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Our noon luncheon for Wednesday, August 5th will be held at Italiano’s Restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. This week we will view the 60 minute DVD, Four Centuries of American Education by David Barton. The people of America were once the best educated in the world. However, statistics clearly show that the more secular education becomes the less successful it is academically. Please try to arrive early as we will start the program at 12:05 to view the program in its entirety by 1:05.


OKC AREA - Monday evening August 3rd there will be an “Introduction to Activism through the John Birch Society” meeting held at the Northside Bible Church, 1401 Northwest 100 street. (NW 100th and McKinley) The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. and is an excellent opportunity to find out information about the John Birch Society and its efforts to restore Constitutional government to our nation.

ADA AREA - Also on Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. the Ada area Tea Party organizers will meet at the Ada Chamber of Commerce, 207 West Main Street in the Community Room. I have been asked to attend to discuss methods of finding out what candidates stand for and how to select the most liberty minded constitutionalists for both state and federal office. The Tea Party organizers in that area would be most willing to have other concerned Americans attend who are shocked as to how we are losing the wonderful heritage of our nation.

PAULS VALLEY - Tuesday evening there will be a presentation of “Introduction to Activism through the John Birch Society” at the Pauls Valley Library, 210 North Willow Street. Again the meeting starts at 7:00 p.m. and will be a great time to learn about the Society from its advocates rather than its critics.

OKC AREA - This Thursday evening 7:00 p.m., the Oklahoma City 912 Project will meet at the American Legion facility at 5000 Southeast 24th in Midwest City. I have been asked to speak to the group about Necessary Education and Effective Political Activism. The 912 folks have done some great work recently by countering demonstrations by groups on the left. Again, these are folks concerned about the growing tyranny of the federal government and the need to get involved. More Americans must re-arrange their lives to make sure they have some time for patriotic activism or we will never be able to reclaim the greatness of our nation.

MIDWEST CITY AREA - Not this week but starting Thursday, August 13th the 10 annual Freedom 21 Conference will roll into Oklahoma for the first time. The 3 day Conference will be held at the Reed Conference Center, 5750 Will Rogers Road in Midwest City. Over the 3 days there will be over 20 speakers with only 3 from Oklahoma. The cost to bring so many top speakers to Oklahoma, pay for the facility and advertise the event is significant. Therefore, there is a cost to attend, but well worth hearing these top experts speak about their respective fields. The cost to attend the full conference with meals is $295, the full conference without meals is just $95, there is a special student price of $45. For reservations log on to

Some of the speakers are as follows: Former Constitution Party Candidate, Chuck Baldwin will talk about the attacks on the freedom movement and how to fight back. Michael Chapman (Chapman was a speaker at the first 2 re-claiming Oklahoma for Christ seminars) will speak about President Obama and the UN agenda to control American education.

Senator Randy Brogdon will speak about the North American Super Corridor Organization. Dan Byfield will talk about how coordination is protecting people locally and his experience with the Trans Texas Corridor fight. Dr. Michael Coffman, author of several books, will be talking about globalism and global governance. Tom DeWeese’s talk will be about globally acceptable truth and the crime of thinking (political correctness run amok). State Representative Charles Key will talk about the states sovereignty movement. Mark Lerner will speak about the efforts to create an international ID and global information sharing. Dr. Jeff Marrongelle will discuss how the feds are stealing health care choices. Judith McGeary will expose the agenda rapped up in HR 875, the National Animal Identification System (NAIS). Mark Morano will unravel the climate change hoax. Larry Pratt, founder of Gun Owners of America (the no compromise second amendment

advocates) will speak about Real ID and Gun Control. Dr. Allen Quist, author of FED ED (highly documented book about the federal takeover of local schools) will speak about how our history has been censored out of our classrooms. Representative Sam Rohrer (R-Pa) will talk about federal control of driver’s licenses and fusion centers. Craig Rucker will reveal how students are taking action on campuses and at international conferences. Michael Shaw will speak about fiat money and the sustainability movement. Amanda Teegarden will talk about OK- SAFE and citizen involvement in the legislative process. Patrick Wood will discuss some of the attacks on the freedom movement and how to fight back. One last speaker that I am aware of will be G. Edward Griffin, author of the book, CREATURE FROM JECKLE ISLAND, the definitive work about the Federal Reserve and its effect upon our economy and culture.

This was quite an accomplishment through the efforts of OK-SAFE to get this conference to be held in Oklahoma, so I hope folks will make every effort to attend.

MIDWEST CITY AREA - On Thursday evening August 13th, a week from this Thursday, there will be a special dinner to focus attention on Oklahoma’s very difficult ballot access laws. This past November, Oklahoma was the only state not to have more than 2 names on the ballot for President. Speaking will be Chuck Baldwin of Pensacola, Florida, who was the 2008 presidential candidate for the Constitution Party.

The dinner is being sponsored by The Free & Equal Elections Foundation to draw attention to HB 1072, sponsored by Randy Brogdon in the Senate and Charles Key in the house. Senator Brogdon along with Christina Tobin of Chicago, founder of the Free & Equal Elections Foundation will also be speaking. The dinner will start at 6:30 p.m and will cost $50 per person to attend. The location will be the Joyner Room at the Sheraton Hotel Reed Conference Center, 5750, Will Rogers Road in Midwest City. For reservations contact Thom Holmes at (918) 866-2256 or contact him by e-mail at

TULSA AREA - Again, week after next there will be a banquet sponsored by Gun Owners of America to honor U.S. Senator Tom Coburn. Senator Coburn was able to amend the credit card reform bill to allow citizens with concealed carry permits to be able to carry their arms while visiting or driving through national parks and bureau of land management properties. This was a most important coup by Senator Coburn.

If you would like to attend the banquet log on for reservations, or call (571) 216-6404. This event will be on Friday evening, August 14th with the reception starting at 6:30 and the banquet beginning at 7:30 p.m. The location will be the Southern Hills Marriott, 1902 East 71st, in Tulsa. The cost is $75 for one person or

$135 for a couple. Some of the proceeds will go to the re-election campaign for Senator Coburn and some of it will go to support Gun Owners of America (GOA), in my opinion, a far better 2nd Amendment organization than the NRA. I know folks that support both organizations, but if I had to be a member of only one, it would be GOA.


I listened to President Obama the first couple of times he was allowed to go on TV to spread his disinformation. However, I have stopped as it only makes me mad to watch or listen. Not mad at Obama, as I expect him to lie, cheat and deceive, as do all good little Marxists, Fascists or Communists. After all, their values system works on the premise that the “end justifies the means.” So spreading lies, cheating or deceiving is perfectly acceptable if it helps them to achieve their ultimate goal.

What makes me mad is the useful idiots or in other words the liberal main stream press. During the cold war the Communists coined the term “useful idiots” to describe fellow travelers or any naïve sucker who would help them spread their propaganda, often times without knowing how they were being used. In Obama’s case, the press continually allows him to make statements which just don’t represent reality.

Case in point, this past week during a press conference, some reporter dared press the President on a sticky question about his massive spending and rapid debt increase. Obama, out slicked the reporter by his usual reference back to the Bush administration. In this case he referred to the 1.3 Trillion dollar deficit handed to him by the previous administration.

The following is what a real reporter would have done and how a real group of journalists would have reacted to the expected response from the White House. A real reporter would have insisted on a follow up with this statement: Excuse me Mr. President, how can you say that when you understand the process. You know that any President can only PROPOSE legislation and spending bills. In reality those bills must be authored by congressmen and passed by both houses of Congress. Then and only then does a President have an opportunity to either sign or veto such legislation. With that in mind, why do you blame the deficit you received on the previous administration when the legislation signed by former President Bush was pushed through Congress by Speaker Pelosi in the House and Harry Reid in the Senate? Both Democrats leaders were in control the last 2 years of President Bush’s term and are the same two people responsible today for putting massive deficit spending bills on your desk? Why is it Mr. President that you duck the reality of the situation rather than speak truth to the American people?

Of course at that point President Obama would stutter around since his teleprompter wouldn’t be programmed for such a question. After he hastily exited such a press conference, he would give explicit instructions to his staff that the reporter with such embarrassing questions is to never be allowed to attend another press conference.

Of course at that time, all real journalists, backed by their news outlets would then tell the white house that there would be no more press reports put in the public domain until such a ban was lifted on the journalist who was simply doing his or her job. I know better than to hold my breath until such journalistic honesty and integrity comes along.


This past week I was contacted by a couple of people to let me know that former Senator Pruitt was looking at the Attorney General race which will be an open seat as Drew Edmondson has decided to run for Governor rather than re-election as AG.

During the 2006 election cycle Senator Pruitt decided not to run for his last term in the Senate, but to run for Lt. Governor. He lost a close race in the primaries to then Speaker of the House Todd Hiett.

Pruitt is from Tulsa but has been the general manager and minority owner of the Oklahoma Redhawks professional baseball team in OKC for several years now.

Someone has set up a draft Pruitt web sit if you would like to participate in such an effort. The address is:

The first announced Republican candidate for the AG office is Ryan Leonard. Mr. Leonard is the son of former State Senator and Federal Judge Tim Leonard. Ryan was an aide to former U.S. Senator Don Nickles and currently has a private law practice. The most recent financial reports showed Mr. Leonard having raised about $155,000 with a good number of high profile endorsements, though some of those endorsements came from well known Democrats such as Andy Coates.

If Pruitt gets into the race it will make for an interesting primary, with the eventual winner most likely being the stronger of the two candidates. I don’t know who the Democrats will put up for the office as I am sure they are disappointed that their stallion, Drew Edmondson will not run for that post again.


Our friend and speaker on two different occasions, Bruce Walker has been meeting an increased amount of success with his writings. He is the author of the book SINISTERISM. Many of the articles he writes are showing up in prestigious conservative publications. Several of them have been read on air by the big boy, Rush Limbaugh. If you would like to listen to an interview with Bruce, log on to:

The next issue of the Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper will be out in the next week or so. This issue will feature this year’s conservative index. Subscription to this paper is a must for Oklahoma conservatives. To receive the next issue of the paper send a check for

$12 and your mailing address to: The Oklahoma Constitution, P.O. Box 53482, Oklahoma City, Ok 73152. Hurry so you won’t miss the Summer issue. This is the 30th year they have graded the Oklahoma legislature on a conservative and liberal basis. This is the only publication in the state that does that job.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday

Charlie Meadows

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