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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, September 16th will be held at Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. There is a special election for House District 55 in Southwestern Oklahoma. The former representative recently resigned to serve in the Obama administration which has brought about the need for the special election. The Republican nominee is Todd Russ from Cordell. The Democrat in the race is from Sentinel, the place I was born, though I basically grew up in OKC. Todd Russ was a senate candidate in 2006 and lost by less than 100 votes. Had he won in 2006 the Republicans would have controlled the Senate 2 years earlier than now. As an irrelevant point of interest, a few years ago, Todd and a senior partner purchased the bank in Burns Flat owned by my step mother and a few years prior to that the Democrat candidate purchased the office building in Sentinel where my dad had his law practice. I still have relatives living in both Sentinel and Cordell. A Republican has never held this seat, but the way Western Oklahoma is trending, Mr. Russ has a good chance of winning. We did support him in 2006. I am also going to try to get someone who attended the tea party in Washington to come and give a brief report.


TULSA AREA - The Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs (OCPA) is sponsoring a banquet on Thursday evening September 17th, which is Constitution Day. It is being billed as a Liberty Gala, with the speaker being Dr. J. Rufus Fears, a world-renowned author, lecturer, and inspiring professor of classics at the University of Oklahoma. The event will be in the Doubletree at Warren Place in Tulsa, with a reception beginning at 6, dinner at 7 and the program will begin at 8:00 p.m.. For more information please call (405) 602-1667 or log on to I would urge you to do so quickly as they will need to know a number to plan for the dinner.


We have an OCPAC member, Mr. Donald Wade, who crafted this excellent allegory, which does a great job of defining every person in society.
There is a question at the end of this story. After you read it, evaluate yourself and be honest as to who you really happen to be!

STAND FAST In The Liberty
Millions of ordinary American people are wondering what on earth is driving the insanity that is sweeping over this nation. With illegal immigration, federal takeover of the banking system, federal takeover of private businesses, government health care, trillions of dollars in Un-audited federal give-a-ways, the unsupported theory of global warming with cap and trade taxes and the tsunami of other progressive schemes there is evidence of an out-of-control government in the hands of lawless politicians. It may help to look inside this “progressive”
movement and understand the simple little plan that drives this pervasive madness which has taken the wrecking ball to our Constitution, our economy and our American way of life.

Understanding the Progressive Plan
Person "A" and Person "B" agree to give Person "C's" money to Person "D". Sounds like a little Harmless, feel-good socialism”. But here’s a closer look at the players and their playbook:
The Progressive Person "A" is the Autocrat (self appointed ruler) who, together with his “support team”, ie, the World Banker, the Super Wealthy, the Tax and Spend Politician, most Judges and Bureaucrats and Person “A’s” personal civilian army, the Community Organizers, all believe that he should run the world. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. It's not easy to sell this plan in it’s raw form to the common man who will have to fund "A’s" ambition and then live under the tyranny of his coming “new world order”.

“A” knows how to use money to turn the Elected Statesman into a Career Politician and control the Political Parties with token handouts. He will use a natural or contrived crisis (the great depression, wars and rumors of wars, global warming, flu virus outbreaks, financial melt-down, etc.) to create a need for which he and his support team have the only possible remedy. He will never let a good crisis go to waste, and, you can be sure that the “remedy”
will always expand his power base while eroding the liberty of the common people.
Progressive Person "B" is the self-styled social Benefactor. This could be the left-leaning Academic, Educator, Church Leader, Journalist, Hollywood Elite or Environmentalist who wants to end all of the world’s misery and create a utopian society (using “C’s” money, of course). He can't do it without help because the conservative minded masses of "C’s" won't relinquish their liberty or their money without a fight.

Stand Fast In The Liberty
Person "B" can’t turn to God for help (even though he likes to be seen at church from time to
time) because, in the arrogance of his higher critical analysis of things, he has relegated a relationship with God to the ash heap of an inconvenient truth. So "B"
teams up with "A" because "A" is amassing the political strength sufficient to enforce all of "B's" great social schemes for good. "A"
tolerates "B" as a partner because "B”’s “intellectual”, “environmental”, "humanitarian", “religious”, or "journalistic"
credentials cloak "A's" self-serving and sinister scheme to run the world.

Since "A" is compulsive and driven in his quest for power, he knows he can always keep "B" in line because "B" is the intellectual or celebrity elite who just wants to be recognized for wanting the best for everyone. And any convictions “B” might have are easily swayed by the popular social mantras of the day (save the trees, save the planet, kill the babies, etc),. "A" knows that "B" will be easily satisfied with the crumbs of “public adulation”, or “tenure” at the university.

Person "C" is the Common man who bows his knee to the Father God of creation and His son, Jesus, who purchased freedom for the people by His substitutionary death and resurrection, for all who care to receive it; “C” is a Conservative in terms of personal responsibility; and a defender of the Constitutional Republic as America’s God-inspired form of civil government.
“C” is a hard working, family oriented individual (or couple) who believes he can make a difference if he can just work a few more hours each week to pay that rising cost of living and that rising tax bill that goes to support Person "A's" veiled transfers of huge sums from the Treasury into the private, global coffers of the “progressive cause”
together with the high
maintenance cost of “A’s” support team (the politician/tax collectors, the bureaucratic enforcers and the community organizers) who require copious infusions of cash from the public trough to support their upscale lifestyles; “C” also covers the cost of Person “B’s”
tenure at the university or church and Person “D’s” life support system.

Person “D” (the Dependant who is trying to survive on government
subsistence) will become
a Person "C" if he ever rises above his poverty status. It's better for him to just stay poor and stay on the receiving end even though his welfare status is just a different form of slavery.
And sadly, Person "C" is "progressively" becoming a Person "D" as “A’s” career politicians and bureaucratic enforcers extract more of “C’s” income through ever increasing taxes and more of "C’s" freedoms through ever increasing regulations in order to construct “A’s” brave new world order. And all the while "progressively" diminishing “C’s”
opportunity and ability to
voice dissent. (Now we know why it’s called “progressive-ism”. A more honest name might be “incremental regressive-ism”).

This is a self-perpetuating matrix (devised by "A" of course). "A" is confident that "B" will continue to support him even if "A’s" ruthless ambition is sometimes offensive to "B’s"
sophisticated sensibilities because "B" sees this as the only expedient path to his utopian dream.
And the inevitable erosion of individual freedom is just the necessary price that has to be paid.
The "D’s" can be counted on to continue to vote for "A"’s progressive politician/tax collector just to be assured that they will receive their next stimulus/ subsistence check.
The "C's" are running so hard to keep it together they haven’t had time to look up and see what "A" and "B" have done to them. "C’s" don’t mind that "D’s" are getting help and they don’t even mind that they indirectly provide that help via their hard work and high taxes, but sometimes they would like to have a hand in administering that benefit directly so "D" knows it came from "C" (as an expression of God’s love) instead of “A’s”
progressive politician/tax
collector getting the credit (and the vote).

This mechanism becomes irreversible over time because it encourages a large and growing sector of "D's" at the bottom who eventually outnumber (and out vote) the "C’s" ("A’s" only opposition). Until that happens "A" may have to import a few (20 million or so) "D’s" from third world societies by allowing illegal immigration and then granting amnesty, along with voting rights, in order to reach the tipping point in the next election.
And rather than lose control to the misguided believers in a constitutional government (Of the people, For the people and By the people), ordained by God (In God We Trust), Person "A" will even send out his “army of mercenaries” (community organizers) to skew the census and the vote if necessary. Whatever it takes, because his progressive battle plan is “too big to fail”, and “losing is not an option”.

From those lovers of liberty who still believe that God (not
government) has endowed the
unalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, from these men and women can still be heard freedom’s cherished battle cry, “Now the Lord is the Spirit; and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty” (2 Cor 3:17) “Stand fast, therefore, in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free” (Gal 5:1).

Stand Fast In The Liberty

Discover Where You Stand In the Coming New World Order

I See Myself as Being or Becoming The Following Person In This Progressive Brave New World (CHECK ONE) PERSON “A” The Progressive Autocrat (self appointed ruler) Who Desires To Rule The World I believe I am uniquely qualified to be in charge of everything
I do not owe loyalty To God or any Sovereign Nation or any man.
I have been known to possess Messiah-like personality traits.
People want to serve me. Sometimes I think they worship me.
With my charismatic personality I can persuade people to do about anything.
I am gifted to be able to choose the ideal role by which each person can serve me.

I am a World-Class High Roller. I don’t need more money but I will pay the price to sit at the table with the group of people who will rule the world.
I am a Career Politician who depends on support from Person “A” or his backers.
I started out to be a Statesman but the cost was too high and the rewards too low.
Now my job is to make sure the taxes keep growing and flowing so “A”
can fulfill
his destiny and continue to support my upscale political career.
I am a Judge. The Constitution changes with the times. And times they be a changing’.
I’m an Un-Elected Bureaucrat. Perhaps a better title would be “Enforcer”.
I’m a Community Organizer. I will be your worst nightmare.

PERSON “B” The Progressive Benefactor Who Wants A “Feel Good” Utopian Society For All I believe I am a great humanitarian Benefactor because:
I am a socially conscious Academic who is intellectually elite and therefore sees the need to re-distribute the wealth from the have’s to the have-not’s so everyone can have a little, and live in the glow of the perfect society (and I can keep my tenure at the university).
I am a liberal Church Leader who wants to fulfill the great commandment to help the poor.
Didn’t Jesus say, “sell all and give it to Caesar so he and his friends, after they have had their fill, can gather up what’s left over and give it to the poor”, or something like that?
I’m a Journalist with a tingle running up my leg. I just want a job.
You call it, I’ll spin it.
I am a Hollywood Celebrity who is guilt-ridden over the obscene income I am paid for the sleazy work that I do. I couldn’t live with myself if I were not able to support a government that can tax the masses and re-distribute the wealth to the less fortunate. Now I feel better.
I am an Evolutionist/Environmentalist to whom the concept of God is an inconvenient truth.

PERSON “C” The Common Man
L-i-b-e-r-t-y! Is there anyone out there that can hear my cry? L-i-b-e-

PERSON “D” The Dependent who is trying to survive below the poverty level.
This dependency feels a lot more like slavery than slavery ever did.
Does anyone have a
better plan? What was it that Person “C” was trying to tell me?
Something about Liberty.
If you don’t feel good about the box you had to check above, join the growing number of those who love Liberty, common folk who honor the Lord and remember Liberty’s battle cry. Get out your CONSTITUTION and your BIBLE. These will be the weapons of your warfare. Follow the drumbeat of your heart. The battle is drawn.


Sometimes the legislature wants to fund projects, but rather than being up front with who they direct taxpayer money to, they send money to a state agency such as the department of Commerce. That agency will in turn send the money to another entity with instructions to fund a project or a number of projects.

One such effort was to send “pass through” tax dollars to a group known as the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG). I believe it was County Commissioner Rob Cleveland from Cleveland County along with Mark Sharpton of Logan County that stood against this practice and were successful in stopping the practice, as least for now. This may be the first time local elected officials have stood up to the Governor and leadership in the legislature, who I believe want this money to get to where they want it to go. (It may or may not be unconstitutional to directly fund certain projects).

As a result of his stand, Commissioner Sharpton from Logan County sent out a letter to fellow ACOG Directors explaining his perspective on the proper role of government. He sent me a copy of his letter, along with a small book he included with every letter he sent out. The book was the, NOT YOURS TO GIVE story about Davy Crockett, when he was a congressman from the state of Tennessee. Commissioner Sharpton’s letter is as follows:

“Dear Director

I wanted to send you this booklet in order to share with you what I believe to be the intent of our nation’s constitution. I believe my oath of office as a county commissioner and public servant requires me to be vocal about upholding the constitution.

We as regional board members do not always have the opportunity to invoke control over huge ‘donations’ given away by lawmakers. Normally we must deal with the system handed to us by the lawmakers, a system with which I do not always agree. We normally find ourselves placed in a position to ‘use it or loose it.’ Currently, as members of the board, we are in a situation where we have been given control over ACOG’s destiny of being pack mules of legalized plunder or maintaining the credibility of ACOG by being above politics and doing the right thing. I feel if we decide to pass money through ACOG, a subject of recent controversy, we are simply circumventing the legal fact that the legislature cannot directly ‘donate’ money to businesses and organizations. I am sure these organizations are both fine institutions in their respective fields, but it comes down to simple questions that at a personal level would be like someone stealing your lawn mower because their neighbor needs help. It isn’t right on a personal level and it is not right on the governmental level. It is purely legalized plunder.

We have an opportunity to say no to the legislature and to say please do not use this respected board to do the bidding of special interests. We can avoid tarnishing the image and integrity which ACOG has built in its mission of being a straight forward regional planner.
I do not feel ACOG’s purpose is to be a conduit which enables legislators to advance their careers by committing to expenditures that they cannot directly make without the aid of others. I ask you to read the booklet that I have personally provided to help you understand why I feel so strongly about this issue and which I hope will invoke consideration on how you vote on this matter. And let me assure you that however you do respond, I pledge myself to unbiased and fair decisions on other business which comes before the board and will decide every issue based on its merits. Thank you for your consideration.


Mark Sharpton”

Commissioner Sharpton is “right on” when it comes to the proper role of government and is taking a principled stand. For that he deserves respect above any other elected official who does not take principled stands regarding the proper verses improper functions of government.
Good job Commissioner Sharpton!!!


We have until Wednesday to take full advantage of matching funds for people who become a dues paying member of OCPAC. The challenge is for every person joining by September 16th a donor will contribute $50 up to a total of $600. So far, during the time limit, we have had six new members join and need 6 more folks step up and join to take full advantage of the challenge. If you have considered joining, but just haven’t done so as yet, please do so now. If we get 6 more new members we will easily break our all time membership record of 203 dues paying members and will have raised the largest amount of PAC money ever in an off election year. This will be our last matching membership challenge this year, so please act now. As long as your check is dated on or before Sept. 16 and the envelope is postmarked by the 16th it will count toward the 6 we need. Instructions on joining follow my sign off. Thanks in advance for your support.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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