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Our program this week will feature nationally known author, speaker
and historian William (Bill) J. Federer. Over the past 15 years or so
Bill has been with us 7 or 8 times, the last being about a year and a
half ago. Bill speaks about 400 times per year not counting television
and radio appearances. He has authored 12 to 15 books with his first
(AMERICA’S GOD AND COUNTRY - Encyclopedia of Quotations) being his
most noted and widely sold (about 3 quarters of a million).

He has written a new book since being with us last and will speak
about the subject, which will include Hegel’s dialectic, where a
crisis is created and then government grasps more power during the
crisis (sound familiar?). I am going to have the restaurant bring some
more seating into our room and add another speaker for better sound
toward the entrance. I urge folks to arrive early for a good seat.
Bill is sometimes a keynote speaker where large crowds have to pay $50
or more to hear him. We are fortunate to have him without cost. He
will have a variety of his books for purchase and he is always most
happy to sign them following our meeting.


There is a national effort to put into the mail, this Tuesday on March
31st red envelopes to be mailed to President Obama. Red envelopes can
be bought at Kinko’s or party stores. Send as many as you like. Don’t
fill them with anything, just a red envelope with the following
message written on the back: “This envelope represents one child
who died in abortion. It is empty because that life was unable to
offer anything to the world. Responsibility begins with conception.”
Address it to: President Barack Obama, The White House, 1600
Pennsylvania Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20500. Please remember to
put them in the mail on Tuesday.


I personally prefer to listen to Laura Ingraham weekday mornings from
8 to 11:00 on 1520 AM rather than Glen Beck during the same time slot
on 1000 AM. I prefer her style and in a 3 hour program she will
usually disseminate twice the information that Mr. Beck will discuss.
Laura is a converted Roman Catholic. Every Thursday she has on a
Catholic columnist and culture warrior named Raymond Arroyo (sp?).
They are both conservative and frequently openly discuss and lament
the liberalism within the Catholic Church.

While I am not a Roman or Eastern (Orthodox) Catholic, I find the
commentary interesting. Just remember, Roman Catholics represent the
largest grouping of people in America who profess to be Christians.
Southern Baptists of the Protestant wing of Christianity are the
second largest.

Currently there is a raging controversy brewing over Notre Dame
inviting President Obama for this year’s commencement speech as well
as bestowing upon him an honorary doctorate. Without question
President Obama is the most radical pro-abortionist we have ever had
as President. That is especially true when you consider so many of his
appointments come from radical hard core abortion organizations or
positions. He is also very pro-homosexual in his agenda, which of
course both abortion and the acceptance of homosexuality are both anti-

Roman Catholics hold to an official position of being opposed to
abortion, so why invite President Obama to Notre Dame? Do they hope to
“witness” to him and convert him, or is it political correctness gone
amok? Is it a result of liberal staff, student groups and perhaps the
current President? I would suggest primarily the latter, as the
University even allows for a homosexual student group on campus.

If there is ever a religious group that should have learned a lesson
on the issue of homosexuality it should be the Catholic church. It has
cost them dearly in membership and tens of millions of dollars in
settlement monies as a result of the homosexual pedophiles in the
priesthood. Whether we are talking about abortion on demand or
homosexuality, they are both the antheses of Christianity.

My purpose is not to bash the Catholic church. The Methodists have
struggled over the years with the liberals in their church as have the
Southern Baptists with their “moderates,” the Presbyterians with
theirs, the Episcopal’s with theirs and so on. Truth is, any Christian
denomination or order will have to guard the truth and principles in
which they believe or the enemy of man’s soul (Satan and his spiritual
powers of darkness) will infiltrate, compromise, water down, mitigate
and destroy the spiritual substance and life of that Christian

The response to Notre Dame’s decision has been hot, as many alumni are
indicating they will no longer support the University on a financial
basis. One caller I listened to indicated she will never again BLINDLY
trust church leaders, but study and determine for herself what is
right and wrong. Father Sirico of the Action Institute, a leading
Catholic think tank, said he will return a very nice gift he received
from the University for being a past speaker at Notre Dame. I heard an
alumni indicate he would join his daughter along with others to burn
their Notre Dame diplomas in protest on the day of graduation if Obama
is allowed to do the commencement and receive this honorary doctorate.
I contacted Bob Sullivan from Tulsa, a Republican candidate for
governor in 2006. Bob is the former President of the Notre Dame alumni
association and a former Trustee of the University. He indicated to
me, “this is the Universities’ biggest mistake in his lifetime.”

Bottom line, often times what Satan means for harm can be turned into
good by God. If all the protests end up with Notre Dame cleaning up
much of the liberal influences at the University, it may reinvigorate
Notre Dame and perhaps spill over into the broader church. Probably
the first place to start would be with a new President, perhaps
someone in the vein of a Father Sirico.


HJR 1003 by State Representative Charles Key (R-OKC) passed in the
House 83 to 13 and is now in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The
resolution sends a strong message to the federal government about its
violation of our “state’s rights.” If you know one of these Senators,
have ever contributed to them or the party or most important, if you
happen to be one of their constituents, you really need to contact
them. The list is as follows:
Senator Patrick Anderson ( R-Enid to Guthrie), (405) 521-5630,
Senator Susan Paddack (D-Ada) (405) 521-5541,
Senator Brian Crain (R-Tulsa), (405) 521-5620,
Senator Dan Newberry (R-Tulsa) (405) 521-5600
Senator Anthony Sykes (R-Moore to Duncan) (405) 521-5569
Senator Kenneth Corn (D-Poteau) (405) 521-5576
Senator Charlie Laster (D-Shawnee) (405) 521-5539

This is very important, Senators Anderson, Crain, Newberry and Corn
are the most important to contact. I wouldn’t bother with Laster in
less you live in his district. Corn needs to be contacted from people
all over the state as he is running for Lt. Governor and he will want
to be as responsive to as many people as possible, no matter where
they live. Please make your calls, preferably on Monday, or Tuesday at
the latest.

In addition, the syndicated columnist, Dr. Walter E. Williams had his
column published in the Oklahoman as well as other papers which deals
with the growing 10th Amendment movement. It is excellent and I will
try to have copies for our meeting this week.


1) I believe it is time to fire the Oklahoma Department Of
Transportation Director Gary Ridley and replace him with someone who
will focus on improving our roads and bridges. This past week Director
Ridley talked about a high speed train between Tulsa and OKC. Kudos to
the Oklahoman as they referred to it as “When pigs fly first class!”
The Oklahoman went on to say: “We hate to put the kibosh on this
caboose, but we doubt most Oklahomans want to spend up to $2 billion
for a line connecting the state’s two largest cities at up to 150
miles per hour.” It only takes a little more than an hour as it is to
go from gate to gate on the turnpike as it is.

Of course that doesn’t count the ever lasting subsidies that would
have to go along with such a loser. If that wasn’t silly enough, OKC
Mayor Mick Cornett was even more ridiculous when he suggested we need
the high speed train to run between OKC and Dallas. I guess he wants
to help Oklahomans get to Dallas faster to spend their money, rather
than stay in OKC and spend it here. If BNSF or any other private
enterprise wants to create high speed rail transit, then I am all for
it. But government needs to stay OUT of that business!!!

2) Saturday was the second year in a row that “greenei’s” have had
a “worldwide Earth Hour.” Folks were supposed to dim or turn off their
lights for a coordinated hour to send a strong message that we are
going to solve our climate change “problems.” This was sponsored by
the World Wildlife Fund. I would guess that most of those folks are
not only little “greenei weenies,” but probably a bunch of Westernized
Hindus as well. As for me, as soon as I got home Saturday evening, I
began to turn the lights on and the heat up. Also, Thursday evening I
burned several piles of limbs that had been stacking up. Besides
cleaning up, I wanted to release as much carbon into the air as
possible as it is so good and necessary for all the little plants.

3) Former UN Ambassador Edward Perkins will be leaving the
University of Oklahoma to return to Washington. In 1996 President
Boren brought him to OU to head up their International Programs
Center. Before being named as Ambassador to the UN, Perkins was with
the State Department. Like President Boren, Perkins is a member the
Council on Foreign Relations which is America’s leading globalist
organization. I believe the academic development and true patriotism
for students at OU may be a little better off without professor

4) All of our current officers were elected to serve another 2
years this past Wednesday as well as adopting the two changes to our
by-laws. Following the business part of our meeting last week we
showed the 17 minute video, Not Yours to Give. The video is based on a
true story about Col Davy Crockett when he served in Congress. One of
our friends present at the meeting found it on the internet. Here is
the address:

5) The main stream press gave a good deal of attention to a plane
crash in Montana about 10 days ago in which 14 perished, 5 of whom
were children. What the media never mentioned was that the plane
crashed into a Catholic cemetery just short the landing strip. In the
cemetery there is a special memorial called the “Tomb of the Unborn.”
It was erected as a dedication to all babies who have been killed as a
result of abortion. What is ironic is that two of the women on board
were the daughters and two of the men were the son-in-laws along with
5 grandchildren of Irving ‘Bud’ Feldkamp, owner of the Nations’s
Largest Privately Owned Abortion Chain. As strongly as I am opposed to
abortion, I sure don’t wish this on anyone. However, the circumstances
are eery. To read a more in-depth story on the event, log on to:

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To find out how, just follow the instructions following my sign off.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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