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Our first speaker this Wednesday will be Terri Feland, districtcoordinator for a national parental rights organization. During thepresidential election cycle, then candidate Obama indicated he wantedto re-open the UN Treaty on the Rights of the Child. His little lackeySenator Barbara Boxer is all to willing to get that process started.Mrs. Feland will give us an oversight to this evil treaty and what wemight do about it. Our main speaker will be State Senator John Ford (R-Bartlesville). Senator Ford is Chairman of the Senate EducationCommittee and will talk about his legislation to return more controlto our local school boards. The teachers union bosses sure have theirpanties in a bunch over Senator Ford’s legislation, so come find outwhat its all about.

This Wednesday the 18th, besides our meeting, there willbe a TAX CAP RALLY at 12 noon in the 4th floor rotunda at the StateCapital. Our friend Stuart Jolly, state director for Americans ForProsperity is sponsoring this rally to help Senator Jim Reynolds (R-OKC) move his legislation along which would reduce the maximum amountour property taxes could be raised from 5% each year to no more than3% per year. About 12 years ago the average property taxes paid byOklahomans was $667 per year. Last year that figure had ballooned to$1492 per year. If something is not done to reduce this cap, manyOklahomans at retirement may not be able to live in their homes theyworked a lifetime paying for, simply because their property taxes havebecome too high. According to the “rule of 72" just take anypercentage, divide it into 72 and that will tell you how long it takesto double. 72 divided by 5 means property taxes will double every 14years (school bonds will cause it to rise even faster). At least witha 3% cap it will take 24 years for them to double.OKC AREA On Thursday evening from 6:00 until 10:00 p.m. BobSchultz, founder of We The People Foundation, will be in OKC todiscuss his proposal for the upcoming Continental Congress of 2009.The location will be the South Lakes Event Center, 4210 SW 119th. Thatis just West of I-44 on 119th. This is being billed as “Putting TeethInto the 10th Amendment Resolutions.” Mr. Schultz is on a whirlwind 56city tour over a 60 day span of time. For more information you canview http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ld9XUay9yMU or contact Rebecca atdeclare1776@cox.net.
TULSA AREA Saturday morning, March 21st there will be a 10thAmendment Conference from ll:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. Starting at 10:30a.m. bagels, muffins and coffee will be served. The location will bethe Embassy Suites Hotel at 3332 South 79th East Avenue. While thereis no cost to attend, a recommended $10 per person contribution wouldbe appreciated. Sorry, I don’t have any details on speakers.
TULSA AREA One week from Friday on March 27th, U.S. Senator TomCoburn will be the guest speaker at a fund raiser to benefit AmericanMajority Inc. The time will be from 7:00 until 9:00 p.m. and thelocation will be The Renaissance Hotel, 6808 South 107th East Ave inTulsa. For more information contact Anne Patterson at (918) 991-9026or anne@americanmajority.org.The cost to attend the dinner and program is $25.

For all you youngsters, the old saying 2 peas from the same podconveyed the message that two people were alike. When I suggestPresident Obama and Speaker Benge are alike, I am not talking abouttheir positions on social issues. However, there is an area they arein agreement on as far as ideology is concerned. President Obama andthe Democrat thieves, liars, tax cheats and thugs, are using thefederal tax codes in an attempt to influence the behavior of people inAmerica. Speaker Benge is doing the same thing, just on a smallerlevel.Case in point, many Americans are livid over President Obama’s effortsto use tax rebates to create an incentive for people to buy a home orhis efforts to keep people, who made bad decisions, in their homes.There is almost no limit or end to the tax credits or other incentivesused by the Democrats to manipulate people’s spending behavior. Thisgovernmental philosophy is the classic definition of central planning.Speaker Benge has authored a good deal of legislation this year toinfluence people’s behavior in a way similar to President Obama’smethods. Speaker Benge wants the taxpayers to subsidize the purchaseof geo-thermal heating and cooling systems for new homes or to retro-fit older homes with these new systems.Speaker Benge evidently has no confidence in the free market, butbelieves it is necessary for the central planners like himself to usegovernment to control people’s behavior. Of course when I use the wordgovernment, I basically mean determining that one person or family isthe beneficiary of their neighbors tax dollars.Please understand, all tax credits or grants are nothing more than aform of welfare subsidies, that operate when government uses thethreat of its sword (decide not to pay your taxes and you will seewhat I mean) to force one person to give up some of their privateproperty (money) to their neighbors. Speaker Benge loves this kind ofgovernment as he has practiced it ever since he has been in thelegislature.Let me define some terms. A “GRANT” is simply a government give-awaytype of subsidy. The grant applications may have some qualifications,but once met, the money is handed over to be spent within theparameters of the application and it doesn’t have to berepaid.A tax credit is a rear end subsidy. Your first have to spend your ownmoney on a particular practice or product, then on tax day thegovernment will refund you the value of your expenditures, up to theamount of the taxes you have paid or are obligated to pay. If you hadno tax liability or if the tax credit would apply beyond your taxliability, then those overages are simply welfare monies.A “TRANSFERABLE” Tax Credit (TTC) allows for a person or entity tosell the value of the tax credit up front to some other person orentity at a reduced price, then the purchaser of the TTC can redeem iton tax day at its full value. Example, several years ago thelegislature provided Great Plains Airlines with an $18 million dollarTTC. Great Plains went out and found one or more investors to purchasethe TTC for about $16 million dollars which meant they had a reducedamount of tax credit, but it was UP FRONT capitol and thus they didn’thave to come up with the money first and then have it rebated on taxday. By the way, those economic development geniuses (lawmakers) atthe Capital gave Great Plains another $9 million the next year. Acouple of years later Great Plains went bankrupt and the lawmakers hadsucceeded in “fooling away” $27 million taxpayer dollars.Supporters say tax credits produce revenues we didn’t previously haveor that they spurr economic activity or behavior that will benefit thestate later on. The problem is, when you give tax dollars back topeople in an attempt to manipulate their behavior, there are less taxdollars for government to provide for its proper functions. That thenputs more of a burden on those taxpayers who are paying their fairshare of the cost of government. These taxpayers receive no taxrebates, but are forced to subsidize their neighbors.Four and a half years ago, I built a new home with a geo-thermalheating and cooling system. If I built it today, I could apply for a$2,000 tax credit from the federal government and if Speaker Benge’slegislation passes, I could probably receive a state tax credit for anadditional $6 or $7 hundred dollars. Why should President Obama andSpeaker Benge allow me to get back $2,600 of my tax obligation andthen leave it up to my neighbors to fund government without me havingto do my part? I didn’t need government help, because there is amarket for this product without subsidies. I spent extra to put mysystem in because in 3 to 8 years the savings in my utilities will payfor the increased up front costs and then after that I will continueto save from there on out.

When it comes to tax dollars and spending, House Republicans underSpeaker Benge are all over the place with this year’s legislation.Legislation in process represents a combination of new spendingprograms (tax credits and subsidies) sales tax rebates to the poor,and all types of spending practices to be exempted from sales taxes. Iheard Speaker Benge interviewed on a radio new program this past week,where he said it would be difficult to pass any tax cuts this year.When asked about various tax cut plans being offered he was asked whatmight be his preference? His answer was that he didn’t have apreference. What a shame. What ignorance of economic principles.While the level of government spending and the purposes for which taxdollars are spent are the most important issues, another vitallyimportant issue is where the government proceeds to get its revenues.It is really very simple. There are basically two sides to an economy.There is the PRODUCTION side of an economy and then there is theCONSUMPTION side of an economy.If you want more production and jobs out of an economy, then get yourtax dollars from the consumption side (sales taxes) of the economy. Ifyou want more consumption (goods made elsewhere) and less production(jobs here in Oklahoma) then tax the production side (corporate,franchise, capitol gains and income taxes) of the economy.Just some of the many reasons I like THE FAIR TAX (as promoted by NealBoortz and Congressman Linder ‘R-Georgia’) is that it is fair to allpeople and because there are no taxes on businesses, the cost ofproducing things in America would go down. That would make everythingwe produce in America more competitive in the global market. In thesame way, if Oklahoma chose not to derive any of its revenues frombusinesses, it would create an environment in Oklahoma wherebusinesses could locate and produce products that would allow ourbusinesses to better compete with products produced in other states oragain in the global market place. Remember, businesses don’t paybusiness taxes. Taxes are overhead to business and thus the increasethe price of their products, so it is the consumer that pays what areultimately hidden taxes.The Republicans in the legislature should not pass one single SALESTAX reduction this year. In fact, they should re-instate every singlesales tax exemption they have passed over the last 15 years or so withthe possible exception of the sales tax exemption on tickets forregional or national sporting tournaments. If exempting sales taxesfrom tickets is what is necessary to land tournaments to get peoplefrom out of state into Oklahoma to spend money for rooms, food andshopping, then it is worth it.Removing the other past exemptions will produce huge sums of revenuesto the state coffers. However, we SHOULD NOT spend any of these newrevenues. Rather we should cut or eliminate production taxes by thesame amount that will be brought in by removing the exemptions. Iwould suggest eliminating corporate taxes first, then work on thestate income taxes. Lowering the cost of producing goods and servicesin Oklahoma will create more jobs and on top of that, when businesseshave to compete for workers, salaries also go up. That is real andfair economic stimulus and everyone will be better of for it.
I was reading my American Family Association (AFA) news letter thispast week and noticed a push card advertising a new book and DVDtitled SPEECHLESS - Silencing The Christians. It started out bysaying: “The Christian bashers claim they want “tolerance.” But whatthey really seek is the power to silence any opposition. And theythink they have figured out how to accomplish that goal by redefiningChristianity as a form of bigotry, the moral and legal equivalent ofracism.” I would add, (or hatred toward homosexuals).It is a well orchestrated method the radical homosexuals use when anyhigh profile person says anything in public that doesn’t fit into theagenda of the radical homosexual community. They aggressively attackanyone by twisting words, presuming motives and claiming that anyonewho disagrees with them are homophobic hate mongers. The radicalhomosexuals deluge their perceived enemies with waves of e-mails,letters, phone calls or to on the internet with misrepresentations,irrelevant side stories or out and out lies.This past week, State Representative Jason Murphey (R-Guthrie) becamethe latest victim as he got some of the “SALLY KERN” treatment fromwhat should be described as an anonymous homosexual gossip site. Theblog site said that since Murphey was critical of the homosexualpreacher at the Capital a few weeks back, they needed to out him as ahomosexual since he was being a hypocrite.Of course the gossip web site has already had to change the date thissupposed affair happened as the fellow named as being involved withRepresentative Murphey died about 2 years before the affair wassupposed to happen. It is really convenient to make up a story about aguy that is dead, as he can’t speak to the issue and of course left noevidence behind. For Representative Murphy’s extensive response andhis linking the propagation of this “fairy” tale to a member of theDemocrat Central Committee, log on to http://www.housedistrict31.com/response.php.When thinking about this whole situation I am reminded that accordingto the first chapter of the book of Romans starting with verse 25,God’s Word tells us because: “they have exchanged the truth of God fora lie, and worshiped and served the creature (man and his lustfulpleasures and sin nature ‘my words’) rather than the Creator, who isblessed forever. Amen.” Vs 26: “For this reason God gave them over todegrading passions; for their women exchanged the natural function forthat which is unnatural, and in the same way also the men abandonedthe natural function of the woman and burned in their desire towardone another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving intheir own persons the due penalty of their error.” Vs. 28: “And justas they did not see fit to acknowledge God any longer, God gave themover to a DEPRAVED MIND, to do those things which are not proper,being filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil; fullof envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice; they are GOSSIPS, SLANDERERS,haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, INVENTORS of evil,disobedient to parents, without understanding, untrustworthy,unloving, unmerciful; and, although they know (they are not inignorance ‘my words’) the ordinance of God, that those who practicesuch things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but alsogive hearty approval to those who practice them.”Not every homosexual is a far out radical, some have more self controlthan others. But deep down, the radicals know that they are practicingperversion. Most that I have met are very unhappy and burdened withguilt. However, they can be set free from their horrible state, butthey must humble themselves and confess to God (come into agreementwith Him) their rebellion. They must cry out to him for deliverance,for Jesus is their only hope for the peace and joy of God today andthe salvation of their soul in eternity. As I suggested toRepresentative Murphey, we need to pray for them.I believe God loves homosexuals just as they are; however, He willonly accept them into a relationship with Him based on a repentantheart, not a rebellious heart. A repentant heart would be thebeginning place for a walk of salvation for the homosexual. There isenough truth in what I have just said for any homosexual to have achanged life if they are hungry for such. I suggest First StoneMinistries in OKC as a place to receive valuable counseling and helpin a continuation of a walk with God.

Several weeks ago I asked for those for and against Oklahoma’sRepublican party changing our rules to move to a caucus system forselecting our presidential nominee rather than using the super Tuesdayprimary vote.Richard Engle and Steve Byas represented those wanting to change, butno one responded to those wanting to stay with our current system.Following the Oklahoma County convention, Seth Murhpy contacted me tosay he believed he could make a better case for staying with ourcurrent system than what he heard at the convention. I contactedseveral people who I thought might be opposed to change and they wereall not available or unwilling to come. Therefore, I joined Seth forthe side to stay with our current system. Though Seth and I bothsupport the change, I believe we did a good job in the debate asseveral people came up to me afterward to determine where we reallystood.Seth did a great job with the full 7 minute opening statement and thenafter that we traded off making rebuttals to the positions espoused byour opponents. Personally, I threw everything at them I could think ofexcept my shoes. To understand the proposed change log on to: www.caucusok.org.Differing from 6 years ago when we tried to make this change, thisplan allows for absentee ballots for Republicans not able or notwanting to attend a precinct meeting. I am not too crazy about thatprovision, but it answers critics who complained that people would beexcluded. If we make this change, the Republican State ExecutiveCommittee will determine the rules for the process.I believe Gary Jones is against this measure as he told me at themeeting that it will be expensive for the party. However, peopleparticipating as well as seeking absentee ballots are prime candidatesfor contributing to the party. There were 347,000 Republicans thatvoted in last year’s primary. If they all contributed a minimal amountof 5 or 10 dollars, there would be plenty of money for the party. Ifthey aren’t willing to do that, one must ask how much they reallycare?There is no doubt this change will create activists in every county.Many more people will become involved and that will be a good thing.If the absentee ballot thing becomes a problem after the firstpresidential cycle, there is nothing to prevent us from removing thatprovision in the future.Bottom line, some of the main reasons I support the chance is that thecurrent system allows for a candidate to be selected based on aplurality rather than a majority. The change would also increase theinfluence in the selection process for the more informed activists,and it would diminish the influence of the uninvolved and uninformedRepublican voters. That should improve the quality of our selection.I have told the story several times recently about a young waitress ofwhich my wife and I were fond. She approached our table one eveningand proclaimed she had just registered as a Republican. I asked herwhat made her decide to do that? Her reasoning was that she thoughtelephants were cuter than donkeys!!! We laughed, but then realized shewas serious. Ask yourself, do you want this kind of Republican votingin a primary and choosing our candidate? While she would not be likelyto attend our caucus meetings, if she did, she would at least hearsome debates about the candidates and she just might grow in herunderstanding.Though there are many other reasons I support the change, the finalone I will mention is the immorality of forcing tax payers who don’tvote, don’t want to vote, are independents or members of otherpolitical parties to pay millions of dollars in costs for a state wideelection. Remember, we Republicans are actually members of a privateorganization, selecting our nominee for president. We don’t allow (nordo I want to allow) independents or members of other political partiesto participate in our selection process so why should they be forcedto pay for our selection process?– MEMBERSHIPWe are just a little more than 20 memberships short of breaking our2007 record and it is only the middle of March. If you have not joinedas yet, just follow the instructions below.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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