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This will be our last week of interviewing candidates. Invited to appear are Mike Sanders of Dover, winner of the district 59 primary run-off race. Another winner of a primary run-off was Harold Wright from Weatherford. Mr. Wright won his primary run-off race by 8 votes. There was a recount with only a 1 vote change. Also invited is Dan Gambil of Elk City. Not invited was Jay Matlock of Tulsa. When he filed for office he didn’t include his zip code with his address and when I tried to call him, there was no phone listing for him at his address. There always seems to be a least one candidate like this in every election cycle. Kind of makes one wonder why they even go to the trouble of filing.

About 3 weeks ago former State Representative Thad Balkman (defeated 2 years ago by Wallace Collins) had a letter published in the Oklahoman titled "Resorting to smutty politics." Balkman attacked World Net Daily reporter and author Jerome Corsi by suggesting his latest book, OBAMA NATION, was ANOTHER work of fiction.

As a point of interest, while in a motel on the way back from our recent trip to Colorado, I was flipping through the channels and saw Jerome Corsi on the TV talk show, Larry King - barely aLive. Dr. Corsi was in a debate with the head of the ultra liberal disinformation organization, called Media Matters which I believe is associated with the move group. They were in a heated debate about Corsi’s new book. It appeared the most controversial thing in the book was Corsi’s claim that OBAMA had been registered by his step-father as a Muslim while attending school in Indonesia. Therefore Obama’s claim that he has never been a Muslim was incorrect, though Corsi acknowledged Obama is a Christian now.

The fellow from media matters never could dispute any of Corsi’s claims but only attacked Corsi by name calling and making innuendos, much like Balkman has done. I haven’t read Corsi’s book and I rather doubt Balkman has either. However, I understand Corsi’s book has 30 pages of foot notes to document his claims. Part of Balkman’s letter states: "Corsi is a smear artist who’s unfairly maligned people’s reputations on the political right and left alike. He’s advocated various deceptive and frankly delirious ‘North American Union’ and 9/11 conspiracy theories and has associated with white supremacists." I would sure like to see Balkman come up with ANY evidence of the "white supremacists" claim.

Me thinks Balkman may have paid too much attention to the Media Matters fellow. Balkman went on to suggest: "voters in Oklahoma should know better than to buy Corsi’s piffle; just last year Corsi attempted to undermine the 100 Ideas Initiative by claiming that a meeting the initiative sponsored together with TRUST was really a ruse to promote the North American Union and a superhighway..."

I would suggest that since Balkman was the point man for former Speaker Lance Cargill’s 100 Ideas Initiative, we may have discovered the real rub with Corsi. Balkman is correct in saying that Corsi went after Cargill’s 100 Ideas program and Balkman would be technically correct to say the 100 Ideas program didn’t endorse the agenda of using Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) as the means of building multi-modal transportation corridors. Cargill and Balkman’s initiative did however help sponsor a presentation by Robert W. Poole Jr, Director of Transportation Studies with the Reason Foundation.

I attended the presentation and Poole was a huge proponent of the PPPs as a means of financing and building roads such as is going on with the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC) which is commonly referred to at the NAFTA Superhighway. That road is under construction today and is headed toward Oklahoma, with likely intentions to run parallel on the East side of I-35 through Oklahoma, on its way to Kansas and eventually on to Canada.

As I have stated in the past, the I-35 corridor, or NAFTA Super Highway, is the main corridor of an intended 80 independent but interconnected corridors to run throughout Mexico, the United States and Canada. These corridors are like the cardiovascular system needed to create a North American Union. Due to the fine efforts of Jerome Corsi, The John Birch Society, Eagle Forum, the Freedom 21 Coalition, the Selous Foundation, World Net Daily and many others, the opposition to the creation of a North American Union is enormous and continues to grow.
Too bad Balkman doesn’t have a better knowledge of history and how the 50 year process to create the European Union came about. The Birch Society has done a superb job of chronicling the step by step process which created the EU. It all came about through trade agreements, incrementally increasing the scope of control and eventual loss of sovereignty the various member states of the EU are now experiencing. The NAFTA trade agreement along with the Central American Trade Agreement (CAFTA) are all steps on the way to the desired plum known as the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA).

Too bad Balkman is so worried about "delirious" conspiracy theories that he lacks the discernment to recognize the peril of the actions taken by President Bush along with former President Fox of Mexico and former Prime Minister Martin of Canada in March of 2005 at Crawford Texas. As a result of their meeting they agreed to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP). The thoughts of being secure and prosperous through a partnership sure sound good, but the words are superficial and for consumption by the great un-washed.

There are approximately 25 non governmental organizations (NGOs) such as the North American Super Corridor Organization (NASCO) working like busy little bees in the 3 countries to implement the working parts of a merged union. If Balkman would do a little research, with an open mind, and read the quotes of the proponents of the "open borders crowd" and the globalists, he just might be able to put the rather obvious pieces of the puzzle together. I think he could as he really is a smart fellow, assuming his nose isn’t bent too far out of shape by Corsi’s thump of the 100 ideas program he was running.

About 10 days ago, Senator Brogdon (R-Owasso) answered Balkman’s letter with one titled "Threat to Sovereignty." Senator Brogdon wrote in part: "Balkman described Corsi and other opponents of the NAU as someone believing in ‘delirious’ conspiracy theories and associating with white supremacists. Balkman should know that U.S. Reps. John Sullivan and Frank Lucas, along with 50 other members of Congress, have co-authored HCR 40 denouncing any U.S. involvement in the NAU. I’m quite sure that all 50 co-authors must believe there is a big enough threat to our sovereignty to try and stop any involvement in the NAU. I’m also confident that the members of Congress don’t believe in delirious conspiracy theories, nor do they associate with white supremacists."

Brogdon finished by saying: "The facts are there for anyone who’s interested: The North American Union is another piece of the puzzle designed to help support a global agenda. Although the "100 Ideas" may be a fine effort, the best idea for Oklahoma is to support Americanism."

With the thought in mind of supporting Americanism rather than the globalist agenda known as the North American Union, may I suggest everyone reading this e-mail make a phone call today, Tuesday the 16th to your personal U.S. Representative. The reason for today? The American Policy Center ( has organized 50 different organizations to have their members call their personal Congress in the U.S. and their members of Parliament in Canada. The calls should urge these elected officials to: 1) Stop the Efforts to create a North American Union, 2) Protect our nation’s independence and sovereignty, and 3) to serve the Constitution they were elected to protect.

You should specifically ask them to co-sponsor HCR 40. This is a bill offered in Congress by Virginia Representative Virgil Good calling for Congress to oppose the NAU and the NAFTA Super Highway. If calling Representative John Sullivan, covering the Tulsa area, or Frank Lucas, covering North central and North West Oklahoma, please thank them for their support. The ones who need to be contacted to co-sponsor HCR 40 are Mary Fallin, Tom Cole and Dan Boren. I will list their local office phone numbers. Representative Fallin: (405) 234-9900. Representative Tom Cole: Norman (405) 329-6500, Lawton (580) 357-2131, Ada (580) 436-5375. Representative Dan Boren only has his Washington office listed in the Oklahoma Almanac. His number is (202) 225-2701.

As I have said before, I will never ask folks to make calls if it is not important. This is important, so I urge folks to take a couple of minutes to make your call. It is a great way to stand up for the sovereignty of our nation and only 1 day before the anniversary of the signing of our Constitution which occurred on September 17th, 219 years ago.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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