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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, October 6th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. All members present
at our meeting with their dues paid as of September 22nd will be given
a ballot to determine which of the State House candidates which have
appeared before us will receive our endorsement and financial support.
If you have not kept your own grading sheet on the candidates, I will
have one available for review. We will also take some time for
discussion and try to answer questions about the candidates.

In addition, we will be privileged to have Mr. Bill Hahn speak to us
for a few minutes. Bill is the public relations officer with the John
Birch Society and will be with us from the national headquarters in
Appleton Wisconsin. Bill is in town for the National Council Dinner
which will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Norman this coming
Saturday evening. Not only is Bill responsible for information
regarding the many positive efforts of the Birch Society, he must also
respond to the attacks from our detractors. Over the past couple of
years, many have had their eyes opened to the tactics of the radical
leftists as well as establishment RINOs (Republicans In Name Only)
toward real conservatives, constitutionalists or others who simply
march to a tune other than what they approve.

Whether you are Sarah Palin, Glen Beck, Fox News, a talk radio host
The John Birch Society or someone who has participated in the many tea
parties across the land, you have been the brunt of the attacks by the
establishment Republicans or worse, the many facets of the liberal
left in this nation. The attacks today are no different from the
attacks of years gone by upon the Birch Society. Seldom do the
establishment Republicans or the liberal left want to discuss issues
and situations, they would rather destroy their opposition through
half truths, exaggerations and wild speculations. The Birch Society
survived the on slot of attacks in years past and is again thriving.
What is the main reason? The message and information put out by the
Birch Society has stood the test of time and is more relevant today
than ever before. In addition, thanks to the internet, people can
research for themselves, they don’t have to get their information
through the filters of the liberal main stream press or establishment
publications. If you haven’t checked out the Birch Society’s web site,
please do


I am receiving a lot of requests for information on the State
Questions and the Judges. I plan to put out Charlie’s Picks in 2
parts, especially since the ballot will be so long. First will be the
11 State Questions and then part 2 will be legislative seats and some
of the Judges. My time schedule for October is brutal, so I don’t have
time to personally respond to anyone with these requests. I will get
them out ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

I also want to thank everyone who has stepped up to the plate to
become a dues paying member of OCPAC. We now have 285 dues paying
members for this year which exceeds last year‘s record setting
membership at 217. I will soon report on the amount of money raised
for the 2010 election cycle. I suspect it will be over $43,000 which
will be $10,000 more than we raised for the 2008 election cycle. From
the bottom of my heart and on behalf of all the officers at OCPAC, I
just want to say thanks for your confidence and support.


* MONDAY EVENING - EDMOND - Friends of James Lankford are
sponsoring a Town Hall meeting with James Lankford, the Republican
nominee for the 5th Congressional District. The location will be the
Edmond Public Library, 10 South Boulevard in Edmond. This will be an
opportunity to meet James, and ask questions. The time will be from
6:00 until 7:30 p.m.

* TUESDAY EVENING - OKC AREA - Mark Costello, the Republican
nominee for State Labor Commissioner is hosting an endorsement party
at Sean Cummings Irish Restaurant and Pub, 7523 North May in OKC from
7:00 to 9:00 p.m. The guest of honor endorsing Mr. Costello will be
Colby Yates, a professional bull rider and musician. About a year and
a half ago, it was reported that current Labor Commissioner Lloyd
Fields tried to steal Mr. Yates’ guitar while they were down at the
Cox Convention Center. Fields was tackled by a couple of bull riders
and held until the police could take him away to the detox center in
Bricktown. Rather than spending the usual 10 hours in the detox
center, a union lobbyist bailed him out after only 4 hours.

Mr. Yates will be playing a few songs and then endorse Mark Costello.
The whole event has prompted Costello to make 3 pledges. 1) Mark
Costello will take no special interest money. 2) Mark Costello will
take no lobbyist money. 3) Mark Costello will take no one else’s

It will be an evening of Irish appetizers, music and wholesome fun.
There is on cost to attend, if you planning to attend, please RSVP to
1 (877) 711.0955 or e-mail

* TUESDAY EVENING - TULSA AREA - Brigitte Gabriel will be
speaking Tuesday evening at Immanuel Baptist Church, 625 South
Broadway in Skiatook. The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. Brigitte is
an expert on Islam and will tell why we must not allow it to gain an
even greater foot hold in America than it already has. I was not able
to attend her meeting Sunday evening in Moore. However, I have already
had 2 phone calls reporting that it was a tremendous meeting and they
had a huge crowd. If you live in the Tulsa area, don’t miss this

* THURSDAY EVENING - OKC AREA - The Oklahoma City chapter of OK-
SAFE (Oklahomans for Sovereignty And Free Enterprise) will hold their
monthly meeting at the Village Library, 10307 North Penn in OKC. The
meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. and the topics covered will be: What
are Hub Zones, what are enterprise zones and what is Oklahoma’s
Quality Jobs Act? In addition, there will be some discussion about the
11 state questions. The public is invited.

* THURSDAY EVENING - OKC AREA - Oklahoma’s aggressive, no-
compromise 2nd Amendment organization (OK2A) will begin holding
monthly meetings on the first Thursday of each month at H&H gun range,
which is on the North side of I-40 and just about 3 blocks East of
Meridian. The meetings will begin at 7:00 p.m.


September 30th is the end for the fiscal year for the federal
government. Each year at this time I log on to an official government
web-site to determine the exact debt as of the end of the fiscal year
and how much deficit spending we incurred this year to add to our
national debt.

Here are the numbers, the debt as of 9-30-2010 is: 13(trillion),
561(billion),623(million),030(thousand)891(dollars),&79(cents). On
September 30 of last year the debt was: 11(trillion),909(billion),
829(million),003(thousand),511(dollars)&75(cents). Therefore, when I
subtract the later number from the former, the deficit spending for
the year just completed on 9-30-10 was: 1(trillion),651(billion),
794(million),027(thousand),380(dollars)&04(cents). If we take that
number and divide it by the 365 calendar days in a fiscal year, we
find out the federal government SPENT 4(billion),525(million),
189(thousand),&116(dollars) more each and every day of the year than
it took in in taxes or other earnings.

Bottom line, any politician or citizen wanting stimulus dollars,
earmarks or unconstitutional spending of any kind, let me suggest
this. The next time you look at your son, daughter, grandchild,
nephew, niece or the children of your neighbors, my I suggest you turn
your head from them, don‘t look them in the face. You see, today you
try to use your political power to demand that government pander to
your greed and selfishness. You are obviously willing to sacrifice
their future with an unbearable debt burden. Truth is, in 20 to 30
years, the burden may be so great, that today’s young will not be
willing to bare up under the pressure of the debt and the expenses
tomorrow for the caring of the elderly. They may then turn their backs
on you then, just as you are loading them down today with an
impossible burden for tomorrow.


I was contacted again this past week by Michael McNutt of the
Oklahoman for another article about the Sally Kern versus Brittany
Novotny race. Since Brittany turned down an opportunity to appear at
an OCPAC meeting and only discuss the issues other than his operation,
I must assume that Brittany really doesn’t want to publicly discuss
issues where it would be determined if he is a conservative or a

While it can’t be determined for sure, I can only speculate that he is
a liberal, using a few high sounding platitudes about issues, hoping
people will believe he would make a better and more responsible
lawmaker, and able to do a better job than Representative Sally Kern.
Let me share a few thoughts as to why I believe that is not reality.

First, Brittany is not just a registered Democrat wanting to run for
office. Brittany is a member of Oklahoma’s Young Democrats and is
Chairman of the, Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual and Transgender Caucus. I
believe their real agenda is to advance a radical social agenda and
the rest of the liberal agenda which goes along with it. When Brittany
responded to my invitation, he suggested OCPAC join along with the
group Change Now to co-sponsor a meeting in the district where people
(this occurred 2 years ago when about 30 homosexuals, most of whom
probably didn’t live in the district, showed out and made a circus of
the meeting) could ask questions.

Brittany also suggested that it didn’t make sense to have to share
time with a person from the John Birch Society. Truth is, I indicated
we would take about 20 minutes with our voting, give the Birch
Representative 8 minutes, then allow Brittany to speak 8 to 10 minutes
and then take questions. Every speaker who comes to an OCPAC meeting
is informed that they will have to answer questions.

Reality is that Sally Kern is one of the best lawmakers in the State
House. In Her 6 years in the House she has only introduced 4 or 5
bills out of 48 dealing with the kind of social issues which have
brought her so much attention. As an example of the majority of
legislation introduced by Kern, Sally introduced the Oklahoma
Environmental Authority Act. That was intended to put to a vote of the
people an ability to amend our State Constitution to establish that
Oklahoma’s Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the
Corporation Commission have all final authority over the federal
government’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regarding
environmental issues. If passed by the voters, it would be a 10th
Amendment push back against the unconstitutional overreach of the
federal government.

The reason of course was that the EPA was threatening to enforce CAP &
TRADE upon the states without congressional approval, under the
provisions of the Clean Air passed several years ago. If implemented,
that would increase, perhaps up to double the electric utility rates
for every business and resident in the state. While leadership
wouldn’t allow the bill to be heard, Sally was watching out for the
businesses and people of the state.

Brittany is critical of Sally’s efforts on this measure suggesting it
would only end up in the courts and cost the taxpayers of the state
money to fight the feds in the courts. I say, standing up to the
tyranny of the federal government is one of the most important duties
of any person to be elected to office in Oklahoma. That is why the
citizens of Oklahoma are going to elect Scott Pruitt as our next
Attorney General as he intends to form an office of lawyers who
specialize in Constitutional matters as to the proper relationship
with the state and federal government. That is a proper use of
taxpayer monies and I for one am quite willing to see our tax dollars
spent for such purposes. Sally is looking out for consumers and
businesses while Brittany is not. Brittany wants to appear as a
responsible policy wonk but is not.

During her time in the legislature, Sally has passed legislation to
exempt Doctors and medical workers volunteering their time to care for
the poor and elderly without charge from being subject to lawsuits.
While Brittany was busy filing a lawsuit against the OKC school board
to force them to hire back an alleged bad teacher who also happened to
be homosexual, sally was passing legislation to help the poor and

Sally also passed legislation to allow up to 5 members of a family,
either by birth or marriage, to opt out of workers comp insurance in a
family owned business. Not only does that help small businesses to
stay afloat, it also helps to earn a profit, especially if they
compete in a service industry where some of the competition may use
illegal aliens, paying the cash under the table and at a lower rate of
wages to boot. By not forcing family members of family owned
businesses to have to pay workers comp fees, it also allows them to
keep prices down and thus benefit consumers. If I could not opt out of
workers comp, the last figure I was quoted for my trade would be
$63.40 for every $100 I would pay myself in wages. That would mean I
would have to raise my rates by 63.4% just to earn the same money as I
do now.

Sally has passed other legislation effecting education and public
safety. Bottom line, Sally is the real deal and I suspect Brittany
Novotny is as phony as a 3 dollar bill. With that all said, an
invitation is still on the table for Brittany to appear and speak at
an OCPAC meeting and try to prove me wrong. I gave two different dates
for him to appear.


This past week, U.S. Senator Tom Coburn endorsed Dr. Charles Thompson
(DVM) in Dr. Thompson’s effort to unseat U.S. Representative Dan Boren
from the District 2 Congressional seat. This is the seat Dr. Coburn
held when he was first elected to office in 1994. Coburn held the seat
for 3 terms and did not run again as he had promised when first
running for office.

Charles Thompson spoke a week ago Friday to the High Noon Club which
meets every Friday at H&H gun range in OKC. I attended for my first
time and noticed, as well as other OCPAC members present, just how
much more passion and energy Charles spoke with than the time he
appeared at OCPAC. I just want to report, his speech was exciting if
you love limited government and the Constitution. During his speech,
he mentioned he had raised just over $50,000 and I know people
contributed additional to him on that day.

This past week, Dick Morris was speaking on one of the nationally
syndicated radio shows and talked about the 60 House candidates with
the best chance of winning in November. He indicated that most of them
were awash in campaign contributions. He then said there were another
20 seats which would have a fair chance of winning if they could only
raise sufficient funding. He then went on to say an additional 20
might have some chance of winning if they could raise enough money for
their campaigns.

I have to believe Charles falls into one of these latter two
categories, given the fact that Dan Boren votes with Nancy Pelosi and
President Obama 75% of the time, a fact in which I believe the
citizens of the 2nd District are not aware. Given that the people of
the 2nd District gave John McCain the 5th largest majority of any
congressional district in the nation, they will elect Charles if he
can only raise sufficient contributions to inform them of Boren‘s

If you have already contributed, thanks so much, win or lose you have
done the right thing. I just gave another $50 and urge people to give
again or give for the first time if you have not thus far. Again,
almost 4,000 people receive this e-mail directly. If everyone
receiving this gives just $10, that would add up to $40,000. I know
some just can’t help, but it is not unusual to pay $10 for a lunch.
Would it be worth missing a lunch to help change out Dan Boren with a
Constitutionalist in Congress? If so, please send your best
contribution to Charles by logging on to his web-site at
Any and all help would be appreciated.


This past Tuesday, Jerry Fent appeared before the Supreme Court for
oral arguments in his efforts to force the state of Oklahoma to obey
the Constitution. One of the Supremes was absent, but the other 8
decided not to hear the case. The attorney representing the AG’s
office and opposing Mr. Fent suggested to Jerry that he basically go
on a time consuming wild goose hunt about irrelevant matters in a
lower court as the Supremes should not decide minutia, but rather
Constitutional matters.

Excuse me, did the attorney open his eyes long enough to see that Mr.
Fent brought the case as a matter of violating the Constitution? Based
on their recent ruling on the unconstitutionality of the 1% charge on
health care claims this should have been a slam dunk, but the Supremes
decided to act like a bunch of spastics and ignore this case.

Let me share an e-mail I received from a person receiving my e-mail
last week where I announced that Mr. Fent would go before the court.
This person is a former government employee:

“Charlie - Fent is RIGHT ON! It always disturbed me to collect fines
and fees from the various industry groups I once regulated only to see
these specifically purposed funds be swept away by various greedy
bast*^#+ of the Legislature (and their staffers). I honestly thought
it was unconstitutional and often wondered if anyone like Fent would
take it on. I am excited to see how it comes out.

You see, if ever there were not enough funds in these accounts to
remedy whatever their purposes, then those injured could come back
against the entire state treasury, in my mind. It is a very dangerous
game that they play and we are lucky that no crisis has ever risen.

…just had to vent a little bit.” XXXXXX

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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