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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, September 2nd will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. This week we will be
watching a newly produced DVD titled: THE REAL NEWT GINGRICH. Mr.
Gingrich is one of the brightest and most articulate people in our
nation. He went so far as to form an exploratory committee last year
to determine if he would run for president. However, in my opinion, he
waited too late as the many other candidates were too far ahead of him
in fund raising and commitments from prominent activists. Today, he is
positioning himself for a run in 2012. So here is the question, is
this brilliant conservative communicator the one Republicans want for
their candidate and is he the right one for America? Is he really a
conservative, a constitutionalist, or just another extra slick
politician with a hidden agenda and someone who, if elected, would
bring about change much like window dressing, with the real positions
of government continuing on as they are today? This is a fascinating
33 minute DVD, come and see it so you can make up your own mind. We
will have a time for “free speech” debate and discussion following its


MOORE AREA - Tuesday, September 1st at 7:00 p.m. the Moore chapter
for Educators of Liberty will meet in the Moore library, 225 South
Howard. They will be showing part 2 (75 minutes) of a 3 part
documentary titled, THE MONEY MASTERS. The series is a historical
documentary that traces the origins of the political power structure
with its roots hidden in the manipulations of money through fractional
reserve banking.

TULSA AREA - Oklahomans for Sovereignty and Free Enterprise (OK-
SAFE) will hold their monthly meeting on Thursday evening, September
3rd at the Hardesty Library, 8316 East 93rd in Tulsa. The meeting will
begin at 6:45 p.m. and feature a presentation on government fusion
centers. Several officials with OK-SAFE were allowed to tour the
fusion center in OKC this past week and will give a report on what
they learned.

OKC AREA - The liberal leftists in America and Oklahoma got caught
with their pants down by the spontaneous opposition displayed at town
hall meetings across the nation in opposition to the leftist agenda of
the Democrats and President Obama. But they are getting organized and
beginning to show up to counter the opposition to their socialists and
fascist ideas.

As an example, this Thursday evening the leftists in the OKC area are
sponsoring a Rally, Demonstration and News Conference from 4:30 to
6:00 p.m. outside the offices of Representative Mary Fallin and
Senator Tom Coburn 101 North Broadway in downtown OKC. Speakers
include Nathaniel Batchelder, (I believe him to be Oklahoma’s most
dedicated Marxist) and a host of other liberal leftists including Jim

If you have the time and want to show up to listen to their liberal
gibberish, please do so, but be sure to take some of your homemade
signs with some truthful and relevant messages to counter their wrong
headed ideas or just plain old fashion misinformation.

OKC AREA - The next tea party in OKC has been rescheduled to Sunday
afternoon on September the 13th. The event was originally to be held
on the 12th to go along with others across the nation. However, the
governor has an event going on during the 12th which would stretch
Capitol security too thin so all events other than the governor’s were
canceled. The rally will begin at 4:30 p.m. and be held on the NORTH,
let me say it again, on the NORTH steps of the capitol. The reason
that is important, is that the liberals are going to have a rally on
the South steps of the capitol promoting Obama’s health care takeover
starting at 12 noon.

I had breakfast with Mark Shannon one morning this past week and
agreed it is time to stop going after one another over minimal
differences and come together to thwart the agenda of the liberal
socialists and fascists who are trying to remake American into
something very different from the ideas of our founding fathers. I
will have more about the tea parties next week.

EDMOND AREA - Our good friend and long time OCPAC member Margo
Hampton has for several years taught the UNDERSTANDING THE TIMES
WORLDVIEW CLASS, using materials produced by Dr. David Noebel of
Summit Ministries located in Manitou Springs Colorado. The course is
designed to train students to think Biblically and to be able to
recognize ideas which emanate from a Humanist, New Age, Marxist or
Muslim world view.

The goal of Summit Ministries is to equip servant leaders, to train
champions of the faith, and to inspire students to love God with all
their hearts, souls, minds, and strength. The classes will be held on
Thursdays from 2 until 4:00 p.m. starting on September 10th 2009 and
ending on the last Thursday in April of 2010. The class will use the
new and updated book, Understanding The Times, by Dr. Noebel ($20), a
student workbook ($15) and will include a one time copy fee of $15.
This is an excellent course designed for high school seniors or mature
juniors. I am a little past the deadline with this announcement for
ordering the curriculum, but if interested, contact Margo ASAP at
margo_hmptn@yahoo.com or call her home number at (405) 282-6283 as I
am sure she will make every effort to accommodate additional students.
The class will meet at Fairview Baptist Church in Edmond, Danforth and
North Sooner Road.


Senator Kennedy passed away and was buried this past Saturday. He will
be sorely missed by his family and many of the unpatriotic anti-
American liberals who loved him so much. I want to be respectful
toward their loss and time of grief. However, I considered Senator
Kennedy an opponent of good government as he was a huge leader in the
effort to remake America into a nation of “statists” and oppose the
idea of “individualists”, who by definition do not rely on government
for their well being in social needs.

The reason I am disappointed in his passing, is that during his
illness over the past few months he has rarely been on the floor of
the Senate, thus reducing the number of Democrat votes available to
force legislation through the Senate. Now that he has passed on, there
will be a primary in December and general election in January. That
will mean there will be some other liberal Democrat from Massachusetts
in the Senate for next year’s session giving them more power than they
already have. I wish he could have lived on for at least a few more
months to have kept that seat vacant!

If you think me to be cold hearted with my comments, then you don’t
understand the gravity of the struggle we find ourselves in today. We
are in a cultural war today for the survival of our nation against the
enemies of Americanism within our nation. Listening to Senators John
McCain and Lindsey Graham blubber on about their good friend Ted,
makes me want to vomit. I don’t want to hate anyone, but we don’t need
Republicans in office that want to be bi-partisan pals, buddies or
sweethearts with liberal Democrats. I don’t want Republicans to be
mean, but I want them to be tougher than an Iron Man contestant when
it comes to doing battle with the anti-American liberals.


This past Tuesday night I attended a town hall meeting in my home
district. Speaking were County Commissioner Mark Sharpton, State
Representative Jason Murphy (R-Guthrie, North Edmond), and State
Senators Randy Brogdon (R-Owasso) and Clark Jolley (R-Edmond, South
Logan County).

During the Q&A session I congratulated Murhpey and Brogdon for their
high scores and awards from OCPAC for being outstanding lawmakers. I
then expressed my disappointment to Senator Jolley for his paltry
score of a 40 on this year’s conservative index and his barley
acceptable lifetime average score of a 63 which covers 5 years in

I then asked him only one simple question: since the citizens of Tulsa
and Tulsa County voted no to tax themselves to fund low water dams
(dams for entertainment, not flood control) on the Arkansas River in
Tulsa, why did he vote to force the citizens of Edmond, Guthrie and
South Logan County to fund those projects? Even worse, rather than
funding the $25 million dollar project, they borrowed the money
through increased bonded indebtedness, which will probably mean that
by the time we taxpayer finally get the bonds paid off, it will have
cost us around $50 million dollars.

Rather than answer the only question, he went on and on complaining
about the index. Complaining about not having enough votes on the
index, not weighting the votes, skipping an important vote in the
past, some other conservative Republican had the same score, blah blah
blah. It was so predictable, complaining about the index is what every
Republican lawmaker does every time they get a low score on the

Truth is, every bill used on the index comes from Republican
lawmakers. In fact, every Republican lawmaker (including Senator
Jolley) is invited to submit bills to be used and then they are
invited to attend a meeting to debate as to whether the bills used
really reflect a liberal or conservative position. Senator Jolley
talked and talked and talked about the index, but appeared to have no
intention to answer the question, so I had to ask him again.

I appreciated his honesty when he finally did answered the question.
He said the vote was part of a deal made by leadership and since he
was in the Senate leadership he supported the legislation. Therein
lies a significant problem. When Republican leadership is not
conservative but rather made up of deal making liberals or “right of
center” moderates, then we get these kind of bad pieces of legislation

Just remember, every year that goes by without a tax cut or
Republicans reducing the size of government, it will be because
Senators like Clark Jolley vote for immoral re-distribution of wealth
legislation such as this, thus requiring future tax dollars to be
needed to pay off the debt. This is much the same thing Obama and the
Democrats in Washington are doing, only on a much smaller scale. If
Senator Jolley continues to govern in such a manner he needs to be
replaced by a conservative Republican in his next election cycle.


Several years ago, State Representative Wallace Collins (D-Norman) won
a very close race over Republican challenger Steve Byas. Two years
later Mr. Byas ran against Collins again. Polling close to the
election showed Steve up on Collins. If my memory serves me correctly,
Collins put out information attributing Byas to saying things he never
said. Byas informed Collins of the error but Collins continued to
suggest Byas as the person saying the information.

Byas again lost the election though polling had show him up before the
slanderous attack. Steve sued Representative Collins for defamation of
character and won an $80,000 judgment against Collins, who had to
initially have his legislative pay check garnished to pay the judgment
to Mr. Byas.

In a recent edition of the Oklahoma Observer (in my opinion, little
more than a liberal union rag) Collins wrote an article attacking
State Representative Sally Kern (R-OKC-Bethany). The reason, Kern was
the principle author of a resolution in opposition to the U.N. Treaty
on the Rights of a Child. Collins’ article was titled, SALLY KERN

As Ronald Reagan would say, there you go again Wallace. I believe
Collins is either eat up with bitterness and intellectual dishonesty
or he is a star member of the dumb masses crowd. We have had Terri
Feland speak at OCPAC on the issue as she is a regional director for
http://www.blogger.com/www.parentalrights.org organization. Collins represents Mrs.
Feland and as such Terri told me she has spent a good deal of time
explaining the issue to him. This evil treaty has been around for some
time and if passed and ratified, would become a huge threat to a
parent’s ability to “train up their children in the ways of the Lord.
Log on to the web site above and read the treaty for yourself.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows

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