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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, November 18th will be held at Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our speaker this week will be Amanda Teegarden, Executive Director for Oklahomans For Sovereignty And Free Enterprise (OK-SAFE). Amanda has an up-dated presentation on the sustainability movement. Understanding this movement, which was birthed several years ago as “Agenda 21” during the global Earth Summit in Argentina, is vital to understand the rise of central planning and fascism in America. Did anyone see the article in the Oklahoman recently regarding the “sustainability director”
hired by OKC about 4 years ago? I would suggest MAPS III has “sustainability” written all over it. In addition to Amanda’s presentation, our dues paying members attending the meeting will vote to support MAPS III, vote to oppose it or vote not to take a position on the issue. This is an important meeting, so don’t miss it.


THURSDAY - TULSA AREA - The second in a series of God and Country seminars will be held at 7:00 p.m. November 19th at the Kirk Of The Hills church, 4102 East 61st Street in Tulsa. Please use the Southeast Entrance. This is excellent information regarding our heritage and the importance of Biblical principles in government.

THURSDAY - ADA OK - The Ada Tea Party #4 will begin at 6:00 p.m.
with the location being the Pontotoc Technology Center, 100 East 13th Street. This is a well organized group of Christian patriots who, after previously sponsoring 3 successful tea parties, have planned and organized a 4th. Following a few opening activities, I will be the first speaker, talking about the condition of the founding area of our nation at the time of 9/11 and the need for Christians to live a substantive life and engage in the culture war or lose our nation. The next speaker will be State Representative Sally Kern who will tell “the rest of her story.” Our speeches will be followed by a panel of 5th District Congressional candidates Rick Flanigan and James Lankford as well as Mr. Bill Hodges, legislative candidate for HD 60. The theme for the panelists will be: Why Should Grassroots Americans Elect You?
There will be time for the audience to ask questions of the panelists.
The tea party folks will also have informative DVDs and Tee Shirts for sale as a fundraiser and many free handouts.

In the earliest days of our nation, debates and events such as this, then held at the South Church in Boston or Fennel Hall were the biggest events of the year. They were the equivalent of today’s Super Bowl. If we can ever get today’s 45 year old juveniles to cut the time they spend on sitcoms, CSI, dancing with the harlots, American Idolatry and sports addictions in half, if they will grow up and devote just a reasonable amount of time to the important issues of the day, we may reverse our nation’s decline much quicker than most could ever imagine. If you live within a reasonable drive of Ada, come on out and get engaged in this culture war.

FRIDAY - TULSA AREA - There will be a Black-Robed Regiment Rally on Friday evening, November 20th, 7:00 p.m. in the Tulsa Select Conference Center I-44 and Yale. The speaker will be Chari Van Wyk, a South African Evangelist, terrorism survivor and author of the book, SHOOTING BACK. The Black Robed Regiment were the most feared group of people in the colonies prior to and during our war of Independence.
Who were they? They were the clergy of their day, men who passionately preached the Gospel in their pulpits on Sunday mornings, then removed their black robes to reveal their army or militia uniforms as they then led the men of their churches out to train or to battle. We are seeing a modern day “black robe” movement today, where pastors passionately preach the Gospel in their churches but also encourage and lead their church members to engage in the culture war, played out today in the public square and at the voting booth.

SUNDAY - OKC AREA - This Sunday, November 22nd rallies will be held all over the nation to repeal the Federal Reserve and restore sound money to America. I was a speaker at last year’s rally and have been invited again this year. The location will be Hefner Park - 4491 Lake Hefner Road, (Meridian & Northwest Expressway) from 1:00 until 3:00 p.m.. If it is cool out, put on your warm clothes and join this growing effort END THE FED. The more you learn about the power and control of this monster the more you will realize we can never bring back a vibrant economy producing real wealth rather than an economy limping along on newly printed dollars heading toward a crushing debt load. It is a choice between controlled slavery or prosperous liberty.


If you have followed the Oklahoman over the past few days you may have noticed a brewing controversy about altering the ending of the National Anthem performed at Oklahoma University’s home field before each football game. Properly sang it would end, “land of the free and home of the brave.” However, Sooner fans are changing it to “land of the free and home of the Sooners.” The controversy is over whether or not it is disrespectful to change it to home of the Sooners? Should we change it and if so, should it be changed to reflect the reality of the mind set of the people of our nation and state?

May I suggest the following change to: land of the “dependents” and home of the “weak, the sniveling and the thieves.” Now folks before you get you long daggers out, scream and jump into an ash heap with anger at me for suggesting such, hear me out. Let me suggest some scenarios to support my suggestion.

1) because of declining state revenues, senior nutrition centers are being scaled back or shut down. One such action has stirred the ire of Edmond Mayor Patrice Douglas, claiming unfair, unfair. By listening to many comments on the subject, it appears those seniors who are frail and home bound are being taken care of by the local citizens, churches, and civic organizations in Edmond. However, many comments about the senior center are more about socialization and the benefits of such interaction to the elderly. State Representative Marian Cooksey (R-Edmond) likened her recently deceased mother’s longevity to the meals she benefited from and the fact that she had others with which to share her meals.

Please understand, I am not suggesting people may not need help when they get old. The question is, from where should the help come? The Biblical model is for the children to care for their parents, and if that doesn’t happen, help should come from churches, civic organizations or simply people helping their neighbors as they would like to be helped. While the needs may exist, it is not the proper function of government provide for those needs.

One of the things pointed out in the excellent DVD, Overview of America, was that our Founders designed our government to be a negative force, not a positive force. It shows that for government to be a positive force (redistribution of wealth for social benefits) it must first take from one person before it can give to another. Of course the end result is that government gains control over both the giver and taker. No matter how valuable a program, it is not the proper function of government to provide for beneficial social functions in a moral and free market society. Only in a fascist, socialist or communist society is it the government’s responsibility to directly provide for the benefits of its citizens.

I work in Purcell 3 days each month and am regularly approached by a fellow I would describe as the town busybody. He is continually inviting me to come to the senior nutrition center for a free meal. He tries to tempt me by describing the menu and explaining what a good deal it happens to be and what nice people attend. Even though I have tried to explain, I just don’t think he has the intellectual capacity to understand the immorality of using government to force one person, against their will, to pay for a meal and entertainment of others.

While I am not a wealthy person, I qualify for some of these programs as they make no distinction regarding ability to pay. Thanks taxpayers, but I can pay for my own lunches. Also, one of the important reasons to get off our duffs and attend churches and other organizations are the relationships we build. Those relationships will prove valuable during a time of need. Are people who have never exerted any energy throughout their lives to build positive relationships owed attention in their twilight years? Absolutely not, though many people will reach out to them motivated by Christian love or some other reason. That is called “charity,” which is always voluntary, whereas government programs for social needs are always based on compulsion and thievery.

2) Second example, just how many business startups of any size which occur today do so without the owners having their hands out for some kind of government subsidies? Not many. Have we become so weak and sniveling that we can’t succeed without government help? Recently State Representative Richard Morrissette (D-OKC) held an interim study on the “crisis” caused by the spread of Oklahoma Red Cedar trees. His solution of course was for government to get involved. Folks, I attended a seminar about this so called “crisis” over 20 years ago.

When I ran for the State Senate in 1990 I was invited to the grand opening of a heavily subsidized new business North of Seminole that was going to harvest these trees and produce beneficial products from the pests. A couple of year later another heavily subsidized red cedar tree business opened just East of Guthrie. Of course the subsidies were in the name of economic development and jobs creation. Both of those businesses are long gone and the taxpayers are out tens of thousands of dollars, lost for ever. Unless a real market has developed today for products from those pesky little trees, taxpayers will lose tens of thousands more in tax dollars, but Representative Morrissette will have stood on his grandstand and looked like he “cared” about the people. He will surely puff his chest out and proclaim he solved the crisis of those wretched cedar trees.

3) A few weeks back I wrote about the thievery caused by state and federal subsidies associated with the purchase of electric autos. This was brought about by the central planning economic geniuses (economic midgets would be a better term) trying to control the purchasing habits of Oklahoma citizens. Since a judge has put a restraining order on the efforts of the state tax commission to curtail the program, it is running wild and has cost an estimated $40 million dollars to Oklahoma tax payers.

The majority of the electric autos are nothing more than spiffed up golf carts and will rarely be used for real transportation. The temptation to get something priced from $12,000 to $23,000 dollars free or for only a few hundred dollars it significant. I have even had to listen to my wife whine like a little puppy dog when she saw that “cute” little electric pickup that she could envision hauling her garden equipment and materials around on our small farm.

I don’t know the fellow that owns the Ada Electric Car company, but in my opinion he is little more than a greedy opportunist. He is taking money from taxpayers through the state which is miss-spending its monies on electric “autos” rather than reduce taxes or spend its revenues for vital government services. He also appears to be quite willing to take money from the federal government which is bankrupt and simply borrowing and printing gazillions of paper dollars to keep its tyrannical rear-end afloat. Since government subsidies are a Marxist-socialist philosophy, his promoting of the program makes me think of him as that American type businessman that Nikite Krucheff
(sp?) must have been talking about when he declared: that greedy American businessmen will sell up the rope with which we will use to hang them.

4) I will just sum up my final premise with examples of cash for clunkers, subsidies for home buyers, subsidies for new washers and dryers, and yes those poor little old Oklahoma Indian Tribes are receiving over a hundred million in stimulus dollars. Much of which will be farted off on social programs or paying for home improvements for their tribal members. One of the biggest problems for the tribal governments may be taking time away from running to the banks with bags of money from their gambling operations. Of course those who disagree with me will have an endless list of justifications for why they participate in these programs. Justify, Justify, Justify

I want to applaud those folks who have enough decency and self respect to say no to these programs, subsidies and give aways. They are the people who are to be honored in society. Those who participate in plundering their neighbors (it doesn’t matter that it is legalized
plunder) who knowingly steal from their neighbors should be recognized as less than honorable. Lawmakers who facilitate such re-distribution of wealth are weak, they are not quality leaders that believe in our Republican form of government, but rather shallow panderers acting out the tenets of a democracy. O Lord deliver us from these small minded politicians and give us brave hearted conservative leaders. Men and women who can persuade their constituents to the superiority of liberty and the protection of each persons private property.


This past Saturday many of Oklahoma’s leftists gathered for the 24th annual Peace Festival at the Civic Center in downtown OKC. We should be seeing a bunch of new bumper strips with the upside down broken cross, a real dishonoring to the sufferings of Jesus and the price he paid so that man could be redeemed back to our heavenly Father. I am sure there will be some new “coexist” strips and peace through “unilateral disarmament” showing up on Yugos as well as today’s other versions of “green cars.”

I would suggest that many of the people attending this past Saturday’s event, whether they be homosexuals or just run of the mill leftists, are the kind of people who promote excessive tolerance, diversity and political correctness. May I suggest, one of the highest callings for any society or culture is to determine what it will celebrate and what it will condemn. While it is open for debate as to determine where those lines of acceptable and unacceptable behavior should be drawn, I believe most of these people are in favor of almost anything goes.
However, I doubt they are very likely to be accepting of people who want to draw lines of right and wrong. Tolerance and diversity are code words for the removal of almost all standards of right and wrong.
Those are the ideas which have led to the politically correct climate in which we live today. America is not the better off as a result of this change in social mores.


Certainly a part of Dr. Piper’s talk this past Wednesday was about convincing us that we are not conservatives but rather “classical liberals.” People familiar with the old definitions understand the definitions have been reversed. A classical liberal used to mean one who was liberal with your liberties. While I agree with his premise, my concern is that perhaps 90% of all Americans understand the words for how and what they are used for today and are therefore ignorant to their former meanings. My struggle is knowing how much energy it will take to try and re-educate people to the former meanings and the confusion it will cause in that transition. I am concerned about expending too much effort in the re-defining of the words and thus diverting energy away from the effort to stop the tyranny of statism and its off-shoots of socialism and fascism. Dr. Piper believes it is our moral duty to use these words correctly. What do you believe is most important?

The other thing that so impressed me was the changes he brought to OWU after he became President. When he arrived he could barely find a faculty member or student that could recite or explain the mission statement of the University. Today he suggests it would be difficult to find anyone on campus that couldn’t recite or explain it. It got me to thinking. I would guess most people couldn’t recite or explain the mission statement for OCPAC.

It is as follows: “To promote and support constitutionalists in the state legislature who oppose expansive government while at the same time promote liberty, free market economics, and Judeo-Christian standards.” If the members of an organization don’t know the purpose for their existence, it will not be much of an organization.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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