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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, September 22nd will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. The following
candidates have been invited for this week’s meeting. John Husted,
Dist 32 in Lincoln County, Roger Mattox, Poteau, John Bennett Dist 2,
Dwyane Thompson, Dist 4, Domique Block, OKC, Randall Reese, Dist 72
and Dennis Casey, Dist 35. Also, Wid and Izzy Lyman sent another case
of the publication THE SOCIAL CONTRACT with the edition titled:
POVERTY LAW CENTER. I have also received the books by Bill Federer
about how excessive tolerance has backfired on Christians and his very
good book about the history of Islam. All of those publications will
be available at our meeting.


* TUESDAY - TULSA AREA - The Tulsa Republican Assembly will have
their monthly meeting this Tuesday evening, at the Golden Corral, 71st
street and Mingo with the dinner beginning at 6:00 p.m. and the
meeting begins at 7:00 p.m. The program will include candidates for
District Judge, Republican Senate candidate Kim David and House
candidates, Glen Mulready, Randall Reese and Molly McKay. Questions
will be taken from the audience.

Society will hold their National Council Dinner at the Embassy Suites
Hotel and Convention Center in Norman Oklahoma on Saturday evening
October 9th. A reception begins at 6:00 and the Council Dinner begins
at 7:00 p.m. The Society holds 3 council dinners each year and this
will be only the second time a council dinner has been held in
Oklahoma in the 53 year history of the Society. There are usually
several hundred attend these council dinners, many will be from out of
state. It is always great to meet and get to know other American
patriots from other parts of these United States.

The event is semi-formal or business attire. The Council Dinner will
feature 3 speakers. Idaho State Senator Monty Pearce’s talk is
of the Birch Society will talk on OBAMACARE - WHAT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO
DO WITH MEDICAL CARE. The keynote speaker will be Mr. James Perloff,
author of one of the top 10 most important books a person should ever
read. The thoroughly documented book is titled: THE SHADOWS OF POWER.
Mr. Perloff demonstrates that global political affairs, especially
U.S. foreign policy, are largely dictated by members of a wealthy
establishment. Their goal is a world government -- a tyranny
predicated on destroying our Constitutional rights -- but their agenda
remains concealed through their control of the major media.

In addition to but separate from the Council Dinner, there will be a
daytime seminar which will begin at 11:00 a.m. The first speaker will
be Oklahoma State Senator Randy Brogdon, his topic will be Protecting
State Sovereignty. Lunch will be served at 12 noon, then at 1:00 p.m.
the next speaker will be the Birch Society President John McManus,
speaking about the reason and method to get THESE Unites States out of
THE United Nations. At 2:00 p.m., Edmond pastor Paul Blair will speak
about the role of pastors in the freedom fight. Oklahoma State
Representative and medical doctor, Mike Ritze will speak at 3:00 p.m.
about the pitfalls of Obamacare from a doctor’s perspective and a
common sense 6-step solution. The final speaker at 4:00 p.m. will be
Yukon pastor Dan Fisher, talking about the efforts to silence
Christianity in America

The council dinners are always held at top end facilities, so the cost
is a little higher than many events, but still less than many
organizational fundraisers which are held at places such as the
Western Heritage Center. The tickets are $65 per person for the
Reception and Council Dinner, and the daytime seminar is $40 per
person which also includes the lunch. People can attend one or the
other, or both and if the latter, there is a $6 savings as the cost to
attend both is $99. I will have tickets available at the OCPAC
meetings, or you can send a check or money order to Mitchell Shaw,
1620 San Carlos Dr., Van Alstyne Tx 754495. For more information call
Mitchell at (972) 859-9435. Tickets can also be acquired on line with
credit card at www.ShopJBS.org .


My comments in the OCPAC e-mail two weeks ago about Sally Kern’s
opponent Brittany Novotny going to Hollywood for a fund raiser has
created up a small dust up in the media. The comments about Brittany’s
operation to make him have female appearances with the outcome
producing a “confused it” turns out to be the opportunity Brittany was
waiting for to place him in the limelight as a victim.

Of course Brittany is trying to triangulate by “claiming” his only
interests are issues like education, roads, blah blah blah. Brittany
moved into the district about a year ago and if you believe that
Brittany’s agenda is anything other than advancing a radical
homosexual agenda and especially defeating a Godly woman who stands
for social conservatism, then you are an easy mark. You would be a
candidate for the purchase of 1 cubic foot of water out of my pond for
an exorbitant price with the hopes of finding a miracle cure for
poverty by seeing some message in the bottom of a bucket after the
water evaporates!

The results of my comments have been 2 TV interviews, a lengthy
article in the Oklahoman, a hit from a Christian critic on the
editorial page of the Oklahoman, comments in the chicken fried news
section of the Oklahoma Gazette (pronounce it the Gay - Zette) as well
as numerous conversations around the water cooler and who knows what

I also lost an account I had been servicing for 15 or so years, as my
customer simply told me that after reading the article in the
Oklahoman that I shouldn’t say things like that. She said she was a
liberal and I was a conservative so we needed to part ways even though
she told me “you are a good man Charlie, but…”. My response to her was
that I had been talking about Religion for the 36 years I have been in
business and over the past 28 years I have added politics to the mix
(in the past I have talked with her about the Lord and got her to read
the Davy Crockett story as well as the book The Law) and in that all
that time, I had lost 7 or 8 accounts. Therefore, I was not offended
and as far as I was concerned we would part ways on a friendly basis.

I only bother with this little insight to urge people to realize, the
loss of a little income in an attempt to restore this nation which is
spiraling out of its former greatness toward the ash heap of history
is a small price to pay, when compared to our Founders. They pledged
their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor when they signed
the Declaration of Independence. Most of them lost their fortunes,
some of them lost their lives or the lives of their family members,
but they didn’t lose their sacred honor and they gave us a start of
what became the greatest nation on the earth.

Folks, immorality, political correctness, liberalism, socialism and
etc. must be engaged in the public square at the risk of some loss. If
you are a Christian, hopefully you have learned that God is your
source, and you must trust Him for your sustenance. To the Christian
critic in the Oklahoman, he must realize that God doesn’t compromise
with the kind of perversion that Brittany has perpetrated upon
himself. Speaking truth with the hope that Brittany will realize his
rebellion and repent so he can have a righteous relationship with God
through Jesus Christ is actually love. Remaining silent or telling
Brittany his actions are just fine is NOT love but the actions of an

The largest response toward me so far is huge support and especially
appreciation for the fact that I did not back down. Many people have
said thanks for not apologizing. Going forward, with God’s grace, I
will keep speaking truth in love in my rather plain spoken manner.
Every time people hear truth they either reject it or accept it. Truth
either sets people free or it will judge them on judgment day. What
people do with truth is up to them. As I said, I believe Christians
should become less tolerant of what is wrong. Tolerance used to mean,
putting up with something you disagree with. Today, the meaning has
been changed to accepting and allowing virtually anything. Sorry, I
just have to agree with God’s Word which proclaims, woe to the man
that calls good evil and evil good.


I am frequently asked if OCPAC has branches outside of central
Oklahoma, especially by folks in Tulsa and sometimes by people out of
state. My answer is no but if someone wants to catch a vision and
start something similar please do so. When I attended the Birch
Society’s 50 anniversary 3 years ago in Appleton Wisconsin, I had a
late night meeting with a young couple very interested in what we do
at OCPAC. With Clark Curry spending some time in Appleton most every
week, they have started the Fox Valley Conservative Forum, which meets
each Tuesday for lunch. In only 3 months or so, they have had as many
as 35 or 40 people attending their meetings which is much faster
growth than we experienced in the formative years at OCPAC.

They have had many candidates come to their meetings including the 3
candidates for the local Congressional seat. Last Tuesday, the most
conservative of the 3 won the primary and is likely to unseat the
liberal freshman Democrat who upset the previous Republican. While we
sent our by-laws, membership form and survey to them for their use,
they will obviously have to adapt their organization and methods to
their local leadership and talents of their members. We wish them

I have also sent similar information to a group in Oregon. I am
looking forward to hearing about how they are progressing. This past
Thursday, I met up with Howard Houchen and went with him to Paris
Texas to tape 2 TV programs. One was about OCPAC and our efforts here.
Hopefully that program will spark an interest in someone in Texas to
start something similar in their area.

Good Americans, patriotic Americans must get engaged. It is no longer
sufficient to just vote. We must re-discover the principles which made
this nation great. We must understand the importance of Christian
values, free enterprise and desire liberty in our hearts. We must
persuade, our families, friends and neighbors of the superiority of
those virtues over the slavery of central planning fascism and
socialism. We must increase our priorities toward these efforts, or
the consequences will be far more painful in the future.


In 2009 we set an all time record for dues paying members at 217 for
the year, besting the previous year at 203 dues paying members. Going
into 2010, I thought we would set a new record, but I just didn’t know
if it would be close. So far, we are now at 278 dues paying members
for 2010, clearly setting a new record. We will wrap up our interview
process over the next 2 Wednesdays and then on October 6th our dues
paying members as of September 22nd and present at our meeting, will
vote to determine which House candidates we have interviewed will
receive funds from OCPAC. Following that meeting our finance committee
will determine the amount we will give to the endorsed candidates and
get those funds to them immediately so they will have time to wisely
use our contributions.

If you have not joined OCPAC as yet, now is the time to make a
difference for this election cycle. Again, no one at OCPAC is paid a
salary, so there is very little overhead. Almost everything we raise
goes into the campaigns of the most conservative candidates we have
interviewed. Please consider joining now by printing out the form
below and sending your check or money order to the OCPAC mailing
address. We have members from the panhandle to Broken Bow and from the
Northeast to Lawton, people who may seldom if ever be able to attend a
meeting. However, they understand we are supporting candidates all
over the state. Candidates, that if elected will make decisions that
effect the lives of every Oklahoman regardless of where they live.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows

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