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Our first speaker will be Jim Heightmeyer, Republican candidate for the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s position. I have believed for a long time that Sheriff Wetsel, a Democrat, is a significant part of the problem with county government. It will be good to meet Mr.
Heightmeyer to see where he stands on issues.

We will also have Mr. Eric Brauer speak to us about the culture war and what we need to do as activists in this great conflict to re-claim our nation and Western culture. Eric has published a small book regarding these affairs and will have copies available for distribution.


I must keep this e-mail short as I returned late last night from a 5 day trip to Appleton Wisconsin where Linda and I attended an event celebrating the 50th anniversary of the founding of the John Birch Society.

In that regard, the Oklahoma City Business and Professional chapter of the Birch Society will have their regular monthly meeting this Wednesday morning at the Character First Training Center, 520 West Main in downtown OKC. Breakfast is served at 7:00 a.m. with the program beginning at 7:30. Several of the 20 or so folks from Oklahoma who attended the 50th event will be speaking in a round table setting about the content of the 3 day conference. I urge folks to attend if possible as the information learned was important as well as exciting.

With over 30 speakers it was impossible to hear everyone but I really enjoyed hearing Samuel L. Blumenfield, an infrequent contributor to Perspectives, published by the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA). Mr. Blumenfeld was the author of NEA TROJAN HORSE IN AMERICAN EDUCATION, published in 1985. If you could only read one book to understand what has gone wrong in with the government schools it should be Mr. Blumenfield’s book.

I also got to renew my acquaintance with the Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, a fearless black pastor who appears frequently on Hannity and Combs as well as many other high profile TV programs. The Reverend Peterson, dubbed as the other "Jesse" by our good friend Dr. Izzy Lyman, is the other side of the coin from those I believe to be race baiting hate mongers like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and others.

One of the break out sessions I was most impressed with was titled INNOCENTS BETRAYED by Aaron Zelman, founder of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms. I purchased a copy of the DVD he produced and will be showing it sometime in the future at an OCPAC meeting. I also really enjoyed meeting and hearing Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America (GOA). Years ago I dropped my membership in the NRA as I believe they have compromised far too many times on second amendment issues. In my opinion the GOA is the far better guardian of the second amendment. That is not to say the NRA has not done some good, I just don’t prefer compromised mixtures.

I heard many other exceptional speakers, but I really enjoyed getting to hear Chuck Baldwin, presidential candidate for the Constitution Party who was the key-note speaker on Friday night. Then of course U.S. Representative Ron Paul was our key note speaker on Saturday evening.
When it comes to the economy, the federal reserve and our banking system, Ron Paul has been the one person in elected office who has had it correct more than anyone else. Too bad Republican syncopates turned against Congress Paul without giving him a fair hearing. As I said in the past, though I struggled with some of Dr. Paul’s foreign policy (much less now than I did then) I believed he was far and away the best candidate to contend with the forces WITHIN our nation who would destroy us with unsound economic policies, and a globalist agenda.

One other note, while there, we had time to tour the air museum in Oshkosh Wisconsin which is home to the world’s largest and most prestigious "fly in." They have one of the few remaining world war 2 war birds, the P-38 in their museum. My dad was a P-38 pilot and flew
49 missions toward the end of the war in the Pacific theater. He accompanied us on the trip and it was an exciting opportunity to take some pictures of him standing next to such a famous war plane.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday for lunch and hopefully breakfast as well.

Charlie Meadows

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