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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, September 15th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Last week, we had 3
of the 5 candidates come for our interview process. We have a large
number of House candidates invited this week. Kent Hunt of HD 52,
Allie Burgin of HD 22, Marty Quinn of HD 9, HD 15 candidate Paul C.
Parrott, HD 34’s Ryan Smith, Micah Thompson of HD 17, Dustin Roberts
of HD 21 and Kyle Coulter of HD 94.


* THURSDAY MORNING - OKC AREA - Special notice, after the Summer
break, the Business and Professional Chapter of the John Birch Society
will start their monthly meetings up again, with one change. The
meetings will now be on the 3rd Thursday of each month rather than on
the 3rd Wednesday. The location is the Character Training Center, 520
West Main in downtown OKC, with breakfast served at 7:15 and the
meeting starting about 7:40 a.m. The speaker this month will be State
Representative Charles Key. Charles will discuss possible legislation
for the 2011 legislative session. Also, Clark Curry can give us an
update on activities in Appleton Wisconsin as he is now serving as the
Chief Operating Officer (COO) for the Birch Society and as such spends
a few days in Appleton each week. If you want to eat, a breakfast
buffet is served for $6.00 per person.

* THURSDAY EVENING - MOORE AREA - One of the oldest radio talk
shows in America is Point of View, heard daily at 1:00 p.m. on KQCV
800 AM. The program was hosted for over 30 years by Marlin Maddous,
before his passing 7 or 8 years ago. Today’s host is Kerby Anderson,
who is sponsoring a Front Line Forum at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday evening,
September 16th at the First Baptist Church, 301 Northeast 27th Street
in Moore. Special Guests will be State Senator Randy Brogdon and State
Representative Charles Key. Seating is limited. You can download and
print your tickets at www.pointofview.net/frontlineforum or call 1 800

Party Coalition is hosting a Constitution Day celebration at 7:00 p.m.
at the Days Inn in Poteau. There is no charge to attend and State
Senator Randy Brogdon will be the special guest speaker. For
additional information contact Bobbie McAuliffe at
msbobbie@windstream.net .

* SUNDAY 9-19-10 - STATEWIDE - The deadline to register for the
November 2nd general election is Friday, October 8th. Therefore, this
coming Sunday has been designated as an informal “Registration to Vote
Day” for Oklahoma churches. Please contact your pastor and see if
there will be someone sitting at a table with voter registration forms
for any unregistered members or visitors attending services. If your
pastor has not planned on such an effort, then volunteer to be that
person, it is perfectly legal. You will need to pick up some
registration forms at your county election board or perhaps a local
tag agency. Once the forms are filled out, mail them IMMEDIATELY to
the State Election Board (address will be on the form) and the people
will have their voter registration card mailed to them in a few days.
If your church is going to participate, please e-mail the name of the
church and its pastor to: keithsteincamp@sbcglobal.net.


I had a couple of e-mails over the week-end and a call on Monday
morning from Congressional Candidate, Dr. Charles Thompson (DVM), the
Republican running for the seat currently held by Dan Boren. Charles
wanted to express his profound thanks to all the people who responded
to the special e-mail I sent out about 3 weeks ago. I suggested, the
biggest change we in Oklahoma can make regarding the federal
government would be to replace Dan Boren, with a TRUE conservative
lawmaker. Charles told me a lot of money had come to the campaign as a
result of the e-mail, which would now allow him to do some things that
needed to be done.

I received a lot of e-mails from people saying his web site was down?
Charles indicated it was due to expire or be continued on the 17th of
this month, but mysteriously went down a couple of weeks ago. He
doesn’t have time to research the reason it went down but it is back
up now. If you tried to give and couldn’t here is the web-site again,
www.thompsonforok.com . State Chairman Matt Pinnell has suggested
Charles will have to get into the 6 figures on his own before the RNC
or other national conservative concerns will begin to pour resources
into this campaign. Charles is well on his way, therefore, every
dollar we contribute really helps. Again, Charles wanted me to tell
everyone thanks for all the help.


Last Tuesday’s e-mail contained information about State Representative
Sally Kern’s opponent flying out to Hollywood for a fundraiser. I also
talked about Brittany’s operation and referred to Brittany as a
“confused it”. My statements somehow made it into the GLBT (gay,
lesbian, bisexual and transgender) community with the supposed results
being some level of offence or hurt.

As such, I have received and continue to receive a lot of e-mails from
people who have identified themselves as also having had a sex change
operation. This past Sunday, Brittany called a press conference at
2:00 p.m. and I was interviewed by Channel 9 news in OKC at 4:00 p.m.
They ran it as the lead story on the 10:00 o’clock news cast. On
Monday, Michael McNutt with the Oklahoman called for a few remarks for
a story which will probably be out in today’s paper.

Sally posted on her web-site a request for her supporters not to refer
to Brittany in derogatory terms. My using the word “it” was not
intended to be derogatory, but rather an accurate definition of the
outcome of Brittany’s operation. In Brittany’s anger and rebellion
toward God for being made a man, Brittany went to an immoral or amoral
part of the medical community for an operation to be changed into a
woman. While Brittany has outward features which cause her to look
like a woman, Brittany’s body was mutilated and is now sterile. I
could have used the Biblical term “eunuch” but chose to refer to
Brittany as a “confused it” for a description of the outcome of
Brittany’s choice to have such an operation.

Is this an important issue? Absolutely, it is important to both
Brittany and Sally. When Sally first ran 6 years ago, she campaigned
as a pastor’s wife and a Christian who would uphold Christian values.
When a constituent of Sally complained about books promoting
homosexuality in the children’s section of the government libraries,
Sally tried to get them moved to an adult section, which “offended”
the homosexual community and their liberal supporters. Then Sally’s
speech expressing the danger of the homosexual agenda went viral and
made her the number one target of the homosexual community in Oklahoma
and elsewhere. So much so that Brittany, a leftist attorney, moved
into Sally’s district a little over a year ago to challenge Sally and
try to take this seat for the GLBT community.

Brittany has said that Sally doesn’t represent the values of the
district, implying that, he-she-it would. Brittany has indicated this
campaign should be about real issues, but don’t be fooled for one
minute. This is the number one issue to Brittany. The OCPAC e-mail was
the trigger Brittany was hoping for to be able to play the role of a
“victim” to the homosexual community nation wide in hopes of raising
hundreds of thousands of dollars for her campaign.

I am not very politically correct, but rather plain spoken. I would
also suggest such plain spoken language sometime brings some level of
discomfort to the politically correct crowd. They really need to get
over it. I would also suggest that any suggestions by Brittany or
other like minded people of similar circumstances, that they have
received hurt, is little more than something they have worked up in
their own minds. They are well aware, that in their quest to be
recognized as perfectly normal, that there will always be a large
segment of society who will not accept their decision to mutilate
themselves as moral or normal.

Many of the e-mails sent to me had thoughts from a rather perverted
Biblical perspective. Any solid Christian church will help and support
any person from the GLBT community who is willing to admit their
inclinations toward sexual identity is sinful and outside of God’s
truth and purposes. Being set free from the bondages of sexual sins is
often a struggle, but with God’s help and a repent heart, a person can
gain victory over such sexual sins.

Unfortunately, many do not want to come into agreement with God and
His word on the matter. Therefore they have found false prophets who
will tickle their ears and tell them that God approves of their
lifestyle and decisions. These false preachers warp and twist God’s
Word to accommodate the lifestyle and sins of people who want a
relationship with God on their terms, not on God’s terms. Even with
such rebellion, there is still hope for any of these confused and
rebellious people, even the false prophets, if they will but only come
into agreement with the truth of God’s Word and repent of their anger
and rebellion.


First, I want to say thanks for the many e-mails I received on the
question. I really was double minded, at times leaning toward burning
the book and at other times leaning toward not doing so. I ultimately
decided not to burn it, but rather to take a different course to begin
to oppose the growing Islamazation of America.

Too many Americans are asleep toward this dangerous move in our nation
and too many people who are aware have allowed themselves to be put
into a closet of silence, all because of fear. Please understand, for
some time now the culture war in our nation was between our historical
roots of private property rights, free enterprise and social values
based upon Judeo-Christian principles versus marxist socialism and a
humanist value system. However, over the past 20 years or so, a new
competitor has grown to be a real threat to our future. That of course
is Islam and its value system expressed through Shari law, which is
completely incompatible with our Constitution.

Islam has been at war with America for some time now and even the
attack on 9-11-01 still was insufficient to awaken large segments of
Americans to that reality. That is partly facilitated by our
government leaders who refused to publicly recognizing such as an
Islamic war on our nation, carried out by the radical elements of
Islam, and a liberal main stream press willing to cover up such truth
through political correctness.

It is important to understand the muslim mind. All muslims believe the
world will someday be under the control of Islam. Muslims are of two
basic mind sets. The radicals are willing to fight, kill and die right
now to bring this world domination about as quickly as possible. On
the other hand, the moderates are willing to be patient. They realize
they are reproducing at a much faster rate and they are willing to
work toward ever growing political strength.

Symbolism is very important to muslims. From the time they conquered
Jerusalem and built the 2 mosques on the temple mount, it was a sign
that Islam is superior to Judaism and Christianity. As they overran
nations and conquered through violence, death and destruction, they
would build their mosques on the sites of churches, synagogues or
places of worship of other religions. Again that sent messages to
muslims that Islam and superior and is winning.

Now to the real significance of the proposed mosque/culture center at
ground zero in New York City. If they succeed in building at that
location, it will send a message to muslims around the world that they
won this battle in the attack on America. No matter how many Islamic
terrorists have been killed in Iraq and Afganistan, it will be worth
the sacrafices to them and they believe they will eventually run us
out of those countries and continue to make advances here in America.

When pastor Jones in Florida said he would burn Korans and then backed
down under immense pressure from all sides, it was a huge victory for
muslims. Their threats of violence and demonstrations of rage worked
to prove their tactics of intimidation and bullying work and that they
are winning. That President Obama is very friendly toward Islam and
the fact that our military leaders begged pastor Jones not to burn the
Korans was a huge moral boost to radical muslims and sent a message to
many of the moderates that their goals are being achieved and the
future control of the world may be closer than they think. These kinds
of victories excite the moderates to work harder and move some of them
closer to becoming radicals.

These kinds of victories and accompanying symbolic meanings indicate
just how soft and weak the American people are. How corrupt and
deserving Americans are to be brought under the control of the
superior religion of Islam. Americans and especially many Christians
have become so tolerant as to no longer stand for anything. In too
many cases, if they have any sense of the problem at all, rather than
take a stand, we use what has become a cop-out. We say we need to pray
about that and then probably never mention it in a prayer.

Please don’t misunderstand, anything we try to do in the arm of our
flesh will be inferior to having God move through us with His power,
strength and favor. The key is getting involved. Prayer is primary,
but prayer without actions does not get the job done. For the most
part, God works through the obedient actions of His people.

I so appreciate what Randall Terry did on Saturday which was far more
effective than burning a Koran. He stood in front of the White House
and tore certain pages out of the Koran. The pages which call
Christians and Jews infidels and gives instructions to demand them to
convert, become slaves or be killed. If muslims want to be respected
as tolerant by other people they should have no problem with Mr.
Terry’s actions, and they should do the same to their own Korans.
However, it is reported that there has been a huge backlash in some
muslim countries. I believe that is a good thing as it shows that
rather than Islam being a valuable religion, it is more akin to a
mental disorder.

I have just ordered several copies of two very important books by Bill
Federer. One is titled BACKFIRED which chronicles the early days of
the settling of America when we weren’t very tolerant to today when we
tolerate almost everything. Bill has suggested this “excessive”
tolerance has backfired and is working toward our destruction. The
Koran in my library (it was given to me, I would never spend money to
buy one) I have many books and DVDs about Islam. I personally like
Bill’s book in the way it is laid out and how succinct and thorough it
is in covering the issue.

In future e-mails I will reveal ever more about Islam, it founding,
history of violence and this very important difference between the
true God, Jehovah and his plan of salvation through the Messiah
(Christ is the Greek word for the Hebrew word Messiah) Jesus verses
Allah, the false God of Islam. I recently heard someone compare the
two religions like this. Jesus died for our sins, which started
Christianity while Mohammad murdered and killed to start the religion
of Islam. Christianity is a religion of invitation and our individual
choice to accept such an invitation. Islam is a religion of
compulsion. Rather than burning a Koran, I have decided to step it up
in my opposition to Islam by practicing free speech and exposing Islam
for what it is, a very bad and dangerous religion or perhaps a mental


OCPAC endorsed Mark Costello in the primaries for the State Labor
Commissioner position. Mark went on to win the primary and now faces
the Democrat incumbent Lloyd Fields, who apparently may have a
drinking problem and sticky fingers. More about that later. In the
mean time Mark would like to have some high traffic locations for
either 2’x4’ or 4’x8’ signs. If you have such a location, please
contact the Mark Costello campaign and they will send a crew out to
properly install the sign. Contact Mark at www.MarkCostelloForLabor.com
. Again, this is a state wide race so any high traffic location in any
county in the state is desired. Lloyd Fields is a patsy for the Labor
Unions and it is really time to put a conservative like Mark Costello
in that office.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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