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Our by-laws require us to hold an election for officers on the last Wednesday in March in a non election year. All of our current officers have agreed to serve again, however, if anyone wants to run for one of the positions we will ask for nominations from the floor. The positions are: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary and General Council. We will also consider two changes to our by-laws.
First, I propose we set aside 25% of our dues monies for state wide races in the governor’s election cycle rather than the 10% we currently set aside. Second, I propose we allow our dues paying members all over the state to vote to determine the winner of the legislator whore of the year award, without being present. Those not present at our meeting could vote by e-mail or by mail. In the past our elections have not taken a lot of time. If that follows true again, we will watch one or two short DVDs following our business.


TULSA AREA This Friday, March 27th, U.S. Senator Tom Coburn will
be the guest speaker at a fund raiser to benefit American Majority Inc. The time will be from 7 until 9:00 p.m. with the location being the Renaissance Hotel, 6808 South 107th East Ave in Tulsa. The cost to attend is only $25 but you will need to RSVP, probably no later than Wednesday. For more information contact Anne Patterson at (918)
991-9026 or


A couple of weeks back we had our Republican National Committee man and woman, James Dunn and Carolyn McClarty along with State Chairman Gary Jones as speakers. They talked about the Republican National Committee, its election process for a new Chairman and some of the issues we face in the future as a party.

We had a good deal of discussion about Michael Steele, the newly elected chairman. My opinion of Steele’s leadership style is one who attempts to be all things to all people. A real leader would be a person who is able to convince social conservatives to be a Republican for their issues, fiscal policy conservatives because of their issue and American sovereignty (foreign policy) conservatives on their issue. If you aren’t conservative in at least one of these issues you have NO business being a Republican. You need to join another party or be one of the liberal independents (not all independents are liberal).

In other words, lets say you are a homosexual, but conservative on fiscal policy or American Sovereignty. Social conservatives should welcome that person in the party as long as that person isn’t pushing the homosexual agenda and thus opposing the social conservative agenda.

The roots for conservatism in all three of these spheres are Biblical, even though many social conservative Christians or Jews may be a liberal in one or the other two spheres. That is what I call an inconsistent Biblical world view. As an example, many Catholics are pro life but are fiscal policy liberals or are for open borders and therefore not opposed to the invasion of illegal aliens. In my opinion Robin Myers, pastor of Mayflower Congregational Church (United Churches of Christ) in OKC doesn’t have a conservative or Biblical World View on any of the 3 spheres. Then on the other hand you will find some Catholic orders, evangelical churches and even some in the old mainline churches that are conservative on all 3 spheres.

Perhaps the biggest battle for the Soul of the party is the attempt by humanistic conservatives or some “religious” conservatives to eliminate social conservatism from politics. They believe a person’s faith should be lived out only behind the four walls of a church or only in a prayer closet.

Around the first of the year I chided the Oklahoman with my “new year’s” advice that they should find a soul and not place what I believe as their number one priority on the economy or having a positive high ranking on the myriad of national surveys. Case in point, recently the Oklahoman took State Representative Mike Ritze to task for his legislation to place a 10 Commandments monument at the State Capitol. The gist of the editorial was that the legislature should be about the IMPORTANT work of government and not get sidetracked with these social issues.

However, during our meeting on the future of the Republican party, we heard several passionate statements from those in attendance. Perhaps the most important came from Dr. Steve Kern, pastor of Olivet Baptist Church in OKC. Dr. Kern made the case that the social issues are really the most important and I whole heartedly agree. Please consider these reasons and may I suggest it will be really important for each reader to decide for themselves.

Is there really a God, did He create the universe and all that is within and does He intervene in the affairs of men today? The majority of our Founding Fathers believed in the affirmative on all three of these questions. In fact, the flames of liberty were fanned by the clergy leading up to our War of Independence. Many believed we won that 8 year long war by the miraculous hand of God and some years later during the Constitutional Convention, it was a reproof by Ben Franklin that they needed to invoke the help of God to complete the formation of our Constitution. That prayer got them past a log jam that threatened the work of the convention.

With time America has obtained a growing number of adherents to other religions, many others aren’t believers and many professing Christians have no Biblical substance in their lives. According to the book AMERICA TO PRAY OR NOT TO PRAY, by David Barton, when the U.S. Supreme Court removed prayer from our schools our nation took a dramatic turn for the worse. I believe the year was 1972 and according to over 30 official government indicators (such as teen pregnancies, abortions, ACT scores, divorce, etc) the numbers began to show increased problems starting in that very year. Previously all statistics showed a steady trend or improvement. However, from that year forward every one of these indicators went down. There is no other apparent event that occurred in that year to explain the downturn.

This is what I believed has happened. I don’t think it is as important whether or not a child can pray in school as the fact that a government that once recognized God and was built on his principles, changed course to now demand God be removed from the government’s schools.

When that occurred, I believe the hand of God’s blessing began to be removed from our nation and we began to come under His curse. To have a greater understanding of my premise, please read the 28th chapter of the book of Deuteronomy in the Old Testament and its New Testament counterpart in the 3rd chapter of the book of John, starting with verse 31 and with a heavy emphases upon verse 36. Also read chapter 10 of First Corinthians from verses 1 through 10 to understand why and to a lesser degree how God has in the past judged His children, His chosen people. Then pay close attention to verse 11, to realize that all of God’s dealings with Natural Israel (Old Testament dealings) were to be EXAMPLES unto Spiritual Israel (New Testament Christianity).

If what I am saying is true, then the remedy for our problems would be a spiritual awakening, which might best be described in Second Chronicles chapter 7 and verse 14. Otherwise the wrath of God will continue like a wine press, slowly destroying the culture and prosperity of a once great nation. A nation built upon the principles of God but a nation that has now rejected Him.

Based on my study of God’s dealing with mankind, I can say the invasion of illegal aliens is not a sin, it is the judgement of God upon our nation. The expensive and deadly AIDS disease is not a sin, it is the fruit of the sin of homosexuality, sex outside of marriage and drug use with dirty needles. Our national trade deficit, annual budget deficits, and exploding national debt are not sins, they are the results (judgments) of violating God’s natural economic laws. We could justly call it the principles of sowing and reaping. Some, but not necessarily all, of the natural disasters such a Hurricane Katrina, earthquakes and raging fires may well be the judgements of God for our legalization of abortion, embryonic stem cell research, march toward human cloning and acceptance of homosexuality as well as other forms of rebellion toward God.

The recent election of President Obama and most of the other lying, thieving, godless, unpatriotic, and immoral bunch of Democrats who now make up the majority in Congress, is both a sin and the judgment of God upon a people who are ignorant of His principles, rebellious, or both. We are even worse off than the children of Israel who no longer wanted God’s form of earthly government and clamored for an earthly King. God gave them their wish and then chose for them a King.
However, in our nation we are responsible for choosing our leaders and thus stand more accountable for our choices.

The preceding is just a sampling of my reasoning for supporting Dr.
Kern’s statement, that the social issues are the most important issues to understand and uphold. If we were to study deeply enough and have God’s discernment, we would find that God’s Word also speaks to the fiscal and Sovereignty issues as well.

One of the greatest challenges for the Christian church in America today is two pronged. First a gospel must be preached that leads people to a born again relationship with God and then the preaching must conform people to godliness (I Tim chapter 6, verses 3 through 5). The second prong must come with the preachers teaching the truth and principles of God as to how they apply to public policy as well as how the sphere sovereignty (God created institutions such as family, government, church, and community) issues should act and relate to one another. We must learn of God’s blueprint for the proper versus improper functions for these institutions. If Christianity will do these two things, all of these large problems facing our culture and nation will eventually be worked out.

Since OCPAC is a political organization and not a religious organization, I usually don’t get quite as preachy as in today’s e- mail. However, I truly believe in what has been said, and, if in fact am correct, then all of the other solutions we come up with as cures for our ailing society will only heal us superficially or perhaps slightly at best.


1) Senator Brogdon formed an exploratory committee this past week
to test the waters for a run for Governor. He has promised an official announcement on his decision next month. U.S. Representative Mary Fallin has already announced. Others looking at the race are Congressman Tom Cole and former Congressman J.C. Watts.

2) Senate President Pro-Tem Glen Coffee (R-OKC) had to answer
today to news reports last Friday that the IRS had filed a lien on his home for failure to pay federal income taxes. He expressed his disappointment in his lacking to his fellow caucus members today and announced to the medial that he was ready to move forward pushing a Republican agenda in the Senate.

He is fortunate it wasn’t Oklahoma taxes as he had voted for a law which requires any state employee failing to pay state taxes to be terminated. Last year similar revelations caused the House Speaker Lance Cargill to step down and prevented his expected successor from assuming the post. That is what allowed for Chris Benge to become House Speaker.

I don’t think this will cause Senator Coffee to step down, but this issue along with the excessive raises he gave to some of his staff this year may prevent him from winning higher office in the near future should he desire to run. He is term limited out of office after next year.

3) A few years ago Oklahoma spent $25 million for our bio-metric
cameras in our tag agencies for our controversial drivers licenses.
the new system was sold to the public as identity theft protection. If you have read my e-mails over the past few years you know how much of a sham that reason happens to be. Following is an article explaining just how problematic our data base surveillance society is regarding identity protection:

4) Oklahoma County District Judge Ray Elliott is my hero for last
week. He sentenced a 56 year old woman to life in prison for stealing two expensive purses to feed her heroin addiction. I guess we could call it 30 strikes and you are finally in, FOREVER. That is right, she has had 30 previous convictions for theft related crimes. To her family and bleeding heart liberals who are calling for treatment not punishment, I say it is time long past due to lock up this incorrigible reprobate where she will never prey on her neighbors again. Of course society is still victimized by having to house and feed her, but at least much of that cost will be mitigated as she will no longer be receiving disability checks or food stamps. Hopefully she will meet Jesus in prison and eventually lead others to a saving knowledge of the Lord.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday. To join OCPAC please see instructions below.

Charlie Meadows
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