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Our 12 noon meeting for Wednesday September 30 will be held at Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. We are going to show the newly produced documentary CAMP FEMA over the next two weeks as it is 90 minutes long and we will see half each week. I don’t know that I agree with everything in the video, but I believe it to be an important issue to look at the evidence to see if the federal government is preparing concentration camps to round up large numbers of American citizens should they determine there to be too much resistance to those who currently rule our nation. Come see it and make up your own mind.


There is a lot going on into the first week of October, some of which needs to have reservations sent in a timely manner. I will give these in chronological order.

NORMAN AREA - Tuesday evening September 29th, 7:00 p.m. in the Kerr Auditorium at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History on the campus of the University of Oklahoma, there will be a seminal event on the debate surrounding the evolution versus creation controversy.

The Ideas Club at OU is sponsoring the Southwestern Premiere, showing of the newly produced documentary, DARWIN’S DILEMMA - THE MYSTERY OF THE CAMBRIAN FOSSIL RECORD. After the showing, there will be discussions featuring Dr. Stephen Meyer, author of The Signature in the Cell: DNA Evidence for intelligent Design and Dr. Jonathan Wells, biologist and author of Icons of Evolution as well as The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design.

This is a very important issue, so I hope as many can attend as possible. OU is a hot bed for radical professors who believe in evolution. I don’t believe these modern day “priests of humanism” will be able to allow this program to be held in their “temple of humanism”

without showing up to contend during the discussion time. It should be really interesting. For more information visit:, or

TULSA AREA - Oklahomans for Sovereignty And Free Enterprise (OK-

SAFE) will hold their monthly meeting on Thursday evening, September 1st from 6:45 to 8:15 p.m. at the Hardesty Library, 8316 East 93rd street in Tulsa. The thrust of the meeting will be about “citizen involvement in the legislative process.

TULSA AREA - One of the most valuable educational seminars available are the World View Weekend events. I have gone out of state to attend several of them. They have created a shortened version, called Code Blue Rallies, which only last several hours on one evening. On Saturday evening, October 3rd from 5:30 to 9:00 p.m. there will be a rally at the First Baptist Church, 205 East A Street in Jenks Oklahoma. There is no cost to attend, but you must print out a ticket.

For information about the rally and to print out your ticket log on to

NORMAN AREA - There will be a Code Blue Rally on Sunday evening, October 4th from 5:00 to 8:30 p.m. at the new Embassy Suites Hotel and Convention Center, 2501 Conference Drive in Norman. It will be held in the Oklahoma Ballroom. Again, there is no charge to attend but to print out your ticket and see the agenda of the meeting, log on to

PURCELL AREA - The John Birch Society will be sponsoring an introduction to activism through the JBS on Monday evening (1 week from this Monday) October 5th. The location will be the First American Bank, Conference Center (the building South of the bank) in Purcell.

The bank is located at Main street and Lester Lane and the time will be from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Any constitutionalist or conservative in the area ready to move from being a hand wringing worry wart to an effective activist should attend this meeting

OKC AREA - The Oklahoma Family Policy Council will hold their annual First Things Banquet on Tuesday evening October 6th, starting at 6:30 p.m. The location will be the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum in OKC. The speaker will be Dr. Greg Smalley. For more information and reservations log on to or call

(405) 787-7744. You may also inquire through e-mail to


Last week I mentioned how poorly Oklahoma High school students did in regard to answering 10 of the questions from the citizenship test given to immigrants seeking citizenship. We took the test at our OCPAC meeting last week and most of those in attendance scored perfect on all 10, even though they had to write down the correct answers, unlike the high school students who were taking the test in the multiply choice format.

Most of those in attendance scored a perfect 10. The lowest score I was made aware of was 7 correct. Out of the 1,000 high school students, only 6 students got 7 correct and no student scored more than 7 correct. One thing I didn’t mention in last week’s e-mail was that 46 students couldn’t even get one correct answer, and remember, it was multiple guess! Many people have requested the 10 questions, therefore I have decided to list them below. Following my sign off at the end of the e-mail you will find the answers.

1. What is the supreme law of the land?

2. What do we call the first ten amendments to the Constitution?

3. What are the two parts of the U.S. Congress?

4. How many justices are on the Supreme Court?

5. Who wrote the Declaration of Independence?

6. What ocean is on the East coast of the U.S.?

7. What are the two major political parties in the United States?

8. We elect a U.S. Senator for how many years?

9. Who was the first President of the United States?

10. Who is in charge of the executive branch?

While all of these questions are about important facts, really none of them measure the understanding of a person about the philosophical or ideological ideas behind our nation. To restore or nation, it is imperative we have well educated citizens in the principles of our heritage. The fact that 75 percent of students couldn’t name the first president, then couple that with the film footage of little school children singing a song about Barack Hussain Obama which surfaced this past week, it is imperative you consider getting your children out of the government schools. They are little more than stateist indoctrination centers. If you don’t you are playing spiritual, emotional and academic “Russian Roulette” with the lives of your children.

+ Taxpayers aren’t going to pay for my new electric car? Unfair

Unfair, wa wa wa!

Several years ago the “brilliant” lawmakers “down dere to the marble pork pen” at 23rd and Lincoln decided they would do some more central planning by trying to manipulate the economy. By creating incentives they hoped to cause more people to purchase electric cars. So they passed a law which allowed anyone purchasing an electric car to use the sword of government to require all the other folks in Oklahoma to pay taxes to amount to half the cost of the car for a person to buy such a car. I am sure the program had minimal success as the purchaser still had to fork over as sizeable sum for these overpriced golf carts.

Then along came Obama and his other socialist-fascist Democrat lackeys (Dan Boren was the only Oklahoma Congressman to vote for the stimulus) and they passed a stimulus bill earlier this year. In the stimulus bill was money, up to about $7,000 for people to receive as a tax credit for purchasing an electric car. As long as the super inflated price of the glorified golf carts (they added lights, turn signals, seat belts and a horn) doesn’t exceed about $12,000 to $15,000, then a person buying an electric car could access half the price from the taxpayers of Oklahoma and the other half of the price from the bankrupt federal government and get the new electric car free.

Even though they more nearly resemble a golf cart or a toy, rather than a usable mode of transportation, if you are giving them away, people who are ignorant of the fact that they are using the government to steal money from their neighbors will do so. Or perhaps they are of such low moral character that they don’t care if they steal and would justify doing so by pointing out that government made the theft legal. To understand this thought read the book THE LAW, by Frederic Bastiat, it is only 75 pages and can be accessed on line.

As a result of free cars being given away, people were getting in line to purchase them. Then along came those mean old spoil sports at the Oklahoma Tax Commission. They proposed a clarification to the existing rule, declaring that golf-type vehicles should not be eligible to receive the 50% cost rebate. While the governor must act on the proposal, people who have already purchased their “electric carts, (I mean cars) are upset. They, along with the dealers, manufactures and the people hoping to get a free “car” are whining about it being unfair.

In all reality it is unfair to change the rules in the middle of the game which effect everyone all the way back to the start of the game.

However, I have a hard time FEELING too sorry for any of them knowing they were using government to take tax dollars away from me and my principled friends, so they could have a cute little play toy. Those are tax dollars my family needs to buy a car, pay for a house, put groceries on their table, pay medical bills, take a vacation, or anything else we need or want to spend that money on.

Some might say, would a tax credit rebate program be morally correct if the rebate to the purchaser was not to exceed the amount of taxes paid to government? In many cases people receive tax credits when they pay no taxes and thus those tax credits are nothing more than welfare checks. The problem with receiving a tax credit which doesn’t exceed your tax obligation is that you are skipping out on paying your FAIR share of the cost of government and thus putting more burden on the rest of the people to fund government.

The real problem is that government is interfering with the free market. These programs are fascist or socialist in nature, because lawmakers don’t trust free market economics. Or in most cases, some special interest entity has persuaded lawmakers to create such a program.

So why does the tax commission care? My thoughts are pure speculation so judge them as such. State revenues are way down and tax commission employees are paid from those revenues. Less funds threaten furloughs or perhaps reductions in the work staff. With this program bleeding scarce revenues far more than anyone ever considered, that will mean there will be even less money to go around for government employees.

Another possibility is that they are receiving pressure from lawmakers. During this past session House Speaker Chris Benge (R-

Tulsa) and Senator Brian Bingman (R-Sapulpa) authored legislation which amended the bill which provided the tax credit (rebate) for electric cars to also include a tax credit to convert an existing vehicle or purchase a new vehicle which runs on compressed natural gas (CNG). The electric car program was asleep until the feds got involved (more manipulation of the economy). Now it has really taken off, providing free carts to the purchasers.

When lawmaker amended the old legislation this year I don’t believe they wanted money going to purchase supped up golf carts. The natural gas industry in Oklahoma is a very powerful special interest and prices are depressed. There is a glut of gas on the market. Thus, any legislation which would create incentives to cause people to purchase more of their product would be good for their industry. Senator Bingman is in the oil and gas business and some of the wealthiest people in the state have also pumped tens of thousands of dollars into lawmaker coffers as well as Republican PACs. I believe lawmakers want these subsidies to go toward making more market for the CNG industry, not for the electric golf cart industry, masquerading as viable transportation.

I want to make it very clear. I am not against the oil and gas industry, it is a very important part of our economy. I am also in favor of using CNG as a fuel to help reduce the amount of oil imported from foreign governments. I am not opposed to electric cars or trucks on our roads if they are real vehicles which travel at a reasonable speed and have a reasonable range. I am not against electric golf carts masquerading as autos, as long as people purchase any of these before mentioned vehicles with their own money, and not with tax dollars. That is the free market and moral economic system.

It is unfair to declare that a tax rebate will not apply after a person has already purchased one of these electric carts under the good assumption that is would apply. It would be unfair to pull the rebate out from under those who have already purchased. But it is also unfair and morally wrong to use government to force the rest of us to purchase a vehicle (any kind of a vehicle) for someone else. Just remember, two wrongs never make a right. I just don’t have a lot of sympathy for those caught up in thievery who are afraid of having their legalized thievery shut down.


I can’t say enough good about the quality and content of Mark Shannon’s evening drive talk radio program heard weekdays from 4 to 7:00 p.m. on KTOK 1000 AM. In my opinion Mark has reached that perfect blend of talk about national issues of which we are all interested in, but hear all day on the nationally syndicated programs, and local issues. This market has been woefully lacking on local talk in the afternoons for some time until now.

Two particular issues of importance are the Industrial Areas Foundation, a leftist group out of Chicago that has moved into the OKC area to infiltrate local churches with their Marxist ideology. The other issue is the vote in December on the next Maps 3 project (777 million dolar project) along with the appearance of a major conflict of interest involving OKC Mayor Mick Cornett.

I will be writing much more about the Maps 3 project in future e- mails, but at this time I just want to say I believe Mick Cornett would have no problem with a conflict of interest based on his value system. That is, unless his value system has changed from the what is was when he first ran for Mayor.

Let me explain. When he decided to run for Mayor he came to the Northwest Republican Club for one of his first campaign talks. I asked him this question, Mick, when you are faced with a difficult decision what is the moral code you use, what life philosophy do you come from, do you believe in the philosophy that the “end justifies the means”?

His first 2 attempts to answer the question were political answers, I would stop him and just kept asking the question of him. On the third time, he admitted that the “end justifying the means” was his moral code. I believe his answer shocked almost everyone present in that meeting.

He had agreed to participate in a candidate forum at an OCPAC meeting about 2 months after the previously mentioned meeting. On the scheduled day for the candidate forum he arrived an hour early and told me he couldn’t attend but wanted to come by early and see if there were any questions I might have.

I proceeded with the following: Mick, I asked you about your philosophy of the end justifying the means a couple of months back and you have had some time to reflect on that. Do you still hold to the same philosophy today? He answered with, why is that important to you Charlie? I then said, Mick, I could have asked the same question by saying, do you believe in “moral relativism” or “situational ethics”

because they are all the same thing. It is important, because if that is your life philosophy, anytime you believe the end of a matter is good, you can justify lying, cheating or stealing as the means to what you perceive to be a good end. He responded by saying, “oh I see” and he turned around and walked off.

With that kind of a value system, I don’t believe he would have any problem with receiving a big pay check with his new private sector employer and at the same time have that new employer do business with the city, of which he is the Mayor. There may be no laws broken, it just has a huge problem passing the ethical smell test. I will have a lot more to say about Maps 3 in the future and try to have a forum between a proponent and a opponent at a future OCPAC meeting.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

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