Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The extra post...

The extra post this week is about a very important issue. While
OCPAC is mostly pointed toward state issues, we are a statewide
organization and we do care about our congressional delegation. More
than likely our 4 congressional seats currently held by Republicans
will continue to be held by Republicans, with James Lankford as the
only freshman. However, the Second District seat is currently held by
Democrat Dan Boren. Dr. Charles Thompson, a veterinarian was clearly
our strongest Republican as he had a very strong margin of victory
last week in the primary run-off.

All of our Republican candidates had problems raising large sums of
money during the primary to match the huge war chest of Boren.
However, it is time to focus on Charles and make a difference. This is
a winnable seat, if Charles can raise sufficient financial support. Of
the 435 congressional districts in America, Oklahoma’s second district
gave the 5th largest percentage of vote to McCain/Palin, so the
citizens will vote for a Republican if they have reason to do so. If
Charles can raise the funds to do several direct mail pieces (it will
probably take $50,000 per mail out) he can expose Boren as a person
who supports President Obama and Speaker Pelosi about 75% of the

If Charles can raise some impressive money quickly from people in
Oklahoma, that will get the attention of the RNC and other national
concerns who may begin to see Charles as a viable candidate. Should
that occur, a great deal of resources may come to his aid, but we need
to prime the pump right now.

Here is my challenge. There are nearly 4,000 people who receive this e-
mail directly and God only knows how far it gets forwarded. If
everyone who receives this gave just $10 that would put more than
$40,000 into the campaign right away. If people gave $20 it would add
up to $80,000. I know many people can give much more, I gave Charles
$100 following the primary and am going to send him another $100. So I
am simply asking for our readers to do what they can. I believe the
maximum for a federal race for the general election is $1,200 for a
person or $2,400 for a couple. You must print and fill out the
following form to send with your check or money order to: Charles
Thompson For Congress, P.O. Box 532 Hulbert, Ok 74441, or you can log
on to and give on line. Thanks so much for any
help you can do.

(print) Last name first name middle initial

Mailing address (city, state, zip)

Occupation Employer

Amount enclosed date

P.S. Prior to his recent passing, Mark Shannon shared a story on his
radio program which really made a profound impression upon me. He had
been speaking at an event and was wanting to get home when a senior
citizen approached him. He tried to escape without having to talk with
the gentleman, but relented to hear him out. The fellow showed Mark a
deed to a small home he and his wife had just purchased in the second
district so they could move there and vote for the Republican
candidate to try and help defeat Dan Boren. He explained they had
taken their savings and purchased this home with the intention of
selling it after the election and moving back to the OKC area. The
gentleman explained to Mark how dangerous the socialist agenda was to
America’s future and this was just his way of trying to make a
difference. Breaking the back of the Democrat agenda is imperative and
defeating Dan Boren is the best thing Oklahomans can do to make a
difference in Washington. This man and his wife are doing their part,
I just ask that we do all we can to help by supporting Charles

Thanks for your time and attention.

Charlie Meadows

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