Monday, April 13, 2009


– AGENDA FOR THIS WEEK’S MEETINGThere is nothing like April 15th, tax return deadline for federal andstate income taxes, to heighten our awareness as to just how muchthose two jurisdictions of government take from the productivecitizens (taxpayers) in society. So in keeping with that heightenedawareness, the main feature of our program will be a DVD titled: TAKEYOUR MONEY BACK. The DVD is produced by Aaron Zelman, founder anddirector of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms. It is just 10minutes long, so we won’t show it until 12:45 p.m.. That way anyonewanting to leave the rally a few minutes early and come see this DVDwill be able to do so. Italiano’s is exactly 2 miles North of theCapitol. Earlier in the program we will show a 27 minute video called:TRIMming BIG Government - Why we must dismantle the federal welfarestate in America - and HOW we can do it. While the TRIM program (an adhoc committee of the John Birch Society) is currently suspended, theprinciples and methods are still viable.


Monday evening April 13th, U.S. Representative Mary Fallinwill hold a town hall meeting in Edmond from 4 until 6:00 p.m. Thelocation will be the Downtown Community Center at 28 East Main St. Iurge conservatives to attend town hall meetings to ask questions aboutlimited government, the Constitution and reducing taxes. CongresswomanFallin is the only announced Republican candidate for the 2010governor’s race. I would suggest Republicans wait to determine thosein the race before committing to a particular candidate. However, forthose who have already decided to support her, I suggest contributingand working toward that effort.

Monday evening from 7 until 8:00 p.m. the NorthsideBible Church will begin showing The Truth Project. The location is100th and North McKinley in OKC. If you have not had an opportunity toview this excellent 13 hour DVD series, I urge people to make aneffort to attend.

Besides Representative Fallin having announced forgovernor, State Senator Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso) has formed anexploratory committee for governor. Again, I am neutral in this raceas well as OCPAC until all Republican candidates have an opportunityto appear before our members early next year to compete for ourendorsement. However, some of his supporters have informed me theyhave organized a fund raising “money bomb” day for Senator Brogdon forWednesday, April the 15th. Part of what candidates often do todetermine whether or not to run is based on the amount of financialsupport people are willing to contribute. To contribute on line, logon to Senator Brogdon has indicated hewill announce his intentions to run or not at the state conventionthis coming Saturday.

There are at least 20 tea parties to be held all overthe state. I am very supportive of the concept of citizens gatheringtogether to express outrage at the growth of government, the level ofdeficit spending, exploding national debt and the soon to follow taxincreases and possible run-away inflation. While these tea parties aregreat starting points, without intelligent organized efforts in thefuture, they may accomplish very little. Following is a list of thelocations, times or contact numbers for organizers. If you have anopportunity to attend one or more of these events, by all means pleasedo so.

TAXPAYER TEA PARTIES taking place in Oklahoma on April 15th:Ada 12 to 1:00 p.m. County Courthouse LawnBartlesville 12:00 noon, in front of City HallCarney contact Sheena Wilson (405) 865-2225Claremore 11 to 1:00 p.m. then 5 to 7:30 p.m.,
County CourthouseClinton 12 to 1:00 p.m.
Clinton City HallDuncan contact Jan Gaddis (580) 252-7000
Edmond contact Jenni Massengill (405) 715-0209
Elgin contact Cordon DeKock (281) 650-6235
Gage contact John Froage (580) 923-7987
Idabel contact Jamie Ensley (580) 286-7656

Jenks/S.Tulsa 12 noon, LaFortune Park, South end of 51st and YaleLawton 11 a.m., Shepler Park, S side of Gore, between 4th and 5th,just N of City HallMcAlester contact Lonnie Lu Anderson (918) 470-7895
Miami 12 noon, Fairgrounds South of townMuskogee 12 noon, Muskogee Civic Center (4th & Okmulgee, downtown)Mustang contact Jason Timm (405) 613-4547

Norman contact Melinda Harvey (405) 360-1716OKC
12 noon, South steps of CapitolOwasso contact Roger Brown (191) 860-9597
Piedmont contact Tom Treat (405) 373-4945
Ponca City contact Charlotte Smith (580) 765-8934
Sasakwa contact Catherine White (405) 941-3381
Stigler contact Judi Stubblefield (918) 967-8286

Tulsa 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. County Courthouse Plaza (5th & Denverand from 5 to 7:00 p.m. at Veterans Park, 1875 South BoulderYukon contact Dave Cline (405) 306-7782.

All of the above information is based on what I have received fromAmericans For Prosperity and is accurate as far as I know. You areencouraged to make a sign which best represents your thoughts. May Isuggest one: taxation WITHOUT representation was bad.

However,representation WITHOUT taxation is worse - it leads to fascism andsocialism!!!NATIONWIDE

I received information from Concerned Women of America(CWA) that on April 15,th Starbucks Coffee nation wide will encourageparticipation in the “Same Sex Kiss Day.” Christian parents might wantto discipline themselves to “suffer” on that day by skipping their“lattes” or other types of designer coffee. That way they will nothave to run the risk of having their children’s little minds pollutedby a public display of homosexual perversion. As the state director ofCWA recently told me, Starbucks is another corporate chain outlet sheis scratching off her list from which to do business.There are many important events happening, but I need to shut thisdown and get it out as there are several on Monday. I will put out asecond e-mail this week regarding many of the other issues.I hope everyone had a meaningful “resurrection day” yesterday. Justremember, no Easter bunny or chick hatched from an egg ever lived aperfect life, was nailed to a cross to pay for our sins, or wasresurrected to overcome the “sting of death”. Just remember, Jesus isthe meaning of this season also.

I look forward to seeing everyonethis Wednesday.
Charlie Meadows

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