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This posting is from January 24th.



Our 12 noon luncheon for Wednesday, January 25th will be held at
Italiano’s restaurant, 4801 North Lincoln in OKC. Our first speaker is
a mystery speaker and will take only about 5 minutes to share an
important situation. Our main speaker will be Jenni White, founder and
Executive Director of Reform Oklahoma Public Education (ROPE). In
addition, I will make a proposal to our members for consideration to
take OCPAC to a higher level. I will only be speaking in conceptual
terms, we will probably vote on February 1st to change our by-laws,
based on the discussion this Wednesday, feedback and our ability to
fully think through what has to be done to bring it to a vote of our
dues paying members. Don’t miss this week’s meeting as it, along with
so many other meetings are always full of important and substantive


* TUESDAY EVENING - EDMOND AREA - Our good friend Stuart Jolly,
State Director of Americans For Prosperity, has organized and is
sponsoring a forum regarding school choice. It will be tonight,
January 24th from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the University of Central
Oklahoma’s Constitution Hall, located in the Nigh Center in Edmond.
Tickets are free, but it is preferred folks register at
On the panel tonight will be former Congressman J.C. Watts, State
Senator Gary Stanislawski (R-Tulsa), State School Superintendent Dr.
Janet Barresi, John Fund of the Wall Street Journal and Jeff Reed of
the Friedman Foundation.

* FRIDAY EVENING - MOORE AREA - The Oklahoma City and Norman TEA
PARTIES, along with KQCV radio (800 AM), are sponsoring a “Renovate
Washington” event this Friday evening, January 27th at First Baptist
Church of Moore (NE 27th & I-35). The featured speaker will be “Joe
the Plumber”, famous for his confrontation in 2008 of then candidate
Obama on the issue of redistribution of wealth. A banquet dinner
begins at 6:00 p.m. and the open meeting begins at 7:15 p.m. Tickets
for the banquet are $17 and can be purchased by calling KQCV at
521-0800. There is no charge for the open meeting. This should be a
lot of fun and a big boost to the OKC and Norman tea parties.

* SATURDAY AFTERNOON - OKC AREA - Oklahomans for Sovereignty and
Free Enterprise (OK-SAFE) is hosting a legislative training seminar
this Friday afternoon from 1 to 5:00 p.m. The location will be the
Village Library, 10307 North Pennsylvania in OKC. The information
presented by Amanda Teegarden is probably the best training a person
can get when it comes to understanding the legislative process and how
to be effective at citizen lobbying.


In my perspective on presidential politics last week, I indicated the
belief that if Mitt Romney were to win in South Carolina, he would
probably go on to win the nomination. Well, last week turned out to be
a very bad week for Mitt. Not only did he find out that his previous
razor thin win in Iowa was reversed to a win for Santorum, he was
soundly defeated in South Carolina by Newt Gengrich.

While I don’t trust what either of these two flip floppers say today,
I have to admit, it would almost be worth paying admission to see a
debate between Newt and President Obama. Newt is head and shoulders
ahead of any of the candidates in this race when it comes to debating
skills and the ability to relate information that connects both
substantively and emotionally with the American people.

During this primary process, Mitt has never been able to build much
above that 25 or so percent of his base. During the process, several
candidates have risen to or near the top, only to fall from that
perch. Newt is the first one to rise to the top, fall like a rock and
then ascend again to near the top. The next state up for grabs will be
Florida. I believe if Mitt wins Florida, he will be the likely
nominee. If on the other hand, Florida is won by Newt and that is
likely, I believe he will be the likely nominee as he certainly has
old MO (momentum) on his side right now. My prediction is based on
human nature and how people respond to information and certain
situations. Newt was flashy and easily won the two debates last week
which is why he has risen to the top again.

Just remember, when Super Tuesday arrives in Oklahoma in March,
regardless of what has happened in previous state primaries, your vote
for the candidate you believe is trustworthy and would govern the best
is the right thing to do. If your candidate loses, you did NOT waste
your vote. You will have voted for the person you believed would make
the best president. As I said in last week’s e-mail, I won’t go back
through the reasoning right now, I will be voting for Ron Paul though
I have some problems with three or four of his positions. There has
not been a candidate in this race that doesn’t have weaknesses or
isn’t errant on certain issues in my opinion.


My wife and I left shortly after the Clouds Over America conference
last Saturday for one of our little mini trips to different
communities in Oklahoma, this time to McAlester. Since we returned
home Monday afternoon I have been so busy running around like a
chicken without a head that I have not had time to get an exact count
on membership. But based on the memberships that I received at last
Wednesday’s meeting, those that came in the mail and several that were
paid during the Clouds conference, I would expect we are now
approaching 140 dues paying members which will probably break our all
time record for this early in the year. I can’t thank folks enough for
your confidence and support for what we are doing at OCPAC. If you
have not joined as yet, please consider doing so as soon as possible.
Instructions on how to join are below.

I look forward to seeing everyone this Wednesday.

Charlie Meadows

To join OCPAC fill out the following and send your check to:

P.O. Box 2021
Edmond, OK 73083

Yes Charlie, I want to join OCPAC at one of the following levels:
___Basic membership at $50 per year.
Safari Club Membership:
___Elephant Provider at ___$180 annual or ___$15 monthly
___Elephant Provider & RINO Hunter, ___$360 annual or ___$30 monthly
For monthly payments please send a voided check so we may draft your
Checking account on a monthly basis. If you decide to discontinue
monthly support, simply contact me and we will stop the withdrawal.


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Date___________________Amount $_______________
I have freely given from my own resources & have not been compensated
for this contribution. (Corporate contributions not allowed by law!)


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