with
key people in every level of government. Once those relationships are
established, Muslims become purveyors of misinformation to keep
authorities confused and from knowing their true intentions.

On Sunday evening during the 10:00 p.m. news on the local CBS
affiliate (News 9), there was a story about how the FBI had sent
orders to agents across America that they were severing their
relations with the organization known as CAIR (Center for American
Islamic Relations). According to the men, CAIR is a front group for
the terrorist organization HAMAS. On the news, a special agent in the
local FBI office expressed his disappointment because of good
relations with the local members of CAIR.

After the seminar, it is very easy for me to understand how this
special agent has been co-opted by members of the group and how much
of a “useful idiot” he has become for their agenda. They are trained
to be friendly, caring, helpful and informative about “a certain
perspective on” Islamic issues. I believe the DVDs of the conference
will eventually be available. On Sunday morning Pastor Paul did a
summary in an hour and 10 minutes that was just excellent. The message
had a little more of a spiritual component to the issue, but it was
chronologicaly factual and to the point. If anyone would like copies
of these DVDs, please contact the church during daytime hours at
(405) 348-1745.

Bottom line, in my opinion any Muslim wanting to institute Shari Law
or refusing to proclaim that Shari law should not be used in America‘s
legal system should be defined as “the enemy within.” I am not at all
suggesting violence be used against them, but they should be seen in
the same light as a Communist, Socialist, or Fascist as far as being
un-patriotic and an enemy of Americanism. If they are not an American
citizen, I am in favor of deporting them.


HB 2130 passed out of the House a couple of weeks ago with a little
over 50 yes votes and a large host of lawmakers slithering toward the
doors during the controversial vote on this vital issue. Conservatives
have dubbed it, The Obama Care Enabling Act. A major portion of Obama
Care involves the creation of health insurance exchanges.

HB 2130 creates a state version of these insurance exchanges, but one
of the problems is that Governor Fallin has accepted a $54 million
dollar federal grant for their creation. There are two issues here,
first whether government at any level should be involved in creating
these exchanges (insurance companies could do so if they wanted to).
The second issue is Oklahoma taking $54 million borrowed (70% of which
is newly printed) dollars from the bankrupt federal government.

Yesterday, Governor Fallin held a press conference to answer her
critics. Though she appeared nervous and stumbled over her words, she
basically said Oklahoma didn’t have the money to create the exchanges
without these federal dollars. She went on to say, if we didn’t do
this we would be forced to accept what the feds put on us sometime in
the future.

Let me ask, Governor Fallin, are you saying Oklahoma doesn’t have the
money, but the federal printing presses do? Are you kidding me,
Governor Fallin, do you care nothing about the solvency of our nation
and the future of your children and grandchildren, much less the same
for the rest of us? Are you going to be no different the other
governors who are addicted to the crack cocaine of federal dollars?

Senator Brogdon will have to speak for himself, but it was apparent
that Mary is afraid of the “big bad wolf” known as the federal
government. While I don’t believe had Senator Brogdon been elected to
the governors office that he would have gone around looking for a
fight with the feds. However, this is a perfect example of a 9th and
10th Amendment issue that Brogdon would have likely pushed back
against the fed’s edicts, especially with the citizens of Oklahoma
voting last November to opt out of Obama Care.

This bill will soon be assigned to a Senate Committee. At that time
the citizens will need to tell those Senators to kill this horrible
piece of legislation. When that occurs, Mary will need to grow a spine
and the citizens will need to gather around her and the other elected
officials to push back against the unconstitutional edicts of the
federal government. To really understand this issue log on to www.ok-safe.com.


The presentation and our conversations with Brian Alford at the OCPAC
meeting last Wednesday were quite lively. It is very clear that many
people are not too enthused about the new smart meters being installed
system wide by OG&E. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) will
funneled $100 million dollars in subsidies to OG&E to get these meters
installed. I believe most of the concern is over the possibility that
the EPA might someday order a company like OG&E to ration electricity.
While OG&E has no interest in doing that, the technology does make
that possible and so far OG&E has not proven a willingness to tell the
feds to go to hell.

Prior to our luncheon, there was a meeting held at the Corporation
Commission offices with newly elected Attorney General Scott Pruitt
taking the lead by explaining his intentions to take legal action
against the EPA. The problem is their un-reasonable edict about
forcing all of PSO and OG&E’s Oklahoma coal fired generating
facilities to either install expensive scrubbers on their equipment or
switch to natural gas for fuel which turns the generators to make

The problem seems to stem from the EPA’s mandate to improve air
quality over our national parks and wildlife refuges. One of the
things we learned last Wednesday is that the EPA has no scientific
evidence that the intermittent haze over the Wichita Wildlife Refuge,
West of Lawton, is caused by the 3 coal fired generating plants that
are close to 200 miles to the East Northeast of the refuge. Rather,
the EPA has determined the problem to be caused by using a model and a
model that does not represent the facts of the situation. In reality,
OG&E’s coal fired plants already produce electricity at a pollution
level below the standards the EPA would want to obtain with the

Therefore, all the expense to Oklahoma consumers and businesses to
obtain a certain level of pollution emissions with the installation of
scrubbers would be feel good efforts for the radical environmentalists
and just another case where the bureaucrats under the Obama
administration can prove that they can yank the chains of the people
and the states.

When asked if common sense fails to prevail and OG&E might be forced
to install the scrubbers or convert the coal fired plants to natural
gas, which might be the choice for OG&E? While the answer was
speculation, Mr. Alford suggested their preference would probably be
scrubbers. The reason is the cost to the rate payers to install
scrubbers would probably require a rate increase of 15% or a little
more, whereas the cost to convert to natural gas would require a rate
increase of more than 30%.

Now, back to the meeting last Wednesday morning at the Corporation
Commission. In Thursday’s Oklahoman, it was reported that “A
Chesapeake Energy Corp. executive (Tom Price, Chesapeake’s senior vice
president of corporate development) said it doesn’t make sense to
fight the federal plan because Oklahoma stands to benefit from
increased use of natural gas.”

Let me interpret that for everyone: what he should have said is that
Oklahoma’s natural gas producers (especially Chesapeake) and state
GOVERNMENT stand to benefit on the backs of consumers who will have to
shoulder an enormous increase in electric rates. In addition, all
Oklahoma businesses other than those in the natural gas industry will
also see their overhead increase which will be harmful to their
businesses and our attempt to see our economy grow.

In addition, if PSO and OG&E were to convert to natural gas, there
would be an additional rate increase in addition to the cost of
conversion. This would be a permanent rate increase as the cost of
producing electricity from gas is higher than with the use of coal.
And of course, when the inevitable occurs again sometime in the
future, when supply (we currently have an excess supply of natural gas
which is why prices are depressed) will again struggle to keep up with
demand, we will see the price of natural gas spike up and our electric
rates will skyrocket for some period of time. Of course companies like
Chesapeake love that scenario, because their GREED is then temporarily

Now, let me make it crystal clear, I am not an opponent of Chesapeake
energy or any other Oklahoma gas or oil producer. I want them to be
successful. I want them to sell vast amounts of the valuable oil and
gas they produce and given enough time they will sell it all. What I
do object to is their efforts to use government (in this case the EPA)
to obtain an advantage over their competitors (in this case coal) so
they can sell their products sooner than what the free market
determines is best for the consumers.

AG Scott Pruitt handled it perfectly when he said: “the debate over
whether to fuel the state’s power plants with coal or natural gas is
worthwhile, but such decisions should be made in Oklahoma, not in
Washington D.C. Right on General Pruitt, proceed in the courts with
all vigor against the nameless faceless bureaucrats in


* Speaking of President Obama, guess who said “I love him to death
and I fully support him and I just wish him well…”? None other than
one of Oklahoma’s favorite sons, Garth Brooks. Not only does this give
new meaning to the words in Garth’s hit song, “I’ve got friends in low
places” but it also just goes to show you can become a gazillionaire
without having the least bit of knowledge about the difference between
good and evil.

* Put me down in the “against the U.S. involvement in the war in
Libya” column. There are several short and sweet reasons. 1) We are
doing this under UN resolutions. 2) There is no threat to the U.S.
from Libya and thus we have no “direct” interests. 3) While it is
imperative for a President to be able to respond to a nuclear attack
or act quickly to rescue Americans’ being treated badly in foreign
countries, we should never engage in a war like this without going to
Congress for a formal declaration of war as is required by the U.S.
Constitution. 4) As bad as the dictator happens to be, he won’t be as
bad as the Muslim Brotherhood which will wind up in power should the
little dictator be deposed. 5) If this war is about “oil” for European
countries, then they should be the ones to deal with the little
dictator. 6) If we decide to go to war because other governments are
treating their own people badly, then we will be in perpetual war and
our demise will come much more quickly.

* On Monday the Catholic Arch Bishop in OKC and the one in Tulsa
urged the state legislature not to violate the human rights of
ILLEGAL ALIENS (my words not theirs) and to find a way to determine
them to be a necessary part of our society and as such find a path
toward citizenship (AMNESTY). With all due respect, these men need to
better understand to components of good government and the
preservation of our culture.

According to our Declaration of Independence we recognized that the
CITIZENS of the newly created nation have certain God given rights,
paramount among those rights are the right to LIFE, LIBERTY and the
PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. These rights extend to all American citizens and
others that we have allowed to LEGALLY enter our nation and live among
us. Those rights DO NOT, let me repeat DO NOT extend to people who
illegally enter our nation. The rights that extend to those illegal
aliens are the right not to be abused or suffer cruel and unusual
punishment before they are deported!

A nation that cannot control its borders and also determine who it
will accept and who it will not accept will be a nation that cannot
continue to exist under its original principles.

If the Republican party ever allows the illegal aliens living in this
nation today to become citizens, they will eat the bitter folly of
their foolishness, because we will never see another Republican
elected to the Presidency and Congress will almost always be ruled by
the Democrats. Plain and simple, what a horrible idea. The die is
cast, there is no turning back on this issue. This is an issue,
Republicans must be willing to fall upon the sword over.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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