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Our meeting this week will feature a debate on a most important issue.
The Republican party in the State of Oklahoma will have to decide at
this year’s convention whether or not we will continue to have a
statewide election to determine which Republican candidate for
President receives Oklahoma’s support. The alternative we will be
voting on at this year’s state convention will be a rule change to
return to a caucus system to determine which candidate receives
Oklahoma’s delegates at the Republican national convention. The effort
to go back to a caucus system, somewhat like Iowa uses was an issue 6
years ago at our state convention and will be before us again. It is
my hope those attending the convention will base their decision upon
the merits of the issue and not upon who is or is not supporting the


OKC AREA Wednesday morning March 11th the Business and Professional
Chapter of the John Birch Society will have their monthly meeting.
Breakfast is served, starting at 7:15 and the meeting begins at 7:45
a.m.. The location is the Character First Training Center, 520 West
Main in downtown OKC. There will be a brief overview of some of our
projects then our featured speaker will be Oklahoma City Attorney
Steve Lewis. Mr. Lewis took some time off from his practice and
volunteered in California to help in the passage of Proposition 8, the
measure to reverse the legalization of homosexual marriages. This will
be very timely as the homosexuals and their liberal friends in
California were successful in getting the issue before the California
Supreme Court last week in an attempt to overturn the vote of the
people. Breakfast is $6.00, you do not have to eat to attend. Set your
alarms and come downtown as the fellowship and information is

TULSA AREA The Tulsa County Republican Men’s club will have James
Dunn, Oklahoma’s newly elected Republican National Committeeman, as
their speaker for this Wednesday’s noon to 1:00 p.m. luncheon. James
will discuss recent developments at the RNC. The location will be the
China King Restaurant, located at 1330 East 71st Street. For more
information contact Bob McDowell at (918) 481-1051.

NORMAN AREA This Thursday evening The American Majority Oklahoma
will meet in Norman. They are a fairly new organization dedicated to
training conservatives to be more effective in their influence of
government as well as preparing conservatives to run for office. The
organization is headed up in Oklahoma by Seth Brown. They will hold
their first ever training session on Thursday evening in the Lowery
Room at the Public Library in Norman. Registration begins at 5:45,
with the first session beginning at 6:00 and the program ending at
8:45 p.m. There is no cost to attend, but if you want to eat pizza
which will be provided, please RSVP by Wednesday at www.americanmajority.org.
For more information contact Seth Brown at seth@americanmajority.org
or (405) 639-8896.

SHAWNEE AREA This Thursday evening I will be speaking to the
Pottawatomie County Republican Party members and friends beginning at
7:00 p.m.. As with most libraries everyone must be cleaned up and out
by 9:00 p.m. We will see the 29 minute DVD, Overview of America. I
will speak briefly before and after the DVD about the condition of our
nation and organizing to be effective on both a national as well as
state level. If you live in or know someone living in the Shawnee
area, invite them to attend. I promise to do my best to persuade them
toward the ideology and superiority of limited government and the
concepts of liberty.


After the lightening knocked me off the computer several times last
night I gave up on the many other issues I wanted to address. I need
to finish this up and get to work this morning. This Wednesday is the
deadline to have your dues paid if you want to vote for our officers
as well as 2 proposed changes to our by-laws. Our by-laws require dues
be paid 2 weeks prior to any vote and you must be present to be able
to vote. One of the proposed by-law changes will allow our members to
vote on one particular issue without being present. Many members join
at our meetings, but perhaps 40% join in response to these e-mail
requests. As long as your envelope is postmarked by March 11th that
will be fine to meet the deadline. As soon as the session is over we
will have many other votes to determine such issues as the
conservative index, outstanding lawmakers and this year’s RINOs
(Republicans In Name Only). See below for instructions on how to join.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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