Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Extra news and views...

With the lengthy group of announcements in yesterday’s e-mail, I
failed the mention the Ada Tea Party which will meet tonight, October
26th at the Pontotoc Technology Center, 601 West 33rd in the
Industrial Arts Classroom. The meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m.
Speaking about the 11 State Questions will be Al Gerhart with the
Sooner Tea Party. He will also talk about the agenda of the Oklahoma
Constitutional Alliance for the upcoming session. Also speaking will
be State Representative Lewis Moore about the state question to
prohibit using Sharia or international laws in any court decisions in
Oklahoma. In addition, Attorney General candidate Scott Pruitt will
speak. These meetings are always well attended and very educational.
If you live anywhere in the Ada area, I urge you to attend. I have
driven down a couple of times and have always benefited from such.

Speaking of Scott Pruitt, I had an opportunity to interview him along
with Mary Fallin, Janet Barresi, James Lankford and several of the
Patriot Pastors who were meeting for lunch the day before the John
Birch Society’s Council Dinner which was held in Norman a couple of
weeks ago. I thought all the interviews went well, but of particular
note was the one with Scott Pruitt. Take a few minutes to log on to
www.JBS.org and then link on to the Liberty News Network. In addition
to those interviews, I believe the interviews I did in Fort Worth with
several speakers at the Nullification Conference over the Labor Day
weekend are still available. The interviews with Senator Brogdon,
congressional candidate Stephen Broden and Debra Medina were all

Thanks for your time and attention.

Charlie Meadows

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