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As always, please accept that these are simply my opinions based on
varying levels of research into the candidates. These are primarily
for voters who are undecided as yet. Some may have information of
which I am not aware and thus have a different opinion and that is
just fine. This may be forwarded if you chose. If you do not receive
the weekly e-mail from OCPAC and would like to, please send an e-mail
to: with the word add in the subject line
and I will add you to our list. Your name will not be shared, loaned
or sold to anyone.

Senate District 20, WAYNE MURPHEY - The district includes all of
Logan, Noble, Pawnee and most of Kingfisher Counties. There are 4
candidates in this Republican primary. I have attended several
candidate forums, asked questions and talked with all of them If I
needed clarifications from them on the issues. The 2 conservatives in
the race are Chris Humphries and Wayne Murphey, both of them are
pastors and both of them are home school dads. However, Chris was
unable to raise anywhere near the kind of money to be competitive and
thus is NOT a viable candidate. Wayne Murphey is the ONLY viable
conservative in this race. He received OCPAC’s endorsement, along with
the endorsements from OK2A (Oklahoma’s effective 2nd Amendment
organization) and I.R.O.N., Oklahoma’s leading organization trying to
deal with the invasion of illegal aliens.

The other 2 candidates, Phil Berkenbile and A.J. Griffin are more
moderate Republicans. Both of them are a little squishy when it comes
to eliminating the state income tax, on 2nd Amendment issues,
corporate welfare and both of them have taken significant
contributions from lobbyists and unions. Berkenbile is the recipient
of the strong arm letter sent to lobbyists from the powerful House
majority leader, Dale DeWitt, a moderate in his own right. As I said
in a previous e-mail, the strong arm letter had a hint of “pay to
play” and the lobbyists took it serious as he raised nearly 3 and a
half times (about 70K) the money that Wayne Murphey was able to raise.
None the less, Wayne Murphey is the father of Jason Murphey,
Oklahoma’s most conservative State Representative and as such the
Murphey name is well liked in most parts of Logan County, which has
the largest portion of Republican votes. I expect Mr. Murphey to win
on Valentines day, my wife and I will both vote for Mr. Murphey.

Senate District 46, JASON REESE - This district includes most of
the North central part of OKC, downtown and parts of South central
OKC. Jason Reese, while solid on the life issues and school choice,
Jason is NOT a reliable conservative on most other issues. In my
opinion, the members of OCPAC made a mistake when they voted about 2
to 1 to endorse Reese. Our safety valve is that the finance committee
determines the amount we give to those our members endorse. We gave
him an all time low amount of $100. In talking with Jason, he kind of
laughed and said, if elected, he might be the first person OCPAC
endorsed and then possibly receive our RINO Award at a later date.

While I believe he might be a negative influence in the Republican
senate caucus as he is articulate, and while I personally like him, I
only endorse him because of who he is running against. His Democrat
opponent is Al McAffery, the most liberal Democrat in the House with a
lifetime score of an 11 on the Oklahoma Constitution Newspaper’s
Conservative Index. In addition, McAffery is not just a homosexual,
but he is a flaming homosexual, working hard to advance the homosexual
agenda. May I suggest Jason Reese as simply the better of the two

House District 1, JOE SILK This district encompasses the far
Southeast corner of Oklahoma with McCurtain county making up most of
the district. Joe won an impressive primary victory against 3 other
Republican candidates, but it will get much tougher on Tuesday. The
Republican who died in office last year was the first Republican to
ever hold office from this district. With a 7 to 1 Democrat
registration advantage, it will be very difficult to keep this seat,
especially since 2 independent candidates will also be on the ballot.
One of those independents is the daughter of the deceased Republican
office holder.

Over the months I have had several conversations with Joe and found
him to have excellent values, and core conservative instincts. He is a
former missionary and a home school dad. He only woke up to state
issues a couple of years ago, but is learning fast. He is very open to
dialogue about ideology. If he can somehow eke out a victory, I
believe he will soon be ranked in the top 10 most conservative members
of the House. I strongly suggest a vote for Joe Silk.

House District 71, YOUR CHOICE This district is in the Tulsa area. I
believe there were 7 candidates who filed for this office. One was
disqualified, and one withdrew. Three of the candidates came to OCPAC
for the interview process, one didn’t bring a completed survey and was
therefore not allowed to vie for our endorsement. Our members strongly
voted to make no endorsement in that race as the 2 ladies which did
appear were not very conservative. One of the candidates husband has
been a member of OCPAC for some time and I expect his wife to win, but
I hesitate to make an endorsement without being able to go over issues
with her.

OKC School Board district 4, CRYSTAL HODGES The following schools
are located in this district: Capitol Hill elementary, Edgmere
Elementary, Eugene Field Elementary, Gatewood Elementary, Hawthorne
Elementary, Sequoyah Elementary, Wilson Elementary (this is where I
attended K and 1st grade), Classen School of Advanced Studies, Emerson
High School, ASTEC Charter School, DOVE Charter, Independence High
School Charter, Harding Charter School, as well as Taft Middle School
and Northwest Classen Highschool. All 3 candidates are registered as
Republicans, though school board races are non-partisan. However,
Patrick Gaines has a sign in his front yard, supporting the ultra-
liberal homosexual Al McAffery and the other lady in the race has
spoken highly of the liberal Democrat on her web page or face book
postings, that is according to a reliable source. Crystal Hodges came
to OCPAC and impressed our members with her intelligence, conservatism
and passion to make a difference in the government schools, even
thought she is a home school mom.

Guthrie School Board, Wards 1 & 7 TRAVIS SALLEE & SHARRON WATTS -
Anyone, living in the Guthrie School District, regardless if they are
registered as a Republican, Independent or Democrat, may vote in this
race. In addition you get to vote for the candidates in both wards 1 &
7. Though these races are non-partisan, I believe membership in a
particular party should be based on what the party stands for and as
such it means a lot to me. The two incumbents are both Democrats,
while both Sallee and Watts are Republicans. Both Republicans have
insisted on carefully evaluating any proposed school bond proposition
to make sure the funds are really needed as well as reasonable in
their amount. In the past we have had irrational proposals offered to
the Guthrie patrons, who have responded with resounding defeats of
those bond proposals.

There are probably many other school board elections, I simply don’t
have the time to evaluate those other than the ones I have mentioned
above. May you vote with wisdom.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Charlie Meadows

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