Tuesday, July 19, 2011




Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, July 20th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. I am really excited
to have Mr. Art Thompson as our speaker this Wednesday. Mr. Thompson
is the CEO of the John Birch Society. He lives in Appleton Wisconsin,
which is the location of the home offices of the Birch Society. I
joined the Society in 1988 and during that time there have probably
been 4 or 5 different CEOs. I personally believe Mr. Thompson is the
best since I have been in the Society. He has a tremendous grasp of
history and speaks with a lot of authority or gravitas.

As a keen observer of the struggles at the Wisconsin State Capitol
this year, Mr. Thompson will give of his perspective on the
undercurrents involved in the struggle in Wisconsin. Currently, there
are recall elections in process for both Republican and Democrat
lawmakers and perhaps the Governor. I will also ask him to give an
overview of the activities of the Birch Society and some of its many

Speaking of the Birch Society, their newly revamped web-site is up and
running, check it out at www.jbs.org and see what you find informative
and valuable. Remember, there are many sources of good information
today, but the question is, what to you do with good information? The
reason I have such high regard for the Birch Society is that it
disseminates excellent information, but more than that, it is an
organization in every state with field staff and a strategy to return
this nation to its Americanist ideals.

Of special interest on the web-site is the newly created FREEDOM
PROJECT. Over the past 2 or 3 years we have been developing an on-line
curriculum for home school children or for whole families to use.
Grades 9 through 12 are now ready to use and at only $35 per course,
it is very reasonable. There are over 100 conservative,
constitutionalist scholars that are contributing to the creation of
the curriculum, all of whom have masters or doctorate degrees. The
mission of the FREEDOM PROJECT is to empower Americans to understand,
enjoy and preserve the freedom and moral responsibility embodied in
America’s founding principles.


This year’s Reclaiming America for Christ Conference, which is one
week from this Thursday and Friday, has had a location change. It
seems with the drought and low water pressure at Trinity in Yukon,
there was concern about trying to flush toilets over a 2 day period
with large crowds. Therefore, the conference has been re-located to
First Baptist Church in Moore. This a larger sanctuary and will seat
more folks. Take the NE 27th Street exit and go one block East of
I-35. The actual address is 301 NE 27th street in Moore, you can
easily see the church from I-35. I will have more on the speakers in
next week’s e-mail.

I need to keep this short as I am covered up with home projects which
have been neglected for some time now. I look forward to seeing
everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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