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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, November 4th will be held at Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our speaker this week will be OKC businessman Moshe Tal. Mr. Tal has probably been abused by government through the process of “eminent domain” more than any other citizen in Oklahoma. Having heard his story, with 2 active law suits still on going, I believe that some of the good “old boys”

who control city hall, influenced government to steal prime brick town property from Mr. Tal. Perhaps it was done to teach him a lesson about not going along to get along as well as the ingratiate themselves.

Please don’t miss this meeting, it is important to understand how the elitist appear to throw moral goodness aside in their quest to sculpt the future of OKC.

I also want to thank Mr. Gill Hensley, OKC police officer and President of the OKC Fraternal Order of Police, for clearing his schedule last week at the last minute to come and speak at OCPAC. Key point, the FOP never asked for a raise for police during contract negotiations, but rather have the city find a way to increase the number of officers on the streets. The number of officers have only increased 1% over the past 20 years, while at the same time the population has increased about 100,000, thus increasing their work load significantly. Several weeks ago the FOP, along with the firefighters, voted NOT to support MAPS 3. Mr. Hensley did a good job of explaining why. To my knowledge, the Oklahoman has still failed to report this significant news story!


PURCELL OK - I will be conducting another introduction to activism through the John Birch Society meeting, 7:00 p.m. in the conference center at the First American Bank, Main street and Lester Lane. The most radical leftists, socialists, Marxists and Communists are now in control of our nation. Many of these are Godless and immoral people who have a very different vision for America, far different from the values and principles of our Founding Fathers. If you live in the area, please make every effort to attend, these people must be stopped.

OKC AREA - Our good friend, Jerry Fent, constitutionalist citizen watchdog, has just brought a legal action against Governor Brad Henry, ET AL regarding stimulus money coming into Oklahoma. Even though President Obama and the Democrats have directed much of that money into the hands of the Governor and other assorted bureaucrats, that method seems to fly into the face of Oklahoma’s State Constitution.

Fent is claiming that Article 10, section 23 of Oklahoma’s Constitution requires all of those monies to be budgeted by the legislature. He will deliver oral argument before a referee, November 4, 2009 at 10:30 a.m. I believe the Supreme Court chambers are on the 2nd or 3rd floor at the Capitol. If you have time please attend to keep an eye on the performance of our highest court. I predict they will stall on this decision to allow as much of the money as possible to be spent before they make a decision.

OKC AREA - Various tea party groups are hosting the Tea Party Express bus traveling cross country raising objections to the liberal socialist health care reform as well as cap and trade legislation now in Congress. The bus will stop in OKC this Wednesday evening, November 4th at 6:00 p.m.. The location is the North Plaza of the State Capitol. They have a program planned with speakers and entertainment.

It is important to attend so the Marxists in Washington know we haven’t fallen asleep. The only area of concern I have is to make sure this movement isn’t co-opted by elements promoting a Constitutional Convention. Those rumblings are out there from various sources. Such a move would be disastrous in today’s political and cultural climate. A con-con is a horrible idea and very dangerous.

CRESCENT OK - Thursday night November 5th at 7:00 p.m. there will be a town hall meeting at the community center. Speaking will be State Representative Jason Murphy (R-Guthrie), State Senator Patrick Anderson (R-Enid) and the local County Commissioner. These meetings are very informative and allow for questions to be asked of your elected officials.

YUKON OK - Thursday night November 5th at 7:00 p.m., Bob Donohoo will be conducting an introduction to activism through the John Birch Society meeting. The location will be Trinity Baptist Church, 600 North Cemetery Rd (Garth Brooks Blvd. about 8 blocks South of I-40). I can’t express how important it is to organize and get involved. The future of our nation is at risk and we can’t re-claim it without being organized and active in effective organizations. Please attend and check it out for yourself. Bob does an excellent job of presenting the Society and its activities.

TULSA AREA - Friday evening, November 6, the Augustine Christian Academy will host their annual fundraising banquet at the Renaissance Tulsa Hotel, 6807 S. 107 East Ave. The speaker will be Mart Green, of Hobby Lobby and Mardels. The Green family rescued ORU from financial ruin and Mr. Green now sits as Chairman of the Board of the University. We had Mart speak at OCPAC a few years ago and found him to be a very inspiring Christian. Anyone attending will be blessed and support an excellent school which operates under the Christian Classical Education model. The tickets are only $25. For more information and reservations call (918) 832-4600 or

TULSA AREA - A new organization, the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association, will host a Gun Rights Rally. It will be Saturday, November 7th, 10:00 a.m. at the Tulsa Tech Career Services Center, 3420 South Memorial Drive. The keynote speaker will be Larry Pratt, founder and director of Gun Owners of America. GOA is the “no comprise” defender of the Second Amendment and in my opinion a far superior organization ideologically speaking than the NRA. Also speaking will be Senator Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso) and Representative Mike Ritze (R-Broken Arrow).

OKC AREA - The same organization mentioned above will also host a similar meeting this Saturday evening, November 7th at 7:00 p.m. in the Character First Center, 520 West Main in downtown OKC. Along with the keynote speaker Larry Pratt, will be Senator Brogdon and this time State Representative Jason Murphy (R-Guthrie). I hope as many people as possible will attend these meetings in your part of the state. I will be joining and supporting this new organization asap.


Last week I mentioned that I had become a convert to the Glen Beck TV show. One friend wrote something like, I told you so 3 years ago, why didn’t you listen to me then? On the other side of the coin a reader sent me 2 or 3 very well written e-mails about the mistake I had made.

The main e-mail suggested a concern that because of Beck’s relationship to Rupert Murdock and Roger Ailes, that he may be nothing more than a pied piper to lead people who are upset today, back into the Republican fold in time for next year’s election.

He was concerned that Beck might be little more than a “containment agent” to provide very good programming about the radical liberals, Marxists, fascists and Communists who now control Washington. Those are all important aspects of our enemies. However, this individual suggested that if Beck never dealt with those organizations within our nation that have a globalist agenda, then Beck would never get to the heart of the matter in his excellent exposés.

Those organization would be groups like The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, the Yale University secret society known as Skull and Bones, the Bildebergers, and perhaps others. I know, one is not supposed to suggest these organizations have any power or are detrimental to our nation, to do so will get you labeled as a conspiracy nut. However, every organization that exists does so for a purpose and has an agenda. A little research on the power and influence of these organizations by intellectually honest people desiring to understand the truth, might reveal rational people are concerned about these organizations and with good reason.

Only time will tell regarding Beck. I do have hope that he will go deeper than the surface, deeper than the superficial. Part of the reason for my hope is a radio program of his I heard about 4 months ago (while I like his TV program, I don’t like his radio program and rarely listen).

However, there was this one day that he was talking about a book written with a plan to convert America into a socialist utopia as envisioned by Karl Marx. He kept quoting from the book and telling his listeners, this is exactly what has happened. Beck kept saying that what the author envisioned years ago is here today and the steps to get to today were laid out in the book.

So what was the book? It was none other than Philip Dru:

Administrator, written by Colonel Edward Mandell House in 1912. House was President Woodrow Wilson’s right hand man, some have even suggested his alter ego. More importantly, House founded the Council On Foreign Relations (CFR) in 1921. Today it is the most influential organization in America working toward integrating American into first, a regional and then eventually into a one world global socialist society. What Beck is doing today is good, if he really gets into the heart of the matter it will be great. If he doesn’t, he will be little more than another version of Sean Hanity, Rush Limbaugh or others. Time will tell, in the mean time take him for what is good and you will have to dig a little deeper to understand the total picture.

May I suggest reading the book Phillip Drew Administrator and even more importantly SHADOWS OF POWER by James Perloff.


There was an article in the paper recently about State Representative Mike Christian (R-South OKC) having special permission to carry a weapon into the State Capitol, though citizens with concealed carry permits are not allowed that permission. Representative Christian is a retired highway patrol trooper and as such falls into a special category for retired or active duty law enforcement.

Mike said he began to carry a weapon as a result of death threats after he spoke at a hearing to make English the official language of Oklahoma. Other retired law enforcement officers, now serving as lawmakers (all Democrats) were interviewed and said they felt safe at the Capitol without being armed. Christian said, and with good reason, that he didn’t like to leave a weapon in a locked auto, but locks it in a cabinet once in the Capitol. It is really not about being safe at the Capitol as much as it is, where are you going to leave a firearm if you can’t even take it onto government property, yet you need it once you are on the tough streets at home in your district?

Many of our laws regarding the ability to own and carry arms are antiquated and emanate from irrational fear. Sally Kern, Tim Pope and many other lawmakers have been the target of death threats over the years. What is needed is to liberalize (can’t believe I used that

word) existing gun laws to allow for all law abiding citizens (not just law enforcement personnel) to be able to carry guns anywhere on government property in which they believe they or someone else might be in danger. This especially applies to government property. To do anything else, is to deny people from being able to protect themselves and others and that is evil.


Most people who keep up with what is going on in the world, know about the special election in upstate New York to fill the recently vacated Congressional seat for District 23. This race has national implications which many believe will be a harbinger for the 2010 elections and the rebuilding of the Republican party.

Republican candidate Scozzafava is (though the election is Tuesday, she has just shut down her campaign) an ultra liberal Republican picked to be the Republican candidate. This was done by a select committee of party establishment types looking for a Republican victory. She was not elected by a vote of the people in a Republican primary. The party conservatives as well as folks affiliated with the tea parties and the 912 project said no more to these Republicans In Name Only (RINOs).

They fielded a conservative 3rd party candidate and drew a line in the sand. They said the party hasn’t learned its lesson as yet. They have said, we will no longer be kept on the “plantation” of, no where else to go with my vote. They have said, no more Republicans are going to get my vote unless they actually are conservative. These voting citizens have become principled, saying to the party, we will give even more seats to the Democrats if you keep giving us these crappy candidates, that is unless the more moderate Republicans are willing to back a conservative candidate.

Once radio talk show hosts and Fox commentators as well as high profile conservatives all over America began to endorse the Conservative party candidate Doug Hoffman, he began to rise in the polls and has just now inched ahead of the Democrat at the expense of the liberal Republican.

If the Conservative party candidate wins this election, it will be a huge message to the establishment Republicans and especially to President Obama and the other Democrats considering the continuation of their liberal agenda. Republicans should end the debate as to how to re-brand the party. All future candidates should be fiscal conservatives, social conservatives and national sovereignty conservatives at the same time. Those are the kind of candidates capable of building a big tent party that attracts the widest possible groups of interests. At the same time it would cause the Republicans to become a party that would govern conservatively in all 3 areas of government.


This past week President Obama signed legislation that had hate crimes added to it through the amendment process. Pastor Paul Blair of Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond spoke out against the legislation, explaining some of the ways the new law will likely be interpreted and end up eventually punishing Christian pastors as well as Biblical Christians.

On a local Democrat blog site, they attack Blair as being stupid and even worse. They paint with a broad brush and suggest Blair simply joins other nut cases such as Sally Kern, Janet Folger, David Barton, Bill Federer, Rick Scarbrough and others. Put me on record as liking everyone of those folks, I want to be counted among their ranks. By the way, we have had every one of them as a speaker at OCPAC over the years. One of those commenting on the Democrat blog warned that he had observed these people up close and that they were serious and should not be taken lightly.

He talked about attending last year’s Re-claiming Oklahoma for Christ conference and was sickened by what he saw. He suggested that he could tell we “hate” homosexuals, because that is how we refer to them rather than use the word “gay.” I understand how people who have been given over to a reprobate mind have a difficult time properly understanding issues. Let me try to help.

The word homosexual is the proper dictionary word to define a person who has sex with a person of the same sex. The word “gay“ means happy and light hearted. Today that word has been stolen by the homosexuals to put the best spin possible on their unhappy lifestyle. It is a perversion of the word “gay” to use it in reference to homosexuals. To use words like fags, faggots, queers and etc. might be an indication that a person hates homosexuals.

As a Christian we are taught to love a sinner, but hate the sin, no matter what that sin may be. In all reality, all homosexuals are victims of a lie. That lie being that they aren’t in rebellion towards God in the practice of their lifestyle, that they have no choice to overcome that lifestyle, no matter how inclined toward it they may happen to be. There are many who have overcome that sin and now live in a happy relationship with God. There are many pastors and Christians as well as organizations like First Stone Ministries willing to help homosexuals overcome their lifestyle.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows

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