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Before I get to our agenda, please let me say I am not trying to be
unfriendly, but I don’t sign up to be friends on Linkiden or other
similar offers. I get multiple invitations daily, which is simply too
time consuming for me to fill out the responses. Thanks for

Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, August 3rd will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our first speaker
will be Tracey Montgomery, Oklahoma State Coordinator for www.parentalrights.org.
She will explain this organizations belief in the necessity of a
amendment to the U.S. Constitution to protect the rights of parents in
regard to their own children.

Our main speaker this Wednesday will be Jenni White, as she continues
her work to alert Oklahomans about the dangers of Federal intervention
into Education. Jennie will explain the pitfalls of the “Core
Curriculum Standards” and why we don’t want to be selected into the
federal government’s “Race To The Top” program. Try to arrive early as
I will start our program at 12 sharp as we have a lot to cover this


I am disappointed in Oklahoma’s four Republican U.S. Representatives
for voting for the final version of the budget reform/debt ceiling
legislation. I am not all that surprised by Cole, Lucas and Sullivan
as they have a long track record of getting in line with leadership. I
had hoped for more out of Lankford, but it is what it is.

If the legislation passed was all that was out there, I might have
voted for it as it is a little better than what we have now. However,
there is the Connie Mack (R-Florida) plan which is far better and very
sellable to the public. A plan that doesn’t allow spending to rise
above 2011 levels and then cuts across the board (if Congress can’t
prioritize a 1% cut) 1% each year for 8 years to achieve a balanced

That was a plan worth supporting and then refusing to raise the debt
ceiling should the Democrats refuse to pass it in the Senate. Should
the Democrats refuse, there would be a nation wide noticeable hit to
programs and paychecks, but at least then the public would really
concentrate on what is going on. At that time all Republicans should
have a unified voice, explaining the simple, cut one penny out of
every dollar, plan and urge Americans to contact the Democrats to
demand they support the plan!

The time to start correcting our past miss deeds, which will be
painful, is now. At least Oklahoma has two experienced conservatives
in our Congressional delegation that understand the pitiful value in
the inferior plan that will be passed and as such will vote against it
in the Senate. Senators Inhofe and Coburn deserve a huge thanks from
the citizens of Oklahoma.


State Senator Jim Reynolds was elected as the Cleveland County
Treasurer last November, but didn’t take office until July 1st. His
vacated seat requires a special election for the current area which is
much of Del City and a good part of South OKC. The election will be
one week from today, on Tuesday, August 9th.

Our by-laws do not allow OCPAC to get involved in this primary because
it is not considered a “safe” Republican seat. However, the eventual
winner of the Republican primary will be eligible to appear before our
members and they will vote to determine if we support that candidate.

As a point of interest, I was reading the Demokie web site and noticed
their take on this race. The administrator of the web-site had
obtained campaign literature from each of the 2 Republican candidates
and posted that literature on the web-site for anyone to read. This is
what “STAMP THE ROOSTER” had to say about one of the Republican
candidates: “Sounds like this Theresa Nelson would make a fine
Democrat.” They don’t get things right very often on this web-site,
but this time I have to agree with Stamp The Rooster as Theresa Nelson
is anything but a conservative Republican.

Someone on the web-site posted that the other Republican candidate,
Greg Childers was the establishment candidate. They couldn’t be
further from wrong. The establishment didn’t field a candidate as they
thought State Representative Paul Wesselhoft would be the easy winner
in the race and keep the seat for the Republicans. However, Paul filed
for office and then dropped out of the race before the candidates were

State Senator Ralph Shortey brought Mr. Childers to an OCPAC meeting a
few weeks back. Anyone who knows anything about the Republican party
knows that Ralph Shortey is anything but an establishment Republican
and will only support candidates that will not simply bow down to the
establishment. In my opinion, Greg Childers is by far the more
conservative candidate. That is just my opinion and is not an official
endorsement from OCPAC.


* EDMOND AREA - Attorney Don Powers, considered a Constitutional
expert, has been writing a weekly column for about a year now in the
Edmond Sun. He has moved his column over to the Edmond Life and
Leisure Newspaper which may be obtained at many businesses in Edmond.
Pick up a paper and check out his columns as they are very
informative. His recent column on the “general welfare” clause as well
as many of his columns on State sovereignty and the 10th amendment
were excellent. Don also teaches classes on the Constitution all over
the metro area.

* EDMOND AREA - Just a heads up, on Tuesday, August 9th there will
be a town hall meeting, 7:00 p.m. at the Edmond Community Center, 28
East Main. There are a large group of citizens who would like to see
Edmond governed locally and wean their community off the influences of
the United Nations, the Obama administration’s interferences in
Education and the possible problems with the new President at UCO. It
seems the new President is a former employee of the United Nations,
who worked to create a Palestinian State. He also has expressed his
admiration for the organization CAIR (Center for American and Islamic
Relations). It turns out that CAIR got lucky when the Obama
administration took over as Eric Holder determined not to prosecute
the other conspirators (CAIR) in the Holy Lands Foundation trial as
members of that organization were convicted of supporting terrorism
through Hamas.

* STATE CAPITOL - AUGUST 24TH - In conjunction with Glen Beck’s
event in Israel, a group in Oklahoma will have a STAND with ISRAEL
rally at the State Capitol from 7 until 10:00 p.m.. For more
information log on to www.oklahomaunited.com.


Sources have told me Boren decided to announce he would not run for re-
election so he could be appointed to the Presidency of Northeastern
State University at Tahlequah. If true, I would further speculate his
desire for that position to gain enough experience to be appointed as
President of the University of Oklahoma once daddy Boren decides to
retire. Further speculation is that Dan Boren will resign his
Congressional seat when he is picked as President which may then
require a special election to fill his vacated seat.

There are several Republicans already working in that race. State
Representative George Faught was the first to announce. Former State
Representative Wayne Pettigrew of Edmond is campaigning and Mr.
Mullins of Mullins Plumbing is also in the race. I believe he is the
first to file his papers with the Federal Election Commission. With a
hundred thousand of his own money to go along with a hundred thousand
he has raised from contributors he has already raised twice the amount
Dr. Charles Thompson was able to amass for his bid in 2010.

Dr. Thompson may also join the race as well as others. If a special
election does occur and the time frame is shortened, a candidate with
adequate finances usually has an advantage. Regardless, all the
Republican candidates will have an opportunity to appear at an OCPAC
meeting. Our dues paying members will vote to endorse the best
candidate if that can be determined.


At the end of July we had 221 dues paying members and have raised over
$18,000. Our old record for a non election year was 217 dues paying
members. The largest number of members come from OKC, with Edmond in
second place. However, OCPAC is truly a statewide organization with
dues paying members spread out all over the state.

I thought I would list other communities in Oklahoma with dues paying
members, in no particular order: Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Broken Bow,
Piedmont, Nichols Hills, Owasso, Norman, Ponca City, Newalla, Mustang,
Yukon, Muskogee, Jones, Guthrie, Purcell, Tuttle, Choctaw, Midwest
City, Newkirk, Bristow, Cleveland, Lawton, Alva, Duncan, Konawa,
Moore, Tecumseh, Shawnee, Weatherford, Shawnee, Meridian, Seminole,
Hooker, Harrah and Blanchard. In addition, we have at least one dues
paying member from each of the following states, Texas, Michigan,
Virginia, Mississippi, and Wyoming.

Truth is, many of these members in out laying areas may never or
seldom ever be able to attend one of our meetings. However, they have
caught the vision of what we are trying to do by supporting good
candidates from anyplace in the state as well as trying to hold them
accountable once they are elected. They know their dues provide the
funds for our war chest to get the job done.

If you have considered joining OCPAC, but just haven’t done so as yet,
please consider doing so now. Help us make Oklahoma the most
conservative state in the nation. Instructions on how to join will
follow my sign off. I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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