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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, October 28th will be held at Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Sometimes waiting on speaker confirmations, it gets a little close to the deadline for the e-mail to go out. That is the case for this week’s meeting of which I am trying to have speakers to cover several perspectives on the city of Oklahoma City, how it is governed and the up-coming MAPS III vote.

I have had one speaker that needed to be re-schedule for the following week and if we can’t get the speaker I am trying to obtain now, we will view the newly produced 19 minute DVD, EXPOSING TERRORISM - INSIDE THE TERROR TRIANGLE.


BROKEN ARROW AREA + Monday evening October 26th, 6:00 p.m. there will be an Oklahoma Health Care Reform town hall meeting. It will be held in the 2nd floor ballroom, Building A on the campus of Northeastern State University - Broken Arrow, 3100 East New Orleans Street. The organizers of this event are advocates for more government control over health care, but attending will be State Representative Mike Ritze (R-Broken Arrow). Representative Ritze is a medical doctor and is not in favor of more government controls, so it should be an interesting meeting and one where conservatives need to attend to counter the liberal socialists and fascists.

GUTHRIE AREA + Tuesday evening October 27th, 7:00 p.m. there will be a town hall meeting at the Woodcrest Fire Department. Speaking will be State Representative Jason Murphy (R-Guthrie) about state government issues, County Commissioner Mike Pearson about county government issues and speaking on national issues will be Stuart Jolly, state director for Americans For Prosperity. The fire department is located at Charter Oak and Douglass (2.5 miles East of I-35 and 2 miles North of Waterloo Road).

OKC AREA + Thursday evening October 29th there will be a special featuring Dr. Brent Seimens on the 5:00 p.m. news edition on KOCO channel 5, the ABC affiliate. Dr. Seimens was a recent speaker at OCPAC as he has developed a clinic level health care plan, completely in the private sector and a plan that almost any individual or family can afford. If you didn’t get to hear Dr. Seimens at OCPAC, this will be a good opportunity.


This past Saturday evening the Oklahoma County 912 group hosted a barbeque dinner fundraiser in Midwest City which featured satellite radio talk show host Mike Church. Being one who never listens to satellite radio, I had never heard of Mr. Church, but found him most interesting. I didn’t know they had any conservatives on satellite but they do. First, he has written and produced the movie, Spirit of 76, about the writing and ratifying of the U.S. Constitution. I will order it asap and we will probably show it sometime during an OCPAC meeting.

In his talk he certainly highlighted the positions of the Anti- Federalists, who over time have shown to have been the wiser when it comes to an understanding of human kind and the evils of big, centralized government. He was very charismatic, great with humor and above all was very substantive. I was concerned with one aspect of his talk and it is an area I am also suggesting as an important option that we must increasingly consider when it comes to living under an ever increasing tyrannical federal government.

Mr. Church didn’t dally around the bush in talking about Oklahoma seceding from the Union. He expressed a very strong opinion that it doesn’t matter who we send to Washington, we can’t reform that “rat’s nest” (my words) by electing different people to go there. I actually believe it will be very difficult to accomplish real and significant change in Washington, but I don’t believe we should give up on the effort. Washington WILL NOT be changed without at least a political uprising from the voters through out the more conservative areas of the nation.

The effort to educate and motivate a sufficient number of voters toward the ideas of LIBERTY must be our number one priority. However, at the same time we should not rule out the eventual possibility for Oklahoma and several other states, at some time in the future, to be left with no other choice but to separate or live in slavery under the liberty destroying tyranny of the federal government.

Part of that process is to get people to at least contemplate such a move and at the same time prepare ourselves and our state to get prepared for such. That is why, I believe the most important issue in the up coming election cycle is the 10th amendment movement. It is time for voters to find out what elected officials or candidates, from county sheriffs and commissioners all the way up through legislative and congressional candidates understand about the enumerated powers of the federal government and the 10th Amendment.

We must people who will find creative ways to promote liberty and resist the unconstitutional interferences of the federal government.

If a candidate or elected official isn’t willing to explain where they are willing to draw the line in the sand as far as just how much slavery and government control they are willing to live under, then they should be replaced by someone who will. Someone who has a respect for our God given rights and takes their oath of office seriously. I really enjoyed Saturday evening, meeting ever more of the 912 folks and take my hat off to them for bringing such a fire brand of a speaker to OKC.


While I have had my moments of being influenced by fads and majority opinion, I have been labeled by some as a “contrarian.” While my dad might have a little different perspective, in looking back over my life it seems like since at least the 3rd grade, many of my opinions and values have had me going against the grain more often than not.

Kind of like going through life as a person who is swimming upstream in peanut butter. Part of that time as a hard headed rebel toward God and then since really responding to Jesus in 1973 as a bit of unconventional Christian who is wary of religious traditions of men.

I said all of that to put it into perspective the following. This past week one of my customers asked if I thought the economy was improving?

I could see my answer was a bit disturbing when I said, I hope not!

She asked me why and the following is my explanation.

Over the past 200 plus years America has covered a lot of ground and gone through a lot of change. We once cherished liberty, had sound money, believed in free enterprise, had a judicial system, though not perfect, it was the envy of the world, agreed in principle to a set of high moral standards, were a manufacturing giant and had the most powerful economy in the world.

Today, we seek safety, security and provision, have worthless paper currency masquerading as money, rarely start a new business without seeking government subsidies or partnerships, live under an activist judicial system, despise moral and ethical standards, have sent our manufacturing capabilities to our enemy Communist China (we now call them our trading partner) and are watching our nation race toward the bottom when it comes to a debt free vibrant economy.

So, what has caused this change? We have, the majority opinion, not those who live life as a conservative and patriotic contrarian. The majority has been wrong for a long time. Look at the mess the majority has produced. That is not to say that all contrarians are on the right path. But the majority has it wrong most of the time. Our current economic upheaval didn’t just happen or did it come upon us over night. We are in this condition because of many bad decisions over the past 100 plus years. Decisions that have violated the principles of sound money. As a nation, we have violated the principles as thought in the parable of the talents, expressed in Mathew 25, verses 14-30.

The gist of the parable is that the talents represent the gifts that God has placed in every person to be productive in the earth and to use to glorify Him. The teaching of the parable is that God rewards productivity and faithfulness and he punishes the unproductive and unfaithful. The Marxist model flies in the face of this Biblical model. Marx suggested, through a progressive income tax, punishing the productive and rewarding the unproductive, thus standing the Biblical model on its head.

Under Marx’s ideology we live under the code, from each according to their own, to each according to their need. In other words, we re- distribute wealth. The re-distribution of wealth is the PRIMARY cause of our nation being nearly 12 Trillion in debt as well as being on the hook for an additional 45 Trillion or more in unfunded obligations, such as future social security, medicare and federal retirement payments.

Now here is the situation. The radical leftists, socialists, fascists and the communists (yes the “C” word) are in control. The well being of America is at as great a time of risk as any time since the colonists fired on the British and subsequently fought an 8 year war to make our independence stick.

This past Saturday night we had about 200 people attend the 912 barbeque which is a good crowd. But the numbers should have been in the thousands wanting to get involved, learning about our history, learning about sound money principles and willing to work to re-build our nation. Unfortunately, the thousands we in Bricktown participating in a Halloween parade and celebration a week out from the actual day.

They were there listening to the music of the Flaming Lips, a rock group that in my opinion hates Christianity and loves Karl Marx. I saw an interview on the news with one of the revelers, an apparent goober, intoxicated with rebellion, debauchery and foolishness. Someone who had his face all painted up and exclaimed who wouldn’t want to be here at such a cool event.

To answer his question, I wouldn’t want to be there. What he values and his priorities in life are nothing more than futile and silly to me. He has no discernment of that which is good and that which is useless and wasting away. This is why I don’t want our economy to get better, for the downturn hasn’t been bad enough to wake people up to our condition. In addition, most people, even many conservatives, aren’t looking to understand how we got here, what are our root problems and what dramatic changes we might need to make to set us on a different course. Too many people just want things to get BETTER so we can get back to life as it was before the recent turmoil.

Now I have to admit, I don’t relish the idea of hard times sufficient to wake up America. But, for a long time I have been saying that we have violated sound economic principles and some day there will have to be a correction. The longer we continue to manipulate our economy and violate sound principles, the more severe the correction will be.

There are still too many people just going through life without concern or proper understanding. Therefore, dear Lord, if it takes much tougher times to get a sufficient number of people’s attention to cause us to start looking in the right places for answers, then I say bring it own, I am willing to suffer through those hard times along with others.


I have to admit, when Glen Beck’s radio program started on KTOK I almost always found something else to listen to. While I agreed with a good deal of his content, I just didn’t and still don’t care for his style on radio. However, earlier this year I found an inexpensive satellite provider that has the FOX NETWORK as part of a bare bones package. With DVR capabilities, it is only $30 bucks a month and so I finally gave in and have recently learned how to use the DVR. Now I am able to view the Glen Beck program which comes on at 4:00 CST, a time never available for my schedule to view TV.

While it is always a challenge for me to find the time to watch much TV, I have been able to see several of his programs since this past July. I have been blown away by the content, creativity and effectiveness of his programming. O’Riley is arrogant and his program is little more than hit and miss. Hannity is too repetitive and as long as he keeps having phony conservatives (Mike Church calls them

deceptacons) like Newt Gingrich, J.C. Watts and Rudy Giuliani on his programs as people who have answers, he is simply too far off the mark.

On the other hand, Glen Beck is red hot and on fire but needs an ever larger audience. The way he exposes evil and teaches about solutions is amazing. While I will never agree with him or anyone else on everything. His program is well worth making it a priority to view. It is the best thing on TV anywhere at this time in my opinion.

Please remember, if you want to respond to anything in these e-mails, Google does not forward your replies to me, you must send an e-mail directly to my address which always follows my sign off. I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows

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