Friday, May 11, 2012

Three Time Sensitive Announcements

Members and friends of the Oklahoma Conservative Political Action
Committee (OCPAC)

Sorry for the problems with the e-mail earlier this week. I need to
make a three time sensitive announcements.

1)  For all the Ron Paul fans, there will be a LIBERTY PEP RALLY
tonight (Friday May 11th), 7:00 pm, at Remington Park in OKC. It is
free and open to the public. The featured speaker will be Dr. Tom
Woods, who was or perhaps still is affiliated with the Von Misses
Institute. Dr. Woods is a tremendous speaker, author and economist in
the free market vein. There will also be live music. For more
information log on to www.RONPAULOK.COM .

2)  The Republican State Convention will be held this Saturday at the
Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center in Norman. The 3 main
orders of business are the election for Our Republican National
Committeeman and Committeewoman. We will also be voting for the
remaining delegates to represent Oklahoma Republicans at this year’s
national convention to be held in Florida. One final thing, we will
vote to approve, amend or reject this year’s Republican platform for
the state of Oklahoma. I strongly endorse Richard Engle for National

3)  OCPAC member and good friend Glen Howard is out of the country on
a mission trip to Budapest Hungry. He has asked me to serve as his
guest host for his Senior World Radio Show which airs every Sunday
morning from 10 until 11:00 a.m. on KTOK, 1000 AM. We recorded the
shows on Thursday of this week.

The first program will air this Sunday morning, May 13th, at the
mentioned time and will feature State Senator Anthony Sykes (R-Moore)
as well as State Representative Jason Murphy (R-Guthrie). Topics
covered were an overview of this year’s session up until now, the
outlook for next year, the INFLUENCE of lobbyists at the Capitol,
transparency, modernization and Sharia Law. If you would like to hear
the program but can’t listen live, it can be heard by way of a pod
cast. That address is: It is easy to find
all past programs.

The second program will air next Sunday morning, May 20th, same time,
and will feature my dad, at 87 he qualifies as a senior, and a long
time friend of mine, Mr. Dan Kissick. Dan is the founder and executive
director of an organization called Right Hand Ministries. Most of
their work is in India. Among other things, Dan will share what life
is like for many seniors in India, especially if they are in the lower
cast. What is sad, if we don’t get our financial house in order here
in America, we are going to see an ever increasing number of American
seniors ending up in a similar situation to those in India, not too
many years from now.

Thanks for your time and attention, I will try to have next week’s
regular e-mail out by Sunday evening.

Charlie Meadows

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