Thursday, July 28, 2011

Speaker John Boehner’s plan is simply un- acceptable.

URGENT MATTER - Folks, Speaker John Boehner’s plan is simply un-
acceptable. In round one it ONLY cuts 7 Billion in spending. The only
good deal about his plan is that the debt limit is short term, meaning
they will have to deal with this again early next year. Round two is
nothing more at this time than pie in the sky and another example of
kicking the can down the road, rather than dealing with a serious
problem right now.

If you know how to read between the lines, both Speaker Boehner and
Paul Ryan have revealed their real intentions for the future when they
said something like: the baby boomers are coming of age with huge
increased pressure on social security and medicare and we have an
obligation to these folks.

What that means is they will NOT be willing to fight for and force
fiscal responsibility upon the federal government. Truth is, the only
responsibility they have to the grey panthers (I will soon be 65) is
to make sure the 2 plus Trillion dollars in IOUs to the social
security trust fund is paid back. Beyond that they have no
responsibility to social security, other than to make sure the trust
fund is actuarially sound. The ONLY way to do that is to raise the
amount working people pay in to the fund or cut benefits and of course
the third option would be to do a combination of both. One way to cut
benefits would be to raise the age of early retirement from 62 to 64
and the age of full retirement which is currently 66 for people my age
and 67 for younger people to 68 and 69. In addition, reducing some of
the disability coverage’s would be an option.

But people like Boehner are too fearful of the voters and unwilling to
take the risk of convincing a largely self centered and economically
ignorant American public on the risks of an eventual economic melt
down if we don’t quit borrowing ever more money.

U.S. Representative Connie Mack (R-Florida) has a plan to cap current
spending and if congress can’t prioritize spending cuts, there will be
an automatic spending cut of 1% a year. It will take 7 years to
balance the budget with that plan. That is a reasonable plan that
truly causes us all to share in the pain it will take to get our
budget in balance.

Bottom line, we must call our U.S. Representatives and urge them not
to support Speaker Boehner’s plan. I will be sorely disappointed in
Representative James Lankford if he supports Speaker Boehner’s plan as
I believed he is a person of strong resolve. If he caves, it will show
just how quickly he has become co-opted by the establishment.


John Sullivan (202) 225-2211, Dan Boren (202) 225-2701, Frank Lucas
(202) 225-5565, Tom Cole (202) 225-6165 and James Lankford (202)

Charlie Meadows

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