Friday, September 10, 2010

Time sensitive announcements and ask a question.

Next week is Constitution Week, so starting this Sunday
morning September 12th at 10:30 a.m., Dr. Chuck Harding will start a
presentation about the Bible’s Influence on the Constitution.
Additional sessions will be at 6:00 p.m. Sunday evening, as well as
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 7:00 p.m.. The location is
Fairview Baptist Church, 1230 North Sooner Road in Edmond (the
intersection of Danforth and Sooner roads. Danforth is 1 mile North of
2nd street and Sooner is 1 block West of I-35).

Dr. Harding, an ordained Baptist evangelist, formerly served as the
Deputy Commander for the Diplomatic Security Service at the State
Department in Washington, D.C.. Now he travels the country teaching
about the Biblical influence on our Constitution and the great Faith
of our Founders which gave us a system of Civil Liberty and Religious
Liberty that ensures our freedom to propagate the Gospel. I have
previously heard Dr. Harding speak and he is truly dynamic. Everyone
is welcome, there is no charge to attend.

SECOND) A Founding Principles class was started on September 2nd and
will continue each Thursday night for a total of 6 weeks. The location
is St. John’s Lutheran Church in Moore (located at Santa Fe and NW 12
street in Moore which is located West of I-35 just 2 miles from the
North 12th street exit off of I-35). The time for these Thursday
evening meetings is from 7 to 8:00 p.m.

Much of the class will be spent using David Barton’s American Heritage
Series DVD course. Topics include such issues as the true meaning of
the separation of church and state, the faith of our founders,
economic principles in the Constitution, the role of pastors and the
Church in our nation’s founding, etc…

Now for the question: I live on a small farm which continually
requires the pruning and burning of brush. Should I use the pages of a
Koran I own to start my brush fire this Saturday, which by the way is
the 9th anniversary of September 11, 2001 attack by radical Muslims
upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon? What to do, what to do,
I want to hear from you, hear from you? I will give an answer in next
week’s e-mail.

Charlie Meadows

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