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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, May 2nd will be held at Italiano’s
restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Candidates invited for this
Wednesday are, Nathan Dahm, Cliff Johns, Don P. Little and Tim Wright,
all of Broken Arrow. This is a newly created Senate seat as a result
of re-districting. In addition, one more candidate has been invited,
but will remain un-named at this time.

Our members voted to contribute to the following incumbents from what
we call our Conservative Incumbent Protection Fund. David Brumbaugh (R-
Broken Arrow 90/90), Josh Cockroft (R-Tecumseh 83/83), Sally Kern (R-
Bethany 90/93), Tom Newell (R-Seminole 80/80) and Steve Vaughn (R-
Ponca City 80/80). The first number is their conservative index score
for last year and the second number is their lifetime average. To be
eligible to receive our support, the incumbent had to have an 80 or
higher in the first number and they must have drawn and opponent.

Last Wednesday was the first week to interview candidates. Receiving
our endorsement and financial support was House district 60 candidate
Dan Fisher (R-El Reno) and  Senate district 39 candidate Kevin McDugle
(R-Tulsa). Mr. Fisher is running in a newly created and open seat,
while Mr. McDugle is running against the incumbent Brian Crain.
Senator Crain won our RINO (Republican In Name Only) award last year
with a conservative index score of 40/60. The Republicans in Senate
district 39 should be embarrassed by Crain. This is their opportunity
to correct their embarrassment by electing Kevin McDugle.


I am going to take the liberty to extend the deadline for our matching
membership challenge until this Wednesday. We need 7 more people to
step up and join OCPAC to take advantage of the full $1,000 put up for
our challenge. At the end of April, we now have 210 dues paying
members, which is 7 shy of our number of members last year. Folks can
join at the meeting this Wednesday, or if joining by mail, be sure
that the postmark is by this Wednesday. A huge thanks to everyone who
has joined so far this year. Our schedule is moved up, so folks
joining as early in the year as possible is most helpful. Instructions
on how to join by mail will follow my sign off.


*  TUESDAY EVENING  -  GUTHRIE AREA  -  The Guthrie area OK2A
(Oklahoma 2nd Amendment) organization will hold their monthly meeting,
7:00 p.m., at Patriot Industries which is located at 211 East Oklahoma
in downtown Guthrie.

*  TUESDAY, MAY 8TH  -  OKC AREA  -  Edmond attorney Don M. Powers
will present his “Liberty & Freedom Series,” covering the Declaration
of Independence and U.S. Constitution, beginning May 8th which is one
week from today. These presentations are at no cost to those who
attend. The presentations are designed for those with a sovereign
allegiance to America and who want to understand the principles used
by the Founders in establishing our government. Don will start his
lecture series on Tuesday the 8th at H&H Gun Range’s Safari Room, and
then running the weekly series through June 19th. Sessions will start
at 7 PM and conclude at 8:30 PM.

New to this series, on Monday, June 11th and repeated again on Monday,
June 25th, will be an advanced session on the Declaration and
Constitution. The advanced lecture session will go through the
documents, talking about the operation of specific language used by
the Founders.

Those interested in attending any of the free presentations should
first sign up for the series through H&H Gun Range. H&H can be
contacted at 947-3888, or at www.hhgunrange.com. The course schedule
also appears on Mr. Powers’ Law Firm website at www.powersatlaw.com.


As I mentioned in the special e-mail I sent out last Thursday morning,
the efforts to get a vote on the personhood legislation failed.
Representative Hickman was in the Chair and strong armed the
procedures, in at least one key moment ruling without consulting the
parliamentarian. He basically prevented a legitimate procedure and
created a circular situation where it would be impossible for ANYONE
to protest his RULLING.

On Thursday, with time running out for Senate bills to be heard,
Representative Hickman tried to manipulate the process and prevent the
“REAL” Pro-Life Republicans from being able to obtain a vote on the

Representative Reynolds made a motion, I believe, to appeal the ruling
of the Chair. To be able to do so he had to have 15 lawmakers stand as
a second to the motion. Following are the Republicans who stood, Gus
Blackwell, Paul Wesselhoft, Mike Christian, Aaron Stiles, Lewis Moore,
John Bennett, Sean Roberts, Charles Key, Jason Murphey, George Faught,
Sally Kern, John Trebilcock, Mike Ritz, and Randy Terrill. In
addition, 3 Democrats also stood, Rebecca Hamilton, a former pro-
choice Democrat who is now sincerely pro-life, R.C. Pruitt and Richard
Morrissette. I don’t know about the convictions of Representative
Pruitt, but I suspect Morrissette was standing to try and stir
controversy among Republicans?

Representative Hickman, acting like a little dictator’s right hand
man, said he didn’t see 15 standing. Moments later he moved to
adjourn, but Reynolds objected and was strangely recognized. His
efforts not to adjourn so the personhood measure could be taken up,
ended up with a recorded vote, regarding adjournment.

I would suggest that every lawmaker in the building knew this vote was
going to be about not having a “direct” vote on the personhood
amendment. However, this will probably be the closest to a vote
obtained this year on the issue. Voting not to adjourn (how many time
have you seen members in a meeting vote not to adjourn?) were
Republicans John Bennett, Gus Blackwell, David Brumbaugh, Mike
Christian, David Derby, George Faught, Sally Kern, Charles Key, Scott
Martin, Lewis Moore, Glen Mulready, Jason Murphey, Mike Reynolds,
Dustin Roberts, Sean Roberts, Mike Sanders, Aaron Stiles, John
Trebilcock, and Paul Wesselhoft. Also voting not to adjourn were
Democrats Rebecca Hamilton, James Lockhart, and Richard Morrissette.

Voting for adjournment were: Republicans, Don Armes, Gary Banz, Lisa
Billy, Dennis Casey, Ann Coody, Marian Cooksey, David Dank, Lee
Denney, Dale DeWitt, John Enns, Randy Grau, Elise Hall, Jeff Hickman,
Corey Holland, Fred Jordan, Charlie Joyner, Guy Liebmann, Steve
Martin, Mark McCullough, Randy McDaniel, Skye McNiel, Jason Nelson,
Jadine Nolin, Leslie Osborn, Pat Owenbey, Ron Peters, Pam Peterson,
Marty Quinn, Phil Richardson, Todd Russ, Colby Schwartz, Earl Sears,
Todd Thomsen, Steve Vaughn, Weldon Watson, Harold Wright and Kris

Democrats voting for adjournment were:  Mike Brown, Ed Cannady, Donnie
Condit, Joe Dorman, Larry Glen, Chuck Hoskin, Scott Inman, Steve
Kouplen, C. McDaniel, Jeannie McDaniel, Jerry McPeak, Brian Renegar,
Paul Roan, Wade Rousselot, Seneca Scott, Mike Shelton, Jerry Shoemake,
Jabar Shumate, Emily Virgin, and Cory Williams.

There were others who weren’t in the chamber, some probably had a
valid reason to be out of the chamber, but it was described to me as
several nearly broke their necks trying to get out of the chamber so
they wouldn’t have to participate in this recorded vote.

Many of the Republicans I mentioned voting for adjournment will
vigorously protest that such a vote had anything to do with a pro-life
vote. I beg to differ. They may claim the bill was too loaded down
with amendments, which was true, but that problem could have been
cleaned up in conference. They may claim that it was an invitation for
a law suit. That is true, but I believe that is what the backers of
the personhood movement want to see happen. I believe they want this
issue to work its way up to the U. S. Supreme Court in an effort to
overturn Roe vs. Wade. Certainly, some of those who voted for
adjournment consider themselves as being pro-life. I would suggest
with them it is a preference, maybe a strong preference, but I don’t
consider it a deeply held conviction with them. After all, they
preferred the will of the caucus (leadership) over pushing forward
with this legislation to save the lives of the unborn.

On Monday of this week, the 9 Oklahoma SUPREMES ruled the petition
which was in process to allow the citizens to vote on the personhood
issue was “unconstitutional”. Now, remember folks, these 9 Supremes
are as close to being “little gods” as any 9 people in the state of
Oklahoma. After all, ever since we created the retention system, we
have never removed a single Supreme Court Justice. That probably
covers a 40 to 50 year period of time.

My question is, if you are amending your state constitution, how can
an amendment be unconstitutional? If they are referring to the U.S.
Constitution how could protecting the innocent life of the unborn be
unconstitutional? After all, the Declaration of Independence states
that one of the 3 mentioned reasons we created this government was to
protect the “lives” of the innocent.

I would suggest God will NOT be mocked on this issue. The number one
reason America is in decline is because of the ever increasing
compromises by those who call themselves by His name. If Oklahoma
Christians foolishly fail to be substantive, we will see even more of
the blessing of God removed from us and replaced by his judgment.


A few days ago Oklahoma Democrat Party Chairman Wallace Collins
likened tea party members to Timothy McVeigh, who was executed for his
part in the  Murrah building bombing. I want to urge the decent folks
of Oklahoma not to get their panties in a wad over much of anything
Wallace Collins ever has to say. After all, Wallace is Oklahoma’s
version of good old “uncle Joe Biden” the daily laughing stock of
America as he sits as the Vice President and is just a heartbeat away
from stepping into the highest office in the land.

Republicans should be thankful that the Democrats elected Wallace to
be their standard bearer and we should hope they re-elect him again
next year. You see, I believe Wallace operates on half a brain and the
half he does operate on is incapable of intellectual honesty. I
believe it was probably 15 years ago or so that he was convicted in a
civil matter of slandering Steve Byas, his opponent who lost to
Wallace by a dozen votes or so. If my memory serves me correctly,
Wallace was ordered to pay Mr. Byas $80,000 and then had to have his
legislative pay garnished to make payments to Steve.

If Wallace just had a full brain and one capable of intellectual
honesty, he would realize that tea party members aren’t anti-
government, but rather limited government constitutionalists. We are
not anti-government, we simply want the various jurisdictions of
government to function in their proper realms, only according to the
rule of law, and for them to be efficient. We want government
officials to be servants of the public, not masters of the public.


Just before pushing the send button for this e-mail, I received a call
from Bob Godwin’s son to inform me that Bob had passed away last night
of heart failure. Bob had been in bad health for a number of years,
but kept on going. He served in the U.S. Navy and was also a history
teacher. Bob and Etta home schooled their children.

During candidate interviews of years past, Bob would ask about 10th
amendment issues before most folks even knew anything about the 10th
Amendment. He also was constantly pointing out the futility of the
government schools which aren’t really about education so much as they
are about indoctrination. There were areas I disagreed with Bob and he
caused me plenty of trouble, something I think he enjoyed. But I stood
by Bob as a matter of free speech and the fact that deep down in his
heart, he was a true patriot. He was also a true activist, contacting
elected officials and others in an effort to educate them or hold
their feet to the fire. We will miss Bob, Please pray for his family
during this time of grief.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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