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Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday August 26th, will be held at Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. 3 weeks ago we showed the DVD by David Barton dealing with 4 centuries of education in America. This week we will be showing the DVD by Barton entitled, THE ROLE OF PASTORS & CHRISTIANS IN CIVIL GOVERNMENT. A few weeks ago I was having lunch with a pastor who believed the extremes of no involvement by Christians in government was the wrong approach and total involvement was also wrong. Therefore he was interested in finding the proper balance for involvement. The DVD we will show this week will show us that the church played an invaluable role in the struggle for America’s independence. We will see the exciting truths about the efforts of Christians such as Roger Sherman and Charles Thomson and pastors such as the Rev. Dr. Samuel Cooper and the Rev.
Dr. Jonathan Mayhew. It will also examine the Biblical teachings that caused generations of Christians to believe it was their duty to be involved with government. We will see how the actions of a few dedicated Christians changed the course of a nation. I will have copies of this DVD available for folks that want one following the meeting. We will begin the viewing of this 1 hour program at 12:05 so arrive as soon as possible.


DEL CITY AREA - Senator Coburn had to change the location for this town hall meeting to accommodate larger than previously expected crowds. So Tuesday, August 25, the town hall meeting will be located at First Southern Baptist Church, 6400 South Sooner Road. It will start at 4:00 p.m. I always urge Conservatives attend these meetings to set a conservative tone to the meetings, other wise there will be liberals at these meetings asking for government to gime, gime gime some more.

SOUTHWESTERN LOGAN COUNTY AND NORTH EDMOND - There will be a state and county government town hall meeting on Tuesday, August 25th, 7:00 p.m. at Waterloo Road Baptist Church, 3100 East Waterloo. Guest speakers will be State Senators Clark Jolley, Randy Brogdon, State Representative Jason Murphey and District 1 County Commissioner Mark Sharpton. The discussion will range from “state’s rights” to county roads and anything else in between. Come meet these elected officials and bring your best questions.

EDMOND AND MOORE - Thursday evening August 27th there will be a meeting in both Edmond and Moore which will feature an introduction to activism through the John Birch Society. Both meetings start at 7:00 p.m. with the Edmond location being Fairview Baptist Church, on the Southeast corner of the intersection of Sooner Road and Danforth. The Moore location will be at the public library, 225 South Howard. These are excellent opportunities to find out information about the John Birch Society and some of its ideas to return this nation back to constitutional principles.

OKLAHOMA CITY AREA - This Saturday, August 29th there will be a 3 hour professionally produced television documentary presented about the difficult problem of human trafficking of children for sex slaves.
Russian-speaking, Chinese/Asian and Spanish speaking, as well as African young women, young boys and children are a very high percentage of victims of human trafficking. However, most Americans do not realize that our own daughters and sons are also being kidnapped, drugged, starved, beaten, horribly used and killed or left to die.
They are also trafficked from state to state and abroad as victims of a fast growing local, national and international trade. Because Oklahoma is at the crossroads of the nation, the problem is rising rapidly here at home. In addition to the documentary, Linda Caswell, State Representative Rebecca Hamilton, an OKC police officer and Marilyn Hogue will answer questions. The program will begin at 1:00 p.m. with the location being the Character First Center, located at
524 West Main in downtown OKC. There is no charge to attend. For more information, contact Linda Caswell at hadassah08house@yahoo.com.


We are currently at 197 dues paying members, just 7 short of breaking our all time record of 203 members. The really good news is that I have 2 people willing to put up $600 for a matching membership challenge. For every person (up to 12 new members) who join OCPAC on or before September 16th, they will donate $50. It is amazing to realize that we have members from all over the state, people who may never or rarely be able to attend one of our meetings. However, they understand that we use our dues monies to elect candidates or support conservative incumbents from anywhere in the state and as such their support is helping to make Oklahoma a more conservative state. If you have not joined as yet, please consider doing so now, this will probably be the last matching challenge we will have this year. Help us break our record and build a war chest to keep pushing this state toward more efficient and smaller government as well as find candidates who will stand up for Judeo/Christian values. Instructions on how to join will follow my sign off.


With the “public option” (government subsided insurance, designed to destroy private insurance companies) running into stiff opposition, they floated a trial balloon to see if the American public would sucker into the idea of a phony government run co-op plan. Health care co-ops are already in existence and we don’t need the government trying to get in to that concept.

There may be several of these co-ops in operation, the main one I am familiar with, I believe is called Christian Medi-Share. I am not an expert on the plans, but I believe they generally operate with the members voting each year to adjust the amount paid by each family each month and the number of problems they will cover.
Rather than pay into an insurance company, these plans have each member send their monthly payment directly to a member who has been approved to have their medical bills paid. To be a member, you must be a Christian who attends church at least 3 times per month, would drink in moderation only, doesn’t smoke and has a pastor who would sign off on any claims. This is a non-profit co-op of members who pay much less each month to protect themselves from the many health problems we may encounter as we go through life. I believe these non-insurance company co-ops work well and is just one more proof that people in the private sector can solve their problems locally. Any idea that will come out of Washington with the Democrats in charge will be bad for the productive members of society and for America at large.


I just received this video of Congressman Dan Boren’s town hall meeting in Pryor a couple of weeks back. It is well worth the 3 or so minutes to view it. Don’t fall for the military funding as a reason for funding the IMF. Vote against a bill like that first then make them bring it back without the objectionable funding. Check out http://www.houchenforcongress.com/main.html.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday. (I will have to publish the conservative index scores of House members next week, I just didn’t have time this week.)

Charlie Meadows

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