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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, October 21st will be held at Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Last week we had OKC Councilman Brian Walters as our speaker telling why he couldn’t support MAPS III. This week OKC Councilman Larry McAtee will be our speaker telling why he believes MAPS III will be good for the city and wise to support. We will try to start by 12:05 so we can have plenty of time for our speaker as well as questions. I left at the end of last week’s meeting for a few days in Branson and just returned on Sunday afternoon. I must keep this e-mail short as I am now paying the price by having to catch up on everything.


MOORE AREA - Monday evening, 5:30 p.m., U.S Representative Tom Cole has scheduled a town hall meeting at the South Moore High School, 2901 South Sante Fe. I believe a lot of tea party and 912 folks will attend to continue their pressure on congressmen to oppose the government take over of health care as well as many other budget busting, socialist programs currently being proposed by the Democrats in congress as well as President Obama. However, I hope some of those attending will ask Congressman Cole where he found the Constitutional authority to vote for a bill to send $50 BILLION to Africa to fight AIDS? While he is now sounding like a conservative, when the Republicans were in charge of congress and George W. was President, Tom Cole was one of the biggest spending Republicans in Congress.

I reported in an e-mail several months ago about my asking him that question at a town hall meeting in Purcell. In the e-mail I offered $50 for anyone finding that authority in the Constitution to send the money to Africa to fight AIDS. I also suggested that I would double the award if was a person on Congressman Cole’s staff could find the authority.

A young lady sent me an e-mail suggesting it was in Article 1, Section

8 of the Constitution, and I could pay her pay pal account. Bobby Cleveland, Chairman of the Cleveland County Republican party and an obvious supporter of Congressman Cole suggested the same answer on his blog. If I remember correctly, he suggested the authority could be found under the “general Welfare” statement found in the first paragraph of Article 1, Section 8. Let me just say to my friend Bobby and everyone else, if you can justify sending money to Africa to fight AIDS with a misunderstanding of the “general welfare” statement, then you can justify any federal government expenditure as being constitutional. As a result, you can throw out the concept of enumerated (specifically defined) powers as well as throw out the 10th Amendment. If you do that, then you are totally ignorant of the intent of our Founding Fathers for the purpose of the federal government.

MOORE AREA - Speaking of the federal government’s enumerated powers, I have been asked to speak tonight, Monday October 19th, to the Norman Area group known as Educators For Liberty. While they usually meet in Norman, it couldn’t be scheduled there, so the meeting will be held in the Moore library, 225 South Howard, starting at 7:00 p.m.. In addition to the enumerated powers, I will also be discussing the 10th amendment and how it might be applied in today’s environment. Here is an idea, attend Congressman Tom Cole’s town hall meeting then come on over to the library for the Educators For Liberty meeting at 7:00 p.m..


Congratulations to the voters in House District 55 for having the wisdom to elect Todd Russ (R-Cordell) to represent them in the state legislature. I offer this congratulations because all elections are first about the quality, character and wisdom of the voters and then about the candidates. With that in mind, we also want to express a huge congratulations to Todd for working so hard and being the quality candidate he happened to be and thanks to all those who worked in the campaign.

This election represents a very dark day for Oklahoma Democrats. They are in disarray, fighting between the old line liberal activists who like to call themselves “progressive” and the elected party officials.

Those with discernment know they well may lose many of the state wide elections next year, plus see their numbers shrink in the legislature.

They are looking for answers on the state level, just like the Republican party is looking for answers on the national level. Stay tuned, this next election year will be most interesting.


Dues paying membership this year for OCPAC is now at 214, breaking our all time membership record of 203 and our non election year record of 153. There is still time to join as our dues build up our political war chest. Though everyone other than those paying on a monthly basis, will have their dues expire on December 31st, there are still some who may join to simply support our agenda. Also, our members from all over the state will soon be voting for this year’s Legislator Whore of the Year Award. In addition, I will soon submit a revised and updated set of by-laws to our dues paying members present at our meeting. We have amended them several times over the past 11 years and they need some streamlining as well as a couple of changes which I believe will be beneficial for the organization. If you have not joined as yet and would like to, the instructions will follow my sign off.

With the election of Todd Russ, we have now contributed to 72 different candidates over the past 5 election cycles, with 36 of them being elected to the state legislature. That is a 50% success rate. If we were just trying to pick winners we could have a higher success rate, but our goal has always been to try and pick truly conservative and limited government folks with Judeo/Christian values. While a few of those we supported and were elected turned out to disappoint us, for the most part our picks have turned out to be the most conservative lawmakers in the state.

One final item on the OCPAC up-date, we have just exceeded 3,000 people on the OCPAC e-mail list. That is the number of people who receive it directly. God only knows how many folks receive it as many forward it to others. It is important that this number continues to grow and especially with people in the rural areas of the state. We simply must do a better job of informing citizens to face the difficult times facing our state and nation now that the federal government is being controlled by the Marxists, Fascists and Socialists, who masquerade as Democrats and in some cases as Republicans.

Even in the state we have problems. Over the past few months, I have on several occasions pointed out that there is no difference, when it comes to central planning and business subsidies, in the ideology of House Speaker Chris Benge (R-Tulsa) and the ideology of President Obama. The only difference is when it comes to the size and scope of government’s involvement. Therefore conservatives must continue to grow to improve the state of Oklahoma. If you know someone who would like to receive our weekly e-mail, have them send me their name and e- mail address to my e-mail address listed below.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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